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Section - 55. What can I do to increase my resource production on a given planet?

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  Feepness -
          Cover every sector.

  Lestat -
          Get a higher metabolism, get more population.

  Keskiolut -
          Build Y's. Nothing much else.

  Neue Regel -
          Build Y's or q's. Y's have an added effect of producing
          plated sectors which make it harder for any ships landed on
          that sector to be hit. q's produce extra toxicity but give
          more resources in the beginning. As your sector efficiency
          goes up, q's become less useful.

  Garfel -
          You could use quarries, but i don't recommend it. They cost
          res to build and make the planet more toxic.

  Cylons -
          You can increase resource production with 'quarries'. Beware,
          you can generate 'toxicity' with quarries, but they will
          probably help you out very much. Also, I believe Domes can be

  Thing -
          To increase res production, use domes (Y), and start out with
          a good metabolism. Make the domes on sectors that have the
          most res in them; use the analysis command to find out which
          sector has the most res. Also make sure you can live on that
          type sector.

  Muu -
          Generally, get as much population as possible. Cover your
          homeworld as soon as possible. And build Domes (Y's) on a few
          sectors to get their efficiency up (which affects resource

  Fnebish Legion -
          First, cover every single sector you are compatible with.
          Next, if you have spare resources, you can build domes to
          increase the efficiency of some sectors, which will increase
          your overall average efficiency, which will, in turn,
          increase production without hurting your planet. I've found
          that quarries are a real waste of time and resources.

  Microbians -
          Well, you are going to have to wait a while before you get
          any significant production. If you are a non-Jovian and you
          have the tech and resources to spare, you might want to
          consider domes. Either way, KEEP THE TAXES LOW.

  Tribbles -
          You can build quarries, though I never do. You can also
          increase your population using K's and build Y's(domes) to
          increase it's efficiency. If your real brave you can design
          your race to have a real high metab, like 1.5. Thus you'd
          never have to worry about resources.

  NB -
          Spread your population thoroughly (make sure you're
          compatible with the sectors you put people on however), and
          build domes when you have the available time and resources;
          domes increase efficiency greatly.

  TheCulture -
          Move people to the sectors with the highest resource
          contents, build domes (Y) on the best sectors, and possibly
          build a space plow (K) to increase sector fertility so that
          more people appear there. If the planet has the wrong type of
          atmosphere or temperature you can use atmosphere processors,
          space mirrors, dust canisters and greenhouse gas to good

  Froos -
          You could build quarries, or try to put your guys on high res

  Griffons -
          Increase the average efficiency(through doming) or increase
          the pop through space plows etc.

  Pillarian -
          Well the bets way to increase r production is to increase you
          efficiency. you can o this by Doming sectors.. Believe me it
          is worth putting r into domes!!!!

  Tao -
          Build domes, quarries, terraformers, space plows...

  Empire -
          You can build Domes after tech-level 5, they increase your
          sector efficiency on which depends your

  Link Baker -
          Get that entire planet covered! After that you'll have to
          increase the efficiencies of the sectors with domes. Other
          than that there's not much else you can do. That's why it's
          important to have metabolism.

  Greenies -
          Wait. Quarries are overrated.

  Zurgithian -
          Cover the whole planet, even sectors you don't like, build
          domes on these sectors as soon as possible so that you can
          plate them. I don't use quarries; they're nasty.

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