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Section - 49. Should I choose a metamorphic race or a normal race?

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  Feepness -
          Normal for me. With high IQ, and try to max out

  Lestat -
          Metas are more work because they are able to send
          pods out fairly early in the game. Typically, they
          will have a large number of pods out at most times.
          Since they need to get ahead early, you really have
          to pay attention to them.

  Keskiolut -
          Whatever, not too specialized race is the main
          point. If you have a specialized race, you MUST
          know what you're doing.

  Neue Regel -

  Garfel -
          I prefer normal 'cause i get lot of tech

  Cylons -
          The concept of a 'normal' race might be more
          comfortable for a newbie. There are a number of
          pros and cons to consider. The normal races, also
          referred to as 'techies', start out with their IQ
          at a high number. Their tech then increases roughly
          at the rate of IQ/100. Which means it grows at a
          linear rate. Morph's intelligence, on the other
          hand, is based on their population. So, before a
          Morph can increase it's tech, it must increase it's
          population. In consideration of this, Morphs have
          the ability to build 'pods' at zero tech, and
          launch them to other planets, thus letting them
          expand throughout their home systems at a
          comparable rate to the 'techies'. Morph's usually
          have a higher 'fight' than 'normals'. It is
          possible for Morphs and Techies to be allies. The
          game is not 'morphs' against 'techies'.

  Thing -
          If you want to get the higher tech toys first, get
          a normal race with a high int; otherwise, a meta is
          a better choice. They start out slow but can catch
          up quickly.

  Muu -
          Well, as a newbie, I would start as a normal race.
          They get a technological advantage over the meta's
          right from the start. They are also much more
          straight forward to play. Meta's can get get very
          complex and very time-consuming in the beginning.
          Also, Normal's tend to attempt to enslave Meta's as
          soon as possible. Therefore, if you are not very
          experienced, you will not be able to keep a Meta as
          a free empire.

  Fnebish Legion -
          Choose metamorphs if you want to concentrate more
          on ground fighting and a more dynamic (and
          time-consuming) game. Choose a normal race if you'd
          rather experiment with building ship types, with
          the ultimate goal of finding a good metamorphic
          ally to do the "dirty work" for you. Both types of
          races can just as easily win the game, and they're
          both just as difficult to learn how to play well.

  Microbians -
          You can have fun with both types of races. I've
          always found the HAP racegen to favor normal races
          and the GB racegen to favor metamorphs, but the
          universe will always need a mixture of both. In my
          experience metamorphs have represented a
          considerably greater time consumption than normals,
          so you should take this into account. (of course
          any race will take a long time if you occupy to
          much of the galaxy). On the GB racegen you can
          create some interesting crosses between metamorphs
          and normals (like races with collective IQ's but
          neither pods nor absorb.) Most of these
          combinations are disastrous, but others (like a
          collective IQ, no pods Jovian) can be both
          interesting AND playable.

  Tribbles -
          I would suggest a normal race, they tend to have
          less ship to worry about, and a lot less
          complications. A meso to be effective must know
          about tech investments, how to maximize
          population, and uses of pods.

  NB -
          If you want to explore all the nifty ship types of
          the game, I would suggest you not be a metamorph.
          Also, being a metamorph successfully requires
          either tireless fingers or an understanding of

  TheCulture -
          Depends on whether you want to side with the
          "Techs" or the "Morphs"... Metamorphs can build
          pods very early in the game, so they get a head
          start on the normal races, who have to wait until
          they can build a shuttle to get off their home
          world. Morphs have a collective IQ, which means
          that in the beginning their technology level will
          increase *very* slowly. Since your tech level
          determines what kind of whiz-bang stuff you can
          build, it will take a while until your average
          Morph race gets its first shuttle up in the air.
          Things even out later in the game.

  Froos -
          Depends on your playing strategy. If you enjoy
          spending a lot of time playing with ships and
          fleets I'd choose normal. If you don't want to
          spend a heck a lot of time and don't mind spending
          your time on planet surfaces, choose morph.

  Griffons -
          It really depends on the game that you are
          playing.. If you are playing in one of the Clarkson
          games it is a must. With the HAP games you really
          aught to start out with a tech race. Choosing a
          normal race will allow you to build better ships
          earlier, in general, while the meta races tend to
          allow you to have nice things like higher fighting
          capability, etc. With the Clarkson enrolling system
          the meta's are the strongest races, you can make a
          meta with the same characteristics as a top line
          normal cheaper, giving you more points to use for
          increasing your abilities.

  Pillarian -
          This is entirely up to individual tastes, If you
          are just starting then flip a coin.. try that type
          then next game swap.. then perhaps make a decision
          as to what you will play...

  Tao -
          I'd say normal. If for no other reason but because
          many don't like them...

  Empire -
          It depends of which tactics you are going to use:
          if you want to be good in man to man-fight, choose
          meta (because of absorption), if you want fast
          developing tech from the very beginning of the
          game, choose normal ( with IQ like 170..) and so

  Link Baker -
          I have only played metamorphic races. I like the
          fact that they can send up pods immediately and
          don't have to wait for tech. They are more
          challenging. You don't have the technology of a
          normal race. Also, you can take a planet without
          having to destroy it (absorb). That takes skill.
          Anyone can bomb someone into the stone age.

  Greenies -
          Normal for the first games, it all makes much more

  Zurgithian -
          Well I almost always go for meta, but I depends on
          the time you have to play or the number of friends
          you have to help play your race. Metas take time
          (you need macros as well, but I have done well
          spending hours podding before I discovered macros),
          to come in the top 5 of a big game you will need
          1-2 hours per update if you know how to use macros.

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