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Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]

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Last-modified: 2000/02/28
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                 Rolling Stones' Mailing list/newsgroup FAQ

                 Part Three
                 The Rolling Stones--A Bibliography

         Originally prepared and maintained by: Stephen D. Carter
         [NOTE: please see the end of this document for a 
                copy of a note supplied by Stephen Carter with 
                the December 1995 issue of this bibliography]

 COPYRIGHT 1994-2000 (c) Anthony J. Rzepela (editor)

   This collection of four works is under the copyright of the editor, 
   who may, at his discretion, relinquish said copyright to the authors 
   named herein.

   This collection may not be broken up, or be made available 
   by any publisher.  It may not be redistributed in any form 
   if any changes are made to it except by the holder of the 
   The editor of this FAQ retains all rights for use of it.

   No author or proofreader or assistant credited herein grants 
   the use of his or her name to any publisher.  Be warned that 
   attempts to publish this shared work-in-progress may interfere 
   with legal commitments individual authors may privately hold 
   with publishers.

         The Rolling Stones, unlike the Beatles seem to have had
         few even half-decent authors or publishers produce books
         about them.  The majority of the books on this list are,
         frankly, not too good.  A few (Stone Alone, etc) are

         Read this list, and the books, with low expectations!

         This list has been constructed with help from many people.
         Among them are :

            Philip Bajo
            Bruce Dumes
            Ed Fronczkowiski
            Dave Heller
            Jim Henning
            Jimmy Hodgkins
            Andy Meuck        
            John O'Sullivan
            Steve Portigal
            Tony Rzepela
            Dirk Stoermann
            David Wedig
            Stephen Weinberg

         Like the Stones, Stephen's a Brit, so are most of the ISBN


         Citations list author, title, year, and finally, ISBN.

	 (From Stephen...
             and Mick, I know you'll see this, so if you ever feel
	     like popping in to autograph any of my stuff, there's no need
	     to ring ahead.)  


ed. Bill Buford      
 84 0140075658
         Granta is a quarterly book/magazine of 'New English Writing'
         Issue 12 consists largely of an extensive extract from
         Stanley Booth's "True Adventures of the Rolling Stones".

ed. David Dalton     
 The Rolling Stones : The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band in the World
 75 0352300922
         Quite an early and well written account of the band.  It
         does not attempt to be a 'biography, but is collection of
         essays/accounts on various aspects.  As such it succeeds.

         (Reissued with updates in 1979)          

ed. Johnny Dean      
 Record Collector
         Monthly magazine from the original publishers of both the
         Beatles and Rolling Stones Monthly Magazines.  The issues
         that have special features are worth getting.

         Each issue has an 'artists' directory that is up-to-date
         with the right issues to get for your favourite artists.

         43/45 St Mary's Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RQ.  UK

ed. Johnny Dean      
 The Rolling Stones Book
         Date unclear, but precedes the Rolling Stones Monthly from
         the same publishers.  Nice photos - a real period piece.
         Even has a bit about 'The Official Rolling Stones Fan Club'
         93/97 Regent St.  Now, whatever became of that!?

ed. Nicholas Drake   
 The Sixties : A Decade in Vogue          
 88 1871307260
         Vogue magazine has always been noted for the quality of its
         photo's.  Any collation of its Sixties photo's will
         therefore be both excellent and will contain several shots
         of the Fabs, the Stones and their chums. 
         Will not disappoint.  Will re-stress the astonishing changes
         in style (etc) that took place during those turbulent

ed. Jonathan Eisen   
 Altamont - The Forgotten Festival : Death of Innocence ...
         272 page paperback.  A collection of articles, interviews
         pictures about Altamont.  Relic of a bygone era and quite
         worth the read. (SW)

ed. Pete Goodman     
 Our Own Story by The Rolling Stones      
         Wonderful period piece that asserts it is 'as we told it to
         Pete Goodman'.

         Written for mass consumption at the start of the band's

ed. Nigel Grant      
 A Pixerama Foldbook of the Rolling Stones
         A very early period piece - 12 small photo's of the band
         in a concertina fold out style.  The text is superbly dated,
         and very wrong in places.  'The lads got their name for the
         group from a Chuck Berry song 'The Rolling Stones''.

         Buy it if you ever see it.

ed. Mick Jagger      
 The Rolling Stones Monthly Book          
         Short lived (30 issues) monthly 'Official Rolling Stones
         Book edited by the Stones for their Fans' from the same
         stable as the still running Beatles Monthly.

         Despite the fact that it is mostly the product of the
         imagination of a press/publicity crew it is worth getting
         if you ever (unlikely) see it.  Re-issue long overdue.

 The London Years
 1991 0-89898-739-3
         Guitar tabulature and lyrics for all the songs 
         on the 1989 ABKCO 3-CD box set of the same. Published
         by Warner Brothers Books. No photos.
ed. Joyce Robins     
 The Sixties : The Style : The Sounds : The Stars
 84 0862731895
         A 64 page rush through the music of the turbulent 60's.
         Produced by Marks & Spencer, so quality is good.  Nothing
         profound, only a bit on the Stones.      

ed. Robert Love      
 The Best of Rolling Stone
 93 0863697690
         A compilation of a selection of the best articles from the

         Robert Greenfield gets an article about the Stones.  Worth
         getting for this, and all of the rest!   

ed. Dr Andreas Papadakis
 Architectural Design : New Architecture  
 90 1854900293
         A special edition of Architectural Design concentrated on
         'New Architecture' and included an article by Mark Fisher
         on his designs for the 1989 Steel Wheels stage - plus some
         stunning colour photos.

ed. Rolling Stone    
 The Rolling Stones
         A compilation of the main features on the Stones from
         Rolling Stone covering the first interview in 1968 through
         to 1975.   


ed. The Rolling Stones et al. (Loewenstein, Dora; Holland, Jools)
 A Life on the Road
 1998 0670880515   Penguin Studio
         The first-ever Stones' history book made with participation
         by the band, who are credited as editors. Interviews by 
         veteran musician and talk-show host Jools Holland, and 
         editing by longtime associate Loewenstein, accompany 
         exclusive photographs telling the band's touring history.
         (Not reviewed.)

ed. Brian Roylance (& Bill Wyman)
 Blinds and Shutters : The Photographs of Michael Cooper
 1990 0904351378 Genesis    
         A distressingly beautiful book, full of upsettingly unique
         photos at a heart-stopping price.        

