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Rolling Stones FAQ [4/4]

( Part1 - Part2 - Part3 - Part4 )
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Archive-name: music/rollingstones-faq/part4
Last-modified: 2000/02/28
Version: 7.02

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                 Rolling Stones' Mailing list/newsgroup FAQ

              Part Four
              The Rolling Stones -- Abbreviated Discography

              Version 7.02
              February 2000 (last update October 1999)

 COPYRIGHT 1994-2000 (c) Anthony J. Rzepela (editor)

   This collection of four works is under the copyright of the editor, 
   who may, at his discretion, relinquish said copyright to the authors 
   named herein.

   This collection may not be broken up, or be made available 
   by any publisher.  It may not be redistributed in any form 
   if any changes are made to it except by the holder of the 
   The editor of this FAQ retains all rights for use of it.

   No author or proofreader or assistant credited herein grants 
   the use of his or her name to any publisher.  Be warned that 
   attempts to publish this shared work-in-progress may interfere 
   with legal commitments individual authors may privately hold 
   with publishers.

This discography 

1) lists the Rolling Stones' original long-play and EP releases issued 
   in either the UK or United States, sorted by release date.   

   Those DECCA LP releases of the 60s which were unique to the UK, 
   in either title or configuration, are underlined in Eastward-pointing 
   arrows: ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"

   Those London LP releases which were unique to the US, in either 
   title or configuration, use Westward-pointing arrows: "<<<<<<<<<<<<<"

   From "Their Satanic Majesties' Request" on, the British and American 
   releases of previously unreleased material on LPs were congruent, with 
   the exception of "Metamorphosis" (1975). 

2) discusses the Rolling Stones on Compact Disc (search forward
   in this document for the text "CDs, CDs, CDs"). This section 
   answers the following questions:

    Who issues them? 
    When did they come out? 
    What are they like? 
    What do I need minimally for a "complete" Rolling Stones collection on CD?
    What about stereo versions of early Stones tracks? 

   (The detail work on this last question was done by Chris M. 
3) lists songs that were officially sanctioned and available at 
   some point, but never made it to any EP or LP in the UK or US 
   (search forward in this document for the text "Flipsides and 

Concerning comprehensiveness: 

  We have declined to catalogue out-of-print compilations that do
  not have unique content unavailable elsewhere. 

  Some compilations, such as those which started 
  appearing in Europe in the seventies, may have filled 
  important gaps in European collections at the time 
  they were released, but the fact is that with only 
  a few exceptions, any track that was on those records 
  is now available somewhere on Compact Disc, small variations of 
  individual versions of a title notwithstanding. 

  * 2 tracks (plus an intro) from the 1965 UK EP "Got LIVE if you want it!"   
  * 6 tracks released on "Rest of the Best", a 1984 German box set

  These tracks appeared on now out-of-print European compilations, but 
  have still to make it to CD.

  We have also declined, at this point in time, to exhaustively catalogue 
  those small variations on the same track between different LP releases. 
  While some variations are indeed significant, and some versions still
  have not appeared on a legitimate Compact Disc in any country, we feel the 
  omissions do not prevent the document from being a useful resource. 
  With the specific exception above, compilations stay on the list as 
  long as they either stay in print, or offer something found on no 
  other EP or LP. 

This discography/FAQ-section is maintained by Anthony J. Rzepela 

Helps, hints, corrections, suggestions, and, where noted, 
some more substantial contributions were graciously provided 

     Jens Backlund            (
     Stephen D. Carter        (
     Glen Cassan              ( 
     Dave Heller
     Michael Honig            (
     Chris M.                 ( 
     Luke Pacholski           (
     Pablo Roufogalis         (formerly
     John Rutherford          (
     Mark C. Walters          (

Special mention goes to John Rutherford for detailed 
info about promo singles, and Chris M. for info about promo CDs 
and officially released stereo versions from the early 1960s.  


Aeppli, Felix                 "The Ultimate Guide 1962-1995"
                                               ISBN: 0907872263
Hoffman, Dieter               "Das Weissbuch"  ISBN: 3980248940
Wyman, Bill (w/ Ray Coleman)  "Stone Alone"    ISBN: 0670828947


 The Rolling Stones (EP)                  (17-Jan-1964)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>            PROD: Impact Sound

     Bye Bye Johnny / Money (That's What I Want) // You Better  Move  On  /
     Poison Ivy

     NB: Rereleased on vinyl in 1982;  Other  sources  for  these  tracks:
         "December's Children" (track 3); German compilations  "20  Super
         Hits" & "Heartbreakers", and the UK  compilation  "Slow  Rollers"
         (track 3);  "More  Hot  Rocks"  (1,2,  and  4);  German  vinyl
         compilation "Around and Around" (1,3, and 4); German "The Rolling
         Stones Story" (entire EP).

 The Rolling Stones                       (17-Apr-1964)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                 PROD: Oldham/Eric Easton/Arr. Stones

     Route 66 / I Just Wanna Make Love To You / Honest I Do / Mona (I  Need
     You Baby) / Now I've Got a Witness / Little By Little //  I'm  a  King
     Bee / Carol / Tell Me / Can I Get A Witness / You Can Make It  If  You
     Try / Walking the Dog

     NB: To duplicate this track lineup with US releases, take US lp debut
         ("England's Newest Hitmakers"), remove "Not Fade Away",  and  add
         "Mona" (found on 3rd US LP/CD, "Now!") and replace "Tell Me" with
         the "long" version of it, not found on any US CDs. Long "Tell Me"
         was on the 11-LP box set from Mobile Fidelity in 1984, but on  no
         other US release.

 England's Newest Hit Makers              (01-May-1964)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<        PROD: Oldham/Eric Easton/Arr. Stones

     Not Fade Away / Route 66 / I Just Want to Make Love to You / Honest  I
     Do / Now I've Got a Witness / Little By Little // I'm  a  King  Bee  /
     Carol / Tell Me / Can I get A Witness / You Can Make it if You  Try  /
     Walking the Dog

     NB: Then-manager Eric Easton's co-producer credits have been  removed
         from CD reissue. To duplicate this release's track listings, take
         UK lp debut, remove "Mona", and  add  "Not  Fade  Away"  and  the
         "short" US album version of "Tell Me" (both found on  the  German
         "More Hot Rocks" CD).

 Five by Five (EP)                        (14-Aug-1964)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                  PROD: Oldham/Impact/Arr. Stones

     If You Need  Me  /  Empty  Heart  /  2120  South  Michigan  Avenue  //
     Confessin' the Blues / Around and Around

     NB: Vinyl rereleased 1982; all 5 tracks  can  be  found  on  American
         LP/CD "12 X 5"; a longer/complete version of track 3 ("2120 South
         Michigan Avenue") appears nowhere except the  German  compilation
         "Around and Around", which was included in toto in  the  box  set
         "The Rolling Stones Story" - also vinyl, also out of print.

 12 x 5                                   (24-Oct-1964)
 <<<<<<                             PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Around and Around / Confessin' the Blues / Empty Heart / Time Is on My
     Side / Good Times Bad Times / It's All Over Now // 2120 South Michigan
     Avenue / Under The Boardwalk / Congratulations / Grown Up Wrong  /  If
     You Need Me / Susie Q

     NB: includes all of the "5 X 5" UK EP, four tracks from the second UK
         LP ("No.2"), and 3 tracks taken from singles/compilations:  "It's
         All Over Now", "Good Times Bad Times", and "Congratulations"

 No. 2                                    (16-Jan-1965)
 >>>>>                              PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Down Home Girl / You Can't Catch Me
     / Time Is On My Side / What A Shame / Grown Up Wrong // Down The  Road
     Apiece / Under the Boardwalk / I Can't Be Satisfied / Pain In My Heart
     / Off The Hook / Suzie Q

     NB: To duplicate, start with US LP "Now!", and add (from  "12  x  5")
         "Time Is On My Side",  "Susie  Q",  "Under  the  Boardwalk",  and
         "Grown Up Wrong"; and finally (from  "More  Hot  Rocks")  use  "I
         Can't  Be  Satisfied".  Tracks  4,5,7  and  9  are  in   true
         channel-separated stereo on the Japanese CD issue of this title.

 Now!                                     (13-Feb-1965)
 <<<<                               PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Down Home Girl / You Can't Catch Me
     / Heart of Stone / What a Shame / Mona (I Need you Baby) //  Down  the
     Road Apiece / Off the Hook / Pain in My Heart / Oh Baby (We Got a Good
     Thing Goin') / Little Red Rooster / Surprise, Surprise

     NB: To duplicate, take UK LP "No. 2", delete tracks 4,6,8,9,12, and
         add "Mona" (from first UK LP), "Heart of Stone" and "Oh Baby" (UK
         version of "Out of Our Heads"), "Little Red  Rooster"  (UK  "High
         Tide and Green Grass"), and "Surprise, Surprise"  (a  flipside).
         Track 1 claims to be 2:57 on the CD, but is actually 5:00, except
         on the correct Jap. issue.

