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[FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide 7/7

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Archive-name: disney-faq/disneyland/part7
Last-modified: June 1, 1997
Posting-frequency: Monthly
Keywords: Disneyland, amusement-park, Disney, FAQ, California

This document is copyright (c) 1997 by Al Lutz,  Please 
refer to the copyright paragraph in Part One for details.


If you are flying into LAX, or are leaving through this airport, try and 
plan a couple of extra hours to visit Walt Disney Imagineering's latest 
themed project, "Encounter." It's a new restaurant in the very 1960's Paul 
Williams-designed space-age landmark building located in the center of the 
airport, which you can either drive up to and get valet parking at, or 
just amble on over from any of the terminals to visit. You can't miss the 
exotic colors it gets bathed in with special lights all night long - lurid 
magentas and breathtakingly lime colored green lights are projected all 
over it.

First of all, don't let the dowdy lobby get you down - it's still 
untouched by WDI. But once the silver garbed hostess has greeted you, (who 
will offer to check any luggage you may have) and then leads you to the 
elevator, you're on your way to something fun. The fun starts when you 
realize that each elevator has music piped in, with the exotic space-age 
sounds of Esquivel or Martin Denny to put you in the mood. [Different 
selections are timed to the length of the ride - yes we rode up and down a 
few times to try them all on our way out] 

When the doors open, you'll first see a woggle-shaped inlaid bar that 
lights up with special effects and sounds each time a drink is poured. 
Then you notice the room's un-encumbered floor to ceiling glass walls, 
which wrap all around the room presenting a spectacular view of the 
airport. The neon-accented decor throughout is straight out of the 
Jetsons, with iridescent mounds holding up railings and silver fabric 
seats throughout the entire place. Giant lava lamps abound among the 
turquoise & coral color accents - kidney pool-shaped design elements are 
inlaid everywhere, highlighted with Walnut veneers. The view of the 
airport comings and goings, along with a ping-pong stereo early '60s campy 
soundtrack makes for a delightfully surrealistic experience.
The new owner, John Sedlar, and his executive chef, Patrick Glennon are 
famous for previous Santa Monica restaurants Bikini and Abiquiu, which I 
enjoyed when they were open a few years ago. They specialize in a very 
ambitious menu, mixing all types of foods, flavors and spices. A fair 
warning, if you're just a steak and potato type of person I'd recommend 
you visit only for drinks. 

We arrived late - about 9:30 PM, and the kitchen was closing at 10 PM, so 
we got in our orders promptly. [They are open daily, 10:30 AM to 4 PM for 
lunch 5 PM to either 10 PM or Midnight, depending on the size of the 
crowds and what night it is for Dinner.] For appetizers I had the calimari 
with a spicy dipping sauce. My guest had soup, presented in a bowl with 
the restaurant's logo sprinkled out in spices, and then poured. I then had 
the Filet Minion and my guest had the Lamb Shank. Both were presented very 
creatively - lots of flourishes like wire thin bread sticks poking out of 
unusually shaped potatoes and such.

We had to agree with the same week's L. A. Times review that they are 
still settling down on the menu - but it was good and filling, if a tad 
uneven, [to be expected in a new restaurant] and if you love adventuresome 
food you can't go wrong. Service was attentive and friendly everywhere, 
but despite what the server said they do need steak knives, the meat 
wasn't that tender. A gift shop is promised soon at the entrance, where 
you'll be able to buy the neat enamel pins the servers wear, along with 
the traditional T-shirts and baseball cap type of souvenirs. We also hoped 
that with the spectacular view, they will clean the outside windows a 
little more often.

The crowd is trendy and fun, (it hasn't been totally invaded yet by pony-
tailed entertainment execs and sports just a little Euro-trash) and it's 
well worth a visit, even if just for drinks with spectacular views or to 
kill a little time before or after your flight. And yes, even the bathroom 
is themed. Someone will have to write up the ladies room separately. :)

Info: Encounter Restaurant is located at LAX. (209 World Way, Los 
Angeles.) Phone (310) 215-5151. Reservations are recommended for peak 
dinner times, Friday thru Sunday Brunch. It's a good idea to call ahead if 
you don't have reservations just to make sure. Major credit cards 
accepted. Valet Parking. Appetizers run $6 to $13 - entrees run $16 to 
$30+. All ages, no cover is charged.