         Cooper was the 'court' photographer to the Beatles (he did
         the Sgt. Pepper cover photo) and the Stones (Satanic
         Majesties) and others.  As such these photos are unique.


ed. Jack Scott, Nick Logan
 Greatest Hits : Very Best of NME         
 74 1850371473
         A selection of the best interviews from NME.  Good interview
         with Mick - Roy Carr interviewer.        

ed. Sue Weeks        
 Creative Technology - August 1995        
 95            Haymarket  
         Magazine for hard-core Art techno-freaks...

         This issue has loads on how the computer animated
         spikey Tongue was done for the 1994/5 Voodoo Lounge Tours

 Mick Jagger - Happy Birthday!
 1992 1-873884-13-3
         Publisher: IMP Ltd.  66 pages, paperback, LP-size, no 
         text but about 70 great pics of Mick Jagger from the 
         sixies to the early nineties. (D. Stoermann)

 The Rolling Stones : 24 Posters          
 1983 0862830605
         24 nicely printed pictures (not posters) from the 81 Tour.
         No text.  Marginal value.

 The Rolling Stones Complete
 1981 0860017611
         Collection of words and music to all original Stones
         compositions released from 1963 through 1980.  Separate
         complete lyrics section, and a UK discography through 1980.

         Over 70 photo's, up to and including 1978

 Rolling Stones Stripped: A Trip through the Voodoo Lounge Tour 1994-1995
 1995 1873884419
         Glorified post-tour programme, but with excellent and exciting
         photography from the tour. A few minor itinerary mistakes, but 
         lots of interesting interview snippets (largely 
         taken from Westwood One radio network broadcasts), and respectable
         (if uncompelling) prose which steers clear of the self-absorption 
         that has marred other print documentaries of the Stones on the road.

Felix Aeppli         
 Heart of Stone : The Definitive Rolling Stones Discography
 1985 0876501927
         Well indexed and and as thoroughly researched as a book
         without 'official' backing could be.  Although it is
         extensive and thorough, sources close to the band dismiss
         this book as dreadfully inaccurate.      

         An obvious need exists for an authorized version.

Felix Aeppli
 The Rolling Stones 1962-1995  The Ultimate Guide
 1996 0907872263
         In this high-priced update to his 1985 "Heart of Stone", Aeppli
         attempts to organize the entirety of the Stones' recording, 
         performing, and media history, both as an act and solo artists,  
         into individually numbered entries. Some ill-chosen shortcuts 
         are exercised (e.g., shows without a recording of 
         the goings-on are not itemized, which will lead to extensive 
         renumbering problems if recordings do turn up in the future)
         and some inexplicable (albeit not glaring) omissions also irritate,   
         but overall, the effort to put in one place answers to questions
         about sessions, set lists, tours, official releases, etc. is 
         a massive undertaking, and while other authors may serve an 
         individual topic more thoroughly, no effort here is so shabby 
         that it would justify this book being passed over.   (AR)

Mandy Aftel          
 Death of a Rolling Stone : The Brian Jones Story
 1982 0283989459
         Reasonably good biography of the life and death of Brian.
         Good photo's, and research are spoiled by the author's
         largely uncritical approach to Brian.    

John Aldridge        
 Satisfaction : The Story of Mick Jagger  
 1984 0862761352
         Very good book about the history of the Rolling Stones, plus
         an analysis of the personality of Jagger, explaining how he
         has managed to resolve so many contradictions in his
         character that in the end there seemed to be no
         contradiction (from blurb)

         Great Pix, plus discography.
Steve Appleford
 The Rolling Stones : It's Only Rock N Roll : Song by Song
 1997 0028648994
         Not to be confused with the Karnbach/Bernson book 
         of almost the same name, the organization here is chronolgical, 
         visiting each and every recorded album and EP track. Better
         suited to be a leisurely read than a research-friendly source, 
         despite the promising title. The offerings are largely anecdotal, 
         and sometimes barely say more than "Good song" or "Bad song".
         Though little here is exactly new or earth-shattering, it's
         well written, circumspect, user-friendly and accomplishes what it
         set out to do. Acceptable quota of errors. (AR)

Christopher Andersen 
 Jagger Unauthorised
 1993 0671712098
         Only go for this one if you are a terminal
         completist.  Not the best book in the booklist

Robert Armstrong     
 Rolling Stones
 83 089813109X
         This 31 page children's book provides an overview of the
         Stones' history, their early chart success, the death of
         Brian Jones, the big tours in the early 80's, Tattoo You,
         and so on. 

         Mentions drugs, but not Mars bars.  (SP) 

Atalanta Press       
 The Rolling Stones : Poster Book         
 89 1870049225
         Large format, well printed book of 20 pullout posters.
         Pretty.  For complete-ists only.         

Stephen Barnard      
 The Rolling Stones : Street Fighting Years
 1993 1851708626
         Excellent book.  Despite being so big that it is hernia
         inducing.  Superb photo selection, reproduced with great
         clarity.  The text (not matching the photo's) should be
         read as a series of essays (with flaws).  Photo's arranged
         (seemingly) randomly - but some great ones!

         Grab this book!

Jo Bergman
 The Rolling Stones Blue Book
 ??            ?          
         Jo Bergman's chronology (for the press?) of the Stones
         from 1963 to 1969.  Nice & unusual photo's, even if
         everything is printed in a tasteful blue.

         All text appears in English, French, German & Italian.

Victor Bockris       
 Keith Richards : The Biography
 92 0091743974
         In a field where few serious biographies exist, any gallant
         attempt should be welcomed. But..        

         This book suffers from poor editing, from the (bizarre IMHO)
         view that much of the success of the Stones stems from the
         homo-erotic relationship of Jagger/Richards/Jones.  Later
         parts read as slick cuttings jobs.  I'm glad my copy was a
         half price remainder!

Massimo Bonanno      
 The Rolling Stones Chronicle : The First Thirty Years
 90 0859651355
         Chronologically arranged list of hi-lights and low spots
         from the first 30 years.

         Nice photos, but the number of entries ensures a generally
         shallow approach.  The early years (62/3) are better than
         most books - but still flawed. (Ed. note: an updated version 
         closing at the end of the 1995 tour, instead of 1990, 
         was published in the UK.) 