 Got LIVE if you want it! (EP)            (11-Jun-1965)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      PROD: Oldham/Impact/Arr. Stones

     We Want the Stones / Everybody Needs Somebody To Love  /  Pain  in  My
     Heart / Route 66 // I'm Moving On / I'm Alright

     NB: Vinyl rereleased 1982; all  tracks  are  on  German  compilations
         "Rest of the Best", "Collectors  Only",  and  "Legends  of  Rock"
         (vinyl  only,  all  3  out  of  print;  "LoR"  track  listing  is
         inaccurate - entire EP is definitely included in toto); Tracks 4
         and 5 can be found on "December's Children"; track  6  is  on  US
         version of "Out of Our Heads";

 Out of Our Heads                         (30-Jul-1965)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                   PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Mercy Mercy / Hitch Hike / The Last Time / That's How Strong  My  Love
     Is / Good Times / I'm Alright // Satisfaction / Cry To Me / The  Under
     Assistant West Coast Promotion Man / Play With Fire / The  Spider  and
     the Fly / One More Try

     NB: Features "I'm Alright" from the UK EP "Got Live if you want  It".
         To duplicate using UK releases, use also the UK version  of  "Out
         of Our Heads"; the singles "Satisfaction", "The Last  Time",  and
         "Play  With  Fire";  "One  More  Try"  (found  on  the  1971   UK
         compilation "Stone Age"); and "Spider and the Fly" (flipside  to
         the UK "Satisfaction" single)

 Out of Our Heads                         (24-Sep-1965)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                   PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     She Said Yeah / Mercy Mercy / Hitch-Hike / That's How Strong  My  Love
     Is / Good Times / Gotta Get Away // Talkin 'Bout You / Cry To Me /  Oh
     Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin') / Heart of Stone / The Underassistant
     West Coast Promotion Man / I'm Free

     NB: To duplicate this UK  issue,  Americans  need  "She  Said  Yeah",
         "Gotta Get Away",  "Talkin  About  You",  "I'm  Free"  (all  from
         "December's Children"), "Heart of  Stone"  and  "Oh  Baby"  (from
         "Now!"), and the US "Out of Our Heads"

 December's Children                      (04-Dec-1965)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     She Said Yeah / Talkin' About You / You Better Move  On  /  Look  What
     You've Done / The Singer not the Song / Route 66  //  Get  Off  of  My
     Cloud / I'm Free / As Tears Go By / Gotta Get Away  /  Blue  Turns  To
     Grey / I'm Moving On

     NB: Tracks 6 & 12 are taken from the UK "Got LIVE if You Want It" EP;
         To duplicate, Britons can find tracks 1,2,8, and 10 on  the  UK
         version of "Out of Our Heads". Compilations, singles,  or  buying
         the US CD outright are the only way to cull tracks 3,4,5,7,9,11;
         German CD based on mono version of old US LP lineup.

 Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)     (02-Apr-1966)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Satisfaction / The Last Time / As Tears Go By / Time Is on My  Side  /
     It's All Over Now / Tell Me // 19th Nervous Breakdown / Heart of Stone
     / Get Off of My Cloud / Not Fade Away / Good Times, Bad Times  /  Play
     With Fire

     NB: compilation

 Aftermath                                (15-Apr-1966)
 >>>>>>>>>                          PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Mother's Little Helper / Stupid Girl / Lady Jane / Under  My  Thumb  /
     Doncha Bother Me / Goin' Home // Flight 505 / High and Dry  /  Out  of
     Time / It's Not Easy / I Am Waiting / Take it or Leave It  /  Think  /
     What To Do

     NB: To duplicate this Euro-config, Americans  need  "Mother's  Little
         Helper","Take It or Leave It", "Lady Jane", "Out of  Time"  (all
         found on US compilation "Flowers"), and "What To  Do"  (from  the
         double-disc "More Hot Rocks"); for the correct, long version  of
         "Out of Time", (5:36) the only US release was  the  vinyl  Mobile
         Fidelity box set in 1984.

 Aftermath                                (02-Jul-1966)
 <<<<<<<<<                          PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Paint It, Black / Stupid Girl / Lady Jane / Under My  Thumb  /  Doncha
     Bother Me / Think // Flight 505 / High and Dry / It's Not Easy / I  am
     Waiting / Going Home

     NB: "Paint It, Black" is the only title here not also on the European

 Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)     (04-Nov-1966)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow? /  Paint  It,
     Black / It's All Over Now / The Last Time / Heart of Stone / Not  Fade
     Away / Come On // Satisfaction / Get Off of My Cloud / As Tears Go  By
     / 19th Nervous Breakdown / Lady Jane / Time Is On My Side / Little Red

     NB: Several tracks appear on UK LongPlayer for the first  time  ever:
         US LPs had by this point already included "Little  Red  Rooster",
         "The Last Time", "Not Fade Away", "Satisfaction", "It's All  Over
         Now", "Paint It, Black" & "Get Off of my Cloud".

 Got LIVE if you Want it!                 (10-Dec-1966)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<           PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham

     Under My Thumb / Get Off of My Cloud / Lady Jane /  Not  Fade  Away  /
     I've Been Loving You Too Long / Fortune Teller // The Last Time / 19th
     Nervous Breakdown / Time is On My Side / I'm Alright / Have  You  Seen
     you Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow? / Satisfaction

     NB: Poorly recorded; several tracks are just studio  recordings  with
         canned audience on top (esp. track 5). ABKCO's "Digital Remaster"
         from the mid-80s uses a different version  of  "Under  My  Thumb"
         from the original London release; UK customers got tracks 1,3,5,
         6,9, and 12 in 1971, on the compilation "Gimme Shelter"

 Between the Buttons                      (20-Jan-1967)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Yesterday's Papers / My Obsession / Back Street Girl  /  Connection  /
     She Smiled Sweetly / Cool, Calm and Collected // All Sold Out / Please
     Go Home / Who's Been Sleeping Here? / Complicated / Miss Amanda  Jones
     / Something Happened to Me Yesterday

     NB: Last non-compilation album produced by  Andrew  Loog  Oldham;  US
         release can be duplicated  by  starting  with  this,  and  adding
         singles "Let's Spend the Night Together" and "Ruby Tuesday",  and
         dropping tracks 8 and 3.

 Between the Buttons                      (11-Feb-1967)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Let's Spend the Night Together / Yesterday's Papers / Ruby  Tuesday  /
     Connection / She Smiled Sweetly / Cool, Calm,  and  Collected  //  All
     Sold Out / My Obsession / Who's Been Sleeping Here?  /  Complicated  /
     Miss Amanda Jones / Something Happened to Me Yesterday

     NB: last album produced by Oldham; to get UK release, drop tracks  1,
         3, and add "Please Go Home" and "Back Street  Girl"  (both  found

 Flowers                                  (15-Jul-1967)
 <<<<<<<                            PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Ruby Tuesday / Have You  Seen  your  Mother,  Baby,  Standing  in  the
     Shadow? / Let's Spend the Night Together / Lady Jane / Out Of  Time  /
     My Girl // Backstreet Girl / Please Go Home / Mother's Little Helper /
     Take it Or Leave It / Ride On, Baby / Sittin' on a Fence

     NB: A US compilation containing  3  single  sides,  6  UK-version  LP
         tracks (2 from "Between the Buttons",  and  4  from  "Aftermath")
         plus 2 tracks which remain unavailable today elsewhere on CD ("My
         Girl" and "Ride On Baby"). and one track ("Sittin' on a  Fence")
         which can now be found on "Through the Past Darkly" (UK version),
         and also on "More Hot Rocks".

 Their Satanic Majesties' Request         (09-Dec-1967)
 ================================   PROD: Rolling Stones

     Sing This All Together / Citadel / In Another Land / 2000 Man  /  Sing
     This All Together (see what happens) // She's a Rainbow / The  Lantern
     / Gomper / 2000 Light Years from Home / On With the Show

     NB: First album not produced by Andrew  Loog  Oldham;  1st  and  only
         album  to  be  produced  by  'Rolling  Stones';  1st  album  with
         identical track listings on either side of  the  Atlantic  Ocean.
         Last LP to have an American  Mono  version.  Super-short  "promo"
         versions of tracks 6 and 9 briefly appeared commercially on a  US
         7" rerelease with 5N-906 etched in groove.

 Beggar's Banquet                         (07-Dec-1968)
 ================                   PROD: Jimmy Miller

     Sympathy For the Devil / No Expectations /  Dear  Doctor  /  Parachute
     Woman / Jig-Saw Puzzle // Street Fightin' Man / Prodigal Son  /  Stray
     Cat Blues / Factory Girl / Salt of the Earth

     NB: First album produced by Jimmy Miller.  DECCA banned  use  of  the
         original "toilet & graffiti" cover, which was later used  on  the
         ABKCO rerelease in 1986 on lp and CD. NB: an alternate version of
         "Street Fighting Man" was only on the earliest pressings  of  the
         US 7-inch.

 Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits, Vol. (12-Sep-1969)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Jumping Jack Flash / Mother's Little Helper / 2000  Light  Years  From
     Home / Let's Spend the Night Together / You Better Move On /  We  Love
     You // Street Fightin'  Man  /  She's  A  Rainbow  /  Ruby  Tuesday  /
     Dandelion / Sittin' On a Fence / Honky Tonk Women

     NB: Compilation; dedicated to Brian Jones, dead two months earlier

 Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits, Vol. (13-Sep-1969)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<PROD: (various)

     Paint It Black / Ruby Tuesday / She's a Rainbow / Jumpin' Jack Flash /
     Mother's Little Helper / Let's Spend the Night Together // Honky  Tonk
     Women  / Dandelion / 2000 Light Years from home / Have you  Seen  Your
     Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow? / Street Fighting Man

     NB: Compilation; dedicated to Brian Jones, dead two months earlier

 Let it Bleed                             (06-Dec-1969)
 ============                       PROD: Jimmy Miller

     Gimme Shelter / Love In Vain / Country Honk / Live With Me  /  Let  It
     Bleed // Midnight Rambler / You Got The Silver  /  Monkey  man  /  You
     Can't Always Get What You Want

     NB: first LP to feature Mick Taylor, Brian Jones'  replacement;  last
         ever Stones' record to be issued with  a  commercially  available
         alternate mono version, anywhere in the world (there  was  a  UK,
         but no US, mono release); first ever album to NOT have an A-side
         single issued

 Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!                     (01-Sep-1970)
 ====================               PROD: Stones/Glyn Johns

     Jumpin' Jack Flash / Carol / Stray Cat Blues / Love in Vain / Midnight
     Rambler // Sympathy for the Devil / Live with Me /  Little  Queenie  /
     Honky Tonk Women / Street Fighting Man

     NB: live (with generous overdubs/editing); recorded on the 1969 tour
         in New York City  and  Baltimore,  MD;  last  non-compilation  LP
         issued for DECCA/London/ABKCO;  subsequent  new  Stones  releases
         would be on Rolling Stones Records ("tongue" label)

 Sticky Fingers                           (23-Apr-1971)
 ==============                     PROD: Jimmy Miller

     Brown Sugar / Sway / Wild Horses / Can't You Hear Me  Knockin'  /  You
     Gotta Move // Bitch / I Got the Blues / Sister Morphine / Dead Flowers
     / Moonlight Mile

     NB: Notorious 'zipper' cover, designed by Andy Warhol, was banned  in
         Spain, where a sick "severed finger" motif was used instead,  and
         a  live  "Let  it  Rock"  replaced  the   objectionable   "Sister
         Morphine". US 7" version of "Sway" (the B-side to "Wild  Horses")
         is different. "Original packaging" rereleases on CD by Virgin  in
         1994 and 1999. EMI audiophile vinyl rerelease in UK in 1998. 

 Hot Rocks 1964 - 1971                    (01-Jan-1972)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<              PROD: (various)

     Time is on My Side / Heart of Stone / Play With Fire / Satisfaction  /
     As Tears Go By / Get Off My Cloud // Mother's  Little  Helper  /  19th
     Nervous Breakdown / Paint It, Black / Under My Thumb / Ruby Tuesday  /
     Let's Spend the Night Together // Jumping Jack Flash / Street Fighting
     Man / Sympathy for the Devil / Honky Tonk Women  /  Gimme  Shelter  //
     Midnight Rambler (Live) / You Can't Always Get What You Want  /  Brown
     Sugar / Wild Horses

     NB: Compilation; finally issued in Europe in  1990;  German  CD  uses
         superior   masters,   including   *true*   stereo   versions   of
         "Satisfaction" and "Paint it, Black". An exremely limited 1st run
         of the US vinyl had alternate versions of the last two tracks, as
         they were originally heard in the 1970 film "Gimme Shelter".

 Exile On Main St.                        (01-May-1972)
 =================                  PROD: Jimmy Miller

     Rocks Off / Rip This Joint / Hip Shake / Casino Boogie / Tumbling Dice
     // Sweet Virginia / Torn & Frayed / Sweet Black Angel / Loving Cup  //
     Happy / Turd on the Run / Ventilator Blues / Just Wanna See His Face /
     Let It Loose // All Down the Line / Stop Breaking Down / Shine a Light
     / Soul Survivor

     NB: The only double-LP of new studio work issued by the  group  until
         1994's "Voodoo Lounge". 20-bit  digital  remaster  CD  issued  by
         Virgin records June, 1994. An alternate version of "All Down  the
         Line" appears as the B-side to "Happy" on several pressing runs.
         "Original packaging" rerelease October, 1999. 

 More Hot Rocks                           (01-Dec-1972)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<                     PROD: (various)

     Tell Me / Not Fade Away / The Last Time / It's All  Over  Now  /  Good
     Times Bad Times / I'm Free // Out of Time / Lady Jane / Sittin'  On  a
     Fence / Have You Seen You Mother,  Baby,  Standing  in  the  Shadow  /
     Dandelion / We Love You // She's a Rainbow /  2000  Light  Years  From
     Home / Child of the Moon / No Expectations / Let It Bleed //  What  To
     Do / Money / Come On / Fortune Teller / Poison Ivy / Bye Bye Johnnie /
     I Can't Be Satisfied / Long Long While

     NB: Eventually  issued  in  Europe  1990;  a  compilation   including
         previously unavailable UK flipsides and LP  tracks.  European  CD
         has a different track order and a version of "Poison  Ivy"  STILL
         not out anywhere in US. Original US vinyl has a  _third_  version
         of it. Unavailable on CD anywhere else: tracks 19,  21,  22,  23.
         Track 7 is short "US LP" version.

 Goat's Head Soup                         (31-Aug-1973)
 ================                   PROD: Jimmy Miller

     Dancing With Mr. D / 100 Years Ago / Coming Down Again / Doo  Doo  Doo
     Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) / Angie // Silver Train  /  Hide  Your  Love  /
     Winter / Can You Hear the Music / Star Star

     NB: "censored" version of "Star Star" available only  on  initial  US
         vinyl pressings, distributed by WEA. 20-bit digital  remaster  CD
         issued by Virgin Records June 1994.

 It's Only Rock 'n' Roll                  (01-Oct-1974)
 =======================            PROD: Glimmer Twins

     If You Can't Rock Me / Ain't Too Proud to Beg /  It's  Only  Rock  and
     Roll / Till the Next Goodbye / Time Waits for No One // Luxury / Dance
     Little Sister / If You Really Want to Be My Friend / Short and Curlies
     / Fingerprint File

     NB: First album produced by the 'Glimmer Twins'; between-track timing
         on the CD noticeably "off" from the  vinyl  on  "side  one";  The
         B-side to the single of the  title  track  ("Through  the  Lonely
         Nights") still appears on no compilations or CDs officially.  The
         20-bit digital remaster was issued by Virgin/EMI in June 1994.

 Metamorphosis                            (01-Jun-1975)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<                      PROD: (various)

     Out of Time / Don't Lie To Me / Each and Everyday of the Year /  Heart
     of Stone / I'd Much Rather be With  the  Boys  /  (Walkin'  thru  the)
     Sleepy City / Try a Little Harder // I Don't Know Why / If you Let  Me
     / Jiving Sister Fanny / Downtown Suzie / Family / Memo From  Turner  /
     I'm Going Down

     NB: poorly selected compilation of  outtakes  from  the  Klein  years
         (early sixties to 1970)

 Metamorphosis (uk)                       (01-Jun-1975)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                 PROD: (various)

     Out of Time / Don't Lie To Me / Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind  /
     Each and Every Day of the Year / Heart of Stone / I'd Much  Rather  Be
     with the Boys / (Walkin' through the) Sleepy City / We're Wastin' Time
     / Try A Little Harder // I Don't Know Why / If You  Let  Me  /  Jiving
     Sister Fanny / Downtown Suzie / Family / Memo From Turner / I'm  Going

 Made In the Shade                        (06-Jun-1975)
 =================                  PROD: (various)

     Brown Sugar / Tumbling Dice / Happy  /  Dance  Little  Sister  /  Wild
     Horses // Angie / Bitch / It's Only Rock 'n Roll / Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
     (Heartbreaker) / Rip This Joint

     NB: compilation; Briefly available as a CD under Sony and EMI. Virgin
         Records still have not put a version out on disc.

 Black and Blue                           (01-Apr-1976)
 ==============                     PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Hot Stuff / Hand Of Fate / Cherry Oh  Baby  /  Memory  Motel  //  Hey,
     Negrita / Melody / Fool To Cry / Crazy Mama

     NB: first new album released  with  Ron  Wood  as  a  member.  20-bit
         digital remaster CD, issued by Virgin/EMI 6/94, said to have  one
         or two tracks with longer fades.

 Love You Live                            (23-Sep-1977)
 =============                      PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Intro/Honky Tonk Women / If You Can't Rock Me/Get Off My Cloud / Happy
     / Hot Stuff / Star Star // Tumbling Dice  /  Fingerprint  File  /  You
     Gotta Move / You Can't Always Get What  You  Want  //  Mannish  Boy  /
     Crackin' Up / Little Red Rooster / Around and Around // It's Only Rock
     and Roll / Brown Sugar / Jumping Jack Flash / Sympathy for the Devil

     NB: live double LP; recorded in Paris 1976, Toronto 1977, and several
         uncredited sites; another 'Warhol' cover art; dedicated to  Keith
         Harwood, recently deceased; CD version, which was unavailable for
         5 years after the band left Sony, re-emerged worldwide by the end
         of 1998.

 Some Girls                               (09-Jun-1978)
 ==========                         PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Miss You / When the Whip Comes Down / Just My Imagination / Some Girls
     / Lies // Far Away Eyes / Respectable / Before  They  Make  Me  Run  /
     Beast of Burden / Shattered

     NB: Cover  reworked  due  to  objections  of  pictured   celebrities,
         including Lucille Ball. One flipside  ("Everything's  Turning  to
         Gold") and one remix ("Miss You")  were  later  compiled  on  CD.
         There are rare "Promo" mixes for "Before they Make  Me  Run"  and
         "Shattered" which are still uncompiled. 1st Stones lp preceded by
         a 2-year gap. Virgin/EMI CD rereleases with original packaging in 
         1994 and 1999. 

 Emotional Rescue                         (23-Jun-1980)
 ================                   PROD: Glimmer Twins/Kimsey (assoc.)

