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Econ. Resources on the Internet [15 of 20]

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   Resources for Economists on the Internet, Vol. 4, No. 2, September, 1999

             Editor: Bill Goffe <>
             Editorial Assistant: Elise Braden <>

                            Part 15 of 20

   This guide, sponsored by the American Economic Association, lists
   more than 1,000 resources on the Internet of interest to academic and
   practicing economists, and those interested in economics. Almost all
   resources are also described.

   Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE) is a copyrighted work
   of the American Economic Association (the "AEA"). Permission to make
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   provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or direct
   commercial advantage and that whole copies show the following notice:

   "Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE), Copyright 1999
   American Economic Association"

   Otherwise the AEA owns the exclusive right to print, publish,
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   download, or otherwise transfer copies of RFE. Copyrights of
   components of this work owned by others than the AEA must be honored
   and attributed to the rightful owner. Abstracting and short quotes
   are permitted. To copy otherwise or to republish otherwise, including
   on web pages, in whole or in part requires prior specific permission.
   Permissions may be requested from the American Economic Association,
   2014 Broadway, Suite 305, Nashville, TN 37203, or via E-mail: RFE is provided without any express
   or implied warranty.


   For distribution via Usenet, this FAQ is split into 20 parts as large
   files don't travel well on Usenet. For other locations of this guide,
   see the section titled "1.5 Where to Obtain This Guide" in part 2.

10.3.0 Societies and Associations

10.3.1 Econ. Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World
       (EDIRC): Associations and Societies

   This material, part of EDIRC, which lists more than 4,000 economics
   departments and the like, is devoted to associations. At last count,
   the number of associations was more than 200, so it is a fine place
   to search for ones not listed here.


10.3.2 Academy of Economics and Finance

   This site offers information on this association, formerly known as
   the "Midsouth Academy of Economics and Finance." You can find a list
   of the Executive Board, its history, publications, meetings, and
   information on membership.


10.3.3 American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA)

   Besides links to material in this area, this site describes the
   association. This includes its objectives, officers, and material on
   its publications and membership. There is also information on
   upcoming meetings.


+  10.3.4 American Committee on Asian Economic Studies (ACAES)
+  This committee offers a conference program that focuses on Asian
+  industrialization and its effect on economic relations between Asia
+  and the United States. However, this program differs from many
+  others by not only providing a comprehensive view of Asia-U.S.
+  relations, but also by providing a specific focus on economics and
+  economics policy issues and by covering a broad range of regimes
+  including Japan, Northeast Asian NIE, ASEAN countries, China, India,
+  South Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Island economies.
+  This site provides a list of the ACAES conference programs, ACAES
+  publications, corporate patrons, and a list of members.
+  #

10.3.5 American Economic Association (AEA)

   At this site, the AEA offers information about itself, including its
   officers, by-laws, minutes of executive committee meetings, audited
   financial statements, and the address of its business office. There
   are links to the Directory of members and the annual meeting.


+  10.3.6 American Finance Association (AFA)
+  This non-profit, professional society has grown in membership to over
+  8,000 since 1939. The association provides a forum for those
+  interested in finance to improve the understanding and the study of
+  financial problems and ideas, provide a periodical ("The Journal of
+  Finance") for the exchange of financial ideas, and to promote other
+  activities in the field of finance. This site provides announcements
+  and links to financial sites; information on the annual meeting,
+  membership benefits, subscriptions, the 1998 Presidential address,
+  and information on "The Journal of Finance."
+  #

10.3.7 American Law and Economics Association (ALEA)

   Besides papers (they will remain until the authors withdraw them, or
   until next year's meeting) and other information from their annual
   meeting, this site lists members and has pointers to other on-line
   law and economics resources.


10.3.8 American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA)

   This organization offers its membership list, newsletter, and
   information on applying for membership at this site. They have a link
   to their journal Real Estate Economics.