Massimo Bonanno      
 The Rolling Stones Chronicle : The First Thirty-Five Years
 97 0859652378
         Update includes scheduled tour dates through 1998, 
         but is premature and incorrect as it was rushed to 
         market before the schedules were finalized, and all 
         concerts listed had a chance to be played. Presumably, 
         author has had five years to clear out any errors from the
Stanley Booth        
 Dance With The Devil
 84 0394534883
         US version of 'True Adventures'          

Stanley Booth        
 Keith : Till I Roll Over Dead
 94 0747207704
         Unlike 'True Adventures' which is one of the best & most
         readable books about the Stones, this book is hard going
         at times.  A great disappointment, and few insights into the

         Personal gripe.  Much transcribed verbatim from Keith's odd
         speaking style - fun once, tedious after 50 pages!

Stanley Booth        
 The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones
 85 0434081000
         In 1969 Stanley Booth was granted the rights to put together
         a book about the Stones.  16 years later it came out.  An
         entertaining read, full of racy tales and the like - both
         from the Stones and from the author.     

         How much is true?  Who cares!

         (Extract first published in Granta)      

Marie Cahill         
 The Rolling Stones - A Pictoral History  
 90 1856270351
         Extremely well written, not deep, but complete.  Almost
         entirely accurate, carefully and lovingly composed to
         accommodate the format as best it can.  First class

         Honest effort to gain an interesting captivating mix of
         stock images  and the unfamiliar         

Roy Carr
 The Rolling Stones : An Illustrated Record
 76 0517526417
         Well researched and illustrated retrospective.  Some good
         stuff from the very early years (62/63). 

Terry Carty          
 Tumbling Dice
         1991 UK based attempt to get a fanzine off the ground. After
         7 issues (as of Sept '93) it is too early to judge.

         Enthusiastic and deserving of support.   

         Tumbling Dice, 9 Collingwood Close, Westgate on Sea,
         Kent CT8 8JD  UK

Teresa Celsi         
 The Rolling Stones
 1994 0836230981
         Slim & small (8cm x 10cm, hardback) Stones entry in 
         yet another novelty gift-book series. Chronology 
         stops in 1993, and the discography doesn't even pretend
         to be complete.

         Prose stylish, highlighted quotes well-chosen, photos
         wonderful. But small. Really small. (AR)

Barbara Charone      
 Keith Richards
 79 0708816584
         Quite a well researched biography about one half of the
         Glimmer Twins.  Too uncritical to be of real value.  Access
         to Keith assured some unusual photo's.   

         Updated 1982 version in US.

Alan Clayson         
 Call Up The Groups : The Golden Age of British Beat 62-67
 85 0713715537 Blandford Press
         Catches the development of British pop at the moment the
         Beatles were up and coming, follows the careers of the
         well-known and little-known Beat groups of the First Wave

Ray Connolly         
 Stardust Memories
 83 0907516300
         A compilation of articles previously published in the
         Evening Standard.

         Great articles, great background to The Sixties.  Only does
         2 Beatles - Paul & Ringo, and 2 Stones - Mick & Charlie.

Michael Cooper & Terry Southern
 The Early Stones : Legendary photographs of a band in the ma
 93 0436201372
         A book of Michael Cooper's photo's, with a foreword (and
         comments by Keef) could hardly fail.  This one nearly does.

         Illegible text, poor printing of ace photo's, and even some
         mistakes (P157=questionable).

         However, this is an essential book!      

Gus Coral (& David Hinckley & D Rodman)
 The Rolling Stones : Black & White Blues, 1963
 95 1570361509
         Excellent book of Coral's photos of a date on the 1963 tour
         and of the Stones recording 'I Wanna Be Your Man'.

         Although the text drifts off the point from time to time,
         the photo's are SO GOOD that this book is an absolute

David Dalton         
 The Rolling Stones : The First Twenty Years
 81 0500272611
         Well researched, well produced and illustrated retrospective
         on the Stones.

         Time for an update - the First Thirty Years?

David Dalton         
 The Rolling Stones - An Unauthorized Biography in Words, ...
 72 0825626692
         This is Dalton's first book on The Stones, which he has
         revised several times.  It is loaded with outstanding
         pictures and the text is good.

         Difficult to find.  Worth grabbing.  Thanks to DH for
         finding my copy!  Excellent early-ish book. (DH)

David Dalton & Mick Farren
 Rolling Stones in their own Words        
 1980 0860015416
         One of an extensive series of similar volumes.  Well
         presented collection of quotes - sorted by topic.  Nice
         photo's.  Being quotes it steers clear of the risk of
         bad research!

         (Reissued with some updates in 1985)     

Mary Laverne Dimmick 
 The Rolling Stones - An Annotated Bibliography
 1979 0822933845
         Just what it says, she adds her knowledgable comments about
         the books (etc) listed.  Much less complete than
         'Yesterday's Papers' but more user friendly. (DH)

Tim Dowley
 The Rolling Stones
 1983 0882547348
         There are better books on the list.      

Martin Elliott       
 The Rolling Stones Complete Recording Sessions
 1990 0713721189
         Any book claiming to be 'complete' that is produced without
         access to either the Stones' own sources,  or even Alan
         Klein's, is doomed.  A brave attempt, but flawed.

         Simply demonstrates the need for an authorized version.

Richard Elman        
 Uptight With The Stones
         Short book which documents a small part of their 1972 US
         Tour.  Elman is a good writer but doesn't know that much
         about The Stones.  Extremely difficult to find. DH.

Jon Ewing
 Quote Unquote: The Rolling Stones
 1997 0-517-16029-3  Crescent Books
         The Stones' entry in a mass-market series of books 
         built around the subjects' oral record, a la the 
         "In Their Own Words" paperbacks. Not reviewed. 

Marianne Faithfull (with David Dalton)
 1994 0718136586
         A far better book that I was expecting.  She tells about
         her life & times, not just with the Stones, but before
         and after. 

         Interesting, far from being a superficial kiss-and-tell, and
         worth getting.

         Even debunks the Mars Bar story!         

Nicholas Fitzgerald  
 Brian Jones : The Inside Story of the original Rolling Stone
 1985 0399130616
         Personal memoire of Swingin' Sixties hanger-on to Brian's
         entourage. Vivid portraits of whirlwind escapades in
         Paris, London etc.  Fascinating stuff about life on the

         Despite failings, valuable.  AR.         