     Dance (Pt. I) / Summer Romance / Send it To Me / Let Me  Go  /  Indian
     Girl //  Where the Boys Go / Down in the Hole  /  Emotional  Rescue  /
     She's So Cold / All About You

     NB: Early copies had a very large, color 'thermo' poster, also  found
         in the special limited edition Virgin/EMI CD, June 1994.  "Promo"
         edits of "Emotional Rescue" and "She's So Cold"  (latter  has  no
         line saying "God Damn Cold") are still not compiled on any CD.

 Sucking in the Seventies                 (12-Mar-1981)
 ========================           PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Shattered / Everything Is Turning to Gold / Hot Stuff (version) / Time
     Waits For No One (version) / Fool To  Cry  (version)  //  Mannish  Boy
     (version) / When the Whip Comes Down (live) / If I was a Dancer (Dance
     Pt. 2) / Crazy Mama (version) / Beast of Burden (version)

     NB: Compilation  featuring  six  single  edits,  a  B-side,   and   2
         previously unreleased goodies (tracks 7 and 8). A separate Promo
         12" single has an instrumental version of "If I  was  a  Dancer".
         Only "Shattered" is issued here  as  found  on  its  original  LP
         incarnation. Available on CD under Sony, Virgin has no  plans  to
         release this compilation.

 Tattoo You                               (27-Aug-1981)
 ==========                         PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Start Me Up / Hang Fire / Slave / Little T & A  /  Black  Limousine  /
     Neighbours // Worried About You / Tops / Heaven / No Use in  Crying  /
     Waiting On a Friend

     NB: featured songs in the can from as far back as 1973.  Last Stones'
         studio LP to be preceded by less  than  a  two-year  gap.  20-bit
         digital  remaster  CD  issued  by  Virgin/EMI  June  1994  has  a
         significantly different version of track 3 ("Slave").  The German
         1983 release on CD (EMI) is  the  first-ever  CD  issued  by  The
         Rolling Stones.

 Still Life (American Concert 1981)       (01-Jun-1982)
 ================================== PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Intro (Take the A-Train) / Under My Thumb  /  Let's  Spend  the  Night
     Together / Shattered / Twenty Flight Rock / Going to a Go-Go // Let Me
     Go / Time Is On My Side  /  Just  My  Imagination  /  Start  Me  Up  /
     Satisfaction (outro: "Star Spangled Banner")

     NB: live album from the US  tour  in  '81;  their  first-ever  US  CD
         (issued by mistake in 1984). "Beast of Burden  (live)",  issued
         only as a flipside to "Going to a Go-Go", later appeared  on  the
         1990 CD "Collectibles". Enjoyed a second CD release in 1998 after
         being unavailable for 5 years.

 Undercover                               (01-Nov-1983)
 ==========                         PROD: Glimmer Twins/Chris Kimsey

     Undercover of the Night / She Was Hot / Tie You Up (The Pain of  Love)
     / Wanna Hold You / Feel On Baby // Too Much Blood / Pretty Beat  Up  /
     Too Tough / All the Way Down / It Must Be Hell

     NB: "short" version of "Wanna Hold  You"  available  in  US  only  on
         initial vinyl pressings distributed by WEA, and  in  Germany  and
         Japan on EMI CDs. As of CBS reissue,  the  track  seems  to  have
         disappeared. One flipside ("Think I'm Going Mad", B-side to  "She
         Was Hot") is still "uncompiled".

 Rewind (lp)                              (01-Jun-1984)
 >>>>>>>>>>>                        PROD: (various)

     Brown Sugar / Undercover of the Night / Start Me Up / Tumbling Dice  /
     It's Only Rock 'n' Roll / She's So Cold // Miss You / Beast of  Burden
     / Fool To Cry / Waiting on A Friend / Angie / Respectable

     NB: compilation - UK issue is missing "Hang Fire" from  its  American
         counterpart, but includes "Respectable" and "She's So Cold".

 Rewind (lp)                              (01-Jul-1984)
 <<<<<<<<<<<                        PROD: (various)

     Miss You / Brown Sugar / Undercover of the  Night  /  Start  Me  Up  /
     Tumbling Dice / Hang Fire // Emotional Rescue / Beast of Burden / Fool
     To Cry / Waiting on a Friend / Angie

     NB: compilation. Note  different  track  listing  from  CD,  and  the
         European version of  the  lp,  which  had  "She's  So  Cold"  and
         "Respectable", but left out "Hang Fire".

 Dirty Work                               (21-Mar-1986)
 ==========                         PROD: Steve Lillywhite/Glimmer Twins

     One Hit (to the Body) / Fight / Harlem Shuffle / Hold Back / Too  Rude
     // Winning Ugly / Back To Zero / Dirty Work / Had It With You /  Sleep

     NB: Dedicated to recently deceased Ian Stewart; check  out  "fadeout"
         at end of album.

 Rewind (CD)                              (01-Dec-1986)
 ===========                        PROD: (various)

     Miss You / Brown Sugar / Undercover of the  Night  /  Start  Me  Up  /
     Tumbling Dice / Hang Fire / It's Only Rock'n'Roll / Emotional Rescue /
     Beast of Burden / Fool To Cry / Waiting on a Friend / Angie / Doo  Doo
     Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)

     NB: compilation (adds "Heartbreaker" and "It's Only Rock and Roll" to
         the American LP configuration); A German CBS reissue on vinyl in
         1990 (450199-1) uses this CD-based song lineup.

 The London Years                         (01-Aug-1989)
 ================                   PROD: (various)

     (Disc 1)

     Come On/ I Want To Be Loved/ I Wanna Be Your  Man/  Stoned/  Not  Fade
     Away/ Little By Little/ It's All Over Now/ Good Times, Bad Times/ Tell
     Me/  I  Just  Want  To  Make  Love  To  You/  Time  Is  On  My   Side/
     Congratulations/ Little Red Rooster/ Off The  Hook/  Heart  Of  Stone/
     What A Shame/ The Last Time/ Play With Fire/ Satisfaction/  The  Under
     Assistant West Coast Promotion Man/ The Spider and the Fly/ Get Off Of
     My Cloud/ I'm Free/ The Singer Not the Song/ As Tears Go By

     (Disc 2)               

     Gotta Get Away / 19th Nervous Breakdown / Sad Day / Paint It, Black  /
     Stupid Girl / Long Long While / Mother's Little Helper / Lady  Jane  /
     Have You Seen You Mother,  Baby,  Standing  in  the  Shadow?  /  Who's
     Driving Your Plane / Let's Spend the Night Together / Ruby  Tuesday  /
     We Love You / Dandelion / She's A Rainbow / 2000 Light Years From Home
     / In Another Land / The Lantern / Jumpin' Jack Flash /  Child  of  the

     (Disc 3)

     Street Fighting Man / No Expectations / Surprise Surprise / Honky Tonk
     Women / You Can't Always Get What You Want / Memo From Turner /  Brown
     Sugar / Wild Horses / I Don't Know Why / Try A Little Harder / Out  Of
     Time / Jiving Sister Fanny / Sympathy For the Devil

     NB: Compilation; features most of the singles and flipsides  released
         under DECCA/ABKCO. Heavy overlap with the 1972 compilations  "Hot
         Rocks" (This set has all HR's titles but 3, and  the  "You  Can't
         Always Get What You Want" found here is not the same)  and  "More
         Hot Rocks" (17 of MHR's 25 tracks are found here.)

         On CD here and nowhere  else:  4  "Metamorphosis"  single  sides;
         three early sides ("I Wanna Be Your Man", "I Want to  Be  Loved",
         and "Stoned"); the single version (no choir) of "You Can't Always
         Get What You Want"; and "Sad Day". The  'Performance'  soundtrack
         version of "Memo from  Turner"  was  previously  not  a  'Rolling
         Stones' title in the States.

 Steel Wheels                             (28-Aug-1989)
 ============                       PROD: Chris Kimsey / Glimmer Twins

     Sad Sad Sad / Mixed Emotions / Terrifying / Hold  on  to  Your  Hat  /
     Hearts For Sale / Blinded By Love // Rock and a Hard Place / Can't  Be
     Seen / Almost Hear You Sigh / Continental Drift / Break  the  Spell  /
     Slipping Away

     NB: three flipsides from this  album:  seek  out  "Cook  Cook  Blues"
         ("Rock and a Hard Place"), "Fancyman Blues"  ("Mixed  Emotions"),
         and "Wish I'd Never Met You" ("Terrifying"), or get all three  on
         the 1990 CD compilation entitled "Collectibles". First LP  to  be
         preceded by a 3-year gap.

 Collector's Edition/Collectibles         (01-Jun-1990)
 ================================   PROD: (various)

     Rock and a Hard Place (version) / Miss You (12" single)  /  Cook  Cook
     Blues / Everything Is Turning to Gold / Winning Ugly (remix)  /  Beast
     of Burden (live) / Fancyman Blues / Harlem Shuffle (London Mix) / Wish
     I'd Never Met You / Mixed Emotions (remix)

     NB: included with either the "Collection  1971-1990"  box  set  under
         CBS, or the "Flashpoint" special edition double-pak issued in the
         US (where it uses the name "Collectibles")

 Flashpoint  (CD)                         (02-Apr-1991)
 ================                   PROD: Chris Kimsey / Glimmer Twins

     Continental Drift / Start Me Up / Sad Sad Sad / Miss You / Rock and  a
     Hard Place / Ruby Tuesday / You Can't  Always  Get  What  You  Want  /
     Factory Girl / Can't Be Seen / Little Red Rooster / Paint it  Black  /
     Sympathy  For  the  Devil  /  Brown  Sugar  /  Jumpin'  Jack  Flash  /
     Satisfaction / Highwire / Sex Drive

     NB: Tracks 5 and 9 were not on vinyl version. CD was out of print for
         5 years, after the band left Sony. It  re-emerged  in  1998  from

 Flashpoint  (lp)                         (02-Apr-1991)
 ================                   PROD: Chris Kimsey / Glimmer Twins

     Continental Drift / Start Me Up / Sad Sad Sad / Miss You / Ruby Tueday
     / You Can't Always Get What You Want  /  Factory  Girl  /  Little  Red
     Rooster // Paint It Black / Sympathy For the Devil  /  Brown  Sugar  /
     Jumpin' Jack Flash / Satisfaction / Highwire / Sex Drive

     NB: 14 live + 2 new studio tracks (12+2 on vinyl); first time  there
         was a simultaneous release  of  different  media  with  different
         track lineups; seven live songs from the  same  tour  (1989-1990)
         were released as flipsides to singles from this album. (see  list
         at bottom of document).

