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Grains of Mystique

Most of you will have heard the word quantum, and often wondered what it means, or what its significance is. Of course, there are lots of books available on this matter, complete with equations and rigorous derivations. If you wanted a simple 'tutorial', an introduction to quantum physics without all the hassles of mathematics (essential though it may be to physicists and researchers), then read on.

In order to understand the concepts successfully, a knowledge of elementary physics is a prerequisite. Footnotes act as a revision, if your memory of secondary school sciences has faded!

This work has been scrutinised by the members of the USENET newsgroup sci.physics.relativity, and we thank them for their review and useful suggestions.

Grains of Mystique: Quantum Physics for the Layman is copyrighted by Thomas Haberkern and N Deepak, 2002. It is licensed under Open Publication License, as described at  


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