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comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (Mar 05, 2005) (4/6)

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Archive-name: tcl-faq/part4
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Last-modified: March, 2005
Version: 8.220
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	For more information concerning Tcl (see "part1"),
(see "part2"), (see "part3"), (see "part5"), (see "part6").

	One source for software mentioned in the catalog is the various
Usenet or comp.lang.tcl article archives - in many cases, the authors
posted their programs to the newsgroup. A Contact address with ??? at
the end means that I was unable to verify the address.	Also, Contacts
without addresses or marked as Unknown mean that I had limited to no
information about the contact person. The Updated field indicates
the date when the catalog entry URLs were updated, not when a package itself
was updated. Check the web pages for a package (if available) to see
if any updates to the package has occurred. If you find an update that
should somehow be reflected back into the catalog, drop me a line at
<URL: >.

	A WWW form to submit entries to this catalog is available at
<URL: >. This provides you an interface not
only to submit new items, but to submit updates or to browse the
catalog as needed.

Index of questions:

XII. What are some examples of applications using Tcl and/or Tk?


From: FAQ Tcl/Tk Package Catalog Subject: -XII- What are some examples of applications using Tcl and Tk? What: 2Dcbuilder Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/tk computer vision support application for building correspondence between world coords from a 2D co-planer camera calibration grid, and pixels in a sample image. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: 99 bottles of beer on the wall Where: From the contact Description: Expect script which simulates a human typing the beer song as they drink the beer. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Don Libes) What: A.T.Edit Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based text editor for Unix or Windows. Currently at version 1.04 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: a2ps Where: <URL: > Description: GNU a2ps is an Any file format to PostScript print filter. It can process plain text files as well as pretty print quite a few popular programming languages (today, 67) - including Tcl. It has a LOT of features because it is intended as a general text to PostScript conversion tool. Currently at version 4.13 . Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: aaron Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk word game Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Aaron) What: Abacus Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk/C++/C spreadsheet developed for Linux. Supports graphics, printing, saving and loading different formats, cell editing, sorting, column and row manipulation, cell formats, undo/redo, formulas, and more. Team also references a tool called Abacus for the Palm Pilot, however I don't believe it has any Tcl/Tk connection. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Absence - an in/out board Where: <URL: > Description: A simple in/out board based on reserve. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Ron Urban) What: abuse Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to application that looks for spammers abusing your domain, which then allows you to send email to their ISPs. Currently at version 1.6. Updated: 12/2000 Contact: See URL for bug reports, questions. What: ac3d Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A 3D object/scene modeller. Can output Dive, Massive, VRML, RenderMan, and POV-Ray files. Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Andy Colebourne) What: AccuRev Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial Source Code Management (SCM) tool. Has integrated TkDiff. A Tk GUI interface is being developed. Comes with an unlimited time 2 user license, and with support and more licenses available for purchase. Currently at v3.0 . Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: ace Where: <URL: > Description: Tk alarm clock. Set time and message and sound will occur and message pop up. Alarms are marked on analog clock face. Arbitrary number of simultaneous alarms are allowed. Currently at version 3.0. Updated: 06/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Remove underscore) What: aclip Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk xclipboard replacement. Project not in active development. Updated: 03/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Max Ischenko ) What: aclock (Lehenbauer) Where: From the contact alt.sources archives such as the following (Nov 1992) <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk analog clock script - two versions were posted. Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Karl Lehenbauer) What: Acorn Archimedes RISCOS 3.1 port of Tcl Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl 7.4 binary and source code for about platform. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (C.T.Stretch) What: ActiveTcl (ActiveState) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Bundle of Tcl and related software, in binary form (aka a "Batteries Included" distribution) - ready for installation. Bundles for HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows are provided. ActiveTcl includes the latest stable Tcl core as well as at least the following extensions: * Tk * Tcllib * TclXML * Img * TclX * [incr Tcl] * [incr Tk] * [incr Widgets] * TclDOM * tkHTML (Unix only) * Expect (Unix only) * TkTable * BWidgets * TclSOAP * TclXSLT * Tcomm * Snack * TclVFS and these applications: * tclsh * tkcon * wish See the web site for specific versions in your specific ActiveTcl release. Version is now available. Uses the ActiveState community license. Updated: 01/2004 Contact: <URL: > What: ADAM (Affordable Desktop Application Manager) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: A itcl package which can be used to organize the applications on your desktop. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: Add Wizard Where: <URL: > Description: Appears to be some sort of Tk application to assist a System Admin. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Charles Vidal) What: ADDD (A Depository of Development Documents) Where: <URL: > Description: An object oriented Software Engineering Environment extended using Tcl. Updated: Contact: <URL: >, <URL: > What: addr Where: <URL: > Description: Address notebook in Tk. Data kept in two text files, many fields for searching, email to list of recipients, genealogy, auto generation of letters. GNU PL license. Updated: 06/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Zbigniew Lisiecki) What: address Where: <URL: > Description: Vanilla address manager which can generate 2 or 4 up postscript. Requires Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0 and Perl. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Bob Urban) What: addressbook Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > Description: A Tk program to manage your addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and everything now written in your 'rolodex'. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:durka@Informatik.TU-Muenchen.DE > (Clemens Durka) What: AddressManager Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > Description: A GUI for address database management - a graphical rolodex. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Chunping DING) <URL: > (Chunping Ding) What: Aegis Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Transaction based software configuration management (SCM) system. Provides software to coordinate and integrate the changing of software by a team of developers. Has a Tk interface, as well as a utility for interfacing to tkdiff. Currently at version 4.18 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Miller) What: afbackup Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Network backup software, allowing several servers per client, ability to 'clone' tapes, etc. Uses Tcl/Tk for its GUI interface. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Albert Fluegel) What: afick Where: <URL: > Description: File integrity checker for Unix and Windows. Has a Tk interface. Currently at version 2.7-0 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: AFML Where: <URL: > Description: AFML is a 3D modeling language which emphasises object orientation at design and run time. It has type concepts, implements methods and rules to integrate behavior, and has a strict hierarchical model. It provides multi-window handling, multi-resolution, parametric primitives, rendering independence, a cut buffer, command history and persistence. The download includes a Unix Tcl/Tk based AFML viewer. Updated: 01/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ekkehard Beier) What: aged Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based programming editor with dynamic syntax highlighting. Still under development. This is a successor to ged. Currently at version 23. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > (George P. Staplin) What: Agemail Where: <URL: > Description: Remove old messages from IMAP mailboxes, based on per-mailbox user control files. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: Agenda port of Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl/Tk to the Linux powered Agenda PDA. Tcl/Tk/Tcl++/html_lbirary/tclmail/etc. have been ported. A Tcl based WWW browser was written. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Alexander Caldwell) What: agenda Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? Description: Tk 8.0 script to manage a small agenda. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Rui Anastcio) <URL: > What: agqt Where: <URL: > Description: agqt (6's Spiffy AudioGalaxy Query Tool) is a package to automate queries to the AudioGalaxy music sharing system. Currently at version 0.10 Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: AIR Where: <URL: > Description: Automatied Image Registration is a software package to register brain images using a rigid-body model. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Roger P. Woods) What: AIX 4.1 port of Tcl 7.6p2 Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: The first site has Tcl 7.6p2/Tk 4.2p2 for AIX 4.1, as tar files. The second site has Tcl 7.6/Tk 4.2 as smit-installable releases. Contact has not tried either of these yet. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Zach Frey) What: AIX 4.1 port of Tcl and Tk Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk from 7.6 thru v8.0.2. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: Unknown What: AIX 4.3 port of Tcl and Tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: A variety of ports of Tcl/Tk and other extensions are said to be available here, including Tcl/Tk 8.3.x . Updated: 11/2000 Contact: Unknown What: AJ's Internet Cafe for LTSP Where: <URL: > Description: Full featured open source internet cafe ssytem for use with LTSP thin client solutions. Currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: aktivate Where: <URL: > Description: End-to-end eCommerce solution, developed for Unix-like systems. Targeted at small to medium sized businesses and charities who want to accept credit card payments over the web, as well as to conduct eCommerce. Provides a shopping cart and catalog system for running a virtual store. Can email a merchant when a threshold of transactions have been made or supports a merchant stopping by to check sales. Has both a command line and Tk interface. Uses Mysql. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Aladdin Ghostscript Where: <URL: > Description: Package provides a variety of Postscript support facilities, including device drivers, utilities similar to Adobe Distiller, etc. One of the features is a "GhostScript to Tk canvas" option that is a part of the pstoedit utility. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: alertarion Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Check your stats of the online Planetarion game without logging on. Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: > (A|2) What: Alicq Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based ICQ client, support for ICQ 2000/Oscar protocol, and ability to use Licq config files and user database. Currently at version 0.8.4 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: Alpha NT port of Tcl/Tk (Graham) Where: From the contact Description: Port of Tcl/Tk and attempts at porting Tix to an Alpha, using Visual C++ (VC++). Contact is interested in creating a mailing list of others using this platform. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Marc H. Graham) What: Alpha NT port of Tcl/Tk (Porter) Where: <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl/Tk v8.3.3 to Alpha running Windows NT 4.0. Includes installation script that sets up the registry appropriately. A version for Tcl/Tk 8.4a2 is also available . Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Don Porter, D.Sc.) What: Alpha Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? Description: Alpha is a Macintosh shareware Tcl programmable editor. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: AlphaTk Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Shareware Tcl/Tk based text editor useful for programmers or someone writing TeX/LaTeX or HTML source files. Designed to run on Windows or Unix platforms, providing functionality equivalent to Pete Keleher's Alpha editor for MacOS. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.1 or newer, and optimally with contact's core patch to the glob command. Runs on Windows NT 4.0sp[356], Windows 2000sp1, Solaris, Linux, and MacOS X. This is release v8.2 . Updated: 03/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: Alpha_pager Where: <URL: > Description: Modified version of the alphanumeric page sender so that it works reliably as a library procedure with Multitech modems on Solaris. Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: Alt+Connect Where: <URL: > Description: Manages dial-up connections, allowing a group of networked machines to share a single Internet connection. Includes a Tcl/Tk user interface client. Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Altogether Where: <URL: > Description: Microcode-level simulator for the Xerox Alto. Code is in alpha or even earlier state. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: Alvaro's Messenger Where: <URL: > Description: Multi-lingual Tcl client for MSN Messenger. Currently at version 0.94 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site What: Amapi Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial 3D polygonal modeler, which allows the user to write Tcl scripts to control features. Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: Amazing Anagram Thingie Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? Description: Assists in finding anagrams of words or phrases by rearranging the letters to spell other things. Has a Tcl/Tk X interface. Updated: 02/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Scott Scriven) What: Amiga NetBSD port of Tcl 3.x Where: From the contact Description: A port of Tcl and Tk for Amiga NetBSD running X11R5. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Markus Illenseer) What: Amiga OS port of Tcl 3.x Where: From the contact Description: A port of Tcl 3.x to the Amiga. Uses Amiga share libraries and implements "send" under the Amiga OS, plus a post. Includes a MIDI file loader and player. Works, but is not up to the latest version of Tcl nor is further work occurring. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Karl Lehenbauer) What: Amiga port of Tcl 7.x Where: <URL: > Description: Primary FTP server for the Amiga Developement Environment Geek Gadgets CD-ROM. Currently Tcl 7.6/Tk 4.2 is present and Tcl/Tk 8.x is expected soon. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Aaron Digulla) What: AmiWin port of Tcl Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Port of Tcl to AmiWin, the Amiga's X11R6 window package. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: anagrammer Where: <URL: > Description: A very simple Tcl/Tk front end to the anagram program "ag" which the contact did NOT write, but can't credit because the code's undocumented. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ethan Gold) What: Android Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Android is a Tcl/Tk application which for recording and playing back scripts of X11 event commands, using the XTest extension. It can be used to automate driving X11 based applications (by use of the vncserver, you could even drive programs on other platforms). It works as a sort of Expect for GUIs. Now professionally maintained. Currently at version 0.99.9 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Larry Smith) What: Andromeda Where: <URL: > Description: Dynamically convert folders of MP3s into a WWW site with dynamic playlist generation. Supports various formats. Great as a personal jukebox; supports skins, custom playlists, logons, search. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: angbandtk Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl based graphical Rogue-like game(s). Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Tim Baker) What: angela Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: angela stands for Angela is a Natural Graph Editor with Layout Algorithms. Use angela to create, edit and delete graph nodes and edges as well as save and load graphs. It can also generate Tcl/Tk applets so that the graph can be viewed as a stand alone application. There are input formats for PLING and GML and output formats for PLING, GML, and PostScript. LaTeX code can also be created. It is covered by the GPL. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Oliver Pabst) What: Anjunta Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: IDE for C/C++ written for Gtk/Gnome. Includes project management, applicationw izards, onboard interactive debugger, and a powerful source editor with browsing and syntax highlighting for quite a number of programming languages, including Tcl/Tk. Requires libzvt 2.0 Currently at version 1.1.97 . Updated: 06/2003 Contact: See web site What: annoy Where: <URL: > Description: Tk Towers of Hanoi application. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: antiklop Where: <URL: > Description: GUI style inspector for arrays, variables, windows, procs and bindings. Can be used to set breakpoints. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: Unknown What: Ants Where: <URL: > Description: Generic system, written in Tcl, for managing distributed program efforts (think SETI@home, etc.). Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 03/2003 Contact: See web site What: AOLserver Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL:> Description: Once known as GNNserver, this is a HTTP server available for use on Alpha and Intel NT, Digital OSF, HP/UX, SPARC and Intel Solaris 2.5, Linux, SGI Irix. It now also runs on some Win32 platforms and has MacOS X support. The software is free for personal use. See the above location for more details. The server supports Tcl 8.2.3 and uses it to interface with all parts of the server environment. It is reported that you can even embed Tcl in the HTML pages you wish to serve, for dynamic html generation purposes. See the PrimeHost Develop web page above for various Tcl procs for achieving things like using Netscape and Frames to edit Tcl scripts, a URL selection routine, dynamic database pages, etc. At RubyLane, the creator has a Tcl function that can be used to generate persistent numeric sequences. A new version of nssolid is available on the aolserver ftp site. The server at am net has an ASP-style ADP parser, which plugs in as a module and allows for HTML code outside of special tags to be parsed by Tcl. The stefan arentz site has various add on modules, including version 0.2 of source code to support OpenSSL on AOLServer 3.0b4, as well as version 0.2 of source code to support Netscape Roaming Profiles. Code to run threaded Tcl 8.2.3 with HP10 exists in the source repositories - see nsd/tclNsThread.c . See the dqd site for various utility code to enhance programming the AOLserver, as well as a DB2 driver and a ns_detach that keeps a file open across requests. At the vivtek site find a perl script to fix the dates in the AOLserver's log files. At the i-no site you can find a module for AOLserver that enables dynamic chart generation through Tcl scripting, using a modified version of the GDChart and GD libraries. Supports bar, line, area, and hi/low/close charts in both 2 and 3 dimensions. A Postgres driver for AOLserver 2.x and 3.x newer than what is in the AOLserver source distribution can be found at either the ramifordistat site or at the site for the ACS-PG project. The code at scheffers site is for handling cookies. Contact Freddie Mendoza < > for a AOLserver plugin that allows communication with the Tomcat servlet engine <URL: > . The c2 web site is a SSL proxy front end for AOLserver. Daniel Stasinski <URL: > has written modules to do blowfish and twofish encryption on strings. The mcazzell site has a new adpfancy module for testing. Contact Barrie Selack <URL: > for code and information regarding a module to handle customized 404 error pages. Info regarding a MySQL driver can be found at the plconline site. Info regarding a MySQL driver can be found at the panoptic web site. Source and Intel Linux 2.2 and Win32 binaries are available. Info regarding a MySQL driver can be found at the macula web site. Contact Brent Fulgham <URL: > regarding an AOLserver plugin to run Python scripts in an embedded Python interpreter within AOLserver. For generating reports with multiple levels of summarization and sub-headings/sub-totals at each level, check out the walters demon web site. The source code for AOLserver v3.0 is now available at the CVS site. It is OpenSource license. At digitalsesame are some patches for AOLServer 3.0.AD4 and Tcl 8.3.1 so that the two work together. nsjava is a loadable c module that embeds a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in process and lets you call Java static methods directly from ADP/tcl pages. A new nsssl2 module (compilable with RSA BSAFE v [45].x) is available at scottg. nstomcat is a module that runs servlets in-process on AOLserver, using the Tomcat servlet engine. See the ArsDigita entry below for a popular Web community software project based on this server. The scriptkitties web site is NOT a site for web crackers, but rather a administration package for AOLserver which provides live online database admin, tcl scripting, immediate source changes in all interps, and online viewing of logs. Requires AOLserver 3.x, PostgreSQL 6.5-7.02, and the latest nspostgres module from CVS. The zill web site has the Tcl, C, and Drive API reference docs online with the ability to add comments to each page. The tcljava message quoted above discusses an effort to add TclBlend support to AOLserver 3.x. The fifthgate reference above discusses steps to parse XML documents in AOLserver via ArsDigita's ns_xml module. If you check the aolserver support page mentioned above, you should find references to specialized newsgroups specifically oriented towards answering AOLserver questions. The pywx site covers a Python scripting module for AOLServer which also allows access to Tcl commands as necessary. The stellardata site has the url2file module for virtual hosting. The zmbh site has a vhost module for AOLserver. The test tcl site has ns2x, to make xml/xslt to html conversion easier. Currently at version 4.0.10 . Updated: 10/2004 Contact: <URL: > What: AOLserver example code (Kee) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Sample code relating to the AOLserver. One example mentioned was code to manage ns_schedule'd jobs. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > Tom Kee What: AOLserver InterBase external driver Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? Description: Stand alone executable database proxy daemon that translates AOLserver database requests into InterBase specific API calls. Uses TCP/IP so it can run on a different host than the AOLserver. Supports BLOBs, parametrized queries and native InterBase v6 datatype support. Requires you to have InterBase 6 installed. Currently at version 1.1. Updated: 11/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Sebastian Skracic) What: AOLserver MySQL driver Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: MySQL/mSQL driver for the AOLserver HTTP server. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Malte Sussdorff) What: AOLserver upload handling Where: From the contact Description: Tcl module that enables decoding of Netscape's input type=file processing. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (David Whittle) What: Apache Toolbox Where: <URL: > Description: This provides a means to easily compile Apache with SSL, PHP, mhash, mcrypt, MySQL, Postgres, imap, xml, ldap, ZendOptimzer, mod_dtcl, mod_auth_nds, mod_dynvhost, mod_layout, WebDAV, mod_fastcgi, mod_gzip, mod_throttle, mod_accressref, mod_roaming, mod_auth_sys, and a significant library of other modules. It is customizable, menu driven, compiles from source, checks for RPMs that might cause problems, and uses wget to download source that is missing. Currently at version 1.5.72 . Updated: 11/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: APL2 / Tcl interface Where: From the contact Description: Interface between APL2 and Tcl. Converts APL2 matrices to Tcl arrays suitable for TkTable. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: apop_filter Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? Description: Authentication for POP3 servers, written in Tcl. Updated: 06/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Remove What: APRL Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl based tool for audio pattern recognition. See also <URL: >. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (DAn Ellis) <URL: > (Eric Scheirer) What: APRS Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Amateur Packet Radio Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS). Runs under Linux, Windows and other Tcl/Tk implementations. Makes use of the US Census Bureau's on-line Tiger mapping service. Updated: 01/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: APSR Where: <URL: > Description: Network testing tool for sending/receiving arbitrary network packets. Had Tcl scripting support before version 0.17-09 . Currently at version 0.17-09 . Updated: 09/2004 Contact: See web site What: Ara Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Agents for Remote Action (Ara) is a Tcl 7.4 based platform for portable and secure full mobile agent, in Tcl, C/C++. Developed under Unix. Updated: 06/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Holger Peine) What: ArgonED Where: <URL: > Description: Argon V is a Palm Pilot video game. ArgonED is a level editor to create new levels. It is portable to Windows, MacOS, and Linux (and more). Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: ARIX Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Andrew's IRIX (ARIX) is a GUI desktop for Linux, emulating the SGI IRIX desktop environment with many tools to configure X applications. Written almost entirely in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Andrew Edem) What: ArsDigita Community System Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: An AOLserver/ORACLE based Tcl web application that provides users with forums and other web based applications. The ArsDigita Community System (ACS) is an database backed web collaboration tool originally written for Oracle and also ported to InterBase DBMS, release 4.0, available on Linux at no charge. ACS operates on top of AOLServer, a free HTTP server. Now includes the source for the Oracle driver as well as the nscache, nsrewrite, and nssha1 modules. Source is available and binaries for Redhat Linux and Solaris are available. A Windows version is being developed. Information regarding exporting of Tcl wrappers for OpenLDAP compliant libraries is available on arsdigita, with more info and code on larsdigita. The Ybos web page has new ArsDigita modules for group scoping, event planning and content management. A version based on PostgreSQL is available at benadida. ArsDigita has their own release of AOLserver (v3.2+ad10), as well as Oracle drivers, etc. See the acs-repository URL. Recently ArsDigita moved to a Java based distribution. However, the OpenACS project took over the Tcl based software from what I understand. OpenACS is at version 3.2.5 with a version 4 b2 in testing. Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: arswm Where: From the contact Description: Window manager configurable using Tcl. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Bill Burdick) What: arTCLs Where: <URL: > Description: a Tcl/Tk-based Usenet news reader Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mike Hoegeman) What: Artefact Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Demonstration framework for Web accessible collaborative applications. It uses CORBA for all communications. Presents objects to the end users thru standard http connections. Object behavior can be in JavaScript, Java, C++ and Tcl. Build for Solaris 2.6 and Digital Unix 4.0. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: ARTEMIS Where: <URL: > ??? Description: A multi-user real-time beam optics simulation package for particle accelerator simulation and controls. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: artts Where: <URL: > Description: The anal retentive time tracking software (artts) allows you to track the amount of time spent on various tasks. Includes a simple report generator. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Coad) What: AS/400 port of Tcl/Tk Where: From the contact Description: Port of Tcl 7.6/Tk 4.2 to AS/400 V3R7 with minimal testing. Tk portion uses a commercial X product by contact. Updated: 05/1998 Contact: eXport Ventures Corporation 4510 Bradford Lane NW Rochester, MN 55901 (507) 252-1284 (507) 252-9454 What: ASED Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk 8.x , BWidget IDE allowing editing of multiple Tcl files, providing syntax highlighting, indentation support, search/replace, unlimited undo/redo, simple console, fast source code navigation and Tcl testing. Includes a client/server example, to allow you to run ased, or other clients, remotely. Currently at v2.1b7 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Sievers) What: ASPN Tcl Where: <URL: > Description: ASPN Tcl is a commercially packaged version of ActiveTcl, updated TclPro plus the Komodo IDE plus maintenance, support, etc. Currently available for Windows, Solaris, and Linux. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: See web site What: ASSIST Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Asynchronous/Synchronous Software Inspection Support Tool (ASSIST) is a generic tool designed to allow the enforcement and support of any inspection process. Requires Python 1.4/Tcl 4.0/Tk 7.4. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Fraser Macdonald) What: ASTcl Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > Description: ASTcl 1.0 is a package for compiling and executing Macintosh AppleScript programs from within a Tcl-based script. It requires AppleScript, CodeWarrior 10 or later, and the sources for Tcl 7.5p1 Tk 4.1p1. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ted Belding) What: AstroDA Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Real-Time Data Acquisition system used at Apache Point Observatory. Reads from cameras and telescopes. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: ATK Where: <URL: > Description: The Analyst's Tool Kit (ATK) is a shareware set of tools for manipulating Data Flow Diagrams. Newest release of ATK is based on Tcl/Tk v8.0.3 (ala TclBlast). Includes a small extension for raw printing, profile and registry access, and other features. ATK was previously developed against tkmswin. Another extension, tkmsmail, enables MAPI and cmc mail interfaces in a Tcl/Tk program. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Michael I Schwartz) What: Attic Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl/Tk interface to FICS chess server which hopefully wil support the ICC chess server soon. Should run on Macs, Windows and Unix. Code is currently beta. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Mike Tiller) What: audio file transcribing Where: From the contact Description: Utility that is used for transcribing and playing audio files. Originally written for Solaris using audioplay, naplay, etc. but being adapted for Windows. Updated: 10/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Issac Alphonso) What: AUGUST Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Non-graphical HTML editor for Unix (formerly known as xSite). Features multiple file editing, search and replace, support for many standard HTML tags, dialog boxes for setting font size and color, insertion of tables and images. Uses Netscape to preview text, and weblint to check syntax. Updated: 05/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Johan Bengtsson) What: Autodoc (Kupries) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: AutoDOC is a system designed to extract embedded documentation from Tcl code and to generate HTML pages from it. V2.x requires Tcl 8.x. Includes the Pool set of utility tcl code. Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Kupries) What: AutoDOC (Reiberg) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Automatic man page HTML documentation for C++ classes. Requires itcl 2.2. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Joerg Reiberg) What: Automated Password Agent Where: <URL: > Description: Expect program for changing passwords of various services. Includes a web interface. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: AVB (Amazing Virtual Burrito Gooey) Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk program to display a burrito and change its foreground color. Seriously. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jonathan F. Dill) What: aXe Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: An easy to use X11R5 text editor. Allows user to optionally include Tcl as an extension language. Does not permit commercial use. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (J. K. Wight) What: AXIS Where: <URL: > Description: User interface for EMC systems to control CNC mills/lathes. Features Tk and OpenGL. Currently at version 1.0b1 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: Ayam Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: 3d modeling environment for the RenderMan interface. Can be scripted in Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 1.0beta4 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Babel Where: From the contact Description: Cross platform development environment providing a common interface to compilers and linkers. Can be combined with something like Bras (the Tcl make like application). Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Duffin) What: backprop Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A neural network implementation in Tcl 7.5. Available for Unix/DOS/Windows 3.x. Updated: 02/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Donald R. Tveter) What: BanSPAM Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl Eggdrop IRC bots designed to defend IRC channels from spam. Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: bastard Where: <URL: > Description: Disassembler for x86 ELF targets on Linux. Has a Tk as well as command line interface. Has ability to write plugins and extensions. Currently at version 0.11 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:mammon_ <mammon_ at users dot > What: Batteries Included Distribution Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Binary distributions of Tcl with a variety of extensions included. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Wilkason) What: BattleChat Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl/Tk interface to Blizzard's Battle.Net. Offers basic authentication, color coded messages, a chat buffer and who list, and squelch/whisper buttons. The current version is 0.97. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Robert D. Nelson) What: BBEdit Where: <URL: > Description: This Macintosh editor provides syntax coloring for many languages, including Tcl. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: bclock Where: From the contact Description: Tk clock program which uses a bezier curve to draw the hands. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Scott Hess) What: bdfedit Where: <URL: > Description: Font editor for BDF fonts. Currently at version 1.3 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: beast Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Both Expect And Scotty Together (BEAST) permits intelligent interrogation of network nodes to see if they support IP stacks and a Simple Network Management Protocl (SNMP) agent. Recently updated to include support for Tcl 8.0, Scotty v2.1.9 and Expect 5.25. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ian Jarrett) What: BED Where: <URL: > Description: Brian's Editor (BED) is a programmer editor. It features language sensitive editing for C, C++, Java. HTML, Verilog, Tcl, Assembly, includes function/class browsing for Java and C, has prototype help, paren matching, and auto indention, integrated gdb, has a project concept, supports extending via tcl/tk scripts, allows viewing and editing graphical images, supports a tip and shell window, and can display output in text or hex. This is a shareware product. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Beholder Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Beholder is a RMON implementation which opens a pipe to the stdspook SNMP frontend and converts the output to Tcl lists, etc. Updated: Contact: Unknown What: Benchmark (Chen) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: This is a report that was written for school, providing some benchmark numbers on Tcl/Tk performance. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Chien-Hao Chen) What: Benchmark (Duperval) Where: From the contact Description: Set of benchmarks for Tcl. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: BeOS port of Tcl (Houpt) Where: <URL: > Description: Ports of Tcl 8.2 to BeOS. Based on BeOS's Posix emulation libraries. Binaries for PPC and x86 are available. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Chuck Houpt) What: Best Ferrups UPS monitor Where: From the contact Description: Program monitors Best Ferrups UPS using expect and displays the results using Tk. Pages if alarm condition. Requires Tcl 7.5 and Expect 5.20. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Doug Hughes) What: BETH Where: <URL: > Description: Browsing and Editing Tcl Hypertool (BETH). Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (David Svoboda) What: BibTool Where: <URL: > ??? Description: BibTool assists in managing BibTeX files, which are used to integrate citations and bibliographies into LaTeX documents. The latest releases of BibTool includes a library of Tcl commands to manipulate BibTex files. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Gerd Neugebauer) What: biff clock Where: From the contact alt.sources archives (Nov 1992) <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk example program showing biff and xclock like functions Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Karl Lehenbauer) What: biki Where: <URL: > Description: User-level keyboard layout fixup and switching program for Linux/X11 . Currently at version 0.42 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: BinProlog Shell Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk interface to BinProlog 5.40 for Windows 95/NT. The DLL contains the BinPRolog kernel. This product is shareware. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Dr. Rico A. Cozzio) <URL: > <URL: > (Paul Tarau) What: BitchX-73 Where: <URL: > Description: ANSI color IRC client. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Colten D. Edwards) What: BitKeeper Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A fully distributed software configuration management (SCM) system, based on BitSCCS and supporting multiple users. Includes a file merge, revision control check and revision control graph browsing tools, the GUIs of which ar ewritten in Tcl/Tk. Supports most of the RCS style commands. License note: the free version cannot be used to manage development of competing products. Currently at version 3.2.2 . Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: bitWalk distribution of Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: This is a localized package of Tcl/Tk for Windows and Linux. Code has been patched for use with IME (enabling inline conversion of text, entry and canvas widgets). Currently the packages are 8.3.3 with patches, as well as some other Tcl and Tk applications and extensions . Package for Windows is compiled with threads enabled, and includes the Thread extension. Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Keiichi Takahashi) What: Blind Galaxy Where: <URL: > Description: This Galaxy client is a map which shows planets and calculates distances for a generic 2D galaxy. It is written in Tcl/Tk and can be extended by adding plugins. It has been tested on Tcl/Tk 8.0 for Linux, Windows 98 and Windows NT. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (/Tomas) What: Blitz.tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Beta release of a CGI script accelerator for ISAPI enbabled HTTP servers. No changes to CGI scripts are needed. Initial version is tuned for Tcl 8.x and Windows NT. A Windows 95/98 version is available for testing. Future versions will become commercially available after development completes. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: bMotion Where: <URL: > Description: Eggdrop bot AI script to allow them to be better channel members on IRC. Currently at version 0.0.8 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: bnews Where: <URL: > Description: Eggdrop tcl news service supporting customized plugins and subscriptions. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: boob Where: From the contact Description: Tool Object oriented objection builder which manages SCM builds and repository duties. Written in itcl and uses itcl files as dependencies and build scripts. Rules based dependencies with on the fly scanning of c/c++ files. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Bob McWhirter) What: Bowling Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > Description: Tk based bowling game, using the core Tcl/Tk. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Grina) What: bracecheck Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl script to check to see if unbalanced brace characters are identified. Updated: 09/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: bras Where: <URL: > Description: A rule-controlled command processing program (like make), which uses Tcl rather than the make syntax to describe relationships and actions. Currently at v2.3.1 . Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Harald Kirsch) What: brClient Where: From the contact Description: A simple Tk remote directory browser. It connects to a server to get info to display. brServer was also posted. Requires Tk and Tcl-DP. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Hanmao Jim Shi) What: Bridge Where: <URL: > Description: Script to help figure out angles and spacing of building an HO scale bridge. Updated: 03/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Robert Heller) What: Brodgar Where: <URL: > Description: Package for statistical data analysis, with a GUI based on Tcl/Tk 8.3 and BLT. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: browse.tcl Where: alt.sources archives (Mar 90) <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Directory browser w/Tcl . Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Peter da Silva) What: BrowseX Where: <URL: > Description: Open source, cross-platform web browser written primarily in Tcl. Comes bundled with Tml, a Tcl based HTML macro processor, designed to simply and enhance web authoring. Also includes database client support for Postgres, as well as a minor widget collection known as Thin. This code is free - BrowseX Systems, Inc. does sell a C version of Tml, as well as TME, a Tml Editor/Composer. It is currently at release 1.5.0. Updated: 11/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: bsosc Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Bsosc is a Bitscope oscilloscope I wrote to handle the Bitscope data capture device. The software uses Tcl/Tk 8.0 and BLT 2.4. The software should work on a Windows 32 system, probably with some tweaking of the comms. Updated: 01/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: BSVC Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A microprocessor simulation framework written in C++ and Tcl/Tk. Provides a GUI and C++ classes to facilitate the development of microprocessor simulators. Requires C++ with STL (gcc v2.7.2) and Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1. Has been ported to Windows 95. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Bradford W. Mott) What: budge Where: <URL: > Description: Tk based arcade/puzzle game - a cross between Sokoban, Pac-Man and Blind Date (the TV show). Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Nat Pryce) What: Bug Tracking System Where: From the contact Description: A Tcl bug tracking system, with a Tk front end. It works on a series of flat text files. In alpha test, but available from the contact. Currently being used on Windows 95 and Unix and supports multiple projects/platforms/developers. Updated: 01/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Pablo Ariel Kohan) What: Bugdrop Where: <URL: > Description: A kernel system programmed in Tcl which handles modules, Tcp pipe connections and system commands. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: bulletin board Where: From the contact Description: Program based on [incr tcl]/itcl which can be used to store various pieces of info, represented by icons. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mark Roseman) What: burnmp3 Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk GUI for burning audio CDs from MP# files. Also lets you import .m3u playlists and rip CDs to MP3. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: Burt Where: <URL: > Description: A parallel network backup system, featuring speed, flexibility, and reliability. Enables backups from a variety of data sources from Unix and Windows NT workstations to AFS storage and more. Uses Tcl/Tk 8.0. Current version is v2.4.7 . Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Eric Melski) What: bWatch Where: <URL: > Description: Tk monitor of load, memory, etc. on a number of machines. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jacek Radajewski) What: C-Forge IDE Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Multi-user integrated development environment with full project management, edit/compile/debug cycle support, abstraction of the makefile concept, and support for Ada, assembler, C/C++, FORTRAN, Java, Modula-2, Oracle ProC/C++, Objective C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Qt, and Tcl. Both a free and commercial version of this product is available. Available on Linix Intel and Alpha platforms, as well as DEC Tru64 and AIX. The latest version is 4.0-1.0 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: CA-Explorer Where: <URL: > Description: cellular-automata simulation system. Uses C++ and Tcl. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Josept A. Knapka) What: cactus2d Where: <URL: > Description: Simple program for making 2 dimension line and scatter plots from columns of data. Requires Tcl/Tk/BLT . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: CACTVS Where: <URL: > Description: Distributed client/server system for the computation, management, analysis and visualisation of chemical information of any type. Uses Tix/Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wolf-Dietrich Ihlenfeldt) What: Cade Where: <URL: > Description: An alpha Tcl/Tk/Tix based integrated platform for developing C/C++ applications on Unix in X. It integrates your favorite compiler and debugger with a multi-buffer editor and project handler. You can code, compile, link, debug, and launch large programming projects all from within Cade. Updates continue to appear, with a formal release currently planned for February 1997. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Ludvig A. Norin) What: cal.tcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: CGI script to provide a WWW-based, dynamic, calendar. Requires uncgi. See a demo at <URL: >. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (J.M. Ivler) What: calculator (Booth) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Simple Tk calculator. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Booth) What: calculator (Herron) Where: <URL: > Description: a simple calculator. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (David Herron) What: calculator (Shen) Where: From the contact Description: Simple Tk calculator Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Sam Shen) <URL: > (Sam Shen) What: Calendar / Rolodex Where: <URL: > Description: A calendar/rolodex written in Tk. Also can browse/edit other colon-separated field files. The calendar and rolodex portions are split into source-able separate files for use in other applications. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Marc Mengel) What: Caliper Where: <URL: > Description: HSpice TR0 post processor. Caliper reads binary TR0 files and takes HSpice compatible measurements. Tcl interface available. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: canvas_ui - a Tk sketcher Where: From the contact Description: a Tk sketching program which uses a canvas and creates Postscript files. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Brent Welch) What: CAPSTER Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based NAPSTER like client. Not expected to be ready for public use until mid-July, 2000. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: CardTable Where: <URL: > Description: Play cards over the Internet. Uses Tcl/Tk for graphically displaying the cards to play. Any card game can be supported. Currently only available for Windows. Currently at version 1.12 . Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: CartoViz Where: <URL: > Description: CartoViz is a product of Project Argus, providing visualization tools to scientists dealign with data such as census findings. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Kath Stynes) What: Casbah Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Project to develop a content management system for Linux. Project is in design stage now and is open to anyone interested in tools to develop XML, etc. using Tcl/Perl, Python, etc. Will have capabilities similar to Frontier. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Kendall Clark) What: CAST Where: <URL: > Description: CAST is the CNMAT Additive Syntesis tools, which provides tools for real-time expressive timbral control. The Tcl/Tk interface described _sounds_ like it may not be based on the latest CAST work. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Felciano) What: Catapult Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: MEMS layout editor, using Tcl/Tk/Tcljava. See site for other software for working with MEMS, Mumps, Microcosm, etc. Currently at version 0.0. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Thomas McKay) What: catdoc Where: <URL: > Description: Extract text from MS-Word (Up through Word 97) files and tries to preserve as many special printable characters as possible. Includes a small Tk based GUI called wordview as well as a tool called xls2csv for getting comma seperated value files out of Excel spreadsheets. Currently at version 0.93-4. Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: Caubweb Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A personal Web proxy server that hotwires a browser's cache. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:John@LoVerso.Southborough.MA.US > (John Robert LoVerso) What: cbb - check book balancer Where: <URL: > Description: Perl script with Tcl/Tk graphical front end for a program to maintain a check book balance database. It can import Quicken export files. Now supports recurring transactions, international date format. Has an autoconf/make build and install system, some multi-lingual support (including a German language translation file), a balance window, various Y2K tweaks, color coding future transactions, better handle Mac qif files. The program requires Perl 5 and Tcl/Tk 8.x. Currently at version 0.8.1. Updated: 01/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Curtis Olson) What: Cbrowser Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Front-end to cscope or cs, C source code browsing tools. Requires Tcl 7.6 or higher and Tk 4.2 or higher. Primarily a Unix tool. Currently at version 0.8. Updated: 07/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: CC2Itcl Where: <URL: > Description: Generate bindings to get C++ classes integrated into Itcl. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: Unknown What: ccitcl Where: <URL: > Description: A script interpreter intended for client-side scripting on the WorldWideWeb (WWW). It integrates Tcl 7.3, Tk 3.6p1, Safe-Tcl, and the cci extension. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Stan Letovsky) What: CCVS (Credit Card Verification System) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: CCVS lets a Unix computer act like a Point Of Sale (POS) terminal. Can be used to clear credit cards. Comes with APIs for C, Tcl and Perl to be integrated in existing systems. Can be used for batch processing of credit card charges. Next version will add check verification and guarantee, a Java API and compatibility with additional processing protocols. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 02/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: CD-ROM Control program Where: <URL: > Description: Tk based CD-ROM Control utility that provides mount/unmount/eject buttons. Currently at version 3.9 . Updated: 04/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: CDlib Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk/Tix tool to store the filenames of your CDs and to locate particular cds. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: CDR-Toaster Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk frontend for cdparanoia, cdrecord, and mkisofs, used for burning audio, data, bootable, mp3, and combo CDs. Current version is 1.12. Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: cfclock Where: <URL: > Description: Clock which displays time in words rather than numbers or hands. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Carsten Friedrich) What: CGI Forms based mailing (Ivler) Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl script to do CGI processing of 'email the form data' for the programmer. Requires uncgi. See <URL: > for explanation of the script. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: Contact: <URL: > (J.M. Ivler) What: CGI Forms based mailing (Knight) Where: From the contact Description: A Tcl script to allow Common Gateway Interface forms-based mailing to a specific user. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jon P. Knight) What: CGI Forms data formating Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl based CGI script which allows data to be entered and the results formatted into a nice table. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 02/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Douglas Ridgway) What: CGI to Tcl and/or Tk Where: From the contact Description: Simple Common Gateway Interface scripts for invoking Tcl scripts or Tk scripts. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund) What: CGI upload script Where: <URL: > Description: cgi.tcl based script to allow people to upload their own patches. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Doug Ridgway) What: chatclient Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI based text interface to MUDs. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Darren New) What: chichot Where: <URL: > Description: A software agent that assists the user throughout the interaction with the xterm session. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Zbigniew Wieckowski) What: Choo Choo Applets Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk applets that can be activated from within your browser. They relate to the Compact Modular Model Railroad Controls found at <URL: >. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (C.W.Holeman II) What: choosexcolor Where: <URL: > Description: X Color Chooser choosexcolor shows "paint chips" of the X11 colors. If you click one, it paints your root window that color so you can see the effect of a large area of it. Too bad you can't do that before you paint your house. (17K) Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Cicero Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk/Tix WYSIWYG word processor. Also has a TeX mode to allow folk to work with just one tool. Features multiple columns, multiple fonts, various sizes. Requires X, Ghostscript/view, Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0/Tix 4.0/g++/xmkmf, LaTeX/dvips/Tex/Metafont (if using TeX mode). Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Torben Weis) What: cIRCus Where: <URL: > Description: cIRCus is a graphical IRC client for Linux/X11. Includes support for DCC Chat, Send, Get, mIRC color, Efnet, Undernet, Ircnet, OPER. Has colorful GUI interface but allows ircII commands to still work. Has an easy to use banlist manager, and provides simple scripting support. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Ivo van der Wijk) <URL: > (Mark de Boer) What: cklist Where: <URL: > Description: Tk based checklist for projects, etc. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Monty Scroggins) What: classifyMail Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl replacement for MH slocal, providing extended capabilities. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Bill Burdick) What: Clever Application Server and Tcl Language Environment (CASTLE) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl web server which can serve static content and Tcl servlets. For instance, use Will Duquette's Expand as a servlet and thus use Tcl as a macro markup language. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: clig (Kirsch) Where: <URL: > Description: Command Line Interpreter Generator creates an interpreter which can recognize flag, float, int or string type options, multi-parameters, rangers, defaults, mandatory arguments, readable usage msgs. Reads a simple description file. Code generates standard C. Currently at v1.9.10 . Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Harald Kirsch) What: CLIG (konrad) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk program that displays different notations used in computational linguistics, trees of structures, allows definition of interactive graphics, and produce PostScript output of the resulting tree (node) structures. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Karsten Konrad) What: Clock (Analog) Where: From the contact Description: Graphical representation of non-digital clock. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Karl Lehenbauer) What: CmdLine Where: <URL: > Description: OODC++ library and driver to parse command line arguments. Written by the author of ParseArgs, but completely redesigned and rewritten - has no dependency on ParseArgs. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Brad Appleton) What: CML Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: CML is a Chemical Markup Language. It is based on using sgmls, Tcl 7.4 or newer, RasMol, Tix, BLT, cost, and a few other pieces. You should be able to get to all the pieces from following the links on the above page. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: CMPR Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A GUI program for displaying, indexing and peak fitting of powder diffraction data. Requires BLT, TIX optional. Other utilities for Crystallographic/Power Diffraction including GUIs for GSAS, EXPGUI, etc. can be found at the nist site. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: CMU SNMP Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: CMU SNMP agent and clients include a modified Tcl/Tk interpreter. It supports SNMPv1 and SNMPv2. It includes a bilingual agent and several simple command line management tools. It is based on the CMU SNMP release with USEC support. It does not implement the historic party based administrative model of SNMPv2. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Glenn Huxtable) <URL: > (Wes Hardaker - HP/UX) What: cncc Where: <URL: > Description: The Color Name Combination Center (CNCC) is a Tk based program that lets you see the combination effect of background and foreground color combinations. See also the CRGB - Color Red/Green/Blue Combination center application. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: CNSclient Where: <URL: > Description: Based on TclMico and using TclDOM, this is a client to the CORBA Naming Service (CNS). CNSclient helps you to browse CNS using a GUI display of the tree-structure, allowing you to edit the tree as you like. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Carsten Zerbst) What: Coccinella Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk whiteboard, shared desktop, text chat with images, MP3, etc. supporting plugins and compatible with Jabber. Uses GPL licensing. Should run on most Linux, MacOS, Windows, and other platforms with appropriate Tcl/Tk extensions ported. Currently at version 0.95.1 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: CODA Where: <URL: > Description: CEBAF Online Data Acquisition is a general data acquisition system for nuclear physics research. This system uses (is about to use?) Tcl to tie together the various programs. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (CODA mailing list) using a "SUBSCRIBE CODA-L" for the body of the message. What: code coverage Where: From the contact Description: Code to track how much of a tcl program is executed during test case execution. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Markus Pietrek) What: CODE Where: <URL: > Description: Tk/Tix based system to produce parallel programs for the Sequent Symmetry as well as other PVM-based networks of heterogeneous machines. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Emery Berger) What: CodeX Where: <URL: > Description: Interactive visual form builder and visual programming interface, using Tcl/Tk at its base. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: See web site What: color.tcl (Gosnell) Where: <URL: > Description: Use 3 scales to find 4 bit number, then convert to hex and set a box's background to the color. Updated: 02/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Jeff Gosnell) What: color.tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Small tool for setting the background color by the click of a mouse. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Steffen Leich) What: coloredit Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tk script to edit colors Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Sam Shen) <URL: > (Sam Shen) What: ColorMe Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tk tool to determine colors of HTML BODY tag. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Kazuya Kawasaki) What: comanche Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk 8.0 or later tool for configuring Apache HTTP server. Tested in Windows NT, Windows 95, and Red Hat Linux 5.0. Currently at version 2.0b3. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Daniel Lopez Ridruejo) What: Compare Manifest Where: From the contact Description: tclX program that reads a MANIFEST and compares directory hierarchy to it. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Karl Lehenbauer) What: Compu's MSN Messenger (ccmsn) Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk based MicroSoft Network Messenger chat client. Currently at version 0.24 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: confcntlr Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk and C tool, compiled as a stand alone program, which is meant to be run with video and audio programs (vic and vat) to allow easier access to and remote control of the video and audio portions of a video conference. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Marcia Perry) What: Configureth Where: <URL: > Description: Tk program to modify widget configurations (colors, font, curosrs, etc.) on any currently running Tk program. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (David Svoboda) What: Connect Where: <URL: > Description: Client/Server program enabling sharing a PPP link for a small network. Includes a Tcl/Tk client among many other interfaces. Latest version is 1.2.2+. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Conservation Laws Demo Where: From the contact Description: 2d periodic box filled with particles interacting with repusive force law. Verlet Molecular Dynamics algorithm is used. Requires Tcl/Tk. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: Continuity Enterprise Server Where: <URL: > Description: Framework for developing translational applications such as web , email, or directory servers, etc. Includes threaded architecture allowing applications to scale . Includes support for HTTP, Java, PHP, SQL, Tcl, and site management out of the box. Currently at version mk4 mod0. Updated: 11/2003 Contact: See web site What: Convert Where: <URL: > Description: A tclX 7.4/Tk 4.0 program which has over 200 conversions from one general unit to another (centimeters to feet, etc.). Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Costas Vlassis) What: cop Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk tool to generate a HTML body tag with its various attributes. Currently at version 0.5. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:tron5 at > What: Coral Where: <URL: > Description: A deductive database similar in concept to Prolog. When it runs in "server" mode, there is a Tk GUI client as well as a Tk explanation tool. The package also builds a Tcl shell with Coral database extension. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Shaun Flisakowski) What: CORBA Explorer Where: <URL: > Description: CORBA Explorer is a set of powerful user interface tools for the CORBA (2.3) environment. Includes a Tcl extension and IDL for Tcl, allowing you to access CORBA services from Tcl scripts and to impliment CORBA objects in Tcl. Also includes Tk based GUI for interacting with the CORBA Name Service, Interface Repository and arbitrary CORBA objects. Currently available for free evaluation on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Currently at 1.0 . Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: COSH Where: <URL: > Description: Windows shell interface to Tcl and Tk, providing a COM interface. COSH can be remotely started on any machine via appropriate Win32 call (uses a COM Class factory). Can be called from COM automation clients such as Visual Basic and Delphi. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > (David Shepherd) What: CoST Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: The Copenhagen SGML Tool is a structure-controlled SGML application programming tool based on the sgmls parser and [incr tcl]/itcl. Source is available, as well as a Windows binary. Currently at version 2.3. Updated: 03/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Joe English) <URL: > (Klaus Harbo) What: costwish Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Generic graphical interface to CoST SGML/ESIS post processing tool. Written in Tcl/Tk and uses CoST-2. It is not an authoring tool, a DTD editor, a parser, a WWW browser or a typesetting tool. Executables for DEC Alpha, Irix, Linux and Solaris are available in the above directories as well. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Murray-Rust) What: CourseForum & ProjectForum Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Server for collaborative classroom based web site. Uses Tcl and Wikit technologies. Currently at version 4.2 . Updated: 02/2005 Contact: See web site What: CPC4X Where: <URL: > ??? Description: AMSTRAD CPC emulator for X11. Uses Tcl/Tk as the interface. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: cpp2itcl Where: From the contact Description: Program to parse C++ header files and automaticallty extract C++ bindings. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Karel Zuiderveld) What: cpumon Where: <URL: > Description: Invokes vmstat processes to monitor CPU metrics and plots them in a tri-color graph. The xcpu program is at ragnet. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Glenn Huxtable) <URL: > What: cpupie Where: <URL: > Description: CPU monitoring application written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Doug Hughes) What: crafter Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Design 3D models of spacecraft. Written using Tcl/Tk for the GUI. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: createusers Where: <URL: > Description: Add users in bulk, setting up home directories. Companion program of removeusers to remove them from the system. Has a Tcl/Tk GUI. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See the web site What: cron interface Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: TkCron is a Tk 4 simple interface to crontab creation. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Cedric Beust - TkCron v1 author) <URL: > (Wann-Ban Chi - TkCron v2 author) <URL: > (Colin Lee - TkCron v2 author) What: cronjob Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl application that provides cron like functionality. Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Arjen Markus) What: CrossFire Where: <URL: > Description: Set of utilities for players of the Spellfire Card Collectable Game. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Dan Curtiss) What: crunch Where: From the contact Description: Code to crunch Tcl source code into a C string. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Marc H. Graham) What: cryptogram puzzle solver Where: From the contact Description: Tcl script and dictionary file for solving cryptgram puzzles. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (John F. Davis) What: csh Where: <URL: > Description: This is NOT the csh of Unix. Instead, this is a package intented to provide to Windows users a series of commands similar to Unix. Contains commands such as mv, tee, which, date, wc, diff, cp, more, rm, cat, grep, head, tail, find, fsplit, fmerge, env, alias, ftp, rshd, ls, procformat, and pushd. Requires Tcl 8.x. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: csvbrowser Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk script to search, edit, and append Comma Seperated Value files. Requires the mclistbox widget. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: CUTE Where: From the contact Description: Call Unix/Tcl Environment - a serial port 'expect' like program. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Karl Lehenbauer) What: CVIPTools Where: <URL: > Description: Collection of imaging tools supporting sun raster, IRIX, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PPM, PGM, PBM, EPS, and ITEX formats. Comes with an X11 and a Tcl image viewer. Currently at version 3.9 . Updated: 08/2004 Contact: See web site What: cvsversion Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script that recursively searches CVS/Entries files and compares them with a save file. If a different is found, you are asked if you would like to increment the major, minor, or point number of the release, and then stores the new information in a VERSION file. Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: CVW Where: <URL: > Description: Collaborative Virtual Workspace (CVW) is a virtual environment that supports geographically disparate groups, enabling persistent rooms of discussion by providing synchronous tools. Users receive automatic session management, audio video conferencing, document storage and retrieval, and shared whiteboards. Latest version is 3.1.x, which are fully Open Source. Tk, Java and Palm Pilot clients are available. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Cygwin Unix emulation environment for Windows Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: This is a complete port of gcc, bash, tcl/tk, etc. so that running them on Windows emulates rather closely the behavior one would expect on Unix. The usgs site file has a relatively new version of tcl compiled for Cygwin, along with info on how to install it. Currently at version 1.1.8. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Cyrus IMAP Server Where: <URL: > Description: IMAP server. This package includes a Tcl administration client, among other things. Version 1.6 appears to be the last version to support Tcl. Currently at version 2.1.4 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: D'Agents (formerly Agent Tcl) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Modified version of Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0 which implements a transportable agent system in which autonomous programs, written in Agent Tcl, migrate under their own control from machine to machine, interacting with other agents. Analagous to Telescript, but using Tcl as the language. Package consists of a server and tclX/tkX interpreters. Limited security implemented at this time, but this component is under development. See <URL: > for more details. There is a PDF article from July/August 1997 at <URL: > on Agent Tcl as well as other articles around the internet. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Bob Gray) What: Darwersi Where: <URL: > Description: Othello like game, with POV raytraced pictures, using Tcl/Tk for GUI. Game code available in binary with sources available on request. Versions available for Linux, Windows, DOS, Solaris, Digital, Irix, HP-UX, Toaster. Current version is 2.1. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Dasher Where: <URL: > Description: Project to developer a text entry user interface using and adaptive PPM language model. Has been used with mouse, touchpad and touchscreen. Uses Tcl/Tk/C under Linux and Windows. Currently at version Updated: 11/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:djw30 at > What: Data entry via CGI Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl based CGI script that allows people to enter data and then formats it into a table. Data can contain HTML, which then will be included so that links can be put in. Updated: 01/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Douglas Ridgway) What: Data Explorer interactors Where: <URL: > Description: Contact pointed readers to the DXLink facility in Data Explorer, which he mentions makes custom interactors easy to write in Tcl/Tk. He pointed readers to the above URL and mentioned that under "Features Project", that scatterplot brushing and parallel coordinate plots use Tcl/Tk interactors - used to control execution and display of DX. More info on this topic would be appreciated by this catalog maintainer. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ray Masters) What: Dataplot Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Free public domain multi-platform software system for scientific visualization, statistical analysis and non-linear modeling. Makes use of Tcl/Tk, Expect, etc. to provide a graphical interface. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Datascope Where: <URL: > Description: A single user updatable relational database system with C, FORTRAN, Tcl and Perl interfaces. Each table is represented by a fixed format file. It is not SQL-based, and is intended for small databases. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:danq@spot.Colorado.EDU > (Daniel Quinlan) What: datavision Where: <URL: > Description: DataVision is a window surfaced table plotting program based on Tcl 7.3/Tk 3.6/tclX. Supports 2-D diagrams. Has been tested with Windowing Oracle SQL (wosql) v2.2 as well. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Boese) What: dateicon Where: <URL: > Description: Attach an icon (which displays the current date) to a Tk window. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Williams) What: dc20 Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: User friendly package for Kodak DC20 camera. Consists of two programs - driver for manipulating the camera from the command line and a Tk GUI for the driver. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: DCE clients Where: <URL: > Description: Linux DCE client. Includes a Tcl 8.0 port of dcecp. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jim Doyle) What: DCSE Where: <URL:[.dcse]/ > Description: An X11 multiple sequence alignment editor for editing protein, DNA or RNA alignments. It is available for Silicon Graphics (Irix) currently. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Peter De Rijk) What: ddoc Where: From the contact Description: Automated documentation tool - allows you to embed documentation to the Tcl 8.x script, then extract it into an indexed HTML set of pages. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (M. Schinkmann) What: Deet Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Deet (Desktop Error Elimination Tool) is a graphical debugger easily retargetted to different languages/compilers/operating systems/ architectures. Deet is designed to be an interface that interacts with underlying debuggers. It initially comes with a layer for gdb. Other layers are planned for Java, Microsoft C++ and Tcl. Based on Tk 4.1. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jeff Korn) What: DejaGnu Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A expect based package designed to be a framework for testing other software. Separate test suites exist for GDB and binutils. Note that the tar includes a complete release of Tcl and expect . Additional test suites are available. Currently it is at 1.4.4 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Rob Savoye) What: Delphi/Tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Example DLL for Tcl 7.6/8.0 written in Delphi 2 instead of C. Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Lawson) What: DENIC2XML Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script to convert WHOIS answers from .de TLD into XML for easier parsing. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: Detectors Where: <URL: > Description: Tk tool that works with selection text selection to trigger actions. This is conceptually similar to Apple's data detectors. Comes with detectors for telnet, mail, and web launching. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: dfm mounted volume desktop updater Where: <URL: > Description: A background script (tcl, sorry) that scans a /mnt directory for mounted volumes and makes the appropriate links in your .dfmdesk directory or removes them as required. Recently updated to drastically reduce overhead and unnecessary checking. Requires the dfm desktop/file manager and tcl. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ethan Gold) What: dgMKViewer Where: <URL: > Description: alpha release of Tcl based metakit viewer. Supports import of tabulated files, view tables alias views but not subviews yet, search tables by specific keywords and modi, export tables as tabulated files. Available as source, windows executable, or tclkit. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: dgSQLite Where: <URL: > Description: A tcl application which allows you to import, export, and query sqlite databases. Import tables in various formats, skipping or renaming columns, export tables, save histor of sql commands, sql editor with syntax highlighting, create and store views via select statements. Available as source, windows executable, or tclkit. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: dgTreePad Where: <URL: > Description: Simple tcl text editor with syntax highlighting for text, html and tcl, tree like navigation of large documents, multiple undo/redo, goto line popup, internal file browser, brace matching, remembers recently used files, custom font and colors, text clips, invoke external programs. Available as source, windows executable, or tclkit. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: DG Printer Setup Where: <URL: > Description: Printer setup and admin utility for Caldera OpenLinux. Supports a Tk intervace. Currently at version 1.0.3. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:dgames at > What: DGC Tools Where: <URL: > Description: Tke, a multi-window X11 text editor and "Tkt" - a Terminal Emulator/Command line/Shell window program, and "tkb" an experimental C++/C source browser. Requires tclX/Tk. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Dave Clemans) What: Diald Where: <URL: > Description: Network link manager, particularly for on-demand links such as SLIP or PPP. Includes dctrl, a Tcl/Tk interface that runs on both Unix and Windows. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site What: Dialer Where: From the contact Description: Tk interface that dials your modem, executes a login script and starts a program of your choice (such as ppp, term, etc.) on successful connection. Requires Tk 4.1. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mark Crimmins) What: dialUpManager Where: <URL: > Description: An Expect/Tk script to start and stop ASPPP interfaces on Solaris. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Tod Rieger) What: dic-*.tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Set of Tcl scripts for Eggdrop bots. They feature rfc3339 timestamps, periodic backups, DCC sending of project and database files, simple search, statistics usage, etc. Currently at version 120104 . Updated: 01/2004 Contact: See web site What: dicinfo Where: <URL: > Description: Set of Tcl scripts to use with eggdrop to create an infobot on IRC channels Currently at version 0.98 . Updated: 02/2004 Contact: See web site What: DiET Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: DiET (Dp in ET) is a patch to Embedded Tcl extending it so as to support Tcl-DP (Tcp Distributed Programming package). Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ma Jin Ming Matchy) What: digfe Where: <URL: > Description: Free Tcl/Tk front end for the DNS client program 'dig'. Runs on Linux, Unix, Windows NT/2000, etc. Licensed under GPL. Currently at version 0.7.5 . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Jimmy D. Burrell) What: Digital Trader Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A stock portfolio/ticker manager with versions written in Java/Tk and Tcl/Tk. Includes intraday graphics. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (kasian franks) What: ding Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 8.x based dictionary lookup program. It comes with a 120,000+ German/English entry dictionary. It uses agrep or egrep for searching. It can also use dict for searching English dictionaries and ispell for checking spelling. It has history and help functions. Curently at version 1.3 . Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: dirc Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based IRC client. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Kemal Hadimli) What: directory browser (Hughes) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk interface to browse directories, not files Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Doug Hughes) What: directory browser (Khattra) Where: <URL: > Description: Simple directory browser behaving similar to NeXT file browser. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Taj Khattra) What: Directory User Agent interface Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A program that interrogates the OSI Directory about information objects, people, programs, organizations, etc. This is for ISODE 8.0. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: Disjunctive Datalog system Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl 8.0 software. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Wolfgang Faber) What: Disk Usage display Where: <URL: > Description: Tk display of df output. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: DIVE Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl embedded internet-based multi-user VR system where participants navigate in 3D space and see, meet and interact with other users and applications. The DIVE software is a research prototype covered by licenses. Binaries for non-commercial use, however, are freely available for a number of platforms. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: DMAT Where: <URL: > Description: IRC proxy which allows you to detach from your session and then reattach to the session using a different client or changing client's host. Written in Tcl. Currently at version 0.25. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: dns-update Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl script that allows you to update dynamic DNS info with instead of getting on their web page everytime you need to update your IP info. Updated: 09/2000 Contact: Unknown What: doclifter Where: <URL: > Description: Tool to translate *roff documentation into DocBook XML. Parses man, mandoc, ms, me, or TkMan page sources. Currently at version 2.1.0 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: dogsbody Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk 3.6/4.0 file manager program, popping open rxvt's and text editors for text files, directory listings, news and mail readers, etc. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (C.J.Read) What: Doli Where: <URL: > Description: Documentation indexing and searching package. Includes a Tcl WWW server. Currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Dontspace Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: tkX solitaire game, modeled after the "Free Space" game distributed with a certain microcomputer OS Windows package. Runs with Tcl 7.5 or later. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (John Heidemann) What: Dotfile Generator Where: <URL: >. <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: The Dotfile Generator is a configuration tool. Configuration modules exist for procmail, ipfwadm, bash, fvwm1, fvwm2, emacs, tcsh, rtin, and elm. A Tcl 8.x application which translations user input via checkboxes, entries, menus, etc. into some sort of output code. The transformation is coded in modules where the user describes the element to be shown along with some help. The module then generates the configuration language needed. Other modules can be coded - the NCSA HTTP server is said to be in progress. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Dotfile Generator Admin) with the subject of 'subscribe'. <URL: > What: Dots And Boxes Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A couple of Tcl/Tk apps to play a game of dots and boxes have been written. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Jonathan Cook - dotsgame) <URL: > (Donal K. Fellows - dotsgame thinker algorithm) <URL: > (Allen Flick - eDots) What: Drag and Drop file browser Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Drag and drop based directory browser (tkfb) and helper programs with a NeXTStep like interface. V2 of was renamed to tkfb. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Scott Schwartz) What: DrawP Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 4.2p2 based program to draw radiation patters of antenna, etc. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (UEDA Hiroyuki) What: Drive Where: <URL: > Description: Car simulation. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 12/2002 Contact: See web site What: Drone Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Automatically run batch simulations. Runs can be distributed over the internet or run locally. Written in Expect. Updated: 04/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Ted Belding) What: DumpExts Where: <URL: > Description: Command to generate .def file for Windows. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Gordon Chaffee) What: DustMote Where: <URL: > Description: Tiny HTTP server written in Tcl with nearly no features. Designed for the user to easily add the features they want in Tcl. Size is only 3k, so it can be easily modified. Uses non-blocking channels to support many clients simultaneously. Tested heavily on Windows 95, moderately on Linux, and lightly on MacOS. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Harold Melvin Kaplan) What: DVW Where: <URL: ftp://ftp.Physiology.RWTH-Aachen.DE/pub/DVW/ > Description: Digital Video Workbench is a package developed for digitizing videos on Silicon Graphics Indy machines. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: mailto:DVW@Physiology.RWTH-Aachen.DE > What: dxf Where: From the contact Description: Autocad dxf to Tk canvas converter Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Tuan T. Doan) What: DynaWeb Where: <URL: > Description: DynaWeb is part of Inso's commercial DynaText Professional Publishing System, which includes a text browser, the DynaWeb HTTP server, and DynaTag. DynaWeb (which uses Tcl as a scripting language) converts DynaText e-books into XML or HTML on the fly. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: e93 Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A programmer-oriented text editor which uses Tcl as a scripting language. It allows an unlimited number of open files, multiple selections, columnar selection, cut/copy/paste, multiple clipboards, unlimited undo/redo, regular expression search/replace, keyboard binding, customizable menus, adjustable fonts, adjustable tab sizes, ability to run tasks from within document windows, color and more. No user manual exists yet. Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Todd Squires) What: easychat Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Open Source Client/Server chat program written in Tcl. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > (CLINTACOOK) What: Easyfw Where: <URL: > Description: Graphical interface to ipchains or ipfwadm allowing one to install a firewall with a few clicks. Written in Tcl/Tk 8.x and tested on RedHat, it is currently at v2.0. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Daniel Roche) What: eBible Where: <URL: > Description: Working project - code not available yet. Code written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jeremy Cowgar) What: echo server Where: From the contact Description: Simple server and client to demonstrate Tcl 7.5's socket functionality. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Perry Statham) What: echolab Where: <URL: > Description: Research project and software that looks at the dynamics of evolution. It is written as a set of Tcl/Tk commands. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Russel Standish) What: Eclipse Where: <URL: > Description: Extensible tool to monitor multiple clients and network connections. Generates HTML page for reporting. Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1 or newer. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (John van Gulik) What: Eddi Where: <URL: > Description: Text editor which provides colorization when editing various programming languages (C, Java, Tcl, Perl, bash, sh, Matlab, LaTeX, etc.), provides interfaces with make and rcs, etc. Requires Tix 4.0 with XPM. Currently at version 1.0.1 . Updated: 06/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Holger Schanz) What: Eddie's Extensions Where: <URL: > Description: Set of Tcl scripts for Eggdrop bots to add extra features such as magic 8 ball, polls, random numbers, calculators, etc. Currently at version 0.8.6a . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: EDGE (Madden) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: This is a "programming" editor, not a WYSIWYG tool; it is sort of a hypertext-meets-emacs-meets-MacDraw. It lets you edit 'projects', consisting of groups of chunks of text. It has support for primitive data-flow diagrams, generates EPS files from the diagrams, and uses emacs style key-bindings. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Patrick H. Madden) What: Edge Where: <URL: > Description: Xf tool called edge. Updated: Contact: Unknown What: edgewarp Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk application providing morphometic analysis of 2/3 D images. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Bill Green) What: edit-html Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk script for creating HTML-based documents. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Nathan Torkington) What: EDITCL Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Small Tk editor with syntax formatting, jump to proc, and save/execute tcl code. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Karsten Gtze) What: Editor's Assistant Where: <URL: > Description: Manage papers, editors and events in the editorial submission process. Uses Tcl. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Henning Schulzrinne) What: Editor2 Where: <URL: > Description: A general program editor for Tcl/Tk, GCC C compiler, Java compiler and user defined compilers. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: EditPlus Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial Internet Ready Windows 32 bit Text editor which provides syntax highlighting for a number of programming languages, including Tcl. Has a 30 day free evaluation period. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Eembot Where: <URL: > Description: An IRC client with Tcl, terminal, X11, Windows 95 and WWW interfaces. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Emiel Bruijntjes) What: eev Where: <URL: > Description: eev.el is a Emacs Lisp library that provides a method to place hyperlinks and shell/Tcl/TeX/Perl/etc. code inside text files. Currently at version 2000may27. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Eduardo Ochs) What: EFEU Where: <URL: > Description: System for handling data waarehouse data cubes. The EFEU interpreter has a Tcl/Tk interface Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: Eggdrop Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: An IRC bot written in C which uses Tcl as the script language. Designed to sit on an IRC channel and take protective measures to keep the channel from being taken over, to enforce banishments, provide privledged operations, etc. Development code is available via anonymous cvs at :pserver:anonymous@ The colortable program is a tutorial reference showing how to output colors in your own scripts. The limitscript allows your eggdrop to limit the channel on which it is staying. Latest version is v1.6.17 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: Electric Where: <URL: > Description: Circuit design application which supports IC layout as well as schematic design. Users can program their chips in LISP or Tcl. Electric runs on Unix, Windows and Macintosh systems. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Elementary School Mathematics Drill Where: From the contact Description: Tk script to drill a fourth grade student on math. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Hermann H"uni) What: eltclsh Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Interactive editline shell for Tcl. Provides command line editing, history browsing, variable completion and command completion. The completion engine is programmable. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.x . Also includes elwish, which incorporates the tk extension. Currently at version 1.5 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: Elixir IDE Where: <URL: > Description: An programmer's editor developed in Java and sporting a Swing user interface. Features a pluggable architecture supporting compilers (including JDK 1.1, 1.2, and Jike), scripting engines (including Scheme and Tcl), and version control systems (including RCS). Features file status indicator, syntax coloring, etc. A free lite version with a 10 Java file limit is available. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Elixir Technology Pte Ltd.) What: elmer Where: <URL: > Description: Allows code written in an embedded programming language to be called from another extendable programming language. It makes running Python code seamlessly from a Tcl application possible. Currently at version 1.1.0 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: Elsbeth Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Elsbeth is a full-fledged Tk 4.x based text editor which provides a library of bindings to add functions like search/replace interactive window sizing/movement, word completion, and other goodies to most of the standard Tk widgets. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (David Svoboda) What: Elvis Where: <URL: > Description: Originally designed to be a vi clone, Elvis continues to improve with age. The feature relevant to Tcl/TK is its syntax highlighting feature, which supports many programming languages, including Tcl/Tk. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Emacs Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Multi-purpose text editing environment. As with a few other cases in this catalog, these two (somewhat related) editors are being mentioned due to the ability they have to do Tcl/Tk syntax highlighting. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: news:gnu.emacs.bug > <URL: news:comp.emacs > <URL: news:comp.emacs.xemacs > What: Emacsclient alternative Where: <URL: > Description: A "cheap" variant of the Emacsclient/server model which does not wait for completion, works across a network on the same X display, and utilizes xauth security, written in Tk and Emacs Lisp. Updated: 10/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Juergen Nickelsen) What: Emacspeak Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Emacspeak is a speech output system that will allow someone who cannot see to work directly on a UNIX system. Emacspeak is built on top of Emacs. With emacspeak loaded, Emacs provides spoken feedback for everything you do. Emacspeak currently supports the new Dectalk Express speech synthesizer, as well as older versions of the Dectalk e.g. the MultiVoice. See the Emacspeak WWW page, the Emacspeak FAQ or the Emacspeak distribution for additional details. Requires GNU FSF Emacs 19 (v19.23 or later) and tclX 7.3B to run Emacspeak. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (T. V. Raman) What: Email CGI form script Where: From the contact Description: A tcl script that generates the HTML for an email entry page. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Hubert Halkin) What: Email Templates Where: <URL: > Description: Plugin which enhances Eudora's stationary capabilities by providing dynamic message templates, which can be used for text, properties, scripting elements, generating replies based on text from incoming messages. Scripting language is Tcl, wiht support for VBScript, JScript and other languages to be provided in the future. Works with Eudora Light and Eudora Pro Email software, versions 3.x and higher. Free evaluation copy of commerci A Microsoft Exchange and Outlook extension is also available. General release expected before end of 2Q98. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Embedded C (EC) Where: <URL: > Description: Allows you to include C code in your Tcl scripts, compiling and dynamically loading it on the fly. The code will also be cached so the next time you run the program, you don't wait for it to compile. Known to work on DEC OSF/1 V3.2 and SunOS 5.5. Not yet ported to Macintosh or Windows. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Grant Reaber) What: Emil Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A tool for converting between MIME, Eudora, Mailtool, PC client, Macintosh client email formats. Header handling and conversion control configured in Tcl. Version v2.1.0 is in beta test now. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Martin Wendel) What: Emu Where: <URL: > Description: Speech database software. Provides an optional binding to Tcl. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (steve cassidy) What: Where: <URL: > Description: GUI managing various software emulators. Supports Gnuboy, Snes9x, and VisualBoy Advance. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: EnRus dictionary tools Where: <URL: > Description: The EnRus dictionary tools are Tcl/Tk scripts for reading a textual (plain or compressed by gzip or bzip2) dictionary base and compiling new dictionary bases from plain text files. It consists of a few Tcl console scripts and a Tk interface to them. It also includes a random search tool. Currently at 1.1 . Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Entity Where: <URL: > Description: Application framework built around a XML parser/renderer which supports GTK GUI apps in XML. Currently supports Perl, Tcl, and C for doing runtime XML creation and modification. Currently at version 0.7.2 . Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > putting "subscribe entity" in the body of the message. What: EnvDraw Where: <URL: > Description: Enviroment diagramming package, drawing diagrams as taught in Abelson and Sussman's Structure and Interpretation of Computer Languages. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: mailto:jmacd@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU > (Josh MacDonald) What: epage Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl based workspace switching utility for Enlightenment DR 15, based on eesh. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Alex Feinberg) What: epcEdit Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Time restricted demo of a full featured commercial multi platform SGML/XML editor based on Tcl/Tk and TkSGML. Has full XML support (including Unicode), WYSIWYG CALS table editor, etc. Currently at version 1.2.2 . Updated: 02/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: EPICS Where: <URL: > Description: EPICS is a set of software tools and applications jointly developed by Argonne National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory for the purpose of controlling Particle Accelerators and Large Experiments. Some of the pieces use Tk as a GUI display tool. There appears to be several mailing lists dealing with EPICS issues. See the WWW page for details. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Bill McDowell) What: Erlang REPOS Where: <URL: > Description: REPOS stands for Repository of Erlang-Projects.Org Software selection. It is a collection of major ready-to-use Erlang software. Erlang REPOS is distributed as a CDROM image (ISO). This release candidate includes the Tkabber XMPP client, to use with ejabberd and J-EAI. Currently at version 1.1 rc3 . Updated: 02/2005 Contact: See web site What: ermixer Where: <URL: > Description: Sample OSS audio mixer, with a Tcl/Tk frontend. Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: mailto:erevan at cuore dot org > (Gabriele Piga) What: eTkTab Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Guitar tablature editor. It is based on TkTab but has an interface similar to the EMACS tablature mode. Currently at version 3.2 . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: ettcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Prosa has a version of Linux that is designed for embedding. This version of Linux has a slimmed down Tcl 7.* called ettcl. It is missing floating point support and a few low-level commands. Currently it is at version 14. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: evaluate_parameters Where: <URL: ftp://ftp.Lehigh.EDU/pub/evap/evap-2.x/evap-2.2.tar.Z > <URL: > Description: evaluate_parameters is a Perl program that processes command line arguments in a simple consistent manner performing type-checking, multi-levels of help, etc. generate_tk_program is an auxiliary program which generates a Tcl/Tk GUI wrapper around one's Perl or C program to gather the command line arguments interactively. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Stephen O. Lidie) What: EvoX Where: <URL: > Description: An extensible C++ object based simulation system which uses cpptcl. It allows very simple connections between C++ objects and Tcl objects. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Vincent Darley) What: ExCost Where: <URL: > Description: New version of Cost derived from Cost 21. Uses XML instead of ESIS files. Built with Win and Linux, Tcl 8.1a2. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Guy Bobenrieth) What: exif Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to digital camera Currently at version 1.0a Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Satoshi Imai) What: exmh Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tk based UI to MH. Supports nested folders, MIME/metamail, pre-sorting mail into different folders before you read it, searching for URI/URL/URN references, etc. Requires MH mail-handler, metamail, the faces library, and expect. The wizzy tar file is a package that allows exmh users to click on mailto links within Netscape and launch an exmh compose window. Tom Phelp's web page points to code to add Glimpse support to exmh for full text searching of your mail files. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Brent Welch) What: Expand Where: <URL: > Description: Macro expander, based on the Tcl language. Reads input and writes output, executing embedded Tcl commands. Can be used with any kind of text input. Written with Tcl 8.0. Currently at version 2.0. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Will Duquette) What: Expect Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Expect is a scripting language to interace with programs such as FTP, telnet, fsck, and others that normally cannot be automated from a shell script. Think of it as providing the means to 'remote control' other programs. It is thus also good for automating program exection on remote systems, and providing the means to creating Tk interfaces on top of other, non-GUI, programs V5.x is Tcl 7.x compatible. The version on liv, while not from the author, is a set of source modified to be used with tclX, BLT, and TkSteal. V5.28 (the tar.gz version) is Tcl 8.0 compatible. This package will also build expectk, which allows one to write Tk interfaces to the above types of programs. The version at berkeley is a release of Expect for Windows NT, which includes patches to Tcl to allow fileevent to work for pipes and serial ports. It does not work for Windows 95. Check its web page for info on the latest development snapshots. The url for a version of Expect 5.25/Tcl 7.6 for Japanese Tcl is mentioned above. The slavedrv code mentioned above is an attempt to port a recent version of expect to recent version of Windows. It may not have all the expect functionality. Version 5.39.0 of Expect, compatible with Tcl 8.2, is also available from the CVS repository. Updated: 05/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Don Libes) <URL: > <URL: > (Gordon Chaffee) What: expecTerm Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: expect with terminal emulation Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Christopher J. Matheus) and <URL: > (Mark D. Weissman) What: Exuberant Ctags Where: <URL: > Description: Multi-language reimplementation of the Unix ctags program. Generates an index of source code object definitions which is used by many editors and tools to look up definitions. Currently supports Assembler, AWK, BETA, Bourne Shell, C, C++, COBOL, Eiffel, FORTRAN, Java, LISP, Perl, Python, Scheme, Tcl, Vim, YACC. Currently at version 5.5 . Updated: 11/2000 Contact: See page for details. What: f/Calc Where: <URL: > Description: Utility to calculate lens formulae for photographers. Can calculate depth of field, hyperfocal distance, the field of view of a lens, angle of view, magnification, and focal length. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: FAQ builder Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A generic FAQ Builder source, used to create either text or HTML. Used as the basis of the FAQ for Expect. The process is described in the PostScript paper on CGI. Warning: If you try to display the above using a Netscape client which has the Tcl plugin, you only get an empty page - the plugin trys to execute it and cannot due to the presence of some commands not implemented in the plugin. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Don Libes) What: FastMap Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: GIS viewer written using tclwin . Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > "Nol Frankinet" What: FastWeb Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Framework for creating and managing multi-language HTML WWW projects. Depends on Tcl to glue together M4, WEEX, CVS, HTML TIDY, make-type functionality, etc. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > ??? What: faxit Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Graphical frontend to mgetty+sendfax package. Allows composition, sending, viewing and printing of faxes. Requires Tcl/Tk/Fax/mgetty/sendfax. Both a public domain and commercial version are available. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Schwaninger) What: FaxMail Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tk client for sending faxes via the free internet email/fax gateway. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Matthew Davey) What: faxtool Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl based fax tool. Contains an example of using text widgets to simulate a listbox. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Doug Hughes) What: faxview Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Graphic front end to be used with programs such as efax. Allows you to organzie received faxs and display them with viewfax. Currently at version 2.0. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Martin Vermeer) What: Feather Where: <URL: > Description: Java package that allows a Java application to embed native Tcl interpreters within the same process as the Java virtual machine. A Java program can call Tcl external files or pass Java strings containing Tcl code. Works with JDK 1.1 and 1.2 . Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 03/2003 Contact: See web site What: Fedot Where: From the contact Description: A simple Tcl/Tk file manipulation program, similar in concept to Midnight Commander or GIT. Fedot allows you to copy, move or delete files. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mike Fedotov) What: fickle Where: <URL: > Description: Lexical parser for Tcl. Fickle is to Tcl as flex is to C. Currently at version 1.00 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: File Monitor Where: <URL: > Description: Tested sample code to monitor and display changes occuring to a file. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Donal K. Fellows) What: File Splitter Where: <URL: > Description: Provide a flexible replacement for the DOS file splitting program. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Steve D. Perkins) What: File Util Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Prototype Tcl/Tk file management package that works under both Unix and Windows. Includes an extended file command, with options like delete, copy, move, etc. This has certain failings under Windows 95, due to the exec's failing with 16 bit apps like Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Steven B. Wahl) What: FileCast Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial product to provide client/server (via CGI) allowing drag and drop upload and download of files across the WWW. Fully functioning demos available for download for several platforms. Software for webmasters to enable FileCast their web sites is available for free and easy to implement. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: FileMan Where: <URL: > Description: File Manager with multi-window views, drag and drop, private trashcan, event logging, configurable menus, file types, double click operations, toolbox, button bar, security, file splitting, file encoding/decoding/compression/spell checker/ word counting, file copy/move/deletion/viewing/editing/sorting, program launching, archive creation/extraction, configurable icons, intelligent links, progress meter and clock, tested on AIX/UNIXWARE/UPUX/LINUX, Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: FileRunner Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: Description: Tcl/Tk 8.0 and ANSI C based file manager, either local or via ftp. Has a hotlist support for saving often visited locations, as well as a history feature. Extendable. Should run on any Unix/X11 platform. Contact can add you to a FileRunner announcement mailing list. Free for non-commercial users. Currently at version 2.5.1. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Henrik Harmsen) What: findE Where: <URL: > Description: Alpha Tk front end to the GNU Unix find command. Based on ideas in tkWorld. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Eduardo Cavazos) What: Firewall Manager Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Security system developed in Tcl/Tk. Developed to be used with ipfwadm and icmpinfo. Made to run under XFree with WindowMaker, KDE, XFCE, Enlightment, or other window managers. Currently at v2.0. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Fish Tank Where: <URL: > Description: The famous Tcl/Tk Fish tank. See <URL: > for a bit more info. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Robert Heller) What: FlashCount Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk application calculating the phone cost of your internet connection, updated with the pricing of the Italian telecommunication rates. Currently at version 3.0. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: floater Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk server for playing duplicate and non-duplicate bridge (and 3-player hands) over the internet. V1.x requires Tcl 8.0 or higher. Runs on Unix and Windows. Macintosh version expected in 1998. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: fn and ForumNet Where: <URL: > Description: ForumNet - teleconferencing system, fn - client to access ForumNet Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Sean Casey) ??? <URL: > (Sean Casey)??? What: folderbiff Where: From the contact Description: Tk program to watch MH/slocal folders and, when button clicked, start up an exmh session on a folder that gets new mail Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Bill Burdick) What: Font selector program (Chambers) Where: <URL: > Description: Wish script for X that lists all the fonts in the library, with buttons for the fields that allow you to change individual fields. Uses Tk 4.2/Tk8.0 Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (John Chambers) What: Font selector program (Raney) Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk interface to XLFD font selection. This was written for the X Resource issue 11 article "Interactive GUI development environments: A comparison of Tcl/Tk, the Desktop Kornshell and MetaCard", which compares dtksh, Tcl/Tk, and MetaCard. Also see <URL: > for more information. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Scott Raney) What: Forecast Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 4.2/Tk 8.0 GUI based tool for writing Tcl/Tk/Expect. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Andrew Le) What: framebrowse Where: <URL: > Description: Package consists of 3 CGI scripts that together make a multi-frame file browser and free text search application. Requires filebrowse, glimpse-www, and a dynamic library loading Tcl. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: Unknown What: Free Network Registrar Where: <URL: > Description: Generic server that allows extension via shared libraries and tcl/tk scripts. Currently at version 0.90 . Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:marcelog at mail dot ru > What: FreeBSD port of shared library Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: FreeBSD port of Tcl/Tk. Some extensions may also build shared libraries - email the contact for details. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Thomas Gellekum) What: FreeBSD ports of Tcl-based software Where: <URL: > Description: This site is the accumulation point for a number of packages ported to FreeBSD. Right now, I don't have individual package info for some of the packages here, but when that info is found, I will see about getting the individual descriptions here. But I see things like a PalmPilot backup/restore/install and debug set of utility programs that uses Tcl/Tk 8.0 (pilot-link), a network traffic monitoring tool called Tele Traffic Tapper (ttt) which requires Tcl v7.5.1/Tk v4.1.1, Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Wolfram Schneider) What: FreeDelivery Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk program that assembles a set of files for easy distribution and installation on another computer. Provides a GUI interface for installation. Binaries for Windows 95/98/NT and Linux are available as is source and instructions for building the application. Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Dennis LaBelle) What: FreeWrap Where: <URL: > Description: Turns Tcl/Tk scripts into single file binary executable programs without compilers - resulting program does not need Tcl/Tk installed to run. Supports Tcl/Tk 8.3.5 on Win/NT, Win/95, and Linux. Available for Windows 95/98/NT and Linux. Special versions that include BLT are also available for download. Brett Schwarz reported in May, 2000 that he was working on a version of Freewrap with itcl/itk/iwidgets included. A new version, capabile of creating Tcl only wrappings, is now available and is called freewrapTCLSH. A new version, capabile of creating Tcl/Tk/BLT wrappings is now available and is called freewrapBLT. Currently at version 5.5, which is based on Tcl/Tk 8.4.1 . Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Dennis LaBelle) <URL: > (Brett Schwarz) What: frenchie Where: From the contact Description: Simple POP3 mail fetch utility. Written in Tcl 8.x. Now has some IMAP code for reading the inbox and deleting messages from it. Updated: 02/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Scott Beasley) What: Fresco CORBA interpreter Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: As part of Fresco, a Tcl-based interpreter (dish) that uses CORBA dynamic invocation was developed. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Linton) What: FriGUI Where: <URL: > Description: Cross-platform GUI-Builder for C++. Tcl/Tk/C++ based. Works on Linux and other Unix varieties. Also partially works on Windows (98/NT/2000). Free for use by educational and private individuals, with commercial licenses for companies. Currently at version 1.0.10. Updated: 11/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Bernd Fritzke) What: Frink Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Program to prettify (like the indent command) your Tcl/Tk program. Frink can format, minimize and/or obfuscate your Tcl code. It can take some forms of your code and convert it to use message catalogs (used for internationalization). It applies a variety of heuristics to the code to try to detect possible errors. Supports only vanilla tcl - not extensions such as tclX, itcl, etc. Does however recognize namesapce and interp commands. Check the first URL on a regular basis for updates. Does not permit commercial use. The version on catless is newer than the one on procplace. Updated: 01/2004 Contact: <URL: > (Lindsay F. Marshall) What: Frodo Where: <URL: > Description: This Commodore 64 software emulator has a Tcl/Tk preference editor. Currently at version 4.1b . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: fstool Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl/Tk tool to ease mounting and unmounting of file systems. fstool, by default, reads /etc/fstab and creates a list of file systems that might be mountable (skipping root, swap, and proc) and then presents a button box for you to mount and unmount at will. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Bob Hepple) What: ftape-tools Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tools for the Linux floppy tape device driver. Contains mount, format, volume table manipulation, memory defragment, list contents programs, and a Tcl/Tk front end to the utilities. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Claus-Justus Heine) What: ftp-inband Where: From the contact Description: An expect script which uses its own internal protocol to copy files over a telnet/rlogin/etc. link. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Don Libes) What: full text indexer Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl based full text indexer. Supports input filters. Currently at version 02 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: fv Where: <URL: > Description: A file editor for reading and writing Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) data. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jianjun Xu) What: Fve Where: <URL: > Description: A File viewer/editor in Tcl/Tk. Works on Unix, Windows and somewhat on Macintosh. For Tcl/Tk 8.x on cygwin, unix, windows. Distributed under GPL and requires Tcl/Tk 8.x. Currently v4.4 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: FVWM wish Where: <URL: > Description: Source from The X Resource, Issue 14, article entitled "Tickling Fvwm: Extending Tk as an Fvwm Module". which is really about extending Fvwm with Tk modules. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jay Schmidgall) What: fw_tcl/fw_tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: SGI PT/IRIX port of Tcl/Tk. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: Unknown What: g2 preprocessor Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl preprocessor for C++ code. Currently at version 0.6 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: GAGS Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Genetic algorithm application generator and C++ class library which uses a Tcl/Tk graphical interface. Note however that the Tcl/Tk interface was dropped after 0.94e Includes classes for Chromosomes, genetic operators, views, and populations. Runs on Unix with at least GCC, SGI or Sun C compiler. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (J.J. Merelo Guervos) What: galng.tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Report viewer/tool for the Galaxy play-by-email game, primarily for the NG variant. Currently at version 1.5.10 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: GASP Where: <URL: > Description: GASP is a generic protocol encoder and decoder, using Tcl as a scripting language. With it you can construct or analyze any package, based on abstract protocol definitions. Includes all the basic protocols such as IP, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, and DNS, as well as some protocols for archivers such as zip, gzip and tar as well as multimedia protocols for jpeg, gif, and png. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL:[GASP] > What: GATE Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE) is an attempt to provide an infrastructure for natural language processing (NLP). Version one was written in C++ and Tcl, and version two is being rewritten in Java/Tcl. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: gcomp Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl script that applies a standard indentation style to supplied tcl scripts. Updated: 11/2000 Contact: <URL: > (George Peter Staplin) What: gCVS Where: <URL: > Description: A GTK port of WinCVS, a Windows-based CVS client. Contains some Tcl code. Currently at version 1.0-1 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: GDB Tk interface (Cygnus) Where: <URL: > Description: A GPL'd Tk interface to GDB 4.15.1. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Rob Savoye) What: GDB Tk interface (tgdb) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl/Tk based interface to gdb, similar to xxgdb and mxgdb. Uses Tcl, Tk, expect, tclX, BLT, and TkSteal. This is a shareware product. Binaries for most Unix platforms are available at this same site. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Tgdb questions) <URL: > (HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH) What: ged Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl/Tk text editor that features syntax highlighting. This is to be superceded by aged. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (George P. Staplin) What: Generalized Screen Printing Where: <URL: > Description: Code described in _The X Journal_, July/Aug 1995, for article on printing support from within the X environment. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Sriram Srinivasan) What: Generator Where: <URL: > Description: Portable Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator using a SVGAlib and Tcl/Tk user interface. Features a dynamic recompiler as its core 68000 processor. Currently at version 0.34 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: GENERIC 3D Kernel Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A generic 3D graphics kernel which can be used to implement one's own system by derivation from the generic. Provides device drivers for a lot of graphics system, including Tk 3.6/4.0. Includes an OpenGL Tk widget. See some of the following for examples of use of GENERIC: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Updated: Contact: <URL: > (send subject of subscribe GENERIC mailing list) What: GENTLE Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: GENTLE (GENeric TcL sErver) is a network server program that provides each network client with its own Tcl interpreter. It has been extended with HTTP server commands. HOPE is an implementation of GENTLE into an embedded VME hardware rack. Note that vlsi19 is a GENTLE server. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Alex Measday) What: GeoIRC Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl scriptable IRC client. Currently at version 0.3.1a . Updated: 09/2003 Contact: See web site What: Gepetto Where: <URL: > Description: An Animation Studio which uses Tcl/Tk. Initially written with choreography of ballroom dancing in mind. Currently at version 0.12 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: gequal Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A heavily modified version of the easytcl development script. Features ability to create and edit Tcl HTML files, ability to invoke various aolserver tcl functions, includes a simple Statistics script, evaluates sub directories, has informative main pages, can be used stand-alone, manage virtual servers, etc. all in one window. access_log analysis is available now. Requires AOLServer versions 2.1 or greater. See the uni-bochum WWW site for a demo of the software. Use "guest,easytcl" as user-password combination. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (W.Bathelt) What: getcons - get console Where: <URL: > Description: Console management tool - a Tcl/Tk based contool so to speak. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Steve Osborn) What: Getleft Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Web page grabber featuring support for http and ftp, modification of html pages for local file consistency, links can be followed, recursion of link following can be limited, support for multiple languages. Works on Linux and Windows. Requires Tcl 8.1 and newer, as well as curl. Currently at version 1.1.1 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Mitchell.ORG) What: getname Where: From the contact Description: The Solaris 1.x and 2.x /usr/lib/getNAME program doesn't generate proper index entries for Tcl man pages, due to the use of the .HS macro. This Tcl script generates the appropriate entries. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Greg McFarlane) What: GFax Where: <URL: > Description: A front end fax program to provide a pop up fax manager. Relies on Mgetty+Sendfax, Efax or Hylafax to actually process the fax. Provides a personal phone book, user authorization, personal settings and simple cover page support. This software is free for non-commerical use. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (George A. Farris) What: gimptcl Where: <URL: > <URL: >: Description: Tcl interpreter that allows writing Gimp scripts and plug-ins in Tcl as opposed to Scheme. Gimp is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, suitable for photo retouching, image composition and authoring. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Glimmer Where: <URL: > Description: Programmer's editor for Linux, with revert, find/replace, syntax highlighting (including Ada, Tcl/Tk, DTML, Object Caml, and others), multiple level undo/redo, tear away windows, popup menu, auto-intenting, Python scripting support, etc. Currently at version 1.0 Updated: 11/2000 Contact: See web page for details. What: GmlProject Where: <URL: > Description: Graph manipulations package based on Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0 but 1.0 version will run on Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1 at least. Contains a graph editor, a new Tk widget that allows graph manipulations. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Olivier BAUDON) What: GNATS Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tkgnat is a front end for the GNATS bug management system. the config directory. The latest version of TkGnats supports Tk 8.x, runs with Unix and Win95/NT and supports GNATS 3.113 Currently GNATS is at version 4.0.1 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Rick Macdonald) What: Gnome Moleskine Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Source code editor for the GNOME desktop. Makes use of Scintilla. Has lexers for ASP, Baan, Bullant, Eiffel KW, LISP, NN Crontab, PHP Ruby, Tcl, VB Script, and more. Currently at version 0.7.7 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: GNU Smalltalk Where: <URL: > Description: Free implementation of Smalltalk-80. If configured with Tcl, has tclEval method to evaluated Tcl statements. Currently at version 2.1.2 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: Go-IRC Where: No longer available for download from the author Description: A Tcl based IRC client, integrating Microsoft Internet Explorer, Active-X, CTCP/2, etc. Designed for Windows 96/Windows NT 4.0. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jamie Hunter) What: gocr Where: <URL: > Description: Optical character recognition software, reading PBM and PGM image files and writing ASCII text files. Has a Tcl/Tk GUI. Currently at version 0.2.7. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: GOOD Where: <URL: > Description: An object oriented C++/Tcl framework for interactive 3D applications running under the X window system, with special support to SGI GL, PHIGS, etc. Features a Tcl shading/ raytracing/radiosity kernel, a Tk interaction application builder and a C++ classlib. There is also an extension available that implements additional objects for scientific visualization. There is a Tcl set of objects for generating interactive 3D graphics included. There are other extensions, fonts, etc. available as well. Requires tcl 7.3, tk 3.6, tktree, vogl, yart 1.2, iom 1.2, maf 1.2, db 1.2, sc 1.2, mm 1.2. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (YART mailing list), <URL: > (Ekkehard Beier) What: good-time Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl script which fetchs the correct time (via telnet) from and prints it out in standard format. Several other time sources on the internet and their formats are also documented in the script. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Roger E. Critchlow Jr.) What: Got It Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial product which attempts to improve web response time by predicting, retrieving, and filtering pages for you, in the background. Prioritizes retrieved data and caches the data on your hard drive. Works transparently with your web browser. Consists of a page fetcher, a pruner, and maintainer of a news page listing what pages have been downloaded for the user. Runs as a proxy HTTP server. Supports CGI scripting and safe Tcl CGI scripting. Works on Windows 95/Windows NT and Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer. See above page for a 14 day evaluation copy. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Bryan Klisch) What: GP Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk 4.2p2 based script to present a Windows 95 looking interface to the Unix printing environment. This is an interface to the BSD printing commands (lpr,lpq,lprm). GP attempts to determine file types from extensions as well as determines appropriate printers. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (UEDA Hiroyuki) What: gpa Where: <URL: > Description: Tk application to calculate grade point average. Updated: 01/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Kurt V Hindenburg) What: Gpfe Where: <URL: > Description: Yet another Tcl/Tk front end to the POVray command line. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 11/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: GPSBabel Where: <URL: > Description: converts waypoint data between over two dozen file formats, including major Palm, PC, and GPS serial formats. Includes a Tcl/Tk GUI. Currently at version 1.1.0 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: gpv Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: An image viewer with image processing capabilities. It uses Pacco to get all the image processing support. Operations like brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, flipping, inverting, embossing, mixing two images, inserting one image into another are all supported. See <URL: > for more information on gpv and Pacco. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Alberto Biancardi) What: Grab Where: <URL: > Description: General purpose window capture functionality for use with Tcl scripts under Windows, provided as a console command version. Currently at version 1.0. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Iain B. Findleton) What: GRacer Where: <URL: > Description: 3D Motor sports simulator. Requires Tcl/Tk and OpenGL. Currently at version 0.1.5. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Graftor Where: <URL: > Description: Graftor is a drawing program designed to draw automated systems. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See package for details What: Graph editor Where: <URL: > Description: A directed-graph editor, with a set of routines to do dialog boxes. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mark Eichin) What: Grapher-3D Where: <URL: > Description: Generates surfaces of two variable functions allowing the user to view these surfaces from any three dimensional position. Binary versions, which do not require the installation of Tcl/Tk on one's system, are available for several platforms. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Michael Paul Mesnier) What: Graphical Interface to CVS (Chan) Where: From the contact Description: Software Engineering Class project. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:tchan@now.CS.Berkeley.EDU > (Tony Chan) What: Graphical Interface to CVS (Marwood) Where: <URL: > Description: GIC is a Tk interface to the Concurrent Version System, a revision control system. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (David Marwood) <URL: > What: Graphical Voter Interface (GVI) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk based voting interface. Can be used for instant runoff voting and proportional representation. This has been tested on Unix only. Currently at version 2.5 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Russ Paielli) What: Graphical Wrappers Where: <URL: > Description: Two applications, KP (a Tk wrapping of a ps and kill program) and NS (a Tk wrapping of netstat), demonstrate the process of wrapping a GUI around commands. The article itself appeared in Sys Admin in the January, 1997 issue. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Hall) What: Graphlet Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Graph editor, created with Tcl/Tk and GraphScript, which provides the abiligy to draw graphs. Tool uses Tcl/Tk/LEDA for implementation, and provides Graphscript as a programming language using graphics. Requires Tcl 7.6 or later and LEDA 3.4 or higher. Runs on Solaris, Linux, and Windows. Updated: 06/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Himsolt) What: GraphViz Where: <URL: > Description: Set of graph drawing tools and libraries, supporting hierarchical and mass-spring drawings. Tools include dot, neato, twopi, lefty, dotty, lneato, tcldot, gpr, ccomps, colorize, gc, nop, prune, sccmap, tred, unflatten, grappa. Includes support for ActiveX, Java, Tcl/Tk, and X11. Currently at version 1.13 (v16) . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: GRASS Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) is a public domain raster/vector based GIS image processing and graphics production system with spatial modeling. Uses a Tcl/Tk interface. Currently this is at version 5.0.0 . Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: grdb Where: <URL: > Description: Tries to apply your gtk theme colors to Xt/Motif/Tk applications by setting variables based on the current them and piping them along with some other default files into an xrdb -merge command. Currently at version 0.2.4. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: greyboard Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simple shared blackboard written in Tcl. Runs on a single computer and opens windows on multiple displays. Uses X protocol for communication. Supports drawing of curses, lines and text. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Andrey Grozin) What: griddler Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk app letting you play with various grid window manager settings. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Lindsay F. Marshall) What: GridWars Where: <URL: > Description: Official release of Tk user interface to Grid Wars, a battling program environment similar in concept to Core Wars. Updated: 01/1993 Contact: <URL: > What: groupie (Grina) Where: <URL: > Description: A front-end for group-based permission schemes. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Peter A. Grina) What: groupie (Lindeman) Where: <URL: > Description: A shareware game using Tcl/Tk which runs on Windows and Unix. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Robert W. Lindeman) What: GRS Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A graphic tool for retrieval and visualization of genome segments from partially or completed sequenced genomes. Written in C++ (STL), Tcl/Tk, ET, and Tix. Used in molecular biology and comparitative genomics. Free for academic and personal use. Binaries available for Linux, SPARC/Solaris and DEC-Alpha, with IRIX hopefully on the way. See the additional urls for auxiliary tools. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Thomas Sicheritz) What: Gsh Where: <URL: > Description: Gsh is a graphical shell intended to be comfortable for people accustomed to a Unix shell which making operations that are awkward in a character based shell easier by using the graphical environment. Gsh requires Tcl 8.0 or higher and is distributed using the GNU Public License. Gsh is currently at v0.1.3. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Vaughn Cato) What: gte Where: <URL: > Description: Texture editor for the POVray command line. Updated: 11/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: guess-a-sketch Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based Guess A Sketch networking game. In development - email contact if you would like to help. Updated: 08/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: guest book (Ahmed) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl based guest book. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Mahmoud Ahmed) What: guest book (Demailly) Where: <URL: > Description: One of the first (perhaps the very first) Tcl based Guest book program. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Demailly) What: gui recording and playback package Where: From the contact Description: Tk based GUI record and playback package based on the event command. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Hemang Lavana) What: guicon Where: <URL: > Description: This C/Tk application demonstrates the possible usage of a console application together with a GUI threat. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Leo Schubert) What: GURL Where: <URL: > Description: Get URL program, written in Tcl/Tk. Used to create a browsable copy of one or more sections of a remote WWW site. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Maurizio) What: GURU Chess Where: From the contact Description: GURU Chess is an implmentation of internet chess. The game uses the GNU chess engine for making moves and a mixture of Tcl and awk scripts, C++, Unix shell and HTML for the front end. Updated: 06/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Alex Shah) What: gxv Where: <URL: > Description: Simple image viewer which uses the Tk Img extension to display images. Current version is 22. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Gyacc Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl/Tk interface to yacc, providing a way to observe the parsing yacc is doing. Uses Tcl/Tk 7.0/3.6. Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > ??? What: Hamster Font Manager Where: <URL: > <URL: Description: HFM is a font manager for Unix. You administer the availability of fonts. Includes modules to support X Windows, Ghostscript and TeX fonts. A PostScript module handles PS fonts while other fonts remain untouched by this program. Has a Tcl/Tk GUI interface. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Hanzim Where: <URL: > Description: Interactive visual dictionary for learning and seeing relationships between varios Chinese characters, compounds and radicals. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Hdrug Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A set of tar files which together create a GUI environment for developing logic grammars for natural languages. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Gertjan van Noord) What: headache Where: <URL: > Description: Tile based hybrid of two classic strategy games: Set, which is a pattern-matching card game, and Shishen-Sho, which is a tile-based game similar to Mahjongg solitaire, except that the tiles are not stacked. Written in Tcl/Tk. Runs as a Tclet at the above URL. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Karl Garrison) ??? What: Helga Where: <URL: > Description: Reduce code length and complexity for applications mixing CGI HTML, ODBC, and Tcl. Comes with both 16 and 32 bit Windows NT and Windows 95 versions. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Richard Maw) What: HelpSystem Where: <URL: > Description: Allows useful itneractive help documentation to be embedded into your Tcl/Tk application. Can be used as a stand alone application or as an extension. Written in pure Tcl/Tk. Shows hyper-text help based on HTML. Currently at version 1.4 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Andrei A. Gratchev) What: Hermes fserv Where: <URL: > Description: Hermes fserv is a Tcl script for use with the BitchX IRC client to provide ftp-like access to local file archives. Currently at version 0.1.6 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Herqules Where: <URL: > Description: Command line Tcl/Tk firewall using ipchains and ipfwadmin to create and maintain a firewall holding multiple domain registered or unregistered systems. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: Hexplode Where: <URL: > Description: Game for one to 5 friends . Available as full featured stand alone version or single player Tclet version. Hexagonal grid based game. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Neil Winton) What: Hextego Where: <URL: > Description: Game based on the Stratego board game. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: See web site What: hextk Where: <URL: > Description: Hex Puzzle 22 is a tessellation puzzle based on Beat the Computer #22. Written in Tcl/Tk . Currently at version 1.5.1 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: hfsutils Where: <URL: > Description: A Unix software package designed to manipulate Macintosh Hierarchical File System (HFS) volumes. It contains many programs, including a Tcl package for scriptable access to the volumes. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Robert Leslie) What: Hierarchical Help System (HLP) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk routines that implement a hierarchical menu type help system. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Amaranth) What: Highlight Where: <URL: > Description: Convert source code to HTML/XHTML/RTF/TeX/LaTeX. Supports: ADA 95, Assembler, Bash, C, C++, C#, COBOL, Fortran, Java, Javascript, Lua, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, (Object) Pascal, Ruby, Tcl/Tk and Visual Basic files. Currently at version 2.0-8 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: HigPenTataki for Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > Description: A simple action game implemented in Tcl/Tk. This program is a Tcl/Tk port of a Java Applet game. See README file for the copyright of the original program. Unix platform and Tcl7.4/Tk4.0 or newer version including Tcl8.0/Tk8.0 is required. Only Japanese document is available. Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Nagao Shijo) What: Hissim Where: <URL: > Description: History generator for the WorldForge project. Uses simulation to create communities with realistic relationships. Has a threaded Tk interface. Currently at version 2.2 . Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:sajuma at > What: Hits Where: From the contact Description: Tool demonstrated at the Tcl/2k conference WIP session. Provides a Tk interface to aid grepping large amounts of data. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Host Monitoring (hm) Where: <URL: > Description: This Tk program current monitors various threshold values for caution and warning levels for things such as system load (excluding SYSV), number of users, percent of swap space used, etc. The above URL no longer works. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Paul Amaranth) ??? What: hot2list Where: From the contact Description: Convert Mosaic hotlist into an HTML document. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund) What: Hotmole Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Hotmole logs into a Hotmail account and retrieves unread mail from a specified account and forwards it to the local machine's mail spool. It will optionally delete the msgs from Hotmail after forwarding. Requires no user interaction. Requires curl, lynx, gawk, Tcl and Tk. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: hp-tcl-cdplay Where: <URL: > Description: a Tk interface to the HP CD-ROM player Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mike Hoegeman) What: HP/UX port of Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Both source and HP/UX 10.x binaries in depots. Contact was person reporting the availability, rather than person responsible for the sites. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: hpupdate Where: <URL: > Description: Automatic homepage update ftp-client. Uses the ftp_lib extension. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Steffen Traeger) What: HTCLtoTCL Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Extracts Tcl from HTML/Tcl merged file. Requires [incr tcl]/itcl. Also has contains program which parses arguments passed by httpd type server from FORM input. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Case Larsen) What: HTML viewer Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk 4.0 simple HTML viewer. This allows one to display text in bold, italic or fixed-width fonts, display inline images, indent text, center text, or tag text as a hypertext link. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Angel Li) What: html2mif Where: From the contact Description: Simple HTML to FrameMaker MIF format converter. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Wayne A. Christopher) What: HTML2text Where: From the contact Description: Tcl script which reads an HTML document and outputs the plain text of the document. Designed to make it relatively easy for the user to configure how the program should mark specific HTML tags. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Joe Moss) What: html2tk Where: From the contact Description: A Perl script which converts an HTML file into Tcl code for help information. This allows one to embed HTML info into a Tcl application. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Sanjay Ghemawat) What: HTMLAlbum Where: <URL: > Description: Program for creation and maintenance of HTML photo albums from images. Stores info in XML file so that pages can be manipulated. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.4, tclxml, and TclMagick. Currently at version 20050201 . Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: html_search Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script that reads a Khoros toolbox file, searches for HTML doc, and creates a frames based toplevel window that can be used to access both the Khoros doc connected to topmost_toc.html and the HTML man pages. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Cary B. O'Brien) What: HTTP CGI example of calling Tcl Where: <URL: > Description: The NCSA's httpd can invoke tcl scripts. It appears there is a test example called test-cgi.tcl that comes with the httpd source. At least one bug fix was reported relating to the content length field. Contact <URL: > (Michael Salmon) for details. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: hurricane tracking system (JStrack) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A work in progress. Designed to read the NHC FORECAST/ ADVISORY data as well as the NHC PROBABILITIES data as its primary source of input. For a more complete and up to date list of features, see the JStrack web page. Suggest using Tcl/Tk 8.0 with dash patch for the tracker itself. tclX is *STRONGLY* recommended (because of its file locking) for the NHC filter program. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jim Graham) What: Hypertext Help system Where: From the contact Description: A hypertext help system, written in Tcl/Tk, where each page of text is a Tcl proc with links to other Tcl procs. Does not read HTML files. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (D.J.Bancroft) What: I Ching Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl and Tk interface to the I Ching oracle. Features include hexagram calculation based on simulated coin metthod, determination of moving lines and secondary hexagram, and display of the primary and secondary hexagrams with texts from James Legge's translations. Both Tcl & Tk 8 interfaces provided. Should be usable on Unix, Macintosh and Windows, with appropriate tweaking for stand alone execution. Distributed with the GNU General Public License. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Doug Mast) What: ibsh Where: <URL: > Description: This is an application suite for quick and easy GPIB programming. ibsh is a Tcl/Tk interpreter that is extended with a basic GPIB command set and the capability to dynamically load tcl-modules to add new widgets or own commands. It comes with basic control and data visualisation widget-modules. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: ical - a calendar manager Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A calendar application - previously required InterViews libraries but now uses only tk. Designed for Tcl 7/Tk 3.3. This is implemented as a set of date management extensions and a Tcl/Tk interpreter. Also contains a class system with methods for Tcl. V2.x requires a C++ compiler, Tcl 7.4 and Tk 4.0 or later. See the freebsd site for v2.2 of ical. Syncal is a program to synchronize your ical with a Palm Pilot date book. A patched version of ical 2.2.1a that should build on Tcl 8.3 and newer versions was made available several times in the past for people to mirror; I unfortunately am unaware of any specific location for ical-2.2.1a.tar.gz . At the wanadoo site, find a port of ical 2.2 to Windows. Author no longer provides support for this tool. Updated: 05/2002 Contact: Unknown What: icel.tcl Where: <URL: > Description: A dictionary learning engine. Can store multiple definitions per unit. Currently at version 0.004 . Updated: 05/2004 Contact: See web site What: ICEM CFD Engineering Tcl Compiler (tclc) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A commercial Tcl Compiler, available for a number of Unix platforms. Supports tk, tclX, blt, expect, img extensions. V2 of the compiler is ready for DEC Alpha, AIX, Sun Solaris 2.x, SGI, HP-UX, Linux, and Windows NT/95. It compilers Tcl v8.0. Byte codes produced are portable between platforms. The next version of the compiler will optionally translate tcl scripts into java bytecodes. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: IceUtils Where: <URL: > Description: Suite of command line tools designed to make creating a game world and playing through that world easier. Some tools are specific to Iron Crown's Rolemaster system, other tools can be used for general gaming environments. One or more of the scripts are written in Tcl. Currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 06/2003 Contact: See web site What: Icrop Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front-end to ImageMagick's import program. Allows you to graphically visualize the area to be cropped. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:gigi dot giorgi at libero dot it > What: IDEA Where: <URL: > Description: Integrated Document Engineering Assistant (IDEA) is a Tcl/Tk interface to a suite of SGML utilities that can be used to produce DVI, PS, and plain text output from a single SGML source. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Sami Lempinen) What: Ideogramic Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based UML tool which uses gestures to create diagram elements. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: idiff Where: <URL: > Description: An interactive diff program, written in Expect and based on the C from Kernighan and Pike's "The Unix Programming Environment" book. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Alistair G. Crooks) What: IDL/Pvwave/Matlab to Tk Where: From the contact Description: A modified version of Tk which communicates with a custom RPC interface designed for WAVE and now IDL. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Justin Seiferth) What: IEEE 488 GPIB board driver Where: <URL: > Description: Manipulate GPIB boards using a modified Tcl/Tk shell with GPIB commands. Lots of new Tk widgets are available for writing measurement software. Works with Tcl 7.3 or 7.4. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (GPIB admin requests) What: iForth binding to Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > Description: Contact reports he is using Tcl/Tk with iForth on both Windows and Linux, with reports of it working on the Macintosh as well. This is commercial software. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Marcel Hendrix) What: iGecko Where: <URL: > Description: iGecko is a financial media player written in a combination of Tcl and C++. Provides a PalmPilot Portfolio link, dynamic spreadsheet link, news profiling, stock limit alerts, and more. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: IKIT Where: <URL: > Description: IKIT is an interactive and batch image processing kit. IKIT is a Tk application that uses a series of specialized Tcl image processing extensions (included) to implement an interactive image manipulation tool. Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: Illustra ORDBMS to WWW CGI gateway Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl CGI gateway for WWW access to Illustra ORDBMS files. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Troy Hanson) What: IMAGE Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk wrap for the CAD software CATIA GEOmetry interface of CATIA(TM). This is still alpha software. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mark Hale) What: incant Where: <URL: > Description: Dictionary service client with both command line and GUI versions. Written in Tcl/Tk 8.0. Features multiple word string searches, dictionary selection, platform independant. Currently at v1.3. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: IncrFilter Where: <URL: > Description: An interactive full-text search tool in Tcl/Tk. Performs incremental updates of the results list as keystrokes are entered, conjunctive match of several target strings within a given scope of line, paragraph or file, displays matches in context, with multi-color highlighting of matches. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Infocetera Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial Web based information management system, with a Tcl based extension framework. Provides tools such as calendar, room scheduler, address book, todo list, bug and issue tracking, url lists, time sheets, invoice generators, file uploading, slideshows, file system viewers, spreadsheets. charting, chat, white and message boards, outliners, in/out boards, and a personal news desk. A 30 day free trial is available. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: InfoPrism Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A general document processing system that translates SGML comforming to the InfoPrism DTD to different output formats, such as HTML, Texinfo, LaTeX and plain text. Latest version now supports SGML scripts - that is, microscripted SGML documents (with embedded Tcl code that gets processed in a preprocessor manner). Uses itcl 3.0, an SGML parser (such as sgmls v1.1.91 and nsgmls v1.1.1), and Jultaf library v0.0.9 or newer. It uses the GPL. At this time it is alpha quality. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Stefan Hornburg) What: Insight Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI for GNU's GDB. Provides access to most of GDB's features and allows for Tcl based GDB extending. Uses the GNU Public License. Currently at version 5.0. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Insight mailing list) <URL: > What: InstallBase Where: <URL: > Description: InstallBase Multi-Platform Installer. Cross-platform installer and install builder written in Tcl/Tk, designed to create software delivery system that rivals commercial products. Built in support for Windows install conventions. Supports Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux. Currently at version 1.0a5 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: Interface to C program example (Ganley) Where: <URL: > Description: mgsimple is an example of adding a Tk GUI to a C application. The example strips out a lot of extra code from Tk_Main and allows a cleaner startup of your own C + Tk application. It illustrates sharing variables between C and Tk and registering your own C commands that can then be called from Tk. It will compile for Tk 4.1, Tk 4.2 and Tk 8.0. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Michael K. Ganley) What: Interface to C program example (Tveter) Where: <URL: > Description: Example of how to use Tcl/Tk to produce an X interface to a conventional C program. Updated: 02/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Don Tveter) What: Intranet Developer's Kit Where: <URL: > Description: IDK contains enhanced and stabilized internet technologies (perl, Tcl, Tk, expect, and Apache) from the internet. Cygnus provides multiple levels of support for IDK. It is with IDK that enterprise clients, ISPs and the like, can establish commercially viable WWW presence using FREE software. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: Invoice Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script that extracts 'invoice' data from a database and generates a LaTeX file. Package is provided *as is*. Updated: 06/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Robert Heller) What: Iplace - interactively place widgets on a frame Where: From the contact Description: A poor-man's GUI builder. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wayne A. Christopher) What: IPX ping Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Extensions to tkined and scotty to allow them to be used to check NetWare machines. This software uses Sun's /dev/nit interface, and thus will only run on a Sun. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Hugh Anderson) What: Irix port of Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl 7 and Tcl 8 for Irix 6.2 (mips1), compiled so it should work on Irix 5.3 as well. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: IRRToolSet Where: <URL: > Description: Policy analysis tools written in C++, using Tcl/Tk for graphics. Generate router config files, display and check routes, generate network aggregates, etc. Currently at version 4.8.2 . Updated: 11/2003 Contact: See web site What: isdn4k-utils Where: <URL: > Description: This set of utilities, designed to provide a variety of tools for managing ISDN connections, includes the following utilities which use Tcl as an embedded language: isdnmon is a Tk monitor of the link and vbox, which is an answering machine/voice mailbox package. Updated: 02/1998 Contact: <URL: > Send "subscribe isdn4linux {Email address}" to sign up for the isdn4linux mailing list. What: ishido Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl based Ishido game. Code is ready but help doc is missing. Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Leitgeb) What: ismap Where: <URL: > Description: Defines active areas for WWW ismap images. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jim Davis) What: Iso_Wish_Exe Where: <URL: > Description: This is the standalone wish executable for Win32 that sources a Tcl/Tk script called 'main.tcl'. Compiled with the tcl81sa.lib and tk81sa.lib libraries (as well as tk.res). Convenient way to distribute your Tcl/Tk applications on windows platforms without having to install and maintain the entire Tcl/Tk libraries or worry about incompatible older versions. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Daniel Alexander) What: IT-MAME Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface for xmame. Lighter, faster alternative to TkMAME. Currently at version 0.1.5. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: ivcs Where: <URL: > Description: Internet video conferencing software for Windows. Extendable via Tcl. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: IVS Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: >. Description: As part of the MBONE support software, the Inria Videoconferencing System (IVS) was written by Thierry Turletti and Christian Huitema. It uses a sophisticated compression algorithm (a software implementation of the H.261 standard). It produces a lower data rate, but because of the processing demands the frame rate is much lower and the delay higher. System requirements: SUN SPARCstation or SGI Indigo, video grabber (VideoPix Card for SPARCstations), video camera, the X window system with Motif or Tk toolkit. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (IVS Users Group) <URL: > (Thierry Turletti) What: J Where: <URL: > Description: Multi-file, Multi-window Programmer's editor written entirely in Java. Features syntax highlighting for C, C++, HTML, Java, Javascript, LISP, Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl/Tk, Verilog, VHDL, XML, auto-indentation, directory buffers, regular expressions, find and replace, autosave and crash recovery, undo/redo, and ftp/http support. Also supports keyboard mappings and themes. Currently at verison 0.20.2 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site. What: ja-ewipe Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL:^ja-tk-4.2&stype=name > Description: A Tk 4.2 presentation tool. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: ja-gp Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk 4.2 printer manager. Written for a Japanese version of Tk 4.2. Updated: 01/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Jacks Where: <URL: > Description: Fre test suite to detect bugs in a particular Java compiler. Build using Tcl 8.3 . Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 04/2003 Contact: See web site What: Jacl Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: httpp:// > Description: Jacl is a Tcl 8.x interpreter written in Java. Demos, etc. are available on the web page. Also available is Tcl Blend, a Tcl extension that allows you access to the Java VM from the Tcl interpreter. This is to allow a developer to write new Tcl extensions in Java. SWANK is a graphical interface designed to be used with Jacl to give the programmer the feel of programming in Tk. Currently at version 1.3.1 . Updated: 05/2004 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > What: Jargon file interface Where: <URL: > Description: Source from The X Resource's article "A Tutorial Introduction to Tcl and Tk". Updated: Contact: Unknown What: Java interface to Tcl (avh) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Provides the means to execute Tcl scripts from a Java program. Contact Ralf Ackermann <URL: > for the changes to get this to build on Linux v1.3.24 with Tcl 7.5a2 and the JDK. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Arthur van Hoff) What: Java interface to Tcl (Corey) Where: From the contact <URL: > Description: Small interface that allows you to use Tcl as a scripting language for Java, or write Tcl commands in Java. Written for Java 1.0 SDK and either Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0 or Tcl 7.5b2/Tk 4.1b2. It permits using Tcl as a scripting language for Java and defining Tcl commands in Java. Only works with stand alone Java applications. At the site, one can find a patch that upgrades tcljava0.4 to 0.4a. It provides a GNU autoconf configure script, a Microsoft VC++/NT 4.0 makefile.vs script, and ports tcljava0.4 to JDK 1.1. The file includes the source as well as NT4.0 binaries for tcljava and [incr Tcl] 2.2. The patches upgrade tcljava to the version that is being tested for the next Tycho release. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ken Corey) <URL: > (Christopher Hylands) What: JavaBot Where: <URL: > Description: JavaBot TNG is an IRC bot that can be scripted in BeanShell, Python, and Tcl. Provides a framework that is extensible through plugins. Currently at version 0.13 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: javaShark Where: <URL: > Description: Small but useful GUI interface to the Java compiler. Permits you to edit and compile Java source code. Includes a small Tk text editor, or you can specify your preferred editor. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: Unknown What: jdbtool Where: <URL: > Description: Tk GUI for the Java debugger supplied with the Java Development Kit from Sun. Provides a point and click interface to the debugger as well as a powerful shell replacement for the jdb command line. Currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: JergoBlatz Where: <URL: > Description: Mailing list server with special support for play-by-email turn based games. Includes a Tk based GUI for configuration. Currently at v2.0.1. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: JeruKey Where: <URL: > Description: Bind actions to your keyboard keys. Includes a Tk interface. Currently at version 0.8.1 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:l dot roccia at studenti dot to dot it > What: JetSync Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to PilotLink providing ability to synchronize a number of Palm Pilot III/IIIx databases to a desktop system. Currently at version 1.0. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: jgl Where: <URL: > Description: An interactive siteswap animator and ladder diagram illustrator. Updated: 01/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Ron A. Zajac) What: JiMM Where: <URL: > Description: Full featured Tcl/Tk Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. Updated: 06/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: Joy Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial software free for evaluation purposes. Provides the ability to integrate Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, Tcl, and C, all from one language. Tcl support is no longer the lanuage of choice for new functionality, but continues to be supported and enhanced. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: js tools Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A suite of applications along with reusable libraries used in these applications. Applications include an abbreviation manager (jabbrevs), a multi-font help viewing system (jdoc), a extensible multi-font, multi-mode text editor (jedit - includes some vi-like bindings), a tool supporting multilingual text msg management (jldb), a graphical analogue to more (jmore), a preferences manager (jprefs), plus numerous other support tools and demonstration programs. Note that there are a large number of useful procedures that come as a part of this package including a set of rich text management procedures, as well as ones to save tagged and marked text to a file and restore it, as well as arbitrary metadata, also saving to HTML, TeX, PostScript. The latest version, called jstools-1998.11.04, requires Tk 8.0, and begins using namespaces and package requires. During the transition, the APIs are going to be changing, and there may be some file format changes as well. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jay Sekora) What: JTcl Where: <URL: > Description: J script library allowing access to the Tcl language. Can invoke Tcl extensions such as Tk, allowing J programmers to create GUI interfaces for J applications. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto: > What: judge Where: <URL: > Description: Software for running a Scrabble (TM) tournament. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Mendel Cooper) What: Juice Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl 8.0 debugger with GUI interface. Version at cpu points to a wish 8.0 self extracting archive for the debugger. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ioi Lam) What: Jungle Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: The contact is developing a "WWW server" (sic) (really HTTP?) using Tcl/Tk/tclX/Tcl-DP. Alpha version currently supports simple GET, HEAD, POST directives and CGI-Scripts and can server plaintext, HTML, GIF, JPG, and AU file formats. Configure it similar to CERN. Provides no authentication or access controls, or cgi program execution for POST or searching. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: jWalk Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl tool to automate Java source code processing work. Known to work on Linux and Win32. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Robert J. Gautier) What: JX Development Suite Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Commercial development suite for Linux, with GUI development & debugging, as well as development libraries. Contains Code Crusader, a source browser which knows of many different languages, including Tcl. Most of the package, however, is centered on C++ or Java. Updated: 02/2004 Contact: See web page. What: Kalich Where: <URL: > Description: Intelligent IRC bot written in Tcl. Currently at version 0.05. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Kanga Tcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Windows NT build 7 "batteries included" distribution, including alpha/pre-release versions of some code. Includes Tcl/Tk 8.4a2, itcl/tk 3.2, iwidgets 3.0.0, BLT 2.4u, Bwidgets 1.3.0, Tix 8.2.0 early access, and JPEG 6b, along with a number of patches. Set up to be built under Cygwin or Microsoft Visual C++ . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: keirc Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: KDE based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client program. Uses Tcl 7.5 for scripting. Supports multiclient, multicolor and font, DCC chat and file, small webserver, sound, ignore list, communicates with Netscape, etc. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Eko Bono) What: Kewl Session Manager Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk menu for selecting which window manager, program, or script you wish to launch for the login session. Currently at version 1.1-1 . Updated: 12/2002 Contact: See web site What: Kinetic Application Processor (KAP) Where: <URL: > Description: Kinetic Application Processor (KAP) is an open source Tcl plugin for the Netscape and Apache HTTP servers. It provides the HTML developer a <tcl > tag allowing one to embed executable tcl into HTML page without requiring the user to download a plugin. This item is nearing pre-release stage. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: KIS Where: <URL: > Description: A shareware Tcl-based information server providing system admins access to UNIX kernel information via Tcl scripts. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: Klondike Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based solitaire game, based on the traditional solitaire game, but influenced by the user interface of the Macintosh game of the same name. Runs with Tcl 7.5 or later. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (John Heidemann) What: knews Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Proof of concept NNTP server written in itcl. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Kobaz Eggdrop Scripts Where: <URL: > Description: Collection of Eggdrop Tcl scripts including a Quotebot, Infobot, TriviaBot, Botnet Control, Password Checking, Dynamic Config File management, Database, Math, help system, etc. Requires Eggdrop 1.3.x and Tcl 8.1 or higher. Currently at version 2.2.7 . Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: konnekt4 Where: <URL: > Description: C port of a LISP connect-4 game, with the GUI in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Kort Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/curses/mysql glue that allows a user to define what to display from mysql and how to process it by tcl. Updated: 06/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: ksc Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk 4.1 thru Tk 8.1 RPN desktop calculator. Works for Unix and Windows NT. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ken St-Cyr) What: Ksniff Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Package sniffer/analyzer developed for the KDE project - supports Tcl plugins. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (John Corey) What: kt2c Where: <URL: > Description: Preliminary version of a Tcl to C converter. Relies on the Tcl bytecode compiler to convert a proc to bytecodes, then converts said bytecodes to C statements. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Kugel Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Move objects on the board into rows, columns, diagonals. Similar to the DOS game of Lines. Version v2.0 is now available. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Vlatko Primorac) What: KutuluPack Script Distribution Where: <URL: > Description: A collection of Tcl scripts designed to intereact with each other, allowing for dynamic loading/unloading, version checking, help system, etc. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: Unknown What: L.A.N.E. Where: <URL: > Description: The Logically Advanced Neural Engine is designed for building training, testing, simulating and running neural network designs and to graphically display the results. It is built around Tcl v8.0.4, Tix, BLT, and TclX. It is available for free non-commercial use. The version at grobe is a pre-release version. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: l2x Where: <URL: > Description: LaTeX parser front end, calling Tcl functions for each LaTeX construction. Simple conversions are provided as examples. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Henning Schulzrinne) What: LablTk/LablBrowser Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: LablTk uses Objective Label - an extension of Objective Caml using both labeled and optional arguments to give an almost type-safe interface to Tcl/Tk. This provides additional type safety to the environment. LablBrowser is a programming environment which allows one to browse code (source and compiled), navigate thru it, and retrieve functions from the library by their path, name or type. This code should work on any Unix/X system, producing native code on architectures supported by Objective Caml. It may also work on Windows NT, but this is not supporated at this time. A binary version, centering around LablBrowser, should be available soon for Windows systems. The code is compatible with Tcl/Tk 7.5/4.1 , 7.6/4.2, 8.0, 8.1a2. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jacques Garrigue) <URL: > (Jun Furuse - LablTk) What: LAPIS Where: <URL: > Description: LAPIS (Lightweight Architecture for Processing Information Structure) is a tool for lightweight structured text processing. It is a web browser which can highlight and manipulate regions of text. Written in Java, I have been told that the authors have done some work with Tcl using the Jacl interpreter. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Rob Miller) What: LARD Where: <URL: > Description: Language for Asyncronous Research and Development (LARD) is a hardware description language, which uses Tcl as its scripting language. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Laserjet Manager Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: This program makes the options of the front panel on a HP Laserjet printer directly available to the user on the screen. It is especially well suited for the newer Laserjet 5 models that completely lack front panel configurability. Source code, binaries for Linux, HP-UX, and SGI are available, and documentation in English or German available. The latest version of this program is a commercial one and is no longer freely downloadable. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Schwaninger) What: Lassen Where: <URL: > Description: Multimedia/Information Retrieval research project Updated: Contact: Unknown What: LaTeX to Tk Help Where: From the contact Description: latex2tkhlp is a simple program that converts a LaTeX document into a Tk hypertext help proc "DoHelp" that you can bind to a Tk Help button. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jun Luo) What: Launcher Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Launcher provides centralized type/handler managment across applications. Launcher is a command-line program (with a separate Tk GUI process) it can used as a drop-in replacement for every type/handler pairing in most applications. Launcher is an attempt at an all-in-one file handling solution for use with any software that uses file type to file handler mappings. This utility is the one point of configuration for programs like netscape, the dfm filemanager, tkArchive, tkmail, or any other software that uses filetype/handler pairs. Features include multiple type-discovery methods, apache mime.types parsing for extension mapping, and GUI-based disambiguation. Launcher is not compatible with metamail's mailcap format. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.0. Currently at version 0.86. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ethan Gold) What: Lavaps Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Interactive process tracking program like top. Uses Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 2.2 . Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > (John Heidemann) What: layz Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: An ezmlm mailing list management tool. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Lindsay F. Marshall) What: lcross Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk game- search through a 15x15 grid to find the black caskets. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Torben Ott) What: LDS Draw Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk Logical Data Structure editor to manipulate entity boxes and the relationships that connect them. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Alex Safonov) What: Ledger Where: <URL: > Description: Open source personal finance application, using double-entry accounting internally. Part of PDQ Interfaces. Script only. Currently at version 1.4 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Peter MacDonald) What: Lens Where: <URL: > Description: Neural network simulator. Designed for training feed-forward and recurrent back propagation networks. Provides a variety of graphical interfaces, as well as includes Tcl as its scripting language. Runs on Windows as well as most Unix platforms. Currently at version 2.3 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Libsearch Where: From the contact Description: expect driven interface to internet library databases. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Terrence Brannon) ??? What: Lightwave Where: From the contact Description: An animation program for the Video Toaster Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Karl Lehenbauer) What: lily Where: <URL: > Description: A layout editor developed by Dave Svoboda. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (David Svoboda) What: Lin-MP3 Where: <URL: > Description: MP3 player for Linux, with ability to rate songs, albums, artists, and then play back based on ratings. Now has a Tcl/Tk GUI. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 03/2004 Contact: See web site What: Linip Config Where: <URL: > Description: GUI itnerface to Linux network config commands, allowing you to view DHCP settings, release and renew IP address, etc. Written in Tcl/Tk . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:t dot johnson at cafe57 dot com > What: LinuDent Where: <URL: > Description: A dental practice management software package that runs in X. Uses Tk and tclkit and is being developed under Linux. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: LinuText Where: <URL: > Description: Text editor for Linux written in Tcl/Tk. It can edit many files, with 10 copy/cut/paste buffers, search and replace, customizable undo levels, etc. Currently version 1.3 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See distribution for details. What: Linux Multimedia Box Where: <URL: > Description: Linux Multimedia Box is a GUI application for building multimedia Linux based devices, similar to a PVR or set top box. XML is used for describing the user interface, and events and callbacks are in embedded Tcl. It is a fork of Eboxy. Currently at version 0.7.1 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: Linux port of Tcl 7.0/Tk 4.0 Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0, designed to install in /usr/local. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jesper Pedersen) What: Linux port of Tcl 7.x/Tk 4.x Where: <URL: > Description: Binary ports of Tcl 7.x and Tk 4.x, as well as many other extensions and programs. Require libc v4.4.4 or later and tk/blt and tkX require XFree86-2.0 or later. The Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1/tclX related files are by Martin Cornelius. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (David Engel) <URL: > (Martin Cornelius) What: Linux port of Tcl/Tk 8.x Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk 8.0 port at Redhat's site. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (David Engel, Debian packages) What: LISP DEBUG Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: LISP source debugger, designed to work with GNU Common LISP (GCL), CMUCL and ACL. Has GUI interface, breakpoints, watchpoints on expressions, single stepping, profiling of code, executing code highlighting. Supports profiling, multiple source code debugging, and debug granularity at the lispform level. You can look at lexical context of already executed steps. Tested with GCL 2.3, CMUCL 18b, CLISP, ACL v5, Tcl/Tk 8.x, Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Marc Mertens). What: LiveIce Where: <URL: > Description: A system which allows encoding of live audio data into format which can then be broadcast via icecast. Has a Tcl/Tk config client. Currently at version 1.0.0 . Updated: 09/2004 Contact: See web site What: Lyris Email ListManager Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial email/web discussion group software. Heavily Tcl based, with backend of C++. Uses Tcl, TclHttpd, tcl scripting within email messages, does RPC using Tcl, and TclSOAP expected to be used in the future. Currently at version 7.0 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: Lithium Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Quick Tk hack to assist in checking the spelling in HTML documents. Lighter weight (but slower) than ispell with the HTML patch. Requires ispell. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Lindsay F. Marshall) What: LML 33 drivers Where: <URL: > Description: Video drivers for Linux. Tcl not required, but can be used to control the cards. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Vassili Leonov) What: logger Where: <URL: > Description: Small Tcl/Tk logger program for tracking time spent on jobs. Can track multiple jobs for multiple users. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Logiscope C RuleChecker Where: <URL: > Description: Automatically checks source code against international or in-house standard rules. Checks various C implementations. Uses Tcl for its rules. A commercial product with a 30 day free evaluation on request from the contact. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: lookup Where: From the contact Description: Look up words in /usr/dict/word file. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Paul Raines) What: LTCL Where: <URL: > Description: Perform transformations on images, volumes and surface models. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Craig Schwartz) What: lwmenu Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk program to provide an application menu at the current X pointer position for window managers which do not provide such functionality (such as lwm). Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: Lyris list manager Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl powered mailing list manager. This has quite an interesting business model - it is free for use on up to 50 mailing lists, with a max of 200 members per list. After that, there are several tiers of additional support provided, covering more lists and members. Currently at version 3.0, with 4.0 about to be released. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: M3Tk Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk app to generate M3U playlists from MP3 files and to allow editing of ID3 tags. Playlists generated from genre, album, year, and artist tags. Scans the computer for MP3 files, then sorts them into playlists. Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: Magic Notebook Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: CGI script for maintaining a web based notebook of info. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: MailStripper Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Mail scanner to remove spam and viruses from incoming mail. Designed to be MTA-independent. I don't know the difference between MailStripper and MailStripper Pro - I don't necessarily see the distinguishment on the web site. MailStripper Pro is a commercial version of the application, and is at version 1.2.3 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: Makedist Where: <URL: > Description: A tool to help generate distributions from a source code repository such as CVS, automating as much as possible. V2.0 requires Tcl 8.x . Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Kupries) What: maler Where: <URL: > Description: Small example of Tk drawing program. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Achim Lehmkuhl) What: MaMa Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk 8.x front end to make. Provides ease of interactiving with multiple make files with multiple targets. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Asko Seeba) What: Where: From the contact Description: Tk based man page browser. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John Bowe) What: Mandelstep Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 4.2 or newer program to manuveur around a Mandelbrot set. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Karl J. Runge) What: Mankala (Critchlow) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A two player Tk version of the Mankala game. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Roger E. Critchlow Jr.) What: Mankala (McKay) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk version of the classic game. Allows various combinations of human and machine players. Should run with Tcl/Tk 8.0 or higher. Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: MapEdit Where: <URL: > Description: General purpose map creation and modification, written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Map_Marker Where: <URL: > Description: Aid a user in designing an HTTP imagemap for an HTML page. The user can read in an image and imagemap file, manipulate a few basic shapes, display these in a number of styles and colors, save the file, and test URLs in the file. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Dr. Peter Murray-Rust) What: Marina Where: <URL: > Description: Caller-ID program written in Tcl that does logging and shows a nice formatted view of incoming calls. Currently at version 0.4a. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: MASIA Where: <URL: > Description: Multiple Aligned Sequences Investigation and Analysis is a Tcl/Tk GUI application to search for consistent patterns in multiple aligned biological sequences. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: See web site What: MasqMan Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to Linux /proc/net/ip_masquerade file Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: MasterBatcher Where: From the contact Description: Tk interface for creating a number of input data files for a set of batch jobs. Automatically creates input and output filenames, datafiles, directories, and script to run them all. Requires Perl and Tcl/Tk. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: MAT Where: <URL: > Description: Enterprise Monitoring and Administration Tool (MAT), aka MATtool. Used to manage a heterogeneous UNIX network. The monitoring daemon maintains historical info on several monitored parameters with graphing and event triggering when thresholds are exceeded. Also has self-upgrade ability. Allows you to add/modify/delete users, groups, hosts, email aliases, filesystems, crontabs, DNS configs, domains and records, login messages, services, NIS records, syslogd, syslog files, routes, processes, lastlog, disk space, and exported file systems, as well as network connectivity, required processes, disk usage, CPU usage, run queues, logins, ftp server status, and SMTP server status. Available for HPUX 10.20/11.00, IRIX 6, Linux 2.x, Solaris 5.x, using Tcl/Tk 8.x (Perl 5.x is optional). Currently at version 0.29 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: <URL: > (S. Mark Black) What: Math Teaching Aid Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Simple application to graph mathematical functions. Allow graphing of arbitrary number of functions at the same time. Auto or manual axis range, user control of colors, line widths, etc. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Reed Wade) What: Mathematics Laboratory Equipment Applets Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk applets that can be activated from your WWW browser. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (C.W.Holeman II) What: MathXplorer/T Where: <URL: > Description: A limited version of the product which provides matrix based numerical analysis capabilities to Tcl. The professional version without the limits is available free of charge for faculty and staff of non-profit research institutions. Versions are now available for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and Solaris. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Maze exploring game Where: <URL: > Description: Client/server maze game written in Tcl/Tk. Still a work in progress. The contact expressed some hope to run a server on his site, so that one could play this via a Tclet. Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Donal K. Fellows) What: maze Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk program that generates mazes and allows you to solve them. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Roger Critchlow) What: MazeMan Where: <URL: > Description: An interactive maze game. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (John F. Sefler) What: mbiff Where: <URL: > Description: Simple, no frills, Tcl/Tk multi-mailbox watching program. Rings a bell when new mail arrives. tclX required. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jim Graham) What: mbot Where: <URL: > Description: C++ IRC bot with embedded Tcl scripting. Partially compatible with eggdrop. Currently at version 5.2.0 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: mcalc Where: <URL: > Description: generate file containing monthly payment schedules and state of loan, giving principle, interest rate and duration of a loan in months. Limited support for extra monthly payments on principal. Has a Tk front end. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jeff Schmidt) What: Me Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk/Tix based mapping program. Allows zooming in and out to look at objects on the canvas at different magnifications. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jan A. Barglowski) What: MedMapper Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interactive medical decision making application Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: Meltdowns Anti Advertise Where: <URL: > Description: IRC script that watches public and private messages, notices, and onjoin msgs and bans offenders that aare not known to the bot. Can be used to block advertising. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 06/2003 Contact: See web site What: memory allocation package Where: <URL: > Description: A garbage collecting, leak detecting malloc() replacement. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Hans-J. Boehm) What: Memory Where: <URL: > Description: This package includes a Tcl/Tk version of the old card game where you have to find two matching cards out of a specific deck of cards. There are options to use your own deck of cards and background picture. Also, the possibility to play against the computer is provided. Standard cards are of Christina Applegate (a.k.a. Kelly Bundy). Written in Tcl7.6/Tk4.2. Runs fine on Windows 95, 1 known 'bug' on Unix/Linux (viewing the cards gives a window with a width of 1 pixel). Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Henk Verkaik) What: meniny Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk script showing name in Slovak Calendar. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: Unknown What: Menu Edit tool Where: <URL: > Description: GUI interface to edit menus. Runs stand alone and will be a plugin for SpecTcl in the future. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ken Corey) What: Mercator Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Mind mapping software. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Lindsay F. Marshall) What: mercurius Where: <URL: > Description: Mercurius facilitates composing and reading multimedia electronic messages compliant with the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME). Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: MERLIN Where: <URL: > Description: MERLIN (Multi-source EnviRonmental data DispLay for INternet archives) provides the user with the means to visualize and process, correlate and analyze data. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: Meta-GUI tools Where: <URL: > Description: Framework for quickly building full GUI applications. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jeff Kotula) What: mg Where: <URL: > Description: A research prototype for managing multi-gigabytes of documents and images. May fail for > 4 gig files. See <URL: > for more details. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Alistair Moffat) What: MGGHAT Where: <URL: > Description: MultiGrid Galerkin Hierarchical Adaptive Triangles (MGGHAT) is a program for the solution of second order linear elliptic partial differential equations. It uses Tk to display the graphics. See <URL: > for more details. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: mghello Where: <URL: > Description: Example source of using your C program with a Tcl/Tk GUI. Illustrates the registration of personal Tk functions, linking of variables, a method of keeping application "alive" when GUI is idle, and a bit more. Used Tk3.6p2, Tcl7.3. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Michael K Ganley) What: mib browser Where: <URL: > Description: SNMP gets, walking on selected nodes. No support for sets yet in application. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Subodh Nijsure) What: MIB Smithy Where: <URL: > Description: SNMP developers, MIB designers and internet-draft authors find a GUI based environment for designing, editing, and compiling MIB modules according to SMI v1 and 2 standards. Commercial product. Currently at version 3.0 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: mibwander Where: <URL: > Description: Pair of Scotty scripts to allow browsing of mibs supplied with Scotty and others running on a SNMP daemon. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Simon Benn) What: mickey mouse clock Where: From the contact Description: A simple Tk clock which displays Mickey Mouse. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Michael Sandler) What: mICQ Where: <URL: > Description: Matt's ICQ Clone is a portable small ICQ clienet that supports password changing, auto-away, new account creation, etc. Support has been added for SSL encrypted direct connections and Tcl scripting. Currently at version 0.4.11 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: Midnight Commander Where: <URL: > Description: Recent versions of Midnight Commander (like v3.5.16) has the capability of being configured with a Tcl/Tk interface. Midnight Command is a file management interface. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: MIKU Where: <URL: > Description: Send ICQ like messages using ordinary mail accounts. Written using Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: MilkBot Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Eggdrop Tcl script that connects the Eggdrop IRC channel bot to AIM. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: mailto:wwoods@WAM.UMD.EDU > (Will Woods) What: Mind.Forth Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl web links and tools for porting Mind.Forth. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: miner Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 7.x/8.0x version of MineSweeper. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Lee A. Butler) What: Minidisk ToC Editor Where: <URL: > Description: mdtoceditor is a Qt based editor used for creating and editing minidisc table of contents. The ToC is sent to the deck using infraread signals. The specific toc details are stored in small Tcl plugins. Currently at version 0.2.1 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:Uwe dot Rathmann at epost dot de > What: MiniHelp Where: <URL: > Description: A WYSIWYG help authoring package for Tcl/Tk 4.x applications. As of release 1.1b3, it is SGML compliant. Known to work under Windows NT and Linux. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Charlie Kempson) What: Miniserver Where: From the contact Description: Small Tcl server written to communicate with a set of applications running on the same display. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Carlos Vidal) What: MiniTik Where: <URL: > Description: Minimal unobtrusive robust functional AOL instant messenger client written in Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 1. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: Minkowsky Where: <URL: > Description: A groupware tool to manage appointments, tasks, and addresses. Software can display appointments by timetable, can check to see if other participants are available, can send invitations and later reminders, can manage task lists (with urgency levels and target dates). The server should run on all Unix/X11 platforms (including MacOS X). Written in Tcl/Tk/Tix. Available in German, as well as English translation. Currently version 0.5.1 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: MIR Where: <URL: > Description: MIR is designed for rapid prototyping of typical NLP architectures sun as SRN, RAAM, and SOM. Wriiten in C using Tcl/Tk. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: MISC Where: <URL: > Description: Music notation system, using general MIDI format. Uses C++ and Tcl/Tk. On Linux, one needs a SoundBlaster AWE32 or 64 sound card and the AWE driver v0.4.2c or newer. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jan Wuerthner) What: mkcvl Where: <URL: > Description: Generate resume cover letters based on a template ASCII file. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (wes bailey) What: Mkdepend Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl implementation of makedepend for generating makefile dependency information from source files. By default it uses Microsoft's C preprocessor and generates NMAKE output, but that can be set via command line options. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Nat Pryce) What: mklinkwin Where: From the contact Description: Based on the WISE installer, uses the built in create shortcut command to create links on Win32 systems. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Bill Schongar) What: MkLinux Where: <URL: > Description: This version of Linux for the Macintosh, includes Tcl as part of the software development environment. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: mkpkg Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk tool to help create installation packages for distribution. mkpkg has been implemented on HP-UX using Tcl/Tk and provides both graphical and command line interfaces. It builds product-level packages for Software Distributor (SD-UX). Updated: 02/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Carl Staelin) What: ml tk editor Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: ML (aka mleditor) is designed for editing Tcl/Tk source files as well as other text files. The version at berlios is a modification of Campbell's work, plus some modifications. Currently at version 1.13 . Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Campbell) <URL: mailto:superlinux at usa dot net > What: mmm Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A WWW client demonstrating the capabilities of the Caml Special Light programming language. Supports most of HTML 3.2, as well as Caml Special Light applets. Supports CGI calling, english, french and japanese, V0.41 requires Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1 or Tcl 7.6/Tk 4.2, metamail, djpeg, gzcat, and Caml v1.06 or newer. Updated: 01/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: MMuCl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: MMuCl (pronounced muckle) is a MUD (multi-user dungeon) client written in Tk 8. MMuCl has been verified to work under Linux, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Distributed under GNU Public License. Requires Tcl_Gtk . Currently at version 1.5.1 . Updated: 03/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Patton) What: Mobal Where: <URL: > Description: Software system for developing operational models of application domains in a first order logic representation. It uses an interface client written in Tk. Integrades a manual knowledge acquisition and inspection environment, an inference engine, machine learning methods, and a knowledge revision tool. Available free for non-commercial academic use. See <URL: > for more details. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: Where: <URL: > Description: Graphical wrapper for Linux Wireless Extensions Tools. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 02/2005 Contact: See web site What: MoCalc Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simple GUI calculator with scrollable editable readout display, precision level selection, and changable readout font. Requires Tcl 7.4 or higher. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Corral) What: Model Railroad System Where: <URL: > Description: Software to run a model railroad. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Robert Heller) What: Modem Where: <URL: > Description: Distributed communication package for modems. Allows multiple machines to share a modem server. Uses a TCP connection to the server and runs any program on the server side, so that PPP, ckermit, etc. can be supported. Package hides the details of communicating with the modem from the clients. Requires access to the identd server. Uses netscape for its help system. Runs on Linux and Solaris 2.x for the x86 platform, as well as HP-UX and SPARC Solaris2.x using the virtual modem device. Provides several interfaces, including a Tcl/Tk interface. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Merijn de Jonge) What: modemtcl Where: <URL: > Description: Utility to manage permissions and lock files used by various dialogue software packages. Currrenly at version 0.1. Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: Modular APplication Engine (MAPE) Where: <URL: > Description: Framework for writing multi-tier applications in multiple programming languages, using different GUIs for the clients, and accessing multiple database systems. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:dan dot horak at email dot cz > What: Modules Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Also known as Environment Modules, this is a dynamic user environment customization package. The two contrib files consist of various sample modules developed at Auburn University. The AUengmod files are the modules used for auto-installing on Solaris machines and the other are for various clients. Find patches to v3.0Beta1 at the wustl site. Currently v3.0 is available. At the metalab site, a version of 3.0.2, ported to Linux can be found. It is actively being updated. The version at sunsite is a version with a variety of improvements. It is maintained by R.K. Owen. Currently at version 3.1.6, under the GPL. Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site. What: mod_dav Where: <URL: > Description: A possible project to develop a web client in Tcl to be used against the Apache server module mod_dav. IETF Distributed Authoriting and Versioning (DAV) protocol is currently in development. Check this site to see what the status of this project is. At the time of the initial entry of this item, no coding had begun. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Mod_dtcl (Aka Apache Tcl) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Apache modules to enable server parsed web pages using Tcl as the scripting language. They are simlar in functionality to PHP, fast, easy to use, tightly integrated with HTML, and extensible. Currently there are 3 projects - mod_tcl, Rivet, and Websh. mod_tcl allows you to write Apache modules in Tcl. Rivet is intended to be a new approach to neowebscript or mod_dtcl. Websh is a rapid development environment for building web aplications. Rivet is currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (David N. Welton) <URL: > (Mailing list) What: mod_tcl Where: <URL: > Description: An alternative Apache module. Updated: 06/2001 Contact: Unknown What: mod_websh Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Rapid development environment for building WWW applications. Written in Tcl. Runs as an Apache 2 module or in a standard CGI environment. Offers session and state management, command dispatching, encryption and logging. Currently at version 3.5 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:simon dot hefti at netcetera dot ch > What: momond Where: <URL: > Description: Modem line monitor, tracking the length of time the modem is online. Also can calculate the cost of all outgoing calls. Currently only supports Infovia's telephone rates in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. Uses Tk to show the ongoing status, amount of time, and cost. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Enrique Melero) What: Monitor files Where: From the contact Description: An Expectk script to perform a tail -f on a file and display the results. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Bob Willmot) What: monitor Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/tk based system monitor, with modules for clock, mail, PPP, batter, POP mail access, appointments, and positioning info. Originally written in Tcl 7.5 Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > (John Heidemann) What: moodss Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: The Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet (moodss) package is implemented in Tcl/Tk 8 and displays tabular data defined in independant modules. Complete help is provided. Graphically can display graphs, side and stacked bar charts, 2 and 3d pie charts, summary tables, and supports multiple element drag and drop. Has multiple module concurrent support, help, summary tables. Makes use of ghostscript to do print previewing. Uses Tcl/Tk 8.3.1, tkTable 2.x, tkpiechart 5.2, BLT 2.4i. Some modules are provided as examples which show graphical displaying of apache/apachex, arp, cpustats, core trace, diskstats, interrupts, kernmods, log, memstats, minimal, moomps (Modular Object Oriented MultiPurpose Service - a monitoring daemon), version 2.2 , mounts, various MySQL stats, minipy and randpy Python modules, netdev, odbcquery, pci, ping, ps, random, route, sensors, SNMP/snmptrap, system modules for Linux. and trace modules, etc. It can even keep track of all of this info on multiple servers. Supports use of ssh for secure remote invocations. Modules can be written in Tcl, Perl, Python, or C. Complete HTML documentation is also included. Tested with Unix and Windows 95. A Redhat rpm with moodss, BLT, and TkTable is available. Currently at version 19.4 . Updated: 02/2005 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Luc Fontaine) <URL: > with "subscribe" What: moonshine Where: <URL: > Description: Source code editor which recognizes most of the Tcl/Tk, Itcl, and Expect commands. Has customizable syntax highlighting Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Mops Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: 3D modeling environment exporting in Renderman Interface Bytestream (RIB), NURB curves and trimmed surfaces, boxes, quadrics, CSG as well as custom objects. Arbitrary number of modeling views, clipboard, independent property clipboard, console, advanced hieararchy browser. Uses Tcl/Tk and C. Version 0.42d is said to be the last release of this package. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (RANDi) What: mosaicRC Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tk script to open a new URL in Mosaic/X Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund) What: MoxQuizz Where: <URL: > Description: IRC quiz/trivia script for eggdrops, which acts as game master. Currently at version 0.7.1-nounicode . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:moxon at meta dash x dot de > What: MP3Shell Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl/Tk GUI for the mpg123 MP3 player. Currently at 1.2.20 . Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: MS-DOS port of Tcl 6.2 Where: <URL: > Description: stable port of Tcl 6.2, and extra libraries, ported to MS-DOS Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John Martin) What: MS-DOS port of Tcl 6.7 Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl 6.7 to MS-DOS. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:PSPRENG@CIPVAX.BIOLAN.UNI-KOELN.DE > (Peter Sprenger) ??? <URL: > (Peter Sprenger) ??? What: MS-DOS port of Tcl 7.3 Where: <URL: > Description: Binary of Tcl 7.3 for MS-DOS. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Vincent Wartelle) What: MS-DOS port of Tcl 7.x Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Partial port of Tcl 7.5a2 to MS-DOS 6.0 (and W95). DOS Tk is based on cTk. Both require more debugging. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Laura Michaels) What: MS-DOS port of Tcl 8.x (da Silva) Where: From the contact Description: Contact uses DJGPP to compile most of Tcl (pipes and stack size current problems). Contact is trying to figure out what to do about Tk. When exec is working, a release is expected, but email the contact for early release if needed. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Edevaldo Pereira da Silva Junior) What: MS-DOS port of Tcl/Tk (Poindexter) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Standard and tclX/tkX under MS-DOS, using the DJ Delorie's GO32 32 bit extended and linked with Quarterdeck's libraries for Desqview/X. Requires Desqview/X to run. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Poindexter) What: MS-DOS Widows NT port of Tcl/Tk (Cassidy) Where: <URL: > Description: Self extracting self installing exe file of Tcl/Tk v8.0.3, libraries, and some extensions. Compiled with Borland v5.0. Includes stand alone applications for a speech database. See the WWW site for more detail. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Steve Cassidy) What: MS-DOS Windows DLL port of Tcl Where: From the contact Description: An experimental MS-Windows DLL instance of Tcl 6.2. Author is not able to maintain and distribute this. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ugo Cei) What: MS-DOS Windows NT port of Tcl/Tk (winnt) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A port of the Windows twin port of Tcl/Tk and Tcl-DP to the Windows NT 3.1, 3.5 beta, and Chicago Beta 1 environment. It does not support Windows 3.1. Tknt40 is a port of Tcl 7.4, Tk 4.0, Tcl-DP 3.3b2, BLT 1.8, incr tcl 1.5 and most of Tix 4.0 to Windows NT 3.5. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:tknt@plateau.CS.Berkeley.EDU > (TkNT email) What: MS-DOS Windows NT port of Tcl/Tk Japanese (winnt) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: The Japanese beta release of the Windows NT Tcl/Tk port. This does not yet include Tcl-DP/BLT/[incr Tcl] extensions. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: MS-DOS Windows port of Tcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl (version unknown) to MS-DOS Windows (version unknown). Updated: 10/1998 Contact: Unknown What: MS-DOS Windows port of Tcl/Tk (Khan) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Find working versions of Tcl/Tk/Tix/BLT, etc. for 3 different Win32 based systems, all built with purely GNU tools - Mingw32 (native, uses MS-supplied DLLs only), Cygwin32 B19 (GPL'd POSIX emulation layer for win32 systems - need cygwinb19.dll installed), and UWIN (ATT/David Korn's POSIX emulation layer over win32). Has at least versions for Tcl/Tk 8.0p2. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Mumit Khan) What: MS-DOS Windows port of Tcl/Tk (TkWin - Alexin) Where: <URL: > Description: A port of Kubota's TkWin to VC/C++. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Alexin, Zoltan) What: MS-DOS Windows port of Tcl/Tk (TkWin - Kubota) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A port of Tcl 7.3 and Tk3.6a to MS DOS Windows using Borland C++ 4.0. Fetch the README files from the FTP sites above to get the specific details. This gives a Tk look and feel - not a Windows look and feel. Others have discussed ways of binding tkwin scripts to the application manager under Windows. The contains all of PLUS some examples. The SunSite winsock directory contains a current MS-Windows WinSock application. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Professor Ken K. Kubota) What: MS-DOS Windows port of Tcl/Tk (twin) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk for MS-Windows. Used Microsoft VC++ for port. See doc for limitations, exceptions, etc. Said to require a version of MS-DOS newer than v4. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Toshihiko Haga) <URL: > (Shigeaki Miyata) What: MS-DOS Windows port of Tcl/Tk via GNU-Win32 (Lantinga) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Version of Tcl/Tk that will compile with GNU-Win32. You need both this tar file and the latest version of GNU-Win32 to be able to compile your own extensions into a Windows 32 version of Tcl/Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Sam Oscar Lantinga) What: MS-DOS Windows port of Tcl/Tk via GNU-Win32 (Schumacher) Where: From the contact Description: Beta setup to allow Tcl7.5a2/Tk4.1a2 to be compiled using the GNU-Win32 tool chain. Allows one to develop on Unix for Win32 or to port Unix based extensions to Windows. All important GNU tools are available, though gdb currently only runs under Windows NT. Executables will run under Windows 95 and NT. Eventually, they will run under Win32s as well. GNU-Win32 available for Windows NT, 95 and Linux. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Michael Schumacher) What: MS-DOS Windows port of Tk 3.6 Where: <URL: > Description: A port of Tk 3.6 to Windows. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Leo Schubert) What: MS-DOS Windows Startup code Where: From the contact Description: Scripts to start Tcl/Tk applications under Windows 95. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Hume Smith) What: MSGedit Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Small editor for the msg-files associated with Tcl 8.1's msgcat facility. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Carsten Zerbst) What: ms_shell_setup Where: <URL: > Description: Wrapper to invoke series of MS-DOS registry commands to assist in setting up file extension setup. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Earl Johnson) What: mtfcontrol Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk frontend to the mtvp MpegTV tool. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: MtScript Where: <URL: > Description: Alpha release level multi-lingual text editor developed within the MULTEXT project, providing facilities for creating and saving files in a wide variety of languages and character sets. Supports various writing systems, directional writing, specific text associations with particular languages, user modifiable writing rules, use of a standard keyboard, co-mingling of 1 and multi byte character sets. MtScript is freely available for non-commerical, non-military purposes. A compiled version for SPARC Solaris 1.x or 2.x is available. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Jean Ve'ronis) What: Muehle Where: <URL: > Description: Nine men's morris for PalmOS, Windows, and Linux. The Windows version has a Tcl/Tk front-end. Program is shareware. Currently at version 0.20 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:c_bauer at informatik dot uni dash kl dot de > What: multiplexer Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl server that handles one-to-many communications - one client sends info to the server, which then sends that info out to the other clients. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: MuPPEtO Where: <URL: > Description: Micro (Mu) Primitive Programming Environment. A Tcl/Tk enhanced editor for Octave scripting. It is a basic editor which can be extended via plugins. Currently at version 0.11 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: music Where: <URL: > Description: Tk cd music database manager. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Rob Urban) What: Mx Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: a old Tcl/Sx based text editor - not kept up to date with the latest Tcl and Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John Ousterhout) What: Mx3bot Where: <URL: > Description: An IRC robot capable of connecting to multiple servers at once. It uses Tcl for scripting, and can use either MySQL or text databases. Currently at version 0.8.6 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: Mxedit Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tk text editor. Note that the edit widget itself is stand-alone so that you can use it in other applications. Also, mxedit.menus is a Tk script to put a veneer over Tk menus. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Brent Welch) What: myObjectiveTcl Where: <URL: > Description: This is a free implementation of an object-oriented runtime/API in pure tcl/tk inspired by the Objective-C model. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: MyrmecoX Where: <URL: > Description: Trial version of a commercial Tcl/Tk IDE for Windows 95/98/2000/NT. Supports Multithreads, Unicode, and the Tcl Stubs interface. Includes project, command and console view, smart MDI editor with color coding of command keywords and comments, command keyword editor, Tcl/Tk 8.3.4 core, various Tcl based extensions, and a debugger. Also includes a web builder (MyrmecoWeb), MyrmecoWiz, a wizard for generating c/c++ code templates for Tcl extensions, MyrmecoTk, a component based framework for GUI applications, Salan, a Tcl extension for HTML, CGI, and XML. Platform: Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0 Current version is 3.1 . Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Nagelfar Where: Description: Nagelfar is a Tcl application to read a Tcl program > and provide static syntax analysis - information regarding Tcl syntax errors like missing braces, incomplete commands, etc. Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: Nam Where: <URL: > Description: Nam is a Tcl/Tk based animation tool for viewing network simulation traces and real world packet traces. Part of the ongoing collaboration with the VINT project. Runs on Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris. Updated: 01/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Namazu Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Namazu (catfish, in English) is search engine software intended for easy use. Not only does it work as a CGI interface for small to medium scale WWW search engines, but is also appropriate for personal search databases. Search clients are available in Mule and Tcl/Tk, Java, Perl. It has been ported to OS/2, Unix, and Win32. tknamazu is the Tcl/Tk search client. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Satoru Takabayashi) <URL: > (Ken-ichi Hirose) What: NAMD Where: <URL: > Description: Parallel, Object Oriented Molecular Dynamics system designed for high performance simulations of large biomolecular systems. Uses Tcl for the user interface. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Nanny Where: <URL: > Description: Provides means to balance distribution of CPU-time between competing users/departments on UNIX computers. Though this is a commercial product, free trial demo versions are available in the above directory. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: Nano-Hive Where: <URL: > Description: Modular simulator to module physical world at a nanometer scale, to support studying nanotech entities. Currently at version 1.0.1 . Updated: 06/2004 Contact: See web site What: Nanocad Where: <URL: > Description: A Chemistry CAD program which allows you to create small molecules and rotate them. Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Will Ware) What: nasppp Where: From the contact Description: nasppp provides Linux users with support fo various network protocols. You must have PPP compiled statically into your kernel, as well as have PPP v2.2.0f or greater and Expect. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John Gotts) What: Nebula Device Where: <URL: > Description: Free multi-platform game engine running under Linux and Windows. Uses OpenGL and/or Direct3D for rendering and Tcl/Tk for scripting. C++ objects can be browsed and manipulated at runtime. Currently at version 2001-01-09. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Ned Where: From the contact Description: A highly modular text editor with modules for browsing, editing, find/replace, execute text, conversions, manipulate test from the net, hypertext help, etc. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Nat Pryce) What: NEdit Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Provides multi-language syntax highlighting that works in real time. Includes built-in syntax highlighting for a number of languages including Tcl. The editor itself does not use Tcl. Currently at version 5.3 . Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Edel) What: NeoTcl Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > Description: An integrated package of Tcl, extensions and programs. Contains Tcl/Tk 8.0p2, tclX v8.0.3a1, Expect 5.25, DP 4.0b2, GD 1.2, and Neo v8.0.0 (which includes the BSD db.1.85 library), blt8.0-unoff, scotty-2.1.7. See <URL: > for information about NeoSoft's commercial support. NeoTcl can be configured with a special option to build the packages needed for NeoWebScript. It will also build Oratcl if it is seen. The package now supports use of BSD's DB 2.x releases in compatibility mode, and University of Michigan's LDAP 3.3 release. NeoTcl has been tested on Sparc Solaris 2.5/Sun Pro C compiler, FreeBSD2.2.2/gcc2.7.2.1, and SGI IRIX 6.2/SGI compiler. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (randy kunkee) What: NeoWebScript Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? <URL: > <URL: > Description: A server-side scripting environment based on the Apache HTTP server and Safe-Tcl. NeoWebScript is a module that adds in-HTML-file programability to the Apache HTTP server. It also supports ApacheSSL. With NeoWebScript you have access to per-uid dpopen database files, random and sequential files, HTML page inclusion, logging, procedure libraries, random numbers, date and time functions, calculations of server hits per hour, counter systems for statistics, improved debugging, file cataloging and a new forms library. The mini release is designed for a site which already has Tcl, tclX, db.1.85 and Apache already installed. Note that updates have been appearing quite regularly, so keep an eye on <URL: news:comp.lang.tcl > for information on the latest version. This module is freely distributable except for commercial resale. V2.2 of NeoWebScript works with Apache v1.2.0. The webdemos WWW page have some demos for NeoWebScript written by <URL: > (Horace Vallas). As of June 1999, NeoWebScript is now released as Open Source. Updated: 06/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: nep Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Interactive plot program based on BLT, intended for interactive exploration of 1 or more datasets. Interactive panning, scaling, zooming, scrolling and jumping. Each dataset gets a natural scrolling distance, markers associated with the data for display. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.0 and BLT 2.4i. Currently at v2.0.3. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Harald Kirsch) What: Net-SNMP (formerly UCD-SNMP) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Various tools relating to SNMP, including an extensible agent, an SNMP library, tools to request or send info to SNMP agents, tools to generate and handle traps, a netstat command and a pTk MIB browser. Originally based on CMU SNMP version v2.1.2.1 but has been greatly enhanced, ported, fixed and barely resembles the original package. Currently at version v5.1.1 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > <URL: mailto:wjhns15 at hardakers dot net > What: NET.tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Modular eggdrop Tcl script which includes modules for getop, channel management and utilities. Currently at version 1.0.1Beta . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: NetMon Where: <URL: > Description: Network monitoring software, written in Tcl/Tk that will run on Windows and Unix. Provides a visual diagram of your network, with easy device access and full drawing (and drag / drop) functionality. A version that runs on a web page, making use of the Tcl Plugin, is also available. Available only as binary. Currently at version 1.1 for Solaris, 1.2 for Linux and 1.21 for Windows NT. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: netmonitor Where: <URL: > Description: A small "headless" network monitoring script that checks the reachability of a given set of hosts and sends notification when something disappears. Requires Scotty. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ethan Gold) What: Netpackage Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Prototype network aware pure tcl version of Tcl's "package unknown" mechanism. For the client side, you only need the netpackage tar file itself. For the server side, you need a package repository; see the repository tar file. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: NetPlug Where: <URL: > Description: An extensible multi-connection, multi-protocol network client program, written in pure Tcl/Tk. Currently supports an IRC client and a GO game client, as well as a memory plugin, an async event driven file pipeline and a TCP/IP gateway and multiplexer. Can be the basis of a tool to debug various networking services. Uses Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1 and newer platforms. Can run on Unix, Windows and Macintosh platforms. Updates on a regular basis. V0.62 works with Tcl 8. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Demailly) What: NetReality Where: <URL: > Description: Neural net software which reads, understands, organizes, and presents Web content in VR. Requires glibc, Tcl/Tk 8.x, and tested with RedHat 5.[12]. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Dean Bittner) What: Netrek Metaserver Monitor Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 2.1/tclRawTCP based Tk program to monitor netrek. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Sam Shen) <URL: > (Sam Shen) <URL: > (James Hawtin) What: Netscape client Tcl plugin and Tclets Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk plugin for Netscape Navigator 3.x , Communicator 4.x and Internet Explorer 3.x is available. Binaries exist for Solaris 1 and 2 (SPARC and INTEL), Macintosh, Windows 95 or NT, and Linux. HP-UX and IRIX binaries have been reportedly sited around the internet. Some newsgroup postings seem to imply that the plugin has also been able to be used on the Windows platform with Opera and theOther browser. The plugin enables support for Tcl/Tk 8.0 (in 2.0.x) Tclets embedded in an HTML page to be displayed interactively. As you read thru the above pages, you will also find demo pages for 2.0 Tclets which contain demos of sending email, inline Tclets, pack demo, javascript features and security policy, persistence and data sharing, tkconsole, 'version indicator' Tclet, draggable text demos, engraved text, bezier curve clock, a tcl ruler, interactive floor plan, calculator, tetris, 15 puzzle, animated coffee cup, eyes following mouse, ticker tape, line drawing program, mouse event tracing, oval drawing, bike gear ratio calculation, biorythms, mortgage calculator, and card game. A tutorial and FAQ for the plugin are also available. TclPlugin 2.0.x, because of its roots in Tk 8.0., provides native look and feel for Tclets. Several new security policies are provided. Faster loading of Tclets are now possible. Dynamic loading of Tcl extensions is now supported, when the plugin uses an external process to host Tclets. It also supports a console for debugging. An updated version of the Windows binary plugin provides support for the latest Netscapes and Internet Explorers, works on Windows 95/98/NT, based on Tcl/Tk 8.2.1, and h as the plus, dash, and Img patches applied and supports stub enabled extensions. Currently version 3.0alpha is available for testing. A binary version is available as a part of ActiveState's Tcl Dev Kit. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Anderson) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk inverted pendulum balancing game that runs in the plugin. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Charles W. Anderson) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Aphalo) Where: <URL: > Description: Plugin application to display relationship between wavelength and frequency in electromagnetic spectrum. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Pedro J. Aphalo) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Beker) Where: <URL: > Description: A particle physics plugin demo, simulating a Ring Imaging CHerenkov Detector. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Harry Beker) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Cox) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: ImPress allows you to create good quality documents using vector graphics. Desktop publishing and presentation tool using Ghostscript. Available as an application as well as a plugin via the Tcl/Tk plugin. Also on these pages is a utility called font3d which vectorizes a Tcl string using a True Type font - which you can then scale, stretch, rotate, whatever. Operates on Windows NT, Windows 95, and Unix. Compatible with Tcl/Tk 7.6, 8.0 and 8.1. Currently at version 1.1b9 . Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Chris Cox) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Fontaine) Where: <URL: > Description: Plugin compatible documentation for the SCWOOP Tk composite widget extension, with live Tclets demo-ing the features. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Luc Fontaine) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Galluzzo) Where: <URL: > Description: Game and sort of mini-WM for plugin. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Eric Galluzzo) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Gilbert) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk plugin-based game similar to Space Invaders (TM). Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (David Gilbert) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Gosnell) Where: <URL: > Description: Unknown Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jeff Gosnell) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (gtcs) Where: <URL: > Description: Sample of Server side applet service. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Hobbs) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Demo to demonstrate choosing colors, based on the contents of the X rgb.txt file, as well as hexagonal Tetris variant, based on TkTetris. Supports auto-pause and multi-player mode. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.0+ or Tcl Netscape plugin. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Irmschler) Where: <URL: > Description: Drawing application that runs in plugin. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Andrea Irmschler) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (joakim_g) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Set of exercises on speech technology. Requires Snack. The HTML page is a paper describing the setup. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Kerr) Where: <URL: > Description: A working test of the color slider demo. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (David Kerr) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Knespl) Where: <URL: mailto: > Description: Electro-magnetic spectrum display Tclet. Learn how light travels through the atmosphere. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Libes) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: This Tcl/Tk Tclet is a stopwatch, good for getting down the timing on talks or individual slides in a talk. Updated: 10/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Don Libes) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Madhuram) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Interactive Graph Plotter and alertness tester. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (C. Rajkumar Madhuram) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (March Systems Ltd.) Where: <URL: > Description: A Tclet demo of March Systems Ltd. Security Manager Active Reporting Tool (SMART). Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Moffat) Where: <URL: > Description: A demonstration of the bistable nature of a pair of resonant tunnelling transistors connected in series. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Colin Moffat) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Nagumo) Where: <URL: > Description: A graph drawing demo by Tclet. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jun Nagumo) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Nakagawa) Where: <URL: > Description: Appears to be a tcl evaluator. Text primarily in Kanji. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Koji Nakagawa) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Nash) Where: <URL: > Description: Paper written regarding new algorithm calculation. Uses a Tclet for a diagram. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Nash) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Ohtsuki) Where: <URL: > Description: Yet another RGB display. This one is interested primarily because the text, other than the program itself, is all in Kanji. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Radajewski) Where: <URL: > Description: YATTS Calculator is a very nice math calculator, with trig, memory, and other functions. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Jacek Radajewski) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Runge) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk Tclet to manuveur about in a Mandelbrot set. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Karl J. Runge) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Schelter) Where: <URL: > Description: Netmath is a web browser with built in plotting facilities and interface to computation engines. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Smith) Where: <URL: > Description: A simple X color picker Tclet . Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Spencer A. Smith) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet (Werres) Where: <URL: > Description: Interative game of spots. Reminds me of a programmable Life game. You write up an algorithm of 'infection' and then set the spots off infecting one another. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (York Werres) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet demo (POSC) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Demo of real time retrieval of database info as well as Map Generation. Requires you to allow Tclets from POSC to be trusted on your system. See the setup page for details. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Dan R. Schenck) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet game (Peacock) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk Tclet implementation of Othello. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Ronnie Peacock) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclet puzzle (Smith) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tclet piece puzzle - Tktiles. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Hume Smith) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Allen) Where: <URL: > Description: 4 demo Tclets created using Stewart Allen's VisualTcl development tool. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Stewart Allen) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Ballet) Where: <URL: > Description: Misc set of Tclets, including bouncing balls, ants, and showing arguments. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Joris Ballet) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Caldwell) Where: <URL: > Description: A small and large view of a Soaring Task Map chart. Also the application for gathering GPS data and displaying on a map where the GPS receiver is lcoated is available. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Alex Caldwell) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Cody) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Read the first WWW page to learn about wavelets. The second demonstrates the mathematical concept of Bezier lines and polygons. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mac A. Cody) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Critchlow) Where: <URL: > Description: A mankala game, screen saver animation, maze generator, and poetry Tclet, as well as a demo of how to embed your Tclet into a web page with the aid of a two word tcl source. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Roger E. Critchlow Jr.) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Demailly) Where: <URL: > Description: A go game, an adaptive optics simulation demo, and an IRC Tclet are all available at this time. are available at this time. Updated: 06/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Demailly) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Dyer) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk worm eating food and avoiding fence game. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Dyer) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Fellows) Where: <URL: > Description: Games include Breakout, Frogger, and Paper, Scissors, Stone. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Donal K. Fellows) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Gupta) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Includes a zooming star map and cube. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Sarang Gupta) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Hobbs) Where: <URL: > Description: Consists of TkTetris (a Tclet based game), Color Chooser, examples of things like how to limit the characters in a text widget, paned window manage, and an Online Tk Console demo. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Jeffrey Hobbs) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Holeman) Where: <URL: > Description: Said to be the beginnings of an online math laboratory. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (C.W.Holeman II) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Kempson) Where: <URL: > Description: A ticker-tape Tclet which depends on the Tcl/Tk plugin. Supports multiple scrolling messages, in different colors, with scrolling in four directions, as well as flashing. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Charlie Kempson) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Krone) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: The first is a Tclet to play Patience (a solitaire card game), while the second is some Tcl/Tk code that allows you to view Tclets outside of Netscape/Microsoft IE. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Christian Krone) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Lehmkuhl) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interactive drawing Tclet and scrambled puzzle Tclet. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Achim Lehmkuhl) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Mata) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tclet game of carpet cutting skills and a demo of a two circle intersection algorithm. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Cristian Mata) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Mattias) Where: <URL: > Description: Magnetic Poetry. Drag and drop words in the window to make your own poetry. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mattias V. Bertelsen) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (McCaskey) Where: <URL: > Description: Serious Series is a a flexible Tk plotting Tclet for producing points, lines, columns, multiple axes, annotations, etc. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (John McCaskey) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (McLennan and others) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Site is yet another page of pointers to Tclets around the web. The ones unique to this site are the Solitaire and Maxteroids games. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (WebNet Technologies) <URL: > (Michael J. McLennan) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Miller) Where: <URL: > Description: Hex-value Color Picker Tclet. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: Unknown (Brian Miller) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (procplace) Where: <URL: > Description: Digital clock, analog clock, modern clock, variable speed filmstrip player, reversible filmstrip player. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Roseman) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A white board Tclet and a Oustervote Tclet. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Roseman) What: Netscape client Tcl Tclets (Yoshida) Where: <URL: > Description: A sample page which identifies that you have the plugin installed, as well as a page demoing hello world and a calculator. Again, the text is all in Kanji. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (YOSHIDA Norishige) What: Netscape server plugin Where: <URL: > Description: A server-side Tcl plugin for Netscape. See the above for all the information. This appears to be a commercial product, however, the source appears to be freely available for download. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: nevot Where: <URL: > Description: The Network Voice Terminal (nevot) is a media agent which provides network based packet-voice communications. It has a Tk interface. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Henning Schulzrinne) What: newselect Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk program that uses the existing Netscape newsgroup database to view the available newsgroups and pick the ones to which you wish to subscribe and adds them to your Netscape newsrc file. Works with Tcl 7.x/Tk 4.x. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Bob van der Poel) What: newsflash Where: <URL: > Description: A NNTP newsreader written using Tcl/Tk. It has article threading, multiple newsrc files, article decoding. It does not yet support killfiles, moderated newsgroup posting, email replies, multi-article save/uudecode, searching, or documentation. Requires Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0, BLT 1.7, [incr tcl] 1.5 and tcl-dp 3.2. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Koert Zeilstra) What: Newsspy Where: <URL: > ??? Description: A Tcl program to connect to a NNTP news server and scan article headers for special keywords. If found, read article and append to a file. Can be invoked from cron. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (hofmann) What: NewzPoint Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk application that provides a tabled layout display of multiple web pages using a configuration file, allowing automatic generation of the display. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.3.4 or newer (or latest Tclkit). Designed originally for Microsoft Windows. Currently version 1.7.0 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Jacobson) What: NExS Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk interface to the NExS conNExions API is available, providing a powerful graphical scripting environment for adding user-defined features and functions to the NExS spreadsheet. The network extensible features of NExS are included in the tcl extenson. This is based on Tcl 7.6. The product is commercial, but a free, 30-day version of the NExS spreadsheet for HP/UX, AIX, Digital UNIX, Solaris 1, Solaris 2, and Linux platforms is available. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: nextorf Where: <URL: > Description: Translate given DNA sequence in FASTA. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: Unknown What: NFS-Manager Where: <URL: > Description: Manages the /etc/exports file and restart the nfs daemon. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.0. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Gilles Noyer) What: nip Where: <URL: > Description: Nip is a Tcl/Tk application for analysing nucleotide sequences. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: NMRView Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Process, visualize and analyse Nuclear Magnetic Resonance data. Uses Tcl/Tk for scripting and GUI. Executables for SunOS 4.x, SGI, IBM RS/6000, PowerMac/MachTen are available. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Bruce A. Johnson) What: nn-tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tk interface to nn (net newsreader). It allows the use of exmh to post news, as well as to send and read MIME and PGP email messages as well as to turn URLs into buttons for passing to Netscape or other browsers. Supports Tk 4.x You may need to update to the latest version of exmh to get the support for all of nn-tk's features. Be sure to keep checking back at the ftp site for new releases. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Toivo Pedaste) What: nocol Where: <URL: > Description: nocol (Network Operation Center On-Line) is a collection of system and network monitoring agents which have a common viewing interface and logging mechanism. It can be used to monitor your LAN or WAN network devices as well as your Unix systems and services. It is currently at version 4.3. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:vikas at > What: Non-blocking Tcl interpreter Where: From the contact Description: A function which acts as a non-blocking Tcl interpreter. It does everything that tclsh does, and looks exactly the same, but it never blocks; when you background a process, it keeps doing whatever it is doing except that it won't process any more tty input until you foreground it again. Written in C++. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Brian Starr) What: noniget Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl script for remote FTP access. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: NoodleInstaller Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Install program with a Tk GUI that helps build an installer. Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Not A Commander (nac) Where: <URL: > Description: Yet another file manager modeled after the Norton Commander. Tcl implementation of the geometry manager with menus based on it. Currently at version 1.0-SNAP-030223 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See the web site What: Notebook Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Personal notebook application, similar in spirit to the Wikit software. It is designed as a single user application that runs on your local machine. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: notepad Where: <URL: > Description: Simple editor (actually a clone of Windows NT 4.0 notepad) Contain several commands which are specific for advanced users, i.e. ability to pipe selection through command. Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: Now Well front end client Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front-end to ncpmount, nsend, nwuserlist and much more ipx utils, providing simple install and execution for Linux users. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Erwin Preuner) What: NR Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based graphical newsreader. It provides support for multiple fonts and colors, MIME display of articles, true threading, multiple groups at one time, multiple newsgroup profiles, news filtering, grouplens, and more. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jon Herlocker) What: ns Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Network Simulator from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It has support for several flavors of TCP and router scheduling algoritms. V2 depends on Tcl 8, MIT Otcl 1.0a3, and other pieces - see the ns-build page for details. Updated: 01/1999 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: NSBD Where: <URL: > Description: GNU licensed software which provides an open WWW-based authenticating software distribution system. Uses digital signatures for maintainers of packages, and provides means to check for updates with auto download and install. Written in Tcl/Tk and C for Unix, and uses PGP. Watch web page for new release announcements. Latest version is 1.6 patchlevel 2002/01/09. Updated: 06/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Dave Dykstra) What: NSCL SpecTcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Framework for data analysis of nuclear physics event data. Comes as both an application and as a C++ class framework. Extensible via Tcl/Tk. Uses GNU GPL. The NSCL Data Acquisition System (nscldaq) is a general purpose nuclear physics data acquisition system for small to medium scale nuclear physics experiements. It can be combined with the above framework to form on or off line data handling systems. NOTE: This is NOT a reworking on the SpecTcl GUI developer. NSCL SpecTcl is currently at version 3.0-pre1 . NSCL Data Acquisition System is at version 7.4 . Updated: 02/2004 Contact: See web site Where: nsListen Where: <URL: > Description: Turns a click on a shoutcast or icecast server link into a playing streaming mp3. Written for Netscape browser but probably can be adapted for others. Defaults to using mpg123 to play the stream. Has a Tcl/Tk script for graphically managing the defaults. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: Unknown What: ntail Where: From the contact Description: A Tk command to simulate a tail -f file operation (watching the output at the end of a file on Unix). Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (John Haxby) What: Nubell Client Where: <URL: > Description: Novell Netware Client for Unix written in Tcl/Tk. Tested with Intel and SPARC Linux and Netware 4.10. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: Unknown What: nv Where: <URL: > Description: Nv allows you to send low frame rate video between workstations on a network. It is a Tk application. A Tk widget to handle the display is a part of the package. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ron Frederick) What: nvi Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Nvi is the next generation visual editor (vi), a freely redistributable implementation of ex/ni editor. The current generation of nvi contains the ability to be configured to allow writing of internal functions in Tcl, as well as provides a configuration for Tk interfaces. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Keith Bostic) What: nxtvepg Where: <URL: > Description: Nextview electronic TV program guide decoder/browser. Currently broadcast in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Uses a TV tuner card to gather the data. Currently at version 2.7.4 . Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:tomzo at nefkom dot net > What: oa Where: <URL: > Description: Beginning of a set of office automation tools. Only a button bar program is currently available. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Del) What: Obeah Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simple interface to Makefile configuration. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Lindsay F. Marshall) What: ObexTool Where: <URL: > Description: tcl/tk gui frontend to ObexFTP - used to communicate with devices that use the Obex protocol. Currently at version 0.3-alfa . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: obfusc Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk program to obfuscate an input file, reversibly. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Ross-Langley) What: Objectify Where: <URL: > Description: Source code Preprocessor that takes C++ class definitions and creates code to create, manipulate, and delete the classes from the Tcl level. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Wayne A. Christopher) What: Objective-Framework, ObjectiveBrowser Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: An evaluation copy of a commercial product which provides true language independence to the Objective-C object model. It profides a seamless integration of the Objective-C runtime system with other languages. With OF, one gets Objective-Tcl and Objective-Perl, or one can purchase Objective-Tcl or Objective-Perl separately. ObjectiveBrowser is a graphical development tool allowing live objects within a running application to be viewed in many object-specific ways. Note that rumors are the licensing has changed recently, making it easier to use TipTop packages for non-commercial purposes. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > What: OBST Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Common persistent object oriented data base management system, developed in Germany as a part of the STONE project. A Tcl interface, Tk graphical object browser, as well as C++ interface, exists. Multiuser, supports schema evolution, check-in and out, full access to the Meta-DB and is available on several Unix platforms with a Windows NT port underway. See <URL: > and <URL: > for more details. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (OBST listserv) with body of 'add obst-announce' or 'add obst-forum'. <URL: > What: odbcisql Where: <URL: > Description: Windowing SQL processor for ODBC connected databases, using Tcl/Tk/Tclodbc. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Poindexter) What: ODDIS (Oracle Data Dictionary Information System) Where: <URL: > Description: ODDIS shows most of the static information about the Oracle V7 Data Dictionary. When you click on a database object, the tool displays detailed information about it in a formatted output window. One can perform ANALYZE, EXPLAIN and other SQL commands in a GUI window. One can create tables with information about physical devices. One can see constraints and comments. Execution of PL/SQL blocks is now supported. Display of user lists, all objects, free space summaries, tablespaces, rollback segments, data files, roles, etc. are available. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (ODDIS team) What: oh-clock Where: <URL: > Description: Old Hacker's Clock. an unusual clock. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Enrico Colombini) What: Ohm-O-Graph Where: <URL: > Description: Calculates resistance and tolerance of a resistor. Written in Tcl/Tk Currently at version 0.1.6-2 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: OleoTk Where: <URL: > Description: A version of Oleo-1.6 with Tcl/Tk additions. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Ross Johnson) What: OMNeT++ Where: <URL: > Description: A C++ based discrete event simulator, featuring a graphical model editor, textual model topology language, simulation class library, process based activity description, run time user interfaces (batch, graphical, TVision), message flow and statistics animation, interactive simulation, tracing, random seed generaator tool, result analysis and plotting and support for PVM parallel Virtual Machine. Tcl/Tk used to build several of the graphical tools. Has been ported to Windows 95/NT. Currently at version 2.1 . Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Andras Varga) <URL: > What: OmniMoni Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: OmniMoni is a highly configurable, realtime, information monitoring system, written in Tcl/Tk. It can monitor any process which produces textual output, such as ps, uptime, USENET log files, etc. It can output either text or graphs. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Rainer Mager) What: OORANGE Where: <URL: > Uses Tcl/Objective C. Description: A software framework for experimental mathematics. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: Open Help Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Help applet with rich text format and links. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Juan J. Martinez) What: Open Track Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl/Tk based defect and enhancement requests tracking system. Software is configured using Tcl. Software comes in source, and has been known to work on Linux, OSF/1, Ultrix, SunOS, and HP/UX. Currently at v4.0.1. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Open Vision Where: <URL: > Description: Visual object oriented development tool, allowing you to mix and reuse objects on the fly with no compilation required. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: See the web site What: OpenFTS Where: <URL: > Description: Open Source Full Text Search engine is a PostgreSQL based search engine which provides online indexing and relevance ranking for database searching. Both a Tcl and Perl version are available. Can also be built as an AOLServer loadable module and the package is integrated into OpenACS. Currently at version 0.3.2 . Updated: 12/2002 Contact: See web site What: OpenNaken Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk client for Naken Chat. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.x and supports Unix and Windows. Currently version 1.20 is available. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Derrick Rose) <URL: > (Robert D. Nelson) What: OpenNT port of Tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl to OpenNT (an Windows NT like OS implementing a real POSIX API subsystem). Updated: 07/1998 Contact: Unknown What: OpenSpace Where: <URL: > Description: A discrete-event modeling and simulation package for developing autonomous agents. It is designed to support contruction of distributed, interactive, multi-user, 3D shared environments, using VRML as the shape description language and OpenGL/Mesa as the rendering engine. Requires TkSM (see <URL: >, Tk 7.4/Tk 4.0 or newer, and OpenGL. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Irving Shang-Yi Hsu) What: OpenVerse Visual Chatz Where: <URL: > Description: Graphical chat system built using Tcl/Tk. Supports a plugin architecture, as well as provides support for Windows and Unix. Should be portable to all Tcl/Tk implementations. Previously known as Metaverse. Currently at version 0.8-7 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: <URL: > What: Operating-Menu (OpMenu) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Easy to configure and use menu/ncurses based interface for Unix. Uses Tcl and the standard Unix command "tput". Currently at version 2.0beta2 . Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > ??? What: Operator Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A beta version of a Tk based files and applications manager. Based on Tcl 7.3/Tk 3.6. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:100274.260@Compuserve.Com > (Erez Strauss) What: Oracle wrap for Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > Description: A simple ORACLE wrap that implements SQL commands in Tcl/Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mark Andrew Hale) What: Organizer Where: <URL: > Description: Text file browser/editor. Oriented around the concept of book (a directory), section (subdirectory) and page (text file). Provides a command line like vi. Supports table formating, an index generator, filtering, links between pages. Latest version not available at this URL - email the contact for availability. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Adrito Angelino) What: Original Gamer's Client Where: <URL: > Description: Combine a GUI MUD client with power of a TUI based client. Uses Tk for it's GUI. Currently at version 0.4.7 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: orinoco Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk WML browser. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Lindsay F. Marshall) What: Oroborus Theme Changer Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk app for changing themes in the Oroborus window manager. Currently at version 1.2. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: OS/2 port of Tcl 7.3 (Bach) Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl 7.3 except for glob or command pipelines to OS/2 2.x, using C Set++. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Bud Bach) What: OS/2 port of Tcl 7.4 (Fornari) Where: <URL: > Description: A port of Tcl 7.4 only to OS/2. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Stefano Fornari) What: OS/2 port of Tcl 7.5 (Paindaveine) Where: <URL: > Description: A Port of Tcl 7.5 to OS/2 Warp, with enhanced UNIX compatibility. It is missing some features such as load and socket, but in pretty good shape otherwise. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Yves Paindaveine) What: OS/2 port of Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1 (Zakharevich) Where: <URL: > Description: Requires EMX and DAPIE runtime, as well as SIQ FIX. Continues to be updated to get more and more parts of it to work. It is Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Ilya Zakharevich) What: OS/2 port of Tcl/Tk 8.0.5 (Vaes) Where: <URL: > Description: Binary port of Tcl/Tk 8.0 for OS/2 PM. The Tk portion of the port may have some deficiencies and support for "COM1:" isn't available until the next release. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Illya Vaes) What: OS/390 port of Tcl Where: <URL: > <URL:[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=444640706.1&CONTEXT=948878773.644808739&hitnum=3 > Description: A port of Tcl 8.0.3, plus Plus-Patch and Expect to OS/390 OE, Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Christian Krone) What: OS/9 port of Tcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl to OS/9. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Heinz-Juergen Oertel) What: OSAtcl Where: <URL: > Description: A Version of Tcl for the Macintosh which plugs into Apple's Scripting environment. You can use Tcl instead of AppleScript to do your controlling of AppleEvents. Updated: Contact: Unknown What: Oscilloscope Where: From the contact Description: Tcl/Tk/BLT software to test a digital oscilloscope board on a SysV4.2 Unixware system. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Martin L. Smith) What: OSS iselect Where: <URL: > Description: Interactive line selection tool for ASCII files, can be used as a user interface frontend controlled by a Bourne shell/perl/tcl backend or in batch mode as a pipeline filter. Currently at version 1.3.0 . Updated: 09/2004 Contact: See web site What: Oz Where: <URL: >. Description: Interactive implementation of Oz (a concurrent constraint programming language for complex symbolic computations) features a GNU Emacs programming interface, a concurrent browser, an OO interface to Tcl/Tk, interoperability features, an incremental compiler, a garbage collector, and stand-alone applications. DFKI Oz 2.0 is an interactive version of Oz, which includes unique tools for constraint programming. It is available for Unix and Windows. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: P32 Where: <URL: > Description: Win32 C programming environment supporting threads, device independent i/o, Winsock support, Windows and Dialogs, TCP/IP, SNMP, Tcl and much more. Includes all source, but requires a BORLAND v4.5 compiler to compile. Runs on Windows 95 and NT. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Christopher Chlap) What: pack-grid Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Program rewrites pack commands as grid commands. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Hume Smith) What: Packet Shell Where: <URL: > Description: an experimental extensible Tcl/Tk based software toolset for protocol development and testing. Only supported on SunOS 5.x at this time. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: PADE Where: <URL: > Description: PADE - Parallel Applications Development Environment - is now available, providing a GUI interface to a virtual console utilizing a parallel make utility to support all development. Tk 4.x is used for the GUI in v1.4. See <URL: > for more details. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (PADE) What: PalmFontConv Where: <URL: > Description: Collection of command line utils to manipulate Palm fonts in both version 1 and 2 formats. Now includes a Tcl/Tk GUI for generating plucker fonts. Currently at version 1.10 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: Palm Tcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Port of most of Tcl 7.6 to PalmOS. Includes support for PalmOS features such as user interface elements (title bars, menus, labels, text fields, lists, buttons of various types, checkboxes, selector triggers, popup triggers, time/date selectors, tables), database support (creation, deletion, update, listing), system functions (sound, clipboard, launching apps, system event handling), etc. Currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: Palm Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk mail program which uses the c-client library. You need to get c-client, BLT, and Tcl 7.3/Tk 3.6. Palm tries to feel similar to pine. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (angel li) What: PalmTcl Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl to PalmOS. Updated: 05/2001 Contact: <URL: > (John R. Hall) What: Panache Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: An X Window System window manager providing automatic sizing and positioning of toplevel windows. It has a workspace manager, CPU monitor, start menu support. It is written in Tcl/Tk scripts, and requires at least Tcl/Tk 8.3. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (George Peter Staplin) What: Pansophica Where: <URL: > Description: Analyze and present web sites and searches in a navigatible searchable and personal virtual reality. Uses Tcl/Tk 8.4.4. Currently at version 1.2-4 . Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: PAPyRUS Where: <URL: > Description: A word processor for Unix which uses a Tcl interpreter but uses X11/Motif for the GUI. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Carlos NUNES) What: Parallel Processor Simulator Where: <URL: > Description: The interface to a Tk/Tix based initialisation program for a Parallel Processor Simulator. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Stuart Andrew Blair) What: ParaView Where: <URL: > Description: ParaView is a scientific visualization application designed with the need to visualize large data sets. Currently at version 0.6 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: ParPortMG Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl scripts and C functions to enable control of the parallel port through Linux. Currently at vesion 1.1 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: ParseArgs Where: From comp.sources.misc archives, volume 29 <URL: > Description: Utility library for parsing command line arguments in various languages (including Tcl) and on various hardware platforms Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Brad Appleton) What: pasu Where: <URL: > Description: A set of Tcl/Tk based probability and statistics utilities. The objective is quick and simple solutions to general probability and statistical questions. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Patch Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: While this is *NOT* a Tcl related program, it is the program used by most authors for distributions of updates. There are many mirror sites for the GNU software. Use the one most appropriate for your site. Also, feel free to use Gopher, WWW, or other similar clients rather than FTP protocol. Note that later versions of patch may not work with the standard patches found, due to an evolving format. A version that supposedly works under Windows NT can be found at the second FTP URL. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: Unknown What: Patience Where: <URL: >. <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk 3.6 thru Tk 4.2 solitaire card game Has 6 different sets of rules as to how to lay down cards. Supports undo unlimited number of moves - back to the beginning of the game. Stores state of game to load again later. Optionally suggests next move. Supports differing card fonts, new sets of rules, etc. Cheating permitted. A demo for each set of rules is provided. A few different sets of fonts are available. A rule editor available. Supports either German or English. Has been tested under Windows 95. Author is working on version 2.0, which he is converting to itcl. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Christian Krone) What: pcfm Where: <URL: > Description: Interface for Gemtek PCFM serial port FM radio with GUI for X environment. Written for Tk 4.2. Currently at version 1.2.0 . Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Stew Benedict) What: PCS Relay Where: <URL: > Description: Allow users with PCS enabled cell phones to receive email headers from specified mail servers. It can also send back commands to retrieve bodies of emails. It is written in Tcl. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:mark at froek dot yi dot org > What: Peflp Where: <URL: > Description: Peflp is a Povray front-end for Lazy People. Written in Tcl, features persistent settings. Currently at version 0.72 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:mogzay at multimania dot com > What: PencilTCLClient Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: PencilTCLCLient provides one with a way to communicate with the NeXTStep vector object drawing program named Pencil. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Florian Marquardt) What: Penguzzle Where: <URL: > Description: This Tcl/Tk puzzle allows you to specify a slider game showing you the completed picture and the mixed up puzzle. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See distribution for details What: peptool Where: <URL: > Description: Modeling and verification framework for parallel systems. Provides interfaces to various modelling languages such as SDL, Petri nets, process algebras, etc. Has a Tcl/Tk GUI. Currently at version 2.0beta4 . Updated: 06/2004 Contact: See web site What: percy Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Percy is a talking penguin that listens to you and responds. Written in Tcl/Tk. The intention is to add speech recognition and synthesis. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: personal.tcl mailbot Where: <URL: > Description: Highly specialized filter for personal messages - MUST not be used if mailbox receives mailing list traffic. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Marshall Rose) What: pfe Where: <URL: > ??? Description: This tool will build a version tree for projects under PRCS source code version control. This package is written in the Tcl Tea extension, but you don't need Tea installed; everything is included here to run it. Version 1.0 alpha is the current state. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > ??? What: PgAccess Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk frontend interface to PostgreSQL. Allows creation of database, tables, queries, reports, scripts similar to the way Access does this. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.3 or higher. Currently at v0.99.0.20040219 . Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Constantin Teodorescu) What: pgbrowse Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk Postgres browser and query tool. It allows creationand modification of tables, queries, reports, scripts similar to Windows clients of the same name. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: pgdiff Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Compare postgresql schemas and create alter scripts for changing one into the other, built using AOLserver. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: pgMail Where: <URL: > Description: Script to store within any PostgreSQL database to allow you to create any number of specialized procedures to send email from directly within PostgreSQL. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See the web site What: phimail Where: <URL: > Description: A flexible mail alert tool for Unix, written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Paul LeMahieu) What: Phoenix Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: WWW editor/browser, built upon tkWWW. A version 0.1.8 was announced in 1995, but that page is no longer available. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Lee Newberg) What: PhoneStation Where: From the contact Description: Software for incorporating a telephone into the Workstation environment. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Stephen A Uhler) What: Picasso Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Interactive drawing tool similar to idraw. Requires tclX/tkX and Pbmplus commands. V4.1 contains Tk 4.1 support at an alpha level. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Frank Mangin) What: pilot-link Where: <URL: > Description: C/Java/Perl/Python/Tcl-Tk/iTcl interfaces that provide tools to get data from and put data onto Palm Pilot PDAs. Tcl work is in a very alpha state. Works on Unix and OS/2 at least. The pilot-debug part of the package requires Tcl / Tk and Readline 2.0. The web site hosts several related mailing lists. Currently at version 0.11.1 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: Pinger Where: <URL: > Description: Provides the ability to ICMP echo a device over long periods and keep visual track of the results. Currently at version 11. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console Where: <URL: > Description: pctvgui is a small gui for the pctv tools by Rainer Keuchel. Two interfaces - one in Tcl/Tk and the other in C/GTk2. Currently at version 1.3 . Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: pixmap Where: <URL: > Description: A color pixmap editor written in Tk. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Sam Shen) <URL: > (Sam Shen) What: pkgusage Where: <URL: > Description: List all RPMs installed on your system. Currently at version 1.0.1 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: See web site What: PlanetPenguin Racer Where: <URL: > Description: OpenGL racing game featuring Tux. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: planit Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk based planner. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Joe E. Buttrum) What: player Where: <URL: > Description: This application determines how to display files based on mailcaps and mime.types files. Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Frank Pilhofer) What: PLEAC Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: This web project takes a suite of common programing problems solved in the Perl Cookbook, by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington, and collects solutions for various other langauges, including Tcl. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: See the web site What: Where: From the contact Description: A simple example of calling gnuplot from Tk and graphically plotting the results. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Brueckner) What: plplot Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A scientific plotting package, containing a wide range of plot types and font characters. It supports many different output device drivers. It provides a full user interface, with zoom, pan, orient, etc. Plplot is a GLPL'ed graphing and plotting package, containing much improved C++ and Tk (and incr Tk) integration compared to the old releases. Can be used stand alone or on top of Cpptcl. Use of Cpptcl can allow access to the Tcl_Obj interface of Tcl and result in faster performance in some cases. It also includes a stand alone Tcl matrix object. Now requires Tcl/Tk 8.x. Binary versions of MacOS 8.1 and Windows NT are also available. Currently at version 5.2.1 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Vincent Darley) <URL: > for mailing list. <URL: > (Dr. Maurice LeBrun) What: Plume Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl/Tk WorldWideWeb (WWW) browser. Supports HTML v1.0 and v2.0, along with a subset of HTML v3.0 tables. Goal is for it to be completely v3.0 compliant. Handles inline GIF (including transparent GIFs), PPM, and X bitmap images. Supports older Tcl applets using Jacob Levy's Safe-Tcl extension. Runs with Tcl/Tk 8.0b1. Dynamically loads tclX and BLT extensions. Supports CMT's cmplayer. Note that this program contains a module (prot.tcl) to handle the HTTP 1.0 protocol. Includes an HTML megawidget which has table support. Support for XML documents and tcl based DTDs is also available. Also contains Safe-Tk code. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Steve Ball) What: Pocket Tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Complete application environment for handheld devices running GNU/Linux operating system. Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: Point repulsion demonstration Where: <URL: > Description: Two C++ programs designed to answer the question of how to distribute N points on a sphere and how to tesselate a sphere. Uses Tk and itcl to display results. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jon Leech) What: Point Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tk based text editor - 1.60+ works with Tk 3. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Charlie Crowley) What: polymer Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Polymer Visualization System, written in Tcl/Tk. Requires Togl and OpenGL or Mesa. The system has been built only on Sun SPARCs running Solaris 2.4/2.5.1 using Tcl7.6/Tk4.2 and Togl 1.2. Both Sun's OpenGL and Mesa-1.2.8 have been used. It also uses the tiff lib. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (S. F. Bellenot) <URL: > (Z.-H. Duan) What: popsneaker Where: <URL: > Description: Mailfilter for remote filtering of POP3 mail accounts. Version 0.4 and earlier are in Tcl. Author attempted to speed them by by rewriting the code starting in 0.5. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: PopWash Where: <URL: > Description: simple GUI to delete messages on a POP3 server without downloading message bodies. Supports user defined black and white list filters for the headers. Currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 03/2004 Contact: See web site What: Portable LOGIC Where: <URL: > Description: A program for searching the JCPDS/ICDD (powder diffraction) database for entries. A GUI and WWW interface are available. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: PortMon Where: <URL: > Description: Port monitoring program, keeping track of open ports on servers to be certain they are still up and talking. Uses Tcl/Tk/Bwidgets . Currently at version 0.6 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: POSC Universal Units Converter Where: <URL: > Description: Shareware Tcl/Tk based units conversion program. Runs on Windows and most Unix systems. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Dan Schenck) What: poSoft utilities Where: <URL: > Description: Paul Obermeier's Portable Software utilities are a variety of interesting tools. They include poBitmap (manipulate X bitmaps), poDiff (compare two directories graphically), poImgdiff (compare two images side by side), poImgview (display images). Paul also has his own image extension, some interesting patches to photo and glob, and precompiled Tcl for IRIX and Windows. Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: PostgresBrowser Where: <URL: > Description: An experimental postgres front end. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Frank Sauer) What: Postilion Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Mail User Agent based on TkRat, with a different user interface. Supports MIME, virtual folders, PGP, Unix file, MH, POP and IMAP mail support. Current version is v0.9.3c. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: POW Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: X-Y style graphics plotting tools that work stand alone or with plugin. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: pperson Where: From the contact Description: Tcl script which searches the output of pilot-addresses (a program in pilot-link which generates text output for the AddressBookDB of a Palm Pilot) and formats the address records. Contact also has an AddressBookDB to MH alias cnoversion program available. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jay Sekora) What: PPL Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl/Tk presentation tool. Uses a mark up scheme similar to HTML. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Dr Adrian F Clark) What: ppp connection manager Where: <URL: > Description: Small Tcl/Tk script to manage ppp connections. The description is in German. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Joerg Honerla) What: PPPGun-Dialer Where: <URL: > Description: Script to establish a PPP connection. Written in Tcl/Tk, C, shell, and tested on Linux. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Prae's Scripts Where: <URL: > (???) Description: Scripts for the Eggdrop bot. Includes Repeat, Limit, Clean. Currently at version 1.3. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Pretty TCL Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script to reformat (pretty up) Tcl scripts ala indent. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > ("William B. Wilborn") What: prettyp Where: <URL: > Description: Suite of programs that generate pretty PostScript source code lists, using TeX. prettyp uses tfontedpr. Supports C, C++, FORTRAN77, ISP, Icon, Java, LDL, Emacs Mock Lisp, Model, Modula2, Pascal, Perl, Python, RATFOR, Russell, sh/csh, Tcl, VHDL, and yacc grammer, as well as Makefiles and Imakefiles. Now has support for color printing - comments, keywords, and literal strings can all have different colors. Also improved Perl support and added VHDL support Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Luis Fernandes) What: Primax GUI Where: <URL: > Description: Graphical frontend to the Primax Colorado Direct 600 scanner. Currently at version 0.99.9-b . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: printop Where: <URL: > Description: A frontend to lpc, lpq, and lprm with their full functionality. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Olaf Gellert) What: Privaria Where: <URL: > Description: The Privaria Secure Networking Suite. Provides a secure firewall-friendly platform for peer to peer networking. Distributed under a "Attribution Assurance License" which has received Open Source Initiative approval. Developed against Tcl/Tk 8.4 . Currently at version 0.9.9f . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: process watch Where: <URL: > Description: Monitor and auto-kill user processes exceeding a maximum CPU or memory load, max number of eggdrops, etc. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:ccharlton at mach dash nine dot com > What: Progeny Where: <URL: > Description: Altenrative to Infobot, written solely in Tcl. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: progman Where: <URL: > Description: Windows application that uses the dde package to allow creation of program groups and shortcuts in the start menu. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Steve Cassidy) What: Project Clock Where: <URL: > Description: Record time spent on different tasks. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Project Manager Where: <URL: > Description: ProjMan is a full IDE for programming in TCL/Tk. It includes a project and file manager, a source editor with syntax highlighting and procedure navigation, a context-sensitive help system, etc. Requires Tcl, Tk, BWidget. Web site appears to be written in Russian. Currently at version 0.3.5 . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: See web site What: ProTcl Where: <URL: > Description: A Prolog interface to Tcl/Tk. V1.x now works with Tcl 7. See <URL: > for more information. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Micha Meier) What: ProTcXl Where: <URL: > Description: A Prolog interface to Tcl/Tk and Xlib. This is the latest version of ProTcl - it has become ECLiPSe oriented and most of the new features are available only in ECLiPSe. See <URL: > for more information. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Micha Meier) What: protoTcl Where: <URL: > Description: A Pseduo-compiler for Tcl Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Claudio Esperanca) What: Proudhon's BBS Where: <URL: > Description: A WWW forum/bulletin board system which uses Tcl for the CGI and Javascript for the client. Tested with Apache v1.2.4 and Netscape 4.x. May work with other versions. This is alpha release code. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Hyun-tae Jung) What: prox Where: <URL: > Description: Prox is a Tcl script that aids in analysis of the Tclx profile data. It reads the TclX's profile array and allows interactive exploration of the profile data. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Christopher Nelson) What: PSetMixer Where: <URL: > Description: Sound mixer usable from shell scripts Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: Psprint Where: <URL: > Description: Print selected pages from a PostScript document. Tcl/Tk interface provided. Currently at V1.1. License is Adalog's advertizeware license. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Pierre Rosen) What: psptool Where: <URL: > Description: A tool to automate collection of statistics on a programmer's work to aid in improvement. Gathers info on lines of code, bug details, etc. and generates metrics. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Andrew Worsley) What: PtCon Where: <URL: > Description: Palm Tcl Console enables the creation and execution of Palm Tcl scripts interactively within a PalmOS enabled PDA. The scripts are stored wtihin PtCon between sessions. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: ptile Where: <URL: > Description: Make plane tilings. Reported in Aug 99 to have a bug when specifying polygons. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Ptolemy Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simulation and prototyping system, written in C++ and using Tcl/Tk for user interface. Ptolemy 0.7beta is now available. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: ptplot (ptolemy) Where: <URL: > Description: Java two dimensional plotter - alternative to xgraph or pxgraph. Includes ptplot2mif.tcl to convert the output of ptplot to Framemaker MIF. Ptolemy hacker mailing list also takes questions on ptplot. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: pui Where: From the contact Description: PalmPilot UNIX interface, using Unix gdbm database to store and manipulate record information instead of the standard Pilot database format. Contains a Tcl binding so that folk can use simple scripts or Tk to do updates. Used with pilot-link, pui files can be read and written to the pilot. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Pull Lines Where: <URL: > Description: Tool to pull user defined pieces of a data file out. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Leam Hall) What: Purchase Where: <URL: > Description: A program to prepare a purchase order form. It provides samples of how to use variable trace callbacks to achieve spreadsheet-like recalculation functionality and has code to render on-screen text info to PostScript for a hardcopy form. It also provides a sample of Literate Programming using WWW. It requires the use of fileselector.tcl from the GIPSI package. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Przemek Klosowski) What: Puzzle Where: <URL: > Description: Tk program providing 3x3 thru 7x7 puzzles where any GIF image you wish is loaded, then broken into 'pieces' and scrambled. Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Henk Verkaik) What: PVM Where: <URL: > Description: Paradigm Visual Make is a software development environment written in Tcl/Tk. It incorporates a text editor, software project (aka makefile) editor and enables you to develop and build your packages within a single program. It can start an external debugger, and execute almost any external text program, putting its output into a specialized PVM text window. It looks like a Microsoft MDI application. Requires Unix, X, Tk 4.1 or higher, and xlsfonts. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Andrew Guryanov) What: Program Version Switch Where: <URL: > Description: pvswitch is a tiny program which makes it possible to use different program installations on one machine flawlessly. Its flexibility is intended for people who need to run programs against different interpreter versions of Perl, Tcl, etc. The program itself has no Tcl in it - just might be useful to Tcl users or developers. Currently at version 1.03 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: q IRC agent Where: <URL: > Description: qagent is an IRC agent for collecting and storing data for future reference. Designed as replacement of quote-bot. Can be used to look up stored user data like quotes, dictionary entries, etc. Requires Tcl and MySQL. Currently at version 1.7.2 . Updated: 12/2001 Contact: Unknown What: Qba Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Qba is the Qddb Business Application. It provides a Qddb/Fx interface for managing clients, inventory, invoices, payments, and the like. Requires Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0/itcl-1.5/BLT 1.8/Tix 4.0/Qddb-1.42.6 and tktable. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Qba author) <URL: > (Qddb mailing list) What: Qbib Where: <URL: > Description: Bibliography management system, based on Qddb. Tested with Qddb and Tcl/Tk . Currently at version 2.0.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:eric at hsdi dot com > What: Qddb Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Quick and Dirty DataBase (Qddb) package. It uses Tcl as a configuration language. Also has a Tk interface with TkTable extension. qhelp is a sample hypertext help system. Under the qddb/applications web site listed above are a set of example applications such as a Web guestbook, an address book, music albums tracking system, runner's log, recipe management system, bug tracker, client information database, and animal hospital software package. Supports Tk 4.2/itcl 2.2. Requires itcl, BLT 2.1 and tclX is recommended. Also supports Tix. While at one time this was free, it apparently is now commercial. Currently at version 2.0.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Qddb user mailing list) <URL: > (Qddb bugs only) What: Qddb Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Quick and Dirty DataBase (Qddb) package. It uses Tcl as a configuration language. Also has a Tk interface with TkTable extension. qhelp is a sample hypertext help system. Under the qddb/applications web site listed above are a set of example applications such as a Web guestbook, an address book, music albums tracking system, runner's log, recipe management system, bug tracker, client information database, and animal hospital software package. Supports Tk 4.2/itcl 2.2. Requires itcl, BLT 2.1 and tclX is recommended. Also supports Tix. While at one time this was free, it apparently is now commercial. Currently at version 2.0.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Qddb user mailing list) <URL: > (Qddb bugs only) Qddb/Tcl/Tk/itcl/BLT based application for managing recipes. About 2000 recipes are included from the FATFREE mailing list at <URL: >. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Gil Benson) What: QEL Where: <URL: > Description: QEL - Quickturn Emulation Language. Subset of Tcl used to access Quickturn software. Find out more at the corporate site above. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Qmail The Easy Way Where: <URL: > Description: A script that installs pop, smtp, dns, imap, and web mail services using DJB's tools. Some Tcl/Tk used in the package. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto: > What: Quandronegro Where: <URL: > Description: Quandronegro means blackboard in Portuguese. This is a client/server application to make it easy to teach Tcl/Tk over a network. It features a chat tool, shared blackboard, and a Tk toplevel with remote command. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.x and Tcl-DP 4.x. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Quarterstaff Where: <URL: > Description: Manage sites with repetitive content and layout. Advanced content/image/layout/link control, with output capable of going to a testing area. Written in Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 0.2.4 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: Quick-Tk Where: <URL: > Description: Relatively complete graphical Tk development environment. Features cut/copy/paste, jump from function to function, immediate mode Tk with history, widget wizards, and preview of generated widgets. Has project management, creating a project from a Tcl/Tk file (if you have awk in your path). Requires Tk 4.1 or newer. License is GPL. Currently at version 0.5. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Quill Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? Description: Mostly Tcl/Tk WWW browser. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Hume Smith) What: QuIRC Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: X based IRC client with full Tcl/Tk scripting support. Coded in C/C++ for speed and some advanced features. Supports use of themes, and socks5. Currently at version v0.9.84. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Quiver Where: <URL: > Description: QUIck and dirty VEgetarian Recipes database is a What: QuoteEngine Where: <URL: > Description: eggdrop tcl script for channel users to store irc quotes into mysql database. Currently at version 1.2.0 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: Quotesaq Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Advanced quote system for Eggdrop IRC bots. Uses Tcl script to interface to Perl scripts. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: R Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Statistical computing and visualization language, similar to the S language. Provides a wide variety of techniques. Comes with a tcltk package providing interface and language bindings for Tcl/Tk. Makes use of plplot. Note that Mark Myatt <URL: > is writing a syntax highlighting editor to be used as a front-end of R; contact him for details. Currently at version 2.0.1 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: See web site What: RAD/CVS Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: RAD/CVS is an object-oriented, Tcl interface to the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). The RAD/CVS Tcl Interface implements an abstract interface that is not dependent upon CVS and could conceivably be implemented using other underlying implementations (e.g. RCS, SCCS, PVCS). Has a Tk/Tix interface. Available for non-commercial use only. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > (John Goodsen) What: radkill Where: <URL: > Description: Cistron Radis monitor of online times. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:junfan at > What: RAIDmon2 Where: <URL: > Description: Monitor Dell's PERC/4 RAID controller. Uses a Tk GUI. Currently at version 2.3 . Updated: 06/2004 Contact: See web site What: RamDebugger Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk Debugger/IDE . Has been tested in Windows/Linux as well as Tcl/Tk 8.3.4 and 8.4b2 . Currently at version 3.0 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Ramon Rib\xf3) What: RasMol Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A molecular graphics visualization program intended for proteins and nucleic acids. Available for the X window system, IBM PC MS-Windows and VMS/DecWindows environments. Updated: Contact: <URL: >, <URL: > What: RAToolSet Where: <URL: > Description: Set of policy analysis tools written in C++, using Tcl/Tk for displaying graphics. These are tools for generating router configuration files, displaying and checking routes, etc. Currently at version 4.6.3 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:ratoolset at isi dot edu > What: RCS2ChangeLog Where: <URL: > Description: Convert TCS log entries into ChangeLog style set of entries. Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: rcsview Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk viewer for RCS or CVS files. It highlights text according to the version from which it comes. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Andrew Myers) What: readroff Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl 8.x program to convert nroff output for insertion into Tk text widget. Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: Reaper Scripts Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/bash scripts to aid eggdrop/bnc shell providers in process management. Currently at version 2.0.0 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: rech Where: From the user Description: Tk for Windows script to drill elementary mathematics. User visible text is in German. No documentation. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Hermann H"uni) What: Remind Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Remind is an alarm/calendar program which handles Roman and Hebrew calendars, sunrise, sunset and moon phases, is multilingual, does complicated date calculations (handling holidays propers), alarms, includes a WWW calendar server, and produces PostScript output. Uses Tk for an X front end. Available for UNIX, MS-DOS, OS/2 and other platforms. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > (David F. Skoll) What: Where: <URL: > Description: Program automates administrative tasks across apps, using ssh/scp. Doc says that script requires Expect/Tcl/Tk . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Report Generator Where: <URL: > Description: Generate database info reports using a WWW browser and HTML as the user interface. Works with Netscape 2.01 and newer versions. Uses Javascript and tcl. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: Unknown What: Reservation system Where: <URL: > Description: A reservation system. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ron Urban) What: RESOLVE Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Calculate 3-axis spectrometer resolution parameters using a Tk 4.1 or stdio interface. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Andrey Zheludev) What: revcmd Where: <URL: > Description: A sample of how to create a Tcl interpreter using the C interface, how to create a new Tcl command, how to register a new command in a Tcl interpreter, and how to invoke Tcl commands from a C program. This sample comes from Eric's book, _Graphical Applications with Tcl & Tk_. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Eric Foster-Johnson) What: reversi Where: <URL: > Description: Reversi (Othello) game. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Joel Fine) What: RF Path calculator Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk program to calculate microwave system path attenuation and antenna gain numbers. Currently at version 0.03 . Updated: 03/2003 Contact: See web site What: rfc Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl 7.5 CGI script to interface with glimpse to browse internet Request For Comment (RFC) documents. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Frank Pilhofer) What: rfc2mib Where: <URL: > Description: Extract MIB or ASN.1 modules from a Request for Comment document. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: rider Where: <URL: > ??? Description: A rider is someone who controls his/her mount. This Tk application is used to mount/umount removable media under Linux. Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Victor Wagner) What: rjobs Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A periodic remote job agent/daemon which automatically establishes a connection with other workstations, exchanging job requests to be performed on various machines. Requires Tcl 7.6 or higher. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Randal A. Koene) What: Rmth Where: <URL: > Description: A combination shell emulator, remote command interpreter, and Tcl/Tk tutorial. It is a part of the BETH distribution. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (David Mark Svoboda) What: robodoc Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Generate documentation (in a wide variety of formats) from source. Requires an ANSI C compiler. Works for many languages - assembler, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, HTML, Java, LISP, Occam, Pascal, Perl, Shell, Tcl/Tk, etc. Version 2.x and newer now maintained by Frans Slothouber. Currently at 4.99.6 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Gumpu Redkar) <URL: (Frans Slothouber) What: RoboTournament Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based game for programming battling robots. Based on Tcl/Tk 8.2.3. Currently at version 01.20.02 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:lewca43 at cfl dot rr dot com > What: Roger's Interface Language (RIL) Where: alt.sources archives <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: a preprocessor for resource files. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Roger Reynolds) What: Role Playing DB Where: <URL: > Description: Linux based shareware role playing DB system which uses Tcl/Tk for doing the installation. Contains an example of calling a C++ class library from Tcl/Tk scripts. Updated: 06/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Robert Heller) What: rolodex Where: From the Tk demos directory Description: John Ousterhout's entry to Tom Solbourne's 1992 X toolkit challenge. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John Ousterhout) What: rootmenu Where: From the contact Description: The Tk/Tix program rootmenu allows one to dynamically build a Tk application with menus, menubuttons, check buttons, and radio buttons. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Sean Halliday) What: RosettaMan/PolyglotMan Where: <URL: > Description: UNIX man page filter - converts formatted man pages into other formats such as ASCII only, TkMan, troff, nroff, Ensemble, SGML, HTML, MIME, LaTeX, LaTeX2e, RTF, and Perl 5 POD. This isn't written in Tcl/Tk, but is used by TkMan and could be used by others. Note that current version reads unformatted nroff and produces better output than when it reads formatted output. Updated: 04/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Phelps) What: router-stats Where: <URL: > Description: Gather statistics about router data and then create bar graphs of the data. For more data, see <URL: > Depends on Tcl, Expect, and Perl. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Iain Lea) What: rp-pppoe Where: <URL: > Description: User/kernel mode client and server for PPP over Ethernet. Has an optional setup program written in Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 3.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: RPEdit Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl 7.6/8.0 based patch editor/librarian for Digitech RP-10/12. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Bruce James) What: RPM Builder Where: <URL: > Description: RPM Builder is a GUI for tools to build RPM packages from tar.gz files. Similar to alien but allows you to properly catagorize and customize the package before building the RPM. It generates the RPM spec file, RPM, and SRPM files. Currently at v0.5-2. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: rscript Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Expect/Tcl script to automate remote login and command execution. Supports various protocols, including ssh, ssh2, telnet and ftp. Optional remote mail notification of output. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: rshd for Windows Where: <URL: > Description: Remote shell daemon for Windows, written in Tcl. When running, allows a Unix rsh command to connect to the machine and pass a Tcl command to be executed on the Windows machine. Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: RTProE Where: <URL: > Description: Real-time simulation environment using Tcl/Tk as the graphical frontend. Simulators written in C or FORTRAN. Data passed from simulation to GUI using shared memory. Written for Windows, but could be ported to UNIX quickly. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Dennis LaBelle) What: Rubum-tools Where: <URL: > Description: Tools for manipulating JPEG/JFIF images. Includes a COM marker viewer, editor library, and a Tk interface. Currently at version 0.02 . Updated: 04/2003 Contact: See web site What: run Where: <URL: > Description: Small script implementing the run menu entry in the FVWM-95 start menu. Provides a history capability and a way to start a program on a remote machine. Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Victor Wagner) What: Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Based on tksysv, allows system admins to add, delete, edit, and execute services from various system runlevels. License is GPL. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Runner's Diary Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1 scripts for logging runs. Works with Linux but should run with other systems. Also requires Perl (4.3 or 5.x). Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Gerhard Lehmann) What: runshell Where: <URL: > Description: Example of using Expect to open a shell and sending commands to it, parsing the output and returning it as a result. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: ruptool Where: From the contact Description: A tool to watch the uptime status of various machines. Has a problem right now with the XID exhaustion problem. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Matt DiMeo) What: Rush Where: <URL: > Description: A modified version of Tcl oriented towards faster execution. The code here does not represent a working system, but if someone wants to finish the job, Adam says "I'd be happy to help in any way I can (except coding :-())." Basically, Adam has had to cancel his work on Rush due to a "research conflict" (that is, if he wants to graduate). Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:asah@cs.Berkeley.EDU > (Adam Sah) What: S-CASE Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: S-CASE 3.0 is an object-oriented analysis and design tool for Windows 95 and Windows NT. You get full access to model info using Tcl scripts. You can output the info in many formats, such as C++, Java, Smalltalk, database schemata, data dictionaries, customized reports. This is a commercial product - the ftp version is a 'save-limited' evaluation version. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (MultiQuest Corporation) What: S-LVQ Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A simple program to perform Kohonen's LVQ1 algorithm. Uses a Tcl/Tk interface. Unix or PCs. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (J.J. Merelo Guervos) What: S26-logo uploader Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script that sends a BMP image to your Siemens GSM S25 phone, by sending PDU packets. This product is no longer being updated - instead, see S25-Manager Currently at version 0.9 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: S26-Manager Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk app to manage various functions of your Siemens GSM S25 or similar phone. This product is no longer being updated - instead, see S25-Manager Currently at version 0.9 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Sage Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: A Tcl/Tk runtime code analyzer profiling tool for Tcl/Tk applications. Requires Tcl 8.0, and was tested on Linux i386 and SunOS/Solaris. The email address for the original author of this package, John Stump, is currently unavailable. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: Unknown What: SATOOLS Where: <URL: > Description: A set of tools to help system administrators to manage large networks of UNIX machines. If is particularly useful if most of the machines are configured similarly. It allows the administrator to have control of all system files on all hosts at one central point. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Lars Berntzon) What: SaVi satellite constellation visualization Where: <URL: > Description: Create, run, modify, and examine satellite orbits in 2 or 3 dimensions. Requires Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 1.2.6 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: savIRC Where: <URL: > Description: IRC client for Linux/Windows, supporting multiple server connections, SOCKS5 connections, CTCP, DCC, ignore and notify lists, mIRC colors, nick completion, dedicated windows, logs custom popups, pre-defined events, Tcl/Tk scripting, captions for URL nics, and channel names. Currently at version 1.99 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: See web site What: SCALD Where: <URL: > Description: School project to create a SPARC assembler interpreter. Uses Tcl/Tk and Visual Tcl. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Michael K. Vance) What: schmod Where: <URL: > Description: A tclsh that goes through a directory and copies the user's permissions to other and group, except that it denies them write. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Hume Smith) What: SciLab Where: <URL: > Description: A high level language for numerical computations in a user-friendly environment. Resembles Matlab/Simulink and MatrixX/ Systembuild family of products. Has a Tcl/Tk interface. Runs on Windows 95/NT, Linux, Linux PPC (Mac) and most Unix workstations. Binary versions for these platforms are available, as is the source. Currently at version 3.0 . Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > <URL: news:comp.soft-sys.math.scilab > What: SciTeXt Where: <URL: > Description: Object oriented Unix WYSIWYG word processor, supports Type 1 PostScript fonts, context sensitive toolbars, language independant, shortcuts, online help, supports document and paragraph level templates, spell checker and thesaurus, footnotes, table of contents, indices, chapter numbering, glossary, tables, charts, mathmatical plots, document exchange. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (SciTeXt mailing list) (send address above a "subscribe scitext") What: sclock Where: From the contact Description: A sample tcl script which can be used as a TCP/IP server under inetd. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Peter da Silva) What: sco Where: <URL: > Description: Read and 'compile' a script into a format that is less easy for the user to read and understand. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Herald Riedler) What: SCOP Where: <URL: > Description: A tk-send driving command which coordinates Mosaic and rasMol. SCOP stands for Structural Classification of Proteins. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: Scout Where: <URL: > Description: WWW browser which uses tkhtml . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: ScriptAce Where: From the contact Description: ACEDB software with Tcl interpreter. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Henry J. Cobb) What: ScriptIt Where: <URL: > Description: Minimalist IDE for wish scripts. Use to write and test wish scripts, as well as provides a console to aid in debugging, without having to save the file. Currently at version 0.0.2b. Updated: 05/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: scwsd Where: <URL: > Description: Complete web server in less than 200 lines of Tcl. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Sdoc Where: <URL: > Description: Source documenter helps you when you create or add documentation and produces good looking printable output. You add doc to your source code using pod (Plain Old Documentation), the format also used in perl. Sdoc can be used to document C, C++, Java, Tcl and Perl programs. A preview function allows you to interactively create documentation. Automatic indexing is supported. Sdoc is limited to non-commerical use. A commercial version is available which is faster, with complete documentation, more features, and which comes with full support and upgrades. Versions are available for Linux, HPUX, SGI Irix. Also requires perl 5.x. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Schwaninger) What: sd_launch Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: This is a MIME/WWW browser helper to launch MBONE sessions. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (William C. Fenner) What: Searchtool (DWU) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Search utility for Unix/X systems. Provides a Tk interface to grep/find/sed, allowing the novice to explore these tools with less of the learning curve. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: SecPanel Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI for managing SSH connections. Currently at version 0.31. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:leich at wiwi dot uni dash marburg dot de > What: Sedit Where: From the contact Description: An iTk application intended to implement a context sensitive editor. See <URL: > for more detail. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Fred Stewart) What: sender Where: From the contact Description: Send standard input to a specified Tk interpreter, prefixed with some sort of insert command. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Brent Welch) What: setedit Where: <URL: > Description: Text editor designed for programmers with Wordstar or Borland editor experience. Allows overlapped windows, configurable syntax highliting, macros, rectangular selection, block indentation, etc. Supports Tcl syntax highlighting. Currently at Version 0.4.39. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: setter Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk front end to the xset program. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (James McNalley) What: SEW Where: <URL: > Description: Distributed real-time analysis tool based on Tcl/Tk and STL. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Kevin Bradley) What: sfm Where: <URL: > Description: sfm manages files, has drag and drop support, can mount floppies, etc. Currently at version 1.4.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: sfrm Where: <URL: > Description: Software For Requirement Management is a Tcl/Tk application for creating and managing requirement specifications. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: sgedit Where: <URL: > Description: Generic toolkit for building integrated SGML applications, based on Tcl/Tk and extending the Tk widget set with TkSGML, an SGML widget that can create, load, save, validate, display, and edit SGML documents. While a commercial package, a free beta version for Linux and Windows is available. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: SGI GL interpreter Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl based interpreter for Silicon Graphics GL. Succeeded now by TIGER. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ekkehard Beier) What: SGI port of Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Contains the binaries and documentation for Tcl/Tk. The information corresponds to the alpha 2 release. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wessel de Roode) What: sgitcl Where: From SGI Description: sgitcl comes standard with SGI's version Irix 6.2 and higher operating system. It includes Tcl, Tk, tclX, tkX, and Tm - a Tcl Motif toolkit as well as other frequently requested extensions. The latest report was that it was based on Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0/Tcl Motif 1.4/Expect 5.17/incr Tcl 1.5 . Oratcl, Sybtcl, GLXaux as well as some custom sgitcl extensions (tclObjSrv, rstat, sautil, SNMP, wwwHelp, as well as support for various SGI specific widgets and the Xbae Matrix widget) are also provided. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: Unknown What: sgtool Where: <URL: > Description: Sgtool is a Tcl/Tk interface to sgrep which provides a structured query interface to almost any kind of text file with a well known structure. Supports easy creation of sgrep queries and macro libraries. Requires Tk 4.0. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jani Jaakkola) <URL: > (Pekka Kilpel\xe4inen) What: Shadowed Horizons Where: <URL: > Description: Application framework for adventure or role-playing games. Includes an optional Tk GUI. Currently at version 20040823 . Updated: 08/2004 Contact: See web site What: SHIFT Where: <URL: > Description: SHIFT is a programming language for describing dynamic networks of hybrid automata. It uses itcl, itk, and iwidgets, along with BLT, to provide a GUI interface. Latest alpha release no longer is dependant on itcl/itk/iwidgets. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: Shiva Where: <URL: > Description: Survey Human Interface and Visualization Environment (Shiva) is the supported toolkit to be used for assembling data reduction pipelines and host software for the SDSS data acquisition system. Updated: Contact: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > What: Show keycodes Where: <URL: > Description: Display X keycode information. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Harrison) What: Where: From the contact Description: Tk interface to sox for playing sounds. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Nelson Minar) What: Siag Office Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Free office package consisting of the Siag spreadsheet, the PW word processor, and the Egon animation tool. Siag supports SIOD, Guile, Tcl and Python embedded interpreters, making it very flexible. License is GPL. Currently at version v3.5.7 . Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ulric Eriksson) What: Sibylla Where: <URL: > Description: An application development framework for WWW based applications. Sibylla allows access to data stored in databases, indexed HTML files, or, in general to data management by a server-side application. Sibylla 2.0 supports BasisPlus, Informix, Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, mSQL, Oracle, and Sybase. The WWW interface module for Sibylla is free. The various database modules have varying prices depending on the database. See the WWW site for details. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Ing. M.Ricotti) What: Sift-Mail Where: <URL: > Description: A program for filtering incoming email, using a Tcl extension based around the c-client API. For more info, see <URL: >. An X Window interface to configure is available. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:LGL@CSGrad.CS.VT.EDU > (Laurence Lundblade) What: sim68k Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Motorola 68000 processor simulator using C++ and Tcl 7.4 Tk 3.6 for the user interface. The program works with Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.0 but has some binding problems. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Riesterer) What: SimCity Where: <URL: > Description: This is a fully functional port of SimCity to X, with multi-player capability. It does however 'melt' after 5 minutes if you have not bought a license. They call it a 'demo mode'. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Don Hopkins) What: SIMEX Where: <URL: > Description: Discrete event simulation model support, providing random number generation, event and process management, user interface classes, aggregate statistics, and some basic data structions. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: SIMON Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk based Mosaic Hotlist/subject space management program. A subject space server maintains a database for the users of the software. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (M. J. Johnson) What: SimOS Where: <URL: > Description: Machine simulation environment designed for study of both uni- and multi-processor computer systems. Simulates hardware enough to boot and run commercial operating systems. Models hardware similar to Silicon Graphics, Inc computers. Tcl scripts are written to execute whenever an event of interest occurs. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Simple database interface Where: From the contact Description: Tcl/Tk front end to simple database. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Richard Otto) What: simple editor Where: From the contact Description: Simple Tk text widget which implements an undo. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > (D Hibbs) What: Simple Order Form generator Where: <URL: > Description: A simple order form generator and processor package. It consists of a Tcl support library and CGI scripts that read forms from template files and use the email-www package to transport the results. Updated: Contact: Unknown What: Simple tkman (Chandrasekaran) Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tk man page browser, few features. See Phelps tkman for full featured program. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Karthik Chandrasekaran) What: SimTcl Where: <URL: > Description: Little interpreter compatible with Tcl_Obj commands. Has a syntax simpler than Tcl. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: SiteBlazer Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Commercial tool to assist building a web site using software wizards to guide you through the process. Updated: 05/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Skate FTP Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk ftp client, supporting connection profiles. Requires Tcl/Tk and Tix. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Gregory Engel) What: skim Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk offline newsreader designed to work over SLIP/PPP lines. Depends on Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Rene Pijlman) What: SkullyDoo Where: <URL: > Description: Portable object-oriented software for 3D segmentation and visualization. Uses FLTK, VTK, ITK, Tcl, etc. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: Skycat Tools Where: <URL: > Description: Series of visualization tools written for the European Southern Observatory. Primarily written in Tcl with various extensions written in C++ and itcl. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: SLab Recording Studio Software Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: SLab Direct to Disk Recording Studio. Mixer supporting 2 to 64 stereo outputs. Includes Wave Editing, effects, bus groupings, dynamic digital filters, Tk based user interface, continuous controller recording, multiprocessing shared memory mix engine. Suite includes MixSLab, StudioSLab, Master Controls, MicroMix, EffectSLab, WaveSLab, TapeSLab, Requires Linux, OSS/FREE 3.5.X, System V IPC, Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1. Currently at vesion 4.09 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Nick Copeland) What: slackjaw Where: <URL: > Description: slackjaw is an interface for talking to Firstclass bulletin board systems, which include forums, file transfer, messaging, and chat. slackjaw has been tested with version 5.5 of the FirstClass server. Requires FreeBSD/Linux, web server, access to a mySQL database, perl 5.004 or higher. Current version is 3.1 Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Slid'Em Where: <URL: > Description: A tile sliding puzzle game. It has over 35 levels and themable tile sets. This can run anywhere that TclKit is available. Currently at level 0.5 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:jeff at bluesine dot com > What: slidedraw Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk 8.0 based drawing utility for presentation slides. Does PostScript output, multislide compressed files with embedded images, easy font/color/zoom selection. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Rildo Pragana) What: SLOCCount Where: <URL: > Description: Suite of software metric programs for counting physical source lines of code (SLOC) in large software systems. Recognizes a wide number of languages, including Ada, Assembler, awk, C, C++, FORTRAN, Java, lex, LISP, Makefiles, Objective-C, Pascal, Perl, Python, sed, shell, SQL, Tcl/Expect, YACC, etc. Comes with RPMs as well as in a cygwin compatible format. Currently at version 2.21 . Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:dwheeler at dwheeler dot com > What: smaillog Where: alt.sources archives <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: email activity report for smail 2.5 Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Karl Lehenbauer) What: SmallTcl Where: <URL: > Description: Web page and mailing list to discuss implementing Tcl as a small kernel plus series of packages that are required. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Zach Frey) What: SmartGDB Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A patched version of GDB 4.16 with an integrated Tcl interpreter providing the ability to bind Tcl scripts to breakpoints. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: Smart Tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Eggdrop bot 1.6.x tcl script which includes op, botnet, mass-commands, user-protector, anti-spam, anti-clone facilities, plus much more! Currently at version 5.2.4 . Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: SMB Domain Authentication Where: <URL: > Description: tool that provides authentication with an SMB server (NT or Samba on Unix) through the commandline, Apache, Apache2, PHP, Jabber, Python, Perl, Ruby, Tcl, Guile, C, and Java. Currently at version 1.5.1 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: SMM++ Mud Client Where: <URL: http://www.Physik.Uni-Dortmund.DE/%7Eissevers/SMM++/welcome.html > Description: Selim's Magic Mapper (SMM++) is a cross platform MUD client with extended unique features such as a highly customizable user interface and unique mapping capabilities,along with the standard mud client functions. Currently at version 6.0 . Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: SMTP sendmail procedure Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script implementing a SMTP transaction to send email. If you use a WWW browser with a Tcl plugin, you may find that instead of getting the source, you execute the procedure itself. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Gerald W. Lester) What: SNACC Where: <URL: > Description: Compiler for ASN.1 to C or C++ , with a BER en/decoding library. Comes with asnwish, a Tcl/Tk 8.0 wish with access to extensions for grammer definition and BER coding. Snacc also has its own mailing list. Unfortunately, the above web page link to source code doesn't appear <URL: > to be working right now. The latest version of Snacc is 1.3. Updated: 04/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: SnackAmp Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Cross platform MP3, Ogg Vorbis audio/music player, play lister and file manager. Supports cataloging, mounting and playing of offline media, etc. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.4.1, Snack 2.1.6 or newer . Freewrapped versions for Windows and Linux are available. Currently at version 3.0.1 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: Snapper Where: <URL: > Description: XML based application builder and thin client. Includes script engines and an API. Environment is GTk+/GNOME/Tcl/Perl. Currently at version 1.3. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:bill at albacoretech dot com > What: SNMP Test Suite Where: <URL: > Description: Contains a SNMP-capable Tcl. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (James Watt) What: SNMPTrack Where: <URL: > Description: Windows NT tcl/tk application that connects to an SNMP Agent and polls the desired OID. Currently at version 11 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: SNOW Tcl/Tk software for Agenda PDA Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: ROM disk for Tcl and Tk and some utilities, so that things run on an Agenda PDA. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Alexander Caldwell) What: Snow* Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Snowstar is a Tcl/Tk GUI for the Snowblind Alliance 'rio' interface tool. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.x. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: SOAR Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Soar is used by AI researchers to construct integrated intelligent agents, and by cognitive scientists for cognitive modelling. Recent versions of Soar use Tcl/Tk to do scripting and user interfaces. Soar is available on a variety of platforms. See <URL: > for discussions on SOAR. See ERS for a commercial product based on SOAR. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Sockspy Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Small Tcl program to watch TCP conversations. Currently at version 2.5 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Poindexter) What: Solaris binaries for Tcl/Tk Where: <URL: > Description: Binary Solaris package format files for Tcl/Tk. Version 8.x is available. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: Unknown What: Sound Studio Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk 4.0 application which enables recording, playback and simple cut & paste editing of sound files of diverse formats on a PC equipped with a sound card and the USS (formally VoxWare) sound drivers Depends on Sox for format conversions. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Sharpe) What: Source Navigator Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Source-Navigator is a IDE with code comprehension features. It is a code analyzer and reverse engineering tool to give an understanding of assembler, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, itcl, Java, Python, and Tcl programs. Includes code parsers, a symbol hierarchy browser, source code editor, retriever, code metrics, and more. It is now a GPL application, and is written in Tcl/Tk/itcl Currently at version 5.1.4 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: sparcOmatic Where: <URL: > Description: Tk interface to a software MIDI music synthesiser on a Sun SPARC. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Stephen Uhler) What: SpecTcl/SpecJava/specPerl Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: GUI builder for Tcl/Tk. Supports WYSIWYG drag and drop interface, ability to support new Tk widgets automatically, with simple access to generated code. The licensing for SpecTcl 1.1 is similar to Tcl/Tk core. The the source is available and the product is free. No future releases are planned, and no support is available from Sun. Documentation in PostScript and PDF format are available. Versions for Unix, Windows and Macintosh are available. specJava is also distributed with the package. This application uses the same user interface, but generates Java instead of Tcl/Tk. specPerl is a set of add-on files by Mark Kvale that allow Perl/Tk code to be generated by the same interface, after installing pTk. It requires specTcl 1.1, pTk 4.02.002 and perl 5. The python URL is a Python script to convert SpecTcl tcl output to Python Tkinter format. The Digital URL is to code which creates a specPython executable which is compatible with SpecTcl 1.0 or SpecJava 0.3. SpecTcl is now at version 1.2a3 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: Spectix Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Development environment to build GUI applications that run cross platform. Design GUIs interactively and graphically. Based on SpecTcl, and using Tix widgets. Generates code for Tcl/Tk, Perl/Tk, Python/Tkinter, and Ruby. Currently at version 1.4 . Updated: 02/2002 Contact: Unknown What: spectogram drawing Where: From the contact Description: Tcl/Tk tool to draw lines over a speech spectogram in GIF format. Lines are constructed using spline smoothing function. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Richard J. Duncan) What: Speedtouch Installer Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI for simplifying the process of setting up PPPoE connections. Currently at version 1.05 . Updated: 04/2003 Contact: See web site What: Spgmr08 Where: <URL: > Description: Linux software package for developing software for the Motorola Mc68HC908GP32 microcontroller. A Tcl/Tk interface is available. Currently at version 0.9 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:scorcher at users dot > What: SphereDemo Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Demonstrates drawing images on a Tk canvas. Currently at version 0.7 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: Splitter Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk script to cut files into %KB sized pieces. Currently at version 0.02. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: splotter Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk app to plot simple 2 and 3 D graphs. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: spy Where: <URL: > Description: Spy interacts with tksql to see the various options, bindings and widget hierarchy, and manager information used by tksql. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See distribution for details What: Spynergy Weblet Developer(TM) Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial GUI builder which supports all platforms and supports the latest versions of Tcl/Tk. It has a free 2-4 week trial period for the entire package. Supports Tclet developement with enhanced security, etc. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: SQL Relay Where: <URL: > Description: Persistent database connection pooling, proxying, and load balancing system for Unix and Linux supporting ODBC, Oracle, MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Interbase, Lago, and SQLite, and with APIs for C, C++, Perl, Perl-DBD, Python, Python-DB, Zope, PHP, Ruby, Ruby-DBD, Java and TCL, command line clients, a GUI configuration tool, and extensive documentation. Currently at version 0.35.0 Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: src2tex Where: <URL: > Description: Text converter from at least 24 different types of source code into LaTeX. Permits not only pretty printing, but also recognizes math formulae in comment areas of the programs, patch in PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript images into resulting TeX file, allows one to easily incorporate documentation and manuals with source code, and allows for attractive output of source for reference purposes. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Kazuo AMANO) <URL: > (Shinichi NOMOTO) What: SRCE Where: <URL: > Description: The Simple Revision Control Engine (SRCE) is a change control/ configuration management tool built on top of RCS. Provides GUI access to all common RCS functions. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: sreecad Where: <URL: > Description: CAD program in Tcl/Tk. License is GPL Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: SSA interface Where: <URL: > Description: tclX/Tk interface to browsing a SPARC Storage Array set of disks. For more information, see <URL: >. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Doug Hughes) What: SSH Buddy Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk/Expect frontend to the ssh command. Supports saving site names, login ids, passwords, etc. Currently at v1.05 beta. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: startppp Where: From the contact Description: Tk interface to pppd to start a Point to Point Protocol (PPP) connection as well as display the number of 'phone units' that have passed. Requires Tk 4.0. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: State Map Compiler / State Machine Compiler (SMC) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Takes a state map description and generates state pattern classes in a target language such as C++, C#, Java, itcl, Requires Java 1.4.1. Currently at version 3.1.2 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: Stdio Musician Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk interface to the 4Front Technologies Open Sound Card. Maps keystrokes to notes, provides sliders for volume, instrument number and octave range. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Patrick H. Madden) What: STEAD Where: <URL: > Description: Sympathetic Tk-based Editor for Average Dummies (STEAD) is a Tk 3.6 based editor based on jstool's jedit. The doc is in French with menus in English. Text selections (including rectangulars) can be piped through filters, search and replace using regular expressions, multilevel undo and redo, colorisation and many other features. Requires Tk 3.6/Tcl 7.3 (source/binaries provided). Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Maurice DIAMANTINI) What: StepTool Where: <URL: > Description: Lockheed Martin tracking software for development and test results of software systems. Uses Oracle. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: Unknown What: stockwatcher Where: <URL: > Description: Portfolio/stock watching program. Heavily based on TclTicker. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.3.1 or newer, BLT 2.4, BWidget 1.3 Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Duperval) What: Stopwatch (Libes) Where: <URL: > Description: Millisecond timing stopwatch. Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: Stopwatch (Shijo) Where: <URL: > Description: A simple stopwatch implemented in Tcl/Tk. This script works as both Tclet and stand alone program. He has also written a perl/Tk driver for gnuplot 3.7 - contact him for it. Tcl7.5/Tk4.1 or newer version including Tcl8.0/Tk8.0 is required. Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Nagao Shijo) What: stprof Where: <URL: > Description: German tax calculation program for 1994 and 1995. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Tuende Kriegl) What: subtile Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk 8.x program for generating Penrose, Ammann, and other aperiodic tilings through substitution or composition rules, displaying them, taking their fourier transforms, and generating postscript you can print for the kids to color. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Roger E. Critchlow Jr.) What: Subway Navigator Where: Source not available at this time Description: Tk-based internet service to find routines in the world's subway systems. Reach the subway via <URL: telnet:// > or <URL: gopher:// >. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Pierre David) What: SUE Where: <URL: > Description: Schematic User Environment (SUE) is a commercial product used in the input, design and simulation of electronic chips. Uses Tcl/Tk. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: SuperClipboard Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A program to watch the system clipboard and provide a context- sensitive menu similar to the Apple Data Detectors. Updated: 06/2004 Contact: See web site What: Supernotepad Where: <URL: > Description: Simple text and html editor written in Tcl/Tk. Can import existing files, unlimited undo/redo, search and replace (forwards and backwards, case sensitive and insensitive), convert plain text to simple html, support for minimal effort insertion of HTML tags, creation of lists and tables, etc., can test run tcl code if editing that, can insert special characters with single clicks, etc. Uses MULE license. Based on Tk NotePad 0.5.0 by Joseph Acosta and textedit.tcl by Eric Foster-Johnson. Currently at version 1.3.1 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (David McClamrock) What: Swish Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Non-validating XML editor, with both a tree and document view of the XML document. Commercial product. Free 30 day evaluation copy available for Linux, Windows 95/98/NT, and Macintosh PPC. The DOM-based tree and text view widgets from this editor are being released as OpenSource. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Symbolic derivations Where: <URL: > Description: A simple symbolic derivation solver. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Tiller) What: System Security Scanner (3S) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk/Tix based tool which searches your machine for vulnerabilities of file permissions, account passwords, configuration of rhosts, shosts, netrc, inetd, host.equiv, and checks files against an MD5 library. Currently available for Linux, SunOS 4 and Solaris 2. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Christopher William Klaus) What: Tac Where: <URL: > Description: Pure Tcl version of America Online Instant Messenger (AIM). This provides console only users the ability to use AIM. Currently it is at version 0.17. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: mailto:smike at users dot tmok dot com > What: TACOMA Where: <URL: > Description: Operating system support for agents written in various languages. Tcl/Tk was the first language supported, but C, Perl, Python and Elk are also supported in version 1.2. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (TACOMA mailing list) What: Tactics Software Module Where: <URL: > Description: Implements an order of battle display, threat site display and annotation capability. Requires a Silicon Graphics Onyx II. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: taglog Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based code designed to help you make notes about what you are doing all day long, then produce a report at the end of the week on how your time was spent, broken down by projects. Currently at version 0.1.55 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Take a Joint Where: <URL: > Description: Simplify integration of Linux clients into Windows networks. Currently at version 20021229 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: tami Where: <URL: > Description: The Advanced Mp3 Interface (TAMI) is a client/server interface for mpg123. It includes a Tk based X interface as well as a Tcl only interface for console use (Ctami). Currently at version 0.1.0 . This project is no longer being maintained by the contact. Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:pWfVgYaVRh at noviota dot virtualave dot net > What: taskforce Where: <URL: > Description: Interfactive game where players code an AI that carries out their orders within the game's universe. Server written in C and Tcl/Tk. Updated: 02/2001 Contact: Unknown What: taskspace Where: <URL: > Description: Small Tcl program for managing a to do list. Organizes tasks by urgency and priority and displays tasks two dimensionally. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Nat Pryce) What: tau Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based text editor. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Victor Wagner) What: TAVED Where: <URL: > Description: A simple Tcl/Tk editor for Hebrew. Contains right to left core bindings that can be applied on any Tcl/Tk text widget. Does automatic word wrap, paragraph reformatting, Emacs like bindings, cut and paste, Postscript printing, and a virtual keyboard. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Dov Grobgeld) What: Tch Where: <URL: > Description: A program which quickly and easily accesses the documentation for Tcl/Tk. It does not rely on the man pages. The doc has been reformatted and rewritten for use with Tch. Version 0.1 is alpha. This program will probably become shareware or commercial as it develops in detail. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ken McDonald) What: Tcl / Tk install softlink Where: <URL: > Description: installtk is a script which creates a set of softlinks from the distribution directory to the public installation directories. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Maurice J. LeBrun) What: Tcl Ad Banner System Where: <URL: > Description: WWW based advertisement banner rotation system written in Tcl/C. Based on the Ultimate Banner Rotation System. Uses GNU General Public License. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Robert Heller) What: Tcl Chat Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl web chat system for mod_dtcl. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: Tcl compiler (compwork/amadeus) (aotto) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Pages are written in German. Author describes this commercial work as a compiler which reads Tcl and outputs a meta token stream which can then be used to generate whatever code one needs (such as C). Compiler provides support of restricting access to applications in an OS independant manner. Also at the web site are various Tcl applications such as tclhttpd compiled into binary format. An IDE based on ased but with improvements is also available. Version 3.3, beta 3 runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS 9. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Otto) ??? What: Tcl compiler (Koski) Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl to C compiler, written as a class project. Also see <URL: > for his paper. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (David Koski) What: Tcl compiler (Tromey) Where: <URL: > Description: Written in C++ with templates (g++ v2.6.3), this requires no changes to the Tcl core. It compiles procedures as they are defined, as well as if, while and for statements and math expressions. Only tested with Tcl 7.3. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Tom Tromey) What: Tcl Conference Games Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? Description: These are the most recent three games that attendees of the Tcl USENIX Conference/Workshop played during the week. They were lots of fun, and you may find some interesting coding techniques. Updated: 11/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Michael J McLennan) What: Tcl Debugger (Tdb) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A debugger for Tcl scripts. Features standard debugger commands and Tk frontend. Comes with English/German language adaptation and help pages. Ready to run on Linux, HP-UX, and Irix. This version is a free one. A commercial package, with support, advanced features, and future upgrades assured, can be purchased. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Schwaninger) What: Tcl Developer's Kit (TDK) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Enhanced versions of TclPro. Provides ability to wrap Tcl programs into stand alone applications, to debug scripts with code profiling, do static checking of syntax, and ability to create bytecode files from scripts. Based on Tcl 8.4.3 components. Currently at version 2.6 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: Tcl Developer Studio Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Environment for Tcl/Tk developers. Provides multi-file editor with syntax indenting, highlighting, find functions, CVS control interface, simple project support, printing fast file navigation. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: >) What: Tcl Edit Where: From the contact Description: A Simple Text editor in Tcl/tk Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Celal Dikici) What: Tcl etags program (Dunning) Where: From the contact Description: A gawk script which generates an Emacs tag file for Tcl code. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ted Dunning) What: Tcl etags program (Emacs) Where: <URL: > Description: Emacs 20.2 or greater includes a program called etags which will create editing tag files allowing one to jump directly to particular places in the code. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: Unknown What: tcl file server Where: <URL: > Description: tclfserv is an IRC File server written in Tcl. Currently at version 4.3.7b . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:dejavo at PunkAss dot com > What: Tcl Httpd server Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl http web server. Works out of the box as a web server, but is designed to be a Tcl application server. Supports distributing HTML plus Tcl templates. Currently at 3.4.2 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: Tcl Jabber Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: At least two Tcl related Jabber software projects are in progress - JabberLib is a Jabber Client Library written in Tcl and zABBER is a Tcl/Tk Jabber client. Jabber is an open source attempt to consolidate the various instant messaging protocols available on the internet. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Tcl Lint Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Modifed version of the ICE Tcl compiler which checks for probable or possible errors and prints warning and error messages. This is a commercial product. Check the README_LINT.html file for info on a trial license key to allow you to try out the product. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: Tcl shells Where: <URL: > Description: Package to assist users who want to build customized shells by choosing among Tcl/Tk extensions. Also see <URL: > for more information. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: Tcl Telnet Where: <URL: > Description: Example of a telnet server and client, all in tcl. Handles multiple server sockets, etc. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Tcl TextEdit Where: <URL: > Description: Text editor for the X window system. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.0 or higher. Currently at version 0.9.10 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Dennis Ehlin) What: Tcl to C compiler (brannon) Where: From the contact Description: Compiles Tcl scripts into corresponding C code. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (TERRENCE MONROE BRANNON) ??? What: Tcl to C process Where: From the contact Description: set of steps placed in tkined makefile to build an initialized C string to a tcl script. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Juergen Schoenwaelder) What: Tcl Yahoo Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk Yahoo chat client. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: Tcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > (15.4M) <URL: > (4.8M) <URL: > <URL: > Description: The complete base package for Tcl. Tcl is intended to be a smallish language which is easily extendable, and used as a user configuration language. It is of course being used for much more as well. The Wiki page describes the process to follow to report a bug or patch for Tcl. Source or binaries for Windows and Macintosh are available at the ftp site. The example tar file contains source code that builds a simple dynamic extension for Unix, Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT. You can find the binary version of Tcl at the HP-UX software porting and archive center. The site also has a page of pointers to patches that have been submitted but not necessarily confirmed as safe. The visi file is patches to allow Tcl to compile under QNX/Watcom. The Sensus site has Tcl compiled for Windows NT 4.0 SP3. It includes a .reg file that will create the registry entries for you plus add Tcl/lib to the pkgPath. The xraylith site has patches for Tcl so that it will build under either Mingw (native windows 32 bit) or Cygwin (POSIX emulation layer) environments using the GNU c compiler. The site has a directory where they are accumulating patches for Tcl. Boris Tobotras <URL: > posted the Tcl 8.1 compatible encoding file so that the koi8-r character set is supported. The wiki web site is the beginnings of a collection of useful tcl scripts that others may find useful either as examples or as useful utilities. At the el.supremo web page, you can find some fixes for the Tcl v8.1.1 DDE package, as well as a new DDE POKE command. The glob patch improves glob for cross platform functionality and speedups as well as a test suite. The alpha/tcl directory contains the MacOS CodeWarrior mcp files for Tcl 8.2. The a2000 site contains documentation on how to build Tcl/Tk 8.2 using the free Apple development suite called MPW (Macintosh Programmer's Workshop). The wiki page contains pointers to various binary distributions of Tcl, Tk, and other extensions. The download site is a binary Windows distribution created by bitWalk Co., built with the Inno installer, Visual C++ 6.0, and Windows 2000, and includes Tcl/Tk 8.3.3, HTML doc, BLT, BWidget, itcl/tk, tcllib, Tix, Tktable. The ratiosoft site provides examples of calling Tcl from C, C from Tcl, passing values, etc. The tcl64bit is a modified core to provide appropriate support for 64 bit mode. This code will eventually be merged into the core distribution. Roger Oberholtzer <URL: > has written a INNO Setup script for creating a WIN32 install exectuable for Tcl 8.3.4 . The schlenk site has a Windows 2000 build of Tcl/Tk 8.4, with some of the libraries, etc. Binaries for Tcl/Tk 8.4 WinCE3 ARM platform are now available. Binary releases for Windows and MacOS may also be found on Many older versions of Tcl are available from the CVS at The latest Tcl release version is version 8.4.9, with subsequent patches and development versions availabile from the NetCVS repository at There is also Tcl 8.5a2 available, which is the alpha release of the next major release. Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: tcl++ Where: From the contact Description: Tcl based code providing SELF-like prototype-based tcl objects. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Hansel Wan) What: tcl-golems Where: <URL: > Description: Applications to aid Tcl programmers. First utilities include a line counter and mismatched braces/brackets/quotes checker. Future versions may include profiler, etc. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: Tcl-Httpd Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: An HTTP daemon written in Tcl. Uses event-driven I/O, and caches URL to file name lookups. Provides CGI interface, built in image map hit detection, uses SafeTcl as an additional way to process a page, supports server side includes, and provides a GUI to monitor the server's activity. Should run on all platforms. A mailing list is available. Currently this is at version 3.4.0 . Updated: 02/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Brent Welch) What: Tcl-my-fancy Where: <URL: > Description: Set of steps and a simple sh script that aids in creating statically linked Tcl/Tk interpreters with various extensions. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Poindexter) What: Tcl-NEST Where: <URL: > Description: A network simulation tool built upon the NEST networking simulation tool and Tcl. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jon Knight) What: tcl-pres Where: <URL: > Description: Presentation software written in Tcl. Incomplete. Pages are in German, framework in English. Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Tcl-To-Go Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: This is an add on disk for muLinux, a mini-runtime version of Linux designed to be very simple. Tcl-To-Go packs 35+ Tcl/Tk based applications plus tclsh and wish interpreters onto a single 2 meg floppy disk. Currently at v12r0 . Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Poindexter) What: Tcl/Tk Wget interface Where: From the contact Description: Contact is adding a Tcl/Tk GUI to the wget command, used to fetch files using http protocol. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (David N. Lombard) What: tcl2c for HP compilers Where: From the contact Description: The HP compiler could not handle the long lines generated by one of the previous updators of tcl2c. So this one was posted. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Rick Walker) What: tcl2c Where: <URL: > Description: Update to the script that converts a Tcl script into a C string. Fixes problem with some CPP's that do not process very long lines. Works with ANSI C only. This WWW page also points to other useful information regarding the use of Tcl. Updated: 10/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Juergen Nickelsen) What: tcl2dos Where: <URL: > Description: Script to port a clean Tcl distribution to DOS and/or Windows, ready to compile. Note this only works for Tcl - *NOT* Tk. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Bob Yennaco) What: tcl2html (Hobbs) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script which creates an HTML presentation of a Tcl program. Preserves spacing, emphasizes comments, bolds Tcl keywords for presentation on the WWW. Works as either a CGI script or stand-alone script. Written in Tcl 7.6. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Jeffrey Hobbs) What: tcl3270 Where: <URL: > Description: Part of a suite of IBM 3270 terminal emulators. Currently at 3.2.19 . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: tclapps Where: <URL: > Description: Series of Tcl applications that community members wanted to contribute. None are really large enough to justify their own sf projects. Includes biorythm, breakout game, a timer clock, a frogger game, gameset card game, hexplode strategy game, taip demo, and tkchat Wiki chat room GUI interface. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: See web site. What: tclBase Where: From the contact Description: Open Source project to create an RDBMS package written in Tcl. Project is in its planning stage at this point. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tclbenchmarks Where: <URL: > Description: Series of benchmarks for Tcl. Works for Tcl 7.4 and higher. Makes use of BWidget 1.3 and Tk 8.2 or higher if it can find it. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TclBot Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl IRC bot being developed. Curently at v0.4.0. Provides structure for providing support functions such as uptime, dictionary, fact triggers, fortune, etc. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: TclBridge Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Commercial ActiveX component allowing interaction between any ActiveX capable programming platform and Tcl. Includes Tk support. Supports Tcl/Tk 8.3.x . Commercially licensed. Currently at version 1.8.1 build 5271 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: tclCheck Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: C program to perform a sanity check for brackets and their nesting. Also known as Gallus. Does not permit commercial use. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Lindsay F. Marshall) What: TclDAV Where: <URL: > Description: Creating a Tcl based DAV protocol client. IETF Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV) protocol is currently in development. DAV is a mixture of HTTP and XML providing a standardized protocol for remote authoring of web pages. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Tcldoc Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl script that pretty prints tcl into HTML. The second reference is an example created by tcldoc. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Phil Ehrens) What: Tclfr Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl scripts for EggDrops and writing French Tutorials for Tcl. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tclFvwm Where: <URL: > Description: A package that provides a way to write fvwm modules using Tcl/Tk. Requires Tcl 8, tclX, Fvwm 2.0/95, and will use Tk, Tix, Img. Supports 32 bit Unix systems. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Victor Wagner) What: tclhelp Where: <URL: > Description: Windows application that is a self-contained HTTP server that serves up Tcl 8.2 man pages. Application serves as an early demo prototype of an extended Tcl file system view that allows mounting of ZIP files and Metakit Catfish DBs, which can then be operated against with normal file commands. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Matt Newman) What: TclHTML Where: <URL: > Description: Package for generating HTML pages using Tcl. Currently at v5.1.2 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tclHTML/HTMLinux Where: <URL: > Description: Pre-alpha release of a shareware HTML editor written in Tcl/Tk. Currently at v.05. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: The Tcl IRCd Where: <URL: > Description: The Tcl IRCd is a small IRC server written in Tcl. It is very simple to modify. It is not a full implementation of the IRC protocol, but it's enough to create channels, talk in public or private, change topic, nick, and other basic operations. No configuration is required. The server is designed so that it can reload an updated version of itself at runtime without closing client connections. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: Tclish Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl install shell is a general purpose installation tool for Unix-based systems. Cantcl is a repository designed to work with tclish using the TIP 55 proposed format to enable downloading of extensions. Updated: 03/2003 Contact: See the web site What: tclkeymon Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl daemon for Toshiba laptops that use ACPI and extensions. Monitors function keys and Toshiba buttons. Currently at version 0.42 . Updated: 09/2003 Contact: See web site What: TclKit (Wippler) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Standalone version of Tcl/Tk v8.0.4 with MetaKit's mk4tcl linked together. No separate installation of libraries, scripts, etc. is needed. Supports the starkit file format, a Tcl/Tk data file which integrates application source and data into a single file. This single file is then executed using TclKit. Binary versions are available for these platforms: Alpha FreeBSD/Linux/NetBSD/OpenBSD/Tru64, AMD Hammer Linux, ARM Linux, HP PA-RISC HP-UX11, IBM S390 64 Linux, Intel ia64 Linux, Intel x86 BSDOS/FreeBSD/Linux/NetBSD/OpenBSD/SunOS/Windows Intel x86 Windows (without Tk) MIPS IRIX, Motorola 68k MacOS, PowerPC 64 Linux, PowerPC AIX/Linux/MacOS/MacOS X, PowerPC+68k MacOS, SPARC Linux/SunOS The source should build anywhere that Tcl builds. Various demos of scripted documents exist. Among the examples are the following. sdx is a starkit which provides a variety of utilities for building and updating starkits. The tclhttpd example is a starkit containing Brent Welch's tcl http server. Version 8.4.2 of tclkit supporting Tcl/Tk 8.4.2 , metakit, IncrTcl 3.3, TclVFS 1.2, and Zlib 1.1.4 is now available. Updated: 03/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Claude Wippler) What: tcllex Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Generate Tcl code from lex input. Email the contact if you cannot find the latest version on the Tcl FTP site and cannot get into the Amdahl FTP site. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Alistair G. Crooks) What: TclMail Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl POP3/SMTP client to allow you to check/send/delete and list mail msgs. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Tclmake (formerly notmake) Where: <URL: > Description: Simple make-like utility written in Tcl and used when you need make like support for Tcl installation but the platform may not have make. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (John Reekie) What: TclNews Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Usenet newsgroup reader. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Tony Bringardner) What: TclNNTPD Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script NNTP news server, conforming to RFC 822, 977, 1036, supporting some common NNTP extensions, authentication, newsgroup mirroring, etc. Currently at version 0.9 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Scott Reilly) What: Tclog Where: <URL: > Description: Web log application, with no server side script requirements. Uploads entries via FTP. Features RSS1.0, HTML templates, trackback, wiki like formatting rules, etc. Currently at version 1.2.1 . Updated: 06/2003 Contact: See web site What: tclparse Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Package used to test Tcl/Tk scripts for writing and programming errors. Recognizes writing mistakes in variable or command names, wrong number of parameters passed, and forgotten $. Tclparse cannot find _all_ such errors, since some may occur depending on the input data. Sometimes, tclparse will even generate false error messages. Based on Tcl 7.6, written in C++. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Stephan Weiss) <URL: > <URL: > (Heiko Grossmann) What: tclPov Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front end to PovRay, designed to free you from typing long cryptic command lines. Currently at version 0.4pr2. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: TclPresents Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk program to display pages of text with itemized lists with a variety of styles for numbering lists. Includes a sample presentation showing the use of Tk canvas graphics to paint decorative frames around the text. This is not a GUI presentation developer. It is more of a presentation slide tool creator. GNU General Public License. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: mailto:info@curvesoft > What: TclPro Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl debugger, static code analyzer, obfuscator, wrapper (create single executable). Cross-platform, full featured and graphical, this tool set is good for quickly finding and fixing bugs in Tcl or incr-tcl (or tk) applications. Also includes the extensions tclcompiler, tbcload, and tclparser. Version 1.5 is available in binary form for a few platforms. Source is available from CVS for other platforms. Updated: 03/2003 Contact: See the web site What: tclpty Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Versions of tclsh and wish built with a new channel type called pty. A pty/tty pair is opened and a command is then exec'd with its input and output streams connected to the slave side of the pair. The master side is accessible using normal Tcl channel and file commands. A C API is also provided. Updated: 05/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Duncan Barclay) What: TclRCX Where: <URL: > Description: Base for a development environment for the LEGO(tm) MindStorms package (an experimental robotics environmnet). The code at this page is very small - the intent is to build up a cross platform environment. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Demailly) What: TclRobots Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A programming game in which one writes Tcl programs to control a robot, which must survive a battle with other robots. Strongly influenced by CROBOTS. Requires Tcl 7.4 and Tk 4.0. Uses "send". For more info, see <URL: >. The challenge tar files contain the winning robots for the 1995 and the 1996 competitions. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Poindexter) What: tclshar Where: <URL: > Description: An extremely rudimentary version of shar, the unix shell archive maker, which works with tclsh. A tclshar is a tcl program which when executed extracts itself into the current directory and recreates the directories and files that it archives. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Roger E. Critchlow Jr.) What: TclSigX Where: <URL: > Description: Client for SigX dynamic signature image system. Works best on Linux. Currently at version 0.1.1 . Updated: 01/2005 Contact: See web site What: tclsvc Where: <URL: > Description: Tiny custom tcl interpreter which can install, remove and run Windows NT services. Built against Tcl v8.0.3 but should work with any Tcl 8.x service. You must have a functional msvcrt.dll. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Matt Newman) What: tcltags (Hoegeman) Where: From the contact Description: Tcl command to generate vi tags file. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Michael Hoegeman) What: tcltags (LoVerso) Where: <URL: > Description: /bin/sh command to generate vi tags file. Updated: 01/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:John@LoVerso.Southborough.MA.US > (John Robert LoVerso) What: tcltags (Tromey) Where: <URL: > Description: Emacs TAGS generation for Tcl source. This was updated by Kartmann in November, 1995 Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Tromey) <URL: > (Emmanuel KARTMANN) What: TclTags Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Page is in German, but this tool generates vim "tags" from a tclIndex file. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Otto) ??? What: TclTexEd Where: <URL: > Description: Simple editor written in Tcl/Tk . Includes syntax highlighting, auto-completion, math symbol support, has online help, etc. Currently at version 2.6 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TclTicker Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simple stock ticker program. With ezsmtp installed, can email quotes to an email address. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.0. Currently at version 1.3 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Poindexter) What: tcltkgrass Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front-end for GRASS Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mark Line) What: TclTP Where: <URL: > Description: Preprocessor based on Tcl. Allows embedding Tcl commands and variables in normal text, then expanding that during the preprocessing stage. Also supports document hooks for arbitrary transformations. Intended for generatinng complex static docs like web pages. Currently at version 0.0.1 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: TCLtt (TCL-TinyTalk) Where: From the contact Description: Programmable client for connecting to MUDs (effectively, chat servers with role playing). Uses Tcl 6.7, should be OK with earlier. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (David Fenger) What: tcltt, v1 Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl TinyTalk - a multi-user interaction tool. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Chris Siebenmann) What: TclTutor Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: TclTutor: An interactive Tcl/Tk tutorial for Windows, Macintosh and Unix. Currently at version 2.0b4 . Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Clif Flynt) What: tclwebtest Where: <URL: > Description: Tool to write automated tests for web applications. Provides simple API for issuing requests, dealing with results, taking care of redirects and cookies. Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: TclWrap Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl compiler, turning Tcl code into a binary. Currently at version 1.1.0 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: tclwumpus Where: <URL: > Description: tclwumpus is a tcl implementation of the classic game Wumpus II. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Paul E Coad) What: TclYasp Where: <URL: > Description: An integration of a conforming SGML parser with Tcl. Ity uses a simple procedure call interface rather than an object oriented interface like CoST 1.1. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (David Durand) What: tcl_cruncher Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: C program that parses and flag syntax errors in your Tcl/tclX/[incr tcl]/itcl/etc. sources. Can also produce faster sources by removing all unneeded white space, comments, etc. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Demailly) What: tcptrace Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Small script which acts as a tee connector between sockets. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Hume Smith) What: tcshql Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl 7.4 interface to the shql SQL database program. Provides Tcl procedures to create, read and write a shql database. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Luc Fontaine) What: TDB Where: <URL: > Description: TDB is a Tk debugger GUI for the GNU debugger GDB. TDB works on Windows when run from inside Cygwin's bash shell with the appropriate pieces of Cygwin installed. It displays the current source, provides buttons for toggling breakpoints, printing variables, single stepping, etc. Can be extended by writing appropriate Tcl . Currently at version 1.3 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tdcad Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: A little Tk CAD drawing program in early Alpha stage. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Tuan Doan) What: tdoc Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Create documentation from Tcl scripts using the Perl pod notation. Output may be in HTML, LaTeX, nroff, or plain text. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Schwaninger) What: TeamRooms Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk based internet groupware environment that allows you to work with colleagues in real time or asynchronously, using Unix, Macintosh and Windows machines. See the WWW page for info on mailing lists, etc. Releases for SunOS, Solaris, SGI, Linux, AIX, Windows 95/NT, Macintosh 68k/PPC are available. TeamRooms is currently undergoing the beta testing for the version 1 release. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Roseman) What: Teapot Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/curses based Table editor and planner. Supports multiple languages, iterative expressions, three dimensional sheets, etc. Should work on any POSIX, ANSI C, XDR, System V curses (ncurses) library system, and supports X/OPEN message catalots. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Michael Haardt) What: Tease Where: <URL: > Description: Text editor written in Tcl/Tk for Win32 / Unix systems. Currently at version 1.2.1 . Updated: 09/2004 Contact: See web site What: Tecate Where: <URL: > Description: As described in Dr. Dobbs Journal, July 1997, Tecate is an extension of Tcl providing commands to interact with 3-D objects. Based on the OpenGL/Mesa library, Tecate provides the ability to create scriptable 3D browser applications. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Peter D. Kochevar) What: TeenyMUD Where: From the contact Description: a small Multi User Dungeon program which is based on a heavily modified version of Tcl. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (TeenyMUD admin addr) <URL: > (Teeny MUD Mailing List) <URL: mailto:downsj@atlantis.CS.ORST.EDU > (jason downs) What: TEItools Where: <URL: > Description: Collection of Tcl and other tool scripts used for transforming SGML documents to various other formats. Currently supports HTML, LaTeX2e, RTF, PS, and PDF. Uses CoST. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: TEKI Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: TEKI is a generic installation toolkit for Tcl/Tk developers. It is an integrated development environment for creating installation interfaces for Tcl applications. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:sumit@CS.Cornell.EDU > (Sumit Kapoor) What: term_expect Where: <URL: > Description: Expectk script that tests character graphic (e.g., Curses) apps. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Don Libes) What: tess Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: tess (tar extraction simplification script) is a Tcl/Tk based tar file extraction tool. tess will automatically uncompress/unzip files ending in .Z or .gz respectively. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Coad) What: Test Environment Toolkit Where: <URL: > Description: The Test Environment Toolkit (TET) is a multi-platform uniform test scaffold, into which non-distrbituted and distribute test suites can be incorporated. Supports tests written in C, C++, Perl, Tcl, Bourne, Bash and Korn shell. Licensed via the GNU Artistic License. Currently at v3.6a . Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Test Suite Interface Where: <URL: > Description: Tk based interface to running test suites, allowing one to monitor progress, see errors, etc. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Kupries) What: testApp Where: From the contact Description: A bare bones C application that creates a Tcl command and associates it with a button's callback. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Kevin B. Kenny) What: TestGuru Where: <URL: > Description: Educational/testing software written in Tcl/Tk. Allows you to create quizzes or exams in order to test your knowledge and skills. Written for Win32 but can be adapted for Linux/Unix platforms. Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: TeXpict Where: <URL: > Description: Drawing package for TeX graphics Updated: 02/2000 Contact: Unknown What: TextPad Tcl/Tk syntax dictionaries Where: <URL: > Description: Provides syntax parsing for the textpad editor. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: Unknown What: tFloys Where: <URL: > Description: Web oriented Artifical Life site where you can find versions of Floys - the territorial flocking creatures that defend against strangers. There are Tcl/Tk and Java versions. Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Ariel Dolan) What: tgdb (MacDonald) Where: <URL: > <URL: http:/ > Description: Simple small Tcl debugger that emulates gdb using the Tcl line-number patch. Can be used along with TDB. Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: TH Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Teacher Hypertools created with Elsbeth. These tools add new capabilities to other Tk programs. See <URL: > for more information concerning Teacher Hypertools. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (David Svoboda) What: themedb Where: <URL: > Description: Organize packaged themes and screenshots, then product html pages displaying them. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: Unknown What: themeleme Where: <URL: > Description: Shell script for WindowMaker theme makers that eases the packaging of themes. Now comes with a Tcl/Tk GUI. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Threading Analyst Where: <URL: > Description: The Threading Analyst (tan.tcl), along with the Protein extension (px) to Tcl/Tk provide a GUI interface to a program which provides protein classification and prediction modelling. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Rob Miller, Ph.D.) What: tickle Where: <URL: > Description: Tickle is a Macintosh text editor and file converter handling binhex, uudecode, compress, tar, MacBinary, Apple Single/Double, etc. Supports System 7's drag and drop. Provides access to Macintosh functions such as Resource Manager, Communications Toolbox, OSA components, Editions and AppleEvents. Contains a Macintosh Tcl interpreter and library. Supports tclX extensions and some unix equivalent utilities. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: TickleServices Where: <URL: > Description: Shareware dynamic NEXTSTEP application which uses Tcl to provide a Services Menu framework. (Ed note: Sorry for the brief description, but I really don't understand NEXTSTEP enough to do better) Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Scott Hess) What: TickleTux Hangman Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk Hangman game. Features skinability (allowing everything, from the background and images to the word list) to be edited. Currently at version 0.3.0 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TickleWiki Where: <URL: > Description: Wiki engine that uses PostgreSQL or MySQL as a backend. The RecentChanges page can be retrieved in RSS 1.0 format. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 01/2004 Contact: See web site What: TIDE Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Commercial Tcl/itcl Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for single users. Lets you manage your projects, navigate the source, and browse your symbols. Supports project management, smart editor able to navigate thru project, interfaces to RCS and CVS source repositories, interface to Tuba debugger, diff/merge against repository, cross reference for symbols, about to search against projects, symbol browser, byte compiler, lint, and package mechanism. Supports Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX. Version 1.5 is now available. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ing. Hans-Michael Haschek) <URL: > What: TIGER Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl-based Interpretative Graphics EnviRonment is a tool for programming OpenGL. It has a Tcl extension for OpenGL 1.0, with integration of the Tk widget set, extensibile TIGER kernel, a Tk editor/soft debugger (in development), and a course for students to learn OpenGL. Depends on Tcl 7.3. Runs on Irix, SunOS, AIX, Linux, NetBSD, HPUX. Not for professional or commercial usage without registration. Send the line "subscribe TIGER mailing list" to join the TIGER mailing list. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ekkehard 'Ekki' Beier) <URL: > (TIGER mailing list) What: TiK Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > (??) <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk AOL Instant Messenger client sometimes also referred to as Tic. Began as a scaled down version of the native Win95 and Macintosh clients but now has most of the native client features, plus extras. Provides Buddy Lists, Instant Messages, and Chat. This client updates on a frequent basis and so one should regularly check the web page or join the TICTOC mailing list. Designed for Unix users. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.0 or newer. Other references are to various add on packages for monitoring of weather, stock, and news headlines, TinToys and Treknews, buddy lists, sound file sending, IM capturing, msg coloring, personality modules, protocol monitoring, encryption on instant messages and chats, TicChatToe (TicTacToe over IM) and Eliza Bot (for IM), TOC debugger, keep alive support, file transfer, etc. Package to add secure SSL is available as add on at yoyodyne. The newim package is a new Instant Message (IM) interface. AOL removed access to the main TiK home page at See the page at for an alternative and see the site for access to source code. The tikpkgs site has a variety of plugins for TiK, such as the "send any new messages to my email account" aim2email plugin. See, #tik , for IRC chat channel for TiK. Currently at version 0.90 . Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: timeclocks Where: From the contact Description: Tk application to keep track of how much time you spend doing different activities. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (George Forman) What: timer Where: <URL: > Description: A timer for chess or other games Updated: 10/2001 Contact: Unknown What: timesheet (Scroggins) Where: <URL: > Description: An online program which generates hardcopy time sheets. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Monty Scroggins) What: timesheet (tonys) Where: <URL: > Description: Unknown Updated: 10/1998 Contact: Unknown What: TiMidity Where: <URL: > <URL: :> Description: A MIDI to WAVE converter (MIDI renderer). It has been used on Linux,FreeBSD, HP-UX, SunOS, MacOS, and Win32. Licensed as GPL. The current version is v2.12.0-pre1 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: tiny beat watch Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk clock that displays NetBeat time. Currently at version 0.1.3. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Tiny Business Accounting Where: <URL: > Description: Minimal expense tracking, billing, and invoicing program for small businesses. Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: TinyJots Where: <URL: > Description: Simple notebook program for Windows and Linux. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See the web site What: TinyTcl (Wippler) Where: <URL: > Description: TinyTcl is a small Tcl interpreter rewritten from scratch in C++. It is intended to examine ideas on creating a very small embeddable Tcl interpreter. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Claude Wippler) What: TinyTcl Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl 6.7 based Tcl, designed for embedding in small devices. After compilation, interpreter is about 60k. Currently at version 6.8 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: See the website What: Tivo Web Project Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: The latest branch of this project is written entirely in Tcl. It runs on the TiVo and works only with the TiVo 2.0 series software. It provides the ability to browse the entire channel guide, schedule and delete recordings via software, and requires only a TCP/IP connection to your TiVo. Currently at version 1.9.4 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Tixapps Where: <URL: > Description: Suite of development applications that run with Tcl/Tk/Tix or Python/Tkinter/Tix. Includes an inspector, debugger and GNU texinfo browser. The code includes Python wrappers for TkHTML and TkTable. Currently at version 1.8 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site. What: tixinfo Where: <URL: > Description: Tix based app that scans /var/log and /proc files (or others) and writes updates into a Tix scrolled window. Currently at version 0.6.6. Updated: 03/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tixlpq Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk/Tix based printer status application. Updated: 08/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Tk Ecasound Where: <URL: > Description: tkeca is a Tk frontend for Ecasound. It has the look of a multitrack recorder. Currently at version 4.0.2 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkexchg Where: <URL: > Description: Exchange rate converter. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: Tk extensions via imake Where: <URL: > Description: An imake based utility that simplifies adding Tcl/Tk extensions to an interpreter so less frequent Tk core modifications are needed. Does not permit commercial use. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jim Wight) What: Tk GUI builder Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk 4.0 based GUI Builder, called GuiBuilder (or tclGui). You get to choose place vs pack, allow you to configure the widgets, provides a grid for snapping things into place, etc. A Japanized version of GuiBuilder's help file was contributed by <URL: > in April of 1995. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Sean Halliday) <URL: > with a body message of "subscribe tclgui" to join the TclGUI mailing list. What: Tk mpeg_play Where: From the contact Description: Tk interface to mpeg_play. Tested only for 8 bit color. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Gordon Russell) What: Tk Scribe Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/tk programmer's editor, including syntax highlighting, undo/redo, etc. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.1 or greater. Licensed under GPL. Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:tkdave at zfree dot co dot nz > What: Tk Sound Editor (aedit) Where: From the contact Description: The beginnings of a Tk based sound editor. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Sani R. Nassif) ??? What: tk WWW interface Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tk WorldWideWeb (WWW) browser, requires tk 3.x. It expects to find xli to display external graphic files. Version 0.13 is intended for use with tk 4.0 and is quite buggy as of Mar 31 1995. Also, see <URL: >. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (administration of mailing list) <URL: > (WWW Tk Browser Discussion List) What: tk WWW robot Where: <URL: > Description: Extends tkwww functionality and can be used as a standalone agent that processes queries. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Scott Spetka) What: Tk xworld Where: From the contact Description: Tk world builder for the xworld server. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Michael D. Moore) What: tk# (aka tknum) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based spreadsheet and demos. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Martin Vermeer) What: Tk-707 Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: MIDI drum sequencer, written in Tcl/Tk and using the Linux Also library for the MIDI support. A Latin percussion instrument map emulates the Roland TR-727. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tk-debug Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: A Tk interacter for Don Libes' Tcl debugger. It lets you connect to any running Tcl process, including background processes. Includes Don's Tcl debugger. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Tromey) <URL: > (Tom Tromey) What: Tk-DVD Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk frontend for the dxr2 dvdplay. Much lighter weight than the frontends that require KDE or GNOME. Currently at version 0.3.1 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (B. L. Griffith) What: TkDVD Where: <URL: > Description: GUI for growisofs, part of dvd+rw-tools. Allows burning DVD+R/RW and -R/RW formats. Currently at version 3.4 . Updated: 06/2004 Contact: See web site What: tk10 Where: <URL: > Description: Software to configure ICOM IC-R10 portable receiver. Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: tk120 Where: <URL: > Description: Software designed for the Yaesu VR-120 receiver. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site. What: tk150 Where: <URL: > Description: Software designed for the Yaesu VR-150 receiver. Currently at version 1.3 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site. What: tk2 Where: <URL: > Description: GUI config tool for the ICOM IC-R2 radio receiver. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: tk2mif Where: From the contact Description: Tool that converts forms written in Tcl/Tk into graphic objects in FrameMaker's Maker Interchange Format (MIF). This is an alpha release (not all widgets supported, no color supported, no image support) and is not bug free. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: tk3 Where: <URL: > Description: tk3 is open source, multi-platform software for configuring the ICOM IC-R3 portable radio/television receiver. Currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: tk3play Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: An MPEG Audio player. Depends on mpg123. Latest version is 3.0e. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Brian Foutz) <URL: > <URL: > What: tk5 Where: <URL: > Description: Tk configuration tool for the ICOM IC-R5 radio receiver. Currently at version 0.5 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: tk500 Where: <URL: > Description: Experimental software for the Yaesu VR-500 receiver. Currently at version 1.4 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site. What: tk545 Where: <URL: > Description: A GUI front end for the JRC NRD-545 shortwave receiver. Allows you to control the 545 from your computer, upload/download the radio's memory channels, etc. Currently at version 1.4 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: tk7 Where: <URL: > Description: Software for configuring the ICOM IC-Q7A walkie-talkie radio. Tk used for a GUI to display and edit settings. Currently at version 0.5 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: Tk75 Where: <URL: > Description: Multiplatform control and cloning program for the ICOM IC-R75 shortwave receiver. Uses Tcl/Tk for the user interface. Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site. What: tk8500 Where: <URL: > Description: GUI app to control ICOM IC-R8500 radio receiver. Currently at version 0.8 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site What: tk92 Where: <URL: > Description: Configure Radio Shack Pro-92 and Pro-2067 scanner radios. Currently at version 0.7 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkAbout Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: tkAbout reports the OS, available memory, swap space, number of processes and amount of disk space used by mounted filesystems. Written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: TkAlbum Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to assist in generation and maintenance of HTML photo albums. Currently at version 2.0.0 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkalc Where: <URL: > Description: Developer math calculator. Arbitrary arithmetic or logical expressions supported. Results displayed in decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary, ASCII, IP-address, and boolean formats. Currently at version 1.0.2 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TkAntiVir Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI frontend to H+B EDV AntiVir/X software. Currently at version 1.40 . Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkApache Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: GUI front end to configure and monitor the Apache HTTP server. Full access to the config files is provided and includes start, restart and kill functionality, process overview and more. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Holve) What: TkAPG Where: <URL: > Description: GUI front-end to the automated password generator (APG). Currently at version 0.0.2a . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TKAPPS Where: <URL: > (???) Description: Contains apps based on vanilla tcl 7.5/tk4.1 (or newer) including a full featured mail and news reader (vmail3), vacation mail autoreply interface (vvac), editor with HTML support and spell checking (vedit), file manager (fm), program launcher (vprog), directory based database interface (vquery), mailbox monitor (vbiff), directory query interface, directory NUAD update interface (vdir). Tested under SunOS, AIX 3 and 4, HPUX and Linux. May run on Windows 95/NT as well. Also requires ispell version 3.x, vacation, mmencode, and uuencode/uudecode. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (John van Gulik) What: tkArchive Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: tkArchive is a modular GUI for handling various Unix archive file format utilities. Supports gzip, compress and bzip2'd file extraction, listing and related functions. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ethan Gold) What: tkAtaxx Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Strategy game similar to Othello. Requires Tk 7.[45] and Tk 4.x. 5 levels of computer opponet, unlimited undo, save and load games, setup game board positions. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (John Williams) What: tkauth Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: GUI to xauth, providing quick and easy method of controlling access to one's machine. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Tim Howe) What: Tkbabel Where: <URL: > Description: Tkbabel and Tclbabel provide interfaces to the babelfish translation engine. Currently at 0.59. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: TkBabyNames Where: <URL: > Description: Provide combinations for someone seeking names for a new child. Requires Tk 4.0. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Tyson Bigler) What: tkbib (Madden) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based bibtex bib citation file editor. Currently at version 1.0. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Patrick H. Madden) What: TkBib (Strite) Where: <URL: > Description: ASCII-based bibliography database written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Daniel Strite) What: TkBible (Moore) Where: From the contact <URL: > Description: Present the user with a menubar of the books of the Bible and display the current book. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Michael D. Moore) What: TkBible (Senecal) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Interface to the Bible Retrieval System. Currently at v0.03. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkbiff (Hooft) Where: From the contact Description: A small xbiff-like program, in Tk 4.0. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:Rob.Hooft@EMBL-Heidelberg.DE > (Rob W. W. Hooft) What: tkbiff (Libes) Where: <URL: > Description: Allows arbitrary commands (play audio clip, metamail, etc) to be executed upon mail reception. Runs on any UNIX host. Has features unavailable in any other biff program. Is flexible enough that you can make it do anything (including simulate any other biff). Defaults provide very fast and convenient access to new email using very little screen real estate. Also includes tclbiff for a text only file watching software package. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Don Libes) What: tkblog Where: <URL: > Description: cross-platform blogging application. I think blogging is basically an application that supports the user inputting stream of conciousness notes on life, then 'publishing' these notes to a web page on a regular basis. Currently at version 2.40 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site. What: TkBox Where: <URL: > Description: Provides a remote access control client server architecture for MPEG3 audio stream players. Currently at v0.65. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Enrico Carniani) What: Tkbroadcast Where: <URL: > Description: Tkbroadcast is an X11 based messaging utility designed to provide funtionality similar to broadcast on the Apple Macintosh. Requires Tcl 7.6 or newer. Version 3.2 now available for non-Unix platforms. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ethan Gold) What: tkBuilder Where: <URL: > (???) Description: Tool to facilitate building and testing Tcl/Tk interfaces and applications. Simplifies management of widget hierarchies, files, namespaces, and procedures. Generates Tcl/Tk code to be used by programmers in applications of their own making. Supports creation of Tk megawidgets. Requires Tcl/TK 8.x and distributed under GPL. Currently at version patch 102a . Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: TkBurnST Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk frontend for the creation of audio and data CDs (I think). Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkbuttons Where: From the contact Description: Read a config file and put up a panel of buttons to run user specified Unix commands. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jef Poskanzer) What: TkCD plus CDplayer Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI front end for CDplayer 2.0. Requires a Linux or Coherent supported CD-ROM drive. Porting to other systems using Sun CD-ROM ioctl() system should be simple. Questions about TkCD should be sent to its author, Michael Hamilton. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:mark@datasoft > (Mark Buckaway) <URL: > (Michael Hamilton) What: tkcd Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simplistic Tcl/Tk interface for the command line CD player. Latest version is 0.7. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkcdctl Where: From the contact Description: A Tk base SCSI CD player skeleton. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Kenichi Chinen) What: tkcdlayout Where: <URL: > Description: Tix/Tk based program to print CD jewel case inserts. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (David Faure) What: tkcheckers Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based game of two player checkers. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Neil Zanella) What: tkChess Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk chess assistance. Based on a very old version of Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 0.03 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: Unknown What: tkchooser2 Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tkchooser is a Macintosh Chooser-like network browser utility that supports multiple protocols (appletalk, smb) with a modular architecture and relies on external plugins to provide client-specific functionality (appleshare, laserwriters). The idea is to bring a simple GUI-based network interface to Unix. Includes enscriptconfig, a frontend to Enscript configuration. Latest is v0.65.2 . Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ethan Gold) What: TkChrom Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A clock (patterned after xchrom) that uses the orientation of a wedge in a circle to indicate the time. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Phelps) What: TkCommander Where: <URL: > Description: Norton Commander clone written in Tcl/Tk. Currently version 0.7.1a . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: TkCon Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk source standard console. It not only is a replacement for the one that comes with Tk on Windows and Macintosh, but can also be used under Unix. Provides command history, path/proc/variable name expansion, multiple interpreter consoles, captures stdout and stderr, character and proc highlighting, history searching, copy/paste between consoles, communicate with other tk interpreters, supports dynamically loadable extensions, electric character and proc highlighting. Latest version supports attaching to itcl/Tcl 8 namespaces. Regular updates occur - check pack on the WWW page for announcements. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.0+ . Currently version 2.3 . At the widget URL find a fully widgetised version of TkCon. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Jeffrey Hobbs) What: tkconnect Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl7.5/Tk 4.1 TCP/IP multi-connection, multi-window client that could be useful for MUDs, game servers, debugging a network, etc. but mainly is useful as an example/tutorial on using Tcl/Tk networking and basic widgets. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Demailly) What: tkCVS Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > (??) <URL: > <URL: > Description: tkCVS is a Tk interface to the Concurrent Version System, a revision control system. Supports CVS 1.6 and newer and provides search facilities for the modules database, file browser, etc. Requires TkDiff to be installed. Has been tested under Linux v1.2.13/CVS 1.6/Tk 4.0 and SunOS v4.1.3/CVS 1.[2-6]/Tk 4.0. See the Cyclic site for a port of tkCVS to Windows NT. The Rubicon site has a document describing the use of tkCVS for version control. The teleport site contains an unofficial, in development, version of tkCVS 6.1a8. Contact <URL: > regarding a patched version of tkCvs for Windows. Currently at version 7.2.2 . Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Del) What: tkCybernetics Where: <URL: > Description: Small Tk tool for rapidly setting up simulations of simple cybernetic systems. Currently at version 0.91 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkDCSE Where: <URL: > Description: Dedicated Comparative Sequence Editor - a Tk application for Irix 5.2 (though it should be able to be ported). This is a multiple sequence alignment program of interest to biologists. It also includes a modified Tcl/Tk, with the following extensions dynamically loadable: [incr tcl]/itcl, wigwam, blt, expect, tclX, tix, table, mb, and etraL (some extra list commands written by the contact). See also <URL: >. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Peter.DeRijk) What: TkDesk Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Unix/X graphical file manager. Allows an arbitrary number of file and directory browser windows, configurable file-specific popup-menus, history mechanism of directories, opened files, executed commands, etc., annotated files, ability to search for files by annotation, name, contents, size or age, trash can, drag and drop, disk usage of directories hierarchies, performs file operations in the background, bookmarks, configurable application bar, multi-buffer editor, sound support. At psychosis find scp-wrapper - written to be used with TkDesk, it is a cp/secure cp wrapper. Now supports Tcl/Tk 8.x. Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > (TkDesk mailing list "subscribe tkdesk") What: TkDgen Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI front-end for DGen, a Sega Genesis video game console emulator. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 11/2003 Contact: See web site What: tkdial Where: <URL: > Description: Tool for dialing various network devices, chosing an ISP from a list. Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkdice Where: <URL: > Description: Dice rolling utility for role playing games. Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkDict Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk application for dictionary lookups and viewing. Currently at version 0.1. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkdiff Where: <URL: > Description: TkDiff is a Tk based interface to the Unix diff command which provides highlighting of difference regions, side by side viewing of files, linked scrolling, random access to the difference regions, file merge, and online help. Also supports SCCS, RCS, and CVS. Built in editor, find facility. Works with Tk 3.x,4.x, and 8.[0-3]. A binary version for i386_linux is also available. Version 4.0.2 is now available. Updated: 01/2004 Contact: <URL: > (subscribe tkdiff) <URL: > (John M. Klassa) What: tkDIP Where: From the contact Description: Tk wrapper that executes DIP to start a SLIP connection and echos the output to a text widget. Includes a timer that keeps track of time spent online. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Tyson Bigler) What: tkdir Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Directory display tool. Supports sorting directories by name, file size, date or user, selecting interesting files, directing to rmote machines, etc. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Rainer Kowallik) What: tkdirdiff Where: <URL: > Description: Simple directory comparison. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (TANGE Toshio) What: TkDispCalc Where: From the contact Description: A Tk display calculator, with memory of previous commands. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:eric@pandora.Las-Vegas.NV.US > (Eric J. Schwertfeger) What: tkdraw Where: <URL: > Description: A simple Tk 3.6 drawing tool. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wayne Throop) What: tkdvi Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Preview .dvi files via a Tk interface. Currently at v0.4 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Anselm Lingnau) What: tkedit Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Tk text editor with multiple buffers, split views, function key macro recording, columnar blocks, X11 selections used a lot, C, FORTRAN and Tcl function summaries, can be used as an X replacement for 'more' at the end of a pipeline. It also has macros for keyword highlighting C, FORTRAN and Tcl and function folding. It also can do Tcl syntax checking. Version 2 supports Tk 4.1. Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Rainer Kowallik) What: tkelm Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tk elm-based mail reader. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Budi Rahardjo) What: tkfax Where: <URL: > Description: Tk interface for any sendfax program. Has phone book and produces PostScript. Supports signature, attachments, etc. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Janich) What: tkFaxSpool Where: <URL: > Description: Frontend for mgetty's faxspool/faxq/faxrm send FAX programs. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: TkFestival Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk frontend to the Festival speec synthesis program. Uses Expect and Tk to communicate with festival. Under the GNU GPL. Currently at version 0.1. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TkFibs Where: <URL: > Description: Tk client that provides an interface to the Fibs backgammon server. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: TkFileman Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A simple file manager that supports a GUI for tar/untar/gzip/ gunzip of files, written in Tcl/Tk for Linux. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Joseph Acosta) What: tkFind Where: <URL: > Description: Alpha Tk app of interface to Unix find command. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Eduardo Cavazos) What: tkfind Where: From the contact Description: Contact posted this application to <URL: news:comp.lang.tcl >. Program searched directories in a breadth-first (sic) fashion. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Keith Vetter) What: tkfire Where: From the contact Description: Tk Defender like game Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wayne A. Christopher) What: tkfirewall Where: <URL: > Description: GUI interface for control over network filter settings while using categories to make filter group handling easier. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Olaf Dabrunz) What: TkFM Where: <URL: > Description: File manager written in Tcl/Tk, allowing easy file type associations to multiple applications. Latest version v1.0.2. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkfont Where: <URL: > Description: Font viewing program, written in Tk. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Neil Grant) What: tkfonts Where: From the contact Description: Font selection program. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jay Schmidgall) What: tkfontsel Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tk font browser. Execs grep, xlsfonts and echo. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Chris Cox) What: tkforth Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: The TkForth interface for programming Tcl/Tk 7.5 from inside MPE's ProForth for Windows, version 1.5. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Knaggs) What: Tkfp Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Manage medical records on patients. There are a large number of modules available. There are versions for Linux and Windows. Currently at version 51. Updated: 01/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: TkfPW Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk based FORTRAN Programmer's Workshop for Unix/X11 systems, designed to manage many FORTRAN files, programs, libraries (individual or group shared). The latest version is 1.3. Updated: 01/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Patrick Queutey) What: tkFTP (jermini) Where: <URL: > Description: FTP client written in Tcl/Tk. Supports upload/download, resume interrupted downloads, transfer logging, basic file and directory delete, rename, and create, multiple up/downloads, basic connection list management, progress bar, etc. Latest version is v1.1.0. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkFTP (lo) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk interface to ftp command. Supports downloading or uploading multiple files at once. Only works on Unix. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.x. Appears to be a derivitive of the jermini tkFTP. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tkFTP (redoctober) Where: <URL: > Description: FTP client written in Tcl/Tk. Supports resuming interrupted downloads, etc. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tkfvedit Where: <URL: > Description: Unix / Windows editor in Tcl/Tk. Requires Tcl7.6/8.0. Version 1.0 now available. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (kazuo sasagawa) What: TkGate Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Event driven circuit simulator with a Tcl/Tk graphical editor. Currently at version 1.8.5 . Updated: 02/2005 Contact: <URL: > What: tkgoodstuff Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > Description: A Tk based configurable desktop button panel. Supports a clock, biff, PPP/SLIP/TERM net link GUI dialer, POP/IMAP mail fetch scheduler, launcher for www browser, note taker calendar/alarm support, system load monitor, Webster dictionary client, calculator, file watcher, tkman launcher, button bars, stacks, fvwm support, etc. The 8.0 version Tk 8.x. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Crimmins) What: tkgoph (Wade) Where: From the contact Description: A quick and dirty Tk based gopher client. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Reed Wade) What: tkgopher Where: From the contact Description: Tk based gopher client which will use tclX, tkPixmap, and Japanized text if available. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Hoshi Takanori) What: tkgrabber Where: <URL: > ??? Description: A Tk 3.6 program that manages and manipulates the X selection on your display. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Rich McClanahan) What: tkgraph Where: <URL: > Description: [incr tk] tool for graphing. Create xy plots and polar plots. Uses itcl 2.2p2 and dash patch. Known to work with SunOs v4.1.3, v5.5.1, and Linux v2.0.33. Updated: 02/2004 Contact: <URL: > (Mike Thomas) What: tkGSAS Where: <URL: > Description: A GUI frontend for the Los Alamos GSAS (crystallographic) package. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: tkhangman Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk version of hangman; has a small word list, but can be used with existing dictionaries. Currently at version 2.5.1 . Updated: 12/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkHelloWorld Where: <URL: > Description: A very simple example of a C program which sets up an interpreter and then makes the calls to put up the standard Tk hello world button. Provides the novice with a simple example of how to embed Tk in a C program. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Eric Bleeker) What: TkHelp Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A facility to make and use helpfiles with Tcl/Tk. Latest versions provide support for Tk 4.1. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Harry Baecker) What: tkhfs Where: <URL: > <URL:^hfs-0.37&stype=name > <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk front end to hfs, which displays the Macintosh files in a selector. You can walk through folders, and copy or display files or images with a double click on a file name. These programs should also be available via any of the FreeBSD FTP sites. Requires Tcl 7.5. Updated: 01/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Marc Zucconi) What: tkhistory Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk 3.6 script that visually keeps track of the command history for csh, tcsh, and ksh. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Rick McClanahan) What: TkHolWorkbench Where: From the contact Description: Tk interface to HOL. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: tkHTML Where: <URL: > ???? <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simple HTML editor for X. It has both menu and keystroke oriented commands to make editing and converting documents to HTML easier. Current beta provides Tk 4 support. tkHTML 3.2 is the current release with Tk 4.2 and Tix 4.1 support. Uses Netscape and Mosaic for previewing - no longer requires wwwish. Updated: 01/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Liem Bahneman) What: tkhylafax Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: A Tcl/Tk interface to Sam Leffler's Hylafax package. Supports most of the Hylafax features, including batching fax destinations, built-in fax number database, fast cover sheet generation, cover sheet preview, cover sheet only transmission and more. Requires Hylafax 3.0 or newer, ghostview, Tk 4.2, X11R5 or newer. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Andy Moskoff) What: tki2xml Where: <URL: > Description: Generate XML code from tkined (scotty) files. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 06/2003 Contact: See web site What: TkImgMap Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk 8.x imagemap editor, reads GIF and JPG files (if the Img extension is present). Imports existing HTML and saves in HTML. Supports rectangle, circle and polygon shapes. Currently at version 2.0.3 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tkined Where: <URL: >. <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tk based network editor with a programming interface that allows network management applications to use tkined as a user interface. Sample applications are part of the scotty sources. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Juergen Schoenwaelder) <URL: > What: tkinfo Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: The TkInfo by White, on ptolemy, is a Tcl library of GNU info parsing and interpretation code and a Tk program providing a sample of how to use it. Axel Boldt's WWW page is home to a replacement for tkinfo, in which he rewrote tkinfo to be a purely browsing program (rather than a library). Versions after 1.6 now work with Windows, Tk 4.0, have backwards searching, usage hints, a last command, can cycle through links, display Help in a new window, have a 'history' in the search entry box, have Sun keypad bindings, have option to display info file's pathname, and a man page. The redhat site's distribution information was provided by Mr. Long. The latest version is 2.5, which adds support for Tk 8.x and more. Updated: 07/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Axel Boldt) <URL: > (Kennard White) <URL: > (Michael J. Long) What: tkinspect (LoVerso) Where: <URL: > Description: Modified version of tkinspect so that it uses comm. This allows tkinspect to run under Windows. tkinspect-lite contains just the pieces of tkinspect-full that differ from the authority version of tkinspect. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:John@LoVerso.Southborough.MA.US > (John Robert LoVerso) What: tkinspect (Shen) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Allow browsing/inspection of running Tk applications. This version works with Tk 4.0b4 or better. Paul Healy has written a patch to v5.1.6 so that it is compatible with Tk 8, with introspection for Tcl 8 namespaces. Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Sam Shen) <URL: > (Sam Shen) <URL: mailto:ei9gl@indigo.ei > (Paul Healy) What: tkinspect (Thoyts) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Allow browsing/inspection of running Tk applications. Based on Tkinspect 5.1.6, with patches from various people over the years so that incr tcl is supported, comm communications is supproted, etc. This version works with Tk 8.3 or better. Note that a Tclkit based Scripted document of tkinspect is available - see the prdownloads url above. Currently considered version 5.1.6p8 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See the web site What: tkirc Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > (???) Description: Graphical front end for ircII. Requires ircII and Tcl/Tk 8.x. The tenebrous site is said to have a patch to allow you to change the small max-topic length in tkIRC. Currently at version 2.46 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tkisem Where: <URL: > Description: Instructional emulator of SPARC version 8 instruction set, using Tcl/Tk UI. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkISP Where: <URL: > Description: Dial up client depending on Tcl/Tk, Tix, Trf, PPPd. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: TkIspell Where: <URL: > Description: Interface to ispell command. Version 4.0 is intended to work with Tk 8.x. Comes with two utility files that can be sourced in to provide spell checking abilities in other Tk programs. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Raines) What: TkJdic Where: <URL: > Description: A combined wa-ei-wa and Kanji dictionary program for X which uses Tk. You also need the EDICT and KanjiDIC data files - accessible from the above page. Your Tk of course needs the Japanese support patches. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: tkjewel Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk port of xjewel. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: tkjmdict Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk multilingual dictionary program which utilises the Japanese multilingual JMdict dictionary. Has more than 90,000 entries translated to English, with varying degrees of support for German, French, and Russian. Currently at version 0.94 . Updated: 03/2003 Contact: See web site What: TkKanji Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to Kanji dictionaries. Allows you to load dictionaries of over 12,000 kanji, browse them by various schemes, run review drills and even play a matching pair game. This program is relatively early in the development process but demonstrates the power of Tcl/Tk 8.2. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Roger E Critchlow Jr) What: TkKasse Where: <URL: > Description: Point of Sale software for use in restaurants. Runs on ordinary PCs with POS printers. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: tkkids Where: From the contact Description: Two kids' games - a Concentration-like memory game and a spelling game (requires speak/scat software). Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Peter Grina) What: TkLayers Where: From the contact Description: Tk/Expectk interface to ulayers, a windowing package for serial protocol Unix users. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:dwallach@cs.Princeton.EDU > (Dan Wallach) What: tklayout Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tk 4.0 Canvas Graph Layout See <URL: http://ic-www/ic/projects/bayes-group/group/people/taylor/taylor-home.html > for more details. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Dennis Heimbigner) <URL: > (Will Taylor) What: tkLife Where: <URL: > Description: Multipurpose artistic program designed to manipulate 64 colors on a Tk canvas. Can be used to automatically generate complex patterns simulating Conway's Life patterns. In BioMode, it can be used to visualize and analyze multiple DNA sequence alignments. Currently at version 0.077 . Updated: 03/2004 Contact: See web site What: tkloan Where: <URL: > Description: Loan amortization schedules with saving of parameters, multiple computations, pre-payment specs. Tested under Tk 4.0. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Eldreth) What: tklogger Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk program that watches log files for certain events and displays them according to certain rules in a priority or normal window. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Doug Hughes) What: Tklogs Where: <URL: > Description: Appears to be a Tk application which tracks syslog. Web page is not in English (perhaps it is Russian?) and I'm unable to tell for certain the scope of the package. There is also a link to a "tkproject" on this page that supposedly is a Tcl/Tk based "desktop". Updated: 08/1999 Contact: Unknown What: tklosung Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Program to display Bible verses (known as "Losungen") for each day of the year. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Kraska) What: tklsfonts Where: From the contact Description: List all the X fonts. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Sam Oscar Lantinga) What: TKLSpell Where: <URL: > Description: spell checker for English, German, Hungarian. Easy to use, fast, and handles large files. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: TkMail Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk 4 interface to BSD's Mail command. The tkmailstuff.html are some extensions written by Ethan Gold. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Raines) What: tkmaillist Where: <URL: > Description: Tk front-end that lets you subscribe and unsubscribe from mailing lists. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Cedric Beust) What: Tkmailto Where: <URL: > Description: Alpha version Tk-based mail composer which supports MIME. Requires Safe-Tcl 1.1. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Johan Lindbladh) What: TkMAME Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front end for The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME), the video game system emulator, which plays over 700 classic arcade games. Supports Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, and Linux. Also available is "The Romalizer", a script to examine zip files for MAME ROMs and provides you info about the ROMs found. Currently v0.35-pre11, while Romalizer is at version 0.7pre2. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Christopher Stone) What: TkMan (Phelps) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A full featured, must have Tk based man page reader providing full text search and great hypertext links. Compatible with IBM AIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, HP-UX, SCO, SGI Irix, Linux, OSF/1, SunOS 4/5, System V, and DEC Ultrix. Requires RosettaMan/PolyglotMan, Tk 7.5 and Tk 4.1 or later. It supports an outlining (with excerpt display) user interface, GNU texinfo file reader, database kept in memory, command name completion, man page highlights, and many other features now supported. TkMan 2 now supports Tcl 8.x. The doclifter program converts TkMan page sources into XML DocBook format. Note there is another unrelated tar file called tkman on the net, so be sure that you get the one from this FTP site if you want the one most folk refer to in relationship to Tcl/Tk. Currently this is at version 2.2 . Updated: 02/2004 Contact: <URL: > (Tom Phelps) What: TkMapedit Where: <URL: > Description: A CERN httpd htimage configuration file editor. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Takeshi Taguchi) What: TkMasqdialer Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front-end for Charles P Wright's C-Masqdialer. Provides a user friendly method of controlling a masqueraded dial up connection from a remote computer connected by LAN. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkmatrix Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: An education mathematical program to manipulate matrices. Solutions and protocols can be exported to ASCII, html and latex files. (other files are possible). The math-part of tkmatrix is programmed in C++ as tcl-library and graphical interface in Tcl/Tk. Requires Tk 8.0. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Artur Trzewik) What: TkMC Where: <URL: > Description: MC like file manager, allowing you to browse, view, edit and run Tcl applications. Currently at version 1.3 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: Tkme Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk editor for formal metadata conforming to the Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata Rewrite of an Athena widget based application into Tcl/Tk so that it will run on Windows and Unix (and perhaps other platforms as well). Developed with mktclapp. Updated: 01/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Peter N. Schweitzer) What: tkmerge Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk 4.1 tool to graphically compare two ASCII files and optionally merge selected differences, creating a third file. This has been briefly tested on Windows NT/Windows 95/ SPARC Solaris. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Ian Hiscock) What: tkmess Where: <URL: > Description: Tk version of xmessage. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Demailly) What: tkmessage Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front end for for xmessage . Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:woldra at esc dot de > What: TkMH Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Interface for the MH mailing system. Depends on Tcl 7.0 and Tk 3.3. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Martien Verbruggen) What: TkMHn Where: From the contact Description: Interface for the MH mailing system. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Thillier Pyves) What: tkmines Where: <URL: > Description: Mines game. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Joel Fine) What: TkMix Where: <URL: > Description: An X11 audio mixer, written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mike Welch) What: tkMOO-light Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Advanced chat client suitable for use with MUD and MOO systems. Runs on Unix, Windows 95/98/NT and Macintosh platforms. Macintosh version is a single file download which doesn't require a seperate install of tcl/tk. Latest version is v0.3.29 . Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Andrew Wilson) What: tkmotd Where: From the contact Description: Tk based tool to display the MOTD file with acknowledge button. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Doug Hughes) What: tkmpeg Where: <URL: > Description: This GPL software is a nice front end for that bad looking mpeg_play. Uses Tk 4.x. Version 1.2 is the latest. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (zap) What: tkmr Where: <URL: > Description: A read-only Tk based mail file viewer, with search and sort. Can load multiple mail files at once. Uses Tk 3.6. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Andy Tefft) What: tkmsql Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk application to help with MSQL database administration. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Tony Bringardner) What: tknanoproxy Where: <URL: > Description: Tiny Tcl based http proxy server. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Bryan Oakley) What: TkNap Where: <URL: > Description: Barebone Napster (MP3 player) client written in Tcl/Tk. Supports chat, firewalled download and upload, hotlists, and a limited set of priviledged user (moderator/admin) functions. Currently at version 0.5.21 . Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tkncaa Where: <URL: > Description: A interactive NCAA tournament pool editor, scorer, and viewer. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Vivek Khera, Ph.D.) What: tknet Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: TkNet is a frontend to SLIP/PPP. Manages Daemon internet accounts. Generates login scripts, displays link throughput, can retrieve mail, message status line, diagnostic log file, multi-script sessions, connect on startup option, etc. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Charlie Kempson) <URL: > What: tknetool Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk frontend to finger/whois/ping/traceroute/nslookup. Formerly known as AoNettool. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:alexander dot janssen at gmx dot de > (Alexander W. Janssen) What: tkNewMail Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 4.1 replacement for xbiff. Can report on new mail in several ways, including using POP directly, or using MH folders, can work with exmh, and includes a clock. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:John@LoVerso.Southborough.MA.US > (John Robert LoVerso) What: tknews (Bringardner) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 4.x based USENET news reader. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Tony Bringardner) What: tknews (Moore) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk-based news reader. In December of 1995, tknews was ported to Tk 4.0. The author has indicated that development is frozen. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Michael D. Moore) What: tknote Where: From the contact Description: Little TK notepad for jotting down things to remember. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Clay Luther) What: TkNotepad Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: TkNotepad is a simple text editor like Windows notepad. It requires Tcl/Tk 8.x. Currently at version v0.7.9 . Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tknotify Where: <URL: > Description: Tknotify is a simple replacement for xmessage with a few extra features. Handles files, standard in, and the selection can be saved to a file. The text widget is also editable. I use tknotify wherever I need a popup message window. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ethan Gold) What: tkodo Where: <URL: ftp://ftp.Lehigh.EDU/pub/tkodo/tkodo-1.0/ > <URL: > Description: This is a Tcl/Tk implementation of xodometer, which tracks the approximate total distance your pointing device travels. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: mailto:lusol@Lehigh.EDU > (Stephen O. Lidie) What: Tkolumns Where: From the contact Description: Tk Columns game. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Tony Bates) What: tkoutline Where: <URL: > Description: Cross platform Tcl/Tk outliner, with drag and drop movement of notes. Recently referred to as a hierarchical folding editor. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.x , or available as stand alone windows exe or as a starkit.. Currently at version 0.92 . Updated: 03/2003 Contact: <URL: > (brian theado) What: TkP4 Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk 8.0 and newer interface to the Perforce SCM command line client for Unix. Currently at version 1.12 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: Tkpaint Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk drawing package. Draw slides, diagrams, simple pictures, etc. Supports 50 level undo/redo, arc chord and pie slice drawing, rotation, reflection, and editing of group of objects, grids, arrow shape tool, font selection, etc. Works well for Windows 95/NT and Linux. Latest version is v1.53. Updated: 12/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Samy Zafrany) What: TkPanel Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk FVWM panel, displaying the time, system load, able to execute predefined apps, change colors, display programs on submenus, etc. Currently at version 1.6 . Updated: 12/2002 Contact: See web site What: TkPasMan Where: <URL: > Description: TkPasMan is a Tk based application that lets you store the various usernames and passwords that you collect around the internet. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.3 . Currently at version 2.2a . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tkpbiff Where: From the contact Description: Tk version of xpbiff, a pop-up bitmap version of biff. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Benjamin Lurie) What: tkpcr Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: GUI for ICOM IC-PCR1000. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkpgp Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk interface to the cryptology tool PGP. Can take input from Tk clipboard or files. Places text into the clipboard for pasting. It requires at least Tk 4.2 and PGP v2.6.2. Preliminary support for Windows. Works better under Windows 95 than Windows 3.1. Currently at version 1.11. Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: TkPhone Where: <URL: > Description: Record telephone numbers in books, browse books, select name to call. Currently at version 1.0.3 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkphotopc Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk 8.x / Img GUI interface to photopc (a program for comunication with digital cameras). Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jens Poenisch) What: tkpiano Where: <URL: > Description: Displays a piano keyboard. Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tkping Where: <URL: > Description: Tk program to monitor hosts on a network. Currently at version 1.1.0 . Updated: 01/2005 Contact: See web site What: TkPlanet Where: <URL: > Description: Tk GUI to XNet version of the Neural Network Simulator PlaNet 5.7. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Martin Mandischer) What: TkPoker Where: <URL: > Description: IRC poker client with Tcl/Tk interface. No additional IRC software is required. Currently at version 0.9g . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: See web site What: tkpostage Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: An xbiff replacement. Requires Tk 3.[34]. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: mailto:dwallach@cs.Princeton.EDU > (Dan Wallach) What: TkPostit Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk program behaving like xpostit. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:rubini@ipvvis.UNIPV.IT > (Alessandro Rubini) What: tkppp (Jeschke) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: A Tcl/Tk tool for controlling a PPP connection. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Eric Jeschke) What: tkpppstats Where: From the contact Description: Tk script to launch dip scripts, handle messages, parse /var/adm/messages, and display the output of pppstats. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Rick Ratzel) What: TKproE Where: <URL: > Description: Integrated program develpment environment for Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 06/2004 Contact: See web site What: tkprompt Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk xprompt/xprompt2 replacement. Pop up a window with some prompts and input areas. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:John@LoVerso.Southborough.MA.US > (John Robert LoVerso) What: tkps (Minsky) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk front-end to the ps command Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Henry Minsky) What: tkps (Rieger) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk wrapper around the Unix ps process status command. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Tod Rieger) What: TkRaster3D Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: GUI to the Raster3D molecular rendering package. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: TkRat Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk based Mail User Agent (MUA). Requires Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1 and sendmail 8.7 or later. Supports various MIME options. Supports DSN/ESMTP. Supports English, Swedish and Italian. Provides supports for saving messages in a database, creating virtual folders, composing messages, putting the msgs on hold, understands Unix mailboxes, POP, IMAP, and mh folders. Reads mh-folders. Watch the web site for new version releases. Version since 1.1 require Tk 8. Currently at version 2.1 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Martin Forssen) What: tkrecord Where: From the contact Description: Tk interface to 'record' Unix command. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Kei Y Boris Koo) What: TkRED/Tk-RED Where: <URL: > Description: Procmail recipe generator, written in Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See distribution for details What: tkremote Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk/TclX app for accessing a remote system using telnet, rlogin, or ssh (1 or 2). Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Rob Funk) What: tkRender Where: <URL: > Description: tkRender is a GUI to replace the PovRay command line. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: TkReq Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tk front-end to a task/request tracking software system. The version by Melski is compatible with Tcl/Tk 8.0, supports an rc file, user defined tags, sorting and printing, Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Jerry Heyman) <URL: > (Eric Melski) What: TkRolo Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tool for manipulating rolodex files from xrolodex and other similar tools. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Neil Bowers) What: Tkrp3 - Tcl/Tk PPP Interface Control Panel Where: <URL: > Description: Reimplementation of the Rp3 program, using standard X11 resource DB. Currently at version 0.1.2 . Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: tkrpm Where: <URL: > Description: Tk interface to the RPM packaging system. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Dobos Gyula) What: tkrun Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk script generator. Allows one to create Tk applications without having to learn all the intricacies of Tcl/Tk. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Teuben) What: tkRunIt Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A run dialog box for X which allows you to execute commandline without using an xterm. tkRunIt was inspired by Xrun but is designed to be completely navigable from the keyboard and to allow extreme customizablility. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ethan Gold) What: tkscanfax Where: <URL: > Description: tkscanfax provides GUI for command line scanner driver and mgetty+sendfax, written in tcl/tk. It is a continuation of tkscan. Latest version is 1/03 . Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Hang Bae Kim) What: tksccs Where: From the contact Description: Tk script that runs on top of SCCS designed for users used to VMS CMS. See <URL: > for more details. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Matt Majka) What: tkscroll Where: <URL: > Description: Customizable auto text scroller. Currently at version 1.0.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: TKSEC Where: <URL: > Description: The Tk Secure Communications Suite sets up an FTP command/reply channel for establishing firewall-friendly TCP/IP communications between networked peers. Includes support for launching VNC, SpeakFreely, and NetMeeting. Currently at version 0.4.9 . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Ed Suominen) What: Tksesh Where: <URL: > Description: Beta release of a Ancient Egyptian hieroglpyic editor/dictionary. Requires Tcl/Tk, C compiler, and SWI prolog. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: TkSETI Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: GUI to control SETI@home client. Passively monitor a SETI@home client, start/stop/pause the client, manually run/kill/pause/continue the client. It notifies you if your friends make the Top 20 users, Spikes or Gaussians. On Linux it can automatically do the monitoring based on system idleness. Currently at version 3.10.2 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tksimsys Where: <URL: > Description: Simulation for biocybernetic systems. With TkSimSys you can build a model for a system, which may include different elements like Lowpass-filter, Highpass-filter, or Integrator. Requires Tk 4.0 or higher and ghostview. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:wchao@hrz.Uni-Bielefeld.DE > (Wei-Lun Chao) What: tkSketch Where: From the contact Description: Tk based Sketch and Schematic editor. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer) What: tkslrn Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A set of patches adding a Tcl/Tk interface to slrn. Requires slrn, slang, Tcl 7.4 or newer, Tk 4.0 or newer. Uses Embedded Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Dave Warner) What: TkSm Where: <URL: > Description: Tk extension using OpenGL, with objects totally defined in Tcl. Currently version 1.3 is the only version available. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: Unknown What: TkSmb Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk interface to browse Samba shares. Allows you easy access of different workgroups, hosts, and easy mounting of available shares. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Ivan Volosuk) What: tksmtp Where: <URL: > Description: Simple SMTP client in Tcl/Tk. Currently at v0.3. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkSokoban Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk version of the Sokoban puzzle games. Contains keyboard and mouse controls, automatic path finding, unlimied undo, and skinable levels. Includes 250 levels. Currently at version 0.71 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TkSol (Dyer) Where: <URL: > Description: A modification of tksol with added features. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: TkSol Where: <URL: > Description: Standard solitaire game. Currently at version 1.8.4 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: TkSol (Trinh) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Solitaire card game in Tk. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Bao Trinh) What: tkSound Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Sound file examiner. Comes with a new tcl command to instance tcl objects corresponding to AIFF files, a tk widget to display sound data as a Wafe form, a widget to display a labeled axis, a widget to display a 2D array of bytes as a greyscale image, as well as a couple of applications. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Dan Ellis) What: tkSQL (Dentella) Where: <URL: > Description: Editor for postgresql database tables. Back portable to Tcl 8.0 and PostgreSQL 7.0 . Depends on sdsql extension. Currently at version 0.8.27 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkSQL (Hoffmann) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Where: <URL: > (???) Description: Tk interface for mysql/postgresql client program. Provides sql table editing functionality. Currently at version 0.5.26 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (John Hoffmann) What: tksquare Where: <URL: > Description: With tksquare you can build a 'magic square'. A 'magic square' is an arrangement of numbers which can be added together in a great number of directions (rows, columns, diagonals is minimum) to yield the same total. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Fabrizio Pivari) What: Tksync Where: <URL: > Description: GUI for syncing files and directories over SSH tunnels using rsyncc. Currently at version 0.2.1 . Updated: 02/2004 Contact: See web site What: TkTab Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl/Tk program to help you write guitar tablatures. The main cool feature is that the program understands tonalities, sharps and flats. That makes copying music from music scores much easier. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tktail (Vella) Where: From the contact Description: Tcl/Tk program to collect the output of the end of a possibly growing file into a Tk widget. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (John Vella) What: tktail (Wieck) Where: From the contact Description: Tcl/Tk program to collect the output of the end of a possibly growing file into a Tk widget. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Jan Wieck) What: tktar (Cottrell) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 4.1 interface to the tar and unzip commands. Creates a searchable window with hot linked listing of the contents of an archive file. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Allin Cottrell) What: tktar Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to the tar command. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Doug Hughes) What: tkTelnet (Hobbs) Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 4.0 app named xtel that spawns an xterm to telnet or rlogin to a machine. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Jeffrey Hobbs) What: tkTelnet (Patel) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: An expectk script that automates logging into machines via telnet. Requires Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0/Expect 5.17 or newer. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Yatish Patel) What: tkterm Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Expect bindings to make Tk text widget into terminal emulator. Pterm is an updated version of tkterm by Bruce STephers <URL: > to add more terminal emulation abilities. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Don Libes) What: TkTetris Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk 8.0 based game, similar to the standard tetris, with auto-statistics, auto-pause, shadowing. Now at version 3.2. Besides being a Tclet, this game can also be played stand-alone, and as such, provides more features. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Jeffrey Hobbs) What: tktex Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: TkTeX is a 4.1 or later 'launch pad' interface to the TeX tools. With tkX, non-blocking input/output is available. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Norman Danner) What: TkTicker Where: <URL: > Description: Takes stdin and scrolls it along the window. Customizable font face/size/color as well as background color. Currently at version 0.0.1 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: tktiles Where: <URL: > ??? Description: What X toolkit is complete until a Sam Lloyd 14-15 type puzzle is written in it? Now works as a Tclet as well. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Hume Smith) What: TkTimer Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk program for recording elapsed time for several user-defined tasks. Can produce reports summarizing tasks. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: tktips Where: <URL: > Description: Tk/Tcl interface to the fortune program, intended for viewing things like Linux tips at login time. Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Rob Funk) What: TkUsr Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk program to manage the self-mode of a usr/3com messageplus modem. Currently at version 0.80 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: TkView Where: <URL: > Description: Demonstration of the use of Tcl/Tk with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) on Windows NT. It executes scripts from VC++ and demonstrates the ability to embed Tk widgets within an MFC view class. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (David Shepherd) What: tkview Where: From the contact Description: View one or more files from a scrollable Tk text widget. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:eric@pandora.Las-Vegas.NV.US > (Eric J. Schwertfeger) What: TkVlab Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Series of GUI interfaces for Linux commands. Includes TkAccount (for the Linux account mangement "ac"), TkChmod, TkChown, TkFind, TkPrinter (for "lpr"), TkSymLink, TkWmconfig, TkWpick (for Xwpick), TkXwd. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: Unknown What: TkVNC Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk VNC viewer, designed to be embedded, but can be used as stand-alone. Currently at version 0.9.1 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: TkVoice Where: <URL: > Description: Telephone Answering Machine front-end for vgetty. Allows user to record outgoing greetings and playback incoming voice messages. Currently at version 1.5 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkvolname Where: From the contact Description: Tk frontend to volname providing CD/CDROM title lookup from a database. volname displays what is going on in the cdrom drives. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Andrew Tefft) What: TkVP Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A video poker application built using TclProp. It is a traditional casion-style game. It is designed as an intro to using TclProp and declarative programming in general. For more information, see <URL: >. TkVP is also available as a Tclet at the above URL. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (TkVP admin requests) What: Tkvt Where: From the contact Description: Originally based on TkSteal, modified to work with rxvt patches to handle resizes. Works with Tk 8.0.2 and ET. Tested only on Solaris and Linux - no pretty packaging. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Dave Warner) What: TkWallpaper Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk script for rotating background images. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TkWeather (jackson) Where: <URL: > Description: Get weather info about any city around the world, getting the information from the weather underground internet site. Version 1.0.1 is the latest. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tkWeather (kelley) Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > <URL: > Description: Get weather info about any city around the world, getting the information from the Weather Channel's web site. Also provides automatic updates. Version 1.0-1 is the latest. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Kelley) What: Tk Web form Buddy Where: <URL: > Description: Useful to managing repetitive information on web forms such as name, address, email, etc. Currently at version 0.02 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: tkwfd Where: <URL: > Description: A postfilter of words displaying bar graphs showing relative percentages of token matches or word frequencies. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Louis Faraut) What: tkwget Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI front-end to wget. Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TkWho Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: General purpose GUI interface to who, ps, and finer. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tKwhois Where: <URL: > Description: Graphical whois client using Tcl/Tk. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: TkWineSetup Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl script to aid in building and installing WINE. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Tkwm Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk window manager, based on extensions to Tk. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > for mailing list subscriptions. <URL: > (Eric Schenk) <URL: > (Neil McKay) What: TkWorldClock Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk application thatdisplays up to 8 clocks and is highly customizable. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tkxanim Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front-end to xanim, eventually to provide a GUI to most of xanim's options. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkxcd Where: <URL: > Description: Graphical interface to diff. Two files are compared side by side with different colors used to highlight the differences. Also supports RCS. Provides a look and feel similar to xcleardiff (from Clearcase). Has been tested with Tk 4.[01] on Unix. Available under GNU General Public License. Updated: 01/1997 Contact: <URL: > (John C. Quillan) What: tkxgraph Where: <URL: > Description: Tk plotting tool Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Benjamin A Allan) What: tkxpilots Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk script that allows you to create configured xpilots servers. Best with xpilots-3.1.0 or newer. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Oak) What: TkZip Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: shareware (?) GUI front end to compression commands. Features automatic archive type recognition (tar, compress, gzip, zip, arj, rar, ar, bzip, shorten, lha, cpio, bzip2, and rpm), tape and floppy support. It includes an Uninstall Package function and automatic viewer selection. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Bob Woodside) What: tk_Brief Where: <URL: > Description: GUI for writing letters, using LaTeX and styles such as g-brief, dinbrief, letter, KOMA, and brief. Translations available in German, English, and Dutch. Currently at version 5.9 . Updated: 02/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Ralf Mueller) What: Tk_Bugz Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk rendition of the Galaxian arcade game. Packaged as a starkit Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web page What: Tk_familypractice Where: <URL: > Description: Clinical medical information system suitable for a family physician's office for storing clinical information on patients as opposed to just billing information. Uses Tcl/Tk. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: TK_PUB_CMD Where: <URL: // > Description: Tool for X Window system written in Tcl/Tk/C. Allows management of multiple text selections in a small window. Selections are stored and retried to disk. Currently at version 1.1.3 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: tk_stattab Where: <URL: > Description: A packaging of the scientific application Stattab using Tcl/Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Dan Serachitopol) <URL: > (Barry W. Brown) What: tk_zap Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to fzap, a channel zapping program for dvbs cards. Currently at version 0.1.2 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: TL Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A descriptive language for writing Tcl commands. TL generates C code to interface to Tcl. Check the page to determine the current version. Automatic documentation can now be generated. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Sfiligoi Igor) What: Tk LaTex Editor Where: <URL: > Description: Tle is a powerful LaTeX editor, supporting code highlighting, a document structure navigator, a project and file manager, spellchecking, command autocompletion, and much more. Currently at version 1.0.1 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: tlink32 Where: <URL: > Description: tlink32 is a stand alone program assisting one in creating and updating program icons on the Win32 desktop, and creating and deleting the .LNK files in the program folder. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Matt Newman) What: tm Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk 4.0 typemon program to monitor keyboard and mouse activity and suggest rest breaks. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Rick Walker) <URL: > (Tom Knotts) What: tmidi Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: VIO based standard MIDI file player for OS/2. Able to support more than one MPU. For OS/2 Warp or later. Locate file at above ftp site. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Cornel Huth) What: tmk Where: <URL: > Description: tmk is a freely available tool that combines the functionality of a traditional make utility with Tcl. See web site for info regarding mailing lists, etc. Currently at version 0.9beta . Updated: 08/2000 Contact: <URL: o What: TMML Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: TMML is a proposed XML DTD for the Tcl/Tk documentation set. The distribution includes the DTD, XSL style sheets for converting TMML to HTML, and man2tmml for converting the Tcl man pages to XML. Currently at version 0.6r2 . Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tmusic Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl 7.3 based music file browser. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Shannon Hendrix) What: tna Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tool that generates HTML doc from Tcl files, allowing special comments to appear in the generated HTML. It is written in pure Tcl. Generates a report of each namespace and procs beloning to the namespace's - but does not handle procs defined within the namespace itself. Does not handle Itcl. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Bernd Fritzke) What: TOBE Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl as One Big Executable (TOBE) is a quick and easy way to bundle the Tcl/Tk interpreter, several popular Tcl extensions, and an arbitrary collection of Tcl scripts together into a single standalone executable. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (D. Richard Hipp) What: TodoMgr Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk Todo entry manager. Currently at version 1.66 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: TokeNet Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Test suite for generating network traffic and stressing switches and routers. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Tomahawk Where: <URL: > Description: An effort to build a better Tcl-enabled IRC client. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (David Gravereaux) What: tooltips Where: From the contact Description: Tk program which provides functionality similar to the one Microsoft has. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Paul D. Boyer) What: TopicEngine Where: <URL: > Description: eggdrop bot scripting for managing the topic in an IRC channel. Currently at version 1.19 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: Toucan Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Integrated development environment for developing Palm Tcl applications on the desktop. The idea is that you develop the applications on the desktop, then compile the applications into a file that can then be installed on the Palm OS device or simulator. Runs on Unix/Windows platforms. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.3.4 or newer. Currently at version 1.2.2 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: Towers of Hanoi Where: From the contact Description: Sample of Towers of Hanoi solution in Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Damon Permezel) What: tpad Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk clone of the WinXP Notepad program. Major difference from Notepad is that it doesn't limit the size of the file being edited. Currently at version 1.3 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: tpp Where: <URL: > Description: CPP-like Preprocessor to run over Tcl scripts to remove extraneous white space and comments before execution as well as provide the ability to use macros and constant #define statements. Updated: 03/2004 Contact: <URL: > (Ken Edwards) What: tprint Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to printing PostScript files. Known to work with Tcl 8.0.3. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:regisr@regix.come What: tprof Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? <URL: > Description: A Tcl script profiler, allowing creation of profile information datasets and supports analysis thru a graphical front end. Comes complete with English and German language adapation and help pages. Available only for Linux, HP/UX and Irix. Both public domain and commercial versions available - see documentation or home page for details. Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Schwaninger) <URL: > What: tracelook Where: <URL: > Description: Trace ip addresses? Currently at version 1.20. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Lockheed) What: tracon Where: <URL: > Description: Alpha version of a air traffic controller simulator, using itcl to support an unlimited number of self moving planes, and radars. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (JeroenHoppenbrouwers) What: trad Where: From the contact Description: Tcl 7.3/Tk 3.6 interface to the Radiance program. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Greg Ward) What: trajectory Where: From the contact Description: Program to edit piecewise linear paths in space as a function of time. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wayne A. Christopher) What: trajedit Where: <URL: > Description: A simple Tk trajectory editor, showing the function of the hermite smoothing. Requires the smoothing and PGM/PPM extensions available in the same directory. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Oliver Trepte) What: transcriber Where: <URL: > Description: Tool for assisting the creation of speech corpora. Allows one to manually segment, label and transcribe speech signals for laster use in auto speech processing. Developed in Tcl/Tk, and C, and requires Snack and tcLex. Tested on Linux, Solaris, SGI, and Windows NT. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > ("subscribe transcriber-announce") What: trax Where: From the contact Description: A Tcl/Tk tool to play trax. Rules available from <URL: >. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mel Nicholson) What: Trebuchet Tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk TinyMUCK/TinyMUSH/MOO GUI client written in Tcl/Tk. Includes cripting, triggers, highlights, macros, buttons, key bindings, etc. Supports MCP editing, MOO and FBMUCK6 dialog packages and intelligent colored editing of MUF and MPI programs for muck users. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.3.2 or newer. Supports both Unix and Windows. Currently at version 1.059 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: See sf web site What: TreeLink Where: <URL: > Description: Tk 3.x based program which draws a hypergraph of links starting with a particular HTML document. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Karsten Gaier) What: Trellis Where: <URL: > Description: Trellis is a hypermedia system developed by Furuta (Texas A&M) and Stotts (UNC Chapel Hill). Includes a server, net editor, browser, librarian, attribute viewer. Only SPARC binaries are included. You need Perl 5 and Tcl/Tk libraries to run clients Updated: Contact: <URL: > (David Stotts) What: Trevi Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Simple Tk 8 font browser. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tritan Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk editor using author's ctext and cscrollbar widgets. Currently at version 0.9.7 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (George Peter Staplin) What: trn Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Trn 4.0 is a threaded newsreader in alpha test. It is a text based reader. There are at least two places within trn which support Tcl or Tcl/Tk. The first is a filtering mechanism that permits one to score articles as you enter a newsgroup. The scoring files can be written in either Tcl or Perl. The second is a rudimentary Tk interface that is available, but is in need of a champion to take over and actually complete it. This is known to be working for Tk 4.2. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Trn development team request mail address) <URL: > (Wayne Davison) What: TrueTalk Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Personal TrueTalk, by Entropic Research Laboratory, Inc., is an all-software Text-to-Speech (TTS) system designed to voice enable Unix X Window system workstations. TrueTalk is a commercial product, but you can obtain access to an evaluation copy via the internet. See the WWW site for details. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Entropic Research) What: TS (Console shell) Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl based console shell which will work with Windows 95 as well as Windows NT. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Grant J. Munsey) What: ts (TeX) Where: <URL: > Description: An easy to use TeX shell for the X window system. It includes an editor. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: ts (Timesheets) Where: <URL: > Description: Timesheet application that runs on at least Unix and Windows and perhaps MacOs as well. Track time spent on projects and email the information to the person in charge of gathering the data. Come with a calendar to select days, etc. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Mike Durian) What: Tsert Integrated Test Environment Where: <URL: > Description: Black box oriented testing environment. Provides for test plan creation, automated test data generation, class testing for C++, Java, Ada, support for other scripting languages like Tcl, etc. Updated: 04/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: TSIPP workbench Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Interactive 3D/4D drawing tool based on the TSIPP graphics toolkit. Currently at version 1.6a . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: tSMTPmail Where: <URL: > Description: Pure Tcl code for generating Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP). Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Daniel P. Stasinski) What: ttkdraw Where: <URL: > Description: Object based drawing tool build on the Tk canvas. Currently at version 1.0 beta. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TTraffic Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk version of Rush Hour board game. Currently at version 0.8 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:vdbergh at luc dot ac dot be > What: TUA Where: <URL: > Description: Collect all the info that UUCP packages put in their logs and summarize it. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Lele Gaifax) What: Tuba Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Tcl/Tk 8 debugger, providing source code viewing as you step thru the code, breakpoints on specific lines and procs, and ability to set watchpoints on variables. Currently at V2.5 beta1 , which begins to add support for [incr Tcl]. Note that the eolas web site copy is one that was recently discovered; it remains to be seen where the 'home' for Tuba will show up. Updated: 09/2002 Contact: <URL: > ??? What: tupact Where: alt.sources archives <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: 9X faster C-news active file "minimum article" updater Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Karl Lehenbauer) What: Turkdrop Where: <URL: > Description: Turkce IRC Bot Currently at version 2.2 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: Tux Goes Fishing Where: <URL: > Description: Pure Tcl/Tk game, which works on Unix. Should work pretty much the same on Windows or MacOS other than changing the cursor shape. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Robert Heller) What: twoClocks Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Two different kinds of clock. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Charles Read) ??? What: Tx Where: <URL: > Description: An old Tcl/Sx based terminal emulator - not kept up to date with the latest Tcl and Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John Ousterhout) What: tyacc Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A slightly modified and extended version of byacc that allows the parsers specified in .y to generate Tcl code. See bodenstab site for patched version of t˙yacc. Currently version 0.9 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Mike Kleyn) What: Tycho Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tycho is an GUI itcl development environment. Eventually, Tycho will include a graphical block diagram editor for dataflow graphs, among other things. Currently, it has some text editing features, an itcl graphical class browser, HTML viewer, an integrated documentation system to create HTML from itcl classes, and provides support for creating large applications. Tycho includes a Tcl/Java interface that runs under Solaris and Windows NT. Future plans are to add better interaction between Java and Tcl. Tycho is freely distributable. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Christopher Hylands) What: tydoc Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A part of Tycho, tydoc takes itcl source code and generates html. Expects you to maintain classes and procs in separate files. Does not generate an entire source tree recursively - you provide the specific file names that you want doc generated. Has a few javadoc like tags. Updated: 01/1999 Contact: <URL: mailto:cxh@EECS.Berkeley.EDU > (Christopher Hylands) What: TyGeMo Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk frontend to photopc - the digital camera software. Provide a GUI for all of the command line options. Currently at version 0.2.0 . Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:netllama at users dot sf dot net > What: typebreak Where: <URL: > ??? Description: This Tk 4.0 program can be configured for varying break periods. It also allows programs/scripts to be started at different points in typebreak's operation. The idea is that it reminds you to take a break from typing, to ensure that you do not injure yourself. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Robert Brown) What: UADE Where: <URL: > Description: UADE is the Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator. It plays old Amiga tunes with UAE emulation. It is said to have a Tcl/Tk based player. Currently at version 0.30 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: uccview Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk character viewer, showing what characters are in the user selected font. Currently at version 1.0a . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Petteri Kettunen) What: uCR port of Tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl 7.6p2 to the uCR embeddable operating system. Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: ultraedit Where: <URL: > Description: Text editor with Tcl/Tk syntax highlighting. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: Unknown What: UltraMake Where: <URL: > Description: Manage build process from source to binary releases. Uses Tcl as a scripting language. Intrages with CVS. Currently at version 2.3 build 0.553 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: uncgi (Koreth) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A frontend for processing queries and forms from WWW on Unix systems. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: Unicode examples for Tcl Where: <URL: > Description: A significant number of examples demonstrating not only how to display various font encodings, but also how to convert from a 7 bit character notation into the actual 8 bit notation have been contributed to this web site. Note in particular that not just Romanic languages are covered - Arabic and Kanji are covered as well. Of course, you need appropriate Unicode fonts before you can display the actual characters. Updated: 12/2000 Contact: Contact is via the above WWW page. What: UNIPEN Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Software intended for researchers in on-line handwriting recognition. Contains software using Tk for browsing, editing, extracting, transforming UNIPEN format files. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Lambert Schomaker / NICI ) What: Universal Unicode Converter Where: <URL: > Description: Univert will convert interchangably between the following formats: native Tcl unicode, hex bytes or words separated by spaces, decimal bytes or words separated by spaces, HTML entities, UTF-8/URL encoding, quoted printable with whatever the current encoding is, and C string with whatever the current encoding is. Based on Tcl 8.1 or later. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: UniWord Where: <URL: > Description: A new free word processor written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: unix agent Where: <URL: > Description: Unix agent is a SNMPv2c agent, using tcl and scotty. Works with Scotty v2.1.1. Can monitor various states of a Unix system such as users, groups, processes, memory and file system. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Robert B. Premuz) What: Unix ports of Tcl Where: <URL: > Description: Set of pointers to a variety of sources for Unix binary versions of Tcl and Tk. Updated: 02/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Cameron Laird) What: URL to Tcl array decoder Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: httpqs2tcl is an encoded URL to Tcl array variable decoder for the WWW that simply takes an encoded URL (query string) and decodes it into a Tcl array. url2tcl takes the encoded URL to Tcl array variable from POST transactions. They were particularly designed for use with dtclsh, but the raw code will also work with other packages. Updated: Contact: Unknown What: USE Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: Provides a graphical tool for designing user shells. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ruediger Franke) What: Usenet gateways for Compuserve and GEnie Where: From the contact Description: Software using Expect, Bourne shell, and C which provides a gateway between GEnie and/or Compuserve Information Systems and a local moderated Usenet newsgroup. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (David Beckemeyer) What: user interface component testing package Where: From the contact Description: Package to test user interface components. It can test anything from widgets to full applications. It can emulate most user events. It is completely written in Tcl and can can be used to perform thousands of tests. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ioi Lam) What: User-Maint Where: <URL: > Description: a Tk based user account maintenance package for maintaining /etc/passwd, /etc/group, etc. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Charles A. Eads) What: user-setup Where: <URL: > Description: Menu driven interface to the Modules package. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Richard Elling) What: Uts Where: <URL: > Description: Portable artificial neural network simulator which includes Tcl/Tk. Includes tkbp to do back propagation and tkmxm to do mixed em gaussian optimization. Updated: Contact: Unknown What: uudeview Where: <URL: > Description: A decoder which automatically detects the type of encoding used in a text file, offering MIME base64 and BinHex as well as the popular uuencoding and the less frequently used xxencoding methods. It can be build to use a Tk front-end. Also includes uuenview encoder. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Frank Pilhofer) What: VAD (Visual Ada Developer) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk oriented Ada-95 GUI builder, portable to different platforms such as Windows, unix, MacOS, and OS/2 . You can use it as an IDE for any Ada-95 (C, C++, Tcl) project. Uses GNAT, TASH, RAPID, Tcl/Tk 8.x, Img, icons, Help System, TkPaint, BWidgets, mcListBox, mComboBox, Tktable, ftp_library, csh, snack, BLT, itcl, Tix, QuickTimeTcl, XanimTcl, Tcl-gtk, Oratcl, XBit, Tkogl, tom, Vtktcl, Tkhtml, Fve, August, ASED, TclDOM, Tclxml Whiteboard, TkMC, tkxmlive, IDL_To_Ada. Currently at version 6.0 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: vat Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Distribute audio files between workstations on a network. Has a Tk interface. Is a binary only release for DEC MIPS, DEC Alpha, SPARC/Solaris 2, SPARC/Solaris 1, SGI, HP Snake, I386/BSD. The other reference is a FAQ on MBONE upon which vat is based. The gsm URL is a speech compression package. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: vcboard Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk chess board program. Currently at version 0.2a . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Visual Cron Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A visual cron/at interface, allowing one to view, modify, delete and add actions. Has an inline manual. Written in Tcl/Tk 8.0 . Currently at version 2.3 . Updated: 06/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Daniel Roche) What: vedit Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk application for combining video sequences to form an animation. Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: veditor - VHDL Editor with Hierarchy Tree Where: <URL: > Description: VHDL syntax highlight, various editing features. Updated: 06/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Velocity Engine Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A commercial Netscape Server API plugin that allows you to program the Netcape HTTP server using Tcl. Speeds up developer time on WWW site developement by replacing CGI by allowing one to embed Tcl into pages. Also known as Velocigen. Currently at version v1.1.3. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: vetestcl Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl equivalent to the VetesCan package. Provides Eggdrop bot secure functionality. Currently at version 01-12-2000 . Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: VHDL93 Where: <URL: > Description: An experimental VHDL-93 design description browser written in Tk 4.1 is included in this tar file, which is a parser for VHDL-03 written in SWI Prolog version v2.7.14. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan) What: VHDLcapture Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Commercial package providing ability to capture VHDL designs in a graphical format and writing out VHDL netlist descriptions. Allows direct access and editing of the functional code for any block at any level in the design hierarchy. Software available for evaluation purposes, with educational and commercial licenses possible. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: vic Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Video Conferencing (VIC) over the internet is the purpose of this tool. It is designed with a flexible and extensible architecture. It provides a Tk interface. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Vic comments) What: video game Where: <URL: > Description: Demo of the Tk Canvas used in a video game. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Mo DeJong) What: videoteXt Where: <URL: > Description: Read, display, and store videotext pages. Package contains a Tk browser. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Martin Buck) What: vidgame Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl/Tk game where one attempts to stop enemy paratroopers from reaching the ground. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: ViewMe Where: <URL: > Description: Program for opening files that need to be viewed with views. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: vigor Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: vigor is a Tcl/Tk 'helpful' assistant interacting with the nvi tcl interface. Contact claims inspiration based on "User Friendly, Comic Strip". Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: vile Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A text editor providing similarities to the BSD vi editor, but adding multiple buffers and multiple windows, syntax highlighting, etc. Tcl highlighting is available. Contact Juan Carlos Gil Montoro < > for improved vile Tcl highlighting. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: Unknown What: VIM Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A demo version of the pilot project of visualization of Ising models. Thesis is written in Dutch. Also, the contact is no longer at this email address. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > ??? What: Vim Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Vi clone which provides language syntax colorization (including Tcl), command line edit and recall, filename completion, split windows, mouse control, drag and drop, and other features. The vimconsole is a Tclsh shell that interacts with the Tcl support one can build into vim. Currently at version 6.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Vis5D Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Vis5D is a system for interactive visualization of large 5-D gridded data sets such as those made by numeric weather models. One can make isosurfaces, contour line slices, colored slices, volume renderings, etc of data in a 3-D grid then rotate and animate the image in real time. Vis5D has a Tcl/Tk based scripting language that enables it to be used as an animation production system. Uses the GNU GPL. vis5d+ is currently at version 1.2.0 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > (Bill Hibbard - original author) <URL: > (Brian Paul) What: vistools Where: <URL: > Description: Text editor which uses Tix, itcl/itk . Provides search and replace, case sensitive searching, multiple buffers, regular expression searching, search for c functions, grep directories, goto line numbers, tag matches with particular color, macros, and more. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Art Morel) What: Visual REGEXP Where: <URL: > Description: Software to help you debug regular expressions, quickly build efficient regular expressions, etc. Currently at version 3.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Visual SlickEdit Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial text editor with Tcl and itcl color syntax highlighting. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See the WWW site What: Visual Tcl/Tk (Bebber) Where: <URL: > Description: This is a public project whose goal is to produce and make freely available a professional quality cross-platform visual design environment for Tcl/Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Douglas A. Bebber) What: Visual Tcl/vtcl (Allen) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Application development environment written only in Tcl. Includes support for compund widgets, custom compund widget libraries, aliases, etc. Works on Windows, Macintosh and Unix (Tk 4.1 or newer). Macintosh version requires you to use Tk 4.2p1. Covered by the GNU general public license. Versions are being made available from the WWW page on a regular basis. Sites with tutorials in English, Spanish, and Portuguese are listed as the last two sites. Currently at v1.5.2. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Stewart Allen) What: VisualGipsy Where: <URL: > Description: Visual GUI builder. Uses Tk. Runs cross platform (Windows, Unix, MacOS). Uses the GNU Artistic License. Currently at version 2.6 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: VisualPOV Where: <URL: > Description: GUI interface to POV-RAY, the ray tracing tool. Written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: visualTclCheck Where: <URL: > Description: Tk interface to TclPro ProCheck code checker. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: viwish Where: <URL: http://www.TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE/techfak/ags/ai/viwish-home/ > Description: A visualisation server for protein modelling and docking. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Freidrich Ackermann) What: VladEd Where: <URL: > Description: Text/HTML editor, written in Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 06/2004 Contact: See web site What: VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics) Where: <URL: > <URL: > ??? Description: A biomolecular visualization and analysis program that uses Tcl, TclX, TclDP for the base of its extension language. Adds commands for extracting atomic and molecular info from the internal data structure, measuring physical properties including center of mass, rmsd, and radius of gyration, controlling molecular representations, adding 3D to the scene, and interfacing to the structure determination program STRIDE. Currently, SGI, HP-UX, Linux, AIX and Solaris are available. The current version is 1.7. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: VMS port of Tcl subset (Lester) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: This Tcl port to VMS contains binaries and source to start your own application. The sources for the VMS port of Tcl DP are also available. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Gerald W. Lester) What: VMS port of Tcl/Tk (Angel Li) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk of various versions ported to VMS. Other extensions may be available at the FTP site. Binaries for Vax/VMS and Alpha/VMS are present. There supposedly is a Multinet VMS port called tck at the sternwarte site. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Angel Li) What: VMS port of Tcl/Tk (Kimball) Where: <URL: > Description: Port of most of Tcl 6.7 and Tk 3.2 done by a number of folk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John Kimball) What: VMS Tcl/Tk port (kechel) Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk 8.0 with socket support and UCX. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Wolfgang Kechel) What: vnc_connector Where: <URL: > Description: Windows freewrap'd Tcl/Tk executable for using many of the vnc files from Virtual Network Computing Updated: 06/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: VoiceCall Where: <URL: > Description: Set of chat scripts and Tcl frontend to allow use of US Robotics Sposter Voice and Flash external modems as a hands free phone. Requires some speakers or head phones to plug into the modem. Currently at v1.0. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Owen Lloyd) What: voodoo Where: <URL: > Description: UML class diagram editor, written in Tcl/Tk and C++ . Tested on Linux, Solaris, and Windows. Currently at version 1.99.11 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See the web site What: VPPP Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Visual PPP is a graphical interface to pppd, allowing one to configure connections to different internet providers, launch and stop the daemon, and view the state of the connections. Currently v2.3. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (daniel Roche) What: VROOM Where: From the contact Description: Tcl/Tk binding for the Volume Rendering using Object Oriented Methods (VROOM) C++ class library, aimed at multi-modal visualization. For more information, see <URL: >. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Karel Zuiderveld) What: VSC Lite Where: <URL: > Description: Light version of the full Open Group commands and utilities test suite. Based on Tcl/Expect. Currently at version 5.1.1L . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:andrew at abs dot net > What: VT100 emulator Where: From the contact Description: An almost complete VT100 emulator, similar to TkTerm, in the testing phase. One problem - { character cannot be input. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Harco de Hilster) What: vTcLava Where: <URL: > Description: This vtcl addon module allows vtcl to create Java SWING form applications. The current version is 0.5. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: vTclCheck Where: <URL: > Description: Free Tk inteface for the TclPro static checker. Selects files, calls procheck, watches the output, allows you to edit the files, etc. Works with Tcl/Tk 8.3.2 and TclPro 1.4.1. Currently at version 1.0b. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: vtkedit Where: <URL: > Description: Editor for the VTk visualization toolkit Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Vupdate Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl script to download McAfee virus data updates. Currently at version 0.6 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: VxWorks port of Tcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: This is a patch file to the Tcl 8.0 source tree to produce a VxWorks v5.3.1 version. Older versions of Tcl may also be present. Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Chris Frank) What: w3cli Where: <URL: > Description: A WWW Tcl robot. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Demailly) What: Wafe Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Application forming an interface to the Tcl binding to Xt and various widget sets like Athena (Xaw3d), OSF/Motif (1.1 to 2.0), and others. At the above FTP site are many other associated tar files, such as Linux binaries, Xaw3d, documentation, etc. Wafe can be used as a frontend for programs in arbitrary programming languages (there are example programs written in Perl and Python contained in the package). As of version v1.0.18 Wafe supports the Kino widget class, Mosaic HTML widget, plotter widgets, XmGraph widget, Layout widget, tree widget, XbaeMatrix widget, Ghostview widget, Eurobridge widget, analog clock widget, most of the FWF widget classes, libWWW, LDAP library and more. Wafe supports graphic formats such as XBM, XPM, GIF, JPEG, and PNG. Various object oriented Tcl extensions such as OTcl or itcl are also supported. SSLEAY is supported. Available in RedHat's .rpm format. The current version supports Tcl 8.0, SSL streams, the choice of Tcl or Xt event loop, as well as a number of new modules. Package includes cineast, an extensible WWW browser, written using Otcl and Wafe. Other sample applications, such as htmlEdit, cpu-bars, gsv, pinger, xwafemail, etc. are also included. In version v1.0.19, Tcl_Objects are supported, UTF support when used with Tcl 8.1, Knvas widgets, Kino-2 widgets. Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: > (WaFE mailing list) What: Waif Where: <URL: > Description: Provide a CD player like GUI interface over top of a variety of Unix command line audio applications. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Matthew Levine) What: warmlist Where: <URL: > Description: Cache, search, and organize WWW pages. Intended to be a way of 'extending' the WWW browser hotlist functionality. This was announced back in 1994 and I am just now finding out about it Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Paul L. Klark) What: WaveSurfer Where: <URL: > Description: A tool for recording, playing, editing, viewing, printing, and labelling audio data. Runs on Macintosh, Unix, Windows, Solaris and Linux. Has its own sound visualization megawidget. Reads and writes CLS, WAVE, AU, AIFF, and other file formats. Up to version 1.7, required Tcl/Tk 8.x and Snack 1.7.0 or newer. Latest version is 1.7.1 and release notes says that on MacOS X at least, it no longer requires a Tcl/Tk installation. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Kare Sjolander) What: waX Me Lyrical Where: <URL: > Description: An XML editor which uses Tcl. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: See the web site What: Web Enabled Logical Documents (WELD) Where: <URL: > Description: WELD is an approach to building web pages based on the MVC pattern. It is similar to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) or Java Server Pages (JSP) but requires less work for the page designer and programmer. One creates WELD templates which are then expanded into HTML. WELD makes use of Jacl to glue together Web pages and Java Objects. Tcl variables may be used anywhere in a WELD template. Updated: 05/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Web Slideshow Where: <URL: > Description: A demonstration of a web slide show using the AOLserver and its built-in Tcl interpreter. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Krison J. Rehberg) What: Web Templating Where: <URL: > Description: A WWW templating system for dynamically serving content, using Tcl as the scripting language. The templates look like HTML with a minimum number of extra tags. Runs as either a CGI or handler with Apache. This is a system conceptually similar to ArsDigita but simpler and not tied to AOLserver. Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: mailto:david at systemsolve dot net > (David Keeffe) What: Web* Where: <URL: > Description: Program that allows you to publish dynamic information on the internet. Uses TclDii to provide an optional Orbix interface. With this package, you can easily write Tcl scripts that dynamically insert data into the middle of HTML code. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: Webcpp Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Web C++ is a command line utility that converts your source code into an HTML file, with syntax highlighting and stylesheets. Webcpp currently supports Ada95, Assembler, Basic, C, C#, C++, Cg, CLIPS, FORTRAN, Haskell, Java, Markup, Modula2, Objective C, Pascal , Perl, PHP Python, SQL, shell, Tcl highlighting. Webcpp gtkgui is at version 0.3.1 and is a GTK+ GUI for webcpp. Currently at version 0.8.4 . Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: WebHand Where: <URL: > Description: HTML editor, beautifier, template manager, with the idea to make editing JavaScript, CGIs, etc. easier. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: WebSamba package repository Where: <URL: > Description: A variety of packages for Tcl/Tk 8.4a3, working with Windows and RedHat 7.1. Includes BLT, Snack, Tix, COST, TclX, Tktable, Img, Tkhtml, itcl, and TkOgl. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: ) (Leonid Dulman) What: WebSmacker Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl based proxy that removes advertisements from web pages. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: WebTk Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk HTML editor and browser. It requires Tk 4.1 (FCS) or greater. There are packages for Unix, Macintosh, and Windows. The editor supports forms, but not tables and frames. Provides end-user extensibility and customization. You can copy and paste text, links and images from live pages from the web using WebTk's browser features. You can also chart and validate links on pages. This beta release is free for a 90 day evaluation period. Updated: 03/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Brent Welch) What: WebWare Where: <URL: > Description: Series of projects some of which are based on tcl and tk which can be used in conjunction with off the shelf browsers and servers. Tcl Zephyr, Blackboard Service, Linda, browserComm library Mosaic client command interface, HistoryGraph, etc. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: WELD Where: <URL: > Description: Web Enabled Logic Documents (WELD) make use of Jacl/Tcl to provide the ability to hold WWW applications together. WELD is a part of JavaPDF (the open source servlet utilities project). Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Lee T Hall) What: WEST++ Where: <URL: > Description: WEST++ is a distributed, multi-platform modelling and experimentation system. It allows one to construct models for and conduct vitual experiments on any kind of system representable by differential algebraic equations. It requires LEDA, Tcl 7.6, Tk 4.2, Tcl-DP, Tix, BLT, make, flex and bison. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: widget server Where: From the contact Description: Widget server designed for use with the X11/emacs program epoch. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Brian L. Kahn) What: Wiki Where: From the contact Description: A Tcl based wiki implemented differently than the Wikit. Contact mentions a version being available based on TclKit. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Ulrich Ring) What: WiKit Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A "wiki wiki web" application written in Tcl. It allows anyone with a web browser to edit pages of the application remotely. Allows a loosely organized web forum. The application provides hypertext between its pages. Application can be used both as a stand alone Tk application and as a CGI application. Requires TclKit or Tcl 8.0.x and mk4tcl. The mini net site is an up to date snapshot of the entire Wiki. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Claude Wippler) What: WinCVS Where: <URL: > Description: CVS interface for Windows. Reported on comp.lang.tcl to rely on Tcl. Appears to be a C++ application depending on CVS DLLs. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Windows Registry Browser Where: <URL: > Description: BWidget/Tk based simple browser for seeing what is in your Registry. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Bruce Hartweg) What: Windows/CE port of Tcl (Polster) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl 8.3.2 to the Windows/CE platform. Currently at version 20010509 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Akos Polster) What: Windows/CE port of Tcl/Tk 8.4 Where: <URL: > Description: Port of Tcl/Tk 8.4a2 for WinCE Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: WinIpConfig Where: <URL: > Description: Tk based G"UI interface for ipconfig written for Windows NT. Interface is similar to Windodws 95. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Wisewig Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk WYSIWYG WWW authoring tool to create HTML and in CGI scripts. Also at this site is html2cgi, a Tcl tool to convert HTML files to Tcl CGI files. Currently Wisewig is at version 0.2a and html2cgi is at 1.0 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: See WWW site. What: WISH CD-Writer Where: <URL: > Description: Super simple Tk interface to mkisofs and cdrecord. Currently at version 0.4.0 . Updated: 12/2002 Contact: See web site What: wish child Where: From the contact <URL: > Description: Code from the Linux Journal Magazine article "X Window System Programming with Tcl and Tk", written by Matt Welsh (Feb 1995, pp 26-33) which forks off a Tcl/Tk interpreter, attaches two file pointers to the child process, and sets the points for reading and writing. Allows someone from C/C++/Perl/etc. to send commands to a Tcl/Tk interpreter and receive the results. Info on the author not available. Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Matt Welsh) What: WISH Command Center Where: <URL: > Description: Simple program launcher. Currently at version 0.3.1 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: wish compiler (Buckingham) Where: From the contact Description: Updates to wish_compiler to Tcl 7.3/Tk 3.6, added in support for Expect 5.7, Add more of the std Tcl/Tk init files. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Brett Buckingham) What: wish compiler (Thomas) Where: <URL: > Description: Update to the "wish compiler" which generates obscured Tcl code. The Tcl script is turned into an initialized string which is compiled and linked into the interpreter. This currently generates assembly language for a 68k machine. The Tcl code uses a "very simple minded" scheme for obscuring but makes the code relatively secure from simple attacks. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Gary Thomas) What: wish compiler (Uhler) Where: <URL: > Description: Builds a self-contained "wish" application binary that can be executed independently of the presence of Tcl 7 and Tk 3.3 on the target system. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Stephen A Uhler) What: wishbook Where: <URL: > Description: Text file display program. Currently at version 0.2.0 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: wishc82 Where: <URL: > Description: Console based version of wish designed to route stdin, stdout, and stderr to a console. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (David Cuthbert) What: wishcon Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: wishCon implements native console support for Windows. You can redirect input, output and error. Can be used by emacs tcl-mode. This is a patched version of Tcl 8.0p2. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Kai Morich) What: Wished Where: <URL: > Description: Simple text editor written in Tcl/Tk Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jonas Wissting) What: WISH List Where: <URL: > Description: Simple multi-column list manager for keeping track of books, people, papers, recipes, etc. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.4. Currently at version 0.1.2 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: WISH mini-console Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl based unix type command line console. Lighter weight alternative to TkCon. Based on examples from the Welch book. Works with Tcl/Tk 8.1 or greater. Currently at version 0.3.1 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: Wizard Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Small program to provide help to the user in configuring hardware, software, etc. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Charles Vidal) What: Wizard of Oz Where: <URL: > Description: Design tool for speech and multimodal applications supporting Updated: 11/2004 Contact: <URL: > (Richard Breuer) What: WMbg Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI to WindowMaker's wmsetbg and wmdwrite programs, allowing you to set the desktop background as an image or blended color. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:gigi dot giorgi at libero dot it > (Gigi Giorgi) What: Wmconfig Where: <URL: > Description: Text based menu generationt ool. Includes a small Tk application. Currently at version 1.2.2 . Updated: 09/2004 Contact: See web site What: WMHeadlines Where: <URL: > Description: Integrate web news headlines with the root menu of your window manager. Supports WindowMaker, Blackbox, Enlightenment, KDE, and Gnome. Tk front-ends are available for unsupported platforms. Collects headlines into a menu, and opens web browser when user selects a headline. Currently at version 3.3 . Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: WOA Where: <URL: > Description: WOA is a server access counter program which counts document accesses and also provides information about the sites which accessed each document. WOA generates HTML output and is written in Tcl and C. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Sam Shen) <URL: > (Sam Shen) What: word10 Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk dictionary searching application. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Monty Scroggins) What: wordnet Where: <URL: > Description: Online lexical reference system. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Wrap Where: <URL: > Description: Tools to create stand-alone executables on Windows. The modules contain Tcl/Tk, Memchan, Metakit, TkCon, the plus and dash patches. Stand-alones are much smaller than other methods and do not need any special DLLs to be installed. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: wt, a 3D game engine Where: <URL: > Description: V0.05 of a 3D game engine with Tcl programming support. Includes a Tk based graphical world editor by <URL: > (Thomas Malik). Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Chris Laurel) What: wtkdiff Where: <URL: > Description: Little brother to tkdiff. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wayne Throop) What: wtour Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Source for the Tk 3.x Widget tour. Binaries for 386BSD, HP/Apollo DEC Alpha AXP (OSF), DEC MIPS (ULTRIX), Linux (386), HP PA-RISC, IBM RS/6000, SCO 386, Sun SPARC, SGI Irix are also available. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Andrew Payne) What: wwexptools Where: <URL: > Description: Secured automatic distribution of open source binaries. Binaries for various platforms supported. One of the many packages supported is Tcl/Tk. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: wwwtools Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Source for geturl, geturl2, uncgi, test-cgi, guest book, as well as other WWW related Tcl tools. Note that a HTTP server written in Tcl, tclX, Tcl-DP, and GD Tcl is also described here. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Laurent Demailly) What: WXMAP Where: <URL: > Description: Grabs weather charts and make a part of the chart your Windows wallpaper. Uses Tcl / Image / http and a few other pieces. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Iain B. Findleton) What: wzdftpd Where: <URL: > Description: Modular portable FTP server, supportin SSL, IPv6, multithreading, external scripts. Supports file permissions and ACLs, virtual users, and groups, bandwidth limitations per user, group, or globally, group admins, and per command authorization. Has a Tcl module Currently at version 0.4.0 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: X Messenger Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk Messenger client for Linux . Clone of amsn . Currently at version 1.0a . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: x-automate Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk interface to Aaron Hightower's x10-amh home automation and lighting control software. Set up floor plans, etc. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Stew Benedict) What: X-CD-Roast Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk/Tix frontend for software to create CD-ROMs. Comes with static versions of Tcl/Tk/Tix. Tested on Linux and other platforms. Currently at v0.98alpha7. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Thomas Niederreiter) What: X-Directory Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based Directory/File manager. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (X-Directory mailing list) send "subscribe ml-xdirector" in body. <URL: > (Christoph Wilhelm) What: x-files Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: X-Files is a graphical file management program for Unix/X. User-configurable action buttons supported. Easy configuration. Transparent access to tar, zip, lharc, rar, rpm, compressed tar packages. Pop up menu for quick use of basic file operations. Directory history, safe delete, short cut keys, context sensitive help. Requires Tcl 7.4 or newer, preferably a 3 button mouse, and Unix/X. V2.00 beta 1 requires Tcl 8.0 or higher, and includes ftp support as well as other things. Note that the primary http site is only available during daylight hours at this time. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: X-html2ps Where: From the contact <URL: > Description: Freely available GUI frontend for html2ps, the program intended to provide high quality output for WWW HTML pages. X-html2ps is compatible with Tcl & Tk 4.2 or later. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jean-Philippe Argaud) What: X-Ref words Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk browser for a brute force word xrefing (mxref) script. Both are by the author. This allows one to search for any words in sets of files mxref'd. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wayne Throop) What: X-SETI Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Another frontend for the Unix SETI@home client, based on Tk and Expect. The current version is v0.8.1. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: X-Tester Where: <URL: > Description: This is a demo version of a commercial testing product for X applications. Full product provides developers with an easy way to automate unit testing of X and Tcl/Tk applications. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: X/RTA Where: <URL: > Description: X/RTZ is a constant percentage bandwidth real-time analyzer for acoustical measurements. Used to measure and tune home video theaters, commercial cinemas, hi-fi equipment, public address systems, etc. Requires Linux/C/Tcl/Tk 8.x/BLT 2.4, and a sound card. Currently v0.43 . Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: x10bot Home Automation Daemon Where: <URL: > Description: Open Source home automation daemon for x10 CM11A appliance controller and accessories. Listens to the CM11A and executed Tcl commands and scripts when events occur. Currently at version 1.10 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Daniel P. Stasinski) What: x11vnc Where: <URL: > Description: x11vnc is a program that allows one to remotely view and interact with real X displays (i.e. a display corresponding to a physical monitor, keyboard, and mouse) with any VNC viewer. The remote-control option (-R) allows one to change nearly all settings dynamically. A Tcl/Tk GUI based on the -R commands is also provided. It is part of the LibVNCServer project. Currently at version 0.7 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: xalias Where: <URL: > Description: A simple program launcher. More info can be found in SunExpert magazine, March 1995 and <URL: >. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Peter Collinson) What: xautomon Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk button that lets you know that xautolock is still running and allows you to enable/disable xautolock by clocking on the button. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > (George Dau) What: xbatcheck Where: <URL: > Description: battery and AC line monitor for portables with critical power alarm. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Stefan Sinnige) What: xbible (Mak) Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tk front-end to Bible: BRS Rel. 4.00 Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Alan Mak) What: XBible Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front-end to the Bible Retrieval System. It is based on the Mak version, but with major enhancments and changes. Currently at version 3.0 . Updated: 02/2005 Contact: See web site What: xbiff2 Where: <URL: > Description: Graphical mail notifier. Written in Tcl/Tk 8.0, and runs on Linux, Solaris, Windows 95/NT. Currently at v1.9. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Daniel Roche) What: xbindkeys Where: <URL: > Description: X window system tool to associate keys or mouse buttons with shell commands. Currently at version 1.6.5 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: xblast Where: <URL: > Description: Multiplayer arcade game for X11R5 and X11R6. 2-4 players can play and 1-4 X displays for output. Supports color and monochrome graphics. Inspired by Bomberman/Dynablaster. Has been tested on Linux, HPUX, Ultrix, SunOS, Solaris, NetBSD, and Irix. Contains tkXBlast, a vastly improved tcl/tk XBlast launcher, featuring resource setup and game statistics. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Oliver Vogel) What: XBrowse Where: From the contact Description: Tk file browser. Uses some of the Sekora jlibrary routines. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Phil J Smith) What: XBubbleJet Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk script to select various ghostscript options for printing with Canon BJC-4200 inkjet printer. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Rob Butera) What: xcal Where: <URL: > Description: Simple calendar display. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mitch Dsouza) What: xcd Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk Compact Disk player. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: Xcd-Fnord Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: GUI frontend to various MP3 rippers and compressors. It also supports CDDB track retrieval. Latest version is 0.5. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Alexander Brill) What: XChat Tcl Plugin Where: <URL: > Description: Add Tcl language to the XChat 1.9.x and 2.x IRC Client. Currently at version 1.0.0 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: xchklogs Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: xchklogs is a GUI for the ChkLogs application. Updated: 01/1997 Contact: <URL: > (D. Emilio Grimaldo T.) What: Xcircuit Where: <URL: > Description: Electronic schematic drawing program. Implemented in Tcl/Tk . Currently at version 3.1 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: xconq Where: <URL: > Description: General strategy game (ala Empire, etc.) using Tk as its GUI. Current version is 7.5.0-0pre.0.20041228. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: xcpugraph Where: <URL: > Description: Tk cpu statisticals graphically displayed. Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Duncan Barclay) What: Xdig Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk-based interface to the Domain Internet Groper (dig) Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Dave Collier-Brown) ??? What: Xdobry Where: <URL: > Description: Form generator for relational databases, aimed at people who want to create forms against an existing database. Lets you browse your database like a hypertext document. Currently supports MySQL, Postgresql, SqLite, ODBC. Contains a Schema and Form editor as well as a form server. Written in Tcl with a variety of extensions (Tcl/Tk/Tix/TclX/Xltcl, tDOM). Currently at version 0.30 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: xdrum Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A script based on the Tcl MIDI extensions that allows you to create and edit drum patterns. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mike Durian) What: xe Where: <URL: > Description: Simple extensible Tk based text editor. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wayne Throop) What: XED Where: <URL: > Description: Text editor for XML document instances. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: xelem Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl/Tk-based hypertext periodic table of chemical elements. Requires Tk and BLT. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Przemek Klosowski) What: xemacs Where: <URL: > Description: GUI oriented version of the traditional character based EMACS text editor. Contains Tcl syntax modules. Runs on Windows, Unix, and other large memory systems. Currently at version 21.1.6. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: See web site. What: XESS Tk interface Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk interface to the XESS commercial spreadsheet product. This makes it easier to construct advanced apps which integrate XESS with other products. Updated: 07/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Applied Information Systems, Inc.) What: xf Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: XF 4.x is a complete Tk development environment. The aol site has xf 4.3 available for download, which includes easier installation, updated doc, and BLT 2.4 support. The Tide web site provides a modified version of xf which makes use of the Tix extension. Currently the latest version, found at the nycap site above, is version 4.3. This runs on both Unix and Windows. Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: xf, Japanization version Where: <URL: > Description: This Japanization patch includes the Japanese translation of xftutorial scripts. Requires Japanized Tk extension. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Yoshiyuki Nishinaka) What: XF86Setup Where: <URL: ftp://ftp.XFree86.Org/pub/XFree86/current/untarred/xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/XF86Setup/ > <URL: ftp://ftp.XFree86.Org/pub/XFree86/current/source/ > <URL: ftp://ftp.XFree86.Org/pub/XFree86/current/binaries/ > Description: A Tcl/Tk utility to configure XFree86 servers. It uses Tk for almost the entire configuration process. It can save off and reload confiugration files, so it is easy to make small changes to existing configurations. Requires a C compiler and Tcl 7.[456] and Tk 4.[012]. Binaries are available, by operating system, and are called X32set.tgz. However, other parts of XFree86, also available from the same binary directories, wil be required in order to run XF86Setup. XF86Setup is also available at any of the other XFree86 mirror ftp sites. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Joe Moss) What: xfig Where: <URL: > Description: Draw, manipulate, save, print (in Postscript), or convert objects interactively. Requires TransFig, which is used to do the conversions. Tk canvas and canvas objects are now one of the output formats. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: xflop Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk app that provies a small shell and GUI utility for mounting and unmounting floppys. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: See the web page. What: Xforge Where: <URL: > Description: A Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0 or later interface to the gforge landscape generator. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > (John P Beale) What: Xfracky Where: <URL: > Description: multi-threaded tcl/tk app for redering 2 or 3 d fractals (which can be animated). Currently at version 2.5.1 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: xfstool Where: <URL: > Description: Tk tool to give users access to floppy disk for mount, unmount, mkfs, etc. as well as ability to shutdown the system. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: Unknown (Torsten Eichner) What: xgpl Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk interface to the gnuplot program. Comes with minimal documentation - may require a Tcl/Tk expert to deal with some of the intricacies. Requires gnuplot 3.5. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Paul Alexander) What: xibc Where: <URL: > Description: Requires expectk - provides an X11 front-end for the Internet Backgammon Server. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jesper Blommaskog) What: Xid3 Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI for mp3info, to read and change ID3 tags of MP3 files. Currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: ximp3shell Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl/Tk GUI for ximp3 MP3 plaer. Currently at version 0.1.12 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:mats_peterson at swipnet dot se > What: XiRCON Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: beta release IRC client for Windows 95/NT. Contact #xircon on the efnet IRC network for help with the client. Mr. Gravereaux has written a Tcl extension that does ANSI to mIRC color code conversions. Mr. Gravereaux has also provided the above 'hack' so that XiRCON works with Tcl v8.1.1 and beyond. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Hanson) <URL: > (David Gravereaux) What: Xisrdisplay Where: <URL: > Description: Graphically display images from the ISR3.2 objects from its symbolic data store. See <URL: > for more information. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: xka Where: <URL: > Description: Tk based rolodex-like application. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Pierre David) What: xkeysyms Where: From the contact Description: Tk script to display the keysym of input keys Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mark Harrison) What: XLosung Where: <URL: > Description: Display the Losung/watchword daily Bible scripture, in either German, Spanish, or English. Available in Starkit or Starpack format. Currently at version 1.9.1 . Updated: 01/2004 Contact: See web site What: XML Parsing package Where: From the contact Description: Simple XML parser package defining a new control construct similar to the switch statement. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: xml2rfc Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A tool that converts XML source into ASCII, HTML, or nroff format. Intended for support of RFC 2629. On the above web page is both a CGI for converting an XML file into the various formats, as well as links to the conversion tool itself. The tool itself includes a Tcl/TclXML tool. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: See web site What: xmlBlaster Where: <URL: > Description: Message Oriented Middleware providing a publish/subscribe and point to point MOM server which exchanges XML encoded messages between publishers and subscribers. Uses CORBA as base communication as well as supports HTTP and email plugins. Subscribers can use XPath expressions to filter messages. A Tcl demo client is provided. Currently at version 1.0.1 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: xmlgen / htmlgen Where: <URL: > Description: Extension for easy, dynamic creation of HTML/XML with Tcl. Works in a fashion similar to cgi.tcl . xmlgen can be used to generate XML; htmlgen is built on top of xmlgen to generate HTML. Currently at 1.5.0 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Harald Kirsch) What: XMLTool Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl application for performing various operations upon XML documents, including parsing and transformation. Updated: 01/2002 Contact: See web site What: xmmstcl Where: <URL: > Description: Control xmms playback, skip, pause, change playlist, change skis, etc. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: xmotd Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tk script that displays the motd and forces the user to acknowledge that they have read it by pressing a key. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Doug Hughes) What: xmpeg Where: <URL: > <URL:^amp-0.7.6&stype=name > Description: a Tcl/Tk 8.x based front end to mpeg_play. Updated: 01/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Alexei Rodriguez) What: xnearest Where: <URL: > Description: A simple minded tool for map viewing, written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Wayne Throop) What: xnet Where: <URL: > Description: An X window system based AX.25 packet network analyzer. AX.25 is a data link layer network protocol used by for wireless packet radio operators. Updated: 02/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Rich Parry) What: Xnetlib Where: From the contact Description: A file retrieval application, developed to support file distribution similar to Netlib. A demo of the software was planned for a November conference. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Reed Wade) What: xnewscan Where: From the contact Description: xnewscan is a Tk interface to the newscan program, which scans an NNTP server using user provided patterns for matching articles. This is now part of the newscan 2.0 release. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John McGowan) What: XotclIDE Where: <URL: > Description: Integrated interactive developement environment for the XOTcl extension. Provides a Smalltalk like programming environment, with graphical introspection and editing of a running system. State can be saved in the form of Tcl packages. Can optionally use a mysql-based version control system. Currently at 0.61 . Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Artur Trzewik) What: XPA Messaging Where: <URL: > Description: XPA Messaging provides seamless communication between Unix programs, including X, Tcl/Tk, and generic select() loops. Currently at version 2.1.4 . Updated: 03/2003 Contact: See web site What: xpat2pdf Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk frontend to pat2pdf. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: xpel Where: <URL: > Description: X Pseudo-servers built with X Protocol Engine Library. Uses both Tcl and Safe-Tcl for various purposes. Updated: Contact: <URL: > to get on mailing list. What: xphone Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk-based address and phone database. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Rick McClanahan) What: xphoto Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk front end for photopc, providing remote computer control of the shutter releasee, etc. for the Nikon Coolpix 995, 990, 950, 880, 775 Cameras. GPL . Requires Tcl, photopc, and xv or other jpeg viewer. Photopc provides the USB interface. Currently at version 3.24 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: Xpilots interface Where: <URL: > Description: Tk interface to a xpilot server. Allows to you configure the xpilot server by using buttons and sliders. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ramdane Ferhati) <URL: > (Berne Yves-Henri) What: XPM reader Where: From the contact Description: Pure Tcl/Tk XPM reader. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Leitgeb) What: xpole Where: <URL: > Description: A digital filter design and exploration program written in tcl 6.[67]/tk 3.[12], TkPixmap1.5, Tk patch focus 3.1a (with a few widgets written in C). Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Kennard White) What: Xprint Where: From the contact Description: Tk 4.0 script which allows you to specify various options to xwd/xpr/lpr so that you can get various X widgets printed. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John Chambers) What: XPVM Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk front end to monitor and debug PVM 3.3 or higher. PVM is a package for developing parallel computing applications. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Xiaokun Zhu) <URL: > (James Arthur Kohl) What: xreconfirm Where: From the contact Description: Provide user-friendly interface to repetitive tasks which need logged. Requires tclX's tcl command for the daemon, and no more than core Tcl/Tk for the remainder. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Peter Grina) What: xrshells Where: <URL: > Description: Using expect, start up remote shells to several machines, then forward the user's keystrokes to all of those remote shells. The output of each shell is presented in separate xterms. Provides interface to making the same changes against a series of machines in parallel. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: xscript Where: <URL: > Description: Collection of X11 shell programs which can be used in pipelines. Some of the tools need tclMotif to link. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Jan Newmarch) What: xserum Where: <URL: > Description: Combustion engine diagnostic software written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Harald Kirsch) What: xspeakfree Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk GUI frontend for the Unix Speak Freely package. Suggest using Tcl/Tk 8.x and sfspeaker/sfmike 6.1c. Currently at version 0.8.2. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Shawn Pearce) What: XSPEC Where: <URL: > Description: X-Ray Astronomy Spectral Analysis package, with Tcl as the command interpreter. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Keith Arnaud) What: xstatus Where: <URL: > Description: Client/Server virtual whiteboard for displaying status of various topics defined by the administrator. Also provides a Point of Contact database. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Victor A. Zele) What: xstick Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A tool for viewing scales, notes, and chords on the Chapman Stick under Unix, Windows, and Macintosh. Use Tk 4.2. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Stew Benedict) What: xswallow Where: <URL: > Description: Tool to wrap a Tk frame around another X application. Based on TkSteal. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: mailto:caolan@skynet.csn.ul.ei > What: xtem Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Provides a simple graphical user interface to control an editor, TeX and LaTeX, previewers, printing, syntax checking, spell checking, index building, bibtex, etc. Requires Tcl 7.[456]/8.x, Tk, tclX. Currently at version 7.03. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Roland Weibezahn) What: XTeXShell Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk based shell around LaTeX/TeX, providing hypertext help, interactive editor, and spell checking. Currently at version 1.4 . Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > (hofmann) What: Xts Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Xts is the Tk interface to Ts, a package designed to test the SNMP implementation of a networking device. It provides a robust ASN.1 parser and easy navigation of the MIB, ability to query sections of the MIB and reports common subagent bugs. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Tarek Rogers) What: Xvidmode Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Small tool to get and set X video modes. Has a Tcl/Tk front end. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ruda Moura) What: XWordPad Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl/Tk text editor supporting plain text of unlimited size. Uses standard menus, supports copy, paste, cut, unlimited undo/redo, toolbar and balloon help, quick search, font, style and size choices, multifile file editing, etc. Runs on Tcl/Tk 7.4-8.x, and works on Unix and Windows. Currently at version 2.1. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: XZ editor Where: <URL: > Description: A Tk based text editor intended to be WordStar (or VZ editor) compatible. Multi windows and line number facility is available with many system configurations such as color, font, etc. The current version is implemented with the "Object-Tcl ver 1.0", but only a stripped script is available in this distribution. Unix platform and Tcl7.0/Tk4.0 or newer versions are required. Tcl8.0/Tk8.0 is not supported yet. Updated: 12/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Nagao Shijo) What: YaaC Where: <URL: > Description: Yet another advanced Cati system is written in Tcl/Tk to manage computer assisted telephone interviewing. Currently at version 1.2.3 . Updated: 06/2003 Contact: See web site What: Yakdot Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tcl application to provide a slashdot-like web forum manager. Runs as a CGI. Currently at version 1.0 Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Larry Smith) What: YART/VR Where: <URL: > Description: Allows you to move around in virtual scenes across the net, meeting other people. Based on X11, Tcl 7.3, Tk 3.6, YART 1.1, IOM 1.1 Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ekkehard Beier) What: Yeti Where: <URL: > Description: YEt another Tcl Interpreter (YETI) allows you to create a parser via Tcl. You specify a grammer in a form similar to Backus-Naur Form and describe the Tcl scripts that are executed whenever a rule is matched. Depends on Tcl/itcl. Currently at version 0.4 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Frank Pilhofer) What: yh2a Where: From the contact Description: Process WWW queries and forms via Tcl. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Joachim Mueller) What: yume Where: <URL: > Description: Provides a small menu of commands that you can change. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (James Irl Waldby) What: yumtk Where: <URL: > Description: GUI front-end for yum, the yellow dog updated, modified. It lists versions of installed packages and packages not yet installed. Currently at version 0.5 . Updated: 06/2004 Contact: See web site What: ZAP! Where: <URL: > Description: Interface to makes it straightforward to build WWW based user interfaces for groups of Z39.50 based info resources. Currently at version 1.4 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: Zap Interpreters Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Tk script to clear out all Tcl/Tk interpreters which died without being removed. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Spencer W. Thomas) What: Zdoc Where: <URL: > Description: Source documentation generator for Tcl projects. Writes out an index.html file of all source files listing their procs, as well as a prog.tcl.html file for each source file showing comments, arguments, cross-reference info, etc. This is currently at version 1.0b . Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Zebedee Where: <URL: > Description: Establishes an encrypted compressed tunnel for TCP/IP or UDP data transfer. Uses Tcl inside. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Zimmer Tcl library Where: <URL: > Description: A variety of Tcl applications and extensions found useful by the creator. Includes zWeb1Srv, a simplified WWW server which executes Tcl scripts in a CGI fashion but one at a time. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > (J Adrian Zimmer) What: Zipper Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Zipper is a Linux X/Tcl/Tk based IRC client. Supports many functions including scripting, DCC Transfers and Chats, Colors, sounds, and many others. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Ash Bowers) What: Zircon Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tk interface to IRC. Does not permit commercial use. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: zotzBrothers Chess War Where: <URL: > Description: Meta Chess game, currently written in Tcl/Tk. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Zwik Where: From the contact Description: Content management system driving XSL and using Tcl to glue everything together. Workflow managed by XML config files. Software is not yet released - email contact for info. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: [incr Tcl] class browser Where: <URL: > Description: A very simple iTcl graphical class browser. V1.2 is now available from the contact. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Drew J. Asson) ??? What: ^txt2regex$ Where: <URL: > Description: Regular expression wizard, written in bash2, that converts human sentences into regular expressions. Answering questions, the user can build up a regular expression suitable for use in Tcl. Currently at version 0.6 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Simple name of package Where: FTP site From the contact Description: Small description of package, including base language (Perl, Tcl, Scheme, Ada95, etc.) and Tk version requirements. Updated: Date the FAQ was last updated. Contact: Email address for questions, comments, etc. ------------------------------ End of comp.lang.tcl Frequently Asked Questions (4/5) ***************************************************** -- Tcl - The glue of a new generation. <URL: > Larry W. Virden <> <URL:> Even if explicitly stated to the contrary, nothing in this posting should be construed as representing my employer's opinions. -><- [[Send Tcl/Tk announcements to Announcements archived at Send administrivia to Tcl/Tk at ]]

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