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LOUELLA BROWNSeeking any and all information pertaining to my grandmother. Was said to be married to a Lucius Brown.04/18/2014
JOHN L SHROPEI am John L Shrope's daughter Rebecca Jeanne. I was born in 1957 and my father died when I was 5 1/2 years old. I would love to connect in some way with any Shrope's that were a part of his immediate family as I don't think I ever met any of his family. I would love to connect with any one who grew up with my father and could tell me about him.04/18/2014
JEWEL LYTLEI want to see the obituary and to connect with some family members,I know she has a daughter and a son who's survive her.04/17/2014
FRANK A ROMEROWAS A GREAT MAN, he was my father and he is missd dearly by the whole family04/17/2014
DRAKE W ROWEDrake W. Rowe was my cousin, Billy Joe. We played together in the summers in Oconomowoc, WI. He was the son of Anne B. Rowe, my Aunt Mabel. I still remember the great work he did on model airplanes. Later, he became an architect.04/17/2014
AYMAR CHARGOISthis my grandfather he died i was one year old i was just a baby i wish i knew him04/17/2014
ANNE B ROWEAnne Rowe was my Aunt Mable. How my sister and I would love to go to Oconomowoc and visit her. She lived with Grandma Berkness, her mom. She had an attic full of dress-up clothes and was very much into arts and crafts. She was survived by her son, William J. Rowe.04/17/2014
CAROLYN B VESPERMANAunt Care was one of four children of John and Anne Berkness of Oconomowoc, WI. She was married to Uncle Vernon and lived in Detroit, MI. I fondly remember her visit to California to see our family.04/17/2014
ANITA ROHDAAunt Anita was married to Dudley Rohda and they lived in Watertown, Wisconsin, where he was a professor.04/17/2014
DUDLEY ROHDADudley Rohda was my great uncle. When we would visit family in Oconomowoc, we always drove to Watertown to see Uncle Dud and Aunt Anita. Dudley was a professor at the college in Watertown.04/17/2014
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