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Archive-name: tv/x-files/uk-faq/part6
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 30 September 1996
Version: 3.82

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Part 6 of The UK TXF FAQ

TXF UK Convention: MancheXter '97

 "MancheXter '97 is an X-Files Convention to be held on the weekend of 5
- 6 July 1997.
 The Venue has been chosen: Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester.
 Confirmed Guests include: Jerry Hardin (played Deep Throat), Jane
Goldman (Author of 'The X-Files Book of the Unexplained'), Nick Pope
(real-life Fox Mulder working for the Uk Government), Stephen Mera &
Alica Leigh (Manchester paranormal investigators).
 Note: The Guests' appearance are subject to other commitments

 Events include: Speeches, Autographing sessions, Q&A panels, Formal
dinner, Video showings, Treasure Hunt, Live Role Playing, Disco, Play,
Merchandise Stalls, Blind Date/Singles bar, Quizzes and a whole lot of
other malarky.

 Tickets are now on sale, and registrations have *just* made it into
double figures.
 More details available by accessing Lee Staniforth's pages,
[] here, which are
maintained by Tony Spalding

About EROS Voting

Episode Rating Opinion System

 The popular EROS system run by Mark Woodward for the group allows UK
readers to vote for each X-Files episode. Following the latest showings
on UK television there are weekly postings of the results. Voting in the
system could not be easier, simply mail to with
your full name and a mark out of ten (to one decimal place). In the
subject header type "XF :" and the name of the episode you are voting

 Voting is open for the entire of the first season and up to the current
BBC episode of the second season. If you wish to catch up you can vote
for a large number of episodes in one post by putting "XF : Assorted" as
the title, just  make sure to include you name and make it clear which
mark goes with which episode.

 Results are posted each Sunday and are also available throughout the
week at the official EROS web site -

 Remember don't delay, vote today.

 [EROS is also used in the UK Star Trek group]


 IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a network of computers (servers) set up
specifically to pass messages between people in real time i.e. so they
can 'chat'. EFNet is the largest IRC network with over 120 servers -
currently split into 2 sections, broadly 'USA' and 'Europa' - and it's
upon the European 'side' of EFNet that you'll find #XFiles_UK.

 #XFiles_UK appeared on EFNet around Summer '95 as a 'meeting place' for
a few UK X-Philes to catch up on goss etc. As the year came to a close
season 2 XF gained in momentum (and viewing figures) bringing more
people to the young but healthy IRC channel.

 Connecting to IRC for the first time: Students should TELNET to
" 6667" or better still use an IRC program. People
connecting via a commercial ISP (Demon, Compuserve, Netcom etc.) should
consult their ISP about connecting to IRC. Once connected to IRC you can
join #XFiles_UK by typing "/join #XFiles_UK". You can leave by typing
"/quit". Busiest times are just after a new episode has been screened on
TV and Sunday evenings. More information can be found on the UK X-Files
Database at


*Clothing and Miscellaneous*

 There is a varied range of licensed merchandise available for TXF:

 *  Baseball caps (all black, unless stated):

 *  TXF logo in glow-green and white
 *  Doorway Silhouette design
 *  Deluxe - silver and green stitched: logo on front and "The Truth Is
Out There" at the back
 *  Embroidered charcoal-gray wool cap - soft-sculptured with logo
 *  Embroidered Black cap with "Brushed X" design with logo

 *  Mugs:

 *  Purple-blue paint-brushed X logo, with "Trust No-one" on the other
side (UK)
 *  Large, heavy black mug with platinum-etched TXF logo, with "The
Truth Is Out There" on the other side (USA only)
 *  Smaller version of the above (UK)
 *  Same as above, except with yellow-gold X design (UK - unofficial)
 *  The newest! A Magic Mug - "Trust No One" message appears when it is
filled with hot liquid (US Import)
 *  X-Files logo with additional red `Declassified' logo (UK -

 *  T-shirts (many different designs on back - all black with small
pocket TXF logo on front, unless stated. Sweatshirts are also available
in the same designs):

 *  Glow-green text "The Truth Is Out There" and body outline
 *  The Saucer File Folder (white, glow-green, dark-green)
 *  The Hand
 *  Big Green X (!)
 *  Big Blue-Purple X (with small X in the front TXF logo)
 *  Large, liquid 'X' with "The Truth Is Out There" logo
 *  Blue, stretched screaming face
 *  "Trust No One" logo filled in with red/blue 'standing people"
 *  "I Want To Believe" logo with blue skeleton background
 *  Spacey-designed Blue purple X with TXF logo
 *  "Trust No One" text in wierd blue

 *  Front Designs:

