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># copyright to the list administrators? I was looking for something
># that clearly states the authors retain full copyright to their
># individual works, but give an irrevocable license to the list
># owners for non-commercial use in whatever way they see fit to
># advance the goals of the list, including generation of derived
># works. In particular, is it necessary to have this release as a
># physical piece of paper, or is a signed email message good enough
># these days?
># If you have any pointers or tips for such a release, we would
># very much appreciate hearing from you.

>I find it hard to imagine that anyone would sign such a release.
>If I own it, I own it. There really is no middle ground. As the
>author has spent a massive amount of time trying to do the list
>a favor and add value, I can see why the author is upset. The
>author is right. Taking a copy of their original work and modifying
>it to suit someone else's taste, size limitations, organization,
>whatever, was a true copyright violation.

I'd be ticked off myself! And I would not sign that kind of agreement!
Sure he used everyone else's input, but its a compilation! He probably
fixed grammar, spelling and rewrote much of the original questions and
the layout, organization etc. was his work!

>Now, had someone just taken it upon themselves to start from scratch
>to write a new FAQ then the author could have complained but with
>little recourse.

I'd be a little upset about that but as long as they titled it different
and archived it in a manor that didn't conflict with my work, I couldn't

One more thing though...

According to the reported size of this work, I'm thinking it must be a
"Every Question Ever Asked" instead of a "Frequently Asked Questions"!


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