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  • STD0003 - Requirements for Internet Hosts
    Authors: R. Braden, Ed.
    Date: October 1989
    Format: TXT=52893 bytes
    Also: RFC1122, RFC1123

  • STD0004 - [Reserved for Router Requirements
    Author: UNKNOWN
    Date: UNKNOWN

  • STD0005 - Internet Protocol
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: September 1981
    Format: TXT=24190 bytes
    Also: RFC0791, RFC0792, RFC0919, RFC0922, RFC0950, RFC1112

  • STD0006 - User Datagram Protocol
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: August 1980
    Format: TXT=589 bytes
    Also: RFC0768

  • STD0007 - Transmission Control Protocol
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: September 1981
    Format: TXT=17271 bytes
    Updated by: RFC1122, RFC3168, RFC6093, RFC6528
    Obsoletes: RFC0761
    Also: RFC0793

  • STD0008 - Telnet Protocol
    Authors: J. Postel, J. Reynolds
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=4463 bytes
    Also: RFC0854, RFC0855

  • STD0009 - File Transfer Protocol
    Authors: J. Postel, J. Reynolds
    Date: October 1985
    Format: TXT=14731 bytes
    Updated by: RFC2228, RFC2640, RFC2773, RFC3659, RFC5797, RFC7151
    Obsoletes: RFC0765
    Also: RFC0959

  • STD0010 - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: August 1982
    Format: TXT=12043 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC0788, RFC0780, RFC0772
    Obsoleted by: RFC2821
    Also: RFC0821, RFC0974, RFC1869, RFC1870

    Author: D. Crocker
    Date: August 1982
    Format: TXT=10629 bytes
    Updated by: RFC1123, RFC2156, RFC1327, RFC1138, RFC1148
    Obsoletes: RFC0733
    Obsoleted by: RFC2822
    Also: RFC0822

  • STD0012 - [Reserved for Network Time Protocol (NTP)
    Author: UNKNOWN
    Date: UNKNOWN
    Format: TXT=19 bytes

  • STD0013 - Domain Name System
    Author: P. Mockapetris
    Date: November 1987
    Format: TXT=24872 bytes
    Also: RFC1034, RFC1035

  • STD0014 - [Was Mail Routing and the Domain System
    Author: UNKNOWN
    Date: UNKNOWN

  • STD0015 - [Was Simple Network Management Protocol
    Author: UNKNOWN
    Date: UNKNOWN

  • STD0016 - Structure of Management Information
    Authors: M. Rose, K. McCloghrie
    Date: May 1990
    Format: TXT=8227 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1065
    Also: RFC1155, RFC1212

  • STD0017 - Management Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-based internets: MIB-II
    Authors: K. McCloghrie, M. Rose
    Date: March 1991
    Format: TXT=14215 bytes
    Updated by: RFC2011, RFC2012, RFC2013
    Obsoletes: RFC1158
    Also: RFC1213

  • STD0018 - [Was Exterior Gateway Protocol (RFC 904)
    Author: UNKNOWN
    Date: UNKNOWN

  • STD0019 - NetBIOS Service Protocols
    Author: NetBIOS Working Group
    Date: March 1987
    Format: TXT=31975 bytes
    Also: RFC1001, RFC1002

  • STD0020 - Echo Protocol
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=123 bytes
    Also: RFC0862

  • STD0021 - Discard Protocol
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=123 bytes
    Also: RFC0863

  • STD0022 - Character Generator Protocol
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=684 bytes
    Also: RFC0864

  • STD0023 - Quote of the Day Protocol
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=167 bytes
    Also: RFC0865

  • STD0024 - Active users
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=202 bytes
    Also: RFC0866

  • STD0025 - Daytime Protocol
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=228 bytes
    Also: RFC0867

  • STD0026 - Time Protocol
    Authors: J. Postel, K. Harrenstien
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=302 bytes
    Also: RFC0868

  • STD0027 - Telnet Binary Transmission
    Authors: J. Postel, J. Reynolds
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=896 bytes
    Obsoletes: NIC 15389
    Also: RFC0856

  • STD0028 - Telnet Echo Option
    Authors: J. Postel, J. Reynolds
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=1085 bytes
    Obsoletes: NIC 15390
    Also: RFC0857

  • STD0029 - Telnet Suppress Go Ahead Option
    Authors: J. Postel, J. Reynolds
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=371 bytes
    Obsoletes: NIC 15392
    Also: RFC0858

  • STD0030 - Telnet Status Option
    Authors: J. Postel, J. Reynolds
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=427 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC0651
    Also: RFC0859

  • STD0031 - Telnet Timing Mark Option
    Authors: J. Postel, J. Reynolds
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=788 bytes
    Obsoletes: NIC 16238
    Also: RFC0860