10.3.9 Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI)

   This association is aptly described by its name. Its members range
   from "academic scholars, government officials, foundation officials,
   managers of arts and cultural organizations and artists, united in
   their interest in furthering understanding of the economic aspects of
   the arts and culture in their own countries and throughout the world.
   " You can read about their conferences, background, and officers


+  10.3.10 Association for Economic and Development Studies in Bangladesh
+       (AEDSB)
+  Though not updated since 1995, this web site provides some
+  information on the AEDSB, whose focus is researching economic
+  development in Bangladesh. There is a link to the Centre for Policy
+  Dialogue and a review of the economic development of Bangladesh.
+  #

+  10.3.11 Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE)
+  This international association of institutional economists works to
+  "develop cogent and relevant theories for formulating sound economic
+  policies." Besides extensive information on their journal, the
+  "Journal of Economic Issues," they describe the tenets of
+  institutionalism, a bit of its history, and how one can join the
+  association.
+  #

+  10.3.12 Association for Social Economics (ASE)
+  Established in 1941, this association aims to produce economic
+  policies that are "consistent with the integral values of the person
+  and a humane community."  This site provides information on
+  membership, published journals (both "The Review of Social Economy"
+  and "The Forum for Social Economics"), annual meetings, research
+  grants, and other publications.
+  #

+  10.3.13 Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE)
+  This association focuses on the Cuban economy in its transition to a
+  free-market democracy and the problems associated with this
+  transition. The site provides the proceedings of the annual meetings
+  of the ASCE.
+  #

10.3.14 Association des Economistes Quebecois (ASDEQ)

   "ASDEQ is the most important association of business economists in
   Quebec and of those interested in economics. This website contains
   all the needed information on its activities, its organization and
   its mandate."  (Simon Bergeron kindly provided this English summary.)


+  10.3.15 Association of Christian Economists (ACE)
+  This organization, with over 300 members worldwide, focuses on the
+  relationship between economics and the Christian faith. This site
+  provides information on the ACE Bulletin, working papers,
+  professional gatherings, officers, membership, and a mailing list.
+  #

10.3.16 Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE)

   This organization offers a number of services at this site. It
   includes a history of the organization, a version of their print
   newsletter, a survey of grad programs in this field, a membership
   directory, information on meetings and other items of interest in the
   field, and information on the mailing list, AERE-L (most discussion,
   however, has been moved to the Land and Resource Economics List.


10.3.17 Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Inc

   The principal aim of this society "is to encourage study, research,
   discussion and extension in the discipline of agricultural and
   resource economics in order to promote the efficient development of
   agricultural and natural resources." You can read about their
   activities, membership policies, how to contact the society, and
   future meetings. They also list contacts for their branch activities,
   information about their journals (Review of Marketing and
   Agricultural Economics and Australian Journal of Agricultural
   Economics), and future conferences of interest to those in
   agricultural and resources economics. Finally, they offer a set links
   for this area.


10.3.18 Business & Economics Society International

   This site describes the aims of this society (among other things, to
   "Facilitate communication between Practitioners and Business/
   Economics Academicians as they pursue excellence in practice,
   teaching and research") and its activities, such as conferences.
   Membership information is available as well.


10.3.19 Business History Conference

   This organization deals with the history of business. At their site
   you can find information on their annual conference and membership
   information. There is also information from "Business and Economic
   History" (BEH), which is the proceedings from their annual
   conference. This site is operated under rubric.


10.3.20 Canadian Economic History Server

   At this site, you will find a membership list, notices on
   conferences, grants, fellowships and jobs. It will soon expand into
   datasets and bibliographies.


10.3.21 Canadian Economics Association (CEA)

   This site offers a list of Canadian economics departments and
   economists, a membership directory and application, the CEA
   Newsletter, a list of officials, and links to Canadian resources
   (including grants awarded to economists by the SSHRC). There is also
   a link to the Canadian Journal of Economics.


10.3.22 Canadian Law and Economics Association

   This site has information on the next conference, and where to write
   to obtain a membership.