MISS THE OLD DL ATTRACTIONS?: (Werner W. Weiss) maintains 
what I think is one of the most wonderful sites ever created on the web, 
YESTERLAND, a re-creation of some of DL's most beloved and missed rides 
and attractions - featuring color photos along with complete descriptions. 
Stop by at and say hello won't you? 

He also offers many links to other Disney park pages throughout the web at 
his site: so be sure to get your 
hand stamped as you exit if you wish to return.

DONALD LAIRD has established a wonderful new web project, 
A VIRTUAL TOUR OF DISNEYLAND. Since I cannot show any Disney graphics on 
my site due to the fact it has a sponsor, he provides a wonderful way to 
see the park that I cannot. By clicking on each shot you can literally 
walk into the next vista and around DL to see all the attractions that I 
talk about here in the D-I-G. Won't you "virtually" stop by and take the 
tour at: Sign his 
guestbook and tell him I sent you!

DOOBIE101 has a terrific home page up, which as a 
starter tells you all about the different names that are painted on the 
MAIN STREET WINDOWS in tribute to famous DL pioneers past and present. 
Stop by and take a look at:

DON BERTINO also has many DL descriptions, attraction 
scripts and various FAQ's (including David's list above). Everything is 
uncompress or compressed with pkzip which makes it much more user 
friendly. It's located at:

ROGER (BRAD) JONES JR. has written a wonderful guide 
to DL titled SHARING WALT'S DREAM: AN UNOFFICIAL GUIDE. He discusses each 
attraction individually, and gives you some excellent tips about spending 
your day there. Unlike the D-I-G, which can sometimes sound like General 
Patton's invasion plans, Roger takes the time to share what makes the park 
so very special to him. I highly recommend it as an additional source of 
info about DL. A new version of is now available, it's been extensively 
updated, and now has HTML and DVI versions. Copies can be obtained in any 
of the following ways - 

WWW: (all versions) (HTML version) 
E-MAIL: Send mail to with one of the following 
lines: SEND TEXT (to receive a flat ASCII text version), SEND DVI (to 
receive the uuencoded DVI file), SEND PS (to receive the uuencode, gzipped 
PostScript file), SEND HTML (to receive the HTML file) 

Due to a change in the way the guide is written, MS Word versions will not 
be available for this or future versions. 

HIDDEN MICKEY LISTS: Many of you have asked about HIDDEN MICKEYS in the DL 
attractions. (Disney Imagineers are fond of working in a "hidden" Mickey 
silhouette or image into every attraction they work on - they are usually 
only visible if you know where to look.) I don't have the room in this 
document to list all the ones at DL, but TOM SHAW, - was 
kind enough to let me know that he now maintains a web site devoted to 
this at: 

SYLVIA'S MAGIC KINGDOM page is where you will find a lot of the wonderful 
writing of Sylvia Oliande. She sometimes covers DL or Disney subjects for 
the newspapers she works for, and also offers one of the best Disney links 
pages on the net in my opinion. Visit this unique resource at: 

JEFF'S LOST WORLD was one of the first pages around that had wonderful DL 
info, and even stuff on WDW. Jeff has just updated his page with much 
faster loading graphics, and it's well worth the visit at:

BING FUTCH, the Prodigy Disney Fans Board Leader, Disney ID Register 
Moderator and Producer-Theme Parks Interest Group [a very busy guy!] has a 
wonderful mailing list available, "The Disney ID Register" where he covers 
many items of interest from Walt Disney World, and sometimes has great 
nuggets of information about DL. 

To subscribe or unsubscribe yourself to Bing's mailing list use the 
instructions below:

To subscribe, send "subscribe disneyid" to 

To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe disneyid" to 

For more on Prodigy Mailing Lists: 

You can also visit Bing's brainchild, The Triple Dub Club 
Cyberneighborhood at: 

     24) BRING DL HOME! 

DL MERCHANDISE MAIL ORDER HAS BEEN CLOSED: You will no longer be able to 
order DL park merchandise via phone since their operations have been shut 
down and combined with Walt Disney World's (WDW for short). The old number 
(800-362-4533) is still connected, but when you call you are referred to 
the local Disney store in your area or the Disney Catalog at a special 
number: 800-328-0612 (Their regular number is 800-237-5751, the Canadian 
number is 800-668-3437.) 

