Re: any standard FAQ releases?


Edward Reid (
Mon, 18 Aug 97 08:06:26 -0500

Lester Buck writes:

> Not sure what you mean here.

I thought last night -- and it's clear now I was right -- that
there was a bit of misunderstanding. Lester is not planning to
forcibly take over the existing compilation, he's trying to
prevent similar (or any other) problems in the future by making
sure contributors agree that their contributions are part of a
public document. The long story about the mishandled FAQ was
just background, but it led into the request in such a way as to
make it appear the request dealt with the old document.

Perhaps this will clarify everyone's perception.

My opinion: I ask permission by email, and since I archive all my
email anyway, I know I always have it. The usual response is
"sure, I'd be delighted and honored". I generally only ask
people who've posted often enough that I know they aren't going
to throw hissy fits.

Edward Reid

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