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Win95 FAQ Part 6 of 14: NetWare (tm) Networking
Section - 6.3. How do I make NetWare-related TSRs work? They won't work in the login script?

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Top Document: Win95 FAQ Part 6 of 14: NetWare (tm) Networking
Previous Document: 6.2. What do I have to do to a NetWare server to work with Win95 clients?
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   They won't, no matter how hard you try either. Win95 runs the login
   script from a single DOS session, which completely unloads when the
   login script finishes. Loading TSRs from a login script is stupid
   anyway, in fact, loading DOS TSRs in Win95 in general is stupid.
   But if you have to load network TSRs, Win95 did keep the old
   winstart.bat capability. Place winstart.bat in your Win95 directory
   where it will execute just after all the network components load, and
   just before the login prompt comes on. Load your TSRs in that. They
   will be available from all DOS sessions afterwards. Details are in KB
   article Q127794. Yes this does work; I can run Cheyenne's ARCSERVE
   (TM) for Windows 5.01 by loading BREQUEST.EXE this way. Which reminds
   me: Do any of you know of a 32-bit BTRIEVE requester for Win95 yet? Oh
   yes, TSRs loaded in WINSTART.BAT execute in an independent DOS session
   which you'll never see.

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