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Win95 FAQ Part 6 of 14: NetWare (tm) Networking
Section - 6.4. How do I use a client other than Microsoft's Client for NetWare?

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Top Document: Win95 FAQ Part 6 of 14: NetWare (tm) Networking
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   I won't touch Client32 yet; you can read about it at Novell's
   Client32 Home Page and make your own judgments. However, some
   applications need to see real mode NetWare clients (even though all
   the real mode hooks are there with Client for NetWare, and with
   Services for NDS). So...
   To use a DOS client, you will need all the regular DOS client software
   (LSL, IPXODI, etc). Once you have all that in place, you can add Win
   3.1 support from Network Control Panel as a Client.

     * 6.4.1. NETX: 
   Novell no longer recommends running netx.exe, but it does work as it
   did with Win 3.1. Install the DOS client, then add "Novell NetWare
   Shell 3.x" as a Client from Network Control Panel. Setup will prompt
   you for Novell's disks when needed.

     * 6.4.2. VLM: 
   This works better with Win95 than NETX, and is "Safer" than Client for
   NetWare for your finicky programs and NDS apps. Try this as a last
   resort, if you can't get the app makers to clean up their programs.
   Use Novell's regular DOS installation of this client (Don't add the
   Windows software from Novell's setup), then add "Novell NetWare Shell
   4.x and above" as a Client from Network Control Panel. Setup will
   prompt you for Novell's disks when needed.
   NOTE: Do NOT use Client for MS/File & Print Sharing for MS networks
   alongside a real mode NetWare client! Neither Novell nor Microsoft
   support this, and the mix of real mode/protected mode clients can
   cause loss of hair for network administrators. Use all protected mode
   clients and services if you want NetWare logins AND peer sharing.
   Client/FPS for MS networks works great alongside Client for NetWare,
   and even Client32 from Novell.

     * 6.4.3. Client32 
   Much of the Client32 stuff that was here is unavailable as of
   September 1998. Novell now has an even larger client install (11 MB!)
   available from their Download site. You can bet that, when I dust
   off my NetWare 4.11 demo CDs again, I'll be trying this.

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