+  10.3.23 Chinese Economists Society (CES)
+  This international association, formerly named "The Chinese Young
+  Economists Society," promotes economic reforms and an open-door
+  policy for China, encourages academic exchanges, and aids modern
+  economic education in China. The Society has over 500 members, most
+  of which are from mainland China. Of particular interest is the
+  number of members who return to China to play a role in the
+  continuation of modernization once their studies are complete. This
+  site provides information on past and future conference;
+  publications, bulletins, and newsletters (including English language
+  journal "The China Economic Review"); and a mailing list.
+  #

10.3.24 Cliometric Society

   This society focuses on quantitative economic history. Here they
   offer abstracts of work of economic historians, many book reviews,
   economic history databases, a searchable database of members (along
   with the Economic History Association and the Economic History
   Society), calendar of events in the field (conferences, calls for
   papers, deadlines, and the like). They also offer syllabi from many
   economic history courses, and information on mailing lists in the
   field. In an innovative gesture, they offer "Ask a Professor," where
   those interested in economic history can e-mail questions to economic
   historians. This site is operated under rubric.


10.3.25 Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession

   At this site for this committee of the American Economic Association,
   you can read their newsletters, upcoming events, membership
   information, and annual report. You can also find a list of board and
   regular members.


10.3.26 Eastern Economic Association (EEA)

   This organization offers information about itself, including its
   journal, the "Eastern Economic Journal," membership information, and
   material about upcoming conferences.


10.3.27 Econometric Society

   This site tells about the officers and councils (which cover various
   regions of the world), material about Econometrica (including a
   searchable table of contents, recently accepted papers, the editorial
   board and instructions for authors), and information on meetings
   (both past and future).


10.3.28 Economic History Association

   Founded in 1940, this association's goals are "to encourage and
   promote teaching, research, and publication on every phase of
   economic history, broadly defined, and to encourage and assist in the
   preservation and administration of the materials for research in
   economic history." Located here you will find a directory of members
   (along with the Cliometric Society, and the Economic History
   Society), membership details, information on its journal, the
   "Journal of Economic History," and details on its conference. This
   site is operated under rubric.


10.3.29 Economic Science Association (ESA)

   The ESA "is a professional organization whose members focus on
   developing economics as an observational science. Research in the
   area employs controlled experiments as a means of understanding
   economic behavior."  Currently, this site has information about the
   organization's next meeting, a directory of members, and links to
   other experimental sites on the net.


+  10.3.30 Economists Allied for Arms Reduction (ECAAR)
+  This organization provides a forum "for intellectual exchange among
+  economists concerned with issues related to peace, conflict
+  resolution, international security, arms control, conversion,
+  military technology, and national military budgets."  They contend
+  that the direct and indirect cost of war to human lives, as well as
+  our military-dependent economy will only fuel conflicts. This site
+  provides information on conferences, membership, members and
+  affiliates, annual reports, newsletters, and publications.
+  #

10.3.31 European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE)

   This association, the second largest for economists in Europe (with
   over 700 members), focuses on the development of realistic approaches
   to socio-economic theory and economic policy problems. This site
   provides membership information, conference dates, overviews, and
   papers. It also includes current research topics, publications
   information, competition and prize information, access to the
   discussion list EAEPE.DIALOGUE, and information on submissions to the
   EAEPE Newsletter.


10.3.32 European Association of Law and Economics (EALE)

   This site has a description of the association, information on
   conferences and publications of the association, and a membership
   list. Perhaps the neatest feature is one can resister for the
   association or update current membership information on-line.


10.3.33 European Historical Economic Society (EHES)

   This relatively new society is "concerned with the advancement of
   education in European Economic History through the study of European
   economies and economic history." There are annual conferences and
   summer schools, while members receive the "European Review of
   Economic History." This site is operated under rubric.


10.3.34 European Economic Association (EEA)

   At this site, you can learn about the basic aims of the Society, its
   activities, governance, membership, and its journals, the "European
   Economic Review" and "Economic Policy."

   # Information: <>

10.3.35 Financial Management Association (FMA)

   This sites describes this organization in detail: its goals and
   mission, its publications, undergraduate programs, and its meetings.
   You can also access their placement directory and even join the
   organization on-line.