 Jump Back - The Best of the Rolling Ston (22-Nov-1993)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROD: (various)

     Start Me Up / Brown Sugar / Harlem Shuffle / It's Only Rock 'n' Roll /
     Mixed Emotions / Angie / Tumbling Dice / Fool To Cry / Rock and a Hard
     Place / Miss You / Hot Stuff / Emotional Rescue / Respectable /  Beast
     of Burden / Waiting On a Friend / Wild horses / Bitch / Undercover  of
     the Night

     NB: Compilation; with 20-bit digital remastering, this is  the  first
         Stones' release on Virgin records (Keith's solo label since 1988)

 Voodoo Lounge (CD)                       (12-Jul-1994)
 ==================                 PROD: Don Was/Glimmer Twins

     Love Is Strong / You Got Me Rocking / Sparks Will Fly /  The  Worst  /
     New Faces / Moon Is Up / Out of Tears / I Go Wild / Brand  New  Car  /
     Sweethearts Together / Suck on the Jugular /  Blinded  by  Rainbows  /
     Baby Break it Down / Thru and Thru / Mean Disposition

     NB: Release date puts this a month shy of being first  Stones'  album
         with a 5-year delay. Flipsides include "The Storm",  "So  Young",
         "Jump On Top of Me"  and  "I'm  Gonna  Drive".  Track  15  ("Mean
         Disposition") is not on non-CD media. First new studio  album  to
         have different track listings on different media.

 Voodoo Lounge (lp)                       (12-Jul-1994)
 ==================                 PROD: Don Was/Glimmer Twins

     Love Is Strong / You Got Me Rocking / Sparks Will Fly // The  Worst  /
     New Faces / Moon Is Up / Out of Tears // I Go Wild / Brand New  Car  /
     Sweethearts Together / Suck on the Jugular // Blinded  by  Rainbows  /
     Baby Break it Down / Thru and Thru

     NB: Release date fell one month shy of being the first Stones'  album
         with a 5-year delay. Flipsides: "The Storm", "So Young", "Jump On
         Top of Me" and "I'm Gonna Drive" (see bottom). CD version is the
         only format with a 15th  track,  "Mean  Disposition".  First  new
         studio album to feature different tracks on diff. media.

 Stripped                                 (14-Nov-1995)
 ========                           PROD: Don Was/Glimmer Twins

     Street Fightin' Man / Like a Rolling Stone / Not Fade Away /  Shine  A
     Light // The Spider and the Fly / I'm Free / Wild  Horses  //  Let  it
     Bleed / Dead Flowers / Slipping Away / Angie // Love In Vain  /  Sweet
     Virginia / Little Baby

     NB: Special "Multimedia" portion of CD features  QuickTime  video  of
         acoustic and backstage jams. Requires computer hardware (& proper
         CD-ROM models) which can recognize the CD-Plus disk format.  Five
         live songs from 1995 tour  ("Tumbling  Dice","Black  Limousine",
         "Gimme Shelter","All Down the Line","Live with Me") released as
         flips on two Euro. CD singles.

 Rock and Roll Circus                     (14-Oct-1996)
 ====================               PROD: Miller/Jody Klein/Lenne Allik

     Song for Jeffrey (Jethro Tull) / A Quick One (The Who) / Ain't That  a
     Lot of Love (Taj Mahal) / Something Better (Marianne Faithfull) /  Yer
     Blues (Dirty Mac) / Whole Lotta Yoko (Yoko Ono, Ivry Gitlis,  and  the
     Dirty Mac) / Jumping Jack Flash / Parachute Woman / No Expectations  /
     You Can't Always Get What You Want / Sympathy for the Devil / Salt  of
     the Earth

     NB: A 1996 release, despite the 1995 copyright info: Soundtrack  disc
         to the December '68 65-minute TV show  which  came  out  on  home
         video simultaneously.  Keith Richards is bassist for  the  "Dirty
         Mac", and the Stones only contribute the last six  tracks.  "Salt
         of the Earth" is live vocals from Jagger, Richards,  and  others,
         over a taped backing track.

 Bridges To Babylon                       (30-Sep-1997)
 ==================                 PROD: (various)

     Flip The Switch / Anybody Seen My Baby / Lowdown / Already Over  Me  /
     Gun Face / You Don't Have to Mean It / Out of Control / Saint Of Me  /
     Might As Well Get Juiced / Always Suffering / Too Tight / Thief in the
     Night / How Can I Stop

     NB: Largest cast of producers yet for a new studio album. Keith sings
         lead for an unprecedented three tracks. No commercially available
         lead-off single in the US, although track 2 was the initial video
         internationally. One flipside emerged: "Any Way You Look At  It",
         from "Saint Of Me".

 No Security                              (03-Nov-1998)
 ===========                        PROD: The Glimmer Twins

     Intro / You Got Me Rocking / Gimme Shelter / Flip The Switch /  Memory
     Motel / Corinna / Saint Of Me / Waiting On A Friend / Sister  Morphine
     / Live With Me / Respectable / Thief In The Night / The  Last  Time  /
     Out Of Control

     NB: live disc  from  1997-1998  tour;  guest  appearances  from  Dave
         Matthews ("Memory Motel"), Joshua Redman ("Waiting On A Friend"),
         and Taj Mahal ("Corinna"). Japanese CD issued with bonus  track:
         "I Just Want to Make Love To You"

      ========================     CDs, CDs, CDs    =========================

    Who issues them? 

      At any one time, legitimate CDs from the Rolling Stones 
      (i.e., CDs the Rolling Stones released under contract, 
      and not the "official but unauthorized" variety of CDs 
      widely issued in Europe in the 1980s and early '90s) 
      are issued by only two going concerns:  

                 [This company, owned by Allen Klein, has the rights 
                 to all Rolling Stones recordings originally issued 
                 up to and including the year 1970. It also owns the
                 publishing on all Rolling Stones compositions up to 
                 and including 1971's "Sticky Fingers", plus a handful 
                 of songs from 1972's "Exile on Main Street". ABKCO's 
                 rights apparently extend to at least the 1996 release 
                 of "Rock and Roll Circus", a previously shelved 1968
                 performance.  Typically, subcontractors such as London 
                 or Polydor are the actual record label on which Stones
                 recordings are issued.]

          "The Rolling Stones" 
                 [The Rolling Stones own all of their post-1970  
                 recordings, and subcontractors, such as EMI, 
                 Sony, Atlantic, Virgin, etc. have been utilized
                 over the years to get the discs and records       
                 to market. The records/discs typically say 
                 "Rolling Stones Records, distributed by 
                 [such-and-such a company]". although as of 
                 "Voodoo Lounge", and the 1994 Virgin rereleases, 
                 the Stones' discs really are on Virgin Records, and 
                 there's no sign of "Rolling Stones Records" to be 
                 found anywhere.] 

      Since "The Rolling Stones" own almost all of their post-1970 
      "recordings", what they can do is license the recordings 
      for release on their current label, whatever it may be, 
      and take the recordings with them when the record company 
      contract expires.  This would explain the variety of companies 
      you may see issuing post-1970 CDs by the Rolling Stones in
      your local used CD store. (Note for American releases:
      American Stones CDs from this era were, up until 1993, 
      and with only one WEA exception, issued only by Sony/CBS, 
      who signed the Rolling Stones worldwide in 1984. One may 
      also find European or Japanese CDs from the post-ABKCO era 
      issued by EMI, the Rolling Stones' label in much of the 
      world from 1977 to 1984.)

    When did they come out? 

      The first Rolling Stones CD ever issued was 'Tattoo You', in 
      Europe by EMI in 1983.  In the States, it is "Still Life", 
      mistakenly released in 1984 by WEA, the Stones' American 
      label at the time. 

      American Stones CDs did not officially appear until 1986, 
      when Sony/CBS started issuing the post-1970 discs it had
      the rights to, and ABKCO began unleashing its cache of 
      1960s recordings on disc in the States as it had been 
      doing since 1984 in Europe.
    What are they like? 
      The release of CDs did not freeze in stone (heh heh) any particular
      version of a song, or album, or Stones recording career overview. 

      Indeed, it exacerbated a long-standing problem where different
      issues of a Stones album have literally different tracks on them, 
      as was the case in the early 60s; or where discernibly different
      versions of a single song may be on different issues of an album, 
      a situation still happening 20 years on, in 1983, with the release 
      of 'Undercover', and its two distinct versions of the song "Wanna 
      Hold You".  

