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CATHERINE PACELLOChantelle Richardson-Daughter I am attempting to connect with relatives or other people who knew my mother.03/27/2015
CHARLES W ARCHERI'm his daughter, Rive Archer Chapman. Born Aug. 20,1962. Live in Rosamond, Ca.03/26/2015
WALTER KOEHNWalter "Wally" Koehn passed on Oct. 4, 1979, not October 1, 197903/26/2015
HUGH BOYLESearching for my fathers uncle Hugh Boyle who was born in Arranmore Island, Co Donegal. He was born in 1901 and his father was called Charlie, his mother Rosie and his grandfather Hugh and grandmother Biddy. He left Ireland to live in Lithgow Scotland. Don't know when he died or whaat happened to his family. 03/26/2015
JULIA MATUSIKThis was my mother. If anyone has information about her I would greatly appreciate it.03/26/2015
MICHAL MATUSIKThis was my father. If you have any info about him I would gladly appreciate it03/26/2015
HARLAN V HONBARGERI am looking for any marriage and divorce records for Harlan V. Honbarger to/from a Della Dougherty/Smallman during the early 1940s. Thank you.03/26/2015
JAMES FUREYWas this James A married to Catherine A? I am looking for my roots, my Grandmother was Antonette Furey 1889-1971.. Sound famiar?03/26/2015
JEFFREY P MITCHELLI was injured in the MVA which Jeffrey P. Mitchell was killed 09:46pm on Saturday, October 28,2006. I was vaulted from sleeper berth of Semi Tractor-Trailer which rear-end collided with Mitchell's Honda Civic car (black colored) which was illegally parked/no warning hazard/lights devices to warn motorist of its presence in the roadway and blocking the slow-moving vehicle lane of traffic of I-15 sb near Barstow, CA. California Highway Patrol investigated the crash scene and cited Mitchell as 100% at fault in causing the MVA Traffic Incident. They concluded that Mitchell had apparently mistaken the white painted slow-moving vehicle lane marking (white line) as being the fog line and parked his car believing that he was off the roadway in order to take a rest break; he was found at scene deceased in his car (broken neck cited by San Bernardino County Coroner as cause of death) sitting in fully reclined driver seat, car keys found on car seat beside his body, parking brake set. He could and should have pulled completely off the roadway at crash location, there was more than ample-unobstructed wide shoulder/flat open graveled area adjacent to the roadway. He chose the most hazardous area upon the roadway to stop and park his car to take a nap on his way home from Ft. Irwin to be with his wife Victoria and their young son. His short nap turned into an eternal nap whereas he never arrived to his off-base home that night. Very sad. I prayed that night for him and his family. I did all that I could physically do as an injured commercial truck driver involved in the collision that I could do to try and help save his life, my husband Karl was driving his shift of our truck team operation. Karl was not at fault; it was not his fault that Jeffrey Mitchell parked his black colored Honda car in the heavy traffic truck lane that night without any lights on and without use of any hazard warning devices. A fully loaded 80,000 gvw truck cannot stop in 40 feet distance while traveling at 55 mph highway speed. It is impossible! I'm sorry that he died, but I was badly injured being violently vaulted out of the sleeper compartment of semi truck upon 55 mph impact with Mitchell's car, I was literally sent flying through the air head first towards the windshield/dash area of truck, my husband was miraculously able to barely catch me by my shoulder and direct my body onto the floor of the truck cab, my lumbar spine suffered high impact trauma injury and by the grace of Almighty God I survived to tell about this incident/death of this honorable young 30 year old soldier that sadly lost his life in this traffic incident. He is with the Lord forever. Amen03/26/2015
FRANK PUTZELDid this frank putzel have a daughter: Frances Elizabeth Putzel born in Boston, MA in 1923?03/26/2015
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