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Rolling Stones FAQ [2/4]

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Archive-name: music/rollingstones-faq/part2
Last-modified: 2000/02/28
Version: 7.02

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                 Rolling Stones' Mailing list/newsgroup FAQ

                 Part Two
                 The Rolling Stones--Live and Unreleased recordings

 COPYRIGHT 1994-2000 (c) Anthony J. Rzepela (editor)

   This collection of four works is under the copyright of the editor, 
   who may, at his discretion, relinquish said copyright to the authors 
   named herein.

   This collection may not be broken up, or be made available 
   by any publisher.  It may not be redistributed in any form 
   if any changes are made to it except by the holder of the 
   The editor of this FAQ retains all rights for use of it.

   No author or proofreader or assistant credited herein grants 
   the use of his or her name to any publisher.  Be warned that 
   attempts to publish this shared work-in-progress may interfere 
   with legal commitments individual authors may privately hold 
   with publishers.

       The Rolling Stones--Live and Unreleased Recordings
       (Version 6.02 of *this* document, February 28, 2000)

     The Rolling Stones have been around for over 30 years and have released
     many albums.  However, for some fans, they haven't released enough. 
     This is a guide for those fans who want to know what the Stones were
     doing on their many unrecorded tours, or are curious to hear the various
     working stages of a classic song.  The only way to hear this is from
     unauthorized recordings.

     This portion of the FAQ is an introduction and guide to the unauthorized
     recordings of the Rolling Stones.  This information is for educational
     purposes only.  Please note that this article is _not_ written by Tony
     Rzepela.  Your humble author chooses to remain anonymous; call me Mr. X. 
     Any comments, questions, or additional information concerning this
     portion of the FAQ should be posted to Undercover; I will see it and
     modify the FAQ as needed.

     (Thanks to those of you who have contributed.  You know who you are. 
     Also thanks to those of you who have posted reviews to Undercover, which
     I have added to fill gaps in my knowledge.  Hope you don't mind :)).

     This is intended to be a general reference, to be carried around when
     looking for unauthorized recordings.  If you see such a recording, check
     the date/location in the FAQ for quality and my comments.  This document
     doesn't have song titles but does include standard live set lists, in
     case you are looking for a live version of a certain song but aren't
     sure if it was ever performed.  Set lists don't vary too much except for
     the first shows of a tour and the Voodoo Lounge through No Security

     For song titles on a particular CD/LP, consult John Artukovich's
     "Fingerprint File" at (was removed
     but now back), or Hendrik Mulder's "Love You Live" at, or Remco Terhoeven's page at  Books include _Hot Wacks_ (many
     mistakes but at least the song titles are right), Nico Zentgraf's
     _Collector's Delight or Collector's Disease_ (CD only, out of date now).

     For current CD info, especially Vinyl Gang Productions, consult Jaime
     Castenada's "The Stones Files" at

     For setlists, try accessing Nico's data on the web at
     For set lists on the "No Security" tour, see Bjornulf Vik's IORR web
     site at
     For interesting analysis and commentary on Stones concerts and outtakes,
     Also, a new version of Dieter Hoffmann's "Schwarzbuch" (Black Book) is
     now out.  It's the definitive Stones bootleg book.  This edition is done
     loose leaf style so future releases can be added easily.  For brief
     information, see

     Unauthorized recordings may be either live concerts or studio outtakes. 
     Live concerts may be recorded in several ways:  In the audience using a
     hand held tape recorder, by a sound man from the soundboard, or from a
     radio broadcast.  Audience recordings will generally sound the worst,
     but modern technology makes it possible to have very good audience
     recordings.  Studio outtakes are generally of good quality as the
     recording is usually professionally done.  In all cases, sound quality
     will deteriorate as analog copies are made from one generation to the

     This is a partial list of unauthorized recordings of the Rolling Stones. 
     It is not complete.  I have omitted many LPs and CDs, and virtually all
     tape only performances.  Many of the best recorded performances have
     been released by as many as 10 different companies; I have listed only
     the best or one of the best versions.  This list is biased toward in-
     print CDs since they are what most people want, and can be found without
     too much difficulty.  However, I have included some out of print and
     hard to get items which I consider important.

     Listings are by location, date, length, quality, and source.  All
     quality ratings from 1 to 10 are done by the author, with 1 being
     unlistenable and 10 being perfect release quality.  Since I can't listen
     to everything, some ratings are from books, fanzines, or postings to
     Undercover.  These ratings are in the form of EX (excellent), VG+ (very
     good plus), etc.  'm' indicates mono, 's' stereo, and 'es' electronic

Part 1:  The Early Years with Brian Jones

     Most of the recordings from this period are either from media
     appearances such as the BBC and TV shows, or studio outtakes. Although
     the band toured constantly, there are few unauthorized concert
     recordings.  This was the time of Beatlemania, and screaming girls and
     often riots at concerts.  With the extremely primitive PA systems of the
     era, the Stones were frequently drowned out by the audience.

     Set lists:
     Second English tour, Feb./March 1964:  Talking About You, Roadrunner,
     Roll Over Beethoven, You Better Move On, Beautiful Delilah, It's
     Alright, Not Fade Away, I Wanna Be Your Man.
     September/October 1964 UK tour:  I Just Wanna Make Love to You, Walking
     the Dog, If You Need Me, It's Alright, Around and Around, It's All Over
     March 1965 UK tour:  Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Pain in My Heart,
     Down the Road Apiece, Time is on My Side, I'm Moving On, It's Alright,
     Little Red Rooster, Route 66, The Last Time, Everybody Needs Somebody to
     September/October 1965 UK tour:  Mercy Mercy, Cry to Me, The Last Time,
     Oh Baby We Got a Good Thing Going, I'm Moving On, She Said Yeah,
     Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, That's How Strong My Love is, Talkin'
     'bout You.
     Paris March 29, 1966 1st show:  The Last Time, Mercy Mercy, She Said
     Yeah, Play with Fire, Not Fade Away, That's How Strong My Love is, I'm
     Moving On, The Spider and the Fly, Time is on My Side, 19th Nervous
     Breakdown, Around and Around, Get Off of My Cloud, It's Alright,
     Paris April 11, 1967:  Paint It Black, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Lady
     Jane, Get Off of My Cloud, Yesterday's Papers, Under My Thumb, Ruby
     Tuesday, Let's Spend the Night Together, Going Home, Satisfaction.
     No audience tapes earlier than 1967 are circulating although there are
     rumors of earlier tapes.

BBC '63-'65;                                      "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb"/
I quote from an Internet review:  "This 2-CD set comprises all available
studio recordings from the BBC sessions in chronological order.  The quality
is very good to superb mono/stereo.  Unlike other titles most of these tracks
are from tape/CD sources.  Having this set makes all other titles (e.g. Get
Satisfaction If You Want, Cracking Up, Beautiful Delilah, Rape of the Vaults,
etc.) unnecessary...  VGP's 'The Lost Treasure' is nothing new."  However, a
follow up review said:  "I totally disagree.  Seems to me that 'beat beat
beat' trims beginnings and/or ends of songs in some cases that are complete in
'get satisfaction if you want.'"  Note:  I have not heard this yet.  I assume
that "Get Satisfaction if You Want" and "Crackin' Up" combined have most of
these tracks but miss a few.

Ed Sullivan TV '64-'67;                 7.5 m;   "Conquer America"/others
Their famous TV appearances are available on several LPs and CDs, for over 20
years, and video as well.  Many if not all performances are live vocals with
the rest of the band miming to the studio version of the song, so not that
interesting.  The 1969 appearance is not on this disc because at the time of
its release, the performance was not yet 20 years old; this legal barrier was
surmounted for later releases.  Of course some people don't worry about things
like that.

Outtakes '63-'65;             30 min;   9.0 s;   "Bright Lights Big City"
A combination of very early outtakes and Chess Studios outtakes.  Old LPs are
made from scratchy acetates but sound quite good otherwise; later CD releases
have lost the scratches.  (Old LPs also have an inferior Montreux '72, see
below.)  Moderately interesting; the early Stones sound none too confident in
the studio.

Misc. early live;                                "Bright Lights, Big City"
I quote from an Internet review:  "Very nice 2cd pack with early live material
like NME poll winners 1964 and 1965, TAMI show, Saturday night at the London
palladium, Ed Sullivan shows, Ready Steady go 1965 and 1966 etc.  ALL these
recording were released before but to get these recordings, you needed [a]
minimum [of] 7 titles..."  Another Internet review added:  "Most of this has
been available before but the NME Poll winners tracks are an upgrade to me.  I
almost bought the complete 2CD NME show from 1965 just to get the 3 Stones
tracks but now for the money you get a great sounding but nothing new 2cd
Stones only set.  This has a great booklet also!  Unfortunately, bootleggers
have nothing new to put out so they keep rehashing old stuff with a new title
or package.  Don't fall for this."  Even the title is copied.

Misc. early live;                                "Record Mirror"
Two separate box sets.  I quote an Internet review:  "Overall a waste of money
unless you're new to the bootleg collecting world.  If you have a decent
collection already there's nothing new here except the great booklets.  The
sound is good but the quality is NOT upgraded at all.  In fact there is much
hiss from the sources and some tracks have crackle[s] from vinyl!  This is a
good set if you have nothing but it's nothing but a rehash of everything
that's out there already except that it's in one convenient place.  It's not
worth the big price tag."

Outtakes '64-'70;            210 min;   9.0 m&s;  "The Black Box"
Compilation of most of the decent sounding outtakes from the early period. 
Most have been available on other releases but a few are new here.  Includes
the Stones portion of the "Karaoke" (instrumental outtakes) CD.  Having this
set would be enough early outtakes for most people.

Outtakes '64-'70;                      "From Mason's Yard to Primrose Hill"
Nothing particularly rare here, but said to be "superior" quality.  I haven't
heard it.  The title comes from Gered Mankowitz's limited edition photo book.

Outtakes '64-'73;             70 min;   8.0 s; "Mad Shadows"
A fine collection of material over the years including material never
available before, even to tape traders.  Mostly excellent sound.

The Hague, 8/8/64;                      4.0 m; "Back to the Hague"
I quote from an Internet review:  "To my knowledge the first ever audience
tape of the Stones...  The concert of the Stones in the Hague at the Kurhaus,
the Hague (which was one of the most fancy hotels back then) was the Stones'
first ever concert on the European continent.  Opening acts were some dreadful
Dutch entertainers, which made the crowd riotous.  The show started with
Walking The Dog and the crowd started to tear down the hall.  Jagger lost his
mike lead and played maracas on Hi-Heel Sneakers and Susie Q.  The Stones
ended with Mona (and not Not Fade Away as Karnbach and Bernson state) before
the show was cancelled by the police.  Never happened something like this
before in Holland!  Funny enough, the press didn't consider a Stones concert a
big thing so didn't send a camera team.  Luckily for us now, a young D.J.
called Willem van Kooten decided it was important and went to the concert with
a camera and a tape recorder.  He recorded the complete concert from the side
of the stage and even got to ask Jagger (during Susie Q!) if he had ever seen
something like this.  Jagger responded no, and said the police had to take it
easy on the young girls.  The tape is of very good quality, all instruments
can be heard loud and clear.  The tape is especially funny if you understand
Dutch, since the reporter is clearly amazed at the sight of 1000 young kids
fighting!  The tape is on at least on LP (Back to The Hague), on video with
the film footage, but not on CD as far as I know."  Note:  having heard the LP
recently, I can say it really isn't that good.  The instruments are fairly
clear but vocals are totally inaudible.  For completists only.

TAMI show 10/29/64;           25 min;   9.5 m;   tape (laser disc)
This performance is available on at least one LP but may not be on CD.  The
video is available on a legal Japanese laser disc.  Fantastic performance;
being able to see it makes it even better.  Great guitar work by Keith and
Brian, and Mick does all his James Brown moves.

Stereo mixes/outtakes 65-'67; 60 min;   7.5 s; "Dartford Renegades"
This includes some of the stereo mixes that are on the non-US "Hot Rocks 1"
CD, in noticeably worse quality but with slightly longer fade-outs, plus
others that have never been officially released in stereo such as "The Last
Time."  Also includes outtakes dubbed from the rare German LP "As Time Goes

Swedish TV 4/2/65;                  "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "...muddy but listenable...  It appears
all are live vocals with pre-recorded studio backing tracks.  Nothing
astounding here."  (This CD also includes Paris '65-'67.)

Paris  4/18/65;             40 min; "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss"/ others
A French radio broadcast but the sound is primitive.  Good concert though out
of tune toward the end, and the crowd is riotous.  The show has been available
for years on many LPs and CDs, but the listed Japanese CD is supposedly the
best ever.  I haven't heard it, but heard its predecessor "All Those Years
Ago," and it was the best I've ever heard.  Other releases miss the first
song, are tinny, run too slow, etc.  (This CD also includes Paris '65-'67 +
Swedish TV above.)

Paris '65, '66 2nd, '67;            "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss"
Confusingly VGP has released these 1995? Paris rebroadcasts on two different
titles with different filler.  The listed title is the later and apparently
superior release.  "Still I'm Gonna Miss You" was the first; it was a single
CD of these rebroadcast plus TV show filler.  Sound quality is far superior to
the original '60s broadcasts, and also superior to early '80s rebroadcasts
that appeared on LPs.  I quote from an Internet review of "Gathers:"  "Disc 1
contains 4 tracks from Paris April 18, 1965, 3 tracks from Paris March 29,
1966 2nd show and 5 tracks from Paris April 11, 1967, taken from a recent
French rebroadcast Musicorama in excellent mono quality.  The quality of these
tracks is truly amazing; this is probably the clearest sounding material from
the Brian Jones era--and that includes the official 'Got Live.'  Makes one
really wonder what is left in the Musicorama vaults, since all shows were
taped completely.  Disc one rounds off with 4 tracks from a Swedish TV special
on April 2, 1965 in full playback and bad quality, completely useless (see
separate review above).  Disc 2 contains the complete shows from Paris April
18, 1965 in exc. mono soundboard quality (see separate review above) and Paris
April 11, 1967 in good-very good mono soundboard quality (see separate review
below)."  Note:  I have only heard "Still..." and it's extremely good.  Its
filler is 5 songs from Shindig TV 5/26/65.  I particularly like the '67 tracks
which have some suitably freaky guitar work; also note the early-Pink Floyd-
style keyboards on Satisfaction.

Berlin 9/15/65 + Hamburg 9/13/65;            "On Tour"
I quote an Internet review:  "This CD is a copy of the bootleg LP's 'Brian We
Miss You' (MDR 5) and 'The Riot Show/Berlin 1965' (MDR 1).  The Berlin show
sounds quite good (I mean, we're talking 1965!), and especially Brian can be
heard well.  Hamburg is a typical sixties tape: muffled, only the audience can
be heard."  Note:  quality on the Berlin LP is poor, 3.5 m; 30 min, plus it
runs too fast!  Hamburg is only one song.  Haven't heard this CD, so I can
only hope the pitch is at least corrected.  "Brian We Miss You," not mentioned
in this Internet review, is also poor; it's Vienna 4/2/67; 35 min; 4.0 m (see
separate review below).

Sydney 2/18/66;                              "He Is Not Dead"/ 1 other?
I quote from an Internet review:  "...Contrary to what most people think, this
is a radio broadcast, not a audience show...  In February 1966 the Stones did
a... Winter Tour, starting with two shows at the Commemorative Pavilion,
Sydney.  At least four shows of this tour were aired by radio, and until now
only one show turned up on CD.  The sound quality of this CD is, considering
the date when this tape was recorded off the air, quite good.  It certainly is
the best sounding, complete 1966 radio show (the better sounding Honolulu show
is a true soundboard recording and not a radio show). There is a fair amount
of hiss and static, but the show is (like all early sixty shows) incredible
with a really nice set list."  This CD also includes Citadel outtakes and two
tracks supposedly with Brian and Jimi Hendrix.  I have not heard it.

Paris 3/29/66 1st show;       37 min;   4.5 m;   "F***ing and Sucking"/ others
First available on a rare LP; the listed title is a Japanese CD.  Another
French radio broadcast; the complete tape is not as good as the '65 broadcast. 
It's nowhere near the quality of the Paris '65-'67 sampler above, which does
not include any of this show; it has never been rebroadcast.  Interesting
performance, the Stones play very fast in '66.  Unfortunately there is an
announcer between most songs, and three songs are incomplete.  The listed CD
also includes Paris 4/11/67.  Most recent release of this show is "England's
Rarest Hitmakers," which also includes rare official releases.  Contrary to
what you may have read elsewhere, it uses the exact same incomplete source
tape with one very minor difference:  "Play with fire" has a pronounced stereo
effect.  Still incomplete though.  Sound quality for "ERH" is slightly worse,
almost the same.  It also includes rare official early studio tracks which are
unavailable on CD.

Paris 3/29/66 2nd show;       35 min;  5.0 m;     "A L'Olympia 1966"/others
Available both complete and incomplete on LP; now copied onto a CD called "On
Stage" along with the 4/11/67 Paris broadcast.  Quality is similar to the
above and there is no announcer.  (On the '65-'67 rebroadcast above in far
better quality).

Honolulu 7/28/66;             30 min;   7.5 m;    "In Action"/others
First available on LP in horrendous and then pretty bad quality, this concert
is finally available in quite good quality on CD.  This is the only known true
soundboard recording from the Brian Jones era.  Amusing performance; Charlie
gets to introduce a song and announces one they already did, and Mick says it
will be their last concert ever!  Undoubtedly he was influenced by the
Beatles, who would have their last concert on August 29.  "Paris Match" omits
the goofy introduction--another reason not to buy it.  (The listed CD also
includes "Trident Mixes" outtakes).  VGP's "So Much Younger Than Today," which
lifts its title from an old TSP LP, may be a slight upgrade but I haven't
heard it.

Outtakes and live '66-'69;    75 min;   10.0 s/6.0 m (varies); "Time Trip 4"
This latest in the Time Trip series, this marks a return to form after the sub
par Time Trip 3.  Superb quality outtakes, either never before available or
better than before, plus a few lesser quality live tracks.  "Carol" at the end
is the same version as "Ya Yas" but sounds better here IMHO.  The mix is
better but there is a very slight warble from varying speed I think.

London Palladium 1/22/67;     15 min;   6.0 m; "All Those Years Ago"/others
The performance where the Stones achieved even more notoriety by not waving to
the TV audience at the end of the show.  There is an interesting re-working of
"It's All Over Now."  (The listed CD also includes other early material).

Vienna 4/2/67 + The Hague 4/15/67;             "Groovin' Around"/others
I quote from an Internet review:  "...The first 7 songs from Vienna are
listenable and not bad for the time.  At least the sound is far better than on
the old LP.  I would rate it 5.0 m. The last 7 songs are from the Houtrusthal
(corrected), the Hague (the Netherlands) and are of poor quality.  What can be
heard is the Dutch audience discussion the show, and lots of screaming?" 
Note:  I haven't heard this CD but Vienna 4/2/67 on an LP is 4.0 m.

Paris 4/11/67 complete;       30 min;        "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss"
This is the best available complete recording of the 1967 tour of Europe, the
last tour with Brian Jones.  I have not heard the listed title, but it is said
to be an improvement over "F*cking and Sucking."  It also includes the
'65/'66/'67 partial rebroadcast from 1995?, which is the best possible
quality, plus Paris 4/18/65 complete (see separate reviews above.)

TSMR sessions 5-9/67;        ~430 min;   9.5 s;   "The Satanic Sessions"
7 (!) CDs worth of rehearsals for TSMR, with Jigsaw Puzzle rehearsals on the
8th CD.  Near-perfect quality; in some respects better than the official
release.  These are early run-throughs of songs, some barely recognizable
compared to the finished album versions.  There are also jams which were never
released, and it's easy to see why.  Some remind me of the Kinks, possibly
because there's lots of piano by Nicky Hopkins (I assume).  There are no
vocals and lots of aborted takes.  Interesting to hear once but probably not
worth repeated listening.  Note:  This does not have as many takes of
"Citadel" as "Request and Requires," but it's much better quality.

Surrey 3/68 reh + int;        45 min;   5.5 m;   "1968 Surrey Rehearsals"
Interesting jams with the origins of Jumping Jack Flash, Stray Cat Blues, and
many other classics.  Brian is not present; Mick and Keith laugh about it. 
This was apparently recorded on a portable tape recorder by a visiting
reporter, and the quality is not very good.  The Japanese CD is better than
the original LP.

Part 1a:  Brian is phased out

     The Stones did their last tour with Brian in the spring of 1967.  They
     were unable to tour after that due to Brian's legal and health problems. 
     The Rock and Roll Circus was to be a way around this, bringing the
     performance to the audience instead of the other way around.

Beggars Banquet outtakes;     73 min;   9.5 s;   "RSVP"
An interesting yet frustrating CD of alternate takes and mixes from "Beggars,"
plus outtakes from that era.  Some of the alt mixes sound arguably better than
the official release, but others simply sound odd.  A few run too fast.  All
the outtakes are available in better quality on old vinyl LPs; most are
probably dubbed from "Trident Mixes" (see below).  Worthwhile, but probably
would have been better if it had not attempted to make an almost-complete
alternate "Beggars."  Re-released as "RSVP Revisited" with some new tracks
lifted from the Beggars disc on "The Satanic Sessions" Vol. 2 and other
previously available sources, and without the "Trident Mixes" dubs.  Worth
getting only if you don't have the original already.

"Sympathy..." reh. 5-6/68;    20 min;   8.0 m;   "Angie"
This LP has part of the music in the "Sympathy for the Devil" movie.  Good
sound but not necessary now that the film is easily available.

Outtakes '68-'72;             70 min;   8.0 s;   "On the Rocks"
Decent collection of outtakes including a few which first appeared here.  Good
sound quality but later releases such as "The Black Box" (above) make this
mostly unnecessary.

Outtakes '68-'72;             70 min;   9.5 s;   "Trident Mixes"
One of the classic LPs; has been copied onto CD.  Fantastic sound quality,
especially for the vinyl era, though it's a bit scratchy.  Some if not all the
music is from acetates, which are generally scratchy, so that could be the
reason.  Several interesting cuts but I find some of the instrumentals pretty
dull.  If you can find them, there are 2 CD-Rs of this material plus the Exile
outs (see below), which are said to be very good quality without surface
noise.  Some of the same material is on "Hillside Blues," for which I quote an
unpublished review:  "Contains the well-known Trident material, and the Exile
outtakes material in pretty nice quality.  Better than previous CDs, but who
knows how good the master/'best quality available' master tape may be..."

