Sun, 2 Apr 95 03:36:51 -0400

> For all I know, they never got my February posting and I'm waiting
> on something that's never coming. I sent an e-mail at the beginning
> of March, trying to find out if they got the post; I didn't get a
> reply on that either.

We installed an auto-replier on February 27, as we had promised in an
announcement to faq-maintainers-announce (and ergo faq-maintainers) in
mid-February. Part of the motivation of installing the auto-replier
was to make sure that the problem you refer to above (not being sure
if we ever received your submission) would not occur. If you submit
something to us or email a question or comment to us, you should
expect to receive an auto-reply message indicating that we have
received your communication to us. (Current exception to this:
postings from AOL.COM are not auto-replied to, for technical reasons
related to how the auto-replier tries to prevent auto-replying loops.
We'll look into fixing this exception when we get a chance.)

As it happens, our records indicate that we did receive your 02/03/95
email to us telling us that you were planning to send in some more
postings, your 02/04/95 submissions, and then your 02/17/95 email
checking to see if we received those submissions. However, I see no
record of our receiving any email from you in early March.

Ping Huang, member of the *.answers moderation team

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