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[FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide 2/7

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Archive-name: disney-faq/disneyland/part2
Last-modified: June 1, 1997
Posting-frequency: Monthly
Keywords: Disneyland, amusement-park, Disney, FAQ, California

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
This document is copyright (c) 1997 by Al Lutz,  Please 
refer to the copyright paragraph in Part One for details.

MAGIC KINGDOM CLUB - GOLD CARD: $65 Membership fee ($45 to renew) provides 
benefits for the cardholder, spouse and dependent children for 2 years. 
(Foreign orders: $85, international money orders in US funds only 

Benefits at DL include: Reduced prices on DL admission. 15% Discount at 
the Blue Bayou and 10% Dining discounts at buffeteria locations at DL, and 
at Stromboli's, Granville's, Shipyard, Goofy's Kitchen and Monorail Cafe 
restaurants at the DL Hotel. (Discount not valid Dec. 31st 96 or 97) 10% 
year-round, 20% September discount on the DL hotel. 

There are also many other benefits at other Disney resort properties 
including Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland. 10% 
discount at Disney Stores / Galleries worldwide and a 10% Disney Catalog 
discount, not valid inside any of the parks, resort hotels, Crossroads 
shops at Lake Buena Vista and airport shops. 10% to 25% seasonal discounts 
on hotel accomodations at Disney's Vero Beach and Hilton Head Island 

Up to 30% discount off of published rates at National Car Rental/InterRent 
at most locations. Free membership in Entertainment Publications' Travel 
America at HalfPrice ($3.95 fee for processing, shipping & handling for 
the 1-year membership). 10% Membership discount to AAA - both basic and 
renewal. You also get a membership card, tote bag, and a Disney vacation 
video. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of membership materials.

DL's MKC Travel Center reservations and info. number is: 800-MKC-MAGIC 
(800-652-6244). WDW's MKC Travel Center reservations and info. is 407-824-

For details write to:
   Gold Card 
   P.O. Box 3850 
   Anaheim, CA 92803-9831 

To join / charge by phone:
   (800) 41-D-I-S-N-E-Y (3-4-7-6-3-9) 
MKC Travel Center Line
   (714) 520-5000 
Gold Card Toll-Free Reservations Numbers:
   West: (800) 446-8666 
   East: (800) 446-5365 

The MAGIC YEARS CLUB which offered discounts and programs specifically to 
those 55 and over was discontinued beginning the first of this year and 
current members have been updated to MKC Gold Cards and will receive a 
discount on future MKC memberships. In place of the MYC, new MKC members 
over 55 may now join for $50 and receive all the above listed benefits.


DL is located in Anaheim, which is about 45 minutes south (with no 
traffic) of the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, on the I-5 freeway. (The 
park is located just South of the intersection of the 91 and I-5 

Depending on what crowds they may be expecting sometimes DL will allow you 
to enter the parking lot up to two hours early before posted opening 

TIP: On your car radio you can tune in 1500 AM and listen to all the
latest traffic information about traffic around the DL Resort area thanks
to the City of Anahiem. Also every few minutes DL's operating hours are
broadcast, along with info on what's scheduled at both the Anaheim Pond
and Anaheim Angels stadium. The range of this station is limited to the 
area surrounding DL.

VIA AUTO: If you are visiting DL on a weekday, you may want to take into 
consideration the L.A. area morning traffic, which gets quite heavy from 
7:30 to 10:30 AM. On weekends you also may want to keep in mind that 
CalTrans [the California state department that oversees freeway 
maintenance] just adores shutting down major portions of the system since 
this is the only time they get to work on them. A favorite time is late 
Saturday night - with construction sometimes not finishing until mid-day 

You can always check traffic conditions on the L.A. area freeways by 
tuning in one of the two major AM news radio stations, either KFWB 980 or 
KNX 1070, both tend to give freeway reports every ten minutes or so during 
the day.

If you are driving South down the 5 (Sign says: SANTA ANA) from 
L.A./Hollywood area, take the Harbor Blvd. exit, it exits right into the 
entrance lanes for the DL parking lot. 

