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Section - 50. What type of home planet should I choose?

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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2 of 2)
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  Feepness -
          A high resource, low fertility planet (desert or airless) You
          can always increase fertility later with resources.

  Lestat -
          Consider the sector compatibilities which are easiest for a
          given planet type (they're usually marked with a * by
          racegen). Planet types such as iceballs and airless are more
          difficult because they tend to be smaller and have less
          resources, making your race slower in getting underway. Note
          - choosing Earth (Class M) planets may seem tempting, and
          it's not a bad idea. However, in some universes, there are
          many Earth inhabiting players. This means there will be more
          competition against your race for these planets.

  Keskiolut -
          Pick a planet that is rather large ( desert,forest ) because
          you are not likely to get many planets in your first game...

  Neue Regel -
          Class M / Earth

  Garfel -
          1. Desert 2. Forest 3. Earth (you need too many sector
          preferences to use this planet effectively)

  Cylons -
          This primarily depends on the sector compatibilities you
          choose. Jovian planets (gas giants) are very large, and have
          the ability to fuel up ships (so I hear). Half of the sector
          space in a galaxy is gas. Jovians are few and far between.
          Their resource content is not very rich, but passable.
          Whether or not Jovian races should be allowed to terraform
          sectors to gas is being debated. Class M's are primarily like
          earth. Don't be fooled, they have LOTS of water...usually. If
          you have water as a compat, class M is not a bad choice.
          Water balls are usually small but not too bad for resources.
          Iceballs are few and far between (I think) but also not too
          bad for resources.

  Thing -
          Picking planets is tough. I like to start on a Class M or
          desert since they are usually large. Large home worlds are
          good because they can be taxed, and a big planet has more res
          than a small one.

  Muu -
          I would go for the generic M-type planet. They aren't the
          most common, but they are really useful. As another option,
          you could go for a desert planet. These are GREAT for
          resources, but are generally very rare. Forest planets are
          also good, as they produce decent amounts of resources and
          your population will explode. As for other planets, such as
          asteroids, airballs, iceballs, and jovians, I would not
          advise choosing any of these as they all have problems
          associated with them, such as smallness, lack of resources,
          and rarity (for the jovians).

  Fnebish Legion -
          Choose either a Jovian, a desert planet, a Class M, or a
          forest planet. All the other types are too small to start
          with, and you'll find yourself having a hard time producing
          resources since production on a given planet goes as
          _the_power_ "number of sectors owned." Producing resources
          quickly on your home planet is crucial.

  Microbians -
          Personally, I like forest and desert planets. They have very
          good resource concentrations and despite much of the
          documentation, they are often quite large. To a certain
          extent, planet choice is moot because planetary size, and
          atmosphere have a much greater effect on the game than the
          planet type. Just make sure you are compatible with the vast
          majority of sectors that appear on your planet. (One reason I
          dislike class-Ms is because most races don't have enough
          sector preference diversity to colonize greater than 90% of
          the sectors, and the uncolonized sectors stick out like a
          sore thumb.)

  Tribbles -
          To start out with, use either forest or desert. Higher
          resources, and costs less in racegen; you can thus pick other
          sector pref's. I prefer a forest planet myself.

  NB -
          I tend toward earthlike planets. Jovians are fun too if you
          don't mind being somewhat separated from the mainstream of
          the game.

  TheCulture -
          Again a matter of taste :-) I personally love desert worlds,
          since they have an extremely high resource content (i.e. you
          can build huge amounts of stuff from them). On the down side,
          desert worlds are low on fertility, so your population
          increases quite slowly. The "basic" home world is a "Type M"
          (Earth-type) planet, which is pretty even in all respects --
          a pretty good choice for your first game. Other choices are
          the Water world (not that great), Iceball (avoid!), the
          Forest world (low resources, high fertility), and the Jovian.
          Jovians are unique in that they automatically make your race
          a gas-breather (which rules out any other sector
          preferences). This make for a division in the game between
          the Jovians and all the other races, as neither can use each
          other's worlds (although Jovians *can* terraform normal
          worlds into gas ones -- this could be considered a bug). You
          probably shouldn't choose a Jovian for your first game,
          although if you're feeling brave go for it!

  Froos -
          Doesn't really matter too much. Just don't pick an iceball or
          asteroid since those usually are kind of small and puts a
          constraint on your earlier expansion. Don't choose forest
          worlds, either. There aren't too many of those.

  Griffons -
          It really depends on what you want out of your home planet.
          For cheap compatibilities, you should choose a forest. For
          high populations, forest or water then earth. For resources,
          desert. The best way is to fiddle around with the enroll
          system until you have enough points to do what you want. You
          will find that the cost for compatibilities change as your
          home planets do. This cost has eliminated iceballs from being
          a viable starting planet.

  Pillarian -
          Most choose a class M (All sector types except gas) simply
          because it enables the player to parallel their race against
          the thinking of a modern day situation.

  Tao -
          Maybe earth or forest (if this is asked). Both have fairly
          good fert and resources. Not desert, because fert is so low

  Empire -
          In earth-,forest- and joviantype planet your population grows
          faster... In desert-type planet you have relatively greater
          resources... Of iceballs and Airlesses I have no

  Link Baker -
          Earth type planets. Their size can support a decent
          population (Meso's need population for tech). They have
          pretty good resources.

  Greenies -
          Desert, or Earth. Both are fairly large size planets, have
          plenty of resources, and can be found in just about every

  Zurgithian -
          Desert, Earth or Forest (Jovians are good too, but try the
          others first), as a meta you can have 1 guy live on any
          sector type so even if you are on an Earth type with
          incompatible sectors you can still mine resources there.

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