Customers wishing to purchase merchandise without entering DL are referred 
to the Newsstand merchandise location, located to the left of the main 
entrance area outside the main gate OR (this is new) they can call (800) 
272-6201. (You may also visit the DL Hotel Gift Shops, which will also 
validate your parking for your shopping visit.) For information on 
existing orders, or current exchanges or returns on newly purchased items 
you may still call (714) 502-3108. The address for any returns is: 
Disneyland, Attention: Jerry Warner, 1020 W. Ball Rd., Anaheim, CA 92803

WDW GUEST SERVICE MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT at 1-800-272-6201 offers some of 
the same items sold at DL and is open 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM EST (except 
holidays). Their "touch or say" voice menu offers the following choices:

(1) For damaged merchandise or questions about purchases 
(2) Leave your name and address to be put on a mailing list so that a 
    catalog will be sent regularly 
(3) To place a WDW Merchandise Order 

Imagineering has released the "official, authorized" Mara font designed by 
Disney Imagineer Chuck Ballew. Don Bertino has it 
available on his Netcom site for ftp: 

maintains a wonderful site with WAV sounds for your computer of favorite 
DL attractions. She has recently improved it. Visit it at: 

has an album available! Titled simply "Ragtime" you can order either a CD 
($14.95 + $3.00 shipping) or cassette ($9.95 + $3.00 shipping) featuring 
22 songs from: Creative Entertainment Products, 15068 Rosecrans Avenue, 
Suite 284, La Mirada, CA 90638 (It is also now available for sale inside 
the Emporium shop, right behind the clock store on Main St.)

HUNGRY?: And can't make it to the park for a favorite? Here's how to make 
two DL classics at home- The BENGAL BBQ BEEF SKEWERS & the BLUE BAYOU'S 
MONTE CRISTO SANDWICH, and where you can buy those wonderful CURROS DL 

(Special thanks to Tigger/kat for this info.) 

Soy Sauce, 1 cup Water, 1 1/2 Cups Ground Black Pepper, 1 Tbs. Sesame Seed 
Oil, 3 Tbs. Ground Red Pepper, 1 Tsp. Cayenne Pepper, 1/2 Tsp. Granulated 
Garlic, 1 Tbs. Cornstarch, 3 Tbs. Sirloin Beef Chunks, 18 Pcs / 1 oz. ea. 
Bamboo Skewers, 6 ea. 

Combine all of the ingredients above and bring to a boil, adding 
cornstarch to thicken. Soak the bamboo skewers in water to avoid burning. 
Place 3 pieces of beef on each skewer and cook on the grill 3 minutes on 
each side or until desired doneness. Brush with sauce and serve. Yields 2 
3/4 cups, 6 Portions 

It's taken over a year of postings, but I finally have a winner chosen 
from the two recipes that were posted about this DL favorite. Dwight 
Klettke was kind enough to write and said it all: 
"My family (3 votes) goes for Don Bertino's Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe. 
I would, however, increase the batter by roughly 50%. The amounts given 
don't produce enough in my kitchen to coat all the pieces sufficiently. 
(On the other hand, my daughter says she sort of prefers the crispy, oily, 
poorly coated pieces I get at the end of the batch...)" 

Don Bertino originally downloaded this recipe from the 
Mouse House BBS: 714-535-3761. The Monte Cristo Sandwich is served with a 
fruit compote (a mixture of fresh and canned fruit) and currant jelly 
sauce. First prepare these two, them make the batter. While it is 
chilling, put together the sandwiches. When the sandwiches are fried, the 
complete service is ready. 

2/3 c. currant jelly, 1 Tbs. water, 1 Tbs. half and half 

Combine jelly, water and half and half in blender and mix until smooth. 
Makes about 3/4 cup. 

Combine your favorite fresh and canned fruits and chill well. Plan about 
1/2 cup per person. 

2/3 c. water, 1 small egg, 1/2 Tsp. salt, 1/8 Tsp. white pepper, 1/8 
yellow food coloring, 2/3 cp. all-purpose flour, 1 3/4 tea. baking powder 

Place water, egg, salt, pepper and food coloring in a bowl and using an 
electric mixer, mix well at low speed. Add flour and baking powder and mix 
until batter is smooth. Chill. Makes enough for 4 sandwiches. 