If you are heading North (LOS ANGELES) take the Katella exit, make a left 
over the freeway bridge, and (after a few blocks) make a right on Harbor, 
then a left into the DL parking lot at its large electrical sign. 
From the LA Airport (LAX): Take the 405 Fwy. South (SAN DIEGO) to the 
Artesia Blvd. exit, going East. This street turns into the 91 Fwy 
(RIVERSIDE), which then intersects with the I-5. Take the I-5 South to the 
Harbor Blvd. exit.

(Many types of Shuttles are also available from LAX - 
posted the following helpful info. on the RAD newsgroups this past Jan.: 
"There are several shuttle bus services that run between LAX and 
Disneyland. They are all in the $20 range and I have found that if you go 
out to the street where they are all lined up you can haggle with the 
drivers for the best price. On our last trip my wife and I went to the 
Disneyland Hotel for $19 for both of us. Just go to one driver ask his 
price and then go to the next and say that guy wants $X to go to 
Disneyland, whats your price? Most drivers will drop their price just to 
get a fare than just sit at the airport. Best time to try this is in the 
middle of the week when things are kind of slow." > There are also busses 
leaving from LAX every 5 minutes making stops at all the major and the 
small motels at. Just tell the driver which one you want to be let off at. 
$14 one way.)

From the John Wayne Airport (Orange County): Take the 55 Fwy. East / North 
to the I-5 North, exit at Harbor Blvd.

From the Ontario Airport: Loring Fiske-Phillips suggests 
the following: Take either the I-10 or 60 Fwys. to the 57 South Fwy., then 
take the Ball Rd. exit and turn right. It's about two or three miles to 
Harbor Blvd., where you turn left. Then just bear right into the park. 
[This route avoids the 91/5 interchange which can be very busy, and is a 
couple of miles shorter.]

L.A. BUS INFO.: Charles P. Hobbs posted the following 
Jan. 96 on RAD: (Note: Charles assumes a starting point of Downtown LA for 
all of these, if you're coming from elsewhere, it's easy to modify most of 
these.) Ronald Reagan Library (Weekdays only) - Metrolink to Chatsworth, 
walk north to Devonshire, take Simi Valley Transit #C to Yosemite Ave, 
transfer to SVT #A, ride to Royal/Madera, transfer to #D. (Going back, 
take #D, then #B, then #C back to Chatsworth). Or, you can use Amtrak 
to/from Simi Valley, then catch SVT #A eastbound, then transfer to #D as 
above. / Richard Nixon Library - MTA Bus #460 (board on 6th St) to 
Fullerton Park/Ride, transfer to OCTA #26 * Venice Boardwalk MTA #33 or 
#333 (Can be picked up at Union Station or along Spring St) / Olvera 
Street It's right across the street from Union Station! / Queen Mary - 
Metro Blue Line to Downtown Long Beach (Transit Mall), then take Runabout 
(free shuttle) route #C / Catalina Island - Metro Blue Line to Downtown 
Long Beach (Transit Mall), then take Runabout (free shuttle) route #A to 
the ferry terminal in Long Beach. OR, MTA bus #447 from downtown to the 
San Pedro ferry terminal. / Universal Studios & Citywalk - MTA #424, 425 
or 522. Board on Broadway or Temple / Magic Mountain - (Weekdays only, but 
Starline Tour bus service available on weekends) - Metrolink to Santa 
Clarita, transfer to Santa Clarita Transit #30 at Santa Clarita station. 
OR, SCT #794 from Union Station to Magic Mtn Parkway, transfer to #30. 
/Watts Towers - Metro Blue Line, off at 103rd St. Station. / Crenshaw 
District - MTA Bus #40 or #42. Board on Broadway / La Brea Tar Pits & 
George Page Museum - MTA Bus #20,21,22,320 or 322. Board on Wilshire or 
7th. / LA Museum of Contemporary Art - Metro Red Line to Civic Center 
Station, or use the DASH downtown shuttle service. / The Original Pantry 
Restaurant - (Northwest corner of Figueroa & 9th.) Take Blue Line to 
7th/Flower station and wallk two blocks south on Fig. O Take the 439 from 
the Gateway Plaza. Get off at Flower & 9th. Walk 1 block west. / Hollywood 
Blvd. - MTA Bus #1. Board on Broadway / Old Town Pasadena - MTA Bus #401 
(Freeway express). Board on Olive / Knott's Berry Farm - MTA #460 / Orange 
Empire Railway Museum - The most foolproof way: Board Foothill Transit 
#480 on Olive or 1st/Spring, or near Union Station. Ride to Montclair 
Transit Center. At Montclair, transfer to Inland Empire #496 and ride to 
Riverside Transit Center. At Riverside, transfer to RTA #22 and ride to 
Perris. In Perris, call RTA Dial-a-ride (909-682-1284). (On certain 
weekends, the Museum runs trains between downtown Perris and the museum, 
obviating the need to use dial-a-ride). / San Fernando Mission - MTA #94 
(board on Spring) to San Fernando/S.F. Mission Road, transfer to #234 (off 
at Brand Park, and walk across the Park), or #239." 