  • STD0032 - Telnet Extended Options: List Option
    Authors: J. Postel, J. Reynolds
    Date: May 1983
    Format: TXT=306 bytes
    Obsoletes: NIC 16239
    Also: RFC0861

  • STD0033 - The TFTP Protocol (Revision 2)
    Author: K. Sollins
    Date: July 1992
    Format: TXT=2459 bytes
    Updated by: RFC1782, RFC1783, RFC1784, RFC1785, RFC2347, RFC2348, RFC2349
    Obsoletes: RFC0783
    Also: RFC1350

  • STD0034 - [Was Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
    Author: UNKNOWN
    Date: UNKNOWN

  • STD0035 - ISO Transport Service on top of the TCP Version: 3
    Authors: M.T. Rose, D.E. Cass
    Date: May 1987
    Format: TXT=3066 bytes
    Updated by: RFC2126
    Obsoletes: RFC0983
    Also: RFC1006

  • STD0036 - Transmission of IP and ARP over FDDI Networks
    Author: D. Katz
    Date: January 1993
    Format: TXT=2207 bytes
    Also: RFC1390

  • STD0037 - An Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol: Or Converting Network Protocol Addresses to 48.bit Ethernet Address for Transmission on Ethernet Hardware
    Author: D. Plummer
    Date: November 1982
    Format: TXT=2155 bytes
    Updated by: RFC5227, RFC5494
    Also: RFC0826

  • STD0038 - A Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
    Authors: R. Finlayson, T. Mann, J.C. Mogul, M. Theimer
    Date: June 1984
    Format: TXT=934 bytes
    Also: RFC0903

  • STD0039 - [Was BBN Report 1822 (IMP/Host Interface)
    Author: Now Historic
    Date: ] December 1981
    Also: BBN Report 1822

  • STD0040 - Host Access Protocol specification
    Author: Bolt Beranek and Newman Laboratories
    Date: July 1984
    Format: TXT=12998 bytes
    Updated by: RFC1221
    Also: RFC0907

  • STD0041 - A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams over Ethernet Networks
    Author: C. Hornig
    Date: April 1984
    Format: TXT=569 bytes
    Also: RFC0894

  • STD0042 - Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over experimental Ethernet networks
    Author: J. Postel
    Date: April 1984
    Format: TXT=498 bytes
    Also: RFC0895

  • STD0043 - Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over IEEE 802 networks
    Authors: J. Postel, J.K. Reynolds
    Date: February 1988
    Format: TXT=3435 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC0948
    Also: RFC1042

  • STD0044 - DCN Local-Network Protocols
    Author: D.L. Mills
    Date: December 1983
    Format: TXT=6534 bytes
    Also: RFC0891

  • STD0045 - Internet Protocol on Network System's HYPERchannel: Protocol Specification
    Authors: K. Hardwick, J. Lekashman
    Date: February 1988
    Format: TXT=10083 bytes
    Updated by: RFC5494
    Also: RFC1044

  • STD0046 - Transmitting IP traffic over ARCNET networks
    Author: D. Provan
    Date: February 1991
    Format: TXT=1656 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1051
    Also: RFC1201

  • STD0047 - Nonstandard for transmission of IP datagrams over serial lines: SLIP
    Author: J.L. Romkey
    Date: June 1988
    Format: TXT=1257 bytes
    Also: RFC1055

  • STD0048 - Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over NetBIOS networks
    Author: L.J. McLaughlin
    Date: February 1989
    Format: TXT=557 bytes
    Also: RFC1088

  • STD0049 - Standard for the transmission of 802.2 packets over IPX networks
    Author: L.J. McLaughlin
    Date: November 1989
    Format: TXT=790 bytes
    Also: RFC1132

  • STD0050 - [Reserved for Definitions of Managed Objects for the Ethernet-like Interface Types
    Author: UNKNOWN
    Date: UNKNOWN

  • STD0051 - The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
    Authors: W. Simpson, Ed.
    Date: July 1994
    Format: TXT=15115 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1549
    Also: RFC1661, RFC1662

  • STD0052 - The Transmission of IP Datagrams over the SMDS Service
    Authors: D. Piscitello, J. Lawrence
    Date: March 1991
    Format: TXT=2466 bytes
    Also: RFC1209

  • STD0053 - Post Office Protocol - Version 3
    Authors: J. Myers, M. Rose
    Date: May 1996
    Format: TXT=4701 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1725
    Also: RFC1939

  • STD0054 - OSPF Version 2
    Author: J. Moy
    Date: April 1998
    Format: TXT=44736 bytes
    Updated by: RFC5709, RFC6549, RFC6845, RFC6860, RFC7474, RFC8042
    Obsoletes: RFC2178
    Also: RFC2328