 *  Shadow Road - Shadow cast on perspective road
 *  Doorway Silhouette
 *  Large TXF logo in grey and white, with half-face behind the "THE" in
the logo
 *  Eye in the Sky
 *  Mystery Man - shadowy, suited man
 *  Lightning X
 *  Mulder and Scully lensed through a paint-brushed blue-grey X
 *  Computer Screen Data with logos and Mulder and Scully
 *  Computer Chip with Mystery Eye
 *  Green, misty, wrap around cloudy "Trust No-One" logo
 *  Black "Trust No-One" logo design with starry blue X on back
 *  Starry large Blue X design of front and "The Truth Is Out There" on
 *  TXF logo on front and distorted design on back
 *  "The Truth Is Out There" on front, and "The X-Files" on back
 *  Light-blue T-shirt with black-printed squarish "The X-Files" design
 *  Athletic grey with pocket-black TXF logo
 *  (White) quad-face Circle-X logo in rainbow hues
 *  (White) Agent Mulder with Circle-X logo in rainbow hues

 *  Polo Shirt
 *  Embroidered leather jacket (only in the U.S.A. and expensive!)
 *  Wool Jacket (expensive but very nice! U.S.A.)
 *  Warm, comfy embroidered thermal button-up top
 *  Embroidered black fleece top
 *  Posters (many designs):

 *  Half-faces of Mulder and Scully with TXF logo in between. Fiery
background and design
 *  Mulder and Scully standing in doorway
 *  "I WANT TO BELIEVE" poster (U.S.A. only)
 *  Australian "Screaming Mulder" poster. From Little Green Men episode
 *  Rainbow Prism poster of multi-coloured images of Mulder and Scully
flanking the TXF logo. With white border. Size: 25x35 (UK version)
 *  German version of Rainbow Prism. Size: 36x53 (!!) No white border
 *  Australian version of Rainbow Prism. Size: 24x36 and no white border
 *  Facing The Light - solitary figure looking towards glowing yello
 *  Collage X-Files Poster - mysterious images from the show

 The 1997 X-FILES Calendar can be previewed []

 In the U.K., the licenced clothing (T-shirts, baseball caps, polo and
sweatshirts) is ditributed by Network Ltd, and they have a small
brochure available which is present in The X-Files videos.
Network Ltd, PO Box 10, London. SW19 3TW.
Tel: (0181) 543 123

 Most of the T-shirts are readily available in music stores (HMV,
Virgin) as well as mail order.

 Other main U.K. merchandise sources are:
 Forbidden Planet, 71-75 New Oxford Street, London. WC1A 1DG.
(Mail Order by telephone: (0171) 497 2150).
Other FP branches in: Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry,
Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Limerick, Newcastle, and

 Escape Comic Books do now run a mail order system for X Files
merchandise, including photos and T-shirts. They are situated adjacent
to the Odeon Cinema.
 Escape Comic Books, 7 Cheapside, Reading, Berkshire. RG1 7AG.
Tel: (01734) 575131.

 The Vintage Magazine Company, 39/43 Brewer Street, London, NW1.

 In Birmingham:
Nostalgia, 14-16 Smallbrook Queensway, City Centre, Birmingham.
Tel: (0121) 643 0143
Fax: (0121) 631 2684

 Andromeda Bookshop, 84 Suffolk Street, Queensway, Birmingham.
Tel: (0121) 643 1999

 In Sheffield:
 Sheffield Space Centre
The Last Picture Show, Sheffield MeadowHall Complex

 UK Mail Order:
Mailed Music and Video
Dept X, 15-16 Thomas Street, Chepstow. NP6 5DH.
Tel.: (01291) 621700

  (Apparently, they have the largest selection of TXF merchandise in the

 Taken from TXF Comic Issue 11:
`British fans of TXF will be pleased to hear that there will soon be
special dedicated in-store "X-Files sites" in a number of high street
chains, specialising in books, videos and merchandise based upon the
cult show. The X-Files Bureau is the name of this store within a store,
and they will be open for business on March 25th (the day that the next
video, "Tooms", is released) in branches of HMV, Playhouse, Virgin and
Forbidden Planet.
`The Bureau will have exclusive merchandise for the discerning X-Phile,
including a number of special projects for the launch. This will include
the often requested reprint of the very first issue of Manga's TXF

 One mail order company outside the UK which is worth considering is
Starland, especially if you wish to acquire the mug unavailable in this
country. Starland is carrying a variety of officially-licensed T-shirts,
hats, posters, mugs, and magazines, all presented in a brochure called
"The X Factor!". A more general catalogue is available; its present
issue is the Spring '96 (Issue 26) one.

 Issue #2 is now available. e-mail your snail mail address to, with  in the subject heading.