Paul Flattery        
 The Illustrated History of Pop
         An excellent treatment of 1950's-1960's British Pop.  Out of
         print since mid-70's, but if you find it (Wise Publishers,
         England) you'll learn all about Dickie Valentine, Adam
         Faith, Helen Shapiro, Cliff Richards, and all the British
         stars whose careers were permanently derailed by the
         Fab Four.  

Chet Flippo          
 It's Only Rock and Roll : My On The Road Adventures with the
                           Rolling Stones
 1985 0312038518
         Long account of Chet's years on the road thru 75, 78 and 79
         with the Stones.  Worthwhile thoughts on the Stones - at
         times thought-provoking, at times funny, as well as accurate
         reportage of life in the big league.     

         Enjoyable and recommended.  Strangely never available in the

Pete Frame
 Rock Family Trees
 1979 0860014142
         This book, an essential part of any book collection, charts
         the evolution of various groups.         

         The Stones are shown linked to the Pretty Things (by Dick
         Taylor) and tenuously to The Kinks.      

         Little on the Beatles.

Pete Frame
 Rock Gazetteer of Great Britain          
 1989 0950540263
         Essential reading for any serious student of UK rock music,
         which of course dominates the world.  Lots of short (often
         witty) paragraphs about rock's famous places the length and
         breadth of the land.

         Could do with an index though!

David Fricke & Robert Sandall
 Rolling Stones : Images of the World Tour 1989-90
 1990 1852830816
         This 'official' photographic record of the tour is very
         disappointing.  The unique access by chosen photographers
         could have and should have produced a better (in every way)

         The photos should all have been dated and the location

Tony Gale & Andy Neil
 The Rolling Stones : Olympic Recording Sessions June 1968
 1994 187388413X
         A slim book of photo's the 1968 One Plus One

         Overpriced, but still nice as the photos seem to capture
         an atmosphere.

Bill German          
 Beggars Banquet
         A semi-official monthly newsletter about the Stones, from a  
         publisher (German) with good access to Ronnie.  Ceased
         publication in 1996. 
         (address was: Beggars Banquet, PO Box 6152, New York, NY 10128) 

Geoffrey Giuliano & Cris Eborn
 Not Fade Away : The Rolling Stones Collection
 1992 1850282161
         An abolutely SUPERB book full of SUPERB illustrations of
         what is (I guess) the second Best Stones Collection - Chris
         Wonderful printing, well composed, incredible value.
         Let down rather by the text - apart from the captions.

Geoffrey Giuliano
 Loose Talk
 1996 [None supplied]
         Issued on compact disc by the 'LaserLight' firm, this 
         'Audio Book on CD' (it has no ISBN, even) is a series of 
         press conferences (saving on copyrights and royalties, no 
         doubt) strung together on the flimsiest pretenses by 
         Giuliano's narration in order to hopefully present a 
         coherent history of the Rolling Stones. Doesn't work, and 
         the audio material is largely widely-distributed, 
         high-profile events like tour announcement press conferences.

John Glatt
 Rage & Roll : Bill Graham & The Selling of Rock
 1993 1559722053
         Bill Graham was allegedly caught pocketing a *lot* of
         money from the Stones' till on the '81 US tour.          
         Based in part on an included interview with Wyman, 
         this bio of Graham explores the tale and its 
         ramifications, among other topics, like a bio of
         the man who created the big rock concert industry 
         as we know it today. Frequent Stones references/anecdotes

Nigel Goodall        
 Jump Up : The Rise of the Rolling Stones : The first 10 Yrs
 1995 1898141088
         The text does not add a great deal to the body of knowledge
         about the Stones.

         The pictures are well selected and printed.

         But, Nigel Goodall should stick to his books on Cliff

Robert Greenfield    
 S T P : A Journey through America with the Rolling Stones
 1974 0841503230
         Very famous book about the 1972 US Tour.  Well written by
         an 'insider'.  How did those boys survive!?
         (Ed. note: Paperback rerelease by UK firm "Helter 
         Skelter" in 1997, ISBN 1-900924-01-3, omits photos
         and the "STP" part of title.)

Bob Gruen
 Crossfire Hurricane: 25 years of the Rolling Stones in the USA
         Another pricey limited edition (1750 copies) from Genesis
         Publications, who report only 10 left available 
         as of October 1998. Photographer Bob Gruen caught 
         the band at work from 1972 to 1997, and presents 350 
         of the resulting photographs alongside his own narrative. 
         (Not reviewed). 
         Publisher website:

Andre Hagedorn       
 It's Only Rock'n'Roll : The Rolling Stones : Dates & Facts
 1990 3927801089
         A German book of dates and facts about the Rolling Stones.

         Cheap printing, nice photo's - but I've not got a clue
         about the text.....  :-)

Jerry Hall (with Christopher Hemphill)
 Jerry Halls' Tall tales
 1985 067150911X
         222 page paperback  - Jerry's autobiography. What you would
         expect.  Lots of inside stuff & photo's.  Good for those
         who like gossip. SW

James Hector
 The Complete Guide to the Music of the Rolling Stones
 1995 0711943036
         One of a series of CD-sized books, this Stones entry 
         intelligently discusses their recorded history, and 
         includes coverage of important issues like flipsides 
         and CD re-releases.  Hector can be overcritical, and 
         tends to take mediocre records personally, but he 
         is well-informed and intelligent, which makes the 
         reading a pleasure.  The pictures are good, and with 
         very few exceptions, each and every track the Stones 
         officially released gets a conmment or two. An alphabetical 
         index of song titles is included. [AR]

Gary Herman          
 Rock'n'Roll Babylon
 1982 0859650413
         Compulsive reading about the seamier side of the life (and
         death) the Rock Greats.

         Not surprisingly the Stones pop up regularly.

Tim Hewat
 Rolling Stones File
         Apparently this is in part the proceedings against
         The Glimmer Twins from the West Sussex Quarter Sessions
         June 27/28/29 1967.  (J Henning).