  • STD0055 - Multiprotocol Interconnect over Frame Relay
    Authors: C. Brown, A. Malis
    Date: September 1998
    Format: TXT=7467 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1490, RFC1294
    Also: RFC2427

  • STD0056 - RIP Version 2
    Author: G. Malkin
    Date: November 1998
    Format: TXT=9846 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1723
    Also: RFC2453

  • STD0057 - RIP Version 2 Protocol Applicability Statement
    Author: G. Malkin
    Date: November 1994
    Format: TXT=1023 bytes
    Also: RFC1722

  • STD0058 - Structure of Management Information Version 2 (SMIv2)
    Authors: K. McCloghrie, D. Perkins, J. Schoenwaelder
    Date: April 1999
    Format: TXT=8971 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1902
    Also: RFC2578, RFC2579, RFC2580

  • STD0059 - Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base
    Author: S. Waldbusser
    Date: May 2000
    Format: TXT=19867 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1757
    Also: RFC2819

  • STD0060 - SMTP Service Extension for Command Pipelining
    Author: N. Freed
    Date: September 2000
    Format: TXT=1706 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC2197
    Also: RFC2920

  • STD0061 - A One-Time Password System
    Authors: N. Haller, C. Metz, P. Nesser, M. Straw
    Date: February 1998
    Format: TXT=5649 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1938
    Also: RFC2289

  • STD0062 - Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 (SNMPv3)
    Authors: D. Harrington, R. Presuhn, B. Wijnen, J. Case, D. Levi, P. Meyer, B. Stewart, U. Blumenthal, K. McCloghrie
    Date: December 2002
    Format: TXT=82343 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC2571, RFC2572, RFC2573, RFC2574, RFC2575, RFC1905, RFC1906, RFC1907
    Also: RFC3411, RFC3412, RFC3413, RFC3414, RFC3415, RFC3416, RFC3417, RFC3418

  • STD0063 - UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646
    Author: F. Yergeau
    Date: November 2003
    Format: TXT=3385 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC2279
    Also: RFC3629

  • STD0064 - RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications
    Authors: H. Schulzrinne, S. Casner, R. Frederick, V. Jacobson
    Date: July 2003
    Format: TXT=259985 bytes, PS=630740 bytes, PDF=50411 bytes
    Updated by: RFC5506, RFC5761, RFC6051, RFC6222, RFC7022, RFC7160, RFC7164, RFC8083, RFC8108
    Obsoletes: RFC1889
    Also: RFC3550

  • STD0065 - RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control
    Authors: H. Schulzrinne, S. Casner
    Date: July 2003
    Format: TXT=106621 bytes, PS=317286 bytes, PDF=23783 bytes
    Updated by: RFC5761, RFC7007
    Obsoletes: RFC1890
    Also: RFC3551

  • STD0066 - Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax
    Authors: T. Berners-Lee, R. Fielding, L. Masinter
    Date: January 2005
    Format: TXT=14181 bytes
    Updates: RFC1738
    Updated by: RFC6874, RFC7320
    Obsoletes: RFC2732, RFC2396, RFC1808
    Also: RFC3986

  • STD0067 - XDR: External Data Representation Standard
    Authors: M. Eisler, Ed.
    Date: May 2006
    Format: TXT=5547 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1832
    Also: RFC4506

  • STD0068 - Augmented BNF for Syntax Specifications: ABNF
    Authors: D. Crocker, Ed., P. Overell
    Date: January 2008
    Format: TXT=2635 bytes
    Updated by: RFC7405
    Obsoletes: RFC4234
    Also: RFC5234

  • STD0069 - The Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)
    Author: S
    Date: Hollenbeck
    Format: TXT=38738 bytes
    Also: RFC5730, RFC5731, RFC5732, RFC5733, RFC5734

  • STD0070 - Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)
    Author: R. Housley
    Date: September 2009
    Format: TXT=12681 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC3852
    Also: RFC5652

  • STD0071 - SMTP Service Extension for 8-bit MIME Transport
    Authors: J. Klensin, N. Freed, M. Rose, D. Crocker, Ed.
    Date: March 2011
    Format: TXT=1303 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1652
    Also: RFC6152

  • STD0072 - Message Submission for Mail
    Authors: R. Gellens, J. Klensin
    Date: November 2011
    Format: TXT=4015 bytes
    Updated by: RFC8314
    Obsoletes: RFC4409
    Also: RFC6409

  • STD0073 - The Multipart/Report Media Type for the Reporting of Mail System Administrative Messages
    Authors: M. Kucherawy, Ed.
    Date: January 2012
    Format: TXT=1571 bytes
    Updated by: RFC6533
    Obsoletes: RFC3462
    Also: RFC6522

