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(last changed October 6, 1996)

Welcome to the hierarchy!

If you're new to these groups, READ THIS.  All of it.  Please.

[  Changes to today's FAQ:

    Updated the tech support numbers for LucasArts.

This FAQ provides the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions on
these newsgroups; readers new to this group should read it before posting.

It is posted twice a month to*, , and
.  New users of Usenet news should also be sure to read all 
of the articles in news.announce.newusers to familiarize themselves with 
the general etiquette of communicating on the net.

The* subgroups are:     Announcements for Mac gamers. (Moderated)       Action games for the Macintosh.    Adventure games for the Macintosh.  Macintosh games for sale and trade.         Macintosh games not covered in other groups.   Flight simulator gameplay on the Mac.    Strategy/planning games on the Macintosh.

How to get this FAQ:
The latest version is available at the Usenet FAQ archive at as
If you don't have ftp access, send mail to with
the line "send usenet/news.answers/macintosh/games-faq" in the body of
the message.  You can also send email to <>; please
include "Games FAQ" in the subject line.

WWW users can find it in hypertext at <>.

Corrections, suggestions, and large cash bribes are welcome; please send
them to Christina Schulman at <>.

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