      Even when a CD release has two different versions of a song
      (as in the interesting case of "Poison Ivy" from the
      compilation "More Hot Rocks"), it may still be the case that a
      particular version of a song can only be found on old vinyl. 

      Some examples include: 

      * a full-length version of "2120 South Michigan Avenue" found 
        only on vinyl: the 1965 German compilation LP _Around and Around_

      * the "original" live recording of "Under My Thumb" which did not 
        make it to any post-1986 remaster of the "Got LIVE if you 
        Want it!" album
      Other, more esoteric issues also exist. There are both true
      stereo (i.e., channel-separated stereo) and "Electronically
      Reprocessed" stereo versions of early 60's songs on the
      market. Multiple distinct versions of a single song (as many
      as four!) have seen official release with obvious changes,
      such as a missing guitar solo, an organ intro replacing a
      guitar, and missing percussion tracks, handclaps, or verses. 

      Many (but not all!) of the American ABKCO CDs are considered
      inferior to their pre-1998 Japanese and pre-1995 European 
      counterparts, released on the "London" label, due to a poor 
      selection of masters. 

      Many of the 60's tracks from the non-ABKCO CDs which people 
      find preferable were remastered by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs 
      for an American box set of vinyl reissues in 1984. This 
      deluxe set included the Stones' London Records (US) album 
      catalogue up to and including 1972's "Hot Rocks (1964-1971)". 

      In July 1995, the line became almost hopelessly blurred, as
      ABKCO decided to "streamline" its' worldwide Stones 
      offerings. They revamped the European CD and vinyl catalogue 
      and sold releases made from the masters which had previously 
      produced discs only for the American market. With that decision, 
      ABKCO effectively discontinued the "original European" pressings, 
      which had been available on London-label CDs for nearly a decade.

      ABKCO hype about "remastering" on the front of these post-1995 
      European releases (a red-on-black banner across the bottom) 
      should be taken with a grain of salt. These CDs and LPs 
      are only clones of the inferior CD catalogue which had been 
      available in the United States for many years. 
      This sweeping policy change had a delayed impact
      on Polydor's operations in Japan, however.  In Japan, 
      Polydor continued, through most of 1997, to issue CDs which
      did not conform to the "worldwide" ABKCO standard. The Japanese
      began issuing ABKCO-standard versions in 1997. 

      Just as an informational aside, these ABKCO releases 
      don't all sound like utter crap. The deficits are really only a 
      problem on the early tracks from their first three years, 
      up through 1967. Later ABKCO-era releases such as "Beggar's 
      Banquet" and "Let It Bleed" are considered fine, and finding 
      improved conditions for these albums are a matter of religious
      fervor and having unlimited cash to spend on such rarities as the
      Mono version of these albums. In any case, it is often true that 
      rarities are interesting for their rarity alone, so buyer beware. 

   What do I need minimally for a "complete" Rolling Stones collection on CD?

      As it stands now, there is no way to have a complete 
      Rolling Stones' collection without having at least 
      some old vinyl records.
      With the 1996 release of "The Rolling Stones 
      Rock and Roll Circus", it is also impossible to 
      have a complete set of Rolling Stones recordings 
      on vinyl, as there was no vinyl release of "Rock 
      and Roll Circus".
      As this applies to ABKCO, there are 22 song _titles_ never 
      issued on CD at all, and 12 of those come from the 1975
      compilation "Metamorphosis", which can be found on several
      illegitimate CD releases. There are several previously released
      and available _versions_ of other titles which yet to see the
      light of laser.

      As it applies to Rolling Stones Records (the releases from 
      1971 through 1991) there are four _titles_ still not ever
      released on CD: one of those appeared only on a magazine 
      flexi-disc in 1972, and two others were flipsides to 7" 
      singles. There are more than a dozen variations of already 
      released RSR-era titles (i.e., promo/mono edits or dance remixes)
      titles which themselves are not on CD.

      The ABKCO years:

      When wondering "which version" of an ABKCO CD to buy, consider 
      recommendations on sound quality from friends, and remember, 
      if you are trying to accomplish a complete collection of what 
      IS available from the Stones on CD, even though that's a 
      subset of the officially released Stones canon, no collection 
      which does not mix the commonly available ABKCO catalogue 
      (the "US" CDs) and the pre-1998 Japanese/pre-1995 European discs 
      will do it for you, 

      Because... no "US" CD has, for example, the five-minute-plus 
      version of "Out of Time" (from "Aftermath"), the full-length 
      "Tell Me" (from the first album) or true stereo versions of 
      several early tracks, even ones that were available in true 
      stereo on American vinyl previously (such as "Paint It, Black").  

      And... a number of songs never appeared on "UK" albums in
      the 60s, but exclusively on either American LPs or mid-70s UK
      compilations. Those mid-70s compilations have stayed out of 
      print in this age of the compact disc, and the pre-1995 
      European CDs ape the lineups of the European album releases
      from the 60s. 

      The comments on the individual albums, listed above in the
      detailed discography, provide a complete  overview of these
      "orphan" tracks.  
      For all the faults of the "US lineup" of album releases, it
      is a lineup which did end up offering the more complete (if
      slightly out of order) overview of the Stones' recording
      career. Buying strictly from the current "American" CD (ABKCO) 
      lineup will give you a complete collection of pre-1971 titles 
      which are available on official CD. 
      But, you have to buy them _all_ (including the 3-disc
      "London Years" box set, which has nearly a dozen tracks
      unavailable anywhere else on CD), and you only get to
      economize by leaving out the double-disc "Hot Rocks
      (1964-1971)" and the two single-disc  "Big Hits"
      compilations: buy everthing else, and only then do 
      these three CD titles finally become superfluous. 

      After all this CD collecting, you still will not have
      the following pre-1971 titles: 
         * the six vinyl-only tracks which were released in Germany 
           only ("I've been Loving You Too Long (studio)", "Con le Mie 
           Lacrime", "Tell Me Baby, How Many More Times", "Memphis 
           Tennessee", "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Cocksucker Blues") 

         * the first three tracks from the 1965 EP "Got Live if 
           You Want it!" (although one of these tracks is just a 
           restless crowd chanting "We Want the Stones!", called, 
           appropriately enough, "We want the Stones!") 

         * the 12 tracks from the UK version of the 1975 compilation 
           _Metamorphosis_ which never made it to the _London Years_ 
           box. So far, the only non-bootleg CD source of ANY tracks 
           from _Metamorphosis_ is the _London Years_ box, and it
           only provides four of that album's 16 tracks. 
      The post-ABKCO years: 

      Certain later (post-1970) albums were notoriously mistreated in their 
      switch to digital, and with the advent of 20-bit mastering
      technology, Virgin Records reissued 20-bit remasters of the
      Rolling Stones' studio output from "Sticky Fingers" (1971) to
      "Steel Wheels" (1989) (with eight of these titles available in 
      limited edition commemmorative packaging) in June 1994.

      Some people report (trivially) longer fades on some of the tracks 
      on these Virgin remasters, raising the spectre of "different versions" 
      all over again, and forcing one to track down CBS-issue CDs in 
      order to have a complete set of CD-available _versions_. 

      At this point, the future on CD of the three compilations
      originally issued by "Rolling Stones Records" between 1975 and 1984
      is up in the air. All of these were issued on CD at some point
      after 1984 by CBS but are now out of print.  Of the three 
      compilations, only the single-disc compilation "Sucking
      in the Seventies" has material which can't be culled from
      other currently available CD sources. 

      Three live albums from the RSR years which had been out of 
      print for five years ("Love You Live", "Still Life", and 
      "Flashpoint") began reappearing in Japan and Europe in 1998. 
      Shortly thereafter, American versions came on the market.
      About two dozen post-ABKCO tracks have never been issued on
      CD, although only four of them ("Let it Rock", "Exile on
      Main Street Blues", "Through the Lonely Nights", and "Think
      I'm Going Mad")  are actually distinct performances. For the
      most part, the body of post-ABKCO work still not on CD is
      relegated to 12" "dance" remixes and mono/promo edits of
      singles. The value of these is set in the hearts/minds of
      individual collectors.

   What about stereo versions of early Stones tracks? 

      (Thanks to Chris M. [] for this section,
       and to Glen Cassan and Luke Pacholski for pointing out
       where changes were appropriate.)  

      "Aftermath", released in the US in June 1966, was the first 
      American Stones' stereo album where some true stereo versions 
      actually reported for duty, and which were not the 
      'Electronically Reprocessed' Stereo, of American predecessors. 

      In the age of the CD, some of the material originally 
      issued before the release of "Aftermath" emerged, scattershot 
      fashion, in _true_ Stereo, on compact disc. This material is
      valuable not just for its curiosity value but because of the
      extremely high fidelity of the music, and the fact that much 
      of it was never issued in America. 

      Until the end of 1997, it was Japanese-issued CDs 
      which provided the bulk of the "early Stereo" content.

      At that point, Japanese CDs purchased factory-fresh 
      stopped delivering reliably the versions itemized in the
      following paragraphs. Any comments about stereo versions
      of early material on Japanese CDs should strictly be 
      interpreted to mean the discs which were on the market 
      through much of 1997.  
      The Japanese CD "Rolling Stones No. 2" had true stereo 
      on "Time Is On My Side", "What A Shame" (Charlie hammers 
      the right channel!), "Down The Road Apiece" and "I Can't 
      Be Satisfied", with the remaining tracks in mono. 