Clinton Heylin       
 The Great White Wonders : A History of Rock Bootlegs
 1995 014023285O Penguin    
         An accessible history of Rock Bootlegs, starting with the
         first (Dylan) and the second (Stones) - taking a level
         headed look at the (let's face it) illegal industry from
         a range of angles. USA Version - Bootleg: The Secret History
         of The Other Recording Industry.         
         If you are serious about Rock, collect Bootlegs, then this
         for you.   

Mark Hodginson       
 Marianne Faithfull : As Tears Go By      
 1991 0711924015
         An appreciatively critical, not fawning, well written book
         that sets a good standard for others to match.  Not having
         any 'official' approval is both a weakness, and a strength.

         Whatever the flaws, I wish that more Rock Biographies were
         to this high standard.

Dezo Hoffman         
 The Rolling Stones
 ?? 009158311x
         Dezo was a staff photographer with Record Mirror and his
         first assignment to cover the Stones is re-printed  here
         - dated May 1963.

         An excellent book of first class photos from 1963 to the
         early 70's.

Dieter Hoffman       
 Rolling Stones - Das Schwarzbuch         
 1987 3926886005
         The Black Book - bootleg discography with pictures, quality
         ratings etc.  About 600 are listed.  Much, much better than
         Hot Wacks.  DH.
         (Note: Hoffman reissued the Scwarzbuch in 1997, 
         publishing it in a looseleaf binder format to facilitate 
         the regular updates and changes.)

Dieter Hoffman       
 Rolling Stones - Das Weissbuch
 1991 3980248940
         Totally amazing detailed catalogue of Stones (legal)
         releases.  UK, US, Germany, 7, LP, CD.  You name it, it's
         there!  Includes song index.  Expensive (99 DM) but well
         worth it for the serious collectors.  (See also Das
         Schwartzbuch by ther same author)        

A E Hotchner         
 Blown Away : The Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties
 90 0671693166
         Less than readable account that draws upon interviews with
         everyone except the Stones.  Interview extracts pasted
         together out of context results in a book with little value.

         One nice photo.

William Hughes       
         Book of the film.  Almost.

Marsha Hunt          
 Real Life  
 1986 0701130261
         Marsha describes life growing up in USA and then her move
         to London, run ins with Mayall, Mick Taylor, Elton John,
         being a cebrity, and then Jagger.        

         Many dropped names, not huge Stones content, but picture
         of Jagger better than most on offer. SP  

Laura Jackson        
 Golden Stone : The Untold Life & Death of Brian Jones
 1994 185685067X
         Hardly untold.  Yet another telling of a familiar tale.

         The promised revelation of the identity of Jones' (alleged)
         killer comes 200 pages into the 228 pages of text.

         Only for completeists.

Laura Jackson
 Heart of Stone - The Unauthorized Life of Mick Jagger
 1997  1-85782-213-7
         Blake Publishing, London. Paperback, 272 pages (not reviewed). 

Tony Jasper          
 The Rolling Stones
 1976 0706405498
         Cuttings job.  Nicely printed selection of photo's.

Philip Kamin & Peter Goddard
 The Rolling Stones : The Last Tour       
 1982 0825301181
         Longish text for little reward. Often pretentious.
         Excellent photos, although the captions are sometimes

James Karnbach & Philip Kamin
 The Rolling Stones : The Last Tour       
 1983 0283989807 Sidgwick & Jackson
         Written by long time Stones authority James Karnbach,
         exciting coverage of shows, many pages of photo's, and
         finally an interview with Ronnie.        

         Plus a breakdown of the performance history of each song
         in the '82 set list.

         (Appeared in USA as "The Rolling Stones In Europe")

James Karnbach & Carol Bernson
 It's Only Rock & Roll: The Ultimate Guide to the Rolling Stones
 1997 0816030359 Facts on File 
         First-ever attempt at a popularly-priced, widely 
         distributed "Ultimate Guide" to the Stones' career 
         activities.  Author is of justified repute, so this, a  
         book beset by gremlins, errors and probably a 1997 tour 
         tie-in deadline, is a bit tragic. The number of blunders 
         about obvious stuff is enough to make one fret about 
         the whole affair, and renders the new data exclusive 
         to these authors hard to consume on faith. Advice: hope 
         for a cleaned-up, second edition. (AR)

Hilary Kay
 Rock'n'Roll Collectables
 1992 185510069X
         Coffee table sized book that draws on Hilary's position as
         THE inventor of the famous Sotheby's memorabilia auctions.
         Some excellent photo's - including one of the alternative
         Pepper drumskin - described as 'in a private collection'
         (Paul has it!)

         Expensive, but buy if remaindered at about half price!

The Kicker Twins     
 The Stones Bible
         Privately published (photocopied) in Germany, this lists
         concerts by city and compares bootleg LP/CD to tapes for
         completeness.  Only 200 copies printed.  DH

Volker Kluge         
 The Rolling Stones - At the Rarest       

         Bootleg discography, mostly obsolete due to the passage
         of time, and Das Schwarzbuch. DH         

June Knight          
 On the Scene : The Rolling Stones        
         Only 36 pages, but packed with good quality early photos.
         Interestingly  Brian follows Mick in the pecking order of
         of the group.....

Sebastian Krüger    
 Rolling Stones Pur
 1990 3923192453 Kunst Der Comics
         (Precis of AM's submission)
         Excellent book of coloured Stones cartoons, if (by all
         accounts) a tad wierd!

         Keith on Krüger : "Very Interesting Work! It must have been
         a good pencil"

Sebastian Krüger    
 1994 3890825052 Edition C, Switzerland
         (Precis of AM's submission)
         Excellent book of coloured Stones cartoons, if (by all
         accounts) a tad wierd.

         Keith on Kruger : "Very Interesting Work! It must have been
         a good pencil"

Sebastian Krüger    
 1996 1-883398-18-5
         [96 pp., pub. Morpheus International]
         A 10.25"x14" full color book of portraits, caricatures, 
         and abstracts of our heroes. The incredible portraits in 
         this book are either taken from popular photos, such as the
         Rolling Stone "No Regrets" Keith cover, or are
         the products of Krüger's great imagination.

         Also in the book are various quotes (in English and German) 
         from the likes of Keith, Mick, Patti, William Burroughs, 
         Harlan Ellison, and others...
         (J. Hodgkins)

Annie Leibovitz & Terry Southern
 The Rolling Stones on Tour
 1978 0906196078
         Beautifully produced and presented book of great photo's
         of the Tour of The Americas '75.         

