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Last-modified: 30 September 1996
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Part 5 of The UK TXF FAQ

Comics, Books & Videos


There's a UK magazine published monthly by Manga, who can be contacted
in three ways :-

SnailMail :The X-Files,
Manga Publishing,
40 St Peters Road,
W6 9BD

      Fax : 0181 748 0841
 Email :

 Topps Comics publishes a monthly X Files comic, costing 1.25UKP. The
first three issues are sold out, and a compilation of the first six
issues has been released. The current issue is number 19 (November
1996).Copies of #1 are reported to have exchanged hands at 60 UKP!
No. 2 of The X-Files Special Edition is now available at 2.25UKP

 Mark Martinez,  posts an X Files comics update monthly.


Name : Goblins
Author : Charles Grant
ISBN : 0-00-648204-X
Publisher : HarperCollins
Price : UKP4.99
 Blurb :
 Opening the X-Files...

 Meet Mulder and Scully, FBI.  The agency maverick and the female agent
assigned to keep him in line.

 Their job: investigate the eeriest unsolved mysteries in modern
America, from pyro-psychics to death row demonics, from rampaging
Sasquatches to alien invasions.  The cases the Bureau wants handled
quietly, but quickly, before the public finds out what's *really* out
there.  And panics.  The cases filed under "X"

Name : Whirlwind
Author : Charles Grant
ISBN : 0-00-648205-8
Publisher : HarperCollins
Price : UKP4.99
Blurb :

 Serial killers come in all shapes and sizes.But this one is
particularly puzzling.There's no patters to the mutilated bodies that
have been showing up in Phoenix: both sexes, all races, ages, ethnic
groups.  There is no evidence of rape or ritual.

 Only one thing connects the victims.

 They were victims of a natural disaster.  One of the most *unnatural*
natural disasters imaginable, leading to a most painful, most certain,
and most hideous death....

 An announced third book from Grant, _Hunter_, was dropped from the list
and will not be published.

Name : Ground Zero
Author : Kevin J. Anderson
ISBN : 0-00-225448-4
Publisher : HarperCollins
Price : UKP9.99
Type : Fiction
Blurb :

Narrator: Gillian Anderson
ISBN: 0-69451-620-1

A renowned nuclear weapons researcher is not only dead - he's been
charred to a radioactive cinder.  The incinerated remnants or Dr.
Gregory are found curled in the corner of his laboratory at the Edward
Teller Nuclear Research Facility near Oakland, California.

 Since this is a death on Federal property, Mulder and Scully are
hastily called in.  As FBI agents who specialize in unexplained
phenomena, they are the investigators of the X-Files, strange and
inexplicable cases which are also mysteries that the FBI doesn't want

 Dr. Gregory's unique death quickly and clearly becomes an X-File.  As
Mulder and Scully begin their frustrating work, unearthing the top
secret project that Dr. Gregory was working on, they confront a
tight-lipped Federal bureaucracy whose job it is to stop questions
before they are asked.  One by one, Mulder and Scully hit dead ends,
closed security clearances, and classified documents that no one wants
them to see.  But that doesn't stop Mulder and Scully from ripping the
lid off Dr. Gregory's illegal project - "Bright Anvil" - a new type of
flash nuclear explosive that has all the destructive power of the
Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs, but with a new design that leaves
virtually no radioactive fallout.  The implications for the modern world
are deadly, and some radical protest groups will stop at nothing to
prevent the test from happening.

 When a second victim, completely unrelated to nuclear science or Dr.
Gregory is obliterated in the New Mexico desert, and then a third dies
the same way in Washington D.C., Mulder and Scully begin to focus on the
frightening dimensions of their task.  The bizarre deaths cannot be a
coincidence.  And as they work to uncover the secret unifying element
that unites these deaths, it becomes clear that this twisted puzzle has
fatal consequences for the entire world.

Name: Ruins
Author: Kevin J. Anderson
ISBN : 0-06-105247-7
Publisher : HarperCollins
Price :
Type : Fiction
Blurb :

Narrator: Mitch Pileggi
ISBN: 0-69451-688-0


#1 X Marks the Spot

 * Author: Les Martin
 * ISBN: 0-06-440613-X

        Based on the pilot episode.

#2 Darkness Falls

 * Author: Les Martin
 * ISBN: 0-06-440614-8

        Based on the episode of the same name.

#3 Tiger Tiger

 * Author: Les Martin
 * ISBN: 0-06-440626-1

        Based on the episode "Fearful Symmetry."

#4 Squeeze

 * Author: Ellen Steiber

        Based on the episode of the same name.

#5 Humbug

 * Author: Les Martin

        Based on the episode of the same name.

 Audiotapes of the above are available.

#6 Voltage

 * Author: Easton Royce

        Based on the episode "D.P.O.".

#7 E.B.E.

 * Author: Les Martin

        Based on the episode of the same name.