Outtakes/diff. mixes '68-'73;100 min;  10.0 s;   "Time Trip" 1 and 2
An interesting yet frustrating set of CDs.  Some alternate takes of classic
songs, plus slightly different alternate mixes, mostly Sticky Fingers era. 
Also includes a few Exile era outtakes ca. 10/70 which have surfaced
elsewhere, one track from the 6/23/72 Dallas rehearsals, alternate Sway from
the 45, a TV broadcast, etc.  A fair number of tracks are repeats; Vol. 2
includes Montreux 5/21/72 complete, out of order, while Vol. has 3 of the 6
songs, and some of the supposedly different alternate mixes sound identical to
my ears.  The outtakes, alternate mixes, and Montreux have superb sound
quality for the most part.  Beware of early pressings of these CDs which have
deteriorated by now to the point where they are usually unplayable; look for
cracks in the playing surface.

R & R Circus reh. 12/10?/68;  10 min;   7.5 m;   "Gravestones"
With the release of the R&R Circus video and CD, I'll mention that alternate
versions of Parachute Woman and YCAGWYW are available on this old LP.  Where's
the video? (I'm also told that the boot LP versions of "Yer Blues" [not on
this LP] are different from the official release.  Haven't checked yet. 
Anyone?)  (This rare old LP is a mixture of all sorts of tracks, which are all
out on CD now in better quality, except for these two songs.  It's usually
packaged with "Rape of the Vaults," an LP of BBC tracks in low fidelity).

Part 2:  The middle period with Mick Taylor

     After the forced exit of Brian, the Stones hired Mick Taylor as new lead
     guitarist.  His excellent playing made this lineup arguably the best for
     live performances.
     His first gig with them was a free concert in London's Hyde Park before
     several hundred thousand people.  Brian Jones had died 2 days earlier
     and the concert became a tribute to him.

Hyde Park 7/5/69;             85 min;   8.0 m;   "Hyde Park 1969"/others
First released on LP from an audience tape; later releases are from the movie
soundtrack and a 1979 WLIR FM documentary, with only "Down Home Girl" from the
audience tape.  The performance is sloppy but energetic.  This concert has an
unusual set list, partly due to Taylor's unfamiliarity with the band.  Note
that some CDs are dubbed from LPs so they sound good but still have surface
noise; the Swingin' Pig release is from tape.  As of late '98 a new CD "In the
Park" became available.  It's a 63 min audience recording, different from the
previous one, and not real good.  There's considerable crowd noise, Jagger's
voice overpowers the band, and no between song dialogue.  Avoid.

     The first actual tour with Mick Taylor was the fall/winter 1969 US Tour. 
     "Let It Bleed" was released at the end of the tour.  Toward the end of
     the tour the band did some recordings at Muscle Shoals, Alabama (partly
     documented on "Time Trip" above).  New York, Muscle Shoals, and Altamont
     are documented in the movie "Gimme Shelter." The official live album
     from this tour is the excellent "Get Yer Ya-Yas Out."  This tour
     established a pattern which would continue until 1982:  US tour every 3
     years, with a European tour the following year.  There was no 1979
     European tour, but the New Barbarians toured that year.

     Typical set for 1969 US tour:  Jumping Jack Flash, Carol, Sympathy for
     the Devil, Stray Cat Blues, Love in Vain, Prodigal Son (not at all
     shows), You Gotta Move (not at all shows), Under My Thumb, Midnight
     Rambler, Live with Me, Little Queenie, Satisfaction, Honky Tonk Woman,
     Street Fighting Man.  Played infrequently:  I'm Free, Gimme Shelter. 
     Played only at Altamont:  The Sun is Shining (by Jimmy Reed), Brown

     Quite a few of these shows were recorded by fans in the audience.  These
     tapes vary from atrocious to excellent.  All of the good tapes have been
     made into LPs or CDs.

Fort Collins, CO 11/7/69;     70 min;  5.5 m;     "Catch Your Dreams Before They
                                                  Slip Away"
Distant, mediocre audience recording of the first show of the tour.  For those
who have to have everything.

L.A. Forum 11/8/69 2nd show;  70 min;   7.0 m;"Born in a Crossfire Hurricane"/
This is an unusual show in that there are two completely different, above
average audience tapes.  Neither tape came into wide circulation until the
'90s.  This CD is the only release of the slightly better tape.  This is the
best of the early shows in my opinion; Keith rocks.  The other source tape is
best heard as one of the CDs in "Cocaine on a Dentist Chair."

Oakland 11/9/69 1st show;     70 min;  7.0 m;     "Bring It Back Aliver"
Another audience tape that did not circulate until the mid '90s.  The PA blows
out early on; the replacement system is quiet which makes for a good
recording.  The performance is average.  The rare "Liver Than They'll Ever Be"
LP and CD sound better than the more easily available title listed; this is
probably available on a Japanese CD as well.

Oakland 11/9/69 2nd show;     70 min;  8.0 m;     "Liver Than You'll Ever Be"/
                                                  many others
The first Stones bootleg.  Many, many different releases on LP, now the entire
concert is on CD.  Good audience recording for the time but Mick's voice is
too loud.  Average performance.  The LP, the first rock music bootleg with
good sound, caused a sensation back in 1970 and was even reviewed in Rolling
Stone magazine.  Original Lurch label LPs sound quite good but many later
pressings have excessive surface noise.  The listed Swingin' Pig CD is not
quite complete due to tape flaws in 2 songs but there is a VGP CD of the
entire Oakland tape, with flaws.  Either of these CDs is your best bet
soundwise.  The latest "30th Anniversary" release is remastered and nicely
packaged to look like a Mobile Fidelity audiophile CD.  Unfortunately, it
suffers from a poor mastering job which attempts to boost the guitars but
results in a shrill sound.  At least it splices together the two incomplete
songs.  Overall, not recommended.
Coincidentally, a primitive incomplete soundboard tape was recorded by Bill
Graham's people, and broadcast on KSAN in 1972.  That recording is available
on a rare German LP "Oakland Sixty-Nine" and was later dubbed onto a CD with
the exact same packaging as well as the inferior, overly processed "Hangout"
CD.  The soundboard tape sounds much different but the overall quality is

San Diego 11/10/69;           40 min;  8.0 m;     "Stoneaged"/others
Best 1969 recording though it's an audience tape, good even by modern
standards.  Decent performance, marred by the amazingly out of tune show-
closer Street Fighting Man.  The original LP has been copied onto CD; the
complete (70 min) performance is also available on CD.  Original LPs sound
better than any CDs.  Of the current, complete CDs, the VGP release, "It's No
Hangin' Matter," is preferred by some but others prefer TSP's release, which
is carefully spliced to add in missing pieces of the show.  Personally, I
think VGP's is a tiny bit better.  (The VGP CD also includes yet another re-
release of MSG 11/27/69).

Phoenix 11/11/69;             50 min;  6.5 m;     "Gathering Madness"/ others
This is a decent audience tape which suffers from low frequency distortion. 
The tape didn't circulate until the '90s.  Supposedly it was recorded by the
same people (TMOQ) who did the earlier West Coast shows.  Worth getting if you
have to have everything.  Note  "Sky Pilots" is said to be slightly better but
I haven't heard it.  It also includes the Amsterdam 10/9/70 concert in
mediocre quality.

Champaign, IL 11/15/69 1st show; 60 min; 4.0 m;  "Cocaine on a Dentist Chair"
This is a below average audience tape which first turned up in 1993.  The tape
recorder couldn't handle the volume and distorts on everything except the
acoustic songs.  Jagger's comments to the crowd are at least amusing.  The
title must have gotten lost in the translation; maybe it refers to Keith's
bragging about how he used to buy drugs from a guy who stole them from

Detroit 11/24/69;             70 min;   6.0 s;   "Live in Detroit"/others
Decent audience recording for 1969 but not good by modern standards. 
Originally released as the second ever Stones boot (also reviewed in Rolling
Stone mag) "We Didn't Really Get It on Until Detroit;" supposedly Mick said
this meaning it was the first really good show of the tour.  Quickly copied
onto several now very obscure double and single LPs, all collectible and
scratchy!  Only the first release is stereo.  Now out on this CD, dubbed from
the very rare stereo 2 LP set with minimal loss in quality (noise reduction)
but some dialogue (scratchy quiet parts) chopped out.  3 songs (where are the
rest?) from a mysterious semi-professional video (!) are available in 7.0 m
quality on a rare German LP and the CD-R "American Tour, 1969 Soundboard

Baltimore 11/26/69;           60 min;   6.5 m;   "Devil's Disciple"
Decent audience tape of one of the best 1969 shows.  First available on the
"Devil's Disciple" LP, now the entire tape is on CD in better sound.  The
listed VGP CD, using the title of the old LP, is said to be slightly superior
to "Baltimore 1969" though it's the same source tape.  The listed CD also
includes Little Queenie from a rare Gimme Shelter outtake video.  A new source
tape for the first 30 minutes of the concert started circulating in the summer
of 1995 and was soon made into the misleadingly titled "Live in Washington
1969" CD; later pressings have the title corrected to Baltimore.  Its quality
is even better.  Love in Vain on "Ya Yas" is from this show, not NYC as

MSG, NYC 11/27/69;            65 min;  7.0 m;     "It's No Hangin' Matter"/
This show was another early boot LP; the entire concert is now on CD, roughly
the same quality but without LP surface noise.  Above average audience tape,
good show.  The listed CD is said to be the best ever release; it also
includes San Diego 11/10/69.

MSG, NYC 11/28/69 2nd show;   65 min;  5.0 m;     "Live in NY 1969"
This rarely circulated tape is not a good recording, but it's a useful
document for those who want to hear a "Ya Ya's" show without overdubs.  (This
CD also includes the 11/27/69 show).

"Ya Yas" acetate;             46 min;  9.5 s;     "F*ck Yer Ya Yas Out"/1 other
First available on the impossibly rare LP "Broadway" in mono, now in stereo on
CD.  This CD is dubbed from an acetate with somewhat different version of the
tracks on "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out."  Most interesting are probably the extra
Keith (not Mick Taylor) guitar solos in Jumping Jack Flash and the missing
verse in Sympathy.  There is noticeable surface noise from the acetate but the
sound is very listenable.  The listed CD also includes bonus tracks from
"Gimme Shelter" in the best quality I've heard.  For very detailed analysis on
the sources for "Get Yer Ya Yas Out" and various LPs/CDs, see

Boston 11/29/69 2nd show;     65 min;  6.5 m;     "That's No Way To Get Along"
Above average audience tape.  Not great though.  This CD runs a little fast.

West Palm Beach, FL 11/30/69; 70 min;  6.5 m;     "Palm Beach 1969"/others
A good up front audience tape, marred by speed variations which start halfway
through.  This was a damp, chilly concert where the Stones didn't go on until
4 AM, and the guitars are frequently out of tune.  Still worth hearing.  This
Japanese CD is made from a very low generation tape, probably the best
available.  Note:  VGP has released "Miami Pop Festival," which might be

Altamont Speedway 12/6/69;    82 min;  5.5 m;     "The Killer Festival"
The infamous free concert.  A tape recorder is visible in the "Gimme Shelter"
movie; is this the tape?  The recording is flawed, very muffled at times, and
the drums are frequently inaudible.  Great concert highlighted by improvised
performances of Jimmy Reed's "The Sun is Shining" (or Lightnin' Slim's "Help
Me Spend My Gold," if you prefer that title) and the just-written "Brown
Sugar."  Even the comments from the crowd are interesting.  This 2CD set has
the entire concert in best-ever audience quality, in mono instead of the usual
reprocessed stereo.  One song, "Gimme Shelter," is available from a near
perfect board tape on "A Shot of Salvation" below.

"Gimme Shelter" soundtrack;   40 min;  9.5 s;     "There's No Angel Born in
                                                  Hell"/ others
There are several LPs and CDs made from the movie soundtrack.  Unsurprisingly,
those released after the movie became available on HiFi video sound quite
good.  Unlike "Ya Yas," these songs have minimal if any overdubs.  Note that
the video in the movie is spliced together from several shows and does not
always match the music.  The remastered video which was released in 1992? is
virtually in mono but ca. 1989 CDs are stereo because they are made from the
earlier HiFi videos.  (Don't know if the "Gimme Shelter" unauthorized CD is
mono or stereo.)

Live & Studio '69-'74;        60 min;  8.5 s;     "A Shot of Salvation"
This was the first outtakes CD to break new ground compared to the vinyl era. 
It has outstanding to excellent sound and includes material never before
available, even on tape.  Rumor has it that this and some of the other
"Scorpio" and related CD are made from tapes sold at Sotheby's auction house,
which would certainly explain why some of the material is "new" to collectors.

Brown Sugar/Wild Horses outtakes; 9 min; 9.5 s; "Mick Taylor We Miss You"
The very first pressings of "Hot Rocks" had alternates versions of Brown Sugar
and Wild Horses.  ABKCo quickly released corrected LPs but a few of the mis-
pressings made it to stores.  They are extremely rare.  Surprisingly these two
songs are only on one LP and no CDs as far as I know.  On the listed LP the
quality is quite good but they run a little fast.  Musically these takes are
similar to but not the same as the versions heard in "Gimme Shelter."

     The next tour, Europe in the fall of 1970, was musically similar to the
     1969 US tour except that a horn section was used for the first time.
     Typical set for 1970 European tour:  Jumping Jack Flash, Roll Over
     Beethoven, Sympathy for the Devil, Stray Cat Blues, Love in Vain,
     Prodigal Son, Dead Flowers, Midnight Rambler, Live with Me, Little
     Queenie, Let it Rock, Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Woman, Street Fighting
     Man.  Played infrequently:  Gimme Shelter.
     Most of these shows are available as audience tapes.  As with 1969
     tapes, quality varies from atrocious to pretty good.  Almost all of the
     good tapes have been made into LPs or CDs.

Malmo, Sweden 8/30/70;        71 min;   5.0 m; "Made in Sweden"
This recording, like the other two in this 3 CD set, is a very typical 1970
audience tape, which is to say it's lousy by almost any standard.  The sound
is garbled in the middle of the concert.  Definitely for fanatics only.  At
least it's roughly the equal of the tape being traded.  This is the first show
of the tour and the only known 1970 performance of Gimme Shelter.  (This CD
also includes other 1970 Swedish recordings).  Also available as the single CD
"Sweden 1970."

Stockholm 9/4/70;             39 min;   5.5 m; "Made in Sweden"
Probably the best recording of the set, which isn't saying that much, but
unfortunately not complete.

Gothenburg 9/6/70;            58 min;   4.5 m; "Made in Sweden"/1 other
Almost complete, but this is the worst recording of the three.  Also available
on "Live in Frankfurt and Gothenburg."

Hamburg 9/14/70;              67 min;   6.5 m; "Let it Rock"/others
Decent, well balanced audience tape.  The speed gets warbly toward the end. 
Good performance as are all 1970 shows.  Also available on "Prodigal Sons Tour
Mother Europe," coupled with a poor recording from Copenhagen 9/12/70.  Also
available on "Germany 1970," paired with Frankfurt 10/5.

Berlin 9/16/70;               70 min;   7.0 m; "Shake Your Hips"/others
Above average audience tape but not great by modern standards.  Very good
performance before a wildly enthusiastic crowd.  Parts of the concert are also
available on LPs in varying quality.  This Japanese CD is the best release yet
of this concert and surpasses all previous LPs and CDs.

Cologne 9/18/70;              65 min;   7.0 m; "Cologne 1970"/others
Above average audience tape which did not turn up until 1993.  Worth hearing. 
There is a dedication to Jimi Hendrix, who died that morning.  There is at
least one other CD of this show which has tape flaws through the first 4-5,
called "Eau de Cologne"--avoid it.

Stuttgart 9/20/70;                             "European Tour Stuttgart 1970"
There's probably a reason this concert was not released on LP or CD until 28
years after the fact.  I quote from an unpublished review:  "...overall I'd
say a touch below average:  5.0 mono; the quality is fairly even throughout
and gets slightly better during HTW and SFM.  SFM is cut-off at the end. 
[There is] some noticeable audience noise during JJF's beginning."

Paris 9/22/70;                70 min;  5.5 m;  "Paris Affair" 
                                               (FM w/commentary)
This tape comes from a French radio broadcast, but the sound isn't very good. 
Apparently the source tape came from a microphone held to the radio speaker. 
How times change.  The recording is certainly no better than an audience tape,
and the between song commentary is annoying.  This VGP CD is a little better
than previous releases but might run a little fast.

Paris 9/23/70;                60 min;   7.5 m; "Shake Your Hips"/others
The only 1970 soundboard recording to date, and a primitive one at that which
surfaced in 1993.  It's another fine 1970 show with a long "Brown Sugar" and
hot "Sympathy."  This Japanese CD is the best release yet of this concert and
surpasses all previous CDs.  For some reason it's missing the last two
(inferior quality) songs from a radio broadcast which were on an earlier CD,
also from VGP.  (Note:  There is a great [9.0] snippet of "Sympathy" from this
show on VGP's "From the Vaults;" see below).

Various live '70-'73;           58 min;   varies;   "From the Vaults"
This is a compilation of various live performances and the quality varies
widely, from 5.5 to 9.0.  Starts off with an amazing incomplete recording of
"Sympathy" from Paris 9/23/70, which is by far the best soundboard recording
of 1969 or 1970.  Where's the rest???  It's all downhill after that, but worth
getting anyway as it includes the two Dick Cavett show '72 tracks and the
Montreal '72 newsreel audio in fine quality.  There are also two songs from
the Vienna '73 audience tape in best ever quality.  Lesser tracks are various
audience recordings, and '73 German TV tracks which can be heard on "MT We
Thank You" (see below) in better quality.

Milan 10/1/70;                60 min;  5.5 m;     "Street Fighting Men in Milan"
This LP was really criticized in "Hot Wacks," the so-called bootleg bible.  In
fact it's a very typical 1970 audience tape, unfortunately with many cuts and
an incorrect song listing.  Worth picking up for those interested in the 1970
tour; I don't think this is on CD.

Frankfurt 10/5/70;            60 min;  5.5 m;     "Live in Frankfurt 10/5/70"/1
An average audience recording, a little warbly sounding.  Missing one song. 
Worthwhile for Taylor fanatics.  Also available on "Germany 1970," paired with

Frankfurt 10/6/70;            45 min;  6.5 s;     "Live in Frankfurt and..."
This is an above average recording for the time but not great by modern
standards.  The CD is made from a rarely traded tape.  The tapers are audible
on the tape and sound American; you get one guess as to what they're doing
while watching the show.  (This CD also includes the poorly recorded
Gothenburg 9/6/70 show).

Essen  10/07/70;              50 min;  7.0 m;     "European Tour 1970"
Another early boot; until the mid '80s this was the only easy to get 1970
show.  A very well recorded audience tape of a good concert.  The LPs have
been copied onto CD, but the best source is the old Rubber Dubber 2 LP set
though all pressings have surface noise.

     Before their contract with Decca expired, The Stones were required to
     record one more song.  Fed up with Decca, they recorded Cocksucker
     Blues, an obscene tale about a lonesome schoolboy.  Its unauthorized
     releases are frequently paired with a studio outtake of Brown Sugar
     featuring Eric Clapton on third guitar.

"CS Blues"/"Brown Sugar";     10 min; 10.0 s;     "CS Blues"/12"/7"
"CS Blues" is a cool song if you're not offended by the subject matter and
have a sense of humor about it.  Even Mick cracks up a little while singing. 
This "Brown Sugar" is interesting and has more of a funky/party feel than the
official version.  Both songs are usually available in extremely good quality.

     The band did a farewell tour of England in March, 1971 before moving to
     France as tax exiles.  "Sticky Fingers" was released after this tour. 
     Let It Rock from Leeds 3/13 has been legally released in Europe on

     Typical set for 1971 English tour:  Jumping Jack Flash, Live with Me,
     Dead Flowers, Stray Cat Blues, Love in Vain, Midnight Rambler, Bitch,
     Honky Tonk Woman, Satisfaction, Little Queenie, Brown Sugar, Street
     Fighting Man.  Played infrequently:  I Got the Blues, Let It Rock

Coventry 3/6/71 2nd show;     62 min;  5.0 m;     "Farewell tour Coventry 1971"
After this release, every known tape from this short tour is now out on CD. 
Too bad this is such a bad recording; if more '71 tapes were around this
probably never would have come out on CD.  This might be worthwhile for those
who want to hear more from 1971.

Leeds, UK  3/13/71;           60 min; 10.0 m;     "Get Your Leeds Lungs Out"/
                                                  many others
Great recording from the BBC though in mono.  The first 2 songs are missing
from every release.  Relatively laid back performance.  The rare LP on the
Royal Sound label is the best sounding release IMHO, but Swingin' Pig releases
are nearly as good.  Their "...Revisited" CD features thunderous bass, and
includes the stereo "Let It Rock" from the Spanish "Sticky Fingers" LP.  (The
Revisited CD is also electronically reprocessed to simulate stereo, and runs
faster than TSP's original release).

London 3/14/71;               52 min;  6.5 m;     "London Roundhouse"
Mediocre audience recording on LP.  Good performance.  "More Music and Better
Sound" LPs have "Prodigal Son," others don't.  The LP sounds a little slow. 
This has been copied onto different Japanese CDs.  The CD of the same name
sounds over-processed to my ears but I recommend the version that comes with
the "Lost Marquee Tapes" set (see below), as it's a nice transfer, speed
corrected and carefully equalized.

Marquee Club 3/26/71;         40 min;  8.0 m;     "Marquee 71 + Sticky Out" (sic)
TV broadcast with bad sound for a professional recording.  Fine performance
but it was touched up in the studio.  This is the only live version of "I Got
the Blues."  The touched up original broadcast is available on several LPs but
the CD listed above is best.  The unenhanced performance, which was going to
be re-broadcast in 1992, is available on 2 different CDs; the better one is
the Japanese "The Lost Marquee Tapes 1971."

     "Exile on Main Street" was recorded in the basement of Keith's house in
     France.  Outtakes are available.

"Exile" outtakes 10/70;                           "Wingless Angels"/others
No, this isn't Keith's Rastafarian release.  It's 10 Exile outtakes in
arguably best ever quality, though with some hiss.  Leadoff track is the early
version of Shine A Light (Get A Line On You), from an official Leon Russell
Mobile Fidelity CD.  Also includes 7 songs from Fort Worth/Philadelphia '72
(see below), equal in quality to "Very Ancient, Thank You Kindly" (see below).

