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freeWAIS-sf Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] with answers

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1) What is freeWAIS-sf? 
  1.1) What does 'stemming' mean? 
  1.2) What does 'soundex' mean? 
2) Where to get ... 
  2.1) Most of the ftp accessable Stuff is mirrored on different 
  2.2) Where can I get this list (freeWAIS-sf-faq) 
  2.3) Where can I get the comp.infosystems.wais FAQ 
  2.4) What is the current Version of freeWAIS-sf? 
  2.5) Where can I get some Documentation? 
  2.6) Where can i get examples of this $#@ format files? 
3) Is there ...? 
  3.1) Is there and Emacs client for freeWAIS-sf? 
  3.2) Is there an X11 client for freeWAIS-sf 
  3.3) Does the X client compile with X11R6 
  3.4) Is there a WWW gateway dedicated for usage with freeWAIS-sf? 
4) Can I ... 
  4.1) How must a field name look like? 
5) How can I ... 
  5.1) How can I index index mails? 
  5.2) How can I index HTML entities? 
  5.3) How can I force 'c++' to appear in the index? 
  5.4) How can I index HTML files? 
  5.5) How can I index my http server? 
  5.6) How can I index my ftp server? 
  5.7) How to remove a file from index ? 
  5.8) How should I maintain WAIS indexes? 
  5.9) How can I search for the date specified in the layout. 
6) Trouble ... 
  6.1) waisindex dumps core when it reads more than 20 filenames from 
  6.2) Hey, is directory-of-servers at down or what? 
  6.3) Compilation of the ctype directory does not work! 
  6.4) warning: couldn't open database.syn -translation disabled. 
7) Does freeWAIS-sf run on .... 
8) Does freeWAIS-sf work with ... 
  8.1) Can i use other wais clients to query a freeWAIS-sf server? 
  8.2) Can i link freeWAIS-sf with gopher? 
  8.3) Gopher Error: Nothing Available! 
  8.4) Can i link freeWAIS-sf with Mosaic? 
  8.5) Can i link freeWAIS-sf with the cern httpd? 


Subject: 1) What is freeWAIS-sf?

  1.1) What does 'stemming' mean? 
  1.2) What does 'soundex' mean?

  FreeWAIS-sf is an extension of the 
  freeWAIS software provided by the the Clearinghouse for Networked 
  Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR). The SF suffix in the 
  software name stands for ßtructured fields," an indexing and search 
  feature which distinguishes this software from its predecessors. 

    It is based on the version 0.202 of this software but includes and 
    enhances much of what freeWAIS-0.3 contains. 

    Major extensions of FreeWAIS-sf include: 

          Introduction of text, date, and numeric field structures 
          within a document, which allows a document to be indexed 
          using potentially overlapping fields. 

          Support for complex Boolean searches (a query parser is 
          integrated in the server). 

          Stemming and phonetic coding may be switched on and off for 
          each individual field. 

          Definition of document format and layout of the headlines are 
          now configurable by a new specification language based on 
          regular expressions. No C-code must be written to index new 
          document types. 

          Installation procedure now just requires running a sh script 
          and answering simple questions. The script is generated using 
          the GNU autoconf utility. No Makefile sets for individual 
          systems are necessary. For development purposes, additional 
          Imakefiles are provided since the Makefiles do not contain 

          Support for country specific character sets (8-Bit) 

          Lots of bug fixes. 

    All changes are restricted to the indexer and server to allow 
    existing clients to query FreeWAIS-sf databases. Document types 
    contained in the original distribution remain intact. You can use 
    FreeWAIS-sf as you would use original freeWAIS or take advantage of 
    its enhanced features. 

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