Re: any standard FAQ releases?


Kent Landfield (
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 17:27:15 -0500 (CDT)

# copyright to the list administrators? I was looking for something
# that clearly states the authors retain full copyright to their
# individual works, but give an irrevocable license to the list
# owners for non-commercial use in whatever way they see fit to
# advance the goals of the list, including generation of derived
# works. In particular, is it necessary to have this release as a
# physical piece of paper, or is a signed email message good enough
# these days?
# If you have any pointers or tips for such a release, we would
# very much appreciate hearing from you.

I find it hard to imagine that anyone would sign such a release.
If I own it, I own it. There really is no middle ground. As the
author has spent a massive amount of time trying to do the list
a favor and add value, I can see why the author is upset. The
author is right. Taking a copy of their original work and modifying
it to suit someone else's taste, size limitations, organization,
whatever, was a true copyright violation. Now, had someone just
taken it upon themselves to start from scratch to write a new
FAQ then the author could have complained but with little recourse.
(I'm talking from a common sense perspective here... All would-be
net.lawyers please sit back down...)

If you get someone to respond that they have what you are looking
for, it should be posted to this list for a nice 'conversation'. :)
I have no doubt that you *won't* find it. The reasons you are asking
it for might be understandable but the rights you are asking the
authors to give up are unacceptable. Sigh... Only one man's opinion...

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