     Rehearsing for the upcoming 1972 US tour, the Stones were filmed by the

Montreux rehearsals 5/21/72;  25 min;  9.0 m;     "Gather No Moss"
Also available on several LPs ("Bright Lights Big City" for one) and the Time
Trip CDs; the listed CD is fine quality, and runs straight through without
cuts.  BUT it isn't quite as good as Time Trip 2 and misses the last song
Loving Cup, which is not live but a mimed outtake.

     The 1972 US tour in support of "Exile on Main Street" was successful
     both musically and financially.  Not one but two movies were made, the
     unreleased behind-the-scenes "Cocksucker Blues" and the concert
     documentary "Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones."  Several concerts
     were recorded for a double LP live album but it remains unreleased due
     to Decca withholding the rights to songs.
     Typical set for 1972 US tour:  Brown Sugar, Bitch, Rocks Off, Gimme
     Shelter, Happy, Tumbling Dice, Love in Vain, Sweet Virginia, You Can't
     Always Get What You Want, All Down the Line, Midnight Rambler, Bye Bye
     Johnny, Rip This Joint, Jumping Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man.  Played
     infrequently:  Loving Cup, Honky Tonk Woman (encore), Uptight/
     Satisfaction (encore).  Played once:  Torn and Frayed, Ventilator Blues,
     Don't Lie to Me, Dead Flowers, Sweet Black Angel.

     Many of these shows are available as audience tapes, with the quality
     ranging from atrocious to very good.  All of the good tapes have been
     made into LPs or CDs except for snippets here and there.

Vancouver 6/3/72;             85 min;  6.5 m;     "Vancouver 1972"
Decent audience recording.  First show of the tour and sloppy, but this is the
only live performance of several songs.  This Japanese CD is said to be the
better of at least 2 from this show.

Seattle 6/4/72 1st show;      80 min;  5.0 m;     "A Fair to Remember Revisited"
Seattle 6/4/72 2nd show;      80 min;  6.0 m;     "A Fair to Remember Revisited"
I read a favorable review of this on Undercover but am not so impressed.  The
first show has never been available in very good quality; this CD is about as
good as it gets which is to say average '72 audience at best.  The recording
sounds a bit slow too.  The second show is an above average recording for the
era but this CD is not made from the best available tape; there is hiss which
shouldn't be there.  This definitely runs slow as well.  At least both shows
include "Loving Cup."  The CD title is lifted from a European LP of the mid

San Francisco 6/8/72 2nd show;                    "Midnight Magic"
A previously uncirculated tape turns up on CD after a mere 26 years.  I quote
from an Undercover review:  "'s your usual-sounding '72 audience
quality... not terrible, but very average:  sound is pretty distant..., people
talk, the usual drill.  Besides being a 'new' recording, there are 2 obvious
reasons to need this:  Loving Cup, and an encore (HTW - only other encore in
'72 being Boston 1st night)...  At a conservative guess, [this] is probably
about a 6.5 in terms of sound quality.  Finally VGP used Annie Leibovitz's
classic shot of Keith flaked out backstage for the cover (lovely shiny VGP
card - worth the price alone).  They even managed to find a not-incredibly-
boring Mick Taylor shot for the back, which must be something of a record. 
Certainly worth having if '72 is your bag."

Hollywood Palladium 6/9/72;   55 min;  6.5 m;     "Burning at the..."
Decent audience recording.  Very good show.  For some reason none of the 1972
TMOQ recordings turned out as good as their 1969 recordings.  LP has been
copied onto a rare Japanese CD.

LA Forum 6/11/72 2nd show;    80 min;  6.0 m;     "Get Your Rocks Off"
Decent audience tape but not great.  Not sure if this has been copied onto CD

Chicago 6/19/72;
A new tape turned up in 1997 and is now out on CD.  I quote from an Internet
review:  "...[H]orrible and almost unlistenable.  Don't waste your money on
this CD.  Speed problems and [an] all around bad recording."

Dallas 6/23/72 reh.;         135 min;  7.5 s;     "Stones Touring Party"/ others
Apparent studio rehearsals, perhaps to get ready for the upcoming filming. 
Hard to say, because the material is fairly uninteresting jams with little in
common with the '72 set.  Mediocre mixing board recording with excessive

Fort Worth 6/24/72 1st show;  83 min;  6.5 m;     "Sweet Black Angel"
The first and second show are out complete from 1st generation previously
uncirculated audience tapes, recorded near the stage.  Keith's guitar is very
loud but not objectionable; otherwise these are very nice recordings though
perhaps a bit trebly.  Most interesting to collectors, these shows feature
rare songs, as the band was filming the "Ladies and Gentlemen" tour movie. 
The 1st show includes the previously unknown Sweet Black Angel and Dead
Flowers.  (Also available on a competing CD "Ain't No Angel on Main Street,"
also a 4CD set, said to sound better, and with bonus tracks from Philly).

Fort Worth 6/24/72 2nd show;  76 min;  8.0 s;     "Ahmet Ertegun Thank You
A soundboard tape turned up for this show in 1998, minus two songs.  This is
well worth hearing, and it's not the usual spliced sources like Philadelphia
Special.  This recording is now out on at least 5 different CDs.  I quote from
an Undercover review:  "...I have every FtW 6/24/72 2nd board CD ever issued,
and this one is *quite clearly the best*.  The VGP 'Fort Worth Express' was
the incremental leader, IMO, but AETYK is leaps better still, and doesn't have
the phony Happy that VGP inserted.  The hiss reduction is finally complete,
yet the sonic details are still there through the headphones.  Compare LIV and
the astounding, clean excellence of this remastering is immediately evident. 
Congratulations to the chef for this major upgrade, this quantum leap.  All
previous FtW releases are hissy messes compared to AETYK."  Another Undercover
review added:  "Everything else released from this show is now pretty
useless...  Whoever [did] the remastering on this title [did] a spectacular
job...  I really can't think of anything I'd like different with this release,
bar the obvious one of being a complete show (so the audience tape is still
worth hanging on to).  The single CD is bursting with exciting listening; the
pace of the performance, combined with shit-hot '72 playing, and the pristine
sound quality of this particular title are ingredients which simply can't be
beat.  Very nice job indeed."  Note:  Includes Don't Lie to Me.  (This show is
also available on the "Mick Taylor We Miss You" CD, from a totally different
audience tape, which is not as good.  This is not to be confused with the old
LP of the same name, which is the Philadelphia/ Fort Worth soundboard

"Ladies & Gentlemen" sndtrk;  80 min;  8.5 s;     "Dragon Slayers"
This is the 1972 tour movie recorded in Fort Worth and Houston 6/24-25.  This
Japanese CD is quite good quality but not as good as what can be heard in
"25x5."  Earlier LPs, including "Dragon Slayers," are not as good as this CD.

Mobile, AL 6/27/72;           70 min;  6.0 m;     "Mobile 1972"
Decent audience recording; available slightly better on tape than on this CD. 
There are some similarities to the Fort Worth shows but no rare songs.

Washington, DC 7/4/72;        75 min;  6.5 s;     "Jack Daniels on Tour"/ others
This is an above average audience recording, and this CD is better than all
previous releases of this show, so this might be worth tracking down.  Note
that this title was previously used for an old LP of the Fort Worth/Philly
soundboard material.

Norfolk, VA 7/5/72;           75 min;  6.0 m;     "Drive Me Crackers"/others
Decent audience recording.  Frustratingly, the old, incomplete LP "Going Back
to the Roots" is better sounding (7.0 m).  I am told there is an improved CD
with the same title as the old LP, but haven't heard it yet.  (The GBttR CD
also includes Indianapolis 7/12/72).

Charlotte, NC 7/6/72;         62 min;  7.0 s;     "Back to the Roots"/ others
Best audience recording of the '72 tour.  Missing the first 2 songs.  A rare
Japanese CD includes the incomplete second song.  Available on LPs since not
long after the concert, but the CDs are better and more complete.  However,
even the CDs are not as good as some tapes.

Akron, OH 7/11/72;            72 min;  5.5 s;     "Akron Rubber Bowl"
Not great, but this audience recording prominently features Nicky Hopkins. 
For hardcore fans only, or Nicky fans.

Indianapolis 7/12/72;         __ min;  ___ _;     "Goin' Back to the Roots"
Said to be okay quality, recorded far from the stage.  Haven't heard the CD,
but that sounds like my tape.  (This CD also includes Norfolk 7/5/72).

Toronto 7/15/72 2nd? show;                   "Street Fighting Men in
Said to be a "very good" audience recording.  Also available on a nicely
packaged 2LP set, "Standing at the Kitchen Door," which is only 6.0 m quality

Boston 7/18/72;               75 min;  6.5 m;     "They're Really Rockin' in
This concert started very late after Mick and Keith were arrested earlier in
the day.  Decent recording.  This CD omits the mostly unintelligible speeches
explaining the delay.

Philadelphia + Fort Worth;   170 min;  8.5 s;     "Philadelphia Special"/others
Some of the unreleased '72 Lost Live Album has come out on boots.  Legend has
it these versions of the recordings were first broadcast on either Radio
Luxembourg or WMMS Cleveland, but a more believable story is that 2 cassettes
were sold backstage during the 1975 tour by a Stones associate.  (Apparently
the cassettes were then played over the radio in Cleveland.)  These are fine
raw recordings that have not been properly mixed in the studio, and do not
have any overdubs AFAIK.  Best sources are the "Philadelphia Special" LPs and
CDs.  For part 1 best sources are:  the pre-Swingin' Pig "Philadelphia
Special" 2 LP set (b&w cover, 'RSGL 72' written in dead wax)(runs fast) or the
"pitch corrected" single CD dub (no company name, matrix # 94101).  TSP's
2LP/2CD "Philadelphia Special 1" is overly NoNoised, but does have a few more
tracks than the original release.  For part 2, get TSP's "Philadelphia Special
2" which also runs fast.  All other LPs and CDs, and there are plenty, are
inferior.  Incidentally "PS2" includes two songs from the "Ladies and
Gentlemen" soundtrack to make up for a shortage of Lost Live Album tracks.

Various live '72-'73;         75 min;  8.5 s;     "Very Ancient, Thank You
                                                  Kindly, American Tour 1972"
This is an interesting release.  Half of it is close-to-finished mixes of the
Lost Live Album, the other half is rarely performed '72-73 songs, all
available on other unauthorized releases.  Sound on the Lost Live Album tracks
is noticeably better than on "Philadelphia Special" 1 or 2 though the sound is
a little thin or tinny.  There are noticeable vocal overdubs in places.  Main
problem is these tracks run substantially fast, about 6%.  Some of these
tracks were previously released on the "Keep Your Motor Runnin'" LP, but there
are more here, and in stereo instead of mono.  That LP is still the only way
to get "You Can't..." from the LLA, missing for some reason here.  All tracks
recorded in Fort Worth/Philly/Houston except:  Rocks Off--Charlotte (audience
recording); Dead Flowers--Ladies and Gents soundtrack; Ventilator Blues, Torn
and Frayed, and Loving Cup--Vancouver; band intros--Pittsburgh; Don't Lie to
Me--Fort Worth (unmixed soundboard recording ala "Philadelphia Special"); It's
All Over Now--Hawaii '73.  (Note that similar good quality '72 tracks are on
"Wingless Angels;" see Exile outtakes above.)

Pittsburgh 7/22/72;           70 min;             "The Royal Dragon"/others
The second 1972 soundboard recording to surface; this one didn't turn up until
the summer of 1996, though it was long rumored in tape trading circles.  The
listed CD, which I haven't heard, is said to be "slightly better" than two
previous, similar CDs, which I rate 7.0 s.  They were made from a high
generation tape.  On all releases Sweet Virginia is from Fort Worth 6/24/72
2nd show, not Pittsburgh.

MSG, NYC 7/24/72;             80 min;  4.5 m;     "MSG '72"
This is listed so you can all avoid it.  This show is available in average,
listenable quality on tape.  However, this CD runs much too fast and is made
from a poor generation, hissy tape.  Both tape and CD are garbled at the end.

MSG, NYC 7/26/72;             45 min;  8.5 s;     "Welcome to New York"
Mick Jagger's 29th birthday was also the last concert of the '72 tour.  Legend
has it this stereo soundboard recording was stolen from the mixing desk by 2
fans.  Some LPs ("Tour '72," some versions of "Madison") are in mono and only
have the "Mick Taylor" channel so Keith can barely be heard.  Swingin' Pig
releases are dubbed from old vinyl and drastically over NoNoised.  Best source
is old vinyl with 'RS 546 REI' written in the dead wax.  Good luck finding a
copy!  Next best is probably the later pressing with the '2815' matrix; these
are considerably easier to find.  For more detailed information on the many
releases of this show see

MSG, NYC 7/26/72 (audience);  30 min;  6.0 m;     "The Loveliest Night of Seattle
This recording was completely unknown in trading circles until it was
discovered through the Internet, of all places, in 1993.  The Japanese of
course put it out on CD.  It's a decent recording, and captures the first part
of the concert which is missing from "Welcome to New York."  (Most of this CD
is Seattle 6/4/72, 2nd show).

     The next tour was to Australia with a few stops along the way.  The
     first stop was Los Angeles, where the Stones played a benefit concert
     for victims of the Nicaraguan earthquake.  Musically, this tour was
     similar to the '72 US tour, except the LA and Hawaii shows feature
     attempts at older songs such as Route 66 which don't work that well and
     are dropped for the Australian tour.
     Typical set for winter 1973 tour:  Brown Sugar, Bitch, Rocks Off, Gimme
     Shelter, Happy, Tumbling Dice, Love in Vain, Sweet Virginia, You Can't
     Always Get What You Want, Honky Tonk Woman, All Down the Line, Midnight
     Rambler, Little Queenie, Rip This Joint, Jumping Jack Flash, Street
     Fighting Man.  Played infrequently:  Route 66, It's All Over Now, No
     Expectations, Live with Me.
     There are several audience recordings from this tour not made into LPs
     or CDs.  None are that exciting quality wise.

LA Forum 1/18/73;             80 min;  6.5 m;     "Winter Tour 1973"
Mediocre audience recording with a couple rare songs.  The LPs have been
copied onto a Japanese CD which has the treble considerably boosted.  The
scratches sure are loud (!) but the music does sound better this way.  

Honolulu 1/21/73;             77 min;  7.5 s;     "In Exotic Honolulu"/others
Another above average recording which first surfaced in 1992.  There are
several CDs in roughly the same quality though the listed title is said to be
the best; some CDs miss "Street Fighting Man" due to the length of the show. 
Note:  Dates have been corrected as a result of new research.  There were
three Hawaii shows and all are now available.

Honolulu 1/22/73 1st show;    71 min;  7.5 s;     "In Exotic Honolulu"/others
Above average audience recording which has been available since the mid '70s. 
Good performance.  Available incomplete on LP, CD is complete, similar
quality.  This listed CD title is the same as the original LP, and it includes
the first two Hawaii shows on two CDs in what has to be about the best
possible quality.

Honolulu 1/22/73 2nd show;    68 min;  7.0 s;     "Mick Taylor's Last US
A new recording turned up in early 1998 and now it's out on CD.  I quote from
an Undercover review:  "...It is a previously unreleased complete audience
[recording] of the third and final Honolulu '73 show, the Monday, January 22,
second (10 PM) gig.  Sound quality is comparable to (just a shade below) the
other two very good Hawaii shows long in circulation..."

Auckland, NZ 2/11/73;         75 min;  7.0 m;     "Winter Tour-Auckland 1973"/
The first show of the Australia/New Zealand tour, this recording did not
circulate until the CD was released in 1994.  It's a good, clear recording of
a subpar performance.  The Stones are pretty sloppy here.  For those who have
to have everything.

Melbourne 2/17/73;            73 min;  7.0 m;     "Melbourne All You Can Eat"/
Good up front audience recording with some speed fluctuations, which did not
circulate before the "Temperature Rising" CD was released.  Good performance. 
The listed CD runs at the correct speed throughout, unlike "TR," and its copy
"125 Degrees in the Shade," which are too fast for the most part.  (Listed CD
also includes Melbourne 2/18/73).

Melbourne 2/18/73;            77 min;  6.0 m;     "Advantage Melbourne"
Average audience recording of a typical good performance, presented on a rare
and expensive CD.  You make the call.  Note:  Also on the VGP CD "Melbourne
All You Can Eat," which is from a different, muffled recording.

Perth, Australia 2/24/73;     50 min;  9.0 s;     "Rocks Off"
A classic.  This stereo soundboard recording first turned up in 1987 on a
German LP and is now on several CDs.  Great recording and performance.  I
think this Swingin' Pig release is the best; it's a combination of the 2/24
show with parts of the 2/26 show; there is no 2/24 2nd show as some boots
claim.  It sounds a little better than disc 1 of "Happy Birthday Nicky" below. 
(Note:  Total time of Rocks Off is longer; 50 min is the length of the 2/24

Sydney 2/26/73;               65 min;  8.5 s;     "Happy Birthday Nicky"/others
The CD may claim disc 2 is 2/24 2nd show, but there was no 2nd show that day;
it's actually Sydney 2/26.  This is another stereo soundboard recording though
not quite as good as 2/24; the tape has been copied a few more times.  Avoid
the Japanese "Winter Tour 1973" 2CD set if you ever see it; it's the audience
recording of the show.  At least it has the last 2 songs missing from the
soundboard recording.  VGP's "Rock 'n Roll Stew" is the soundboard recording
with the last two songs tacked on from the audience recording, and the missing
beginning of Brown Sugar added in from Perth; said to be similar quality.

Sydney 2/27/73;               65 min;  8.0 s;     "Welcome to Australia"/ others
This recording did not surface until 1993.  It's another stereo soundboard but
not as good as the 2 above.  The last show of the tour; Mick babbles at times,
but it's another good performance as usual.  This release is the first and
only one so far with the entire concert, plus it's the best quality yet, so
it's worth tracking down.  (This is the first complete Taylor era soundboard
recording to turn up, and it's taken 23 years).

     To promote "Goats Head Soup" the Stones recorded 4 songs for Don
     Kirshner's TV show.

Don Kirshner TV 7/17/73;      20 min;  8.5 m;     "Beast of Eden"/others
I haven't heard this CD; they are also on the old "Angie" LP and of course
video too.  Unexciting to hear but kinda neat to watch.

     For the fall of 1973 there was a European tour in support of "Goats Head
     Soup."  Billy Preston replaced Nicky Hopkins as the keyboard player. 
     This would be the last tour with Mick Taylor.
     Typical set for 1973 European tour:  Brown Sugar, Gimme Shelter, Happy,
     Tumbling Dice, Star Star (deleted from KBFH broadcast), Angie, You Can't
     Always Get What You Want, Dancing with Mr. D, Heartbreaker (first half
     of tour only), Midnight Rambler, Honky Tonk Woman, All Down the Line,
     Rip This Joint, Jumping Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man.  Played
     infrequently:  Bitch, 100 Years Ago, Silver Train, Sweet Virginia.
     Most of these shows are available as audience recordings.  Quality
     varies but most are mediocre.

Rotterdam reh. 8/73;          75 min;  7.0 m;     "Can You Hear the Music?"
First available on an LP and now on a CD with the same title, in slightly
better quality and with more music.  This is the best sounding part of about
180 min of tour rehearsals.  It's mostly uninspired workouts, but there are
songs never performed live, such as the title track.  Now available in more
complete for on "Can You Hear the Mobile?," for which I quote from an
unpublished review:  "I've listened to once all the way through.  Two CDs--a
little over 70 minutes each...  There are several songs that sound good most
all the way through, some partial, and some aborted rehearsal takes--these are
monaurally recorded rehearsal playbacks, and monaurally recorded live
rehearsals.  Approximately a third of the recordings are muffled, (or have
talk/auto noise) because of the outdoor location in Rotterdam, creating
disturbances/interfering with the taper.  These CDs seem to be made from close
to master cassette tapes, in my opinion."

Vienna 9/1/73;                90 min;  8.0 m;     "Goodnight Vienna"/ others
Very good audience recording for the time.  First show of the tour and there
are some mistakes but also some rare songs.  Taylor burns on the rarely
performed "100 Years Ago."  Available on several LPs and CDs; this recent CD
is the best release ever.  VGP has done a nice job of splicing together
several different tapes to get the complete show.

Mannheim 9/3/73;              95 min;  5.0 m;     "Mannheim on Ice"
Very ordinary audience recording.  This rare Japanese CD is its first release. 
Probably the only reason for its release is that several infrequently
performed songs are performed for the last time.

London 9/9/73 & 9/8/73 2nd show; 70 min;  6.0 m;    "Come Back London '73"
This CD is a combination of 2 London shows though only 1 is listed.  It's a
fairly hissy audience recording of great performances, among my favorites from

Manchester 9/12/73;           75 min;  6.5 m;     "Manchester 1973"
Decent audience recording.  Might not be worth paying the high Japanese price.

Newcastle 9/13/73 1st show;   75 min;  5.5 m;     "Newcastle 1973"
Not the well-known soundboard excerpt, this is the complete audience
recording.  It's average at best.  Good performance as usual but this is for
completists only.

Various, Radio Luxembourg;    30 min; 10.0 m;     "A Shot of Salvation"/ others
This is a combination of Newcastle 9/13 and London 9/9.  Great mono recording
and performance.  The rare Japanese CD "CS Blues" has the songs in the correct
order and with longer edits than "A Shot..." but sounds the same.  Two
versions of this broadcast exist.  The alternate version is "only" 8.5 m
quality but includes a great Midnight Rambler.  That song can be heard on
OBR's rare "Down in the Graveyard" LP or "Back to the Graveyard" CD, a rare
Japanese CD, and the "Gather No Moss" CD (mislabeled as "Brussels").

Birmingham 9/19/73 1st? show; 70 min;  8.0 s;     "Birmingham Odeon 1973"/ others
Very well done audience recording and good performance.  The Oh Boy CD is the
best of at least 2.  This is probably the best audience recording of the tour
and the listed CD is made from a low generation recording.

Bern 9/26/73 1st show;        70 min;  6.0 m;     "Swiss Made"
Nowhere near as good a recording as the second show, this is a very ordinary
audience recording.

Bern 9/26/73 2nd show;        70 min;  7.5 s;     "Swiss Made"
Very clear audience recording reveals some sloppiness by the band.  This CD is
made from a better generation source tape than "Bern-1973."  This CD lists the
date as 9/25/73 which is probably wrong.
Munich 9/28/73 2nd show;      75 min;  6.0 m;     "Olympia Hall 1973"
Average audience recording.  Note that this is the true Munich recording; this
date is sometimes given for the King Biscuit broadcast (see below).

