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comp.lang.tcl Related Software Catalog (Mar 05, 2005) (6/6)

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Archive-name: tcl-faq/part6
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Last-modified: March, 2005
Version: 8.220
Comp-lang-tcl-archive-name: tcl-faq.part06

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	For more information concerning Tcl (see "part1"), (see "part2"),
(see "part3"), (see "part4"), (see "part5").

	One source for software mentioned in the catalog is the various
Usenet or comp.lang.tcl article archives - in many cases, the authors
posted their programs to the newsgroup. A Contact address with ??? at
the end means that I was unable to verify the address.	Also, Contacts
without addresses or marked as Unknown mean that I had limited to no
information about the contact person. The Updated field indicates
the date when the catalog entry URLs were updated, not when a package itself
was updated. Check the web pages for a package (if available) to see
if any updates to the package has occurred. If you find an update that
should somehow be reflected back into the catalog, drop me a line at
<URL: >.

Index of questions:

IX. What are some examples of applications using Tk, but not Tcl?


From: FAQ Tcl/Tk Package Catalog Subject: -IX- What are some examples of applications using Tcl and Tk? What: Where: <URL: > Description: Bookmark manager written in Perl/Tk . Designed to keep a large number of bookmarks, with most used links on top of the list. Currently at version 0.1.1 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:mkluwe at web dot de > What: adb Where: <URL: > Description: A simple address database program, in perl/tk. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Slaven Rezic) What: ADSI browser Where: From the contact Description: Perl/Tk ADSI browser, only useful under Windows NT. ADSI is Active Directory Services Interface, an OLE Automation interface to the Novell NDS tree, etc. Updated: 02/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Toby Everett) What: Arad-OneTable-Editor Where: <URL: > Description: Set of perl modules to manage and display a dialog for single table SQL query. Provides both a Perl/Tk and GNU/readline dialog. Part of the Gamla RAD project. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: babygimp Where: <URL: > Description: Simple perl/Tk editor for small icons. Goal is to provide an easy to install and use icon editor with enough features to create really cool icons. Currently at version 0.4.1 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: BLT toolkit port to Python Where: <URL: > Description: Incorporation of BLT 1.9 with Tkinter. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Peter J. Godman) What: BLT toolkit port to STk Where: <URL: > Description: Fitting BLT to the STk environment. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Erick Gallesio) What: Biglook Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Graphical toolkit based on Tk for the Bigloo Scheme system. Biglook programs resemble STk programs more than they do Tcl/Tk. Requires Bigloo 2.2a. Compiles under PC/Linux, Sun Solaris and Digital Unix. Currently at version 0.6 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: BitGen Where: <URL: > Description: A Perl/Tk program to convert digital bitstreams (either binary or hex ASCII formats) to analog voltage sources suitable for simulations such as SPICE. Currently v1.4. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Brian Where: <URL: > Description: Jump and run platform game that uses Pygame/Tkinterp and Python 2.3. Currently at version 0.1.1 . Updated: 06/2003 Contact: See web site What: ccIRCRelay Where: <URL: > Description: IRC relay tool built with Python, Tk, and sockets. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: CDDBP Proxy Where: <URL: > Description: CDDB is a database which stores the names, artists, album titles, etc. of Compact Disc music. This software proxies the internet HTTP requests between a client and an internet server. This allows various programs which support CDDBP, such as WinAMP, to be used from behind a firewall that permits web access. A Perl/Tk viewing tool is available in the proxy distribution. This tool is currently at v1.2. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: CMU CL Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: CMU Common Lisp (CL) is a LISP development environment. It contains a lisp-tk package. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Peter Van Eynde) What: Caml Light Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL:^ja-tcl-7.6&stype=name > <URL:^ja-tk-4.2&stype=name > <URL:^ocaml-1.03&stype=name > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: An implementation of the ML language that does not comply to the standard but is small, modest in memory requirements, available for micros, simple to compile, provides C interface and comes with useful libraries. Runs on most Unix, Macintosh and 386 PCs under MSDOS. Includes a Tk-based graphical user interface and a hypertext browser for module interfaces. A version for the Japanese version of Tcl/Tk is also available. Currently at version 3.05 . Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > What: cafm Where: <URL: > Description: File manager written in Perl/Tk. Can be used without a mouse, follows standard Unix keybindings. Extendable in Perl. Currently at version 0.5 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Checkboard Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk calendar program. Contact also has a Tcl/Tk version of xcal. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Shinji Kono) What: Ciao Prolog Where: <URL: > Description: Complete Prolog system subsuming ISO-Prolog with a modular design. Extensions include records, higher order functions, constraints, objects, persistent predicates, agents, and concurrency. Libraries include support for external interfaces (C, Java, Tcl/Tk, relational databases, etc.) sockets, WWW programming. Includes an Emacs-based environment, stand-alone compiler, and toplevel shell. It also includes a source level debugger from within emacs, stand alone executables for Unix-like operating systems, a menu interface to the autodocumenter, Win32 support of threads, macros, delay predicates, compressed object code and exeutables, Currently at version 1.6. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: ClamTk Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk GUI front end to ClamAV, a virus scanner for Linux. Currently at version 1.0.6 . Updated: 02/2005 Contact: See web site What: CodeMagic Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Win32 language IDE. Supports Perl and Perl/Tk, as well as Html, Java, C, C++, Delphi, Pascal, Python, Sql, Lisp, Batch Files, and of course Text. Other languages such as Tcl in the works. Comes with a perl debugger, pTk or Tcl/Tk Forms generator, and much, much more. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (David T. Grove) What: Colossus Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: (aka TinyScript/2) An experiment to build a 'monolithic' multi-programming language executable. Currently investigating Lua, Perl, Python, Tcl, pForth. Use httpsync to keep files in sync. Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Critter Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk application that searches flat text on filesystems. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: DiaNa Where: <URL: > Description: Perl framework for processing huges amounts of data. Includes an interactive Perl/Tk GUI. Currently at version 0.5b . Updated: 09/2004 Contact: See web site What: Digital Trader (galaxydrive) Where: <URL: > Description: Evaluation copy of a commercial, detailed stock portfolio/ticker manager written in Java/Tk. Choose between remote web based quote servers. Supports 3D intraday graphs. Watch performance 'up-to-the-minute'. Custom text insertion and custom features and options available. Runs on Win95/NT, Unix (SPARC Solaris 2, HP-UX, SGI IRIX) or Macintosh. Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: DisplayHelp Where: From the contact Description: Perl/Tk widget which reads text from a Unix file and displays it in a Text Widget. Supports a simple homemade format which allows you to specify different headers, links, bold face, simple lists, etc. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Hans =?iso-8859-1?Q?J=F8rgen?= Helgesen) What: DLM Where: <URL: > Description: DLM (Dan's Location Manager) is an attempt to create for Linux something similar to Apple's Location Manager. Written in Perl/Tk. Currently at version 0.5-1 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: DogPerl Where: <URL: > Description: An offline Perl/Tk widget documentation resource and interface. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: Dolphin Where: <URL: > Description: A Perl/Tk Usenet newsreader. Supports decoding multipart binaries, article threading, newsgroup merging, image viewing, posting of text, date sorted download queue, Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Desmond Lee) What: Doodle Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk doodling program, for windows. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: ec Where: <URL: > Description: Email client, written in Perl/Tk, for Linux systems. Currently at version 1.25 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: ECLiPSe Where: <URL: > Description: ECLiPSe (ECRC Logic Programming System) combines the functionalities of several ECRC systems, including SEPIA (an Edinburgh-style extensible Prolog system based on a WAM compiler), MegaLog (a database system) and CHIP (a constraint logic programming system). Amoung many other pieces of software, it uses Tk as an interface to the X toolkit. Software has a nominal feed for academic and government-sponsored organizations. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Orders, subscription to mailing list) What: EVA Where: <URL: > Description: An interactive facility to interact with running Perl/Tk widgets. Helps with testing of pTk widget interactions. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (KOBAYASI Hiroaki) What: Eagle Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tk application that interactis with a set of Python classes implementing the NMEA protocol and Lowrance/Eagle protocol - used in some of the Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Gene Cash) What: EditAB Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk tool to view and edit the data stored by pilotmgr's SyncAB (synchronizes Palm Pilot Addressbook database). Updated: 12/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Bodo Bellut) What: ElectricArc Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk application providing object oriented graph editing - basically a structured interface to Canvas with interactive storage capabilities. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Gene Selkov Jr.) What: Elvin4 Python Library Where: <URL: > Description: Content based routing service, delivering messages between components of distributed apps using a publish subscribe metaphor. Currently at version 4.0b2 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Emenu Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk script used to simplify Enlightenment Window Manager menu tree configuration. Currently at version 1.1. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Erlang Where: <URL: > Description: A small concurrent functional open source programming language, developed by Ericsson and used as a systems programming language for large concurrent distributed systems. Has a new direct interface to Tk 4.2 (called etk). Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Claes Wikstrom) What: EuLisp/Tcl Where: From the contact Description: Working on an integration of EuLisp into Tcl. EuLisp is a dialect of Scheme with modules and Meta Object Protocol (MOP). With this setup, one can create new Tcl commands written as Lisp functions. One can still call C and Tcl functions , and from EuLisp you can invoke C functions. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Wolfgang S. Kechel - Patzschke + Rasp GmbH) What: ExpectPy Where: <URL: > Description: A Python extension written in C that does not need the Tcl library by default. It does not have all the features of Expect - the author expects some of the functions to be written by the user in Python. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Michael P. Reilly) What: Explain Where: <URL: > Description: GUI tool to enable visualizing Oracle Query plans. Requires perl, DBI/DBD::Oracle and Tk 8. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Alan Burlison) What: Flea Where: <URL: > Description: Ruby scripts that grow 3-D fractals and renders them with PovRay. Includes a RubyTk sketch output for quick previews. Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:phlip_cpp at yahoo dot com > What: Flightdeck-UI Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tkinter widget library for general purpose user interfaces, including a multi-variable monitor. Currently at version 0.2.0 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: Flowersol Where: <URL: > Description: Based on PySol, enhances functionality to allow different types of cards and pieces. Has over 400 different variations of solitaire games. Currently at version 4.6.1 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:grania at inetarena dot com > What: Frowns Where: <URL: > Description: Chemoinformatics toolkit geared towards rapid development of chemistry related algorithms. Written in Python, with Tk visualization. Currently at version 0.7 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: fsc2 Where: <URL: http://www.physik.fu-berlin/~toerring/fsc2 > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk application for controlling spectrometers. Interprets Experimental Description Language (EDL). Controls either serial or GPIB bus devices. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: FSP client Where: <URL: > Description: Wafe/Perl based interface to FSP. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Martin Hamilton) What: FVWM configuration aid Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk tool for configuring fvwm2. Reflects changes immediately. Enables changes to colors, fonts, and images. Requires perl 5, pTk 40x, fvwm2, and Linux. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (G John Lapeyre) What: Feather Where: <URL: > Description: Java package that allows a Java application to embed native Tcl interpreters within the same process as the Java virtual machine. This allows the Java program to both call Tcl scripts stored in external files and dynamically create Tcl scripts as Java strings. Currently working with JDK 1.1 and 1.2. Binaries are provided for Win32 and SPARC Solaris, and source is also available. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Felix Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk biff replacement, supporting multiple mailbox monitoring, displaying new and total messages for each monitored box. User customizable color coding. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: See web site What: Folly Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk script to create, play and use music from free form text entered in either of two text widgets. Depends on van Oostrum's t2mf/mf2t text to MIDI converters and playmidi commands, also available at the above site if needed. Also, examples available at the above site. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Neil Walker) What: Games::Worms Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk based implementation of an artificial life prograprogram. This is not a competitive "game", but an investigative one. Updated: 02/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Sean M. Burke) What: Glish Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A language, interpreter and class library which implements a software bus to which processes are connected. Glish provides a C++ library provides all the tools necessary for creating loosely coupled distributed systems. It is a vector oriented programming language with constructs for handling and directing all the async events on the software bus. It includes bindings for basic Tk widgets. Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Darrell Schiebel) What: GNU/Portable Presenter Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk program which allows you to program graphical slide presentations (screen transitions, timings, etc.) in Perl. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: GOOPS Where: <URL: > Description: OO extension to Guile derived from STk and Tiny-Clos. Contains a compatibility module to execute STKlos programs. Currently at version 0.9.0. Updated: 01/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: GooseQuill Where: <URL: > Description: platform-independent desktop integration system for managing writing products. Uses Python/Tkinter. Currently at version 1.0 BETA.06 . Updated: 03/2004 Contact: See web site What: Grade Wizard Where: <URL: > Description: School project written in Python/Tk to help student identify which classes need the most attention. Project provided contact with method to learn tools. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Grail Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk/Python based, extensible, internet (WWW) browser, supporting plugins and applets written in Python. It runs on most Unix platforms, with Macintosh and Windows ports in the works. Supports tables, frame sets, caching, better HTML parsing, applet security, improved printing, support of various image formats and more. Easily extended to support new protocols and file formats. The latest version will run on Unix, Windows, and Macintosh, but the Windows and Macintosh versions are experimental. The CNRI development group released version 0.6 in April, 1999 as the final release they intend to make. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Grail mailing list admin) <URL: > What: Guile Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A generic extension language library for the GNU project. It is centered around Scheme. The basic idea is that one embeds guile into one's application, then uses its language modules so that the user can code in whatever language they wish, and the module translates from say Tcl into Guile. The Tcl module is in the works. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Bug reports) <URL: > (Subscribe to mailing list) What: HLDS monitor Where: <URL: > Description: Monitors Half Life Dedicated Server log files, watching for triggers. Uses a Tk monitor. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: HLO Where: From the contact Description: Tk program and some Perl scripts to convert one's Mosaic 2.4 or earlier hotlist into an HTML page or pages and then allow one to interact with it to control Mosaic. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Karl J. Runge) What: Hissim Where: <URL: > Description: History generator for WorldForge project, distributed with a threaded Tk (ocaml) interface. Currently at v2.1. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Hydra Where: <URL: > Description: Research project to investigate a minimum standard interface across scripting languages, then to create an interpreter incorporating as many of these languages into a single executable as possible. Currently this is being discussed on the Colossus mailing list. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Bruce S. O. Adams) What: i18n Where: <URL: > Description: The i18n package is a wrapper around the msgcat package, providing automated lookup for the system's default language, and keeping a log on not yet translated messages. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: ICI Where: <URL: > Description: General purpose interpretive programming language, with dynamic typing and flexible data types. Comes with modules which allow programming GUI applications interacting with Tcl/Tk . Currently at version 3.0.0a . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: IIC Where: <URL: > Description: IIC (Information in Context) is an interactive programming environment used for profilng, tracing, and visualizing info about functions. Uses STk. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jen Mankoff) What: Infocetera Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial web based information management and group collaboration tool. All browser based, includes calendar, room scheduler, address book, ToDo list, bug tracking, issue tracking, time sheet/invoice generator, URL List, file uploading, slideshow, spreadsheet, charting, outlining, file system viewer, and a personal news desk. Has a 30 day trial version for Linux and Windows. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Jeff McWhirter) What: Inter-Language unification (ILU) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A system that promotes software interoperability via interfaces. ILU modules in Common Lisp, ANSI C, C++, Modula-3, and Python are currently supported. Also supported are Python-Tk and Tk used with C/C++. See the html page for info on ILU 2.0 alpha release. Updated: 03/1997 Contact: <URL: > is the contact point to be added or deleted from the discussion mailing list <URL: >. Another mailing list, <URL: >, is only for announcements of ILU releases, and may have less traffic. if you'd like to join please send mail to <URL: >. What: KAKE PAD Where: <URL: > Description: KPad is a GUI text/file editor written entirely in Perl with the Perl/Tk module. It provides some advanced features that make it good for writing and debugging Perl and other script languages. Currently at version 5.0 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: Keen Little Rabbit Ears Where: <URL: > Description: Easy to use ear training program, developed under Linux. Requires Perl v5, Perl/Tk, Perl::MIDI, and an external MIDI player such as timidity. Currently at v0.8. Updated: 10/1999 Contact: <URL: mailto:messias@freepage.de_antispam_ > (Matthias Nutt) What: Komodo Where: <URL: > Description: GUI IDE for developing Python, Perl, or Tcl code. Available on Windows now and soon for Linux. Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 10/2002 Contact: See web site What: Kugel Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk game played by moving objects on the board into rows/columns/diagonals. After creating a line of objects, the score increments with the number of objects lined up, and then they disappear. Currently at version 2.4 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: LDasm Where: <URL: > Description: Linux disassembler with a Perl/Tk GUI for objdump/binutils. Tries to imitate the look and feel of W32Dasm. Currently at version 0.04.53 . Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:ravemax at > What: libros Where: <URL: > Description: Personal book database written in Perl/Tk, available in English and Spanish. Currently at version 1.3 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: Life Where: From the contact Description: A Perl/Tk version of Conway's "Life". Updated: 02/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Chris Dean) What: Limbo Where: <URL: > Description: The programming language of the Inferno OS, Limbo and Inferno together make up a distributed agent environment, in a more unified fashion than Java. Limbo uses a Tk package which was written from scratch to look like Tcl/Tk. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > What: LINK Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A software environment for discrete mathematical computation and visualization with an emphasis on graphics and hypergraphs. Based on STk. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Jonathan Berry) What: Linux SMS Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk script to send SMS to GSM phones. Updated: 03/2002 Contact: See web site. What: LiveJournal Client Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk program to edit <URL: > diary entries. Currently at version 1.0.0. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: LoadWorm Where: <URL: > Description: Load a website with programmed requests and record the resultant performance, from a web client's perspective. Uses Perl, LWP, LWP::Parallel, sockets, and Perl/Tk. Runs on Unix and Win32. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Glenn Wood) What: Mama Mua Where: <URL: > Description: IMAP4 message user agent written in Python and which uses Tkinter and Pmw for user interface. Currently at version 0.6 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: See the web site What: Mapivi Where: <URL: > Description: Martin's Picture Viewer and organizer written in perl/Tk. It can display and edit comments, EXIF and IPTC/IIM info from a JPEG picture. Currently at version 0.5.8 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: Maxtal Interscript Where: <URL: > Description: Maxtal Interscript is a programming environment with a strong emphasis on documentation and scripting. Written in Python, but provides basic documentation constructs for Tcl. Requires Python, Tcl 8.0, and C++. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Memory Concentration Game Where: From the contact Description: Perl/Tk Tk::Canvas based Memory Concentration game. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:Jack.Dunnigan@EC.GC.CA > (Dunnigan,Jack [Edm]) What: Menuitis Where: <URL: > Description: Program Launcher using Perl/Tk. Currently at version 0.1.7 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Mercury Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A GPL logic functional programming language. Has the semantics of modern functional programming, and expressiveness of logic languages. Has a strong type system, a module system, a mode system, algebraic data types, parametic polymorphism, support for higher order programming and a determinism system. Addresses problems of large scale program development. The extras tar file contains bindings for Tcl/Tk as well as a lot of other libraries and goodies. Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: MisterHouse Where: <URL: > Description: Perl home automation program, able to respond to voice commands, web browsers, time of day, serial port and X10 data, external files, etc. and can speak via Text to Speech engines. Has a Tk interface. Currently at version 2.67 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: MOCtk Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk script to update a Dynamic DNS entry. Currently at v1.7. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > (David Worth) What: ModGeese Where: <URL: > Description: Reusable modules for common Python tasks. Includes Tkinter support. Currently at version 0.6 . Updated: 11/2003 Contact: See web site What: Modula-3 interface Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Interface between Tk and Modula-3. Also contact <URL: > (Karin Petersen) who has succeeded in merging Modula-3 and Tcl-DP. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: Unknown What: Modulife Where: <URL: > Description: STk/BLT AI project to simulate ecosystems with creatures and resources. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: Unknown (J. PETIT and P.PENSA) What: Moog Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: An X window system gopher client for Unix boxes, written using Tk and Perl. This is an Alpha release. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Martin Hamilton) What: Morale Where: <URL: > Description: Perl module to manage morale files. Includes tkmorale, a GUI to set individual morale and calculate group morale. Currently at version 0.002 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Mozart Where: <URL: > Description: Development platform for distributed, constraint, and logic programming applications. This is an implementation of Oz. Has BSD style license. Runs on Unix, Windows 95/98/NT platforms. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Christian Schulte) What: Where: <URL: > Description: Mp3 renaming tool with pTk GUI interface. Currently at version 2.1.1 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: mp3search Where: <URL: > Description: perl/tk based greper for your MP3s, starting kmp3 with the results. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: msnlib Where: <URL: > Description: MSN Messenger protocol library and text mode client written in Python. Includes a small beta Tk-based client. Currently at version 3.3 . Updated: 11/2003 Contact: See web site What: NAGexTool Where: <URL: > Description: Tk frontend to the NAG FORTRAN 77 library software. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Dr. Venkat V S S Sastry) What: Natural Docs Where: <URL: > Description: Extensible, multi-language, source code documentation generator written in Perl. Allows you to write your docs within the application and then generate docs. Has support for Perl, Pascal, Delphi, Ada, TSQL, and Tcl. Currently at version 1.15 . Updated: 09/2003 Contact: See web site What: NMPEG Where: <URL: > Description: Control App to be used with an MPEG decoded. Written in Perl/Tk. Currently at version 0.20 . Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:ralfm at > What: Omo Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A design and reverse engineering tool able to accept and generate Eiffel code. It supports a class model. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: onetable Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk interface provides a method to develop web enabled database apps without worrying about much of the complexity that is common between these types of applications. Currently at verison .50011 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: See web site for mailing list info, etc. What: Opal Where: <URL: > Description: A place holder for an integrated development environment for Python/tkinter expected in early 1998. Likely to be a commercial product. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: OpenGrade Where: <URL: > Description: Software to track classroom grades. Works with Perl/Tk. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: OpieQuest Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk script to extract driving directions from pages, then send them to Opie, running on your PDA. Currently at version 0.2.00 . Updated: 03/2004 Contact: See web site What: Orac Where: <URL: > Description: pTk extension and program integrating databases and Perl/Tk. Requires perl 5.005_02, DBI-1.13, Tk800.015, relevant DBD drivers. Works with Oracle, Informix, Sybase, etc. Currently at v1-1-31. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Andy Duncan) What: Organon Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk source code project file manager. Manages file groups, but uses the user's preferred editor, compiler, etc. Currently version is 0.5.0 . Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: PDLimage Where: <URL: > Description: A combination of Perl, Perl Data Language, and Perl/Tk. This provides a GUI interface to selecting FITS files to display. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Rainer Kohler) What: pdump Where: <URL: > Description: packet sniffer and injector/creator . Written in Perl with Designed to support plugins and attempts to combine features of a wide variety of similar programs. Tk interface available. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:ComPort5 at LucidX dot com > What: PIDDLE Where: <URL: > Description: PIDDLE (Plug-In Drawing, Does Little Else) is a cross platform cross-media drawing API for Python. It allows one to generate output for Tk as well as a number of other graphical formats. Requires Python plus whatever toolkits required to produce the output format selected. A mailing list is available. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Joseph J. Strout) What: PipeMore Where: <URL: > Description: Utility for pipeline to display stdin data in a scrolled window where it can be searched, saved, etc. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 02/2004 Contact: See web site What: ptSCP Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk SCP is a GUI frontend to scp/ssh. Currently at version 1.0a1 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:matth at everysoft dot com > What: PTUI Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: The Python/Tkinter User Interface (PTUI) is a Python developement environment using Tk. It provides multiple buffers with individual namespaces, a frame which can be used in your application for testing, find/goto, comment/uncomment regions, indent/dedent regions, execute regions/buffers, and has built-in output and error windows. PTUI is gaining features of an integrated development envioronment, such as object browser, error highlighting, syntax highlighting, etc. Requires Python 1.4, Tcl 7.4, Tk 4.0 or higher. PTUI comes with the standard Python distribution; just uncomment the line in your Setup file in the Modules directory. Watch the WWW page for details. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: PTax 98 Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Linux tax software. Requires pTk. Computers the 1998 Federal 1040EZ. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Lisa Koch) What: Perfect Pitch Where: <URL: > Description: Simple ear training program. Requires Perl 5, perl/tk, Perl::MIDI and an external MIDI player (like timidity 0.2i). Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: mailto:messias@freepage.de_antispam_ > (Matthias Nutt) What: perlbox Where: <URL: > Description: Desktop manager for Unix type systems, written in Perl/Tk. Currently at version 0.1.0 . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: Perlbox Voice Where: <URL: > Description: Vocie command system connecting human words to computer commands, and vice versa. Makes use of Perl/Tk. Currently at version 0.7-6 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: PerlPlusPlugin Where: <URL: http:// > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: http://www.Lehigh.EDU/%7Esol0/ptk/ppl/ppl.html > Description: Netscape plugin that lets you browse and run Perl programs from a Netscape session. Allows visual display of Perl/Tk or Perl/OpenGL programs. Lehigh site contains a patch removes need for -use. Updated: 10/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Frank Holtry) What: Perl/Tk Ispell Where: <URL: > Description: ptk interface to GNU ispell and its dictionaries. Currently at version 0.18 . Updated: 02/2004 Contact: See web site What: PerlTV Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Perl/Tk viewer for Italian TV listings. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Phantom Where: <URL: > (in Europe) <URL: > (US) <URL: > Description: Interpreted language designed for large-scale interactive distributed applications. It is based on a safe extended subset of Modula-3. Includes a Tk binding. The interpreter for Phantom is known as Phi. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Antony Courtney) <URL: > What: PilotManager Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk (pTk) tool to sync your Palm Pilot with Solaris applications. Requires pilot-link. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: Pmw Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A megawidget framework for constructing high-level compound widgets in Python 2.3 using Tk 8.4 and Blt 2.4z. Contains of a set of base classes for building megawidgets and a library of megawidgets such as ComboBox, Dialog, ButtonBox, etc. Also contains a python interface to BLT 2's busy, graph and vector commands. The PmwContribD web site provides several Pmw based Tkinter widgets, including a ProgressMeter, basic TreeNavigator, and a GUI application framework for creating simple GUI apps quickly. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Greg McFarlane) <URL: > (Doug Hellmann) What: PyDebug Where: <URL: > Description: PyDebug is a freeware Python program debugger which has a graphical user interface. It depends on pure Tk 4.1 or newer. It also depends on Python 1.4 or better with _tkinter. It has been tested with Windows NT, Linux and HP-UX. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: pydiva Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tkinter tool to manage MP3s on a Diva MP3 player or any device that you can mount on Unix. Updated: 01/2002 Contact: See web site What: PyKhep Where: <URL: mailto: > Description: Python/Tcl/Tk/Pmw based open source software package to monitor and control a Khepera robot. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Dr. Peter Stoehr) What: Pymprovisator Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Python/Tkinter emulator of band in a box. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: PySol Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Python script implementing an extensible solitaire engine, supporting over 300 solitaire games. Unlimited undo and redo, load and save games, player statistics, hint system, demo game, multiple card sets, user plugins, integrated HTML help browser, and portable across X11, Windows 95/98/NT, and MacOS. Requires Python v2.3 and Tcl/Tk v8.x . Currently at version 4.82 . Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer) What: PyTcl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Python Tcl interface using interscript (which is a literate programming tool). It requires a C++ compiler. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: Pynche Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Python/Tk GUI color editor. Supports color name databases, including X11, "web-safe", "browser-safe", HTML 4.0 color name databases, as well as others. Compatible with Python 1.5.x, Tk 8.0.x on Unix and Windows. Works best on 24 bit screens. The main portion can be embedded into other applications. Currently at version 1.0. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Barry A. Warsaw) What: Python Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Object oriented scripting langauge which has a Tcl/Tk module called Tkinter. Beginning at version v1.5.2, includes IDLE, an integrated development environment for Python that requires Tkinter/Tcl/Tk. Python 1.5.x not only supports Tk on Unix, but Tk on Windows and Macintosh platforms as well. The fredrik site at skyport has Win32 ports of Tk available for download. The PythonWare site has an intro to Tkinter, as well as the binaries for win32 on its downloads page. The ActiveState site has binary distributions for Linux, Solaris and Windows. Currently at version 2.4.0 . Updated: 12/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:guido@CNRI.Reston.VA.US > (Guido van Rossum) <URL: > (Fredrik Lundh) What: Python Imaging module (PIL) Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Python Imaging Library. Makes use of the Python tkinter module. Currently at v1.0. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Python TkXtra module Where: <URL: > Description: Many useful widgets implemented in Python. Updated: 12/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Sudhir Shenoy) What: Python extra Tkinter Widgets Where: <URL: > Description: Some neat Python classes such as a wrapper around both UserList and a Tk ListBox, a generalized rolodex, TkUtil (which is a set of MenuBar, RadioGroups, ButtonSet and ScrollListBox widgets), a file selector, and a generic object editor. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: PythonWorks Where: <URL: > Description: Commercial Python GUI builder which generates Python/Tkinter and uitoolkit output. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: See web site What: pyWings Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tkinter application for consulting the Newwings oracle (inspired by the I Ching). Currently at version 1.0.1. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:elguavas at users dot sourceforge dot net > What: Pyui Where: <URL: > Description: User interface library written in Python. Supports pluggable renderers. Has a Tk renderer. Currently at version 0.95 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See web site What: Q Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: General purpose programming language based on rewriting calculus. Includes add on modules to interface to GNU Octave, Tcl/Tk, and Data Explorer. Currently Q is at version 5.3.0 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Albert Graef) What: Q-Graph Where: <URL: > Description: Collection of Q scripts that provide a graph data structure and a full-featured graph editor. Requires Tcl/Tk. Currently at version 1.3 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: Q-Midi Where: <URL: > Description: MIDI interface module which allows you to write MIDI applications in the Q programming language. Includes a sample Tcl/Tk MIDI player . Currently at version 1.15 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: RatRip Where: <URL: > Description: CD audio ripper / Ogg Vorbis encoder designed to record to Ogg right from the CD using the CDDB for id3 tagging. A Python/Tkinter version is available. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: rdesktop-open Where: <URL: > Description: graphical frontend to the rdesktop RDP client. It is written in Python and uses the Tkinter library. Currently at version 1.5 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: REBOL to Tcl interface Where: From the contact Description: Contact posted a small example demonstrating how simple it was to set up a client server between REBOL and Tcl/Tk interpreters so that REBOL could do graphics in that fashion. Intended only as a proof-of-concept demonstration. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: REPL/SWL Where: <URL: > Description: Available at this site is the beta release of REPL, which is a Scheme Widget Library (SWL) providing a windowing and graphics system for Scheme developed at Indiana University. It is based on Tcl/Tk and provides the REPL binding. Also available at this site is Chez Scheme and Petite Chez Scheme. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Kent Dybvig) What: Remote Microscope Where: <URL: > Description: Remote microscope system consists of a server that manages the microscope and tcp connections and Java based client software that allows control of the microscope. A Python/Tkinter client is available. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Reverend Where: <URL: > Description: General purpose Bayesian classifier written in Python, with a Python/Tkinter testing UI. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 06/2003 Contact: See web site What: Rivet Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A language independant version of Tk (Tk without Tcl), used as the basis of work to get a Python version of Tk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Brian Warkentine) What: rtkmerge Where: <URL: > Description: Ruby/Tk gui for emerge command, to handle packages under the Gentoo Linux distribution. Currently at version 0.5 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: Ruby Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Programming language for quick and easy programming. A clean, consistent language design where everything is an object, CLU style iterators, singleton classes/methods, and lexical closures. Makes use of Tk (with bindings similar in concept to Perl/Tk) for its GUI support. Currently at version 1.8.0 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: <URL: > What: Ruby Agenda Where: <URL: > Description: Agenda/Scheduler for use on a PDA, written in Ruby/Tk. Currently at version 0.8-pre3 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Ruby/Google Where: <URL: > Description: Higher level abstraction of Google's SOAP driven WWW API. Allows the user to programatically query from Ruby. Shields the programmer from the raw data and makes the API more accessible. Comes with a Ruby/Tk example program. Currently at 0.2.0 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: Sdictionary Where: <URL: > Description: Dictionary using Sdict file format. PTkSdict doesn't require MySQL (as opposed to ptkdic). Uses Unicode. Currently at version 0.9.9 . Updated: 09/2004 Contact: See web site What: SICStus Prolog Where: <URL: > Description: This version of Prolog has a Tcl/Tk interface. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: Unknown What: sixpack Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk GUI for a bibliography database manager. Interacts with bp, which can import and export a variety of formats. Currently at version 0.99.001222. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:boeck at physik dot hu dash berlin dot de > What: Sketch Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tk based vector drawing program for Linux. User for illustrations, diagrams, etc. Handles gradients, text along a path, clip masks, and is scriptable. Currently at version 0.6.15 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: SKROVAN Perl/Tk widgets Where: <URL: > Description: Tk::WorldCanvas 1.2.7 Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: Snap Where: <URL: > Description: Snap is a small Perl/Tk client for Napster. Currently at version 0.08. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:brettk at ualberta dot ca > What: snortalog Where: <URL: > Description: summarize snort logs, identifying network attacks. Has Tk visualization option. Currently at version 2.0rc2 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: STSDAS RCS Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Expect/Tk set of scripts to control GNU RCS software configuration system. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Scheme extension Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Schemepkg is a Tcl/Tk package that provides an interface to a Scheme interpreter from within Tcl scripts. This is not a Scheme interpreter for Tk - it is merely a set of Tcl commands that can be used to evaluate Scheme code from within Tcl scripts. It is based on Brent Benson's Libscheme (v 0.3), which is required to use Schemepkg. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Kathi Fisler) What: Scheme-based Tk (STk) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A graphical package which relies on Tk 8.x and the Scheme programming language - think Tk and Scheme rather than Tk and Tcl. Note that not only is Tk provided, but a full OO system, called STklos, which is similar in concept to CLOS or Dylan OO system. Release contains a version of wtour, Tetris, solution to the famous 8 queens problem and a 3D Tic Tac Toe all written in STk. Runs on Unix and Win32. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (STk mailing list) What: Scour Media Agent Where: <URL: > Description: The Scour Media Agent (SMA) is a Perl wrapper for Samba lients to allow Unix users to quickly download windows networking files. Uses Perl/Tk for a nice GUI with progress bars. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Scroggins Perl/Tk programs Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Author has programs which provide a GUI to Sybase, allows multiple people to update a logfile at the same time, to select and kill processes, provide quick info database, Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Monty Scroggins) What: Searchtool (Roole) Where: <URL: > Description: Python 1.4/Tkinter based tools that wrap around find, ps, and provide a GUI interface to a find/ls/grep/less utility used to locate and display patterns in files Updated: 08/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Case Roole) What: Selkov's color and font pTk widgets Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk widgets for selecting color and for selecting fonts. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Gene Selkov) What: SpecPython Where: <URL: > Description: Based on SpecTcl, this is a free open source GUI developement tool for generating Python/tkinter code. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Spice interface Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Experimental schematic SPICE interface written in Stk. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer) What: Spliff Where: <URL: > Description: GUI mail watcher written in Perl/Tk. Inspired by TkRat's Watcher utility. Currently at version 1.0.1. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Justin R. Miller) What: StatsView Where: <URL: > Description: Tool to view Solaris iostat, sar, vmstat, and vxstat statistics. Graphing done with gnuplot and GUI done with Perl/Tk. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Alan Burlison) What: Summerfield Perl/Tk tools Where: <URL: > Description: Mark has written a number of pTk based tools and games. The games include snake (a simple pTk game) petris (a perl Tk version of tetris with a variety of enhancements), and simpat (cellular automata). The tools include pixmaped, a program to produce simple XPM files. Designed to create simple small images - like icons. Requires perl 5.004, Tk 800.xx. Developed under Debian GNU Linux. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: SurfNotes Where: <URL: > Description: Netscape Communicator / Unix aid to provide a convenient interface for taking notes on the web sites you visit. Currently a prototype. Requires Unix like OS, Netscape 4.61, Python 1.5/Tkinter/tkFont/Tcl/Tk 8.0. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Swedish/English dictionary Where: From the contact Description: A Python/Tk based Swedish/English dictionary. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mitch Chapman) What: tagged Where: <URL: > Description: Bugfixes for MP3::Tag, MP3::Tag::ID3v1, tk-tag, etc. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TASH/TWASH Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Tcl binding from Ada 95. Allows a Tcl program to use Ada 95 in place of C to implement Tcl commands as well as make the variety of Tcl library functions available to the Ada programmer. It can also be used to make the Tcl library functions available to an Ada program. TWASH is the Ada/Tcl/Tk version of wish. Versions of TASH are available for Tcl 7.6 and 8.0. These are available for Unix or Windows 95. Developed using GNAT, located at <URL: > or <URL: >. You need to get an Ada 95 compiler such as GNAT (the GNU New York University Ada Translator), version 2.09 or newer. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Terry J. Westley) What: Thoth Network Integrity Assurance Where: <URL: > Description: Database backed network monitoring system, with Perl/Tk clients for setting up monitoring, viewing status, etc. Currently at version 0.04 Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TOS Where: <URL: > Description: A class based reflective language, based on Tcl. It includes ATOS, an extension for Aspect oriented programming based on wrappers as well as DTOS, an extension for distributed programming, providing remote invocation and object migration functionality. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Renaud Pawlak) What: Tabula Rosa Where: <URL: > Description: A multiscale user interface system builder based on STk. It is based on the Pad interface paradigm, providing the user with a movable scalable view of a surface of infinte detail and extent. User interface objects on this surface can be moved and scaled just as the viewpoint can. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (David Fox) What: Tape Manager software Where: From the contact Description: Some Perl/Tk scripts to provide user and operator access to the tape drives. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Jim Leven) What: Tcl interface to Sather Where: <URL: > Description: Version v1.0.6 of Sather includes a Tk browser. More info available at <URL: >. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: mailto:davids@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU > (David Petrie Stoutamire) What: Tcl/Tk Perl 5 (Beattie) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: These are Perl 5.000 extensions. Tcl-perl/Tcl-ext allows a Perl program to create Tcl interpreters, evaluate scripts and files, dynamically bind commands into them in either C or Perl, manipulate Tcl variables, tie the variables to Perl variables, etc. It will use a dynamic libtcl if one is available. The tkperl5 extends the Tcl-Perl extension to bind in the Tk widgets. This extension is incompatible with the pTk extension. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Malcolm Beattie) What: TclHaskell Where: <URL: > Description: Library for accessing Tcl through Haskell. Works with Haskell 98. Currently at version 1.2 . Updated: 11/2003 Contact: See web site What: TCPWatch Where: <URL: > Description: Python script to monitor TCP connections. Has a Tkinter GUI. Updated: 03/2002 Contact: <URL: mailto:shane at digicool dot com > What: Temperature Converter Where: <URL: > Description: pTk application to convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine and Reaumur temperature scales. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: TinyCA Where: <URL: > Description: Simple Perl GUI to manage a small certification authority. Based on OpenSSL and Perl modules from the OpenCA project. Currently at version 0.5.0, versions before this were written in perl/tk, but now use perl/gtk . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site What: TinyCOBOL Where: <URL: > Description: Free software community effort to build a COBOL compiler . An interface to Tk was built to allow GUI apps to be developed. Currently at version 0.50 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: See website for details What: Tiki Artist Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk Rapid application development tool. Includes a visual designer, syntax highlighting editor, and is extensible. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Tk42 Where: <URL: > ??? <URL: > ??? Description: Networked game of 42, a Dominos game similar to spades or bridge, popular in Texas. Supports 1-4 players over a network. Uses pTk. Currently at v0.2.1 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Tk Dylan Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: The CMU Mindy now ships with a Tk binding for its GUI interface. Updated: Contact: Unknown What: Tk-MP3 Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk interface for mpg123, providing search as well as other basic features. Currently at version 20050128 Updated: 01/2005 Contact: See web site What: Tk Perl 4 (Grobgeld) Where: <URL: > Description: Perl 4 library for accessing the Tcl/Tk interpreter from within Perl. Based on PerlWafe. This is different from the pTk extension. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Dov Grobgeld) What: Tk Perl 4 (Schreiner) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Perl 4 library which can be linked into a Perl interpreter to provide access to the Tk/Tcl interpreter from Perl. This is different from the pTk extension. Updated: Contact: <URL: >, <URL: > (Guenther Schreiner) What: Tk Perl 5 (Ing-Simmons) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: http://www.Lehigh.EDU/%7Esol0/ptk/perltkpr.ed1 > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: http://www.Lehigh.EDU/%7Esol0/ptk/ > <URL: http://www.Lehigh.EDU/%7Esol0/ptk/modlist > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: http://www.Lehigh.EDU/%7Esol0/ddumont/ptk_module_list.html > Description: Perl 5 based binding to the Tk library. All references to Tcl have been replaced by calls to Perl interpreters. See the source distribution itself for details of additional widgets available. Significant portions from Tix, Img, Dash have been ported (and are supported) as well. The newest version depends on perl 5.004_04 and Tk v8.0.3 . It at least builds on Unix and Windows NT platforms (maybe others). An active mailing list (and gatewayed) USENET newsgroup are available for assistance. Commonly referred to as Perl/Tk or pTk, and known as TKML in the Perl 5 Modules FAQ. By telling the perl CPAN interface to install Bundle::Tk, you should get this package and all of its dependencies built and installed. This distribution has a number of sample programs to demonstrate the module. For instance, there is pfm, a perl tk file-manager like interface to emacs, ptknews (a GUI perl newsreader), tkpsh (the Perl/Tk equivalent to wish), toyedit (a text widget editor), browse (simple file browser front end to emacs), color_editor (frontend to Tk::ColorEditor), ixset (perl GUI interface to xset), pgs (Perl/Tk frontend to Ghostscript), rmt (remote control application), rolodex (a perl tk interface to notes), timer (a seconds based timer), tkpod (Perl/Tk GUI pod viewer), and tkweb (a Perl/Tk demo of doing WWW browsing). Also includes a tcl2perl perl script which is not foolproof but is a good start if you expect to do hand tweaking as well. The ftp site had a precompiled version of Perl 5.003/Tk b12 for RedHat v3.0.3 for Linux (perhaps newer is available now). See the Cornell site for the pTk FAQ and documentation and the BNL site for archives of the mailing list. See _The Perl Journal_ site ( for an archive of articles and sample code describing perl Tk. At the dcs UK site, you can find Redhat 5.0 RPM versions of pTk. The RPM covers Perl/Tk 8.11 for i386 RedHat Linux. The connect site is a perl Tk module list. The nucba site has patches for perl/Tk to support Kanji. The activestate site has binary builds for Windows in a format suitable for installing from their PPM application. The lehigh ddumont module list lists the known perl Tk add on modules. An alpha release of Tk804, compatible with Tcl/Tk 8.4.0, is in the works. Updated: 08/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Nick Ing-Simmons) <URL: > "with "subscribe ptk" requests in the body of the msg" What: Tk Python (Ahlstrom) Where: <URL: > Description: A Native Python GUI language such that programs based on it run with a native look and feel on Windows NT and have a Tk look and feel under Unix/X. Macintosh and OS/2 versions are expected. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (James C. Ahlstrom) What: Tk to TkPerl converter Where: From the contact Description: Converts Tk programs to TkPerl5 Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Michael H. Coen) What: Tk without Tcl Where: From the contact Description: An effort to separate Tk from its Tcl interpreter underpinnings is underway. The intention is that the resulting Tk 4.x based system would be able to be used by many of the current interpreters such as Perl 5, Tcl, and Python. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Nick Ing-Simmons) What: Tk/Lua Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Lua is am embeddable language with a simple, pascal-like syntax, small size. good data description facilities (including associative arrays), and adequate extensibility, with a Tk binding. Lua programs are compiled into bytecodes, which are then interpreted. Interpreters are available for Unix, DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Cray, etc. Latest version is 3.2. A release of Lua optimized for Linux is available at the linuxstart site. It includes several Lua add-ons including TkLua. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: Tk::Browser Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk module with help to browse Perl library modules, symbol tables, cross references, source, and doc. Provides a pTk GUI that can open either a single module or all modules. Currently at version 0.82b . Updated: 02/2004 Contact: See web site What: Tk::CodeText Where: <URL: > Description: A Perl/Tk Tk::TextUndo widget with added capabilities for syntax highlighting. Currently at version 0.3.0 . Updated: 03/2003 Contact: See web site What: Tk::DropDownListBox Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk module to provide dropdown listbox. Currently at 0.2 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: Tk::MatchEntry Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk entry widget with advanced auto-completion capability. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: Tk::MinMaxScale Where: <URL: > Description: Composite perl/tk widget wrapping two scales, allowing one to define a lower and upper range of values. Currently at version 0.05 . Updated: 12/2002 Contact: See web site What: Tk::MListbox Where: <URL: > Description: Column like widget for Perl/Tk. Currently at version 1.09 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Tk::RotCanvas Where: <URL: > Description: Wrapper around a canvas, allowing arbitrary 2-D rotation of` certain canvas object types. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Ala Qumsieh) What: Tk::SlideShow Where: <URL: > Description: A Perl/Tk module for building presentations as interactive as Applix or PowerPoint. Requires X11::Protocol and Tk 800. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Olivier Bouteille) What: Tk::Task Where: <URL: > Description: Module to allow lengthy operation to be subdivied into smaller pieces. Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Kevin Michael Vail) What: Tk::Text::Viewer Where: <URL: > Description: perl/tk widget displays text files under tk. Search text and navigate in a text widget. Currently at version 0.90 . Updated: 10/2003 Contact: See web site What: Tk::ToolBar Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk dockable bar that sticks to the edge of your window and into which you can insert buttons. It is dragable from one window edge to another. Currently at version 0.08 . Updated: 08/2003 Contact: See web site What: Tk::Wizard Where: <URL: > Description: Generate a Wizard like interface from perl/tk . Currently at version 1.0211 . Updated: 12/2002 Contact: See web site What: Tk::Workspace Where: <URL: > Description: Persistent text editor widgets Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: TkHeadlines Where: <URL: > Description: Headline viewer for news and software sites, keeping track of the headlines you have already seen. Requires Rexx/Tk. Currently at version 0.86-5. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tkjuke Where: <URL: > Description: perl/tk for manipulating jukebox. Currently at version 1.0.6 . Updated: 07/2003 Contact: See web site What: TkTag Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk application for editing and modifying ID3 tags in an MP3 file. Includes ability to construct tags and to rename files based on tag fields. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: TkX10 Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk frontend for heyu Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Tkperldb Where: <URL: > Description: A Perl/Tk extension for debugging. Updated: Contact: Unknown What: Tksh Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tksh is an implementation of the Tcl C library written on top of ksh93. Tksh emulates the behavior of Tcl by using the API that is provided for extending ksh93. This allows Tcl libraries such as Tk to run on top of ksh93 unchanged, making it possible to use shell scripts in place of Tcl scripts. ksh93 is well suited for use with Tk because it is backward compatible with sh, making it both easy to learn and easy to extend existing scripts to provide a graphical user interface. Tksh allows Tcl scripts to run without modification using the ksh93 internals. The latest tksh works with Tcl 7.6 and updates for Tcl 8.x are hoped for summer 1998. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Jeff Korn) What: TMon System Where: <URL: > Description: Python system to monitor room temperature, using the Mastech MAS-345 digital multimeter connected to a serial port. Makes use of Tkinter for some status monitoring aspects. Currently at version 2.0.0-alpha . Updated: 03/2003 Contact: See web site What: Topaz Where: <URL: > Description: Subset of Python's Tkinter 8.0 for Windows 95/NT. Intended to have easier installation (with smaller footprint) and better performance at a loss of Tcl. Currently in alpha testing. To become a commercial product. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: Tree Widget Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tk canvas widget providing a Windows tree like feel, similar to Explorer. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Gene Cash) What: Trinket Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Replacement for Python's interface which uses Rivet, allowing a Tcl-less use of Tk. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (David Ascher) What: trollhunter Where: <URL: > Description: Various tools to analyze logfiles and monitor firewall activity in realtime. Has a Perl/Tk interface. Currently at version 0.7 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: UITools Where: <URL: > Description: A set of composite widgets to simplify construction of Python/Tkinter applications. Offers modal/nonmodal dialogs, cursor management, and simple scheme for constructioning menus, among other things. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Mitch Chapman) What: UploadAway Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk tool to upload and update an entire web site with one mouse click. Runs on Windows platform. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: VcsTools Where: From the contact Description: Set of objects which enable you to perform a lot of functions against a Vcs file. Should be able to be extended to other version management such as RCS, PRCS, etc. Perl/Tk used for a GUI. Updated: 08/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Dominique Dumont) What: vmusic Where: <URL: > Description: Keep track of a CD music collection. Written in Python/Tkinter. Currently at version 2.6 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Bob van der Poel) What: VSH Where: <URL: > Description: Configurable file manager for Unix, coded in Perl/Tk. Includes web browser-style bookmarks, ability to run arbitrary command lines on selected files (including pipes and I/O redirection, etc.). Currently at version 1.152. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: VTK-CFD Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Visualization toolkit for Computational Fluid Dynamics data, written in Python and tkinter. Currently at version 0.6 . Also available is a Python module implementing a Visualization pipeline browser, using VTK and Tkinter. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: vyooer Where: <URL: > Description: Simple image viewer using Perl/Tk. Supports xpm, xbm, GIF, JPG, and text files. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: WPY Where: <URL: > Description: A Python class library based on the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), used for writing GUI code easily in Python. Runs on Microsoft Windows NT, Win32s, and Unix/X using Tk 4.0. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jim Ahlstrom) What: WWW (STk) Where: <URL: > Description: HTML browser enhancing the hbrowse demo of the STk distribution. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Harvey J. Stein) What: WWWinda Where: From the contact Description: A Linda like language based on Tcl-DP. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund) What: Wafe graphical cross-reference browser Where: From the contact Description: A graphical interface to cref written in Wafe and Perl. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Mike Eggleston) ??? What: Wafeperl Where: <URL: > Description: A version of Perl enhanced with Wafe extensions. Contact has also posted at least one patch. Also included in Wafe 1.0 distribution. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Gustaf Neumann) What: Wafepython Where: From the contact Description: An extension to Python allowing one to build graphical user interfaces based on OSF/Motif or Athena Widgets. Uses Wafe (Tcl/Xt/Extensions/Widgets) to gain access to the widgets. Also included in Wafe 1.0 distribution. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Gustaf Neumann) What: Where: <URL: > Description: WAP WML browser written in Perl/Tk. Uses libwww as its backend, has a history, and can display most WML tags, including tables. Currently at version 0.05. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: See the above URL. What: Win32::FileOp Where: <URL: > Description: Perl module using Win32::API to call directly the OS code for dialog boxes for moving files, reading and updating INI files, etc. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Wing IDE Where: <URL: > Description: An integrated development environment for Python, supporting a GUI debugger that can debug remote processes, a powerful source editor, and code browsing. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:info at archaeopteryx dot com > (Archaeopteryx Software, Inc.) What: WinPDFdata Where: <URL: > Description: Free Perl/Tk application that allows you to extract information from PDF files via (PDFlib) and generate an HTML file based on the extracted data. Comes with a Windows executable that doesn't need Perl to be installed. Supports PDF version 1.3. Currently at v1.1. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: WordFlashReader Where: <URL: > Description: Increase reading speed by practicing reading words flashed at you at increasing speeds. Written in Perl/Tk. Currently at version beta 18 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:winshipvarner at yahoo dot com > What: Workspace (Fetters) Where: <URL: > ??? Description: In progress integrated pTk front end to the fvwm window manager. Uses Perl/Tk. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jim Fetters) ??? What: Where: <URL: > Description: Perl module that uses Perl/Tk to create text editing objects on an X display. Objects are configurable and embeddable and text can be saved in the workspace, exprted or imported, or transferred to the clipboard. Currently at version 1.24. Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: X11::Fvwm Where: <URL: > Description: Perl 5 module to simplify writing Fvwm2 modules in Perl 5. Takes advantage of the Tk module. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: XGrid Where: <URL: > Description: Two dimensional table like widget for Perl/Tk Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: XML Browser (tkrause) Where: <URL: > Description: Contact has shots of early state Perl/Tk XML browser. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Todd Krause) What: XMOTD Where: <URL: > Description: Show the message of the day and news items using a Perl/Tk console. Currently at version 0.9.1 . Updated: 01/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Xop Where: <URL: > Description: Provides low level access to the X Window System, allowing the programmer to control keyboard characteristices, server access, etc. plus ability to obtain and modify the characteristics of arbitrary X windos. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Xrpm Where: <URL: > Description: Original version written in Tcl/Tk; now rewritten in Python. Allows user to display all RPM installed, query to find out what a package is, list files of any installed package, remove installed package, view uninstalled packages, look for RPMs, query uninstalled package, list files in uninstalled package, install a package, look at an FTP site for all these things, Updated: 11/1997 Contact: <URL: > (George A. Farris) What: Xxl Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Free GUI spreadsheet for Unix. Simple, easy to use and user friendly. Written in STk and based on the tkTable widget. Latest version is v2.1.2. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: yairc Where: <URL: > Description: Integrated IRC client written in Perl/Tk. Supports multiserver, DCC, and scripting. Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:anonim at tiscalinet dot it > What: YART Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: A C++/Tk 3.2 Raytracer/Renderer. Contains an OpenGL Tk widget. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ekkehard Beier) What: YPlayer Where: <URL: > Description: Teaching and debugging tool to aid in the study of language parsing and the design of language parsers. Uses Perl/Tk to provide a parser debug environment. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Arun Rodrigues) What: aEGiS t0xirc Where: <URL: > Description: PHP class that enables apps to interact with Eggdrop IRC bots. Requires a Tcl script. Currently at version 1.0.2 . Updated: 11/2002 Contact: See web site What: aplnav Where: <URL: > Description: Flight management system, built using Perl/Tk Updated: 02/2001 Contact: Unknown What: arpadk python widgets Where: <URL: > Description: Compound widgets written for Python's Tkinter. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Arpad Kiss) What: Asms Where: <URL: > Description: Send SMS messages through the MTN SMS network. Written in Perl/Tk. Currently at version 0.27 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:andreas dot henningsson at telia dot com > What: AXIS Where: <URL: > Description: Modern looking user interface for EMC systems, to control CNC mills and lathes. Uses Python/Tk. Currently at version 0.9.6 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: bioTkperl Where: <URL: > Description: A beta release port of David Searls bioTk Tcl/Tk widgets to Perl/Tk (ptk), with some enhancments. Not all components have been ported yet. The components have been reimplemented as perl classes. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Gregg Helt) What: Build Folio Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk application to generate web pages that let users navigate a set of files and directories. Currently at version 0.9 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site What: calendar widget (Sutton) Where: From the contact Description: perl/tk calendar widget which requires Date::Calc. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Greg Sutton) What: CdBase perl/Tk Where: <URL: > Description: Grep the cdlabel and contents of a CD and place them into a PgSQL database. Currently at version 1.0.0 . Updated: 12/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:danyv at euronet dot be > What: Where: <URL: > Description: Python class that controls SCSI CDROM multichanger hardware under Linux. Comes with a Tkinter program to edit the configuration file. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Gene Cash) What: cid Where: <URL: > Description: TCP client/server Caller-ID system, including server and Tk GUI client. Written in Python. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: collect Where: <URL: > Description: Simple data collector for operating system and process statistics. A simple Perl/Tk GUI is available at the same site. Updated: Contact: Unknown What: dbMan Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Simple SQL monitor based on Perl/Tk and DBI interfaces. Currently at version 0.18 . Updated: 06/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Milan Sorm) What: dbgui Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Sybase interface in Perl/Tk. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Monty Scroggins) What: e Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk based editor that works on Windoze and Unix. Has special features for editing Perl, C, and HTML. Other pTk software, including a hacked version of FileDialog, can also be found here. Updated: 10/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: e:doc Where: <URL: > Description: The GPL multi-os, multi-backend highly configurable document processor with include file and content management capability. Runs on Unix, Win32, MacOS and other systems which support Perl/Tk and supports HTML and LaTeX as backends. Updated: 09/2000 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: eiftcl Where: <URL: > Description: Provide basic facilities for combining the programming languages Eiffel and Tcl into a hybrid program architecture. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Stephan Herrmann) What: eWord Search Where: <URL: > Description: eWord Search is a cross platform word searching game available for Win32, BeOS, Perl/Tk, Java and Qt. It supports word highlighting, downloadable puzzles in text files, and more. Uses GNU GPL. Currently at version 2.01 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: expy Where: <URL: > Description: The Expect library embedded in Python instead of Tcl. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Farzad FARID) What: freehand sketchpad Where: From the contact Description: Perl/Tk based freehand sketchpad application. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Subir sarkar) What: fruMailer Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk email client. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:oakwise at users dot sourceforge dot net > What: Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk based GeekCode generator. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: Unknown What: Geek Credit Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tkinter application for managing digital community currency. Currently at version 0.016 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: GetDCC Where: <URL: > Description: User friendly interface to XDCC fileservers on IRC. Written in Perl/Tk for its gui. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 09/2003 Contact: See web site What: GPLIGC Where: <URL: > Description: Analyse IGC flight data from GNSS data recorders used by glider pilots. Uses Perl/Tk and gnuplot. Currently at version 1.4.