8 slices white bread, 4 slices turkey (1 oz. each), 4 slices swiss cheese, 
4 slices Pullman ham 

Make 4 sandwiches, putting cheese between hand and turkey. Cut into 
fourths and put a toothpick through each quarter. 

Soybean or vegetable oil for frying, Confectioners' sugar, Fruit compote 
Currant jelly sauce 

Heat about 6-inches of oil to 340F in a fryer. Dip sandwiches in batter to 
cover all surfaces. Deep fry sandwiches until golden brown, turning as 
needed. Remove from oil, take out toothpicks, sprinkle sandwiches with 
confectioners' sugar. Serve with fruit compote and currant jelly sauce. 


They're made by J&J SNACK FOODS, located in L.A. at (213) 581-0171. J&J 
says they are carried at Smart & Final and other various club stores. (The 
box itself says J&J Snack Foods.) If you can't find them, then give them a 
call, they may be able to locate a distributor in your area. (Special 
thanks to Endel for posting this info.)

     25) THE FUTURE 


William Onufryk was kind enough to pass on this 
posting from M.SPIGNESE on the Disney Genie Forum:

Kim Irvine and Bob Baranick from Disneyland Design Studio, the division 
responsible for the enhancements at DL gave a very interesting talk to the 
recent Disneyanna Convention. There are some neat things on the horizon. 
[snip for brevity] There is a plan for an Ariel "meet and greet" area. It 
is an elaborate undersea grotto area where a turntable will revolve around 
revealing Ariel. 

They are adding some frescoes, or tile scenes to the Castle to depict the 
Sleeping Beauty story as many guests think it's Snow White's or 
Cinderella's castle. I asked them about the aging down of the Haunted 
Mansion. Their response was that there was a plan to do that which grew 
into something more elaborate, but it has been postponed. Bummer! 


A new FANTASMIC! is underway, set to premiere within the next few years.

The SUBMARINE ride may get a major theme overhaul, with Atlantis suggested 
as a destination (even including Indy type ride vehicles that you would 
board in a second part of the attraction) sometime after the year 2000. 
This would suggest a total overhaul of the entire SUBMARINE / AUTOPIA area 
straddling both Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. 

DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE (the second gate separate admission park to 
be built in DL's current parking lot) was announced July 17th, 1996 (DL's 
41st B-day) this year. The stated goal is to keep Disney visitors spending 
at the resort complex for more than just the single day most now currently 
stay, not unlike the WDW vacation. This project inaugurates the new 
DISNEYLAND RESORT COMPLEX and will feature three "lands" anchored near the 
entrance by a giant golden spire, designed to represent the California 
sunshine. (Some of the major elements in the park noted here may open 
gradually over time to keep budgets in check and the crowds coming.)

One land, (on the eastern border of the park), is a HOLLYWOOD styled neon 
and deco re-creation of Hollywood's booming studio district in the 1930s 
and '40s, paying homage to Hollywood landmarks such as the BEVERLY 
WILSHIRE THEATER. (Inspiration comes from the WDW Disney/MGM park, I think 
one of the most successful of the WDW parks.) Guests experience movie 
rides, action shows, Hollywood-themed restaurants and ABC TELEVISION and a 
sorcerer capped entrance (just like in Burbank) animation studio tour, 
even including "auditions" for cartoon voices. Another proposed ride 
concept has guests taking limos on a satiric whirlwind trip thorough 
superstardom, complete with paparazzi chasing you for a photos and even 
attending an awards ceremony.

GOLDEN BEACHES / WATERFRONT VILLAGE is the second land, (combining a 
boardwalk area) on the western side of the park. It is set around a giant 
lagoon that will host water shows. Other plans include (but do not 
promise) a new wooden roller coaster that would include a loop topped with 
Mickey Mouse ears, a 100-foot long lift, a first drop of 85 feet, over 
1500 feet of track, and a climactic double helix. Other "classic" elements 
include a Ferris wheel (how original), a Carousel (DL needs two for 
stereo?) and other "classic fun zone amusements." (Can Claw Machines and 
Cotton Candy be next?) A Surfing expedition is planned, as is "Extreme" 
sport demos by skaters and "sidewalk lugers," along with street artists 
and musicians - shades of Venice Beach. A drive in diner where you eat in 
a car while watching Disney films is modeled after a same theater located 
at Disney/MGM at WDW. The Waterfront Village attractions will show you how 
sourdough bread is made, and let you taste a chocolate factory's treats. 
(Don't they do this at Knott's?) Somewhere in this jumble you'll also see 
a Silicon Valley exhibit on personal computers, something about aerospace 
and one display on California's agriculture, complete with a "story" type 
attraction Eisner is particularly keen on, giving the history of the 
state. Even a "Chinatown" was being looked at.