Frankfurt 9/30/73 1st show;   75 min;  6.5 m;     "Frankfurt Tapes 1973"
Frankfurt 9/30/73 2nd show;   75 min;  6.5 m;     "Frankfurt Tapes 1973"
Both shows are available in a 2CD box.  Each is a pretty good audience
recording.  Mick Taylor is quite loud here, especially in the 2nd show.

Hamburg 10/2 1st, Essen 10/10/73, misc;           "The Stars in the Sky..."/
Very good up front audience recording of both shows.  This first appeared as
"The Jean Clarke Mammorial Sonic Barbecue" LP (7.0 s quality), which was
copied onto "The Stars in the Sky..." LP, and single and double CDs of the
same name.  The 2CD has both complete shows but is not as good as the original
LP, as the low generation tapes are long gone.  The single Midnight Beat CD
includes the original LP, probably dubbed and said to be well done, plus
filler tracks, mostly 10/17/73 2nd, to simulate a complete concert.

Copenhagen 10/7/73 1st show;  70 min;  5.5 m;     "Greatest Dane"/others
Unspectacular audience recording.  For fanatics only.

Copenhagen 10/7/73 2nd show;  70 min;  6.5 m;     "Wonderful Wonderful
Decent audience recording.  Uses cover art from a rare German LP but this is
the entire concert, plus it runs at the right speed, unlike the LP.  It is
believed this is actually the 2nd show, not the 1st as claimed.

Essen 10/9/73;                55 min;  6.0 m;     "Brown Sugar & White Snow"
Decent audience recording, somewhat tinny.  The LP repeats part of the tape by
accident.  Not available on CD as far as I know.

Essen 10/11/73;               72 min;  6.5 m;     "Essen 1973"
Another pretty ordinary recording put out on CD.  The last two songs are from

Rotterdam 10/13/73;           75 min;  5.0 m;     "The Rotterdam Tapes 1973"
Rotterdam 10/14/73 1st show;  75 min;  5.0 m;     "The Rotterdam Tapes 1973"
This is a very nicely packaged 2CD set in a box.  Quite expensive, and the
recordings are below average.  For those with yen burning a hole in their

Antwerp 10/15/73;             77 min;  4.5 m;     "How Come You Taste So Good"
Some Japanese labels apparently will release any old tape they can get.  This
is not a good recording; it's distant and very hissy.

Brussels 10/17 1st + London 9/9/73; 75 min; 9.5 s;   "Europe '73"/many others
This is a very common show on many bootlegs from the time of its first
broadcast on the King Biscuit Flower Hour in Sep. 1974 until now.  All songs
are from Brussels except Happy, Gimme Shelter, Heartbreaker, and Street
Fighting Man are from London.  Old 2LP sets such as "Nasty Music" combined
this broadcast with 4 songs from the NYC 7/26/72 concert.  For detailed
information on the many releases of this show, beyond the scope of this FAQL,
see  Bottom line is, the best
sounding release is the rare German LP "Europe '73," also used as the source
for most early CDs.  Second best, and more easily available these days, is
VGP's 5th(!) edition gold CD "Europe '73," which uses some of the LP's artwork
in the VGP tradition.  As a bonus the CD includes the first note of All Down
the Line, missing from many releases including the LP.  (Note:  The CD may be
dubbed, at least in part, from another CD, "Headin' for an Overload," which is
2 CDs of the earliest, less complete broadcasts.)  All LPs and CDs other than
"Europe '73" are inferior and/or have unnecessary duplicate or missing songs. 
Another web site which favors the CD over the LP, contrary to my ears, is

FM '73 1987/88 remixes/alt. vers.; 70 min; 10.0 s&m; "Nasty Remixes"
This material was first available on rare German LPs but it sounds much better
and is more easily available on this CD.  It's both 1987-88 remixes and edits
of the familiar Brussels and London songs, plus two new ones which were not
broadcast until 1987-88: Brown Sugar from Rotterdam 10/14/73 2nd? show and
Street Fighting Man from London 9/9/73, and Star Star from Radio Luxembourg
Newcastle 9/13/73.  Note the first 3 songs here are identical to "Brussels
Affair."  Personally I prefer the original mixes but think this Japanese CD is
worth tracking down.  Note:  This CD is also available in a 20 bit remastered
version which is said to have a slight improvement in sound quality.

Brussels 10/17/73 2nd show;   25 min;  6.5 s;     "Back to the Graveyard"
For a long time this tape was traded as Antwerp 10/15/73 2nd show.  It's
apparently the 2nd Brussels show.  This is a soundboard recording, but
incomplete and hissy.  This is a rare Japanese CD; this show is also available
slightly incomplete on "Reflections of a Stone Alone."  Note:  The "Gather No
Moss" CD claims to be partly from this show; it's not.  See 9/13/73.  (The
listed CD/LP also includes other 1973 material.  The LP is missing one song
from Brussels due to space considerations.)  (The listed title also includes
other 1973 material from radio and TV broadcasts).

Berlin 10/19/73; 75 min;                     "Tour Over Europe 1973"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "...A very good audience recording, but a
bit bass heavy.  A quick adjustment of the tone controls easily solves this
problem.  A tight sounding set as one might expect after touring for the past
two years."  This tape was in trading circles for a few months before VGP put
it out.

     Alternate mixes and outtakes from "Goat's Head Soup" and "It's Only Rock
     and Roll" surfaced in 1996:

'73-'74 alt mixes/outtakes;   64 min;  9.5 s;     "Acetates"
Once again interesting material which was never circulating has turned up on
CD.  Really good quality with only slight distortion on a few songs, no
typical acetate crackles.  I prefer most of the alternate mixes to the
released versions, and the outtakes are pleasant enough.  The last few songs
are unimportant "mono mixes" which don't sound any different to my ears.

     To promote "It's Only Rock and Roll," the band again appeared on Don
     Kirshner's TV show.

Don Kirshner TV 7/74;         13 min;  8.0 m;     "Beast of Eden"
I believe this CD is the first unauthorized release of these songs; they are
fairly easily available on video.  The widely seen "It's Only R&R" video is
from this show, as are the less well known ultra camp "Till the Next Goodbye"
and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg."

Part 3:  The Ron Wood era:

     Just before the Stones were to go into the studio to record "Black and
     Blue," in December 1974, Mick Taylor quit.  Three different guest
     guitarists ended up on the album, and the band also jammed with Jeff

Outtakes '73-'79;             45 min;  9.5 s;     "Lonely at the Top"
A classic LP of great quality, interesting studio outtakes.  Most songs have
Ron Wood but a few are with Mick Taylor.  The LP was copied onto CD long ago. 
Now on CD by TSP, re-released by Dandelion, and VGP, both with extra tracks. 
Haven't heard the CDs so can't say how their quality compares to the LP, but
they are probably quite good.

Studio reh. 1-4/75;           70 min;  7.5 s;     "Black and Blue Sessions"
Not so great quality CD of outtakes.  The source tape is fairly hissy. 
Moderately interesting with some extended songs; some songs are without final
overdubs.  This is a fairly rare Japanese CD; similar material is on the more
easily available "Outtakes '74-'75" CD and the "Reggae and Roll" LPs.

     For the summer of 1975 US tour, Ronnie Wood was the "guest" lead
     guitarist.  Although Black and Blue was mostly recorded before the tour,
     it was not released until after the tour was over.  The 1975 and 1976
     tours featured much longer sets than had been played in the past.  Billy
     Preston also performed two songs at each show.

     Typical set for 1975 US tour:  Honky Tonk Woman, All Down the Line, If
     You Can't Rock Me/ Get Off of My Cloud, Star Star, Gimme Shelter, Ain't
     Too Proud to Beg, You Gotta Move, You Can't Always Get What You Want,
     Happy, Tumbling Dice, It's Only Rock and Roll, Heartbreaker, Fingerprint
     File, Angie, Wild Horses, That's Life, Outta Space (both sung by Billy
     Preston), Brown Sugar, Midnight Rambler, Rip This Joint, Street Fighting
     Man, Jumping Jack Flash.  Played infrequently:  Rocks Off, Sure the One
     You Need,  Star Star, Gimme Shelter, Luxury, Dance Little Sister, Cherry
     Oh  Baby, Lady Jane (a capella by Mick), Sympathy for the Devil  (encore
     at about half the shows).
     Most 1975 shows are available as audience recordings.  In general these
     are superior to earlier tour recordings; the drums sound better in

Baton Rouge, LA 6/1/75 1st show; 135 min; 7.0 s; "Cajun Queen's Afternoon..."
Baton Rouge, LA 6/1/75 2nd show; 135 min; 7.0 s; "Whores in the Night"
The first 2 shows of the 1975 Tour of the Americas.  First available on LP
incomplete and in mediocre quality, these are both 3LP sets of the entire
concerts, made from good clear audience recordings.  The first show is
available on the Japanese CD "Baton Rouge '75."  The second show is available
on the "Whores and Heroin" CD-R, for which I quote from an Undercover review: 
"...It is without a doubt on the upper tier of audience recordings I've heard. 
The show is fantastic and sound is [clear].  The performance is better than
the one earlier in the day.  The band is loose and Woody is grooving..."  To
me, both shows seem a little tentative but not bad.

Kansas City 6/6/75;          135 min;  5.5 m;     "Sure the One You Need"
Not a good recording, especially compared to some of the well-known ones from
this tour.  The attraction here is the rarely performed title track.  I quote
from an Undercover review:  "...It's a complete audience recording with quite
a bit of hiss (worse in some places than others).  The last few songs are very
distorted and muffled; not listenable.  I'll keep it, if for no other reason
than the rarities played here:  Sure the One You Need, Luxury and Dance Little
Sister (fortunately these appear during the better portion of audio--less hiss
and better clarity)."

Various '75-'76 soundboards;                 "We Hope Ya Like Dis One"
From Toronto 6/17/75 (2 songs, various mixes), DC 7/2/72 (2 songs), Earl's
Court 5/26/76 (6 songs), and Paris 6/7/76 (2 songs).  These are apparently not
great quality soundboards.  I have heard the 2 DC songs on tape and can
confirm that MJ is wasted; very sloppy performance.  This may be more for
completists; maybe VGP is running out of material.  Title is lifted from an
old TMOQ LP sleeve.

Buffalo 6/15/75;                             "Heartbreakers in Buffalo
                                             1975"/ others
I quote from the following unpublished review:  "An incomplete soundboard
recording...  It contains 13 tracks in good quality, but with quite some hiss. 
The last 2 tracks are in average audience quality.  Main attraction is the
incomplete soundboard version of Luxury (where is the complete soundboard
Luxury from Toronto??)  Good, fast paced show, but the recording has a lack of
atmosphere.  This recording is also available on a Shaved Disc Release
'Hottest in Hell,' with Luxury faded out and missing Heartbreaker and
Fingerprint File."

Toronto 6/17/75;                                  "Toronto"
I quote from an Internet review:  "The sound quality is good to very good
audience mono.  Good guitar mix and vocals; drums and bass (bottom-end
frequency response) are a missing dynamic in the sound."  This is available on
both extremely limited edition vinyl and limited edition CD.  Note that at
least one song from this show is on "Love You Live."

NYC 6/22/75;                                 "MSG 75"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "A not so great audience recording.  The
2nd half of the concert only with special guest Eric (is God) Clapton on SFTD. 
The sound is quite cluttered throughout and not very clear.  If Clapton is
playing, it is quite hard to distinguish it.  Even Phil Spector would have a
hard time liking this wall of sound.  Too bad really..."

NYC 6/27/75;                           7.5 s;     "Preserve for Future/Discover
                                                  New York/100% Odd Lots"/others
Nice audience recording.  First available on LP back in the '70s ("Stereo
Baby"), this has been on several LPs and CDs, but these Japanese CDs are the
best so far.

LA Forum 7/11/75;            160 min;  7.5 m;     "LA Connection"/ others
Taken from the slightly famous "Hot As Hell" video except this is the complete
show.  Soundboard recording with excellent drum sound but the guitars are too
low.  This CD is said to be the best release yet of this show.  Mediocre
performance IMHO.  Apparently this show, on a Friday, was reviewed positively
in Rolling Stone magazine, leading to the misleading "LA Friday" title given
to some 7/13 releases.

LA Forum 7/13/75;            152 min;  9.0 s;     "LA Friday"/ others
An extremely good audience recording, even by modern standards.  This was
recorded by the people who released it on vinyl as the classic "1975 Tour of
the Americas" 3LP set.  Now out on CD in even better quality than the old LPs. 
This title is the definitive release, as it includes both Billy Preston songs! 
Plus, it sounds a little better than the other CDs too.  However, it was not
recorded on a Friday; it was a Sunday, but the title is taken from one of the
old LPs.  It was later re-released as "Who Went to Church This Sunday," also
an old LP title.  Maybe it's just the recording, but IMHO these are mostly
better performances than sides 1, 2, and 4 of "Love You Live."

Cow Palace, SF 7/15/75;      123 min;  8.5 s;     "It's Only Rock & Roll"
Very nice audience recording, almost as good as the above recording but not
quite.  This Japanese CD uses the cover artwork from a rare German 3 LP box
set but sounds noticeably better.  The 7/16 Cow Palace show is available on CD
and LP in similar quality.

Fort Collins, CO 7/19/75;    130 min;        "I'm Working So Hard"
I quote from the following unpublished review:  "'We should have kicked him
off the stage, but we didn't.  It's because we're both English,' said Mick
about Elton John, who wanted to join on Honky Tonk Women [but]... stayed
during the whole show.  Mick later introduced him as 'Reg from Watford.' 
[This CD] features the complete show in excellent audience quality.  Really
too bad most of Mick's in between comments are edited out.  Excellent show,
one of the best Wood era Midnight Ramblers IMHO.  Also nice are the bonus
tracks from Milwaukee 6/8/75 (Sure the one you need, Heartbreaker, Luxury), in
rather bad quality.  This is a must for all fans of the '75 tour."

Chicago 7/23/75;                        VG  ;     "American Compendium"
Audience recording.  Incomplete; only the 2nd half of the show.  The CD title
is taken from an old LP.

Detroit 7/28/75;              90 min;  7.5 m;     "Rock and Roll Goes on the Road
Soundboard recording though not the greatest.  There is now another release
called "Don't Forget the Motor City," possibly a CD-R.  I quote from an
Internet review of it:  "Not the complete show...  Great sound, though it
seems to my ears the master was running a bit fast..."  83 min. long.  Also
available as "Detroit Rock City," which is probably similar quality.

Jacksonville 8/2/75;         104 min;  7.0 m;     "A Tour De Force"
A very ordinary audience recording, with some hiss.  There are some song cuts
and the Billy Preston songs are missing.  Overall ok, but you can do better. 
Note that this title was first used for a repackaged LP of the '73 King
Biscuit broadcast.

Buffalo 8/8/75;                                   "Sad Songs Is All I Know"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "A very good audience recording with
little crowd interference.  Only drawback is a thin layer of hiss throughout
the show from the tape source used.  If not for that, this one could rank with
the best from this tour.  Still very listenable..."  Note that this title is
lifted from an LP of a different '75 show.

     The 1976 European tour was musically similar to the 1975 US tour, except
     that songs from "Black and Blue" were played.
     Typical set for 1976 European tour:  Honky Tonk Woman, If You Can't Rock
     Me/ Get Off of My Cloud, Hand of Fate, Hey Negrita, Ain't Too Proud to
     Beg, Fool to Cry, Hot Stuff, Star Star, Angie, You Gotta Move, You Can't
     Always Get What You Want, Happy, Tumbling Dice, Nothing from Nothing,
     Outta Space (both sung by Billy Preston), Midnight Rambler, It's Only
     Rock and Roll, Brown Sugar, Midnight Rambler, Street Fighting Man,
     Jumping Jack Flash.  Played infrequently:  All Down the Line (twice),
     Rip This Joint, Angie, Cherry Oh Baby (once), Sympathy for the Devil. 
     Played at Knebworth only:  Satisfaction, Around and Around, Little Red
     Rooster, Stray Cat Blues, Let's Spend the Night Together, Dead Flowers,
     Route 66, Wild Horses, Honky Tonk Woman, Country Honk theme.
     Most shows are available as audience recordings.  For some reason there
     are also a fair number of soundboard recordings available.

Frankfurt 4/29/76;            45 min;  7.5 s;     "Frankfurt 1976"
The listed CD is a soundboard recording.  Now it plus more of the concert from
a "very good" audience recording is out on "More than Welcome to Frankfurt,"
which was originally the title of LPs from the '82 tour.

Kiel 5/2/76;                                      "European Tour Kiel 1976"
Said to be good audience quality.

Berlin 5/3/76;                          VG  ;     "Low Tide and Fair Hits"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "...above average audience recording.  For
fans of the 75/76 Tours (like me) it is a good buy, but not essential."  Title
is lifted from an old, lousy Knebworth LP.

London, UK 5/22/76;                    7.5 s;     "Order in the Court"/ several
This soundboard recording first turned up on the limited "Liver Than You'll
Ever Be II," one of the last vinyl boots.  The listed CD is EQ'ed to boost the
bass and remove hiss and sounds pretty good.  It is not complete as claimed,
and not even the complete board tape, which includes YCAGWYW.  All board tapes
miss the beginning and end of the concert AFAIK.  An Internet review said: 
"...This show can be found in best quality and most complete on 'Out Of The
Court...'  'You Can't Always Get What You Want' exists on tape, but not on CD
in this soundboard quality..."

London, UK 5/25/76;           60 min;             "Another Earl's Court"
I quote from the following unpublished review:  "A near perfect stage monitor
recording, although Jagger is in the background.  The guitar sound is
excellent, especially Ronnie's solos are great, IMHO.  Great performance. 
This title is completed with an audience recording of Sympathy for the Devil,
probably from the 5/23/76 show..."

The Hague 5/29/76;                                "Any Port in a Storm"
I quote from an Internet review:  "...Taken from a very scratchy LP, the show
is available complete and in better quality on vinyl and (without crackles) on
tape.  VGP did a bad job releasing this.  CD title is lifted from an '80s
European LP.  Very nice and original photo of Keith on the cover!  Truly 
amazing is the sheer excitement of the Dutch crowd, which makes it a nice show
to listen to.  Too bad the quality is below par."

Dortmund, Germany 6/1/76;                         "Happy Birthday Ronnie"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "Another of many above average audience
recordings from 1976.  Again the quality is good enough to please completists
of this tour, but not for more discriminating tastes."

Paris 6/4/76;                                     "Allright Charlie Watts"
I quote from an Internet review:  "...A new, high quality label has shown
up!...  Dirty Work Productions just released a tape of the never released
Paris June 4, 1976 show (as we know the date on 'Paris Aux Printemps' and
other titles is wrong, the video is from June 6)... in truly excellent
quality...  All instruments are there, all dynamics are there, [with] hardly
any hiss; especially nice since a big part of 'Love You Live' is from this
show..."  Another Internet review added:  "...It is a stunningly lovely
recording.  It is perfect!...  It is the best concert on an album from the
'75-'76 period.  Sounds like a soundboard but it is not."

Paris 6/6/76;                100 min; 8.5 es;     "Paris Aux Printemps"/others
Soundboard recording, made from a pro-shot video.  Parts of this show are on
"Love You Live."  Good performance, arguably better than the next night; worth
getting.  (The Swingin' Pig release is better than the Speeder Ball release;
TSP release has the wrong date).

Paris 6/7/76;                125 min;  EX-  ;     "Paris Par Exc."/others
I quote from an Internet review:  "...'Paris Par Excellence' [CD] is a bit
disappointing to me.  VGP had already released [this] some time ago on 'Europe
76' [which] was the entire show but unfortunately only an audience recording. 
[This is a] soundboard recording, but it's incomplete!  3 tracks are missing: 
'Angie' and the two Billy Preston tracks (and also the band introduction). 
The missing of the Preston tracks [is inexcusable]:  They are available in the
same soundboard quality on the old bootleg LP 'Paris Par Excellence'...  The
first part of the show (disc 1) appears for the first time ever as soundboard
recording and is of slightly worse quality (hiss) [than] the second part which
was available before on some bootleg LPs."  Whew.  Not much to add but I'll
note that the old LP is 8.5 s; haven't heard the CD.  The audience recordings
are 7.0 m.  Good performance; parts of this show are on "Love You Live."

Lyon 6/9/76;                                      "Backstage Unlimited"/ others
This is an improved release of the rare "Backstage Limited," which was 71 min,
8.0 s.  I quote an Undercover review:  "Complete show...  The beginning of
Honky Tonk Women, the end of Jumping Jack Flash, and the complete Street
Fighting Man are in very good audience quality, the rest in very good
soundboard quality.  Very good upgrade... finally the complete show available
on one title.  [This] sounds noticeably better then the Lyon portion of
Terrapin's 'French Made' (should be 'Backstage Unlimited' I think) and it runs
at the correct speed.  This release also sounds a lot better than 'Les
Inrockuptibles' which has the guitars squeezed into one channel.  [VGP] did a
good job on mastering the tape.  Very good show."

Barcelona 6/11/76                                 "Barcelona Y'Ole"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "...A solid audience recording, but with
many available from this tour, probably for completists only or those that
attended.  Very acceptable quality though..."

Knebworth 8/21/76;     148 min; 8.0/6.5 s;   "Hot August Night"/many others
One of the Stones longest concerts, definitely the longest of the '60s and
'70s, before a large crowd.  The Stones worked up a special expanded set list
for this show only.  Interesting performance, if only to hear the unusual
songs.  Many audience tape recorders were running, so was one at the
soundboard, plus there's a pro-shot video!  There are many boots from various
sources.  The listed VGP CD is the definitive edition, using the soundboard
source for the first 90 min except for Stray Cat Blues, then splicing together
a top notch video source and a so-so audience recording to include every song
on two lengthy CDs.  The "Best of Knebworth Fair" CD is worthwhile for those
on a budget and a nice package:  64 min; 7.5 m; it's made from the videos
though not as good a source as VGP's.  VGP's title and graphics are lifted
from a beautiful German LP from the mid '80s made from the soundboard
recording, which runs very fast.  Thankfully the CD is correct.

     The Stones came to Toronto in early 1977 to record live at the El
     Mocambo Club.  Keith was arrested there for heroin possession, but
     recording took place and became side 3 of "Love You Live."

Toronto 3/4 & 3/5/77;         40 min;  8.5 s;     "Small Club Gig"
I don't have this CD, but have a rare German LP.  That is a combination of a
soundboard recording and 3 songs from an acetate, which were released on a fan
club disc.  Good performance.

     The next studio album was "Some Girls."  Outtakes are available.