         A talented photographer with privileged access to the tour
         has captured some great images.  See page 68.

Spencer Leigh & Peter Frame
 Let's Go Down The Cavern - The Story of Liverpool's Merseybeat
 1984 0091585414
         An EXCELLENT book written by Someone Who Was There.  Full of
         detail without being tedious.  Always interesting.  Lots
         of anecdotes and loads of facts.         

         Very good indeed.  Buy it if you see it. 

David Littlejohn     
 The Man Who Killed Mick Jagger
 1977 0671819135
         294 page sleazy novel about a psychopath who stabs Jagger
         to death on stage at Oakland Coliseum in 69.

         'A great read for Stones Fans'.  SW      

Philip Luce          
 The Stones 
 1970 0093051905
         An early attempt at a half-serious account
         of the rise and rise of the Stones.  A historic curio.

         Wonderful cover shot of Charlie          

Sutherland Lyall     
 Rock Sets : The Astonishing Art of Rock Concert Design
 1992 0500276978
         This book details the Stage Set designs of Fisher Park - the
         architects who designed the 'Steel Wheels' and 'Urban Jungle
         stage sets.
         Very high quality photo's and reproduction.  Excellent.

Michael Lydon        
 Rock Folk : Portraits from the Rock'n'Roll Pantheon
         199 page paperback with essays on Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry,
         Smokey Robinson, BB King, Grateful Dead, Joplin, and of
         course the Rolling Stones.

         Stones essay is almost half the book (69 tour) and is a
         good companion to the Stanley Booth book. SW

Chrissie Lytton Cobbold
 Knebworth : Rock Festivals
 1985 0711907749
         Fascinating behind the scenes account of the Knebworth
         Festivals - by the lady of the house!    

         Good account of Stones' appearance (longest ever set?).

Jessica MacPhail     
 Yesterday's Papers : The Rolling Stones in Print 1963-84
 1986 0876502095
         No original text, but a book of lists of books, newspaper
         articles, magazines, and file reviews. Ambitious but flawed
         by the fact that the earliest reference is May 1963 - almost
         a year after the first one.  Dreadful typeface makes this
         book very hard to use.

         An honorable attempt at an impossible task.  A must for all
         serious students.

Gered Mankowitz      
 Satisfaction : The Rolling Stones photos of Gered Mankowitz
 1984 0283991178
         First class book of photo's taken by one of the inner circle
         of favoured photographers from the early years.

Gered Mankowitz      
 Rolling Stones : Masons Yard to Primrose Hill : 1965-1967
 1995 0904351483
         Yet another stunningly produced limited edition (1,750)
         book  from Genesis.  Excellent selection of excellent
         photo's, excellently presented.  First class text about
         Gered's work with the Stones 65-67.      

         All copies autographed by Gered.         

Pearce Marchbank
 The Rolling Stones File
 1976 0-86001-245-X
         Contains music and a few passport-like pages on each Stone.
         Front cover is individual photos from the Black &
         Blue photo session; not to be confused with the 1967 
         book of the same name. (PB)

J Marks
 Mick Jagger : The Singer Not the Song    
 1973 0349122881
         A less than useful bio of Mick.  Everone has a different
         perspective on the Band, this is J Marks'.

Linda Martin         
 The Rolling Stones in Concert
 1982 0617376954
         Text tells you nothing new, but the photos are good - often
         with stunning clarity.

         Suffers, like many books, from badly captioned photos.

Linda McCartney      
 Sixties:  Portrait of an Era
 1992 1855100894
         Linda got her Big Career Break by taking photo's of the
         Stones in New York in 1966.  Nice photo's, nicely printed
         and presented.  Overpriced book.         

         Mind you, it has some superb photo's, including The Best
         Photo Ever of Jimi.

Linda McCartney      
 Linda's Pictures
 1976 0345278151
         Very nice 1976 collection of Linda's photo's.  Worth
         grabbing if you see it as some of the shots are not
         repeated in the 1992 glossy coffee table production.

         Actually quite a nice book!

Linda McCartney      
 Sixties : Portrait of an Era
 1992 1855100894
         Overpriced, but well produced, coffee table book of Linda's
         pictures.  From her early break crashing a Stones session
         in June 1966 through to some intimate photo's with the
         Beatles and her husband.
         Includes The Best Ever Photo of Jimi, and a superb photo
         of the Fabs about to cross Abbey Road.  Accept as a gift,
         or buy if remaindered.

 The Rolling Stones : A visual Documentary
 1994 0711934606
         Even if it is a pretty obvious cash-in on the Voodoo Lounge
         tour hype, it is an excellent book of well printed and
         presented photo's and 'diary' entries.   

         What I'd expect from Miles.

         Buy it.    

 Rolling Stones : An Illustrated Discography
 1980 0860017621
         An ESSENTIAL book for all Stones fans.  An excellent listing
         of the band's records up to 1980 (and thus in need of a new

         Few books on this list are mandatory, this is one!

Philip Norman        
 The Life and Good Times of the Rolling Stones
 1989 0712630384
         A large format photo book, short on text.  Given that Norman
         has written first class books about both the Stones and the
         Fabs, one has to wonder what the point is.

         Only buy of remaindered and very cheap.  

Philip Norman        
 The Stones 
 1984 0552124877
         Pete Townshend writes 'It's a good thing that a writer of
         Philip Norman's class has finally produced a book on The

         Agreed.  Even if this is flawed, and I don't know if it
         really is, too many of the Stones books are very lightweight
         and it is a pleasant change to have one that is actually
         serious and thorough.

Andrew Oldham        
 The Rolling Stones : the Singles Collection
         The re-issued boxed set of Singles (CD has an OK
         book of notes.  Useful notes, more useful for all of the
         words of the songs and the notes about the singles.

Robert Palmer        
 The Rolling Stones
 1983 0722166567
         A well researched and presented book from the publishers
         of Rolling Stone.  Light on text, heavy on pictures.

Tony Palmer (ill. Ralph Steadman)
 Born Under A Bad Sign
 1970 718303036
         Usual 'hard to read' stuff from Palmer.  Book has value
         because it is contemporary, and Palmer moved in the circles
         he writes about.

         Essays about 60's music, musicians and movers...