10.3.36 Finnish Society for Economic Research

   "The purpose of the Finnish Society for Economic Research is to
   encourage economic research, debate and publishing in Finland. The
   Society pursues its goal by the arrangement of annual and monthly
   meetings, by publishing the Finnish Economic Papers and by
   cooperating with other societies in Finland and abroad." At this site
   you will find detailed information on the site: general information,
   the executive committee, links to various economic sites on the net,
   and details on how to contact the organization.


10.3.37 History of Economics Society

   This society focuses on the history of our profession. The site
   features a monthly guest editorial in the area, sites on the net for
   those in this area (including programs in the field, people, allied
   associations, and sources for specific themes and individuals), a
   listing of seminars and workshops, electronic texts by famous
   economists (Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Marshall, Keynes, etc.), links to
   working papers, syllabi, and other sites of interest. In all, the
   site covers a very wide range of resources.
   # # #


+  10.3.38 International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE)
+  This worldwide organization is for those professionals who have an
+  interest in energy economics. On this site, there is information on
+  upcoming conferences, members, IAEE activities, and events. Also
+  available are current newsletters and an application for membership.
+  #

10.3.39 International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)

   This organization, devoted to all aspects of feminist economics,
   offers a number of activities, of which you can read about here. You
   can also find membership information (including a membership form), a
   statement of purpose for the organization, contacts for the
   organization, very detailed information on their conferences, and
   information on their journal, "Feminist Economics." For those
   interested in using videos in the classroom they offer a very
   extensive list of possibilities.


+  10.3.40 International Atlantic Economic Society (IAES)
+  This society, open to all economists worldwide, focuses on global
+  economics and the advancement of future generations of economists. On
+  this site, one will find information on the IAES publications (both
+  "The Atlantic Economic Journal" and "International Advances in
+  Economics Research"). Also on this site is information on upcoming
+  conferences, a membership application, member services and benefits,
+  and officers and staff.
+  #

10.3.41 International Economics and Philosophy Society

   This international society, founded in 1994, is devoted to the
   intersection of economics and philosophy. At this site you can read
   about the society. This includes membership information and the focus
   of the society.


+  10.3.42 International Economic and Finance Society (IEFS)
+  This society, with a membership of over 600, specializes in
+  international trade and finance. A copy of the by-laws and a list of
+  officers can be found on this site; it also includes information on
+  the upcoming annual meeting.
+  #

10.3.43 International Health Economics Association (iHEA)

   This site offers information about the organization, the 1996 iHEA
   Conference Proceedings and information on up-coming conferences, and
   an on-line membership application form. Databases include the
   Worldwide Directory of Health Economists and the up-coming On-Line
   Conference Directory, sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund.
   Publications include "iHEA News:  The Electronic Newsletter"; "HEAL:
   The Print Newsletter;" "Health Economics"; "Journal of Health
   Economics;" and "The Electronic Health Economics Letters" (eHEL),
   which publishes short, peer-reviewed, papers focusing on many topics
   in health economics.


10.3.44 International Indian Economic Association (IIEA)

   This is a non-partisan association of economists of Indian origin,
   which offers economic research focusing on the improvement of the
   economic conditions in India. This site provides many of the
   objectives of the Association, including the Archival Project,
   publications (specifically a policy-oriented, refereed economic
   journal set to be released in Spring 2000), career development,
   education and outreach, and conferences.


+  10.3.45 International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET)
+  This international institute focuses on many aspects of marine
+  resource issues, including "fisheries economics, marine resource
+  economics, fisheries management, seafood markets throughout the
+  world, aquaculture development and economics, and fisheries
+  development."  This site provides information on membership,
+  conferences, and publications of conference proceedings and research
+  papers.
+  #

10.3.46 International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE)

   This organization "actively encourages the integration of the study
   of "nature's household" (ecology) and "humankind's household"
   (economy)..." This site offers a discussion of ecological economics,
   a list of the board of directors and the officers. There is also a
   membership application form.