Outtakes late '77;           100 min;  9.0 s;     "Paris Outtakes" I & II
This material is available on several LPs and possibly several CDs, but the
Vigatone set of 2 CDs is superior to anything else I've heard.  Very good
recording and some interesting alternate and outtakes.

Outtakes late '77;            65 min;   ___ s;    "Some Girls Sessions"
I haven't heard this exact release but am told quality is an 8.  I quote from
an Internet review:  "...My copy is damn good quality with no clicking or
obvious problems which detract from listening.  The ripping versions of Hang
Fire and Black Limo are worth the price alone IMHO...  This is the same as
Place Pigalle Vol. 3, with a slight difference in track listing, but the same
running order..."

S.G./E.R. outs + SNL '78;     74 min;   EX  ;     "Twilight Zone"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "Quality is very good, but there is some
background hiss...  [It] doesn't detract from the music much (more noticeable
between tracks, rather than during the songs) and it's well worth getting.

     For the 1978 US tour, the band played most of "Some Girls" and dropped
     many older songs.  The sets were considerably shorter than the '75-'76
     sets.  Billy Preston was sacked; keyboardists Ian Stewart and Ian
     McLagan were featured prominently.  After the tour, the Stones appeared
     on Saturday Night Live; they are the only band to appear and play a
     three song set without interruption.
     Typical set for 1978 US tour:  Let It Rock, All Down the Line, Honky
     Tonk Woman, Star Star, When the Whip Comes Down, Lies, Miss You, Beast
     of Burden, Just My Imagination, Shattered, Respectable, Far Away Eyes,
     Love in Vain, Tumbling Dice, Happy, Sweet Little Sixteen, Brown Sugar,
     Jumping Jack Flash.  Played infrequently:  Hound Dog, Satisfaction,
     Street Fighting Man.
     Most if not all shows are available as audience recordings.  This tour
     was heavily bootlegged; about 75% of the tour dates are available on
     vinyl.  Most have decent but not great quality.  The listing below is
     rather short since the LPs are all long out of print and I don't collect
     them all.

Woodstock 5/78 reh.;         290 min;  8.5 s;     "The Complete Woodstock Tapes"/
Very nice soundboard quality.  I quote from an Undercover review:  "Overall,
the set has noticeably less hiss than the other Woodstock CD releases I have
[lists 3].  I have yet to hear any LP crackles either."  Another Undercover
review:  "4 CDs of very different/cool versions of songs old and new.  Some
tracks are tedious, others abruptly end in the middle of a song, but the sound
throughout is excellent.  The definitive set."  This recent release may be
more than you want to hear (45 tracks), but there are lots of old classics,
including CS Blues (!) and other songs never played live.  Previous releases
only have half of this material, or less.

Passaic, NJ 6/14/78;          90 min;  9.0 s;     "Garden State 78"/others
Excellent stereo soundboard recording; probably the most well known boot of
the tour.  Legend has it the tape was stolen from the soundboard before the
show ended which explains why the end is missing.  Good performance except the
incomplete encore "Street Fighting Man" sounds completely unrehearsed; it's
terrible.  Original LPs sound better than any CD release; in fact The Swingin'
Pig "Out on Bail" and Scorpio's "Capital Connection" both appear to be dubbed
from vinyl.

Washington, DC 6/15/78;                           "Far Away Washington"
The last of the small gigs which opened this tour; the Warner Theater only
holds a few thousand people.  I quote from an Undercover review:  "...Another
keeper.  Above average sounding with a typically short set-list..."

Chicago 7/8/78;                            "Tight Dresses and Tampax"/ 1 other
I quote from an Undercover review:  "A very good audience recording which [is
one of]... the two best audience recordings I've heard from this high octane
tour.  Very pleased with this one."  CD title is taken from an '80s European
LP which wasn't that great; sounds like this CD is better.  Also available on
"Speed Freaks" which I also haven't heard.

Tucson, AZ 7/21/78                                "Let the Juice Pumping"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "A good but not great audience recording. 
Very listenable but at lower volume levels.  A bit too much distortion
interferes with what would have been a very good sounding show.  Especially
compelling because Linda Ronstadt guests on Tumbling Dice, but the damn
recording volume was too high thus making the distortion.  A keeper, but sort
of disappointing with what might have been."

Fort Worth 7/18/78;           90 min; 10.0 s;     "Handsome Girls"
Part of this show was already available on the (rare) CD "Somewhere in
Dallas,"  but this is the entire show in best possible quality.  I am told
this CD was made from tapes liberated from the King Biscuit archives, which
explains its outstanding quality.  (This CD also includes '78 radio

US radio '78 (various);      140 min; 10.0 s;     "Handsome Girls"/many others
These songs have been widely available since they were first broadcast in
1979, but this is their best quality ever.  CDs 3 and 4 of this set compile
almost every song ever broadcast (TSP's 1st edition misses 4 songs,
Dandelion's 2nd edition has them), plus a few that never were (Star Star). 
Since the source tapes were liberated from the King Biscuit archives, they are
not bleeped or censored as they were for broadcast.  Dandelion's release also
adds a few more rarities from lesser quality audience recordings.  It is said
to sound even "brighter," not a bad thing.  However, Dandelion did not use the
best source for the previously missing 4 songs; for that you need the obscure
and very mis-titled LP "Live from England 1974," which is all '78 radio

LA 8/78 outtakes;         93 min;  EX- s;    "One Night with Tallahassee Lassie"
This is a copy of a rare Japanese CD "The Harder They Come," with extra
material added.  The LA material was never before available.

     Keith's sentence for heroin possession in Toronto was light:  Perform a
     benefit concert for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.  At
     the start of the New Barbarians tour in Toronto, the Stones made a
     surprise appearance.

Toronto 4/22/79 2nd show w/New Barbs; 100 min; 9.0 s; "Blind Date Revisited"
This used to be only available as an audience recording but a soundboard
recording turned up in 1995 and was put out by The Swingin' Pig.  John Belushi
introduces the band.  The performance can charitably (pun intended) be
described as "ragged;" the singing is mostly atrocious.  In some respects the
audience recording is better; it has a better guitar sound for example.

     "Emotional Rescue" outtakes are available.

"Emotional Rescue" outtakes;  67 min;  EX- s;     "Emotional Rescue Demos"
I don't have this CD, but these songs can be heard in quite good quality on
LP; the CD should be similar.

Outtakes 12/74, 1-3/78, 1-2/79; 73 min; 9.5 s; "Static in the Attic"
Great quality outtakes, mostly from "Emotional Rescue" though some are
earlier.  Some are previously unheard and the others are probably in best ever
quality.  Leadoff track is an undated interview with Mick, which I happen to
know is from Europe 1970.  Asked about bootlegs, Mick says he likes bootleg
records!  Of course, back in those days, being bootlegged was almost an honor;
it meant the band had serious fans.

     As mentioned previously, the Stones broke from previous trends by not
     touring Europe in 1979.  The New Barbarians, with Keith and Ronnie,
     toured instead.  The next Stones tour was in the US, 1981, for "Tattoo
     You."  There was an official live album, "Still Life," and movie, "Let's
     Spend the Night Together."
     Typical set for 1981 US tour:  Under My Thumb, When the Whip Comes Down,
     Let's Spend the Night Together, Shattered, Neighbors, Black Limousine,
     Just My Imagination, 20 Flight Rock, Going to a Go Go, Let Me Go, Time
     is on My Side, Beast of Burden, Waiting on a Friend, Let It Bleed, You
     Can't Always Get What You Want, Little T&A, Tumbling Dice, She's So
     Cold, All Down the Line, Hang Fire, Star Star, Miss You, Start Me Up,
     Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man
     (a few shows), and/or Satisfaction (most shows).  Played infrequently: 
     Tops, Down the Road Apiece, Mona, Star Star.

     Most if not all shows are available as audience recordings.  About two
     thirds of the tour dates are available on vinyl.  The listing below is
     rather short since the LPs are all long out of print and I don't collect
     them all.

USA '81 (various, FM);    90 min;  9.5 s;    "Time is on Our Side"/many others
The various FM broadcasts are on many different LPs and CDs.  As with the '78
broadcasts, different versions of some songs are available.  The official live
album "Still Life" overlaps with these broadcasts.  Excellent quality on
almost all releases; some CDs are copied from old LPs.

Philadelphia 9/25/81;                     "Ain't It Good to be Alive"/ others
Tour opener.  I quote from an Undercover review:  "Clearest of all recordings
[of this show].  Complete show.  Slight hiss throughout which reveals
intermittent tape flaws (static sounding).  Strong bass, vocals, piano and
drums, but weak guitar.  Charlie's cymbals are very crisp."  Goes on to say
it's better than "Philadelphia '81," for which I quote from an Undercover
review:  "...'Tops' was performed here...  As [usual with early shows], the
band is a bit less polished than later in the tour, but they played this show
with an edge that was clearly lacking as the tour progressed..."

Philadelphia 9/26/81;                          "Waiting on 50 Million Friends"
Originally available on LP; also available on CD, for which I quote an
Internet review:  " is the case with most new Stones tours, [this
performance] contains rarely played songs like Mona and Down the Road
Apiece...  [The CD] also has bonus songs from the New Jersey Meadowlands... 
Though it is an audience recording, IMO it ranks right up there with the
better known soundboards from this tour in terms of performance and indeed
sound quality...  After the very first song though the recording remains
perfect throughout...  The guitars are very strong throughout, but the major
reason I love this title so much is the piano playing which you hardly hear on
any other titles..."  As is frequently the case, an upgraded CD has now
appeared, for which I quote an Undercover review:  "Richer, fuller sound but
nothing groundbreaking here.  Unfortunately, VGP decided to lop off the two
bonus tracks that appeared at the end of the first edition.  Too bad, but I do
like the sound better here."

Buffalo 9/27/81;             ___ min;             "Buffalo '81"
I quote an Undercover review:  "This is a GREAT audience recording... There is
little crowd noise and it's nice and clear. Also this neat gem contains the
rare '81 tour track TOPS."  Also includes Down the Road Apiece.

Los Angeles 10/11/81;                       "Never Too Old to Rock and Roll"
Said to be "an above average audience recording."  This CD title is lifted
from an LP title of the same show, but I don't know if the recording is the

Seattle 10/14/81;            125 min;   "What's Wrong with My Guitar"/ 1 other
I quote from the following unpublished review:  "The first ever audio release
of [this] show, and not a good one.  [It's] basically the same (good) video
soundboard as the 10/15/81 Seattle show but right from the start the sound is
distorted.  It makes the show very hard to listen to.  The real attraction in
the setlist on the back cover is Starf*cker, but beware:  Starf*cker is not
played here.  The show is also available together with the 10/15 Seattle show
as a box set 'Stoned Screwed & Tattooed in Seattle,' [which] includes the two
videos from the shows."

Seattle 10/15/81;            125 min;  8.5 m;     "Now We Need You More Than
                                                  Ever"/ 3 others
Raw recording from a pro-shot video, but I like it.  Good sound mix with lots
of guitar.  First available on the hard-to-get Terappin (sic) label, a
similarly titled CD is now out from VGP.  I haven't heard it, but Internet
reviews says it is the definitive release.  "Bloody Night in Seattle" isn't
quite as good, and runs a bit slow.  "Stoned Screwed & Tattooed" is said to be
either not quite as good or better than the VGP release, depending on which
review you believe; I haven't heard either for comparison.

San Francisco 10/18/81;                           "Candlestick Park '81"
I quote an Undercover review:  "...You've got to hear how crisp it sounds to
believe it.  It's an audience [recording] that sounds BETTER than a lot of
soundboards!  Has the rarely played Star Star too..."

Houston 10/28/81;                                 "Houston Can You Sing"
I quote an Internet review:  "...It's a video soundboard in much the same
quality as Seattle 81 minus the ever present 'hum'...  The sound improves
nicely after the first couple of tracks leaving this 'raw' soundboard
intact...  The mix is steady once the sound levels out with the vocals quite
clear and the guitars right up front..."

Chicago 11/22/81 w/M. Waters; 35 min;   EX _;     "Sweet Home Chicago"
The Stones pay tribute to one of their heroes by playing with him and other
Chicago blues stars in a small club.  Semi-professionally recorded and filmed
(the film has the wrong date).  Worth seeing, or settle for the audio.

Tempe, AZ 12/13/81;                     EX _;     "Satisfaction Guaranteed"
This show was professionally recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio
show, and filmed for the "Let's Spend the Night Together" movie.  Now an
almost complete soundboard recording has turned up.  I quote an Undercover
review:  "Excellent soundboard, which many have heard in the movie... 
However, here the music isn't edited to death like the movie was.  You get the
full blown concert without the requisite studio overdubs.  A definite keeper!" 
Another Internet review said, "...superb soundboard quality, better than

Kansas City 12/14/81;        140 min;  8.0 s;     "Didn't We Meet Somewhere
                                                  Before"/ others
Previously available on other CDs from an inferior source, this show features
special guest Mick Taylor.  Rumor has it he was to play at the upcoming pay
per view in Hampton, but he was too loud on stage, pissed Keith off, and there
weren't any guests in Hampton.  Regardless of his volume on stage, it's hard
to pick out his guitar from the other two on this fine audience recording. 
This recording is very clear with moderate audience noise but nothing
objectionable; the cheering adds to the atmosphere.

Hampton, VA 12/18/81;        140 min; 10.0 s;     "20 Flight Rock"/many others
Pay-per-view cable special available on many different LPs and CDs.  Of course
videos also circulate.  Excellent recording, unsurprisingly.  I think a few
songs are on the official live album "Still Life."  The listed CD is said to
be better than the well known Swingin' Pig title, which is said to be overly
NoNoised.  The latest release is on Dandelion, a re-release of TSP's version,
but I haven't heard it.

     The next tour was the 1982 European tour, which was musically similar to
     the 1981 tour.
     Typical set for 1982 European tour:  Under My Thumb, When the Whip Comes
     Down, Let's Spend the Night Together, Shattered, Neighbors, Black
     Limousine, Just My Imagination, 20 Flight Rock, Going to a Go Go,
     Chantilly Lace (first part of tour), Let Me Go, Time is on My Side,
     Beast of Burden, Let It Bleed (first part of tour), You Can't Always Get
     What You Want, Little T&A, Tumbling Dice, She's So Cold, Hang Fire, Miss
     You, Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, Start Me Up, Jumping Jack Flash,
     Satisfaction.  Played infrequently:  Angie.
     About two thirds of the tour dates are available on vinyl.

Rotterdam 6/2/82;                                 "Hot Hot Hotterdam"
This is a CD-R from a new "label."  I quote from an Undercover review: 
"Overall the sound is somewhat bassy especially Charlie's bass drum but the
bass level improves during the course of the recording only to pick back up
during the last 1/3 of the show.  Keith is way upfront at the start of the
show and mixes in at a more level range as Ron at the end...  However, Woody's
solos' are turned up just at the right time.  Mick remains at a constant level
and is quite clear.  Some 'waviness' as I call it occurs throughout the
recording as if someone is moving with the recorder or there is wind... but
[it] is subtle enough to not be too distracting.  The nearby audience...
remains polite during the show [but] their clapping and singing become more
evident at MY onward.  One obvious distraction to the recording is some guy
who calls out the next number that he thinks will be played.  He obviously
followed the '81 tour as he is right on except when Mick throws out Chantilly
Lace...!  Sound quality rates well overall and makes this [mono] recording...
very comparable to other '81/'82 audience recordings.  This basically opening
night of the '82 tour recording is rare and can be appreciated by most hard
core collectors...  The performance is very loose and upbeat and would be hard
pressed to be considered a typical opening night show.  Woody flat out WAILS. 
Keith is tight and Charlie is managing the pace of the songs like a master. 
The few minutes of rare interviews with Mick by Dutch radio only adds to the
completeness of these discs..."

Rotterdam 6/4/82;                       VG+ ;     "Rotter' Beast of Bourbon"
First available on LP; now out on CD using the same title.  I quote from an
Internet review:  "Although it's a nice show, this is really for the people
who were there as the sound is not very good.  It's a decent audience
recording for the time, but it could have been better.  All the audience
participation (me included!) doesn't make it better although the atmosphere is
great.  Complete show with intro 'Take The A Train' and 3 minutes of fireworks
at the end."  "Chantilly Lace" is said to be only G+ quality.

Berlin 6/8/82;                                    "Beast of Bourbon"
I quote an Undercover review:  "No question the best audience recording from
the '82 tour...  All instruments are here, especially the guitar (the acoustic
on Waiting on A Friend is the best I've heard).  It's the complete show...  A
must have for 81/82 tour enthusiasts."  Previously available on a European LP
with the same title, which I have, and it's nowhere near as good as this CD
must be.

Munich 6/10/82;                                   "Willkommen in Munchen"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "A very good audience recording with radio
broadcast reports interspersed throughout...  Sound is upfront, only a shade
less in quality than 'Beast of Bourbon' and 'Demain le Soleil.'"

Paris 6/13/82;                          VG  ;     "Demain le Soleil"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "A very good audience recording, but the
sound is a bit condensed.  Doesn't sound as good as 'Beast of Bourbon,' but a
keeper nonetheless."  Entire show.

Gothenburg, Sweden 6/19/82;  130 min;  8.0 m;     "One More Time"
Quite good audience recording.  Rare LP, copied as "Never Stop" which is now
out on CD.  I quote from an Undercover review of the CD:  "...IMO it's an
excellent audience recording and a keeper.  Sure the audience is present, but
to me it enhances the show.  This one and 'Beast of Bourbon' are two of my
favorite '82 tour releases."

Wembley, London 6/26/82;      45 min;  9.0 m;     "One Day in June"
Rare German LP made from a BBC video (never broadcast?).  Also on a Japanese
CD with the same title.  This is apparently the show where Keith punches
Ronnie for spacing out on stage.  That's not on the video, but the start of
"She's So Cold" is incredibly bad and the entire concert is pretty lame. 
Naturally this is a really good recording.

Turin 7/11/82;                                    "Mundialito 1982"
Available on a nicely packaged LP and a CD.  The LP does not sound too good. 
For the CD, I quote an Undercover review:  "Average at best audience recording
with quite a bit of hiss throughout.  Not an essential title, except for
completists.  Angie was played here..."

Naples 7/17/82 + hotel/backstage; 102 min; 9.0 m/EX s; "Shattered in Europe"
The concert portion of this is 76 min.  It's a very nice soundboard, well
balanced with a little too much MJ.  Sounds like a pretty good performance;
this is a must for any '82 tour fan.  Minor speed variation at the end though. 
Keith's (and Ronnie's?) backing vocals are very ragged; kind of amusing.  Not
all pressings have the second CD, which I have not heard.  I quote from an
Undercover review:  "...It is a loose [26] minute jam with Keith and Ron. 
There are some very ragged ( fun) versions of 'Hit the Road Jack' and a Hank
Williams song complete with the raspiest, most off-key vocals you can imagine
K and R coming up with.  I find it to be enjoyable, but many don't.  It's
certainly not essential."

     Due to tensions within the band, there was no touring again until 1989.
     Outtakes are available for "Dirty Work."

"Dirty Work" outs. 7-11/85;                       "Crushed Pearl"/others
I quote an Undercover review:  "...a truly excellent boot.  The sound quality
is very good, although faint hiss can be detected on some tracks.  The guitar
playing and interchange on tracks like One Hit and Dirty Work are real razor-
blade stuff.  Dynamic.  If only these takes had been on the album...  The real
goodies on this CD are the Keef tracks, and there are plenty of them. Crushed
Pearl is truly awesome; a 10 min Too Rude that's *sooo* laid back; the CMTV
(but good) treat Me Like a Fool and the Sleep Tonight-esque You're Too Much
are all worth getting the CD for IMHO. There's also an out from the (very)
rough hotel demos, Broken Hearts for Me and You.  Definitely one to look out

     After much speculation if there would ever be another tour, the Stones
     finally toured the US in 1989 in support of "Steel Wheels." For the
     first time, most of the live material was not from the new album.  Each
     concert was a look back on their long career, and they performed songs
     that had never been attempted live.  The band also used a much larger
     cast of supporting musicians than in the past. The Stones "toured" Japan
     in February 1990 by playing in Tokyo for about 10 days.

     Typical set for 1989 Steel Wheels US tour:  Start Me Up, Bitch, Sad Sad
     Sad, Undercover of the Night, Harlem Shuffle, Tumbling Dice, Miss You,
     Ruby Tuesday, Play with Fire, Rock and a Hard Place, Mixed Emotions,
     Honky Tonk Woman, Midnight Rambler, You Can't Always Get What You Want,
     Little Red Rooster (not at all shows), Before They Make Me Run or Can't
     Be Seen, Happy, Paint It Black, 2000 Light Years from Home, Sympathy for
     the Devil, Gimme Shelter, It's Only Rock and Roll, Brown Sugar,
     Satisfaction, Jumping Jack Flash. Played infrequently:  Shattered, Salt
     of the Earth, Dead Flowers, One Hit to the Body, Angie, Almost Hear You
     Sigh, Terrifying.
     Most shows are available as audience recordings.  The sophisticated
     sound system plus improvements in tape recorders and microphones means
     some audience recordings are very good indeed.

Toad's Place, CT 8/21/89;                         "One Down 55 to Go!"
I quote from an Internet review:  "It's a club gig [before the start of the
tour]...  Another damn good AUD recording..."

Toronto 9/3/89;                                   "Sweet Toronto"/1 other
I quote from an Internet review:  "The Toronto soundboard (which comes from a
pro shot video) is already well known from the Swingin' Pig release 'Live In
Toronto.'  The soundboard is incomplete; it's the show from the beginning to
Mixed Emotions (and a piece of Honky Tonk Women) and from Gimme Shelter to the
end.  The middle part (Honky Tonk Women to Sympathy is not available as
soundboard).  VGP added the Continental Drift intro and the missing tracks
from a not too good audience tape; the quality decreases drastically within
the track Honky Tonk Women...  So if you must have the complete show, this is
the release for you, otherwise stick with the TSP release which contains the
soundboard part only in the same quality."

Toronto 9/4/89;                                   "Wheeler Dealers"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "...audience tape of complete show...  An
excellent recording... ...very little crowd heard here.  The music is strong
w/ some lesser played gems like one hit to the body.  A definite keeper." 
This was previously available on an LP with the same title.