DL also runs a free shuttle bus from the Norwalk Green Line Station direct 
to the park. 

TRAIN: (Thanks to for providing this info.): "Catch 
the LAX shuttle bus that will take you to the Metro Green Line train. The 
shuttle is free. Then, buy a ticket for the Green Line with a transfer, 
which should cost you around $1.75. Take the Green Line to the Imperial-
Wilmington station and transfer to the Metro Blue Line, which connects 
downstairs. Very easy to find. Take the Blue Line to its northern 
terminus, at the 7th & Metro Center in Downtown LA. There, you can 
transfer to the Metro Red Line subway, downstairs. Ride the subway to its 
final stop at LA Union Station. From there, you can transfer to either a 
Metrolink or Amtrak train to Anaheim, or the Amtrak DL bus. Not only will 
you save a lot of money, but you will get to see a slice of Los Angeles, 
as well as the grand LA Union Station. If you have time, while you are at 
Union Station, stop by Union Bagel right there in the station, and enjoy 
one of LA's best bagels. If you take the Disney shuttle from LAX, you 
might save a few minutes (but with freeway traffic, don't count on it) but 
all you will see is the view from a lousy freeway. I really recommend 
taking this route, at least when you first arrive in town."



    1 yr. min. (w/adult) - Autopia
    3 yr. min. - Gadget's Go-Coaster, Matterhorn Bobsleds 
    40 in. min. AND 3 yr. min. 
        - Big Thunder Mtn., Space Mtn., Splash Mtn., Star Tours 
    48 in. max. AND 3 yr. min. - Chip 'N Dale's Treehouse & Acorn Crawl 
    46 in. min. - Indiana Jones Adventure 
    52 in. max. AND 3 yr. min. - Goofy's Bounce House 
    52 in. min. AND 7 yr. min. - Autopia (child alone)

ALSO: There is a 7 yr. min. for children to ride alone in most 

You should be in good health and be free of heart, back or neck problems, 
motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated. Expectant 
mothers and children under three should not ride. See a ride Host or 
Hostess for more information.

TIP: If your child is a half-inch or less short of the minimum height 
requirements, get them into a pair of hiking boots with some thick socks. 
Those and a stand straight attitude will help make that height right up.

OTHER RESTRICTIONS: NO SMOKING in all attractions, shops, bathrooms, 
indoor AND outdoor eating areas and in popular open air areas (parades, 
shows, lines etc.). You should honor designated parade viewing areas and
use designated crosswalks. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. 
No food may be brought in. No pets are allowed. Flash photography, 
eating and drinking is prohibited in all attractions. And NO RUNNING! 
(Even if you're trying to beat that crowd into Indy.)



	None through August at this time. Do remember that a great deal 
	of Tomorrowland is under cosmetic rehab at this time.

	None through August at this time.

	Coke Corner & the Photo Center on Main St. are undergoing rehabs
	and should be finished by June 26th.