 Web: []
Starland, P.O. Box 24590, Denver, CO 80224-2590. U.S.A.
Tel: (00) 1-800-733-8735 (International Rate applies)
Fax: (00) 1-303-671-0302

 Starland also have an Australian branch that is also worth looking up.
Check out []

 Starland frequently posts merchandise information (like order numbers)
to, and if you are on AOL, they can of course be e-mailed
at their address for this info. Orders can also be sent via e-mail.  For
people in the UK, Starland charge a 5 dollar handling charge, offer two
speeds of delivery (air or surface), and have an excellent customer
service, often replacing damaged goods without any need to return them!
(Starland want to 'believe' in people!).

Other US 'Merchandise' Stores...

 [] Netstores Inc. THE X-STORE is the first
online store devoted to the best show on television, The X-Files.  It
guarantees to offer anything and everything related to The X-Files, The
Paranormal and UFO's.  It purports to be the Largest Selection of
X-Files Merchandise on the Net!

 E-mail Orion Enterprisesyour name & physical (snail mail) address for a
free catalog of X-Files merchandise, including T-Shirts, Photos, Caps,
Bumper Stickers, Mugs, Scripts, Pins, Posters, Magnets, Jackets, Clocks,
Postcards and more.
 Trade inquiries are welcome.  Include your resale ID # for wholesale
terms and price list.

 Other Merchandise Shops:

 [] Poster and Print Gallery -
Great site, great posters.
[] Movie Madness
Merchandise - Merchandise for X-Philes and others.

 Delphi is also selling a different group of official X Files
merchandise through their X Files Special Interest Group, run by
Creation Entertainment.


 Over 80 Official Photos are available in colour and black and white.
Poster blow-ups of the photos can be obtained.S&P Parker have a large
number of photos depicting The X-Files, and Gillian Anderson and David
Duchovny individually.
Many others are doubtless available.

 S&P Parker's Movie Market, The Medleycott Centre, Milbourne Port,
Sherborne, Dorset. DT9 5BA.
Tel: (01963) 251199
Creditcard Hotline: (01963) 250454
 Apparently, you can obtain a signed photo of Gillian Anderson and David
Duchovny individually if you write to the following addresses (I have
not yet tried this):

 Gillian Anderson
c/o 250 N. Robertson Blud,
#518 Beverly Hills 90211

 David Duchovny
c/o 110-555 Brooks Bank Blud
#10, No. Vancouver BC V7J 355

 If you include an IRC (International Reply Coupon) with your request
(two for a speedier reply ;), then you should receive a reply.

*Trading Cards*

 Topps have finally made available Season One of The X-Files trading
cards, selling at 1.20-1.75UKP per packet of 9 cards (8 regular and 1
special).  A complete regular set costs around 18.00UKP.There are 72
regular cards, 72 Parallel cards ("The Truth Is Out There" is printed in
a silver strip), 6 Etched cards, and 4 Chromium cards.

 Season Two and Three trading cards are also available.

 Topps are also releasing the X-Files Mastervision 30 art cards, sized
approx. 6x8 inches, that are suitable for framing.


 There are 5 phonecards, worth 5 units each, to collect, all of them
limited edition. They are published by Broadsystem Venture Ltd.They cost
8.95UKP each, or the full 5-card set at 39.95UKP. Post & Packing is an
additional 1.00UKP.


 * Electro-static ball  (Released Nov. '95)
 * Kirlean-type hand    (Released Nov. '95)
 * Paranormal Activity  (Due Feb. '96)
 * Mulder & Scully with X-Files logo  (Due Feb. '96)
 * Screaming, Warped Face  (Due Feb. '96)

 A second series of phonecards is very possible :)

 Details (also available in Issue 8 of TXF Comic):

 The X-Files Phonecards
PO Box 1803

 Information Hotline: 0990 200680
Creditcard Hotline: 0990 200685
Fax: (0171) 284 5200


 Warner Bros. Records is releasing "Songs In The Key of X (Music from
and inspired by The X-Files)," on March 26th.

 [] Music in the key of XMusic from and
inspired by The X-Files Warner Bros. Records, USA

Seventeen artists encompassing the broad spectrum of the alternative
music world have come together for a common cause. Seventeen artists, as
varied in their style as they are pronounced in their craft, share a
common inspiration.  Seventeen artists have created "Songs In The Key of
X (Music form and inspired by The X-Files)."  Rumor and speculation are
at last quieted as the final lineup to the soundscape of the phenomenon
of the Nineties is announced.

 In addition to featuring new songs from superstars like Sheryl Crow and
Foo Fighters "Songs In The Key of X" will house a number of rare
collaborations: R.E.M. with William S. Burroughs, Elvis Costello and
Brian Eno, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper, and a song by PM Dawn with
lyrics by Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files.