East Troy, WI 9/9/89;                             "Wheels Are Rolling"/2 others
I quote from an Internet review:  "There were 2 releases of this show
available before:  'Wisconsin Flat' and 'East Troy 1989.'  Both were
incomplete (missing Rock And A Hard Place, One Hit To The Body, 2000 Light
Years and--at least partly--Jumping Jack Flash).  The quality of the new VGP
release is only slightly better and they added the missing tracks from a very
good audience tape, so it's the complete show now; also the Continental Drift
intro is there now.  But:  they took Jumping Jack Flash completely from the
audience tape though on Wisconsin Flat we have the first 4:40 as a

LA 10/19/89;                                      "Live at the LA Memorial
                                                  Coliseum"/2 others
Hmmm.  I haven't heard this one, but have seen two drastically different
reviews.  One said:  "...The guitars are right up from where they belong,
Keith's will make your ears bleed (unfortunately, the stage hands dropped the
guitar volume on a couple of songs)...  The best release from the 89 tour bar
none and that includes Atlantic City, Wembley, and Tokyo..."  The other review
noted that there is another CD of the same recording but with one extra song,
and said neither is that great:  "...'Get Back To Los Angeles 1989' is a
mediocre stage soundboard, with Mick Jagger's voice a littler louder than I
like it in the mix.  The sound quality is identical [to "Live at...]."  Until
I hear this, I'll trust the review that this isn't so hot.  "Get Back..." was
later re-released as "At The Max To The End" in similar quality.

Dallas 11/11/89;             145 min;  8.5 m;     "Texas Rangers"/1 other
Again, made from a pro-shot video.  Later released as "The Boys Are Back In
Dallas" in similar quality.

Atlanta 11/21/89;            120 min;  EX   ;     "Back in Business"

Atlantic City 12/19/89;      150 min;  10.0 s;   many CDs + videos
Widely available, since this was on both pay per view and FM.  Includes
special guest John Lee Hooker.  Relatively recent releases are by Dandelion,
possibly with bonus tracks, and VGP, for which I quote from an Internet
review:  "...It's made from a different source tape than TSP's box and sounds
slightly different but I wouldn't say better.  The Continental Drift intro
starts a bit earlier and the outro ('Carmen') is also included.  It seems to
be taken from the TV while the TSP is probably from the radio (because of the
pre and after show radio documentation on disc 4).  [VGP] added 7 live tracks
from Flashpoint singles (but forgot 'Gimme Shelter' from the Food
benefit!),[but] we fans have these singles [already].  So I still really don't
know what this release is good for.  And the Swingin' Pig box is so much

Tokyo 2/24/90;                           "Steel Wheels Alive and Rollin' 1990"
Said to be a soundboard recording with 3 audience tracks from other Tokyo
shows.  I quote from an Internet review:  "It is a mono soundboard, and good
but not great... almost no crowd noise, a little flat sounding; this sounds
like it came from the video mix..."

Tokyo 2/26/90;               140 min; 10.0 s;"Steel Wheels Tokyo 1990"/ others
Available on several LPs and CDs but this is said to be the only release which
is complete.  Japanese CD.

     The 1990 Urban Jungle Tour was musically similar to the Steel Wheels
     tour.  Typical set for Urban Jungle Tour:  Start Me Up, Sad Sad Sad,
     Harlem Shuffle, Tumbling Dice, Miss You, Almost Hear You Sigh, Ruby
     Tuesday, Rock and a Hard Place, Mixed Emotions, Honky Tonk Woman,
     Midnight Rambler, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Can't Be Seen (3/4
     of shows), or Before They Make Me Run (1/4 of shows), Happy, Paint It
     Black, 2000 Light Years from Home, Sympathy for the Devil, Street
     Fighting Man, Gimme Shelter, It's Only Rock and Roll, Brown Sugar,
     Jumping Jack Flash, Satisfaction.  Played infrequently: Bitch, Angie,
     Dead Flowers, Factory Girl, Blinded by Love, Terrifying, Little Red
     Rooster, I Just Wanna Make Love to You.
     Most shows are available as audience recordings.

Frankfurt 5/27/90;                                "Frankfurt Shuffle"
I quote from an Internet review:  "The mix is slightly off... all instruments
except Charlie's drums are a little too low...  I would give this a VG+
rating, and it seems to be the complete show."

Cologne 5/30/90;                                  "Remember These Days"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "An above average audience recording at
best.  A bit distant, which seems to be prevalent with the Urban Jungle tour
recordings so far...  Unless you are a big fan of this tour, I would not
recommend this one."  Title is taken from a 1991 LP of the same show, but this
CD is complete unlike the LP.

Madrid 6/16/90;                          "Blinded by Love for the Gypsy Kings"
I quote from an unpublished review:  " my ears the best Steel
Wheels/Urban Jungle soundboard I've heard.  Full stereo 'actively mixed' drum
rolls go from channel to channel, even.  Guitars are mixed up for solos, and
so on.  This set tops even the VGP Japan Steel Wheels stereo set (they had one
mono sndbrd from the same series of shows).  This is what the official
Flashpoint CD should have been, IMHO...  I'm not a big latter-era fan, but
this is certainly a welcome addition, especially at the current exchange
rate."  First released on a CD-R, "Blinded by Love," apparently not as good.

Paris 6/25/90;                        VG+  ;      "The Singer and the Fly"
Audience recording.

Basel, Switz. 6/27/90;       145 min; 7.5 s; "Basel '90"
Fairly good audience recording.

London 7/7/90;               135 min;10.0 s;      "Seventh of July"
From a BBC broadcast.  I find Chuck Leavell to be very annoying during
"Midnight Rambler."

Rome 7/26/90;                                     "Rome 1990"
I quote an Internet review:  "It's NO soundboard, the cover information is
wrong!  It's an audience recording, no bad one but no particular good one
either.  The show is also nothing special.  So forget this release unless you
need everything."

Berlin 8/13/90;                                   "August Children"
Said to be a very good to excellent audience recording.

     Outtakes from the Stones' next studio album "Voodoo Lounge" first turned
     up on a 4 CD set.

Voodoo Lounge outtakes 7&9/93?; ___ min; 10.0 s;  "Voodoo Brew"
It's almost scary how good this recording is.  Whoever lifted these tapes was
definitely an insider.  Some people have said they prefer these versions to
the official release.  Nice box set packaging but some people don't like the
cover art.  Some pressings of these CDs are now deteriorating though
apparently cleaning the CDs can fix the problem.

Voodoo Lounge outtakes 7&9/93?; ___ min; 10.0 s;  "Voodoo Stew"
The follow up to Voodoo Brew.  Quality is once again outstanding.  Some people
prefer this to Voodoo Brew.  The only question is, are 8 CDs of outtakes
really necessary?

Voodoo Lounge outtakes 7&9/93?; ___ min; 10.0 s;  "Voodoo Residue"
Another 2 CDs worth of outtakes.  I quote from an Internet review:  "...more
studio quality (JUMP OUT AT YA quality, as I would say!) rejects and first
cuts from 'Voodoo Lounge' sessions in Barbados.  I have only listened to the
first disk ('Jamming with Richard') and most seems to be Keith solo numbers. 
Liner notes indicate that only Mick, Keith, and Charlie are in the studio on
both disks, and bass is covered by Keith or Mick when present.  Some tracks
are pretty great and some are a snorefest, at least to my mind.  Overall, I'd
say if you like 'Voodoo Brew' and/or 'Stew,' this is another must have!" 
Originally released on CD-Rs; re-released on normal CDs.

     In 1994 the Stones went on tour again, in support of "Voodoo Lounge." 
     This was their first tour after the departure of bass player Bill Wyman;
     his replacement Darryl Jones is not a permanent band member.

     Typical set list for Voodoo Lounge Tour:  Not Fade Away, *, Tumbling
     Dice, **, You Got Me Rockin', Shattered, Rocks Off, Sparks Will Fly,
     Satisfaction, Beast of Burden, ***, ^, Memory Motel or Wild Horses,
     ****, #, Miss You (not at first show), ##, ###, ####, @, @@, @@@, I Go
     Wild, Honky Tonk Woman, Before They Make Me Run or Happy,  The Worst,
     @@@@, Love Is Strong, Monkey Man, Street Fightin' Man (preceded "Brown
     Sugar" until beginning of September), It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, Start Me
     Up (followed "Monkey Man" until beginning of September), Brown Sugar,
     Jumpin' Jack Flash (encore).

     Sometimes played:
     *Undercover of the Night (first two DC shows only),
     **Live With Me,
     ***Out of Tears,
     ****No Expectations (Club gig and Cleveland 8/28 w/Lenny Kravitz),
     #All Down the Line,
     ##Hot Stuff (first DC show only),
     ###Can't Get Next to You,
     ####Brand New Car,
     @Sad Sad Sad (Toronto 8/19 only),
     @@It's All Over Now,
     @@@Heartbreaker (added Philadelphia 9/23),
     @@@@Sympathy for the Devil (added Las Vegas 10/14),
     ^Far Away Eyes (added San Antonio 11/5)

     Played only in Miami November 25:
     Live with Me (with Sheryl Crow), Stop Breaking Down (with Robert Cray),
     Who Do You Love (with Bo Diddley), acoustic set of Angie, Dead Flowers,
     and Sweet Virginia.  Several songs dropped for this show to make room
     for the special ones.
     Most if not all shows are available as audience recordings.

Toronto 7/19/94 club gig;     75 min;  7.5 m;     "Secret Gig"
Audience recording.  Not great by modern standards but listenable.  Missing
the first song, a rare Japanese double CD has it.

Washington, DC 8/1/94;       135 min;  8.5 s;     "First Night Stand"/others
State of the art audience recording.  Other CDs are not as good unless they
are copied from this one.  As this was the first night of the tour, there are
many CDs to choose from.

Washington, DC 8/3/94;       135 min;  7.0 s;     "Welcome to Washington"
This is the only release of the second show of the Voodoo Lounge tour.  This
is not a great recording, but it's listenable.

Birmingham, AL 8/6/94;                            "Out For Blood"
Best audience recording from the '94 Tour according to the Fingerprint File.

Giants Stadium 8/14/94;                      "Bite the Big Apple"/ others
Soundboard recording.  The source tape is said to be a bit bass-heavy, with
too little high end, but not too bad.  The official video is apparently taken
from parts of this show; it's on the "Sparks Will Fly" CD.

Giants Stadium 8/15/94;                 EX s;     "The Circus is Back in Town"

Toronto 8/19/94;                        VG s;     "Out for Blood"

Philadelphia 9/23/94;                   VG m;     "Honky Tonk Motel"

New Orleans 10/10/94;                   EX s;     "Imperial Heartbreakers"/
Very muddy sounding radio broadcast.  This is on many, many CDs.  The listed
title is said to be the best of them.  This show was remixed for an edited re-
broadcast the week of June 26, 1995, which I happened to hear part of.  It
sounded much better; this is now available on disc 1 of the Japanese "But
Naked" CD.  (Disc 2 is the Stripped TV show).  The radio show CD is Westwood
One Superstar Concert Series show #95-27.

Las Vegas 10/14&15/94;                 VG+ s;     "Voodoo Lounge Lizards"

San Diego 10/17/94;                               "Kiss Your Baby"
I quote from an Internet review:  "...[I]t sucks.  Pick it up in a trade if
you can, but don't shell out the money for the originals, simply NOT worth it. 
There are plenty of good 'Voodoo' s/b recordings available, I have NO idea why
this was even released.  No, wait a minute, I know exactly why, becuase people
like me will snap up s/b recordings figuring that they HAVE to be good. 
Lesson learned."

Oakland 10/31/94;            129 min;  9.5 s;     "All Hallow's Eve"/ others
Made from a pro-shot video.  This is the first non-broadcast pro-shot video of
this tour to become available.  Some people prefer the sound of "Voodoo at
Halloween."  I quote from an Internet review of the latter:  "...What makes
this show so superior to the Miami pay-per-view and the New Orleans show is
that the guitars are way up (for the Voodoo Lounge Tour) in the mix.  Plus,
it's a great Halloween night performance!  The only down side is that there is
very little audience presence in between songs, since this was the actual PA

Miami 11/25/94;                         EX s;     "Miami Dice"/many others
Pay-per-view cable special and also a radio broadcast.  Much better sound than
the original New Orleans broadcast.  CDs made from the radio broadcast lack
"Beast of Burden."  The listed CD is said to be direct from the satellite
feed, which had cleaner sound than local cable or radio stations.  Another
opinion says the best is "Live At Joe Robbie Stadium" from TSP.

     After playing Vancouver, BC, December 18 (Keith's birthday), the North
     American Tour ended.
     The tour continues in 1995 with dates in Mexico, South America, South
     Africa, Japan, Australia, and Europe.
     Several 1995 set lists have been posted to Undercover, here they are:

     Rio, Feb. 4:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You Got Me Rocking, It's All
     Over Now, Live With Me, Sparks Will Fly, Satisfaction, Out Of Tears,
     Angie, Midnight Rambler, Rock And A Hard Place, I Go Wild, Miss You,
     Introductions, Honky Tonk Women, Happy, The Worst, Sympathy For The D.,
     Monkey Man, Street Fighting Man, Start Me Up, It's Only Rock'n Roll,
     Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash
     Santiago, Chile Feb. 19:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You Got Me
     Rocking, Rocks Off, Rock And A Hard Place, Sparks Will Fly,
     Satisfaction, Angie, Out Of Tears, Love Is Strong, It's All Over Now, I
     Go Wild, Miss You, Honky Tonk Woman, Before They Make Me Run, Slipping
     Away, Sympathy For The Devil, Monkey Man, Street Fighting Man, Start Me
     Up, It's Only Rock and Roll, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash (encore)

     Johannesburg, South Africa, Feb. 25:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You
     Got Me Rocking, It's All Over Now, Live With Me, Sparks Will Fly,
     Satisfaction, Out Of Tears, Angie, Rock And A Hard Place, Midnight
     Rambler, I Go Wild, Miss You, Intros, Honky Tonk Women, Happy, Slipping
     Away (first performance), Sympathy For The Devil, Monkey Man, Street
     Fighting Man, Start Me Up, It's Only Rock'n Roll, Brown Sugar, Jumping
     Jack Flash

     Tokyo Dome, March 6, 8, 9, and 12:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You
     Got Me Rocking, Live With Me (March 6, 12) OR Shattered (March 8) OR All
     Down The Line (March 9), It's All Over Now (March 6) OR Rocks Off (March
     8, 9, 12), Sparks Will Fly, Satisfaction, Angie (March 6, 12) OR Love In
     Vain (March 8) OR No Expectations (March 9), Sweet Virginia (March 6,
     12) OR Dead Flowers (March 8) OR Let It Bleed (March 9), Doo Doo Doo
     (March 6) OR It's All Over Now (March 8) OR Rock and Hard Place (March
     9, 12), Love Is Strong, I Go Wild, Miss You, Honky Tonk Women, Before
     They Make Me Run (March 6, 9, 12) OR Happy (March 8), Slipping Away
     (March 6, 8, 12) OR The Worst (March 9), Band Introduction in Japanese,
     Sympathy For The Devil, Monkey Man, Street Fighting Man, Start Me Up,
     It's Only R'n'R, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash (encore)

     Western Springs, Auckland, NZ April 15:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice,
     You Got Me Rocking, Shattered, All Down The Line, Sparks Will Fly,
     Satisfaction, Beast of Burden, Angie (acoustic), Sweet Virginia
     (Acoustic), I Go Wild, Miss You, Honky Tonk Women, Before They Make Me
     Run, Slipping Away, Sympathy For The Devil, Gimme Shelter, Street
     Fighting Man, Start Me Up, It's Only R n R, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack
     Amsterdam, Holland, May 27 (club gig):  Not Fade Away, It's All Over
     Now, Live with Me, Let It Bleed, Beast of Burden, Angie, Wild Horses,
     Sweet Virginia, Dead Flowers, Still a Fool, Down in the Bottom, Shine a
     Light, Like a Rolling Stone, Jump on Top of Me, Connection,
     introductions, Before They Make Me Run, Slipping Away, Monkey Man, Can't
     Get Next to You, All Down the Line, Rip This Joint, Respectable

     Nijmegen, Holland, June 13:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You Got Me
     Rocking, It's All Over Now, Live With Me, Sparks Will Fly, Satisfaction,
     Beast Of Burden, Wild Horses, Like A Rolling Stone, Gimme Shelter, Rock
     And A Hard Place, I Go Wild, Miss You, Introductions, Honky Tonk Women,
     Before They Make Me Run, The Worst, Sympathy For The Devil, Street
     Fighting Man, Start Me Up, It's Only Rock 'n Roll, Brown Sugar, Jumping
     Jack Flash
     Naturally most of these shows are available as audience recordings.

Rio de Janeiro 2/4/95;       ___ min;   EX s;     "Bucketful of Water"/others
From a TV broadcast.  Some releases are apparently mono.

Buenos Aires 2/16/95;        140 min; 10.0 s;     "Sympathy for the Voodoo Cult"/
This is said to be a soundboard recording, as opposed to the more common
broadcast or audience recording.  Based on my brief listen, I'd say it could
be a broadcast.  The sound is extremely good and so is the mix:  The guitars
are very loud and the keyboard is way down.  I quote from an Internet review
for another title, "Inside the Voodoo Lounge:"  "'s a killer!  Not only
are they playing well but I don't think I've EVER heard quite the defined
sound as on this CD!  The bass just booms out and the guitars cut through like
I've never heard before!  One strange thing... is that during the intros it
sounds like a funky audience hear people near the taper
talking etc., yet once they start up the music, the aud disappears and the
incredible fidelity returns!..."

Santiago, Chile 2/19/95;     ___ min;   EX s;     "Southern Quotations from Chile
This has received some very good reviews but I haven't heard it.  It is said
to be a raw, in your face recording; definitely the kind I prefer.  It's
apparently from an FM broadcast.  The CD title is reminiscent of a '78 vinyl
LP; Vinyl Gang pays tribute to their predecessors once again.

Johannesburg, S.A. 2/25/95;  ___ min;  9.5 s;     "Everything But The Cobra"/
From a TV broadcast, except "Rock and a Hard Place" is an audience recording
from 2/24, due to a commercial during the broadcast.  Slightly tinny sound or
this would be a 10.  "Johannesburg '95" is said to be slightly better, with
RAAHP substituted from Buenos Aires.

Tokyo 3/12/95;               ___ min; 10.0 s;     "F*ckin' Tired"/ many others
This was a pay per view TV broadcast so sound should be excellent on any
release.  I am told that some have a glitch at one point; sorry don't know
which ones.  This is also out as a legit 2 laser disc set and probably VHS
video as well.  The recording is perfect on the listed CD, which also includes
a third CD of songs done at other shows, from audience recordings.  "Honky
Tonk Tokyo" is also said to be top notch, from the laser disc.

Tokyo 3/16/95;                               "Hope You Guess My Name"
Said to be an audience DAT Recording, with a slight echo.

Melbourne, Austr. 3/27/95;              VG  ;     "Keef Sings Slippin' Away"/

Melbourne, Austr. 3/28/95;                        "Voodoo Rain Dance"/others
Said to be one of the best audience recordings from the '95 Tour.  "Keef Sings
Happy" is inferior.

Amsterdam 5/26/95 1st;                            "Through The Secret Nights,
                                                  Paradiso 1995"
I quote from an Internet review:  "Cutting to the chase: the sound quality on
this is, for the most part, significantly inferior to any of the other 1995
club gigs.  Disc 1 is especially difficult, especially the first half dozen
songs, because Mick's vocals have a hollow, distant quality, and the band is
not particularly prominent...but the crowd singing, talking and clapping along
is well-documented...  The guitars become more prominent, however, through the
rest of disc 1 and through disc 2 and the sound quality for the most part
improves significantly the rest of the way..."  The last couple songs are
missing.  An Undercover review:  "This audience recording is very good until
toward the end of CD 2 where the sound gets pretty muffled (taper hiding his
mic?), then the finale is a perfect soundboard version of SFM which may have
even come from Stripped(?).  ...The crowd is a bit intrusive at times (VERY
PUMPED), but doesn't really detract from the quality."

Paradiso 5/27/95;                                 "Foottapers And Wheel Shunters
                                                  Club Gig"/others
I quote from an Undercover review:  "This is the show that 80,000 (!) people
watched at a video screen (while 1100 were inside Paradiso) and it's an
excellent (acoustic) show with a very interesting setlist (arguably better
than Olympia or Brixton)... Not superb sound, probably because the sound
system wasn't prepared for a show on such a big square, but it's miles better
than 'Marvelous Mickey' or other releases."  Available on 2 different Japanese
CDs in similar quality.  Some people claim the Vinyl Gang release sounds
better; others claim the Real Live release sounds the same and like the fact
that it omits the long pauses between songs.

Stockholm 6/3/95;                      8.5 s;     "Voodoo, I Like It"
Very nice audience recording, based on a brief listen.  Also includes 1 song
from Helsinki June 6 and 3 songs from a TV broadcast of this show; broadcast
songs are perfect.

Nijmegen 6/13-14 + Landgraaf 6/18/95;        "Voodoo Lounge Holland"
A 3CD Box of all songs played at these shows plus a 4th CD with the songs from
Rotterdam 8/29-30 not played in Nijmegen/Landgraaf, plus JJF.  I quote from an
Internet review:  "[Don't buy] unless you 'really' like to hear LOUD cross-
talk, out of tune sing-a-longs and shitty stadium recordings in crystal clear
sound!"  Also available without the 4th CD.

Cologne 6/20/95;                       VG++; "Eau de Cologne"
Complete show.  This is also the title of an old LP.

Hannover 6/22/95;                      EX-;  "Die Cobra im Black"
Complete show.

Werchter, Belgium 6/24-5/95;                      "Beast of Belgium"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "...a fantastic recording... all
instruments well balanced, guitars up front and Mick not at all echoey; the
audience really give it much more atmosphere.  The performance is also shit
hot--they guys sound like they're having more fun not playing the same old US
track list... probably the most fun or entertaining big VL gig title around."

Paris Olympia 7/3/95;        135 min;  8.5 s;     "French Made 95"/others
Great audience recording of one of the small venue shows.  Interesting song
selection and good performance.  The listed Japanese CD is said to be
considerably better than other, cheaper CDs, which I have not heard.  This CD
apparently uses a better source tape.

London 7/15/95;                        VG+  ;     "London Lounge"
Audience recording.

Brixton Academy 7/19/95;     128 min;  8.0 s;     "Welcome to Brixton Academy"/
Another club gig with a different set list from Paris/Amsterdam.  This is a
very nicely done audience recording with a moderate amount of crowd noise. 
This release is said to be the best for this show.  The "Acoustic" CD is said
to be poor.

