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Win95 FAQ Part 5 of 14: Modems and TAPI
Section - 5.8. Top ten dialing mis-conceptions

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Top Document: Win95 FAQ Part 5 of 14: Modems and TAPI
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   10. Win95 doesn't let me use my special calling card (Just make up a
   new card)
   9. WinFax Pro 7.0 doesn't use Win95 dialing rules (Yes it does; you
   just have to MAKE IT use them. See the WinFax Pro 7.0 manual for how
   to tell WinFax to use "Windows dialing".)
   8. Win95 won't do ten-digit-dialing (Make up a "calling card" with
   ten-digit-dialing rules)
   7. I can't use my office phone system to dial out (Well, that depends
   on your office policies!)
   6. Call Waiting keeps cutting me off (Just tell Win95 to disable it in
   location properties)
   5. MS Fax won't dial long distance within my area code (Make an
   address book entry with "Dial area code" turned on)
   4. It keeps trying to dial long distance (get your country settings
   3. Dialing rules are a complete waste of time (Really? Would you
   rather configure each of your programs separately?)
   2. TAPI sucks. (not.)
   1. TAPI sucks. (Really, this is both the top two mis-conceptions at
   the same time!)

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