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} It's now been two months since I orginally submitted my FAQs for approval. I
} Maybe I didn't read the instructions right. Was I supposed to cross post my
} FAQs to the moderated *.news groups and wait for them to send it back to me
} with the appropriate approved headers, or was I supposed to submit the text
} via e-mail? Is there any way of finding out what happened to those posts? I've
} changed the headers on both parts anyway, so I need to resubmit them, but I
} want to at least know that I'm doing it right before I try again.

Approval is (someone will surely correct me if I'm wrong) only necessary
if you crosspost to newsgroups the FAQ advisors moderate, which for this
purpose is news.answers.

When they get stacked up and I can't wait any longer, I'll just strip
news.answers out of the "Newsgroups" field and post what I must to the
newsgroups intended excluding the one requiring approval. When the
approval finally does come through, I simply add news.answers back into
the Newsgroups field.


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