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Archive-name: tv/x-files/uk-faq/part2
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 30 September 1996
Version: 3.82

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Part 2 of The UK TXF FAQ

What is The X-Files?


 Season Three will probably be screened on BBC 1 on Thursday 12th
September at 9.30pm, with the end-of-season-2 climax episode, Anasazi,
aired on Monday 9th September. The BBC will be showing the episodes
completely uncut.


 The X-Files is a one hour program on Sky, due to the insertion of
adverts.  Season 3 has been aired on Sky One, Tuesdays at 9pm, uncut!!
(well, almost.) Season 4 will begin in February, 1997.Currently, Season
2 episodes are being repeated on Sky One, on Sundays at 8pm.

 The X-Files is produced by Ten Thirteen Productions for Twentieth
Century Fox Television.


 The X-Files is a television program that deals with, basically, the
paranormal.  There are two main characters, Dana Scully (played by
Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny).  Both work
for the FBI, in the Violent Crimes section.

 Neither character is normally referred to by their forenames; they
refer to each other as 'Scully' and 'Mulder'.

 The characters work from opposite viewpoints, Mulder being the believer
and Scully being the dis-believer.  Scully was assigned to help Mulder
with the X-Files and to debunk his theories.  She has been unable to do
this with some of the cases.

 The majority of The X-Files is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

 The X-Files is NOT based on true events or real FBI X Files.  The
episodes are fiction, the plots loosely based on news reports of
unexplained events around the world and other unexplained phenomena.The
pilot does open with a note saying that the events were based on an
actual real life story, but was not meant to imply that they are real X

Newsgroup posting guidelines

Purpose of the newsgroup

 The purpose of is to facilitate discussion about
the television programme The X-Files from a UK perspective.It was
created as the American groups contained spoiler information from
episodes yet to be seen in the UK.


 The subject of spoilers has aroused much debate in the news group.It
generates such strong feelings that it was felt necessary to include a
section in this FAQ outlining the majority view on the subject.

 *  Absolutely no spoilers for episodes yet to be broadcast  in the UK
to be posted. Any person breaking this is  likely to be soundly flamed.
(This includes information  gained from attendance at conferences.)
 *  Any discussion of an episode broadcast on Sky (satellite)  which has
not been seen on the BBC, must have "spoiler  protection" - see below.
This essentially means Season 2,  which has not been shown terrestrially

Spoiler protection

 Articles which require spoiler protection (see above), should observe
the following guidelines.

 The subject line should be of the form:
 *SPOILER* E3.19 Hell Money Where "E3.19" is season 3, episode 19, and
"Hell Money" is the name of the episode. The episode names and numbers
are available elsewhere in this FAQ.

 The body of the article should have a minimum of 25 lines of spoiler
space (i.e. blank lines). If your software allows please also add a
Ctrl-L character to this.

General netiquette

 Here are some general guidelines on what is and is not generally
considered acceptable practice in Their intended
purpose is not to hinder discussion but to enhance it.

 *  Do not post binaries.

 Users of most dial-up connections have to pay for the time they are
on-line receiving news, so will not appreciate a large GIF deposited in
their news base via their phone line.If you do have an image which you
feel will enhance the lives of others, put it on an ftp site, so only
those who want it need download it.

 In addition to this, the news administrators at certain sites do not
carry binary groups due to disk space requirements, so lots of people
posting binaries is likely to get the group removed from some news
sites, reducing propagation.

 * Make sure your postings are word wrapped to around 72 columns at  

 Many users read news on 80 column screens (or 80 column fixed font
windows in graphical interfaces) and so postings which exceed this and
overflow each line are very unreadable and might not be read.

 Setting the width to 72 allows your article to be quoted and re-quoted
without exceeding 80 columns.

 *  Keep your signature to reasonable proportions.

 The accepted Usenet limits are a maximum of 4 lines long, less than 80
characters wide. This is for reasons of both bandwidth (cost to dial-up
users) and courtesy to others (a 20 line ASCII art representation of the
view from your living room may be impressive once, but needless to say 3
or 4 viewings later it can become very tedious indeed).

 *  Do not quote entire articles when following up.

 Please only quote enough of the article to give context to your reply.
It is considered very bad practice to quote headers and/or signatures as
there is no need for it - headers in particular are very boring things
 *  Read your article before posting it.

 Make sure you take the time to re-read your words of wisdom before
posting them, to check that it all makes sense and you aren't about to
start a flame war...

 * Please keep postings on-topic to The X-Files.

 Please refrain from discussing your next door neighbour's cat or what
your favourite flavour of ice cream is. There are places for such
discussions but is not one of them.

 *  Do not post private email without the author's permission

 This is equivalent to broadcasting the contents of a private letter or
phone call on national TV without authorization from the sender.

 *  Do not post advertisements.

 Only on-topic adverts *may* be considered acceptable, e.g.conventions
with a X-Files element. Think very carefully      before submitting any
sort of advert.

 * Do not post test messages.

 There are several groups specifically for test messages. Most will also
generate email responses automatically from across the world to confirm
article propagation. Three I know of are: demon.test, uk.test, and

 If you require further guidance on netiquette, you should take the
newsgroup news.announce.newusers which is low traffic and moderated.

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