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MARK HANSONMarried to Kathleen Mitchell from October 30, 1992 to June 2, 1994. Updated.10/24/2014
WILLIAM A YINGLINGMarried to Kathleen Mitchell from May 2, 1986 to July 28, 1989. We lived in Lincoln, NE 6850810/23/2014
MARK HANSONMarried to Kathleen Mitchell on October 30, 1992. Divorced unknown date. 10/23/2014
ELMER LANEelmer t. lane,born clay t.s. dunklin co. mo.ww1 vet,kennett,mo.omah,audrey,marie,betty,elmer loy.sister maudie cle'dessie burcham lane,david elbert lane, jane lane,jonah lane,10/23/2014
JEAN GRONBECKI am looking for the family members of an artist by the name, J. Grombeck. I have something that belongs to the estate and would like to be able to return it to them.10/23/2014
JEFFREY ROBINSONMy Name is LaTesha Lander and this is my father. I am trying to locate his siblings please email me at 10/23/2014
RUSSELL L MARSHALLI was told by my mother's(Joyce Hocker) step mom Margaret(Madge) that Russell was my cousin.At the time I never asked how. I would like to find out how.10/23/2014
JAMES J PLZAKJames Plzak's Birthday is September 26th, 1905 - He was 98 years Old and his middle name was Charles10/23/2014
WILLARD J COSSWillerd j coss is my father his wife lillen coss and thay have 9kids 3 doughters and 6 sons and many grand son wayen n coss past in 2008 thay are mist..10/23/2014
WAYNE N COSSHe is one of my brothers out of 9 kids 3sisters and 5 brothers who is all still livein are father willerd. John coss .past in 2007.we mis them a lot...are mother lillen coss is livein in mas..10/23/2014
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