  • STD0074 - Automated Updates of DNS Security (DNSSEC) Trust Anchors
    Author: M. StJohns
    Date: September 2007
    Format: TXT=3013 bytes
    Also: RFC5011

  • STD0075 - Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS(0))
    Authors: J. Damas, M. Graff, P. Vixie
    Date: April 2013
    Format: TXT=3285 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC2671, RFC2673
    Also: RFC6891

  • STD0076 - DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signatures
    Authors: D. Crocker, Ed., T. Hansen, Ed., M. Kucherawy, Ed.
    Date: September 2011
    Format: TXT=17699 bytes
    Updated by: RFC8301, RFC8463
    Obsoletes: RFC4871, RFC5672
    Also: RFC6376

  • STD0077 - Specification of the IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Protocol for the Exchange of Flow Information
    Authors: B. Claise, Ed., B. Trammell, Ed., P. Aitken
    Date: September 2013
    Format: TXT=17085 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC5101
    Also: RFC7011

  • STD0078 - Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Security
    Authors: J. Schoenwaelder, D. Harrington, W. Hardaker
    Date: February 2014
    Format: TXT=31505 bytes
    Also: RFC5343, RFC5590, RFC5591, RFC6353

  • STD0079 - Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2)
    Authors: C. Kaufman, P. Hoffman, Y. Nir, P. Eronen, T. Kivinen
    Date: October 2014
    Format: TXT=35435 bytes
    Updated by: RFC7427, RFC7670, RFC8247
    Obsoletes: RFC5996
    Also: RFC7296

  • STD0080 - ASCII format for network interchange
    Author: V.G. Cerf
    Date: October 1969
    Format: TXT=18504 bytes, PDF=19709 bytes
    Also: RFC0020

  • STD0081 - A One-Way Delay Metric for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM)
    Authors: G. Almes, S. Kalidindi, M. Zekauskas, A. Morton, Ed.
    Date: January 2016
    Format: TXT=5985 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC2679
    Also: RFC7679

  • STD0082 - A One-Way Loss Metric for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM)
    Authors: G. Almes, S. Kalidindi, M. Zekauskas, A. Morton, Ed.
    Date: January 2016
    Format: TXT=4725 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC2680
    Also: RFC7680

  • STD0083 - Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM): Protocol Specification (Revised)
    Authors: B. Fenner, M. Handley, H. Holbrook, I. Kouvelas, R. Parekh, Z. Zhang, L. Zheng
    Date: March 2016
    Format: TXT=29525 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC4601
    Also: RFC7761

  • STD0084 - Pseudowire Setup and Maintenance Using the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)
    Authors: L. Martini, Ed., G. Heron, Ed.
    Date: February 2017
    Format: TXT=8097 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC4447, RFC6723
    Also: RFC8077

  • STD0085 - Message Disposition Notification
    Authors: T. Hansen, Ed., A. Melnikov, Ed.
    Date: February 2017
    Format: TXT=8049 bytes
    Updates: RFC2046, RFC3461
    Obsoletes: RFC3798
    Also: RFC8098

  • STD0086 - Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification
    Authors: S. Deering, R. Hinden
    Date: July 2017
    Format: TXT=9365 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC2460
    Also: RFC8200

  • STD0087 - Path MTU Discovery for IP version 6
    Authors: J. McCann, S. Deering, J. Mogul, R. Hinden, Ed.
    Date: July 2017
    Format: TXT=4275 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC1981
    Also: RFC8201

  • STD0088 - DNS Extensions to Support IP Version 6
    Authors: S. Thomson, C. Huitema, V. Ksinant, M. Souissi
    Date: October 2003
    Format: TXT=1409 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC3152, RFC1886
    Also: RFC3596

  • STD0089 - Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6) for the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Specification
    Authors: A. Conta, S. Deering, M. Gupta, Ed.
    Date: March 2006
    Format: TXT=4896 bytes
    Updates: RFC2780
    Updated by: RFC4884
    Obsoletes: RFC2463
    Also: RFC4443

  • STD0090 - The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Interchange Format
    Authors: T. Bray, Ed.
    Date: December 2017
    Format: TXT=2836 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC7159
    Also: RFC8259

  • STD0091 - Network Configuration Access Control Model
    Authors: A. Bierman, M. Bjorklund
    Date: March 2018
    Format: TXT=10984 bytes
    Obsoletes: RFC6536
    Also: RFC8341

  • STD0092 - Internet Printing Protocol/1.1
    Authors: M. Sweet, I
    Date: McDonald
    Format: TXT=65123 bytes
    Also: RFC8010, RFC8011