      There was a Japanese issue of "The Rolling Stones, Now!" 
      with a stereo "Heart of Stone", but, faithful to the track 
      listing of its' original LP counterpart, it included neither 
      "Time Is On My Side" nor "I Can't Be Satisfied".  It did, 
      however, include true stereo of "What a Shame" and "Down the
      Road Apiece" , tracks which are also found on "No.2". 

      The "American"/ABKCO release of "Now!" duplicates the
      stereo tracks which were on the Japanese "Now!". "Now!" is 
      the only "American"/ABKCO CD to include true stereo versions 
      of any pre-"Aftermath" material. (Note also that the versions 
      of track 1, "Everybody Needs Somebody..." are NOT identical 
      on the two discs, and that the Japanese "Now!" has the 
      short 3-minute version.)  

      To summarize to this point: The Japanese "No. 2" had 4 stereo 
      tracks, and any country's version of "Now!" has two of those 4, 
      plus a third, bringing the total number of early stereo tracks 
      to 5 so far.

      On the 1965 title "December's Children", one finds a very 
      high-fidelity (but alas, not true stereo) "Look What You've
      Done". The Japanese issue of "December's" was once thought to 
      have a true stereo of both that song and "Get Off My Cloud", but
      the currently sold Japanese release definitely does not.

      The UK track listing of the 1966 greatest-hits compilation 
      album "High Tide and Green Grass" was used for a Japanese CD 
      reissue which had true stereo on "It's All Over Now", "Heart 
      of Stone", and "Time is on my Side". This same "High Tide" CD 
      inexplicably used the 'electronically reprocessed stereo' version 
      of "Get Off My Cloud", even though a true stereo of "GOMC" was
      available, and issued on other disc titles.

      Then we come to the Japanese CD versions of the 1972 
      titles "Hot Rocks" and "More Hot Rocks". These two sets 
      were issued overseas as four separate discs: "Hot
      Rocks 1", "Hot Rocks 2", "More Hot Rocks 1", "More Hot 
      Rocks 2". All combined, they provided most of the tracks 
      mentioned above. Note the 3 exceptions: 
        "Look What You've Done"
        "What A Shame"
        "Down the Road Apiece". 
      These 3 tracks are on neither "Hot Rocks" nor "More Hot Rocks".  

      (If you are seriously considering buying only one of the 
      Japanese "More Hot Rocks" discs, keep in mind that the Japanese 
      release of it is not a song-for-song matchup of their ABKCO 
      counterpart discs. No tracks are missing, but the order 
      and configuration of songs is different. Note also that 
      at some point late in 1997, the Japanese catalogue was 
      overhauled, and made from the mono/crappy masters the rest of
      the world's catalogues had been subject to since 1995.) 

      All of "Hot Rocks 2" is in stereo (no big deal for the 
      most part, although some find that the true stereo tracks 
      "Honky Tonk Woman" and "Street Fightin' Man" are very 
      desirable.) and on "Hot Rocks 1", mono is the exception 
      and not the rule. The pre-"Aftermath" stereo tracks 
      on "HR1" included "Time Is On My Side", "Heart Of Stone", 
      "Play With Fire", "Satisfaction", "Get Off My Cloud",
      "Paint It, Black" and "Mother's Little Helper".

      "More Hot Rocks 1" has true stereo for both "It's All 
      Over Now" and the shorter, "American" version of the track 
      "Out of Time" (3:50). "More Hot Rocks 2" rounds out 
      our list of pre-June,1966 stereo with "What To Do" and 
      "I Can't Be Satisfied".
      "The Last Time", "19th Nervous Breakdown", and
      "As Tears Go By" have never been _officially_ released 
      in Stereo, but are available on 'unauthorized' (some 
      would say "bootleg") CDs, including one title called, 
      helpfully, "In Stereo" (Chapter One, 25203). Be forewarned, 
      however: there's no bootleg CD with stereo versions which 
      has received universal praise for either fidelity or 
      separation. Ironically, the real selling point of the 
      stereo tracks is the rich fidelity, so YMMV.

    ========================Flipsides and oddities=========================

    The following selections appeared on the 1980 German Compilation
    LP called "For Collector's Only" [sic], and the 1984 4 LP German boxed 
    set "The Rest of the Best",  but nowhere on the albums listed above for  
    the USA or UK.  Since the deletion of these two compilations, 
    these tracks remain unavailable officially.  Items marked "F" are 
    available on "For Collector's Only", and "B", the German box.
    (Note that the first and sixth tracks are glorified bootlegs, 
    the third and fourth are not _really_ the Rolling Stones, 
    but rather the "Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra", and 
    that "For Collectors Only" would get you the two remaining

  B  "Tell Me Baby, How Many Times"     recorded Chicago, June 1964
  BF "I've Been Loving You too Long"    recorded Los Angeles, May 1965
  B  "Da Doo Ron Ron"                   Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra,  1964
  B  "Memphis Tennessee"                      ""               ""
  BF "Con le Mie Lacrime"               Italian "As Tears Go By", Spring '66
  B  "Cocksucker Blues"                 Olympic Studios, 1970 
                                         (limited edition 7" bonus single
                                         found _only_ w/ Sept. '84 issue
                                         of the box; deleted in later issues.)

    The following titles/versions have been officially released  
    by the Rolling Stones for public consumption at some point, 
    intentionally or not, but have yet to appear on any LP or 
    compilation released in the States or the UK.           
    By "officially released", we mean that they were not 
    _exclusively_ found on promotional items, even if (as in 
    the case with "Exile on Main Street Blues") 'release' meant 
    nothing more than the appearance on a flexi-disc issued 
    with a magazine, and not available for separate purchase.   

1968   "Street Fightin' Man"
                        Notorious 1st issue of the US single had not only 
                        a politically charged (and banned) picture sleeve
                        of a riot scene,  but an alternate musical version
                        which disappeared as well. The rare single has a 
                        different vocal track and more piano than the 
                        familiar "Beggar's Banguet" version. One of the 
                        priciest of all Stones rarities.

                        Hand-written matrix number on the final groove
                        is XDR-43220A X, with the number 14939 written 
                        in mirror image above it.

                        This version also showed up on an orange-label
                        London Records promo single with the same 
                        matrix number. 

1971   "Let It Rock"    - third track on UK "Brown Sugar" single
                        - replaced "Sister Morphine" on the Spanish version 
                            of the LP "Sticky Fingers"
                        - This live track from 1971 is widely bootlegged 
                            along with the remainder of the Leeds University
                            show from which it is taken.

1971   "Sway"
                        This 3:25 version was the B-side to original 
                        "Wild Horses" 7" single in the States.

1972   "Exile on Main Street Blues"
                        promotional flexi-disc, included w/purchase of 
                        UK magazine. 

1972   "All Down the Line"
                        B-side to the single "Happy", this is a different 
                        version from the LP's. This pressing of the 
                        single was eventually discontinued.

1974   "Through the Lonely Nights"
                        flipside to "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" 7" 45

1978+  "She's a Rainbow"/"2000 Light Years From Home"
                        The 1967 US 7" promo held edited versions of
                        these two songs, which eventually reappeared, 
                        after 1978, on a regular-issue London Records 
                        US single by mistake. The 1978 label is "Sunset" 
                        style, and etched into closing groove of single 
                        is the matrix number 5N-906.

1984   "Think I'm Going Mad" 
                        flipside to "She Was Hot" 7" 45

1990  The "Flashpoint" sides. A number of live performances
      recorded on the 1989-1990 tours were used as flipsides
      to singles pulled off the live album "Flashpoint". These 

      "2000 Light Years from Home"      (Highwire   US7", UK CD single "A")
      "Undercover of the Night"         (Sexdrive   US7", 
                                              Ruby Tueday UK CD single "A")
      "Play With Fire"                  (Ruby Tuesday 7", UK CD single "A")
      "I Just Wanna Make Love To You"   (Highwire  UK12", UK CD single "A")
      "Tumbling Dice"                   (Jumpin' JF   7", Benelux CD single)
      "Street Fightin' Man"             (Benelux CD single [same as above] )
      "Harlem Shuffle"                  (Ruby Tuesday     UK CD single "B")

      This list does not pretend to exhaust your methods of getting
      the tracks, it just offers suggestions for finding them.
1993  "Gimme Shelter (live)" - (cassette only, UK only) - 
             issued as part of a benefit project for the homeless in 
             1993, in which various artists cover the song, the Stones' 
             contribution was a live, "Urban Wheels" version. This
             version does appear on a CD, but it is the Promo. 

1994  "The Storm" (Flipside of "Love Is Strong" - found on US 
             cassette, CD single, and 7" vinyl of "LIS".  Also on 
             the 4-track European CD VSCDT1503, and a Limited 
             Edition, numbered, 7" UK single.)

1994  "So Young" (Found on European "Love Is Strong" CD listed 
             immediately above, and the US CD single for "Out 
             of Tears".)

1994  "Jump On Top of Me" (Found on European CD [VSCDG 1518], 
          cassette [VST 1518] and Ltd. edition 7" UK single of "You 
          Got me Rocking", but NOT on the UK 12" vinyl single, which 
          has 3 remixes of YGMR only. In the States, it's found on CD 
          single V25H-38468, cassette single, and 12" single. Also, 
          this is on the full-length soundtrack CD to Robert Altman's 
          1994 film "Pret-a-Porter". It is also on the "Voodoo
          Lounge CD-ROM", an interactive computer disc released in 
          November 1995, as one of four choices for musical 
          accompaniment to the "Screen Raver".)

1994   "I'm Gonna Drive" (flipside of "Out of Tears", found on US 
           Cassette single 4km-38459, the US CD single V25H-38459,
           the US 7" NR-38459, and in the UK on the 7" single and 
           CD single.)

