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Econ. Resources on the Internet [6 of 20]

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Last-modified 1999/09/30
Version: vol. 4 no. 2

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   Resources for Economists on the Internet, Vol. 4, No. 2, September, 1999

             Editor: Bill Goffe <>
             Editorial Assistant: Elise Braden <>

                            Part 6 of 20

   This guide, sponsored by the American Economic Association, lists
   more than 1,000 resources on the Internet of interest to academic and
   practicing economists, and those interested in economics. Almost all
   resources are also described.

   Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE) is a copyrighted work
   of the American Economic Association (the "AEA"). Permission to make
   digital, electronic or hard copies of part or all of RFE for personal
   or classroom use, Usenet distribution, or mailing lists is granted,
   provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or direct
   commercial advantage and that whole copies show the following notice:

   "Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE), Copyright 1999
   American Economic Association"

   Otherwise the AEA owns the exclusive right to print, publish,
   distribute, reproduce, sell, prepare derivative works, transmit,
   download, or otherwise transfer copies of RFE. Copyrights of
   components of this work owned by others than the AEA must be honored
   and attributed to the rightful owner. Abstracting and short quotes
   are permitted. To copy otherwise or to republish otherwise, including
   on web pages, in whole or in part requires prior specific permission.
   Permissions may be requested from the American Economic Association,
   2014 Broadway, Suite 305, Nashville, TN 37203, or via E-mail: RFE is provided without any express
   or implied warranty.


   For distribution via Usenet, this FAQ is split into 20 parts as large
   files don't travel well on Usenet. For other locations of this guide,
   see the section titled "1.5 Where to Obtain This Guide" in part 2.

3.0 Economists, Departments, & Universities

3.1 Braintrack University Index

   This site lists some 4,600 universities around the world.


3.2 College and University Home Pages

   This site contains a somewhat dated list of some 3,000 colleges and
   universities home pages around the world. It is arranged both
   alphabetically and geographically, and is organized by Christina


3.3 American Universities Home Pages

   This site maintains a very current list of some 1,200 U.S. university
   home pages. It is organized by Mike Conlon.


3.4 Marr and Kirkwood Official Guide to Business School Webs

   Wayne Marr and Hal Kirkwood have put together this very useful guide
   to business school sites on the web. They also rank the quality of
   the web sites.


3.5 Yahoo Directory of Business Schools

   This portion of Yahoo lists numerous business schools.


3.6 Econ. Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World

   [lists more than 4,000 departments, organizations, etc.]

   This list has more than 4,000 economic institutions: departments,
   institutes, and research institutes. The list is arranged by country;
   the U.S. section lists more than 1,000.


3.7 Economics Departments Outside the U.S.

   Lief Bluck and David Giles of the Department of Economics, University
   of Victoria, British Columbia, lists "home pages" (that is, web
   sites) of different departments and colleges of economics outside the


3.8 Economics Departments in the U.S.

   Ed Price, of the Department of Economics & Legal Studies in Business,
   Oklahoma State University, lists home pages of economics and
   agricultural economics departments in the U.S.


3.9 Association for Univ. Business and Economic Research (AUBER)

   This site, part of the Raymond M. Haas Center for Business Research
   and Economic Development at the University of West Florida, lists
   members of this association.


3.10 Economics Departments with PhD Programs

   This site, run by Thad Mirer of the University of Albany, is is based
   on one from "Peterson's Guide to Graduate Programs in the Humanities,
   Arts, & Social Sciences, 1997." It lists programs in the U.S. and


3.11 American Economics Association (AEA) Directory of Members

   This electronic version of the directory is offered by the AEA and
   the Economics Department at the University of Texas in Austin. It
   contains addresses, phone numbers, research fields, biographical
   data, and e-mail addresses. Data is from the 1998 Membership List,
   (which has e-mail addresses) and 1993 Survey of Members.
   Note that updates should NOT be sent here, but to the AEA. The
   directory has a fairly sophisticated search capability, but only the
   first 256 matches will be returned. However, one must be a bit
   thoughtful in using it. For instance, if I wanted to find all
   economists in Mississippi, I might search for MS. However, this will
   not match Miss. or Mississippi, and it will match Adams and those
   with MS degrees. Thus, searches are not restricted to one particular
   field and are not case sensitive.

   # Information: <>

3.12 International Directory of Finance and Economics Professionals

   This site, run at UCLA, is a directory of both finance and economics
   researchers. Currently, most of the database consists of finance
   professionals, but it intends to expand to economists. One can easily
   add or subtract a listing.


3.13 Directory of Canadian Economists and Economics Departments

   This site, part of the Canadian Economics Association, lists CAE
   members. The database can be searched in many different ways (even by


3.14 Directory of International Economists

   This directory lists the e-mail addresses of economists with an
   international focus. There is also a short listing of organizations
   with the same focus.


3.15 Economists on the World Wide Web

   This site, run by Kuan-Pin Lin, lists the home pages of a number of
   economists. If you wish to add yours, you can e-mail him or use a
   form on the page. There is some overlap with the previous listing.

   # Information: Kuan-Pin Lin <>

3.16 Economists with Web Pages

   This site, run by John Irons, lists the home pages of a number of
   economists. If you wish to add yours, you can e-mail John or use a
   form on the page. There is some overlap with the next listing.

   # Information: John Irons <>

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