The third land, EUREKA ADVENTURE (located between the other two), salutes 
California's natural wonders, complete with a "dizzying" hang-gliding 
ride. (Shades of the old DL SKYWAY and NATURE'S WONDERLAND TRAIN that so 
many early DL visitors so fondly remember.) You'll be able to explore 
underground caverns, geyser fields, redwoods, American Indian petroglyphs. 
A white water rafting ride, (log?) is also planned. This land will host a 
new hotel THE GRAND CALIFORNIAN that will be the first ever built inside a 
Disney USA park and will be "carefully integrated" with a monorail stop. 
(The Monorail seems to run exactly the same track as it currently does 
cutting all that way across the new park.) The design is classic '40s 
Californian "Craftsman" via the WILDERNESS LODGE concept utilized so 
successfully at WDW.) The rest of this area is still not as fully 
developed as the other "lands" at this point, and is the most subject to 

Shops and restaurants will figure very prominently in the new layout - 
with more sit-down service locations, this park is being planned to be as 
EPCOT is to the rest of the WDW resort - the main dining place. As a 
result, the DL food service will remain the same, with only two 
traditional full-service eating locations, supplemented by a Tomorrowland 
retro-themed eatery. (See the CHANGES portion of this document for further 
info on the Tomorrowland rehab.)

Outside of the new park, and next to the DL HOTEL (either where the 
infamous strawberry field and overflow parking is located, or replacing 
the Disney Campgrounds) will be the new MAGIC KINGDOM HOTEL. There are 
very few details available now on this, but it, along with the DL HOTEL 
will serve as the anchor of a new adult-oriented shopping / nightlife 
district, THE DISNEYLAND CENTER. This will be built after the all the 
current two story Bungalows, the old Travelport, and three story shop 
building (Toy Shop / Gym / Mazie's Pantry) area of the DL Hotel are 
demolished. (Goofy's Kitchen & Monorail Cafe may be on this list also.) 
Styled more after Universal's successful CityWalk project, and taking a 
few cues from WDW's Pleasure Island. It's also expected to pull in 
business from the upcoming expansion of the ANAHEIM CONVENTION CENTER that 
the city is planning as their part of this massive project.

Freeway access will be shifted to Freedman Way (soon to be Disney Way) the 
freeway off-ramps putting cars directly into "innovative parking 
complexes" spending little time in the city (at this point the parking is 
now mostly surface, the massive structures originally planned for Wescot 
have been scrapped to save money.) A friend was was kind enough to post 
the following on the Disney Usenet Newgroups about the parking:

"According to the Orange County Register, most of the parking spaces will 
be located between what are now West and Walnut streets, just to the west 
of DL and to the north of the DL Hotel. This area, which now contains DL's 
campground, strawberry field, etc., will mostly be flat surface parking 
with one parking structure. (The only other structure announced is for 
employee parking, blocks east of DL on Katella.) People traveling south on 
I-5 will be able to exit directly into this parking area, if all goes as 

Additional parking will be located, according to the Register's map, in 
the area behind and to the south of the DL Pacific Hotel. One other lot, 
much smaller, will be in the current parking area. My guess, and it is 
just that, is this small lot may one day be removed to expand Disney's CA. 
Adjacent Katella will get a Disney facelift, while adjacent West St. will 
become DL Drive with lush landscaping and theming. DL Drive will now be 
the main street for DL as it links all the hotels and the DL Center. 
Employees are already complaining that parking is way too far away. No 
plans have been announced for the area now containing the Grand Hotel, 
just to the west of DL. Construction is planned to start (with the parking 
first) the beginning of 1997, with completion of the major elements of the 
project in 2001.