AMERICAN JOURNEYS and WONDERS OF CHINA have been replaced by an encore of 
the original CircleVision film AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, which will run until 
Sept. The ROCKET JETS are closed and being rebuilt at the entrance
of TL. 

Over the past two years the PEOPLEMOVER, the Fantasyland / Tomorrowland 
SKYWAY and THE GOLDEN HORSESHOE JAMBOREE show have been closed and / or 
removed, along with the PERFUME SHOP in New Orleans Square. 

Please stop by CITY HALL on Main St. and ask to register a written 
complaint if you feel you've lost one of your favorites. A new online 
alternative is the very popular PROMOTE PAUL PRESSLER! site, which was 
created to help you let DL know in a positive manner how you feel about 
some of the upcoming changes you may not agree with. You can visit this 
new web site at:   
Remember, it can only work if you care to help out - read through the site 
and follow up with the links and telephone suggestions offered.

Annual Passholders (AP's) may also register complaints if they wish, but 
current un-written DL management policy is to pretty much ignore them.

     10) CHANGES

TOMORROWLAND has begun a long slow overdue renovation. They are now 
shutting down major portions of this area as construction progresses over 
the next year. This major overhaul, (with a budget smaller than Indy can 
you believe?) will take its cue from both the recently finished WDW rehab, 
and the DL Paris Discoveryland designs. A Buck Rogers / Deco / 1930's 
future-that-never-was design motif. 

Sylvia's Magic Kingdom page on the web has devoted an entire area to this 
subject - containing wonderful artist renderings. Here's the orignal 
posting from the RAD group, including the web addresses (Nice job guys!):

Subject: DL: "New" Tomorrowland pix & info on the Web 
From: (David E. Brady) Date: 30 Mar 1996 

Another update: I've added a lengthy report on the plans for Disneyland's 
renovation of Tomorrowland to my roommate's home page, Sylvia's Magic 
Kingdom. Included are several Disney press releases about the two-year 
project, two large artist's-conception JPGs and excerpts from several 
media reports. It's at: 

The main entry point for the whole site is: 

[End original posting] 

As of now, the Carousel of Progress / America Sings building has been 
completely gutted - and for now a a fence has been built in front of it - 
running from the Train Station to the EO entrance.  The Rocket Jets have 
been closed. Here's what's on tap for this area:

INNOVENTIONS (in the old Carousel building) Just like the 50's when Walt 
first opened DL, corporate exhibits will return to Tomorrowland. Oh boy. 
The bottom floor will host a revolving exhibit / show with moving 

HONEY I SHRUNK THE AUDIENCE (replacing Captain EO) The 3-D movie as seen 
at EPCOT. 

The following attractions are also planned for two years from now:

ROCKET RODS (replacing the PeopleMover) This new combined high-speed and 
simulator type ride will zip you around Tomorrowland on the old 
PeopleMover track. (This one is a go - and tests have shown that this will 
be a real high speed kicker of a ride. DL feels this will be the next INDY 
for them.) 

The current CIRCLEVISION attraction, and the sports-themed PREMIERE SHOP 
will be closed this spring to become the home of the pre-show, queue and 
exit exhibit for the major corporate sponsor of this new attraction. 

The old ROCKET JETS mechanism will be renovated as a lightshow type of 
fixture intended as the focus of the new Tomorrowland, a totally new 
structure (still basically giving the same type of ride) called ASTRO 
ORBITER will be located at the Tomorrowland entrance - expect even more 
congestion in the hub at parade and fireworks show times. 

STAR TOURS outside waiting area will be replaced by an interior one.

Note that SPACE MTN. has already been upgraded inside, and has been 
operating off and on with new seat-back sound systems playing a custom 
music score in the cars. A new sign is at the entrance - and the white 
exterior will change colors to a green and brass combination to fit in 
with the new theme.

The final attraction change for now will be:

TOMORROWLAND PLACE (inside the old "Mission to Mars" building) a Planet 
Hollywood / Hard Rock Cafe clone - with the decor taking its theme from 
the '50s Tomorrowland. 