+  10.3.47 International Society for Intercommunication of New Ideas
+       (ISINI)
+  This international society examines ways to provide policies to
+  address "current economic problems such as economic and financial
+  globalization, economic development, sustainable growth, sovereign
+  debt, adjustment and structural change, monetary policies, poverty,
+  and economic systems in transition."  This site provides information
+  on the ISINI publications, including the "International Journal of
+  New Ideas" and the ISINI newsletter; as well as regional and
+  international meetings; and officers. An application for membership
+  is also available.
+  #

+  10.3.48 International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE)
+  This society provides an empirical emphasis on the worldwide work of
+  scholars focusing on new institutional economics by bringing together
+  those "who are working on transaction costs, contracting, political
+  rules of the game, the rule of law, norms and culture, and so on, and
+  who pursue these interests using standard scientific methods."  This
+  site has an invitation and information for membership, a directory of
+  members, a reading list, a link to the European website, and
+  information on past and future conferences.
+  #

+  10.3.49 International Trade and Finance Association (IT&FA)
+  This association focuses on the study and research of international
+  trade, investment and finance issues. This site contains information
+  (though not updated since 1996) on membership, conferences, and
+  officers. Also available is information on the IT&FA publication,
+  "The International Trade Journal."
+  #

10.3.50 International Ukrainian Economic Association

   This page describes the goals of this association, its activities,
   its journal, and whom to contact for more information.


10.3.51 International Society of Dynamic Games (ISDG)

   As described by its name, this society studies and promotes research
   into dynamic games. You can read about their journal, "Annals of
   Dynamic Games," information about the society and membership in it,
   and their electronic news letter. For the last two, send e-mail to


+  10.3.52 Korea-American Economic Association (KAEA)
+  This organization provides a forum for the communication among Korean
+  economists in North America, focusing specifically on the "economic
+  relations between North America and Korea and among the Pacific Rim
+  nations."  This site contains a directory of members, recent
+  newsletters, conference and membership information, KAEA publications
+  information, and links to useful sites.
+  #

+  10.3.53 Latin American Economic Association (LAEA)
+  This organization of over 400 members explores the economies of Latin
+  America and the Caribbean. Information on membership, conferences,
+  and seminars and workshops is available, as well as a directory of
+  members.
+  #

+  10.3.54 Middle East Economic Association (MEEA)
+  The MEEA is dedicated to the study of economics in the Middle East.
+  This site  contains information about the annual meetings and the
+  officers, as well as access to the online journal "Topics in Middle
+  Eastern and North African Economies."
+  #

10.3.55 National Association of Business Economists (NABE)

   This organization of business economists offers a variety of material
   for those interested in this field. It includes information about the
   organization, careers for business economists, conferences of the
   organization, information about local chapters, membership and their
   publications, top Internet sites, and a policy survey which describes
   members' views on a number of current policy issues. They also offer
   some economic trivia (in a question and answer format), and a special
   area for members. This includes information on jobs in the field, the
   NABE Industry Survey, and the NABE Outlook.


10.3.56 National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE)

   This association's mission is obvious from their title. At their
   site, you can read about the organization (including their bylaws,
   officers, even minutes of meetings, etc.), information on their
   September 1996 conference in Hawaii, and the Economics America
   Directory (i.e. the State Councils on Economic Education).


10.3.57 National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE)

   With a membership of over 800 economists, attorneys, vocational
   experts, and accountants, this non-profit Association focuses its
   research on forensic economics, and is of particular interest to
   those involved in personal injury, wrongful death, antitrust, and
   commercial litigation; as well as business valuation and employment
   discrimination. The site provides information about the Association,
   its members, membership, and publications. Two journals are
   published by the Association:  "Journal of Forensic Economics" and
   "Litigation Economics Digest."  Subscription and other general
   information about these journals is available on this site. The NAFE
   Newsletter is available online.