There is a web site now devoted to the new park online. David Brady's 
site,within Sylvia's Magic Kingdom is an excellent overview of what's 
coming. He has conceptual art, press releases, and TONS of details. It's 
located at: 


There is discussion about some kind of TWLIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR type 
of ride, re-themed from what is currently at the DISNEY / MGM STUDIOS in 
Florida to fit into the Frontierland area. This new mine-shaft drop is 
planned to be located between BIG THUNDER MTN. and TOM SAWYER'S ISLAND, in 
the area where the remaining tunnels are from the old NATURE'S WONDERLAND 

In Fantasyland, both the PINOCCHIO and SNOW WHITE attractions are rumored 
under consideration for overhauls or removals due to low ridership. There 
was talk of a FANTASIA or a MARY POPPINS attraction taking both of their 


LIKE THIS GUIDE? BUY THE ALBUMS! This edition of the D-I-G is brought to 
you by these albums on Delos Records -

Favorite Disney Tunes in the style of Great Classical Composers 
(CD: DE 3186 / Cassette: CS 3186) 
Also available in a special Activities / Fun Guide edition - 
(CD: DE 2186 / Cassette: CS 2186.)

MORE Favorite Disney Tunes in the style of Great Classical Composers 
(CD: DE 3195 / Cassette: CS 3195)

Some of you only know me as the guy who puts together this guide. But in 
real life I'm a product manager for Delos, a small classical CD company 
here in Hollywood. This year has seen a dream come true - the release of 
the chart hit HEIGH-HO! MOZART, and its chart climbing sequel BIBBIDI 
BOBBIDI BACH. These are both albums of Disney musical favorites - arranged 
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What I was looking for was for a great way to introduce anyone, young or 
old, to the wonders of classical music via some of the best-loved of the 
Disney songs. Thanks to the artists at Delos, including pianist Carol 
Rosenberger, flute player Eugenia Zukerman (from CBS Sunday Morning), the 
LAGQ (Los Angeles Guitar Quartet), guitarist Scott Tennant, the Shanghai 
String Quartet and the English Chamber Orchestra, along with arranger / 
conductor Donald Fraser these albums came out better than I had ever 

The 16 clever musical arrangements on HEIGH-HO! MOZART include Under the 
Sea as a Scott Joplin Rag, Winnie the Pooh in the style of Prokofiev's 
Peter and the Wolf, Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas performed in the 
style of Dvorak's New World Symphony, a Chopin solo-piano version of With 
a Smile and A Song from Snow White, and a very romantic Beauty and the 
Beast in the style of Rachmaninoff. 

The 15 all new selections on BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BAACH include A Whole New 
Worldfrom Aladdin in the style of a Chopin Piano Concerto, You've Got A 
Friend in Me from Toy Story in the style of Leonard Bernstein, Whistle 
While You Work from Snow White in the style of Beethoven, and The Ballad 
of Davy Crockett in the style of Aaron Copland. 

These collections are albums you'll want to play again and again, they are 
not just orchestral "Pops" type collections. 

Another album full of Disney favorite tunes is:

BEAUTY AND THE BEAT, Favorite Disney Tunes in Steelband Style 
(CD: DE 4027 / Cassette: CS 4027) 

Not many people realize that the Delos label - in addition to its 
acclaimed classical recordings - also has a formidable steelband catalog. 
Taking inspiration from the smashing success of HEIGH-HO! MOZART, this 
album is actually performed by the same steelband that delights millions 
of visitors annually at Anaheim's magical theme park. 

Not just a collection of 14 Disney hits, musical highlights from the film 
scores are also incorporated, going way beyond the obvious selection of 
material from The Little Mermaid (Under the Sea). The new hit Home, from 
the Broadway score of Beauty and the Beast, (along with Be Our Guest) is 
included, hits from Mary Poppins (A Spoonful of Sugar), Lion King (Hakuna 
Matata, I Just Cant Wait to be King) and Snow White (Heigh-Ho!) round out 
what has to be the perfect party disc for both young and old. 

"MOZART TV - Favorite TV Tunes in the style of Great Classical Composers"
is the latest release from the creative minds behind the recordings listed 
above. (CD: DE 3222, CS: CS 3222)

The classic TV themes given the classical treatment include: FRIENDS in 
the style of Vivaldi / X-FILES - Hovhaness / BRADY BUNCH, M*A*S*H, HILL 
STREET BLUES - Mozart / MARY TYLER MOORE - Satie / CHEERS - J. Ireland / 
MR. ED - Rodrigo / BEWITCHED - Debussy / JEOPARDY [THINK MUSIC] - Handel / 
STAR TREK: VOYAGER - R. Strauss / TAXI - Villa-Lobos / I LOVE LUCY - 
Purcell / JETSONS - Britten

All of these titles are available from your local music store OR you can 
order direct from: DELOS INTERNATIONAL, Hollywood and Vine Plaza, 1645 N. 
Vine Street, Suite 340, Hollywood, CA 90028. 