Name : The X-Files Book of the Unexplained (Volume One)
Author : Jane Goldman
ISBN : 0-684-81633-4
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Price : UKP15.99
Type : Reference
Blurb :
 The real X-Files...
The facts behind the fiction

 With exclusive input from the cast and creators of _The X-Files_ and
remarkable revelations from the world's leading investigators,
scientists and officials, _The X-Files Book of the Unexplained_ is a
book no _X-Files_ fan or inquisitive reader can afford to miss.

 Volume Two is iminently available and will continue with the rest of
Season 3 episodes' themes.

Name : The Unofficial X-Files Companion
Author : N. E. Genge
ISBN : 0-333-65441-2
Publisher : Macmillan
Price : UKP9.99
Type : Reference
Blurb :
 Fox Mulder and Dana Scully - Special Agents for the FBI - get the cases
no one else can solve; the weird disappearances, the extra- terrestrial
activities, the murders that defy both explanation and belief.  Or so it
seems ...

 From werewolves to pheremones to cannibalistic rituals; from physic
channelling to artificial intelligence to rapid ageing disease, _The
Unofficial X-Files Companion_ offeres 'deep background' information on
the programme's fascinating and often bizarre topics.

 What's really located in Area 51?
Where did the Fiji Mermaid come from?
What magazines might you find hidden under Mulder's mattress?
And just how does Scully take her coffee?

 Out-takes, trivia tests and details about the series and it's key
characters make this book the ultimate unofficial reference for all
X-Philes.  The truth, you may just find, is in here ...

 An Audiotape of the book is available.
Volume Two can now be purchased.

Name : The Official Guide To The X-Files
Author : Brian Lowry
ISBN : 0-00-255702-9
Publisher : HarperCollins
Price : UKP9.99
Type : Reference
Blurb :
Don't hide from the truth - You'll find it in here

 For inside information on TV's hottest show, turn to this unique
compendium of _The X-Files_ facts and figures.

 Everything you must know is in here, including:

 * A complete and detailed episode guide
 * Scores of never before seen photos
 * A look behind the scenes and on the set
 * Fascinating stories that trace the show's origin, including
interviews with creator Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson -
everyone in front of and behind the camera that brings _The X-Files_ to
 * Biographies of Cast and crew
 * A detailed look at the extraordinary special effects, who creates
them and how they are done
 * Character studies of Mulder and Scully - as well as detailed
breakdowns of favourite villains and recurring characters
 * Plus, intriguing trivia and sidebars of 'Mulderisms' and Scullyisms'

 Volume Two is near completion, comprising of the end-of-season three

Name : The X-Files Encyclopaedia
Author :
Publisher :
Price :
Type : Reference
Blurb :
52 pages of TXF coverage. An A-Z X-Files with lots of magazine photos.
B/W interior with additional content on other shows.


 The first eight episodes were released on four cassette tapes.Fox then
withdrew them from sale.  They have not explained why to date
(12/3/96).Fox can be contacted via this freephone number, 0800 106015

 If anyone manages to get any information, PLEASE tell me.  I'll put it
in here.

 Fox are releasing a series of video cassettes containing selected

 * "The Unopened File" (released 15th Jan 96) contains the episodes
"Anasazi", "The Blessing Way" and "Paper Clip".

 * "File Two: Tooms" released in March (contains episodes "Squeeze" &

 * "File Three: Abduction" released in May (contains episodes "Duane
Barry", "Ascension" & "One Breath"), promoted by Mitch Pileggi and
Nicholas Lea.

 * "File Four: Colony" has been postponed (contains episodes "Colony" &
"End Game").
 * "File Five : 82517" released (not Colony) on 16th September. It
contains the episodes Nisei and 731, a Chris Carter interview and a few
trading cards of the episodes.
 *  "File Six" is due November 4, and will include the end-of-season-3
episode, Talitha Cumi and its concluding episodes.

Fox have released a special box set featuring the four tapes mentioned
above plus "The Secrets of The X-Files" documentary, which came out in
The article also mentions another box set, this time featuring Chris
Carter's favourite episodes, release date to be announced. (See
'Laserdiscs', it is likely to be the same titles).


Image Entertainment are shortly releasing three discs containing about
six episodes, hand-picked and each including an introduction by Chris
Carter.  Price is 26.99ukp and are only available in NTSC format:

 Disc one contains "Pilot" and "Deep Throat"
Disc two contains "Conduit" and "Ice"
Disc three contains "Fallen Angel" and "Eve"

All of Season One is available as a boxed set (5 videos) priced at 
79.99UKP and will be available from 4 Nov 1996.

 Season 1 complete is also available on Laserdisc, but with the Japanese
subtitles, they are released as two boxed sets containing episodes 1X79
- 1X11, and then 1X12 - 1X23.  Each set costs 299ukp.

 Encore will have Files 1, 2, 3 and 5 on PAL laserdisc.

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