 Each week 16 million enlightened viewers tune in to the groundbreaking
Fox Television series The X-Files.  Agents Scully and Mulder uncover the
truth about such previously suppresses topics as alien/human hybrids,
ESP, vampires and cattle mutilation.  The show is a worldwide
phenomenon, everywhere from outer space to cyberspace, more World Wide
Web pages are devoted to The X-Files than any other television series or
movie in history except Star Trek.

 Almost all of the tracks appearing on "Songs In The Key of X" were
commissioned by the show's creator Chris Carter (with help from David
Was and Warner Bros. A&R exec Geoffrey Weiss), and have been or will be
featured in upcoming episodes of the show.  Not since David Lynch and
Angelo Badalamenti joined forces on the musical meanderings of Twin
Peaks has a musical backdrop been so hauntingly apropos.

 The final track listing is as follows:
 1.  Mark Snow - "The X-Files Theme"
2.  Soul Coughing - "Unmarked Helicopters"
3.  Sheryl Crow - "On The Outside"
4.  Foo Fighters - "Down In The Park"
5.  R.E.M. with William S. Burroughs - "Star Me Kitten"
6.  Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - "Red Right Hand"
7.  Filter - "Thanks Bro"
8.  Frank Black - "Man Of Steel"
9.  Meat Puppets - "Unexplained"
10. Danzig - "Deep"
11. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - "Frenzy"
12. Elvis Costello and Brian Eno - "My Dark Life"
13. Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper - "The Hands Of Death (Burn, Baby, Burn)"
14. PM Dawn - "If You Never Say Goodbye" [lyrics by Chris Carter]
15. PM Dawn - "The X-Files Theme" (Remix)

 Warner Bros. records released "Songs In The Key of X (Music from and
inspired by The X-Files)" on Tuesday, March 26th 1996.

 The theme of TXF has been released in the UK by Mark Snow as a single
and reached No.2 in the singles charts. Various remixes are probably

 The Mark Snow soundtrack album, "The truth and The Light", is finally
released as of 30 September 1996. It will contain themes from the series,
along with snippets of Mulder and Scully dialogue:

1. Introitus: Praeceps Transisto Spatium
			translation: The Beginning - Quickly Across the Void

2. Materia Primoris: The X-Files Theme
			translation: First File - The X-Files Theme

3. Raptus
			translation: Abduction

4. Adflatus
			translation: Sea Breeze (One Breath?)

5. Deverbero
			translation: Thrashing

6. Cantus Excio
			translation: Rousing Song

7. Mercutura
			translation: Merchandise

8. Lamenta
			translation: Lamentation

9. Insequi
			translation: Pursuit

10. Otium
			translation: Peace

11. Dubitatio
			translation: Uncertainty

12. Iter
			translation: The Walk

13. Progigno De Axis
			translation: Bursting Forth From the Heavens

14. Carmen Amatorium Ex Arcanum
			translation: Secret Song of Admirers

15. Facetus Malum
			translation: Elegant Evil

16. Memoria
			translation: Remembering

17. Mitis Lumen
			translation: Soft Light

18. Fides Fragilis
			translation: Fragile Faith

19. Exoptare Ex Veritas
			translation: Desire for the Truth

20. Kyrie
			translation: Authority/The Truth (??)


 *  Analogue TXF watch - Priced 24.99UKP. Includes a very nice pencil
case-like box!

 *  TXF Clock - Priced 13.99UKP. Quartz, with red, forboding X-logo and
"The Truth Is Out There" text.

 *  Bookmarks - set of 6 available. (6UKP)
 *  X-Files Lapel Pin (Metal) - X-Files Logo in the center. Surrounded
by X-Files' "The Truth Is Out There."
 *  X-Files metal Lapel Pin: X-Files Logo in the center. Surrounded by
X-Files-the truth is out there

 MouseMat Designs:

 *  Scream
 *  X-Logo
 *  Eye Logo
 *  Electric Globe

 Cost of around 8 UKP.

 A functionary novelty keyring which lights up a luminous eerie green
when activated

 *  X-Files Logo
 *  The Truth Is Out There
 *  Trust No One
 *  Binary "The X-Files"
 *  Side by side Mulder and Scully
 *  Hand with mystery segment

 Scripts for "Deep Throat", "Fire", and "Darkness Falls" are available
at approximately 10.95UKP

 Other merchandise not yet available in the UK or are US Imported:

 *  X-Files Magnet
 *  Limited Edition Piper Maru Magnet
 *  X-Files 1997 Desk Diary
 *  X-Files Embroidered Button Up (Baseball Shirt) - X-Files logon on
front. Large Green X on the back.
 *  X-Files Lightning Shirt
 *  X-Files Open Eye Shirt

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