Jeremy Pascall       
 The Rolling Stones
 1977 0702600156
         (No information - source Melvyl System)  

Guy Peellaert, Nik Cohn
 Rock Dreams : Under the Boardwalk        
 1974 0330240080
         A book of fantasy drawings of The Great Stars in likely and

         unlikely situations.  The Stones are (rather strangely)

         It is said that Jagger was so impressed that this was the
         reason why Peellaert was commissioned to do the cover for
         It's Only Rock'n'Roll.

James Phelge
 Phelge's Stones
 1998 0966433807

 Nankering With the Rolling Stones : The Untold Story of the Early Years 
 2000 1556523734 
         Autobiographical reminiscence by the man who lived in the 
         same dingy rooms as Richards, Jagger and Jones as they 
         successfully clawed their way to the big time, and then 
         drifted further from the center of the storm as it swirled 
         wider and more fiercely. Refreshingly free of self-aggrandizement, 
         doesn't insult anyone's intelligence by trying to infuse the 
         goings-on with metaphysical significance, and a devastatingly 
         funny read to boot. A valuable and unsentimental portrait of 
         the very last days of the band members' existence as normal 
         anonymous folk. 2nd edition issued in 2000 w/ new title. (AR)

John Platt
 London's Rock Routes
 1985 0947795707
         Quite a nice round up of famous rock locations around the
         capital.  A good chapters on the Stones, and the Beatles.

Hans-Ulrich Prost, Gerd Roeckl
 Die Rolling Stones - Die haerteste Rockgruppe der Welt
 (The Rolling Stones - The hardest rockband in the world)
 1982 3-404-60079-7
          For terminal completists only. Foreword from Alexis Korner.
          Includes short biographies, tours, movies and discographie.
          An incomplete Who's who in the world of the Stones 
          distinguished this lightweight book from others.
          220 pages, 16 of it with b/w pictures. (D. Stoermann)

Greg Quill
 The Rolling Stones : 25th Anniversary Tour
 1989 0921458029
         Some neat pictures, but contains factual errors.

Mike Randolph        
 The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus 
 1995 1898422029 Tracks     
         Not to be confused with a book with the identical title
         from the same author (!), this is a smaller "Stones-only"
         special limited (2,000) edition.  Nice photo's.
         Collectors only though!

         It would be nice to see the video/film!  

Mike Randolph        
 The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus 
 1991 157116210X Faber & Faber
         Lovely book of photo's from a famous, but little documented,
         event.  Photo's of all the artists - including some
         great shots of both the Stones, and of Lennon.

         Daft production means that some of the nicer pictures are
         across 2 pages, but to see them means breaking the book!

Terry Rawlings & Keith Badman
 Good Times Bad Times: The Definitive Diary of the Rolling Stones 
 1997 0951720678
         Not Reviewed   

Terry Rawlins        
 Who Killed Christopher Robin : The Truth Behind the Murder
 94 0752209892
         Further exposure to the theory that Brian was murdered.
         Not an easy book to read.

         The theory undermined by some gross errors in the book
         (Witterings being near Roehampton etc)   

         But, buy if remaindered!

The Rolling Stones   
 Concert Programmes
         Any history of any group can only be helped by a study of
         their Concert Programmes.  As the years have passed these
         have progressed from small quick throw-away jobs, to lavish
         well produced (and expensive) souvenirs. 

         Yet another way for the bands to make money.

William Ruhlmann     
 The Rolling Stones
 1993 0861247957 Bison      
         Nicely presented selection of well printed photo's of
         the band, along with a fairly light weight accompanying

         A FAR better book than I was led to believe to expect -
         I guess it to be aimed at the pre-teen market who ask their
         (grand)Parents.... "Who are the Rolling Stones".

Ethan Russell        
 Dear Mr Fantasy
         Many good photo's of the Stones and other bands,
         personalities, etc.  Especially good photo's from 1969
         when he was the official tour photographer. DH.

Tony Sanchez         
 Up and Down with the Rolling Stones : The Inside Story
 1979 0688085156
         'Spanish' Tony's account of several years wheeling and
         dealing with the Stones (mainly Keith).  An interesting read
         because even if 99% is grossly inflated it gives a flavour
         of what life was like with the band during the late 60's to
         early 70's.

         Spanish Tony is immortalised on the (censored) Beggars
         Banquet cover (below Parachute Woman).   

Christopher Sandford 
 Mick Jagger : Primitive Cool
 1994 0575057491

         (Review Under Construction)

Anthony Scaduto      
 Mick Jagger
         Lengthy and detailed look at how Jagger was perceived
         in 1974.   

Carey Schofield      
 1983 0708826156
         A disappointingly lightweight bio of Mick.

Davin Seay
 Mick Jagger : The Story Behind The Rolling Stones
 1993 1559721928
         (Original reviewer's notes abbreviated by Carter to...)

         'There is some stunningly inept writing here, apart from
         subject matter.  Makes the head spin.'   

         For completeists only

Marianne Sinclair    
 Those Who Died Young : Cult Heroes of the 20th Century
         Inevitably a mention of Brian Jones (& Keith gets mentioned
         in the Gram Parson's bit). (JHenning).

Mandy Smith (with A Coulson & I Millar)
 It's All Over Now
 1993 1857820827
         Kiss and Tell.

         Miss Smith was the much publicised teen-bride of Bill.
         The marriage did not last much longer than the Steel Wheels
         & Urban Jungle Tours.

         This is her version of events.

Sean Smith & Dale Lawrence 
 Stone Me! 
 1999 1-84018-084-6 
         Paperback quiz book with trivia questions, crosswords, 
         etc. Mixture of questions fit for aficionados with 
         ones which could make amateurs feel smart, too. 
         (Not reviewed).     

Mick St Michael      
 Keith Richards in His Own Words          
 1994 071193634X Omnibus    
         Disappointing collection of tertiary quotes from Keith
         along with equally disappointing pictures.  (JO'Sullivan)

         For completists only.

Wilfred Stember      
 The Rolling Stones : Collectors File 2   
         A stirling attempt by a German fan to list all shows,
         albums, recordings etc.

         Yet another book to compare with other similar and worry and
         wonder about the differences.

         Come on Bill, do the decent thing and publish YOUR database!

George Tremlett      
 Rock Gold : The Music Millionares        
 1990 0044405480
         Although in parts a bit like an economics text book, it
         is a surprisingly readable account of where (and how) the
         MONEY goes.

