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CREATED ON: 10/18/2019.

This file contains citations for all FYIs in numeric order.  The FYIs
(For Your Information) documents form a sub-series of the RFC series,
specifically those documents that may be of particular interest
to Internet users.  The corresponding RFCs have status INFORMATIONAL.

FYI citations appear in this format:

  ####  Title of FYI.  Author 1, Author 2, Author 3.  Issue date.
        (Format: ASCII) (Obsoletes xxx) (Obsoleted by xxx) (Updates xxx)
        (Updated by xxx) (Also RFC####)

For example:

  0008 Site Security Handbook. B. Fraser. September 1997. (Format:
       TXT=191772 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1244) (Also RFC2196)

Key to citations:

#### is the FYI number. The remainder of the fields are the same as
those of the corresponding RFC, whose number is given in the final
(Also RFC####) field.

Following the BCP number are the title, the author(s), and the
publication date of the RFC.  Each of these is terminated by a period.

The format and length follow in parenthesis.  One or more of the
following alternative formats are listed:  ASCII text (TXT), PostScript
(PS), and/or Portable Document Format (PDF).  Each format is followed 
by an equals sign and the number of bytes for that version.  For example 
(Format:TXT=aaaaa, PS=bbbbbb bytes) shows that the ASCII text version is 
aaaaa bytes, and the PostScript version of the RFC is bbbbbb bytes.

Obsoletes xxxx refers to other RFCs that this one replaces;
Obsoleted by xxxx refers to RFCs that have replaced this one.
Updates xxxx refers to other RFCs that this one merely updates but
does not replace); Updated by xxxx refers to RFCs that have updated
(but not replaced) this one.  Generally, only immediately succeeding
and/or preceding RFCs are indicated, not the entire history of each
related earlier or later RFC in a related series.

FYIs and other RFCs may be obtained using HTTP, FTP, or email.  See the
RFC Editor Web page http://www.rfc-editor.org


0002 FYI on a Network Management Tool Catalog: Tools for Monitoring and Debugging TCP/IP Internets and Interconnected Devices. R. Enger, J. Reynolds. June 1993. (Format: TXT =308528 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1147) (Also RFC1470) 0003 FYI on where to start: A bibliography of internetworking information. K.L. Bowers, T.L. LaQuey, J.K. Reynolds, K. Roubicek, M.K. Stahl, A. Yuan. August 1990. (Format: TXT =67330 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1175) 0004 FYI on Questions and Answers - Answers to Commonly Asked "New Internet User" Questions. R. Plzak, A. Wells, E. Krol. August 1999. (Format: TXT =23640 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1594) (Also RFC2664) 0005 Choosing a name for your computer. D. Libes. August 1990. (Format: TXT =18472 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1178) 0006 FYI on the X window system. R.W. Scheifler. January 1991. (Format: TXT =3629 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1198) 0007 FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to commonly asked "experienced Internet user" questions. G.S. Malkin, A.N. Marine, J.K. Reynolds. February 1991. (Format: TXT =33385 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1207) 0008 Site Security Handbook. B. Fraser. September 1997. (Format: TXT =191772 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1244) (Also RFC2196) 0009 Who's Who in the Internet: Biographies of IAB, IESG and IRSG Members. G. Malkin. May 1992. (Format: TXT =92119 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1251) (Also RFC1336) 0010 There's Gold in them thar Networks! or Searching for Treasure in all the Wrong Places. J. Martin. January 1993. (Format: TXT =71176 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1290) (Also RFC1402) 0011 X.500 Implementations Catalog-96. C. Apple, K. Rossen. April 1997. (Format: TXT =243994 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1632) (Also RFC2116) 0012 Building a Network Information Services Infrastructure. D. Sitzler, P. Smith, A. Marine. February 1992. (Format: TXT =29135 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1302) 0013 Executive Introduction to Directory Services Using the X.500 Protocol. C. Weider, J. Reynolds. March 1992. (Format: TXT =9392 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1308) 0014 Technical Overview of Directory Services Using the X.500 Protocol. C. Weider, J. Reynolds, S. Heker. March 1992. (Format: TXT =35694 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1309) 0015 Privacy and Accuracy Issues in Network Information Center Databases. J. Curran, A. Marine. August 1992. (Format: TXT =8858 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1355) 0016 Connecting to the Internet - What Connecting Institutions Should Anticipate. ACM SIGUCCS. August 1992. (Format: TXT =53449 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1359) 0018 Internet Users' Glossary. G. Malkin, Ed.. August 1996. (Format: TXT =123008 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1392) (Also RFC1983) 0019 FYI on Introducing the Internet-- A Short Bibliography of Introductory Internetworking Readings. E. Hoffman, L. Jackson. May 1993. (Format: TXT =7116 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1463) 0020 FYI on "What is the Internet?". E. Krol, E. Hoffman. May 1993. (Format: TXT =27811 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1462) 0021 A Survey of Advanced Usages of X.500. C. Weider, R. Wright. July 1993. (Format: TXT =34883 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1491) 0022 Frequently Asked Questions for Schools. J. Sellers, J. Robichaux. May 1996. (Format: TXT =150980 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1578) (Also RFC1941) 0023 Guide to Network Resource Tools. EARN Staff. March 1994. (Format: TXT =235112 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1580) 0024 How to Use Anonymous FTP. P. Deutsch, A. Emtage, A. Marine. May 1994. (Format: TXT =27258 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1635) 0025 A Status Report on Networked Information Retrieval: Tools and Groups. J. Foster, Ed.. August 1994. (Format: TXT =375469 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1689) 0026 K-12 Internetworking Guidelines. J. Gargano, D. Wasley. November 1994. (Format: TXT=66659, PS=662030, PDF =134065 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1709) 0027 Tools for DNS debugging. A. Romao. November 1994. (Format: TXT =33500 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1713) 0028 Netiquette Guidelines. S. Hambridge. October 1995. (Format: TXT =46185 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC1855) 0029 Catalogue of Network Training Materials. J. Foster, M. Isaacs, M. Prior. October 1996. (Format: TXT =78941 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC2007) 0030 A Primer On Internet and TCP/IP Tools and Utilities. G. Kessler, S. Shepard. June 1997. (Format: TXT =114130 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1739) (Also RFC2151) 0031 Humanities and Arts: Sharing Center Stage on the Internet. J. Max, W. Stickle. October 1997. (Format: TXT =154037 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC2150) 0032 Hobbes' Internet Timeline. R. Zakon. November 1997. (Format: TXT =43060 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC2235) 0033 Some Testing Tools for TCP Implementors. S. Parker, C. Schmechel. August 1998. (Format: TXT =24107 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC2398) 0034 Users' Security Handbook. E. Guttman, L. Leong, G. Malkin. February 1999. (Format: TXT =74036 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC2504) 0035 DON'T SPEW A Set of Guidelines for Mass Unsolicited Mailings and Postings (spam*). S. Hambridge, A. Lunde. June 1999. (Format: TXT =44669 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC2635) 0036 Internet Security Glossary, Version 2. R. Shirey. August 2007. (Format: TXT=867626 HTML= bytes) (Obsoletes RFC2828) (Also RFC4949) 0037 Guide to Administrative Procedures of the Internet Infrastructure. Z. Wenzel, J. Klensin, R. Bush, S. Huter. August 2000. (Format: TXT =63680 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC2901) 0038 How to Advertise Responsibly Using E-Mail and Newsgroups or - how NOT to $$$$$ MAKE ENEMIES FAST! $$$$$. T. Gavin, D. Eastlake 3rd, S. Hambridge. April 2001. (Format: TXT =64687 HTML= bytes) (Also RFC3098)