Lisbon, Portugal 7/24/95;                         "Da'Lapa Incident"
I quote an Undercover review:  "This is a strong and impressive stereo DAT
audience recording... They are playing well late in the tour, seemingly well
greased, and enjoying themselves...  This is one of the better live Rolling
Stones documents ever, in spite of a noisy Portuguese crowd."  Another
Undercover review said:  "...[T]he show... is excellent--but the initial
assessment of the recording quality still stands:  Boomy, and too much
audience noise.  Still, the performance makes it worth trudging through.  Got
mine for $15, so I'm not complaining."

Montpelier, France 7/27/95 w/Dylan;          "Voodoo Minstrels"
I quote an Undercover review:  "The original issue of this featured a quite
mediocre, somewhat muddy audience recording, and a full color photo of Mick
and Bob singing together from the same microphone at the show on the front. 
The new version features a different audience recording, better sound, much
clearer vocals, though still not a state of the art aud recording...  Also, a
different front cover, showing the Stones with a big white dog in front of a
house (an outtake of the shot used with the original issue)...and the photo of
Mick and Bob together has been flipped to the rear of the CD package, with the
track listings to the right."

Munich 8/3/95;                                    "Voodoo You Love"
Said to be an excellent audience recording.

Wolfsburg, Germany 8/25/95;                       "The Last Incarnation"
Said to be a VG++ audience recording.

     "Stripped" outtakes as well as songs from the TV special not on the
     album have naturally turned up.

"Stripped" sessions;                              "Stripped Away"/others
Made from the 4 known "Stripped" outtakes, the "Hope Floats" track, Stripped
TV special tracks, various CD singles, and one track from the Japanese
pressing of B2B.  Said to sound "as good as any official album," which it
should considering the sources.  Also said to be better than "Censored" or
"Stripped Companion."

     The Stones' 1997-98 tour was in support of "Bridges to Babylon." 
     Supporting musicians include the usual cast of Darryl Jones, Chuck
     Leavell, Lisa Fischer, and Bernard Fowler.  Audience recordings are
     common; sound is generally quite good and frequently extremely good, due
     to the great sound system and modern tape recorders/microphones.  An
     outtakes album has also been rumored, and I wouldn't be surprised to see
     it, especially because of Keith's comments about having better versions
     of several songs "in the can" than the ones that ended up on the album.

     Typical set list for "Bridges to Babylon" tour (USA '97):  Satisfaction,
     It's Only Rock and Roll, Flip the Switch, Let's Spend the Night
     Together, Gimme Shelter, Sister Morphine, Anybody Seen My Baby, 19th
     Nervous Breakdown, Out of Control, Star Star, Miss You, All About You
     (Keith), Wanna Hold You (Keith), Little Queenie*, Crazy Mama*, You Got
     Me Rockin'*, Sympathy for the Devil, Tumbling Dice, Honky Tonk Women,
     Start Me Up, Jumping Jack Flash, Brown Sugar (encore).
     *played on small stage
     Sets vary from night to night, with some songs in rotation, and one song
     per night chosen by Internet vote.

Chicago club gig 9/18/97;                         "Behind the Double Door"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "I haven't heard this start to finish yet,
but I've skipped through bits of every track.  Everything appears intact here,
no major tape glitches that I've discovered yet...  The first couple songs
Mick's vocals and the guitars are not quite as upfront ...[but].with every
track, the guitars, drums and mikes all get better...  Just a decent quality
aud from a club gig, with a wonderfully rare song, the bluesy Shame Shame
Shame.  Considering how tight the security had to have been for this gig, I am
shocked how good this recording is.  BTW, reports that the band sounds ragged
in performance here aren't really true  A few songs [have] some weaker
moments, but that's been true of every show they've done on this tour.  For
the most part, the band sounds terrific."  Note:  This is a shorter set than
the following stadium shows.

Various dates '97-'98;                            "...You Get The Best Of Me"
I quote from an Internet review:  "A very nice new European double CD has been
released...  It contains 30 rare tracks from the BTB American & Japan Tour
1997/98.  Many web choice songs are included as well as other tracks they
played only once or a few times.  With this release you don't need all the
average audience recording CDs of the last months to get these rare tracks... 
All tracks are good-very good audience recordings."  However, an Undercover
review adds:  "I've [compared]... various tracks ... on a line by line basis
with the original VGP/CCat CDs and it seems some rather pointless no-noise-
type, bass-heavy mastering has gone on (particularly on CD2).  This does not
seem to have been done on all the tracks, with, for instance, 19th Nervous
from Charlotte sounding the same.  On some tracks, this is marginal (this
whole thing may be marginal to most as I have clinically hyper-sensitive

Chicago 9/23/97;                   7.5 s;    "Chicago We Wanna Hold You"/ others
This is a decent audience recording but not great.  Certainly not as good as
you would expect for 1997; the wind seriously affects the sound.  Another CD,
"Piece of Gold," is 13 songs from a video (international TV?) feed, in
incredible 10.0 quality.  It could easily pass for an official release in
terms of sound.  Note that 8 soundboard songs, 3 incomplete, are on "Came to
Rock the 10 Spot," below.  The best release, over a year after the concert,
seems to be "Soldier of Stone," the video and audience sources combined to
make the complete show.

Chicago 9/25/97;                                  "Sweet Home Chicago"/1 other
I quote from an Undercover review:  "...[This] is by far the best audience
recording I have EVER heard.  There's little audience interference and the mix
is superb...  Puts many a soundboard to shame.  In fact, I prefer this one to
'Piece of Gold,' as good as it is."  Another Undercover review:  "There are
some problems with the system mix (e.g. Keith on Satisfaction)...  Little
Queenie and the small stage stuff sound fantastic, as do the Keith tracks, OoC
and the greatest hits section.  Rainbow and Morphine are strong, but low on
Ron on Morphine...  Overall, not much audience talking near the mic, and a
clear, sharp recording..."  This is said to be better than the more expensive
"Another Evening with the Rolling Stones," which uses a different source tape,
recorded near annoyingly talkative people.

Edmonton 10/2/97;                                 "Canada Dry"
I quote from an Internet review:  "Soundboard recording.  ...very good sound
quality.  [By mistake] Keith [is] very much in the back[ground] and Ron [is
up] front, giving a splendid opportunity to study him, and he does play and
does it well!  Only on a few [songs] he takes a more or less complete break. 
...many of the songs come out rather... differently this way and not at all
bad.  In fact very good.  For example stunning Queenie, 19th Nervous, Mama and

Charlotte 10/10/97;                          "Anybody Seen My Stone in
I quote from an Undercover review:  "Simply an outstanding audience
recording!!  Barely any audience noise!"  An Internet review said:  "Great
audience [recording]!  So far, best audience [recording] of the Bridges Tour
to surface on CD..."

Philadelphia 10/12/97;                       "Philadelphia Special 1997"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "It's a very good recording, with the only
technological complaints being the house's fault:  Mick's vocal seems mixed
low, there's a (very) brief echo problem, and then there is the sound of the
confetti machines during the encore of 'Brown Sugar.'  There _is_
significantly annoying audience (and security guard) chatter, but the folks
closest to the mikes didn't have too much to say once the show got rolling,
which is good, considering how their voices carry (Word of caution:  douse the
volume during those first three songs.  Whoo!).  Overall, a top notch audience
job."  This incomplete CD-R is said to be much better than VGP's similarly
titled 2CD set.

Giants Stadium, NJ 10/16/97;                      "Bite the Big Apple Again"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "10/16 and 10/17 complete.  Both are
excellent audience recordings, but [as] with 'Scrap of Flesh' (10/17), Mick's
vocals sometimes get lost in the mix..."

Giants Stadium, NJ 10/17/97;                      "Scrap of Flesh"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "A superb audience recording, equal to (at
least) Charlotte... first-rate.  And the performance strikes me as quite hot,
even with Mick apparently forgetting the lyrics to start IORR..."  Another
Undercover review:  "A very good audience recording, but not on a par with
'Sweet Home Chicago...'  Sound is very good, but [there are]... some spots
where the sound engineer apparently fell asleep on the job..."  Also includes
two tracks from the 10/16/97 Giants Stadium concert.

Boston 10/20/97;                                  "Boston You're Big Enough"
Said to be a quite good audience recording, though not as good as the best of
the tour.  Another report said VG, so it's obviously not one of the best.

Port Chester, NY 10/25/97 + misc.;                "Came to Rock the 10 Spot"/
16 broadcast quality tracks from 3 sources:  5 from "10 Spot," 8 from Chicago
opening night, 2 from VH1 Fashion Awards, plus "Angie" apparently from the
Japanese B2B.  I quote from an Internet review:  "...The mixes between the 10
Spot and VH1 versions are much different.  In the 10 Spot's 'Baby,' Keith and
Ron can easily be heard weaving their guitar work around each other, whereas
the VH1 version is blended together better for a smooth full sound and much
less of individual sounds..."  Also, The "10 Spot," VH1, and 2 songs from
Chicago opening night are on "Rock and Roll Babylon," which is said to be
inferior to the listed title ("ghastly").  There is also "Out There in
Babylon," for which I quote from an Internet review:  "All the tracks (and
more) have been available on the CD-R 'Came To Rock the 10 Spot', however,
this CD benefits from re-mastering, particularly in the bottom end..."

Albuquerque, NM 10/30/97;                         "Mexican Flowers"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "[This CD] is based on the very good,
indeed excellent, mid-field [recording]... long in circulation.  As expected,
the CD has the audio problem with Brown Sugar, but is otherwise quite alive
and clear.  IMO, one of the top 5 stadium tapes made on the USA leg of B2B. 
The Sheryl Crow guest duet on 'Dead Flowers' was marred that night by an audio
problem (or prank):  Her mike wasn't piped through the stadium PA and is thus
*very* faint on the CD.  I was in the 2nd row center that night and heard her
contribution fairly well, perhaps through the stage monitors.  It wasn't until
after the show I learned that most of the stadium couldn't hear a word from
her..."  Another Undercover review said:  "[A] very good, nice crisp audience
recording, but by no means perfect.  There are also some speed problems
(though not drastic) in places.  It's a pretty sloppy show which gives it a
very different feel to many B2B shows..."

Oakland 11/14/97;                            "Liver Than You'll Ever Be 1997"
Said to be a very good audience recording.

Oakland 11/19/97;                            "He Didn't Rat Me Out"
I quote from an Undercover review of the remastered version:  "Far better than
I'd anticipated in terms of performance...  Sound on this is better than the
old 'Rat Out'--more balanced throughout the range, and a little clearer. 
However, this is not a jaw-dropping 'Sweet Home New York City' 'soundboard'
audience recording--the occasional comment still comes through to the mic, but
these are not spectacularly intrusive.  In some ways, I found the sound
reminiscent of 'Live'R' in terms of mix:  trebly without being harsh, with the
guitars well defined throughout most of the show.  Excellent Keith liner
shots, dynamic Mick/Keith on the back.  Excellent choice of B stage song: LQ,
YGMR, Crazy Mama; the latter being especially welcome due to the scarcity of
really decent recordings.  An exquisite All About You..."

Las Vegas 11/22/97;                    8.0 s;     "Women, Wine and Song"
Very nice audience recording.  I quote from an Internet review:  "...Blows the
hinges off the recent Contraband CD 'High Rollers' and destroys Vinyl Gang's
'Viva Las Vegas.'  This one is my favorite audience recording from the entire
tour!  A big clean sound with loud guitars and a spectacular performance."

Saint Louis, MO 12/12/97;                         "Take Me Up St. Louis"/many
Pay per view w/special guests Dave Matthews, Taj Mahal, and Joshua Redman. 
Due to the many releases, here are summaries of Undercover and Internet
reviews:  "Take Me Up St. Louis" (VGP)--excellent.  "TWA Dome, St. Louis"--has
static running throughout most of the recording; avoid.  "St. Louis To
Babylon" (Eternal Records), 3 CD of PPV plus 3 from Philadelphia 10/12/97
aud., 3 from DC 10/23/97 aud., '10 Spot,' and 'VHI Fashion Awards'--mixed
reviews, remastered version probably excellent, aud. tracks "average." 
Unknown title on Dandelion--mono; avoid.  "St. Louis Blues"--probably ok but
not confirmed.  "From London To St. Louis" (Boss Hawg)--"a great recording,"
but doesn't include the band intros.  "Don't Fuck With Me, Or I will Breathe
On You and You Will Die" 3 CD of PPV plus '10 Spot,' Chicago first 2 songs and
the VH1 songs,--"more low-end and less highs [and] slight sound

MSG, NYC 1/14/98;                                 "Back to the Garden"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "A very good audience recording, but not
quite as up front, clear and consistent as 'Welcome to MSG VIP Lounge' (2nd
show).  Rarely played songs are:  Low Down, Memory Motel, How Can I stop, IORR
and Little Red Rooster (Stones at their lovable best natch)."  I have also
seen this title described as "mediocre" for 1997.

MSG, NYC 1/16/98;                                 "Welcome to the Madison Square
                                                  Garden VIP Lounge"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "A very good audience recording, which I
rate higher than VGP's 1st show 'Back to the Garden.'  A better performance
IMO with riskier setlist (Respectable, Already Over Me, YDHTMI)..."  I have
also seen this title described as "mediocre" for this tour.  Same recording is
also available on the CD-R knockoff "MSG '98 Second Night--Rolling Stones
Classic Shows."

MSG 1/17/98 + 1/14/98;                 9.5 s;     "Sweet Home New York City"/ 1
I quote from an Undercover review:  "[This] is one of the best audience
recordings ever made.  At least CD1.  CD2 tends to sound too digital and harsh
in comparison...  The mix couldn't be much better--everything is pretty much
exactly where you would want it--guitars way up front and every instrument
balanced with Mick's vocals.  It's crisp but gutsy... and has very, *very*
little audience interference...  For the most part the performance is quite
stunning, including the opening numbers (even LSTNT has an energy that seems
to have been lacking elsewhere)...  The sound on [CD2] is more reminiscent of
the Chicago 2nd show on Crystal Cat (no bad thing) than the 1st CD--a bit more
trebly perhaps, but still without the lack of crowd noise.  CD2 also has 3
bonus tracks from MSG1--Lowdown, MM, Rooster.  The sound on these is bassier
and more muffled..., and there's more audience presence (but nothing really
awful)...  If for some peculiar reason you don't delve into audience
recordings much, get [this].  For the most part, you'll never remember that it
is an audience recording, being a better and more exciting listen than many
'soundboards.'  Plenty of rare songs, and a gutsy title.  One of the must-
haves."  Now remastered by Sister Morphine, and said to be even better.  VGP's
competing release is said to have distorted vocals and is evidently not as

Honolulu 1/23/98;                                 "Inside the Rainbow"
Said to be a "very nice audience recording."

Honolulu 1/24/98;                                 "Hawaiian Holiday 1997"
Said to be a very good audience recording but not one of the best of this
tour.  No unusual songs performed here.

Portland 1/30/98;                                 "Already Over Me"
I quote from an Internet review:  "...has the rare title track as a teaser and
5 bonus tracks...  Sound of Portland is very, very good audience quality; the
bonus tracks differ a bit..."

Portland 1/31/98;                                 "Bridges to Oregon"
Said to be very good to very good plus audience quality.

San Diego 2/3/98;                           "Radio San Diego 98.3 FM"/ others
This was an FM broadcast, so there are at least four releases.  The listed
title is said to be "a whole step up in sound quality" from the others, except
for VGP's remastered (w/o bonus tracks) "Stoned in San Diego," said to be
"brilliant."  These two CDs are taken directly from the Westwood One broadcast
CDs.  Other CDs are recorded off the air and somewhat lacking in quality.

Houston 2/12/98;                                  "Texan Troubadors"
I quote from an Internet review:  "...Includes the only tour appearance of
Street Fighting Man.  Quality is quite nice for an audience [recording]... 
I'm told this was recorded from the 2nd level at Compaq Center."

Hard Rock, Las Vegas 2/15/98                      "Where's the Joint?"
I quote from two Undercover reviews:  "[This] certainly has a boisterous
'taper and neighbors' ambience..." and "...this really is the pits.  LQ is
[high energy], but it's buried in the mud and the screams of the a**holes
taping this.  Your ears tell you it was taped in the worst nosebleed seats
ever, by a bunch of drunk frat-house guys.  One to avoid on CD, but worth
listening to at least once for the power of the show.  But as far as the
recording goes, I cannot _believe_ VGP are putting this crud out."

Tokyo 3/98;                                       "Far East 98"
I quote from an Internet review:  "[It's] a 12 (!) CD set with all 6 Japan
1998 shows from March 12, 14, 16, 17 (all 4 in Tokyo), 20 and 21 (both in
Osaka)...  I skipped through the Tokyo shows and noticed that the typical
Tokyo Big Egg sound is present again:  Hollow sound although the instruments
are quite sharp; Mick's voice is clearly not as up front as the music, still
these are state of the art audience recordings.  The Osaka shows sound better;
Mick's voice and the instruments are better balanced, sound comes close to
excellent.  Not sure if I would recommend this set in general; price is high,
presentation is minimal, but strong points are the Osaka shows, rare tracks
like Angie, Shine A Light and Time Is On My Side to name a few, and the fact
that you get Japan 1998 complete."

Buenos Aires 3/30/98;                             "Bridges to Argentina"/others
Broadcast on both radio and TV (incomplete).  I quote from an Undercover
review:  "...It is a very flat monaural recording...  Audience noise levels
are minimal...  Whoever did the mixing for this broadcast [was] having some
troubles, because the guitars especially, and sometimes the drums, are not
properly revealed in the mix.  For instance, on the mini-stage, Keith's lead
guitar on Little Queenie is almost inaudible, while Ronnie's backup is
showcased.  In fact, much of the second half of the show finds Keef's guitar
quite secondary in the mix.  Ronnie's playing is there to hear...  There are
several songs that are plagued by what appear to be timing errors in which
Ronnie and Keef aren't playing in synch with Daryl and Charlie (and not solely
on the mini-stage songs)...  It is hard for me to tell if this show was poorly
played, poorly mixed, or both..."  This is apparently the only complete
release.  "Argentina 1998" is said to be from TV, with a different mix, mono
and with lots of Keith.  5 songs are cut entirely and 2 more are incomplete. 
Also includes 8 bonus tracks from Osaka '98.

Rio de Janeiro 4/11/98;                9.0 s;     "Rocking in Rio"/ others
This was also a TV broadcast, with Dylan on Like a Rolling Stone.  The crowd
is wild.  The listed CD is stereo but has slight distortion.  A competing
release "Stoned in Rio" is mono, quite noticeable, and slightly thin sounding
so overall not quite as good.  VGP's remastered "Rio '98" (not "Old Friends
From Rio") is said to be "FAR better than SM's 'Stoned In Rio de Janeiro'...
excellent full stereo..." so it's probably the definitive release, but I
haven't heard it for comparison.  Internet reviews have generally complimented
the performance but knocked You Don't Have To Mean It and Miss You.

Nuremberg 6/13/98;                                "Welcome Back Keef"/1 other
I quote from an Undercover review:  "After a lot of more or less bad releases
VGP brings out a great quality CD.  It's one of the best audience recordings
I've ever heard, clear and loud sound, better than the Charlotte [10/10/97]
release."  An Internet review disagreed somewhat:  "...As a band the Stones
sound hungry to be back onstage after Keef's accident.  However, Mick was
becoming ill and his voice is not at its best this night.  On disc 2 after the
Richards numbers the sound takes a nosedive and remains muffled for the rest
of the show..."  A competing release on Dandelion is "Ribs to Wrinkles," said
to be an "excellent DAT recording" plus the 2 TV broadcast tracks Satisfaction
& Out Of Control.

Werchter, Belgium 6/21/98;                        "Gold 'n Glory"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "It's a good audience job.  There's some
crowd noise at the predictable spots, but it's not overwhelming.  A little bit
of oscillation here and there, too.  And, unfortunately, the taper was
apparently on the field and turned his back to the main stage to watch the
small set (!) as these tracks are pretty muffled.  The bonus tracks, from show
1 [the previous night] sound good, but are a little more afflicted than the
main show with distinct audience conversations (and the tragic timing of a
"Charlie!" chant right in the middle of 'Love in Vain').  The performance is
_tight_ and extraordinarily competent.  Nothing sounds forced, and Jagger
especially seems in fine form and mood..."

Amsterdam Arena 7/6/98;                           "It's Only Live"
Said to be the complete show, 22 songs without YCAGWYW, good-very good
audience, with singing people around the recorder and some echoes.

Vigo, Spain 7/18/98;                              "Vigo"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "[This] *is* very good.  Excellent
performance and--highly unexpectedly--really fun to listen to...  [T]he
audience really makes this title; you can really feel the energy feeding back
and forth between them and the band...  You're not going to forget you're
listening to an audience [recording] and listen to it like a soundboard, but
that certainly doesn't make it a terrible CD...  Great, dynamic shot of Mick
on the cover, and a nice inner liner of the local newspaper coverage.  A nice
surprise."  Includes a bonus track of YCAGWYW from Barcelona, 7/20.

Paris 7/25/98;                         9.5 s;     "Paris '98"/1 other
State of the art true soundboard recording.  No doubt this is what the Stones
have in their archives.  I quote from an Internet review:  "No doubt; the best
sounding CD from the B2B tour.  Every detail is crisp and clear and the
recording is very detailed; in fact almost too good because the audience is
hardly audible so you are missing the atmosphere..."  However, an Undercover
review said:  "...very disappointing.  Maybe the sound is crisp but that's not
enough for a soundboard.  The problem is... that the mix from the sound system
is missing (i.e. no audience etc.).  That makes a poor and dead sound (no echo
etc. for instance on Gimme Shelter).  The most disappointing fact is the poor
mix itself:  Keyboards very, very low, Keith's guitar up front (good!?), and
Ronnie is only there in some parts and even then you have to listen very
[closely]..."  Yet another review said the competing VGP title "Mick's
Birthday Party" (not) was slightly better than the listed title.

Gelsenkirchen, Germany 7/27/98;                   "Out of Control"
I quote from an Internet review:  "Excellent packaging...  [S]ound quality is
generally excellent--easily in the VG++ range  (even to  Ex- standards for
some), with very little audience noise...  Mick's vocals are at the forefront,
and both guitars get a decent share of the mix throughout the show; you can
actually hear Ronnie through the PA for a change--especially on JJF.  While a
little more guitar is always welcome, and the B stage stuff is slightly less
clear and warm than the main stage tracks, overall, there are few complaints
with this ROIO...  The performance (this show followed Paris) is far better
than I'd anticipated (i.e. 'just another gig'), with Mick seeming to sing more
and shout less than in other shows...  Well worth seeking out."  Also includes
two lesser quality bonus tracks from Dusseldorf 6/24/98.

