Walnut Creek Revisited


P.J.Barrie (ucca61b@ucl.ac.uk)
Mon, 03 Apr 95 16:20:00 +0100

I certainly don't want to spark off this mailing list with yet another
debate over the pros and cons of Walnut Creek's Internet Info CD-ROM.
However, the complimentary CD-ROM that they promised me, as an FAQ
maintainer, has yet to arrive. Indeed, the one they promised me the
previous year also didn't turn up. Now I've happily been too apathetic
to complain until now- I belong to the faction that is happy for them
to use my FAQ, and as I have net.access I don't know how useful this
particular CD-ROM would be for me in any case. I just guessed that
they'd probably sent out CD-ROMS to all the FAQ maintainers in North
America, but had tried to save expense by not sending any to Europe
(despite their promise to do so), or had misplaced my address or something.

What has mildly upset me, however, is that they've just posted to my
address some junk mail: their Spring catalogue (which happens to include
details of the Internet Info CD-ROM). Now the only way that they could
have got hold of my postal address was my request to them for the free
CD-ROM (so they clearly haven't misplaced my address, and they're happy
to pay transatlantic postal fees).

So... they haven't sent me the CD-ROM they promised, but they have sent
me junk mail as a result of my request. I have a few questions to people
on this mailing list, the answers to which will determine how stroppy I
get with them:

1. Have any FAQ maintainers outside North America received a free copy
of the Internet Info CD-ROM?
2. Are any FAQ maintainers in my position- having requested a free copy
(in my case for two successive years), but not being sent one?
3. What's the best E-mail address to complain to them?

It's probably best to reply by private E-mail, rather than to this list
(unless your comments are relevant to all FAQ maintainers). If necessary,
I shall summarise the responses in a few days.

Thanks in advance,


Dr. Patrick J. Barrie P.Barrie@ucl.ac.uk
Something to do with Chemistry "If a thing's worth doing, it's worth
University College London getting someone else to do it"

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