Rich Koster (a grand Disney fan) posted the following more detailed info. 
on Fidonet about the new Tomorrowland:

Upon entering the land, guests will have the chance to head into the a 
major corporate Advanced Concept Center. This attraction will replace the 
existing Circlevision building and will consist of five "stages" 
throughout the presentation. A pre-show area incorporates the enter a 
tunnel that heads under the Tomorrowland concourse and up into the 
structure that used to house the WEDway Peoplemover. 

Replacing that attraction will be the yet-to-be-permanently-named Rocket 
Sleds. Racing along the exact track layout of the former Peoplemover, the 
cars will actually pop a wheelie as they head out of the station. 
Designers are toying with the idea of adding fiber optic lights to the 
side of the vehicles that will seemingly change the shape and color of the 
cars as they whisk around Tomorrowland at night. A total of 30 vehicles 
will run the course at speeds of up to 35 m.p.h., making it the fastest 
ride in the park. Testing has begun high above the Autopia as hapless 
execs act as "guinea pigs" for the new venture.<G> Once the ride is 
completed, guests will then head back through the tunnel and into the area 
previously known as the Premiere Shop.

Atop the loading area for the sleds will be the Observatron, a kinetic 
light sculpture that will spin, play music and perform a stunning light 
show every 15 minutes that will dramatically enhance the Tomorrowland 
Skyline. The Moonliner (from the ancient "Flight To The Moon" attraction) 
will make a re-appearance in front of the Mission To Mars building as a 
part of the decor for a restaurant. No word on whether the floor plan will 
incorporate the two MTM rooms. 

Directly in front of the new Tomorrowland restaurant and Space Mountain 
queue will be a unique "water maze". Surrounding a sphere which serves as 
your "goal", guests will attempt to navigate alternating walls of water 
that reach as high as twelve feet. There is a way to get through to the 
center without getting wet, but only if you're careful! <G> 

The Carousel building will become Innoventions. I'm happy to report that 
the carousel WILL turn, allowing guests to choose from five separate areas 
of technology. Upon selecting this area, they can then enter the main bi-
level structure which will echo the world's fair motif of the current 

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience will be the first show to debut in the new 
land as changes take place, also expect to see a new Star Tours ride film 
when the next three movies begin their release! New Tomorrowland is slated 
to be completed in the summer of 1998. 

Thanks Rich!


Disney foreclosed on the nearby GRAND HOTEL, and has closed it. Original 
plans for the new second gate DISNEY'S CALFORNIA ADVENTURE indicated that 
it was scheduled to be demolished to make room for a new parking area - 
but who knows at this point. The PAN PACIFIC HOTEL was purchased by Disney 
and has been renamed the DL PACIFIC HOTEL. The DISNEY and KOA Campgrounds 
were officially closed on Jan. 1st this year, to be replaced by parking 
structures so that construction can begin in the parking lot for the new 
second gate.


All events weekends / holiday / Summer periods ONLY unless indicated 
THEIR SLIGHTEST WHIM. Be sure to check with the show schedule available at 
the front gate to confirm any of your particular favorites.

Performed whenever the park is open until 10 PM or later: 
	Nightly thru Labor Day. - 9:20 & 10:45 PM  
(Usually performed whenever the park is open till 10 PM or later on the 
RIVERS OF AMERICA from Frontierland to New Orleans Square.)

	$30 includes "all-you-can-eat" dessert buffet
(Reservations [first come, first served*] must be made to the left walkway 
of the BLUE BAYOU entrance podium from time of official park opening, be 
aware lineups start DURING Magic Morning. To attend this event, you will 
enter above the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN via the stairway) 

	Daily thru Labor Day
	8:50 & 11 PM at Small World location
	9:20 & 10:30 on Main St. location

Begins June 27th:
	Daily thru Labor Day - 2 & 4:30 PM 
(Starts at IT'S A SMALL WORLD, and ends on Main St., and returns again.) 

Begins Jun. 20 and nightly thru Labor Day:
     Approx. 9:45 PM 
(The DISNEY LIGHTS are computer-synched to music spotlights over DL.)