1995   "I Go Wild (live)" (found on US/European CD-5 of "I Go Wild";
           performance is taken from the Nov. 25, 1994 show in Miami,
           Florida at Joe Robbie Stadium.) 

1995   "Black Limousine (live)" (Track 2 on European CD-5 of "Like a 
           Rolling Stone" [VSCDT 1562], released October 1995; also on 
           the American "LARS" single V25F-38523; and the Japanese CD 
           of the full-length album release, "Stripped"; 
           Performance is from Brixton Academy in London, July 1995.)          

1995   "All Down the Line (Live)" (Track 3 on European CD-5 of "Like a 
           Rolling Stone" [VSCDT 1562], October 1995, and in November
           of that year on the US CD single V25F-38523) 
1996   "Live With Me (live)" 
       "Tumbling Dice (live)"
       "Gimme Shelter (live)" 
           (These are tracks 2, 3, and 4 from the first 
            European CD single issued for "Wild Horses"
            [VSCDT 1578]. "WH" was taken from "Stripped". 
            "TD" is actually an edit of two versions: a 
            rehearsal and a public performance.)

            This version of "Gimme Shelter" also wound up in a couple 
            places associated with the 1998 release "Saint Of Me": 
            the US CD5 (7243 8 38627-2-6) and CD #1 of the European 
            double disc release (7243 8 94750 2 9). 
1998   "Anyway You Look at It" 
           Found on 
           - the US CD5, 2-track CD single, 12" vinyl, and 7" vinyl 
             for "Saint of Me". 
           - the European CD2 of the 2-disc European set for "SOM". 
           - the European 7" picture disc single for "Saint" 

1998   "Honest I Do"
           Found on the soundtrack to the film "Hope Floats", 
           this 1995 redo of a cover which appeared on their first
           album is from the sessions for "Stripped" at EMI-Toshiba 
           in Japan.

1980-1998  The "remixes".  While the Collectibles CD includes
      one remix each of several popular songs, some remixes 
      persist without ever getting issued on any official 

      "Undercover (Extended)"            (Undercover     12")
      "Feel On Baby (Instrumental)"      (""             " ")
      "Too Much Blood" (several exist)   (Too Much Blood 12")
      "Harlem Shuffle (New York mix)"    (Harlem Shuffle 12")
      "One Hit (London Mix)"             (One Hit        12")
      "Winning Ugly (NY Mix)"            (WU Canada-only 12") 
      "Rock and a Hard Place"            (R & a HP    US 12")
          (Oh oh hard dub mix, Bonus Beats Mix, and Dance Mix) 
      "Terrifying (remix)"               (Terrifying     12")
      "Sexdrive" (Club Mix, Dirty Hands Mix) 
                                         (Sexdrive Euro- CD5)
      "Love Is Strong" (Bob Clearmountain Mix)
                                         (4th track on European
                                           CD single VSCDT1503)
      "Love Is Strong" (Joe the Butcher club mix, plus 
                        5 Teddy Riley mixes - radio, extended,
                        extended rock, dub, & instrumental)
                                         (UK CD VSCDX1503)
                       (US 12" has all these except the radio mix, 
                        US CD  has the extended and the instrumental.
                        US 7"  has the extended.)

      "You Got Me Rocking" (Perfecto Mix, Sexy Disco Dub Mix, and Trance 
                            Mix, last of which is on the UK and US 12" vinyl 
                            singles and US CD-5; first two are on the UK and 
                            Australian 4-track CD-5.)

      "Out Of Tears"  (Don Was Edit, and the Bob Clearmountain Remix Edit;
                          both found on US Cassette single 4km-38459
                               and US 7" NR-38459.)

      "Sparks Will Fly" (Radio Clean; found on VSCDT 1524, 7243 8 92711 26)
                            Added to the European CD-5 of "Out of Tears", the
                            big change, in the words of Michael Honig 
               It sounded as if someone has added some ... ahem, "lubricant" 
               exactly on the little holes of the cd that encode the words 
               of the line in question: It goes something like 
                      "... I wanna <swoosh>'uck you sweet a<swoosh>" 

      "I Go Wild" (Scott Litt remix, and Luis Vesto Straight Vocal mix)
                      Both are on the US CD-5 for "I Go Wild", 
                      rel. April 1995 (V25H-38478); and a European 
                      CD-5 released the month after that. "Scott Litt 
                      remix" is also available on a Ltd. Edition UK 7" 
                      picture disc.

      "Like a Rolling Stone (Edit)" 
               A 4:18 version of the Bob Dylan cover tune done on the 
               November 1995 album "Stripped". Found on the European 
               CD-5 for "LARS" [VSCDT 1562], released October 1995. 

       "Anybody Seen My Baby?"
              LP Edit, Soul Solution Remix, and Armand's Rolling 
              Steelo Mix (10:29) are on a UK CD single: 7243 8 94597 22 
              [VSCDT 1653].  An LP Edit (4:08) and Soul Solution Remix
              Edit are found on a special-edition clear vinyl numbered 
              7" single. A 6:01 "Bonus Roll" is on the 12" vinyl issued 
              in Europe. 
              ASMB remixes popped up on releases of 
              "Saint Of Me": on CD#1 of the European double-CD, 
              there's the "Phil Jones Remix" (4:26); and on the 
              double-vinyl 12" of "Saint", two previously 
              released ASMB remixes - the Bonus Roll
              and Armand's Rolling Steelo Mix.
       "Saint Of Me"
              A Radio Edit (4:08) appears on the European 7" picture disc 
              (7243 8 94750-7-4) and either of the 2 CDs from the 
              European double-CD issue. 
              Todd Terry Extended Remix (6:00) and Deep Dish Club 
              Mix (7:35) are both on the US CD5 (7243 8 38627-2-6) 
              and the US vinyl 12" (7243 8 38626-1-0).  
              Deep Dish Grunge Garage Remix (Pts. 1 and 2) is 
              on CD2 of the European set, and both of the two European
              vinyl 12" releases (7243-8-94750-6-7, and the ltd. edition
              double-vinyl). Both of these European vinyl 12"
              releases offer both the Deep Dish Grunge Garage Dub (7:23) 
              and the Deep Dish Rolling Dub (7:16). 
              Deep Dish Grunge Dub (7:22) is on the US 12" vinyl. 
       "Out Of Control"
              On the European CD5 (7243 8 95081 2 3/VSCDF 1700) and 
              12" vinyl (7243 8 95081 6 1/VST 1700), one finds 
              "In Hand with Fluke" (8:27), "In Hand With Fluke 
              Instrumental" (5:58), and "Bi-Polar At The Controls" (5:10). 
              Additionally, the CD5 and 2-track CD both have a 3:38 
              Album Radio Edit. The 12" vinyl and limited edition 
              clear CD single add "Bi-Polar's Fat Controller Mix" (5:24).
              The "Saber Final Mix" (5:44) appears on the limited
              edition single, also. A radio edit of "In Hand with 
              Fluke" (4:30) appears on a limited edition 7" single.
              A double-vinyl 12" offers "In Hand wih Fluke", "In
              Hand with Fluke Full Length",               
1971-1998  The "promos".  Released to radio stations and DJ pools, 
      promotional singles will often include a version of a record that
      is more amenable to commercial airplay or dance club use, by virtue 
      of cleaned-up language, a different running time, or a hotter mix 
      more friendly to the intended arena (AM radio play or dance clubs).

      Many 7" promos were issued for the Rolling Stones where one side
      is "Mono" and the other is "Stereo", but here we catalogue 
      records that were more substantially altered or edited, 
      AND did not see a public, intentional commercial release: 

      "Dandelion"/"We Love You"                      (Promo           7")
           ("WLY" edited to 3:10 down from the usual 4:00 plus. From 
            "Dandelion", the intro and refrains of "Dandelion" at the   
            end are missing.)         
      "She's a Rainbow"/"2000 Light Years from Home" (Promo           7")
           (released commercially by mistake in 1978 - see above.)
      "Wild Horses"                                  (Promo           7")
           (a shorter version of the 1971 song) 
      "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll"  (shorter)           (Promo           7")
      "Before They make Me Run"                      (Promo           7")
      "Shattered" (clocks in under 3 minutes!!)      (Promo           7")
      "Emotional Rescue" (4:18)                      (Promo           7")
      "She's So Cold"                                (Promo           7")
           ('clean' version - lyrics have 'God damn cold' removed)      
      "If I was a Dancer (Instrumental)"             (Promo          12")
      "Waiting On a Friend" (more than a minute off) (Promo           7")
      "Undercover" (3:59)                            (Promo           7")
      "Sexdrive" (Edited Club version)               (US Promo       12")
      "Wild Horses (Edit)"  (4:07)                   (European Promo CD 
                                                              VSCDJ 1578)
      "Saint of Me":                                 (Eur. white-label
        Todd Terry Fade (3:35)                            dbl. 12" vinyl)
        Todd Terry Tee's Freeze Dub (7:45)
        Todd Terry Dub #2 (7:45)
      "Flip the Switch (Clean Version)",             (US Promo        CD)
          "Flip the Switch (Call Out Hook)" (#1 and #2) 
      "Out Of Control"                  
        Album Radio Edit (3:59)      (Eur Promo CD VSCDXJ    1700 LC3098) 
        Call Out Hook(0:17)          (USA Promo CD DPRO 7087-6-13159-2-9)
        Don Was Live Remix (6:54)    (all three versions on both promo discs)

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