Re: Walnut Creek Revisited


Arthur Bernard Byrne (
Tue, 4 Apr 1995 12:11:59 -0400 (EDT)

>I certainly don't want to spark off this mailing list with yet another
>debate over the pros and cons of Walnut Creek's Internet Info CD-ROM.
>However, the complimentary CD-ROM that they promised me, as an FAQ
>maintainer, has yet to arrive.


>So... they haven't sent me the CD-ROM they promised, but they have sent
>me junk mail as a result of my request. I have a few questions to people
>on this mailing list, the answers to which will determine how stroppy I
>get with them:
>1. Have any FAQ maintainers outside North America received a free copy
> of the Internet Info CD-ROM?

Well, I'm inside NA, so this is little help. However, I sent
out a request to them for my free copy. E-mailed request to
Wed, 29 Mar 01:33:00 (EST); response arrived Wed, Mar 29 01:36:16, saying
it would be sent out March 29. Arrived March 30, along with their catalog
and a copy of their sampler CDROM. Bill for ~$40, with "NO CHARGE-- Author's
copy" at the bottom.
I find my copy a source of mild amusement, as I not only do not
have a CDROM drive, but I don't even have my own computer. (Fortunately,
I have housemates with both.) So now I'm a published author, and can put
that on my resume. Unfortunately, I don't think authorship of the FAQ for would look that good....
I note said (much) earlier: wrote:
>This is the only information that is required. Once again, any author
>whose work is included on the disc is entitled to a free copy of the
>cdrom. To request a free copy of the cdrom once it is released, send
>mail to in the following format.
> My name is .....
> My shipping address is ........
> My FAQ is ...........
> Please send me my copy of the Internet Info cdrom.
>This is the only information that is required. Please be sure to inform
>anyone you know who is a FAQ maintainer of this fact.

I suggest you cc: a copy to as well, with the
complaint at the bottom.
Oh... BTW: yes, the perl FAQ maintains is included.

"Go not unto Usenet for advice, for the denizens will say both yes, and no,
and maybe, and I don't know, and fuck off, and...." --Unknown net.wit

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