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:kruegerh at uni dash bremen dot de > (Hannes Krueger) What: GSLONDON ptk widgets Where: <URL: > Description: Tk::TextUndo 3.500, Tk::Peapod 0.07 POD viewer module, Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: Gweld-TclTk Where: <URL: > Description: An Eiffel widget library, using Tcl as Eiffel classes. Works with SmallEiffel 0.86 and ISE Eiffel 4.0. Uses Tcl 4.2. Updated: 10/1998 Contact: Unknown (Roy Phillips) What: gwyple Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk GUI for handling bug reports arriving by email and being processed by procmail for organization by gwyple. Currently at version 2.5.0 . Updated: 03/2002 Contact: See web site What: hdx Where: <URL: > Description: Graphic file displayer, news reader, news daemon, mail agent, file manipulator. Written with Perl/Tk, it requires pTk Tk-b3 or greater, Tk-TextWindow-1.11, LoadConfigure-1.07, libwww-perl, perl 5.000, or newer. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Arne Sommer) What: HTML display widget Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk widget for rendering HTML. Updated: 11/2001 Contact: See package information What: html editor Where: From the contact Description: Contact is writing an HTML editor using Perl/Tk. Code available via email. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Uwe Sauerbrei) What: IDE Studio Where: <URL: > Description: Enhanced version of Python's Idle IDE, using the Tix widgets and Tkinter. Currently at version 1.9 . Updated: 05/2002 Contact: See web site. What: image_sorter Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk image reviewer widget. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > (Kent Paul Dolan) What: imapbiff Where: <URL: > Description: Small Perl/Tk program that notifies you when new mail arrives in an IMAP account. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Interbase binding Where: <URL: > Description: Tcl binding for Interbase . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See distribution for details What: JBrowseEntry Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk combobox, similar to JComboBox, but with many keyboard-friendly bindings. Currently at version 4.0 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: jdbtool Where: <URL: > Description: Tk GUI for the jdb debugger (part of the Java Development Kit). Provides a point and click interface as well as a powerful shell replacement for the jdb command line. Currently at version 0.3.6. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: jook Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk Linux file manager and playlist editor for MP3 players. Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Dan Ray) What: Jukebox-Tk Where: <URL: > Description: Organizer for local MP3 collections. Sorts your MP3 files by band and presents a jukebox style interface. It uses XMMS for playing. Stats are kept on what is played. Requires Perl, tk, MP3::ID3v1Tag , MLDBM, XMMS. Currently at version 09022001 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: lcdat Where: <URL: > Description: LCDAT - Linux Compressed Digital Audio Transport. Project to provide a complete digital audio solution for the home, based on Linux. Software LCD and Remote control in Perl/Tk completed. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Leo Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Programmer's editor, with outlining and browsing features. Has literate programming features, and can work as a data organizer and project manager. Written in Python/tkinter. Saves files in XML. Currently at version 3.12 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: lyntin Where: <URL: > Description: extensible Mud client and framework for the creation of autonomous agents, or bots. Lyntin is centered around Python, a dynamic, object-oriented, and fun programming language. Uses Tkinter for a GUI interface. Currently at version 4.0 beta 2. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: mailto:willhelm at users dot sourceforge dot net > What: Mafima Where: <URL: > Description: Martin's File Manager, written in Perl/Tk. Currently at version 0.3.29. Updated: 12/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: magpo Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Magnetic Poetry for Perl/Tk - draggable words on a window, linked to others running the same application! Currently at version 0.0.2 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: MayaVi Where: <URL: > Description: scientific data visualizer. It is written in Python and uses the Visualization toolkit (VTK) for the graphics. Makes use of Tkinter for graphics. Currently at version 1.4 . Updated: 11/2003 Contact: See web site What: ModLogAn Where: <URL: > Description: Modular logfile analyzer that combines speed with flexibility. Has a perl/tk output plugin . Currently at version 0.5.7 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: modometer Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Inspired by the Macintosh's Mouse Odometer, this Tk/Perl application tracks the total distance your cursor and pointer device travel. See the program Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL: > (Stephen O. Lidie) What: Mr. Voice Where: <URL: > Description: Specific purpose Perl/Tk front end for an MP3 database. Currently at version 2.0.2 . Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: mRNA IRCbot Where: <URL: > Description: IRC bot written in Perl and Perl/Tk. Currently 1.0.6. Updated: 06/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: Where: <URL: > Description: mcpl is a Perl/Tk client featuring a connection manager, scripted triggers, aliases, configurable color, etc. Currently at version 0.24.7 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:varus (at) > What: neko Where: <URL: > Description: An example of using event timing from Perl/Tk. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Stephen O. Lidie) What: nekkid Where: <URL: > Description: Chat client for the Naken chat server. This is a GUI client written in Python/Tk, with color coded text displayed. Currently at version 0.3.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Net::Dict Where: <URL: > Description: Class for accessing network dictionary servers. Provides a sample perl/tk client. Currently at version 2.00 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Nets Where: <URL: > Description: Flexible, extensible network inventory and management system, for Unix and Windows. Uses Perl/Tk for GUI. Includes network browser, extension API, plugins for IP address map visualisation, reports, schematics. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 11/2004 Contact: See web site What: Newsfeed Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tk RSS aggregator/reader with a live search function and audio notification. Currently at version 2.0 . Updated: 02/2004 Contact: See web site What: POE Where: <URL: > Description: Perl Object Environment (POE) is a cooperative task scheduler. It includes interfaces to Tk, Gtk, and other event loops. It provides lots of support for all sorts of protocols and functionality. Currently at version 0.22 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See the web site What: pTk ACH modules Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Contact has written a number of alpha release Tk modules compatible with Perl/Tk (Tk-ACH). One is Tk::FcyEntry, which is an entry widget with a background color selected by state, and the second is a primitive clone of Tcl/Tk Tix's FileEntry widget. Contact has also created Tk-Contrib, which collects Tk::Axis (canvas with axes), Tk::Dial (alternative to scale widget), Tk::OlWm (interface to olwm properties), and Tk::TiedListbox (gang together listboxes). Also, see Tk-Pod (Tk::Pod) for a Perl/Tk hypertext interface to pod documentation. See the patch file for patches to update perl/Tk. Updated: 07/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Achim Bohnet) What: pTk BLT Table Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Port of BLT's tabular geometry manager to pTk. Known to work with pTk version b8. Updated: 10/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Guy Decoux) What: pTk CTWM communication module Where: <URL: > Description: Tk::Ctwm is a perl5 package which communicates with the CTWM window manager. It requires Perl 5.002 or better, ptk and the CTWM library. Updated: 03/1998 Contact: <URL: mailto:max@DotCom.FR > (Maxime Soule) What: pTk Clock canvas megawidget Where: <URL: > Description: A Canvas mega-widget displaying both an analog - and a digital clock, for which colors, date- and time- format are configurable. Either analog or digital can be disabled. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (H.Merijn Brand) What: pTk DDUMONT widgets Where: <URL: > Description: Author has created quite a number of useful widgets. They include: Log::Dispatch::ToTk - interface class between Log::Dispatch and Tk. Log::Dispatch::TkText - read only text widget for logging output from Log::Dispatch. Puppet::* - utility classes designed to provide access to an object before instantiating the GUI portion of the object. Puppet::Body is a utility class to manage dynamic has-a relations. Puppet::Log and ::LogBody define a log facility based on Tk. Puppet::Show manages Puppet::Body classes through an optional GUI. Puppet::VcsTools::History displays a version control system revision tree on a canvas. RPC::Simple - communication between a Tk application and a server. Tk::Multi::* - manage several scrolled text or canvas widgets; includes Manager, Toplevel, Canvas, and Text. Tk::ObjScanner - composite widget which acts as a scanner to any perl object, retrieving all keys of the hash and inserting them into the listbox. Using perl 5.004/Tk 8. Tk::TreeGraph - canvas widget for drawing nodes and arrows in a tree fashion. VcsTools - Set of objects to perform functions on a Vcs file. Only HP HMS is currently implemented, but a number of classes are generic for reuse with other source code management systems. Includes various Tk graphing widgets inheriting from the Puppet::Any modules. VcsTools::Files supports check in/out/lock/unlock of files. VcsTools::History extracts information about revision history. Updated: 02/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: pTk EVA Where: <URL: > Description: A Perl/Tk type of *scratch* buffer, which is dedicated to one liner evaluations. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (KOBAYASI Hiroaki) What: pTk FileDialog Where: <URL: > Description: Tk::FileDialog is a Perl/Tk widget which is a highly configurable file dialog. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Brent B. Powers) What: pTk FileSelect widget Where: From the contact Description: A Perl/Tk File Select Perl module. It returns the file name as well as a read/write/cancel button indicator. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Alan Louis Scheinine) What: pTk FmtEntry Where: From the contact Description: Perl/Tk widget which does general restriction in an entry widget. Updated: 03/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Alfred Mickautsch) What: pTk Form widget Where: From the contact Description: Tk::Form is similar to DialogBox but packs the LabEntry in a tabular format. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Phiroze Parakh) What: pTk GBARR widget collection Where: <URL: > Description: Tk-GBARR is a Perl/Tk collection of widgets such as Tk::Cloth (an OO interface to Tk::Canvas), a widget panner called Tk::Pane, a frame with a title (called Tk::TFrame), a progress bar (Tk::ProgressBar), a numeric entry widget (Tk::NumEntry and Tk::NumEntryPlain), and a repeating button (Tk::FireButton). Others will hopefully be in future releases. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: pTk Headline Grabbers Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk apps which monitor current headlines for various Linux related sites without sending your browser there until you see a headline you like. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: pTk JPEG support Where: <URL: > Description: Tk::JPEG is a Perl/Tk module for supplying a JPEG format loader for Photo image types. Look for Tk-JPEG under NI-S's CPAN directory. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: pTk Japanese patches Where: <URL: > ??? Description: An set of 'untested' (??) patches to ptk 400. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: pTk LUSOL widgets Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk::LockDisplay is a screen locking widget, disabling an X display until a proper authentication string is entered. Another Perl Tk module is Tk::CollapsableFrame . Another is Tk::PohtoRotate. Patches are for perl/Tk. Updated: 07/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Stephen O. Lidie) What: pTk Miscellaneous programs Where: From the contact Description: A series of Perl/Tk programs, including selecting X colors based on rgb values, displaying standard X cursors, and show the X fonts. Demonstrates pTk programming. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ali Corbin) What: pTk RefListbox widget Where: From the contact Description: Modified version of Perl/Tk ScrollListbox suitable for perl 5 references (rather than the strings that ScrollListbox wants to use. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (KOBAYASI Hiroaki) What: pTk Rezic widget collection Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk::HistEntry provides an Entry widget with a history. Tk::Date is a date widget in development. On CPAN, you can find Tk::Getopt (Tk-Options?), which is a GUI interface for Perl/Tk with interface to Getopt::Long. From the user's site, you may be able to get the following. ContextHelp provides context sensitive help in Perl/Tk. CanvasBalloon is a module for attaching help balloons to canvas items or tags. FBox is a perl version of the standard Tk filebox. FlatCheckbox is a canvas based checkbox. FastSplash is to display a splash page during the initialization of an application. K2Listbox allows you to type in an entry and the listbox shows matches as you type MyBrowseEntry (advanced BrowseEntry which provides a more Windows-like appearance, and more features) Tie-Listbox is an experimental module using ties to Tk listboxes. UnderlineAll adds accellerators to menu buttons, entries and notebook pages. WListbox adds enhanced keybindings for selecting entries. FontDialog allows one to select the font, style, size, etc. Also available are PNG and TIFF, to add support for those image formats. Tk::WinPrint - beginnings of a widget to print from a canvas to a Win32 printer. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Slaven Rezic) What: pTk ScrolledListbox widget Where: From the contact Description: An attempt at a Perl/Tk Scrolling Listbox FileSelector redone on top of the LabeledEntry and ScrolledListbox2 widgets, and the updated ScrolledListbox2 and LabeledWidget files with a -labelanchor added to LabeledWidget. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Fred Wagner) What: pTk SelFile Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Perl/Tk widget for choosing the file to read or write. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Alan Louis) What: pTk Summerfield code Where: <URL: > Description: Mark has written several perl Tk modules including a simple dialog message box and a colour choosing dialog. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: pTk Sybase::Login Where: <URL: > Description: Highly configurable login widget for Sybperl and Perl/Tk. Updated: 04/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Brent B. Powers What: pTk TaskManager (phlip) Where: <URL: //$" target="new">news:75kqpm$ > Description: Perl/Tk knock off of the WinNT(R) Task Manager (TM). Only works on Linux. Updated: 01/1999 Contact: <URL: mailto:phlip at > What: pTk TaskManager (scroggins) Where: From the contact Description: Perl/Tk knock off of the WinNT(R) Task Manager (TM). Uses ComboEntry and SplitFrame modules and is not specific to Linux. Updated: 02/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Monty Scroggins) What: pTk Tcl bindings Where: From the contact Description: Tcl bindings for Perl/Tk. The bindings are not enough to run the Tk core but are enough for the text widgets. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ilya Zakharevich) What: pTk Term::Gnuplot module Where: <URL: > Description: Provides Perl/Tk a direct to canvas plotting mode. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: Unknown What: pTk Text::SuperText widget Where: <URL: > Description: perl Tk::Text derived widget with rectangular selections, selection block shifts, selection inline paste, autoindent, matching paren highlight, and unlimited undo/redos. Updated: 02/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Alessandro Iob) What: pTk Tk::Text ANSI color codes Where: <URL: > Description: Subclass of Tk::Tet that knows how to display embedded ANSI color escape sequences. It is called Tk::TextANSIColor. It is currently at version 0.10. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Tim Jenness) What: pTk WaitBox Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tk::WaitBox is a Perl/Tk wait dialog. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Brent B. Powers) What: pTk Wilson widgets Where: <URL: > Description: Miscellaneous Perl/Tk widgets. There is some pod documentation included. They include a radio button with checkmark widget (Tk::CheckBox), a multiple column list widget with sorting (Tk::Columns), a drop down listbox and entry widget (Tk::ComboEntry), an iconic browser with submenus, callbacks, dragging, scrollbars, etc. (Tk::IconCanvas), a sliding separator between two widgets (Tk::SplitFrame), a tabbed frame geometry manager (Tk::TabFrame), an extended tabframe (Tk::TabFrame), a compound widget built from several of the above (Tk::TabbedFormFrame), and a menubar widget (Tk::Menubar), alert mechanism when a child widget is created (Tk::ChildNotification). Also, modifications to Tk::Columns to work with Tk::TextList were made available by <URL: > (Rob Seegel). Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Damion K. Wilson) What: pTk dial widget Where: From the contact Description: A Perl/Tk composite dial widget. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Roy Johnson) What: pTk dialogs Where: <URL: > Description: Set of Perl/Tk dialogs for picking fonts and colors. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Gene Selkov) What: pTk directory selector module Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: DirSelect module using Win32API::File module on Windows to find all local and mapped network drives. Code is still in development. Later versions of the dode is said to be free of Win32 specificity . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Kristi Thompson) What: pTk ftp Where: <URL: > Description: Tk interface to ftp, which requires a modified version of Net::FTP, available from the contact. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Donovan Rebbechi) What: pTk menu cascade demos Where: From the contact Description: Three Perl/Tk examples of use of multi-level cascading menus. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Frederick L. Wagner) What: pTk modules Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk widget in development. One creates ties for Menus. Another is a menu bar. Updated: 11/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: pTk ping Where: From the contact Description: Sample Perl/Tk program to demonstrate Ping and pTk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Stephane Bortzmeyer) What: pTk ppresenter module Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk library for creating complex presentations, optionally on many screens at one time. Think of it as having a programming language to create presentations similar in concept to PowerPoint. Currently at version 1.15 . Updated: 07/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: pTk subcommand Where: From the contact Description: Perl script that creates a set of files making it possible to make direct calls of subcommands from the external language. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Ilya Zakharevich) What: pTk tools by Phiroze Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk based programs to display a printer queue and allow the user to remove items from the queue (ptklpq), display files (xmore), provide a GUI for bibliographys ( Updated: 04/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Phiroze N. Parakh) What: pTk tools by Slaven Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Tetris is a Perl/Tk port of the game. BBBike is a route finder program for cyclists in Berlin written in Perl/Tk. The script and modules have more than 15,000 lines of pTk code. He has also written a Perl/Tk driver for gnuplot 3.7 - contact him for it. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Slaven Rezic) What: pTk word processor Where: From the contact Description: Alpha version of a pTk word processor. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: mailto:b > (Remove spaces and dashes before emailing) What: ptk-perldoc Where: <URL: > Description: Wrapper for the perldoc utility that ships with Perl. Provides a GUI front end to view PODs and other files and scripts. Currently at version 0.0.1 . Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:owner at ljcomputing dot net > What: PTkPPP Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk GUI front end for a modem dialer. Depends on pppd and chat. Logs connections and calculates total connect times and costs. Currently at version 1.0. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: See web site What: parrot Where: <URL: > Description: Text based GUI builder. Parrot itself is text based, but its output is intended to be used with Python's Tkinter toolkit. Currently at v0.2.6 . Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Phil Hunt) What: Pascal/Tk interface Where: <URL: > Description: Pascal/Tk interface allows embedding scripting language code inside FreePascal programs. It is a complete interface, not just a wrapper unit. Examples of scripting languages include Tcl/Tk, Perl, and Python. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: pedit Where: <URL: > Description: pTk diagram editor. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Gene Selkov) What: perldbgui Where: <URL: > Description: GUI interface to Perl's debugger. Requires pTk and has been tested with v800.005 under Linux and Solaris. Updated: 07/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: pbForth Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: FORTH programming language, with a Tcl/Tk GUI interface. Currently at v2.1.5 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: pftp Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: pTk client for ftp, loading/saving host lists, etc. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: pgstk Where: <URL: > Description: Low-level interface between STk and Postgres95 - similar to the interface between Perl and Postgres95. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Ray Toy) What: phonebook Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk example program. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: PhonoRipper Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tk app to aid in creating audio CDs from analog sources like vinyl records. Requires Python 2.[23]/Tk 8.4. Currently at version 0.4.1 . Updated: 01/2004 Contact: See web site What: pi-todo Where: <URL: > Description: Application to interact with 3com Palm Pilot ToDo List databases on a desktop. Requires pilot-link. Currently at v0.3. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: plop Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk arbitrary function Plot Program. Used as part of the pTk tutorial. Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: mailto:lusol@Turkey.CC.Lehigh.EDU > (Stephen O. Lidie) What: Prima Where: <URL: > Description: Extensible Perl toolkit for multi-platform GUI development. Incorporates at least part of Tk. Currently at version 1.12 . Updated: 09/2003 Contact: See web site What: project Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk program that controls and documents progress of individual activities in multiuser projects. Calculates time usage, compares to estimates, etc. Requires pTk, Tk-TextWindow-1.11, Tk-MessageWindow-1.03, LoadConfigure-1.02 or newer. Updated: 05/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Arne Sommer) What: proxy Where: <URL: > Description: Interpreter for Specification, design and rapid prototyping based on the Vienna Development Model (VDM). Uses sets, maps sequences and objects as data structures to model software. Has a C-like syntax which translates to Scheme and then is interpreted by Stk. Updated: 10/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Burt Leavenworth) What: ptk Windows NT Account Tool Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk user account management tool Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: ptkRun Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk interface similar to Microsoft Windows Run dialog for running a quick command without opening an xterm. Supports autocompletion of commands, environment variables, and filenames, command history, configurability, and can be started from a keyboard shortcut assigned by the window manager. Currently at version 0.31. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: ptkclock Where: <URL: > Description: Sample clock written in Perl/Tk Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Jason Smith) What: ptkdb (Page) Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: GUI based debugger using Perl/Tk. This tool continues to update on a regular basis. Uses Tk::options and X resources for configuration. Should be able to be used by Unix, Windows, and OS/2 users. Updated on a regular basis. Latest version is 1.108 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: <URL: > (A. Page) <URL: > What: Perl Chat Where: <URL: > Description: Client/server chat program both written in Perl. Uses Tk to generate its GUI. Currently at version 0.0.8 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:torrancejones at users dot sourceforge dot net > What: Perl Data Viewer Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk script for visualizing data files. Enables you to see data files from measurements. Currently at version 0.5 . Updated: 04/2004 Contact: See web site What: Perl Projector Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk based presentation software. Currenetly at version 1.0 . Updated: 09/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Perl Tk Dictionary Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: ptkdic handles dictionaries stored in a MySQL server. Updated: 10/2004 Contact: <URL: mailto:swajj at yahoo dot com > What: ptkei Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: The Python/Tk Empire Interface (PTkEI) enables you to connect to the Empire 4.x.x. (Wolfpack) game servers. The client runs on Unix/X11, Win32, MacOS. Runs with Python 1.5.2. Updates available on a regular basis. Currently at v1.18.0 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: ptkfinger Where: <URL: > Description: Small Perl/Tk finger client. Currently at version 0.1. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: ptkfonted Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk BDF font editor. Can update existing BDF or create new ones from scratch. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: ptkmines Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk version of Minesweeper. Updated: 09/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Jason Smith) What: ptkmixer Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk audio mixer. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 12/2002 Contact: See web site What: ptkmotd Where: From the contact Description: A Perl/Tk version of a Tcl/Tk based /etc/motd display program. Very simple program which shows how to write simple programs in pTk. Updated: Contact: <URL: > What: ptknslookup Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk application that provides DNS host to IP address lookup. It also provides MX lookups if you have the Net::DNS module installed. Currently at version 0.1. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: ptksh (Beller) Where: <URL: > Description: GUI based debugger using Perl/Tk. Also at this web page are other Perl/Tk works such as quoteview. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: ptktime Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk application that gets your system time and compares it with the time specified by a time server (using the time protocol and TCP port 37). Currently at version 0.1. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: ptktools Where: <URL: > Description: A project for a collection of more or less useful Perl/Tk programs, such as earthclock (a clock using the X11 SHAPE extension), tkmessage (replacement for xmessage), tknotes (replacement for knotes), tkruler (measure screen distances), tksm (search/replace patterns in multiple files), etc. Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: > (Slaven Rezic) What: ptkview Where: From the contact Description: Simple Perl/Tk file viewer that accepts data from a file or stdin. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Ben Pavon) What: pyChess Where: <URL: > Description: Cross platform peer-to-peer chess program written in Python and Tkinter. Tested on Linux and Windows. Currently at version 0.1.1 Updated: 07/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:qtmstr+fmeat at optonline dot net > What: pyChing Where: <URL: > Description: Consult I Ching via this Python/Tkinter application. Currently at v1.0.4. Updated: 09/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: PyFloppy Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tkinter app providing a GUI for floppy formatting activities. Currently at version 0.3 . Updated: 02/2004 Contact: See web site What: PyGo Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tk application for studying and playing the game of Go. Currently at version 0.10.1 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: reap Where: <URL: > Description: Reverse Engineer's Assembly Producer (reap) is a Perl/Tk based front-end for the objdump binutil. Provides cross references of JMPs and CALLs and inserts string references where appropriate. Provides advanced editing features and displays info about the binary during inspection - opcode offset, header info etc. Requires perl X and pTk 8.00.015. Currently at version 0.4B. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: mailto:grugq(at)iname(dot)com > What: rexx/tk Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Rexx binding for Tk. Updated: 05/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: rezrov Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl interpreter of the Infocom game z-machine. Has a variety of users interfaces, including pTk. Currently at version 0.17. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > (Michael Edmonson) What: rxvt-unicode Where: <URL: > Description: Clone of rxvt modified to store text in Unicode and to use locale-correct input/output. Allows mixing multiple fonts at the same time, including Xft fonts. Includes a Perl/Tk example. Currently at version 5.2 . Updated: 02/2005 Contact: See web site What: scheme-wish Where: <URL: > Description: Portable interface between Scheme and Tcl/Tk. Based on use of pipes between Scheme and wish for communication. Has been used with Gambit, guile and SCM. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > What: SchemaView Plus Where: <URL: > Description: GUI for drawing, printing, storying and retrieving database schemas. It uses Perl/Tk/DBI/XML packages. Look for authors/id/M/MI/MILSO/SchemaView-Plus-0.13.tar.gz on CPAN. Currently at version 0.16 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: See package What: ScsiaddGui Where: <URL: > Description: GUI for Scsiadd utility, using Python's Tkinter. Currently at version 1.1 . Updated: 11/2003 Contact: See web site What: sml_tk Where: <URL: > Description: A Standard ML package providing a portable, typed and abstract interface to Tcl/Tk. Combines advantages of Tk with the advantages of Standard ML. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: SMSDaemon Where: <URL: > Description: SMS sender written in Python with a Tk interface available. Currently at version 2.0.1 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:romero at telenet dot es > What: SMTarPit Where: <URL: > Description: SMTP honeypot/tarpit, to determine whether a person or machine is attempting to crack the system, adjusting strategies to waste as much time as possible. Currently at version 0.5.4 . Updated: 02/2005 Contact: See web site What: smtm Where: <URL: > Description: Show me the money (smtm) is a Perl/Tk stock ticker. Displays the name or symbol of the company, most recent price, and absolute and relative price changes. Has been tested with the US, Canadian, European, Asian, Australian/New Zealand and South American stocks. Requires perl, and the perl Tk and LWP extensions. Currently at v1.6.5 . Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: Songwrite Where: <URL: > Description: Tablature editor that uses Timidity for playing MIDI and Lilypond for printing. Written in Python and uses Tkinter for display. Currently at version 0.7 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: SQL Relay Where: <URL: > Description: Persistent database connection pooling, proxying and load balancing system for Linux/Linux. Supports Tcl along with many other APIs. Currently at version 0.33 . Updated: 05/2003 Contact: See web site What: sqlcockpit Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk database client, including front-ends to GD::Graph. Currently at version 0.2.2 . Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: stetris Where: <URL: > Description: Version of Tetris written in STk (Scheme based Tk). Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Dr. Harvey J. Stein) What: stockmon Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk script used to monitor stock prices, based on QuoteView. Updated: 09/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Matt Herbert) What: System Installer Where: <URL: > Description: A component of the System Installation Suite of Linux, provides a way to install a system with any Linux distribution. Has a Perl/Tk display program. Currently at version 1.01 . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkBallistic Where: <URL: > Description: Python/Tk port of the program Small Arms Ballistics, which calculates the general small-arms ballistics table. Currently at v1.3 . Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkClient Where: <URL: > Description: Python Tkinter/PIL based client for Worldforge. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > (John Michelsen) What: TkCurphoo Where: <URL: > Description: Yahoo chat client, written in Python/Tkinter. Currently at version 0.2.2-beta . Updated: 06/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkDialogues Where: <URL: > Description: Python 1.4 / Tkinter 1.63 package allowing you to use native file dialogues and message boxes. Consists of tkFileDialog, tkMessageBox, tkColorChooser, tkCommonDialog. Updated: 06/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Fredrik Lundh) What: TkDNS Where: <URL: > Description: Graphical DNS management system written in Perl/Tk. Currently at version at 0.2 . Updated: 10/2001 Contact: See the web site What: TkRadio Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk GUI for controlling a Linux radio tuner card. Updated: 08/2002 Contact: See web site What: tkSather Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A collection of Sather classes to interface to Tk/Tcl. Built in Sather ver0.5. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Oscar Bosman) What: tkbind Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk script for editting sqlbind zones. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkdb Where: From the contact Description: Python/Tk debugger. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Daniel Larsson) What: tkg2 Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk package for 2-D graphing; supports linear, log, probability and time series plots, scatter, line, text, bar, shade, y-error and x-y error bars, symbology, adjustable ticks, numbering, labeling, optional grid lines and origin lines, annotation with text, lines and symbols, multiple ascii data file inputs with unlimited delimiters, either importation of data or pointers to data files, copy, cut, paste, multiple plots per canvas, varying canvas sizes, batch processing of canvas to printer or PostScript file, multiple columns of data from multiple data files can all be loaded into one plot, output can be saved in Data::Dumper, Storable or FreezeThaw, plots can be resized and moved. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: > <URL: > What: tkgofer Where: <URL: > Description: Gofer is a functional language. For graphical I/O, a few primitives were added to communicate with Tcl/Tk. Documentation, examples, and two papers describing the system are included in the distribution. Updated: 11/2003 Contact: <URL: > (Ton Vullinghs) What: tkload Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk tool for monitoring load averages on remote servers using SNMP. Currently v1.2.2. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tknf Where: <URL: > Description: NNTP Newsreader written in Python/Tk (Tkinter). It is in alpha state. Features threading, reading, article saving, followup, posting,uudecode, subject searching. Requires Python 1.3, Tk 4.0 Tcl 7.4. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Koert Zeilstra) What: tkng Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: A Norton Guide file reader written in Perl/Tk. The file is Kevin O. Grover's conversion of the perl manual to this format. Requires pTk to be installed. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Dov Grobgeld) What: tkpack Where: <URL: > Description: pTk program that allows you to play with various pack options and see the results immediately. Updated: 08/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkpb Where: <URL: > Description: A Perl/Tk xbiff like mailbox watcher. Requires pTk to be installed. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (John Stoffel) What: tkppp (mokuren) Where: <URL: > Description: A Perl/Tk interface to Morningstar PPP. Updated: 04/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkpsh Where: <URL: > Description: A poor man's shell for Perl/Tk. Requires pTk to be installed. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:lusol@Turkey.CC.Lehigh.EDU > (Stephen O. Lidie) What: tkspong Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk front end to spong, the host monitoring program, allowing you to run spong-server and view status data. Currently at v0.2. Updated: 12/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tksqlbind Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk script for editing sqlbind zones. Currently at version 0.2. Updated: 11/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tktail (Lidie) Where: From the contact Description: pTk program to collect the output of a tail on the argument into a Perl/Tk text widget. Updated: Contact: <URL: mailto:lusol@Turkey.CC.Lehigh.EDU > (Stephen O. Lidie) What: tktk Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk based Solitaire game. Updated: 08/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: tktrans Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk translation script that uses InterTran. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 11/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: tktray Where: <URL: > ??? Description: Simple application running as a toolbar app under Windows 95/NT. Set the tooltip text, icons, etc. Written in Delphi 2. Updated: 06/1998 Contact: <URL: > (Mark Lawson) What: tkvgids Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk app to fetch data from and format the tv guide information. This is for Dutch users only. Currently at version 0.2 . Updated: 12/2003 Contact: See web site What: tkvnc Where: <URL: > <URL: > <URL: > Description: Free Perl/Tk application that displays a floating button pallette of hosts that a VNC user can administer. Uses GNU General Public License. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: tkweb Where: From the source distribution Description: Simple Perl/Tk based WWW browser. Comes with the pTk module. Updated: Contact: <URL: > with a "subscribe ptk" body message What: tkwiki Where: <URL: > Description: Linux Perl/Tk application to monitor and switch between Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. Requires iwconfig. Currently at version 0.0 . Updated: 09/2004 Contact: See web site What: tkwiki Where: <URL: > Description: Perl Tk app for linux monitoring and switching of Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. Currently at version 0.1 . Updated: 07/2004 Contact: See web site What: tkwool Where: From the contact <URL: > ??? Description: A version of Tk which uses the wool language rather than Tcl. A Sun 4 binary is available on avahi. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Colas Nahaboo) What: TVSpectre Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk interface to German TV listing downloads. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: See the web site What: twander Where: <URL: > Description: Macro programmable file system browser that runs on either Unix or Win32 systems. Currently at version 3.134 . Updated: 02/2003 Contact: See web site What: Twisted Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Event-based framework for internet applications. It is extendable in Python, and makes use of the Tkinter module to provide the main-loop. Also has an IRC channel of #twisted at <URL: irc:// > . Currently at verison 1.2.0 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: See web site What: twonz Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk program that lets you generate and manage passwords, based on a pad. Updated: 07/1999 Contact: <URL: > What: txt2tags Where: <URL: > Description: Format conversion tool, written in Python, to generate HTML, SGML, Man pages, MoinMoin, Magic Point, or PageMaker, from plain text with little markup. Has a Tk interface. Currently at version 1.0 . Updated: 09/2002 Contact: See web site What: ui2perl Where: From the contact Description: A Perl script which converts SpecTcl's .ui files into Perl code. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Andreas Koschinsky) What: Where: <URL: > Description: Provides subset of X/Open ODBC API. Comes with both Perl/Tk and web interfaces. Currently at version 0.32 . Updated: 01/2003 Contact: See web site What: WebPage Generator Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk interface that aids in generating web pages of thumbnail images. Updated: 01/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: WebPic Where: <URL: > Description: Application used to take a directory of digital camera pictures and provide a WWW frontend for viewing. It allows you to scale images to different values, add comments, etc. Requires Tk::JPEG for image display. Currently at version 0.5.0 . Updated: 08/2001 Contact: <URL: > What: Wellenreiter Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk based wireless LAN monitor. Generates statistics, signal strength, etc. Can also detect access point MAC addresses. Provides support for most wireless LAN cards. Currently at version Alpha 0.2. Updated: 10/2001 Contact: <URL: mailto:mmo at phase1 dot ch > What: wish Perl extension Where: From the contact Description: Perl 5 extension that allow one to call Tcl and Tk scripts from within Perl. Original author contact info not available. This is different from the pTk extension. Updated: Contact: <URL: > (Narendra Ravi) What: www (pTk) Where: <URL: > Description: 8 line Perl/Tk www browsing. This is for amusement only. See tkweb for a more serious browser (and it is only 60 lines long). Updated: 07/1997 Contact: <URL: > What: xcricket Where: <URL: > Description: The game of cricket, implemented in Perl/Tk. You must install pTk to use this program. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Nem W Schlecht) What: xdbf Where: <URL: > Description: xdbf is a small Perl/Tk browser of xBase files. It uses dbflib, a free library implementing access to xBase files, as well as the Perl 5 interface to the library. It requires pTk and Dbf. Updated: 11/1996 Contact: <URL: > (Rasca Gmelch) What: xget Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk (and other) interface to wget. Currently at version 0.2.1. Updated: 01/2001 Contact: See web site What: xisofs Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk interface to mkisofs and cdwrite which allow you to create ISO9660 filesystems and write them to supported CDR devices. The ISO9660 filesystems can also be written directly to CD-ROM's from certain Windows programs. Requires Perl 5.004, Perl/Tk 400.202, mkisofs v1.11, cdwrite v2.0. Updated: 09/1997 Contact: <URL: > (Steve Sherwood) What: xrcon Where: <URL: > Description: Quake2 server admin rcon tool written with Perl/Tk. Updated: 02/2000 Contact: <URL: > What: xrio Where: <URL: > <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk front end to the Rio utility. Provides interface to playing MP3 audio files. Updated: 05/2002 Contact: <URL: > What: ymusk Where: <URL: > Description: Yenzie's Mush Klient, a Perl/Tk and Net::Telnet mush client. Currently at version 0.99 . Updated: 01/2001 Contact: See the web site What: zooz Where: <URL: > Description: ptk GUI builder Currently at version 1.0rc3 . Updated: 07/2004 Contact: See web site What: ztkdb Where: <URL: > Description: Perl/Tk application providing a general purpose small visual database, useful for a rolodex, dossier, teacher's aid, etc. Currently at version 13g . Updated: 03/2004 Contact: See web site ------------------------------ End of comp.lang.tcl Related Software Catalog ***************************************************** -- Tcl - The glue of a new generation. <URL: > Larry W. Virden <> <URL:> Even if explicitly stated to the contrary, nothing in this posting should be construed as representing my employer's opinions. -><- [[Send Tcl/Tk announcements to Announcements archived at Send administrivia to Tcl/Tk at ]]

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