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Kent Landfield (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 09:03:07 -0500 (CDT)

Hi all,

I received this in private mail today and thought that it was a good idea
that should be bounced past the list.

# Last week, I submitted this URL to several search engines. Now, it would be
# useful for me to know how many times each search engine will referre web
# surfers to this URL.
# Do you think you could activate a counter:
# - to let FAQ maintainers know how many times their faq pages has been
# accessed
# - to give FAQ maintainers statistics about the main links by which their
# pages have been retreived ?

These are excellent ideas. I don't do it today but I suspect that others
would like to see the same thing. Question is, how to do it right ?
Just put up a page that lets you query the access_log and
referer_log ? Generate a summary each month for each FAQ and mail it to
the authors ? I think it should be done. The question now is what is the
right way ?

OK, any ideas ? I think mailing summaries to all faq authors might be a
pain unless I put Errors-To: /dev/null :-) And then there's the possiblity
of privacy concerns. Maybe just summaries instead of specifics ? I could use
some help here....

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