+  10.3.58 National Council on Economic Education (NCEE)
+  This organization has a mission "to help all students develop
+  economic ways of thinking and problem solving that they can use in
+  their lives as consumers, savers, members of the workforce,
+  responsible citizens, and effective participants in the global
+  economy."  The NCEE sponsors EconomicsAmerica which provides
+  resources and professional development for teachers and assists in
+  the development of economic curricula standards for American schools.
+  Annual conference information, a catalog of publications, and the
+  Campaign for Economic Literacy are available at this site.
+  EconomicsInternational, another available program, provides "economic
+  education for democratic transformation" in emerging market
+  economies.
+  #

10.3.59 National Economic Association

   This organization is "dedicated to increasing the number of black
   economists and improving opportunities for career growth." Here you
   will find information on important events (such as the annual meeting
   and other conferences), and employment and fellowship opportunities.


10.3.60 National Economists Club

   This organization, located in Washington DC, "is a nonpartisan,
   non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization founded to promote
   meaningful discussion and exchange of views on a wide range of issues
   in economics, finance, and public policy." There are some 700
   members, and one of their major activities is holding luncheons with
   speakers on various economic topics. They also offer written
   summaries from these luncheons, speakers for embassies, and
   networking opportunities for its members.


+  10.3.61 National Tax Association
+  This organization, founded in 1907, "is the leading association of
+  tax professionals dedicated to advancing understanding of the theory
+  and practice of public finance."  The association focuses on the
+  debate of public finance issues, theory testing and research. The
+  site provides information on membership to the NTA, the index to the
+  National Tax Journal from 1948-98, plus a host of links to other
+  tax-related websites.
+  #

+  10.3.62 Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE)
+  This large academic honor society for students, with 566 chapters
+  worldwide, focuses on the recognition of high achievements in
+  economics, as well as the fostering of relationships between students
+  and faculty and among universities. This site is divided into
+  visitor, student, and faculty sections. You can get information on
+  the history of ODE, eligibility requirements, benefits of membership,
+  an application, chapter listings and requirements for starting a new
+  chapter, officers, events, conferences, and newsletter information
+  from various chapters.
+  #

+  10.3.63 Peace Science Society (International) (PSSI)
+  With an emphasis on the "development of peace analysis and conflict
+  management," this society uses the works of both the social and
+  natural sciences. Membership and conference information is available
+  here, as well as abstracts to the Society's journal, "Conflict
+  Management and Peace Science." The "Journal of Conflict Resolution"
+  is also published under the auspices of PSSI. The PSSI distributes
+  selected data sets which may be of use to researchers. Currently
+  available data sets are: Interstate System Membership, 1816-1997;
+  Militarized Interstate Dispute; Territorial Changes Data, 1816-1996;
+  and International Trade Data.
+  #

10.3.64 Productivity Analysis Research Network (PARN)

   This organization is composed of researchers doing work in the area
   of productivity analysis. This site contains information on the
   organization, a membership list, a newsletter, and links to related


10.3.65 Progressive Economics Forum (PEF)

   This organization seeks to promote a more progressive perspective of
   Canadian economics in response to the present conservative,
   free-market perspective. This site provides information about the
   organization and its steering committee, conference participation,
   membership, and the PEF Newsletter.


10.3.66 Public Choice Society

   This society describes itself as follows: "Its goal is to facilitate
   the exchange of work, and ideas, at the intersection between
   economics, political science, and sociology. It started when scholars
   from all three of these groups became interested in the application
   of essentially economic methods to problems normally dealt with by
   political theorists." At this site you can read about the journal
   they are loosely associate with, "Public Choice," their annual
   meeting, and their current and past presidents.


10.3.67 Royal Economic Society

   This British society is one of the oldest economic societies in the
   world. Here, they offer information about membership, their journals,
   the "Economic Journal" (which includes an index to it) and the
   "Econometric Journal," their annual conference, grants and
   fellowships, UK-JOE (jobs for economists in the U.K.) and information
   about the society.


10.3.68 Regional Science Association (RSA)

   This organization maintains a gopher with information on its
   different sections from different parts of the world. This
   information include membership directories, information on
   conferences, and links to affiliated organizations.