         Could have done with a harder editor - but worthwhile

George Tremlett      
 The Rolling Stones Story
 1974 0860071286
         Tory Ex-GLC Councillor does a mean job with a cuttings

Andre Verdet and Bill Wyman
 Chagall's World
 1984 0385193246
         When a book of an interview with Chagall was to be published
         who better than to do the photo's than (then) near neighbour
         Bill Wyman.

         Nice book. 

Sue Weiner & Lisa Howard
 The Rolling Stones : A-Z
 1983 0711905495
         Encyclopedia format of a paragraph about people, songs and
         the like to do with the band.  Helpful in settling disputes.

         3000 entries ensures brevity of each entry.

Welch, Chris
 The Rolling Stones
 1994 1858680697
         Part of a mass-market 'CD book' series, the publishers
         at least chose a competent and knowledgeable author
         to pen the Stones' history. Welch, with much industry experience 
         and a KR interview from '77 under his belt, writes an 
         engaging and lively (if compact) history with some unorthodox
         but at least well-informed views on the Stones' history and output.
         Great photos. Sloppy discography/summary for the appendix.

Timothy White        
 Rock Lives : Profiles & Interviews       
 1990 0805013962
         Interviews  & profiles of everyone from Robert Johnson
         to Prince, taking in Keith on the way.   

         'There's really only one song in the whole world and
         probably Adam and Eve hummed it to each other....'. SP.

Ron Wood (with Bill German)
 The Works  
 1988 0006373542
         Ronnie's short autobiography.  Also has a paragraph or two
         about his influences.

         Lightweight, but the sketches are nice.  

Ron Wood
 Wood on Canvas: Every Picture Tells a Story
 1998 Genesis Publications
         A very pricey (192 English pounds), numbered limited 
         edition (2,500) collection of Ron Wood's artwork. Like "The
         Works", includes narration and tales from Wood.
         Forewords provided by Mick and Keith. Includes a bonus
         audio CD with two tracks unavailable elsewhere. Not Reviewed.
         Publisher website:

Bill Wyman
 Chagall's World

Bill Wyman
 Stone Alone : The Story of a Rock'n'Roll Band
 1990 0670828947
         Bill's own account of the band's story up to the 1969 Hyde
         Park concert.  A surprisingly absorbing read, despite the
         great detail.  Although Ray Coleman did edit the book, it
         was written by The Man himself and was reportedly cut down
         from 300,000 words. Deals with interraction with Beatles.

         Essential.  How long will we have to wait for Volume 2 (in

Bill Wyman
 Wyman Shoots Chagall
         According to pre-publishing hype, this author-signed limited
         edition (1500 copies) "will present the portrait photography 
         and extensive reminiscences of the former Rolling Stone Bill 
         Wyman." Finding himself neighbors with Marc Chagall in the 
         South of France in the 70s, Wyman took lots of pictures of
         the man and shows them here. "Bill has also provided a candid 
         and humorous commentary to accompany the pictures, reflecting at
         length on his friendship with Chagall, life as a Rolling Stone on
         the road and in the South of France,  and his long-term love of
         photography." Initial edition also includes an exclusive 
         8-track CD of solo material recorded by Wyman in the early 80s.
         Not reviewed.
         Publisher website:

Nico Zentgraf
 Complete Works Vol. I    1962-1975
         Covering the years 1962 to 1975, Zentgraf meticulously records 
         all appearances by the Rolling Stones together or alone: 
         television shows, concerts, recording sessions; nothing escapes 
         the relentless cataloguing. Published by Stoneware Publishing, 
         a private publisher in Germany specializing in Stones'
         books, copies of this book from an unfortunate press run 
         (beset with smudges) are still available directly from them.   
         Not reviewed.

Nico Zentgraf
 Complete Works Vol. II   1976-1986
         This 'sequel' to "Complete Works Vol. 1", covering 
         1976-1986, is no longer available. Like Volume I, 
         published by Stoneware. Not reviewed.

      Special note from outgoing editor Stephen Carter  (12/95)

This message should reach you as the header to a new version of 
the Books FAQ.  This version incorporates a number of changes:

*    I have gone through the text very carefully, and there are 
     many fewer silly typo's than there once were.

*    The list is in fact generated from a database on my home 
     personal computer - a getting-rather-old Atari.  Previously 
     I had two databases - one for each of the two rather good 
     bands.  This meant a rather large amount of duplication 
     (etc), so I have now merged the two, and re-categorised some 
     entries around a schema of Beatles, Stones, Both and 
     General.  The Beatles FAQ is the total less Stones, and vice 

*    Necessarily some text had to be tinkered with to make sense.

*    I have edited some text entries - see later.

Those are the changes.

In doing the above, one thing that 'drove me' was the need to 
EDIT the text to make it less 'informal' - and in some cases to 
remove what may have been read as libel!  The increasingly 
litigous nature of the Internet has forced me to do  this.  A 
couple of years ago it may have been OK to describe a book as 
"Dreadful" - perhaps no longer?

I have been doing the Stones list for 3 years, and the Beatles 
one for (?) 5 - this will be my last one.  The main reasons for 
giving this up are:

*    The litigous nature of the Internet (above)

*    I was, and am, more than happy to do this job out of the 
     kindness of my heart.  I do this for the next guy/girl - and 
     she/he does a similar turn for me (or the next person).  But 
     I deeply resent the growing commercialisation of this aspect 
     of the Interent - so the fact that someone may have taken a 
     copy of this FAQ (largely, but not uniquely, my own work) 
     and is selling it on a CD offends me most profoundly.  I am 
     happy to *give* the fruits of my labours to my friends, but 
     I'm not prepared to permit someone else to sell it for their 

*    It is a lot of work in all.  It is someone else's turn - so 
     I freely give this text to the community and only ask that 
     while it still applies, my input is noted somewhere.  (If 
     future FAQ maintainers can take Atari Superbase files, then 
     they can have the original database copied - or in due 
     course I expect I'll have a more industry standard version 
     which I'll make available.

*    I want to use the database for my own purposes - basically 
     as a catalogue of my own book collection - which extends the 
     scope of the FAQ a tad too far.

It has been fun, and I **DO** want to hear about any new (or 
discovered old) books - but as a user and not a FAQ maintainer.

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