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Balanone (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 10:03:18 -8

> Hi all,
> I received this in private mail today and thought that it was a good idea
> that should be bounced past the list.
> ---------
> # Last week, I submitted this URL to several search engines. Now, it would be
> # useful for me to know how many times each search engine will referre web
> # surfers to this URL.
> #
> # Do you think you could activate a counter:
> # - to let FAQ maintainers know how many times their faq pages has been
> # accessed
> # - to give FAQ maintainers statistics about the main links by which their
> # pages have been retreived ?
> These are excellent ideas. I don't do it today but I suspect that others
> would like to see the same thing. Question is, how to do it right ?
> Just put up a page that lets you query the access_log and
> referer_log ? Generate a summary each month for each FAQ and mail it to
> the authors ? I think it should be done. The question now is what is the
> right way ?

I agree -- it sounds like a great idea. I don't see any direct need
for an email (though I also have no objection to it).

One option would be to create a web page which is a table listing the
FAQs, number of accesses since logging began, number of accesses year
to date, number of accesses this month, and just let people know
the URL through some common means (such as the news.answers

> And then there's the possiblity of privacy concerns.

Perhaps there should be some way for FAQ maintainers to ask that
their counts not be kept or displayed, but I don't see any reason for
privacy to be a major consideration when we're dealing with documents
that have been explicitly posted to news.answers and/or submitted
directly to -- I don't see why anyone would
ask to have their FAQ so widely and publicly available, and want to
hide how often it's referenced.

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