   # gopher://

10.3.69 Societa Italiana degli Storici dell'Economia

   This site offers a broad range of resources and information on
   history and economics. It is organized into the following categories:
   societies and associations, universities and institutes, museums,
   publishers, journals, hypertext papers, collections of papers,
   sources and data archives, software archives, reviews of resources,
   on-line searches, and "various."
   Sites are available in both the U.S. and Italy.


10.3.70 Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE)

   This Society encourages the use of the social sciences (psychology,
   sociology, history, political science, biology, and others) as a
   basis for economic analysis. The SABE Newsletter is available
   on-line, and plans are being made to include past newsletters on the
   web site. The site also provides information on the history of SABE,
   upcoming conferences and sessions, members, and membership.


10.3.71 Society for Computational Economics (SCE)

   This site lists information on conferences (past and future),
   information on the Society's two journals, material on teaching this
   subject, resources in the area, and information for members,
   information about a graduate student paper contest (prizes of
   $1,000), and a list of members.


10.3.72 Society for Economic Dynamics

   This site contains subscription and dues information for the Society
   (formerly the Society for Economic Dynamics and Control), a letter
   from the Society's president, and a call for papers for the 1999
   Annual Meeting. The site also links to the Society's official
   journal, "Review of Economic Dynamics."


10.3.73 Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (SNDE)

   This new organization describes many of its activities on this site.
   It includes a demo of their new electronic journal, offered through
   MIT (described here in the section titled "ON-LINE JOURNALS"),
   information on their advisory board, organizing committee, goals of
   the society, mailing list (Economic Nonlinear Dynamics List), and
   interesting Internet resources in this field.


10.3.74 Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics: UK Chapter

   This relatively new society looks at economics as part of a larger
   social system. In effect, economics should not be studied in
   isolation. This site has a directory of members, information on the
   society, and contacts for those interested in further information.


10.3.75 Society for the Development of Austrian Economics (SDAE)

   The Society for the Development of Austrian Economics seeks to
   advance the ideas of Menger, Mises, and Hayek, as well as other
   economists of the Austrian school through development from within and
   examination of other related approaches to economics. The site
   provides information about the Society, conferences, and job
   openings. Full-text working papers are available online, as is
   information about the Society's journal "The Review of Austrian


+  10.3.76 Society of Government Economists (SGE)
+  This non-profit society is open to professionals who share an
+  interest in applying economic analysis to public policy issues. This
+  website provides information about the SGE, newsletter highlights,
+  past and present conferences, and other events (including monthly
+  luncheons in Washington). A membership application and update and
+  renewal forms for current members can be found here.
+  #

10.3.77 Southwestern Social Science Association

   This organization is perhaps the oldest regional association. Here
   you can find information on its annual conference, its subsets
   (including economics), its officers, membership information, its
   constitution, and committee, and information on "Social Science
   Quarterly," the journal of the association.


10.3.78 Southwestern Society of Economists

   This society draws many of it members from the southwestern part of
   the U.S. Here you can find information on their officers, the annual
   meeting, and the membership directory.


10.3.79 Southern Appalachian Committee on Resource and Environmental
        Economics (SAPPCREE)

   Their server lists the members and officers of this organization,
   activities, and links to related servers.


10.3.80 Southern Economic Association (SEA)

   At this site, you can read about basic information on the Association
   and material on the Southern Economic Journal. You can even fill out
   an on-line application to the SEA.


+  10.3.81 Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE)
+  "URPE presents a continuing critique of the capitalist system and all
+  forms of exploitation and oppression while helping to construct a
+  progressive social policy and create socialist alternatives." This
+  site provides information on publications, including "The Review of
+  Radical Political Economics" and the URPE newsletter, as well as
+  upcoming conferences.
+  #

10.3.82 The Vietnamese Economics Network (VECON)

   This organization is open to any person who expresses a "real"
   interest in research on the economics of Vietnam. It includes an
   online subscription form; a list of references on Vietnamese
   economics; VECON terminology lists of economic terms, names, and
   acronyms; fellowship and grant information; job openings; conference
   listings; and a student corner are available.


10.3.83 Western Economic Association International (WEA)

   This site offers information on their conferences, membership, and
   their journals.


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