TOLL-FREE ORDER LINE: (800) 364-0645, (213) 962-2626, FAX: (213) 962-2636.

If you want to see cover artwork, or hear a snippet of music from these 
releases, Delos now has a web site, which you can visit at: 

on how to order this wonderful Disney resource are located in the first 
section of this guide.

     27) THANK YOUS


The latest D-I-G in this original text edition is always available on my 
first home page at:, and the HTML edition is 
available at . It will also continue to be 
posted about once a month to the following newsgroups: news.answers, 
rec.answers, rec.arts.disney.parks, alt.disney.disneyland, 
rec.arts.disney.announce and alt.answers as a multi part file under the 
heading: [FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide x/x

SPECIAL THANKS TO: The CM's at the park who take the few moments to chat 
with me, William, Roberta, Doug, Ken, JV - DL 
CM's with the mostest, Mike Rafeld, Carlo, Don Bertino, Lani Teshima-
Miller, Endel J, DUCKYonEC, David I. Tomita, Kenny Cottrell, Delphi's and 
Prodigy's (Bing's) Disney Forums and Rich & Carol Koster "FDC Mickey & 
Minnie" (Congrats on their new meece, Michael!) for their incorporated 
suggestions and information. Also mucho thanks to the fine folks from 
a.d.d who meet up on Sundays in the park.

ROGER (BRAD) JONES JR. (author of his own wonderful 
guide to DL, details above) who also makes each update of the D-I-G 
available for ftp at the following address: 

WERNER W. WEISS was kind enough to have added a link to the 
D-I-G (and the Delos albums on the web too!) on his Yesterland links page, 
which may be reached through the following address: 

Send them nice e-mails and make their dreams come true, will you? 

APPLE NEWTONBOOK EDITION: Is now available assembled by James Sutherland. 
I've seen many people in line with print outs of the guide - and now I 
look forward to seeing someone out there with a PDA like this. Thanks 
James! Check out:

WDW INFO: Many of you have flattered me by requesting a Walt Disney World 
version of the D-I-G. Thanks to Deb Wills and Kenny Cottrell there is now 
an online equivalent of the D-I-G for Walt Disney World, the WD-WIG (WALT 
DISNEY - WORLD INFORMATION GUIDE). Deb has done a superb job in collecting 
the tons of information required for this project, which encompasses the 
incredible size of this resort. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Stop 
by at: and say hello to her when you sign in 
will you? 

Another great WDW resource is BRIAN BENNETT'S document, 
titled DVClubber's Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide. Look for regular 
postings on RAD.parks for this great resource or visit its new web 
incarnation at:

THE OFFICIAL DL FAQ: Walt Hoffman or published the original DL FAQ - it's also 
available at various FTPs under archive name disney-faq/disneyland - it 
was last modified on Nov. 23, 1994.

URBAN LEGENDS about Disney and DL abound - some actually even get quoted 
in books (such as Mouse Tales) as facts. Get the REAL story at this unique 
web page: An excellent 
reference which helps debunk many of these stories. Thanks snopes!

FEEDBACK: Please feel free to e-mail me at (even if it's 
just to say HELLO!) and let me know if there is anything you see amiss or 
would like to comment on. (Yes I do have a life, I just keep track of all 
this stuff so I know what do to when visitors show up.)

"To all that come to this happy place, welcome. Disneyland is your land. 
Here, age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the 
challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the 
ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America... with 
the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. 
July 17, 1955" - Inscription on flag pole plaque, Main St., USA

This document is copyright (c) 1997 by Al Lutz,  Please 
refer to the copyright paragraph in the first section of this document for 
detailed information. 

  ---- END [FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide 7/7 ----

WOW! You read this far? Then you're as bad as I am! See you at the Magic 
Kingdom of Disneyland! ;)

Al Lutz  (  FDC Buzz Lightyear  Official Proof of Purchase
Author of the D-I-G (Disneyland Info Guide)
"Strange how potent cheap music can be" - (Noel Coward's "Private Lives")

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