Oslo, Norway 8/2/98;                              "Dead Flowers"
Said to have excessive audience noise though a good performance.  Also has 3
songs spelled incorrectly!

Chorzow/Katowice, Poland 8/14/98;                 "Chorzow '98"/ 1 other
I quote an Internet review:  "[This] is the TV broadcast in mono soundboard
quality.  The [broadcast] signal of the POLSAT TV station is only in mono, so
there is most probably no stereo version of this recording existing.  The
broadcast lacks 3 songs: ASMB, Wanna Hold You, and Little Queenie [plus] the
band introduction.  VGP included these at the and of disc 2 in good-very good
audience quality, so you have the complete show here."  Also available on
"Bridges To Katowice" in similar quality with Chicago 9/23/97 filler.

Berlin 8/26/98;                                   "Still Younger Than The Queen"
Leipzig 8/28/98;                                  "Willkommen in Leipzig"
Hamburg 8/30/98;                                  "Welcome To The Rolling Stones"
I quote an Internet review:  "All are very good-excellent audience recordings. 
I think [VGP] brought out so many shows in the same audience quality in the
last months that these releases are not a must to have.  They all sound more
or less the same and contain more or less the same songs, so it's getting a
bit boring hearing them all."

Bremen, Germany 9/2/98;           10.0 s;    "Rockin' The House Down"/ others
From a TV broadcast.  I quote from an Internet review:  "VGP's 'Die Bremer
Stadtmusikanten' is definitely the best Bremen release so far.  It's the
complete show (without a second missing!), complete in great stereo quality. 
All previous releases have more or less minor defects...  [Sister Morphine]
cut out some announcements of Mick...  And SM's [release] is NOT a complete
stereo recording, but VGP's is.  'Wanna Hold You' and the bridge walk are only
in mono on [Rockin' the House Down], but in full stereo on VGP.  And the
quality of VGP's [release] IS as good as SM's, SM's is NOT by far better."  An
Undercover review added:  "...IMHO [Paint It Black] was more effective in
Bremen than in other venues precisely because it was played slower rather than
the usual over-rushing that often afflicts the Hot Rocks songs...  For a TV
performance, most of Bremen is played more intensely than the more typically
'glitzy'/showbiz, laid-back style that we often get.  It's a welcome change,
with CD1 and much of CD2 being a damn fine listen..."  "You Got Me Rocking" is
said to be excellent though not quite as good as the listed title, and
complete except for the walk to the small stage; also includes the "Hope
Floats" soundtrack song "Honest I Do."  "Bridges to Bremen" is said to be

Stockholm 9/8/98;                                 "Sweet Home Stockholm"
I quote from an Undercover review:  "[This] is **the best** audience recording
of the entire tour, bar none.  This is the best Stones audience recording
ever...  The vocals, guitars, and drums are superbly captured, and frequently
sound close to soundboard quality, without losing the concert ambience and
excitement that are often lost in soundboards.  This is a remarkable document
of the tour.  The set list doesn't match MSG3, and the performance isn't quite
up to that superlative standard, though it is an excellent performance.  Added
are three bonus tracks from Gothenburg:  IORR, Star Star, and Thief In The
Night which are also excellently recorded...  I think we will rank this in the
Top 10 of all-time Stones boots.  Stunning sound, great performance.  Hard to
beat."  A contrasting Undercover review said:  "While [this] is indeed an
excellent audience recording, with just about no audience interference, IMHO
it is nowhere near as good, or as important as 'Sweet Home New York City.' 
The guitars in Stockholm are not as prominent as on the NYC title, with Mick
dominating the mix.  However, the main drawback IMHO with Stockholm is that
it's a pretty lazy Europe-by-the-book performance.  You've heard it all
before.  Pretty passionless.  Mick sounds bored for much of it, delivering an
almost unlistenable Flip the Switch, among others.  It's a great recording,
but as a performance, it's really no great shakes IMHO."

Berlin 9/10/98;                                   "Babylonian Knights"
I quote from an Internet review:  "...The quality is slightly better than the
VGP release 'Circus at Waldbuhne.'  This Dandelion release has three bonus
tracks:  Out of Control (Don Was live remix), I Just Wanna Make Love to You
(Japanese No Security) and Just My Imagination.  This is a sound check from
Amsterdam 7/6/98 just 30 minutes before the opening of the gate!  'Circus at
Waldbuhne' is still necessary because of Sister Morphine from Werchter

Hamburg 9/30/98;                                  "Bridges To Bahrenfeld"
Said to be the complete show and a "nice audience recording of very good
quality, only a bit too much hand clapping in my opinion."

     The Stones' 1999 tour was in support of "No Security."  Strangely, this
     is a tour supporting a live album.  Supporting musicians include the
     usual cast of recent tours though the shows are less glitzy.  Audience
     recordings are very common.  With the current popularity of CD
     recorders, expect lots of semi-professional CD-Rs.  I expect there will
     eventually be one for most shows so keep your eyes open.

     Typical set list (from Tampa, FL 3/3/99):  Jumping Jack Flash, Live With
     Me, Respectable, You Got Me Rocking, Honky Tonk Women, Moonlight Mile,
     Saint of Me, Some Girls, Paint It Black, Introductions, Thief in the
     Night (Keith), Before They Make Me Run (Keith), Out Of Control, Route
     66*, When The Whip Comes Down*, Midnight Rambler*, Tumbling Dice, It's
     Only Rock'n Roll, Start Me Up, Brown Sugar, Sympathy for the Devil
     *played on B stage

Oakland 1/25/99;                                  "Gimme All Your Money"/ others
I quote from an Internet review:  [This] is the best ever recording from the
first show of any Rolling Stones tour.  Brilliant sound quality.  It's so
crisp, distinct, full, and well balanced.  Of course they were not fully
perfect at the first show...  The most stunning part from Undercover till
Silver.  Then on Route 66 they are a bit bewildered and it's as if the steam
is lost a bit.  The quality of course [is] still brilliant.  The bonus ones
from Sacramento 27th of January are not as good as on 'Kiss of Life' which
also is a brilliant one..."  Also available on "Stones Age: Opening Night" and
"On the Moonlight Mile," said to be similar quality but not as good.

Sacramento 1/27/99;                               "Kiss Of Life"/1 other
I quote from an Undercover review:  "...unfortunately remastered; yes the
sound is better, clearer, but not the raw mean sound as ["Opening Night"]... 
If you're fond of a clear recording , this is also a must have, very nice
artwork, lovely pics of the guys, the CDs are nicely done with the NS tongue
and a variant in red and black on the second CD, very lovely.  Very great
guitar sounds on it and the audience is also really in place (always like
that)."  Also includes sound check material from earlier in the day, quality
is said to be not as good.  This show is also available on "Security Is The
Worst Enemy"

Toronto 2/25/99;                             "While The Wind Blows Over
Said to be "excellent," and a better performance than opening night.  With
four bonus tracks from a rehearsal at the Fillmore on 1/22/99.

Philadelphia 3/15/99;                        "Walking in the Moonlight"/
I quote from an Internet review:  "...It's MONO, there's... some hiss, static
crackles pop up once in a while, and there's a little too much echo.  But, the
sound isn't too bad, if it wasn't for Keith completely missing!  On some
intro's he is audible, but once the rest of the band comes in, Keith
iscompletely gone.  Ronnie is really loud, and really irritating...  It sounds
like he's just making some noise, mostly out of tune, and mostly off beat.  I
like Ronnie's stuff on songs like You Got Me Rocking, Some Girls and Before
They Make Me Run, but on songs like Bitch, Respectable, and Saint of Me of me
it sounds horrible on this release.  Well, here's the good news:  On the small
stage Keith and Ronnie apparently switch channels, and now Keith is really
loud and Ronnie barely audible!  Also, the ever present echo from the main
stage is missing here.  So, we have excellent versions of Route 66, When the
Whip Comes Down and Midnight Rambler!...  The artwork looks nice, but could
have been better..."

MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas 4/16/99;              "Casino Boogie"
Said to be "terrific."

San Jose 4/20/99;                                 "Last Show In America"
I quote an Internet review:  "AUD recording, incredible sound, on par with
Sister Morphine's quality.  Great show!  (I went to this one).  Seven bonus
tracks in quality equal to the main show:  Under Cover, Just My Imagination,
Shine a Light, I Got The Blues, You Got the Silver, Live with Me, Respectable. 
Great artwork, but no indication on where the bonus tracks came from."

Holland 6/2 and 18/99;                            "North to South"
I quote from an Internet review:  "The only *drawback* on this superb album is
that they don't tell you where the songs are from...  It does not matter as it
sounds [like] ONE concert with a most brilliant sound quality:  crisp, well
balanced, and with a stunning performance all through (must have been on top
on both locations) with the whole band very much inspired and musically
fantastic.  Almost every song has something extraordinary that makes me wanna
shout *Best version so far!*  Only exceptions [are] Saint of me, Out of
control, and Paint it black which... are rather standard and Mick [is] out of
tune at the start of SOM on a night (well two...) when he is brilliant in
every [other] respect as are all the other players on the field(s).  This is a
rock 'n' roll ride from start to finish that leaves you exhausted..."

Sheffield, UK 6/6/99;                             "Singing in the Rain"
I quote an Internet review:  "[This] 2-CDR album done by some unknown... is
really a treat and I find it excellent and even more so as it seems to be
[their] first try.  Very nicely printed CDRs and cool cover in dark green on
the front, the poster for the planned show in 98 with a grim Keith to the
right of this.  In all a brilliant one.  And place it without a doubt in the
same division as the more established bigger companies' recordings of

Shepherds Bush Empire 6/8/99;               "Cow Skins and Pig Shoes"/ others
I quote from an Internet review:  "[This] CD was released in the same month
[as] the concert!  Beautiful picture discs labels; they used the tickets of
the concert: level1 ticket for disc 1, floor ticket for disc 2.  Superb
audience recording; doubt [if it] could be any better."  Another Internet
review added:  "...[T]his... has an extremely full sound with the guitars not
dominating but heard very well as [they] should be.  You find that [the
Stones] really [were] very tight having great fun this night.  It is rock 'n'
roll of the highest quality from the start with the part with odd songs done
extremely well and then full force gale again until the very end."

Wembley 6/11/99 + Shepard's Bush 6/8/99;          "Sweet Home London"
I quote from an Internet review:  "...[The]... Wembley recording... is very,
very good.  Definitely worth getting and up to par with the quality Crystal
Cat has been offering us.  The Shepherd's Bush part is good but there's
noticeable tape(?) noise and missing parts of songs (check out the missing
intro to 'Melody' for one instance).  Obviously they knew it couldn't stand on
its own."

Wembley 6/11-12/99;                   "The Complete Wembley 1999 Performances"
I quote from an Internet review:  "After having listened to the first [night's
recording] I was stunned.  This is suddenly the best live concert I have.  A
very full sound, so crisp, so perfectly balanced and very easy to study the
individual members.  For example it is a joy to listen to the contributions
from both guitar players and noone can here doubt the competence of Mr. Wood. 
[The second night has]... excellent sound quality, with a bit less crispness
and a somewhat metallic sound at times, [but] it is obvious that the musicians
or some of them are not at their best...  One huge exception is a most
fantastic Midnight Rambler.  Had they gone on in the middle part there the
walls of Wembley would have started tumbling down..."

Cologne, Germany 6/20/99;                         "Grande Finale"
I quote an Internet review:  "So the final gig during this almost two year
long tour came.  And a set list that does not look very exciting, but with a
band that shows not the slightest sign of being tired of it.  Instead a
brilliant performance all through with some of the best versions... of Out of
control, Route 66, Thief in the night, and Like a rolling stone.  Excellent
sound quality."  Will this be the Last Time?

     The author acknowledges that every living member and ex member of the
     band has done some sort of solo project.  Keith's solo tours of 1988 and
     1992-93 have been heavily bootlegged, and Mick's tour of 1988 is also
     fairly well represented.  However, cataloging those releases is beyond
     the scope of this guide.  Plus, I don't collect that material.

Notes on collecting CDs:

     In the United States, every unauthorized release (not made by Virgin,
     London/Abkco, RSR, etc.) is considered a bootleg.  Until 1997, the
     situation was different in certain countries, which allowed companies
     like The Swingin' Pig (TSP) to operate legally, to the displeasure of
     record company accountants.  These copyright loopholes have now closed,
     and companies such as TSP are now out of business.  Of course there are
     still "underground" companies which don't worry about legality.
     The era of the recordable CD (CD-R) has begun.  Anyone with the right
     computer equipment can burn their own CDs in the convenience of their
     own home.  CD-R "labels" may be the coming thing.

General comments on CD companies/labels:

     The Vinyl Gang Productions and its related label Idol Mind, both
     Japanese, have released more Stones product than any other label. 
     Dealers rarely import them into the US, but they can be ordered directly
     from Japan.  In 1993-4 they somehow located and released old tapes which
     were not even circulating among tape traders.  For old shows, I consider
     them the definitive label.  For the "Bridges to Babylon" tour, their
     audience recordings are not always the best for a given show.  Shop
     around!  I quote from the Internet:  " their drive to get 'Bridges'
     titles into the market they've released more crap than every other label
     combined."  VGP is still the definitive Stones label as of this writing.
     Crystal Cat has only released a few Stones titles, all audience
     recordings from the "Bridges to Babylon" tour.  All are highly regarded.
     Sister Morphine is a new (1998) label which only releases high quality
     Stones material.  AFAIK their releases are always the best or close to
     it for a given show.
     Dandelion has been releasing old Swingin' Pig titles as well as a few of
     their own.  Generally well regarded but there has been some criticism
     for using mono broadcast sources and other relatively minor points. 
     Possibly out of business as of fall 1999; back in early 2000?  They are
     apparently successors to Midnight Beat, which also put out a few good
     The Swingin' Pig is generally good.  Most of their CDs are mastered from
     tapes, unlike some companies which use old records, and they generally
     use the best available source for a particular show.  On the downside,
     they sometimes overdo the noise reduction, which makes the music sound
     bassy and compressed.  Now out of business.
     Other Japanese labels will put out anything they think they can sell, it
     seems.  Shaved Disc, now out of business, was almost always bad.
     Scorpio and related labels such as Gold Standard are also good.  Unlike
     most labels, they have actually put out "new" material.  They still
     aren't above dubbing some tracks off old records here and there.  Still
     in business.
     Yellow Dog, famed for their Beatles and other releases, has released a 3
     CD set of early outtakes in good quality.  No recent Stones activity.
     The Vigatone label has produced only a few Stones CDs but they are all
     excellent, from tapes.  The Chameleon or "Chamelion" label is also
     Invasion Unlimited has produced a series of 8 studio outtakes CD.  I
     quote from an Internet review:  "[these CDs are] an ok place to start
     building a collection, if you can find them, but are nowhere near the
     definitive set.  The biggest drawback being that the makers did a
     hatchet job on many of the outtakes from the '70s, especially Some Girls
     era songs.  Loads of heavy editing analogous to the difference between
     LP and 45 edits, unless you're into that.  They cleaned up some of the
     songs, but you're still getting crap IMO.  More complete versions of
     many of the outtakes can be found on various other titles."  Bottom lin
     is only get these if you missed the original releases or are just
     starting collecting.
     "Terappin" or Terrapin label CDs are very hard to come by but are mostly
     rare material in decent to good quality.
     WPOCM, Bulldog, and Oil Well are labels to avoid.  All have been out of
     business for several years.  All specialized in dubbing other releases. 
     The first two frequently used scratchy vinyl, then used excessive noise


     Basement News fanzines.  Rodgau, Germany:  Dieter Hoffmann
     Heylin, Clinton.  The Great White Wonders:  London, England:  Penguin,
     Hoffmann, Dieter.  Das Rolling Stones Schwarzbuch (Black Book).
     Vaihingen, Germany:  New Media Verlag, 1987.

     Hoffmann, Dieter.  Rolling Stones--Das Weissbuch (White Book). Winsen,
     Germany:  New Media Records, 1991.
     Live! Music Review, December 1993.
     Musician magazine, September 1994.
     No Expectations fanzine. No. 9, January, 1992.  Lerdala, Sweden: Mats
     Stember, Wilfried.  The Rolling Stones Collector's File 2.
     Dortmund, Germany:  Stember, 1984.
     Zentgraf, Nico.  Collector's Delight or Collector's Disease? Berlin,
     Germany:  Zentgraf, 1992.

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Mar 22, 2023 @ 2:02 am
Whether you believe in God or not, read this message!

Throughout time, we can see how we have been carefully conditioned to come to this point where we are on the verge of a cashless society. Did you know that Jesus foretold of this event almost 2,000 years ago?

In the book of Revelation 13:16-18, we will read,

"He (the false prophet who deceives many by his miracles--Revelation 19:20) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666."

Speaking to the last generation, this could only be speaking of a cashless society. Why's that? Revelation 13:17 says that we cannot buy or sell unless we receive the mark of the beast. If physical money was still in use, we could buy or sell with one another without receiving the mark. This would contradict scripture that states we need the mark to buy or sell!

These verses could not be referring to something purely spiritual as scripture references two physical locations (our right hand or forehead) stating the mark will be on one "OR" the other. If this mark was purely spiritual, it would indicate both places, or one--not one OR the other!

This is where it comes together. It is amazing how accurate the Bible is concerning the implantable RFID microchip. These are notes from someone named Carl Sanders who worked with a team of engineers to help develop this RFID chip:

"Carl Sanders sat in seventeen New World Order meetings with heads-of-state officials such as Henry Kissinger and Bob Gates of the C.I.A. to discuss plans on how to bring about this one-world system. The government commissioned Carl Sanders to design a microchip for identifying and controlling the peoples of the world—a microchip that could be inserted under the skin with a hypodermic needle (a quick, convenient method that would be gradually accepted by society).

Carl Sanders, with a team of engineers behind him, with U.S. grant monies supplied by tax dollars, took on this project and designed a microchip that is powered by a lithium battery, rechargeable through the temperature changes in our skin. Without the knowledge of the Bible (Brother Sanders was not a Christian at the time), these engineers spent one-and-a-half-million dollars doing research on the best and most convenient place to have the microchip inserted.

Guess what? These researchers found that the forehead and the back of the hand (the two places the Bible says the mark will go) are not just the most convenient places, but are also the only viable places for rapid, consistent temperature changes in the skin to recharge the lithium battery. The microchip is approximately seven millimeters in length, .75 millimeters in diameter, about the size of a grain of rice. It is capable of storing pages upon pages of information about you. All your general history, work history, criminal record, health history, and financial data can be stored on this chip.

Brother Sanders believes that this microchip, which he regretfully helped design, is the “mark” spoken about in Revelation 13:16–18. The original Greek word for “mark” is “charagma,” which means a “scratch or etching.” It is also interesting to note that the number 666 is actually a word in the original Greek. The word is “chi xi stigma,” with the last part, “stigma,” also meaning “to stick or prick.” Carl believes this is referring to a hypodermic needle when they poke into the skin to inject the microchip."

Mr. Sanders asked a doctor what would happen if the lithium contained within the RFID microchip leaked into the body. The doctor replied by saying a terrible sore would appear in tha (...)
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Greetings my name is Matthew D'Agati.
Solar technology is actually perhaps one of the most promising and sought-after types of clean, renewable energy in the last few years. This might be because of its numerous benefits, including financial savings, energy savings, in addition to positive impact it offers regarding the environment. In this article, we're going to talk about the advantages of choosing solar power in homes and businesses, the technology behind it, and exactly how it may be implemented to increase its benefits.

One of the main advantages of choosing solar technology in homes could be the cost benefits it gives. Solar power panels can handle generating electricity for your home, reducing or eliminating the necessity for traditional sourced elements of energy. This will end in significant savings on the monthly energy bill, particularly in areas with a high energy costs. In addition, the price of solar panel systems and associated equipment has decreased significantly over time, which makes it more affordable for homeowners to buy this technology.

Another good thing about using solar technology in homes could be the increased value it may provide to your property. Homes which have solar energy panels installed are usually valued greater than homes that don't, because they offer an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly replacement for traditional energy sources. This increased value may be an important benefit for homeowners who will be trying to sell their house later on.

For businesses, the many benefits of using solar technology are wide ranging. One of many primary benefits is cost benefits, as businesses can significantly reduce their energy costs by adopting solar power. In addition, there are many different government incentives and tax credits offered to companies that adopt solar technology, which makes it a lot more affordable and cost-effective. Furthermore, companies that adopt solar technology can benefit from increased profitability and competitiveness, because they are viewed as environmentally conscious and energy-efficient.

The technology behind solar technology is not at all hard, yet highly effective. Solar panel systems are made of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity can then be kept in batteries or fed straight into the electrical grid, depending on the specific system design. In order to maximize some great benefits of solar technology, it is essential to design a custom system that is tailored to your particular energy needs and requirements. This can make sure that you have the proper components set up, such as the appropriate wide range of solar energy panels additionally the right types of batteries, to maximise your power efficiency and value savings.

One of many important aspects in designing a custom solar power system is comprehending the different sorts of solar power panels and their performance characteristics. There are 2 main kinds of solar power panels – monocrystalline and polycrystalline – each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Monocrystalline solar energy panels are manufactured from a single, high-quality crystal, helping to make them more effective and durable. However, also they are higher priced than polycrystalline panels, that are created from multiple, lower-quality crystals.

Along with solar power panels, a custom solar technology system may also include a battery system to keep excess energy, in addition to an inverter to convert the stored energy into usable electricity. You should choose a battery system this is certainly with the capacity of storing the quantity of energy you'll need for your specific energy needs and requirements. This will make sure that you have a trusted supply of power in case of power outages or any other disruptions to your power supply.

Another advantage of using solar technology could be the positive impact th (...)
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Dating is a junket that encompasses the spell of good-natured connection, slighting excrescence, and alluring discoveries. It is a dispose of through which individuals traverse maudlin possibilities, getting to comprehend each other on a deeper level. Dating allows people to part experiences, unpleasantness ideas, and fashion deep connections.

In the empire of dating, whole encounters a dissimilar kind of emotions. There's the exhilaration of get-together someone modish, the anticipation of a in the first place escort, and the give someone a kick of discovering stock interests and shared values. It is a time of vulnerability and self-discovery as individuals open themselves up to the feasibility of inclination and companionship.

Striking communication lies at the heart of dating, facilitating accord and consistency between two people. It involves running listening, ethical declaration, and empathy, creating a room on trustworthy dialogue. Including communication, individuals can inquire their compatibility, exchange thoughts and dreams, and assemble a fundamental of trust.
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