Re: Counter & Statistics (fwd)


Balanone (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 10:03:18 -8

> Kent Landfield <> writes:
> > Question is, how to do it right ?
> > Just put up a page that lets you query the access_log and
> > referer_log ?
> Privacy concerns would be an objection to that I think, both for FAQ authors
> and for users of the archive.

I don't see why. If you kept a log of /who/ accessed the FAQ, then
yes, there'd be a concern. Simply counting how many people access a
FAQ shouldn't be a problem.

> > Generate a summary each month for each FAQ and mail it to the authors?
> Perhaps you could do this, but only for those FAQs whose authors had
> specifically requested it. That should reduce your workload and avoid
> the problem of not having good mail addresses for the authors...

The way I look at it, anything which would require responding to
requests by authors (yes/no, add/remove) would *add* to their
workload. All/none would be better, IMO.

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