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GEORGE NAKAMURADoing family history research. George was owner of up to date laundry lovelock Nevada in 1925.09/03/2015
FRANK DIMASEDoes Frank Di Mase have a son named Michael who lived in San Diego, Calif. in the 1970's.09/03/2015
MATHILDE MRACHEKDate of death is incorrect. It is the 21st of November 195309/03/2015
ALBERT RUBLESon of Albert D. & Narcissas Huff Ruble, Del Rio, TN Born: Green County, TN Died McMinn County, TN Spouse: Evelyn Grant Ruble, 10/16/16 DOD: 2/2012 Sons: Hiram P. Ruble 11/22/39 Albert Huff Ruble, Jr. 12/12/4409/03/2015
ALPHONSE J OSINSKISzukam potomków Alphonse Osinski.To moja rodzina.Jestem z Polski. Proszę o kontakt.Ela09/03/2015
EMIL OSINSKIJestem z Polski.Emil był synem George (Wojciech)Osinski.Były też córki:Raymonda,Sally Loretta.Pearl,Gertruda oraz przybrane dzieci Frank i Helena.Czy ktoś jest z tej rodziny.Bardzo proszę o kontakt.Ela09/03/2015
WILMA P SMITHMy Grandmother She left behind 2 daughters (Betty Phyllis Campain and Barbara Serna), 7 grandchidren, and numerous great grandchildren. We, grandchildren, will always remember her for her love and Fudgesicles!09/03/2015
LOUIS SMITHLouis Arthur Smith, my grandfather. Was married to Wilma Pearl Smith, my grandmother. My mother, Betty Phyllis Gray, was his step daughter. My Aunt, Barbara Smith, was his only blood child. My mother bore 3 children, Collette Renee Campain, born 1958, myself, born 1960 and Karyn Denise Campain, born 1966. Barbara Smith bore 4 children, Roxanne, Scott, Michelle and Cindy Taylor.09/03/2015
HATTIE DABLEMy grandfather was Leo Levy My father Gerald Levy Leo was Hattie's brother ,I knew they grew up In an orphanage but nothing else Curious Liz Levy 09/03/2015
H R PENCEMy dad................................................09/03/2015
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