any standard FAQ releases?


A. Lester Buck III (buck@Compact.COM)
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 16:55:08 -0500

I administer a reasonably large, successful mailing list
which deals with a volatile topic (intercultural marriage with
Russian and Soviet women). For various reasons, the list reached
critical mass almost immediately, and I was busy for months just
keeping up with day to day administrivia. Various other people
started to complain about the archives being too big to read,
and needing a FAQ, so eventually one guy took it upon himself
to start writing a FAQ. He worked on his FAQ for months, asking
numerous times on the list for people to send their contributions
on specific subjects. His FAQ was getting too big, approaching
2MB to summarize and expand on 15MB of list archives, but we
figured we could trim it down or reorganize as necessary.

Well, our esteemed FAQ author pitched a hissy fit over a mild
slight by another list member and pulled his FAQ as he left for
a month long visit to the Ukraine. Since we needed some FAQ,
we took an older version of his stuff and had Yet Another FAQ
author trim it and reorganize it. Now the original FAQ writer is
back and complaining about copyright violation and other slings
and arrows he has suffered.

These FAQs are probably too big for any one person to write, they
contain parts of posts from various list members, and we want to
have an official list copy posted on a central web site that will
go into the search engines. Given these constraints and goals,
does anyone have some template for transfer of non-commercial
copyright to the list administrators? I was looking for something
that clearly states the authors retain full copyright to their
individual works, but give an irrevocable license to the list
owners for non-commercial use in whatever way they see fit to
advance the goals of the list, including generation of derived
works. In particular, is it necessary to have this release as a
physical piece of paper, or is a signed email message good enough
these days?

If you have any pointers or tips for such a release, we would
very much appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks alot!


A. Lester Buck
Russian-Women-L & Latin-Women-L list coordinator