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JUDY C FRANSKERay left us first and 6 months later Judy went she couldn't be without him she just wasn't the same after he leftthey were always together then he was gone and she decided to go with him some would say was a broken heart that when you're with somebody that long and they're gone you just want to be with them with them they lived a good life it wasn't fancy in frills they had lots of fun enjoyed the simplest things in life. and they love their grandchildren . one thing about it judy n ray sure knew how to give us adventure adventure we did everything diving in the ocean and at 2 Javon spikes on my shoes I'm climbing telephone poles at 4 hunting fishing camping going out in the mountains and rounding up wild horses bring I am in training them breaking them and turning them into a fantastic show horses thats just some of the adventures that Judy and Ray shared with us when they were here on this earth oh and not to mention the travel from one end of the United States to the other, oh my god years and years and years of pulling that red and white trailer all across the United States from job to job to job to job it's my goal now to go back to all those places that we went to when I was youngerwe were in New Orleans live in an apartment on a 5th story walk up and dad was working a job right outside of town bringing in the power lines every morning at 48 m body myself and rod would go down the fire escape to the back door the bakerywe'd go in and help them do back it up and then we get the hottest the fresh donuts heaven absolute heaven and then we'd sneak back up the five story walk up before Mom and Dad got up and noticed we were gone ..the memories memories08/21/2014
RAY FRANSKEray and Judy Frandke leftist in 2006 they joined their son Bobby in the afterlife, and that three of them were up there enjoying in their lounge chairs fishing crabbing skin diving hunting horseback campingi. If it wasn't for those 3, my children ,Bobby son would not be the fantastic adults that they are todaythe impact of a man on this earth will last forever08/21/2014
BOB FRANSKEBob Robert Bobby Franske was my brother, he was loving son to Ray and Judy franske fantastic father to his son joseph.I only wish bobby was around disease what a wonderful man his son has grown up to be , extremely proud of himevery time Joe and I get togetherness I see you Bobby I see you every time I look into Joe's eye sand we miss you.Mom and Dad met up with you in 2006, I hope the three of you are having a enjoying those lounge chairs that were waiting for you in heaven 08/21/2014
LAWO SORENSENmy great of Martha Mary Sorensen(Holder)08/20/2014
CORINNE E VETTERSearching for Corinne's family, nee Boehner. One sister's name was Marguerite, brother in law Glenn Hicks. Any help would be appreciated.08/20/2014
PAUL R WEMLINGERDied in Franklin COunty Ohio, first married to Dorothy Wemlinger, children; Dolores, Judy and Lee, divorced and married to Mary.08/20/2014
LANCE SCARDINOthis is wayne zucco .. im looking for my long time friend.we was partners in cameron park many years ago'he is the nephew of jim manning. has a brother ,also a good friend,by the name of rod or rodney.if you can give me any info on their whereabouts please contact me at and i will return you message immediately.08/20/2014
SHIRLEY O WHEELERmy loving grandmother who I loved dearly, from Cindy08/20/2014
EDWARD FRITZTrying to connect with family of edward Fritz. Was in vietnam with him in 1969.08/20/2014
VIRGIL TIEDEMANNVirgil Tiedemann was my Grandfather. He died of lung cancer. His wife Vesta died in 1986. Would like to make contact with any of his family still living. He was estranged from his siblings sometime around 1925.08/20/2014
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