	Fri. - 4:15, 5:30, 7:45 & 9:05 PM
	Sat. - 4:15, 6:30, 7:45 & 9:05 PM 
	Sun. - 2:45, 4, 6:15 & 7:30 PM 
Show times may change by as much as 15 to 30 minutes from the above, so 
please confirm with your show schedule. 
(The show is perfomed at the BIG THUNDER RANCH, is located behind BIG 
THUNDER RAILROAD in Frontierland, and is also accessible from Fantasyland 
if you continue past the CASEY JR. train.)

Last year for this event: 
     Mon. thru Thur. - 1:15, 2:30, 3:45, 5:45, & 7 PM 
Show times may change, by as much as 15 to 30 minutes from the above, so 
please confirm with your show schedule, on busy days the performances 
start later and run into the evening.
(The FANTASYLAND THEATER, formerly Videopolis, is located behind 
Fantasyland, next to Small World - just before ToonTown.) 

Please note these times reflect when the audience is let in, the actual 
show begins 30 minutes later. 
     Thur. thru Sat. & Mon. - 11:15 AM, 12:45*, 2:30*, 4* & 5:20* PM 
     Sun. - 10:45* AM, 12:15*, 2*, 3:30* PM 
(Hillbilly band plays rock & roll hits)

     Tue & Wed. - 10:45* AM, 12:15*, 2*, 3:30*, 4:45* PM 
(Don't let the title fool you, this is just a piano player and magician)

*Make reservations at show entrance for these times. Light refreshments 
available. (In Frontierland across from the MARK TWAIN DOCK.)

Daily thru Labor Day.
Concert: 11 AM / Dancing: 12:25, 1:45, 3:30 & 5 PM 
(Located at the TOMORROWLAND TERRACE STAGE, across from the ROCKETJETS) 

as mine... life is too short.): 
	Fri. - Dance lessons 8 PM / Dancing - 8:30, 9:45, 11 PM
Sat. - 7, 8, 9 & 10 PM
Sun - 12:55, 2 & 3 PM 
(Plaza Gardens, left of the Castle as you face it from Main St.) 

     Daily through Labor Day - Roughly around 1:30 PM 
(Mickey actually climbs up the mountain to have lunch with Goofy. In full 
costume. Amazing. Performed before the first Lion King parade. This event 
is not listed in the Disneyland Today schedule. Confirm with City Hall as 
to scheduled time. Best view and sound is from the walkway between 
Fantasyland & Tomorrowland leading up to the Matterhorn.)

     Daily - 11:45 AM, 12:45, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30 & 5:30 PM 
(Show times may vary by 15 to 30 minutes. In front of the Fantasyland's 
KING ARTHUR CAROUSEL at the Sword in the Stone. Please note that this 
event is no longer listed in the Disneyland Today schedule. Confirm with 
City Hall as to scheduled time.) 

(This event is no longer listed in the Disneyland Today schedule. Confirm 
with City Hall as to scheduled time. Main St. Plaza in front of the Train 

There is also live music performed all over the park with (among others) 
the DL BAND, the COKE CORNER PIANIST (if it's Rod, you're in for a treat), 
the BRASS BROTHERS, and the Tomorrowland Top 40 band(s). The TRASH CAN 
TRIO, dons sweeper attire and does a percussion act with trash cans and 
such. Performance schedules vary by season and park attendance.


TINKERBELL TOY SHOP: Up to four times a day either the Alice, Cinderella
or Belle walk around characters sit on an antique chair in the Toy Shop
and host a story telling session for the little ones. Look for a small 
sign near the Tinkerbell Toy Shop in Fantasyland for scheduled times.

AT ALADDIN'S OASIS: Up to five times a day (usually on the hour 
beginning at 1 PM) the Aladdin and Jasmine walk around characters host 
a storytelling session for the little ones in this former restaurant. 
Look for a small sign near the entrance of this location in 
Adventureland for scheduled times.

Both of these events, which right now seem to alternate, are a wonderful
idea! I always feel the Disney magic is best when it gets more personal
like this - and many of the kids leave with a delightful experience.

GALLERY'S FANTASMIC! balcony seating / dessert buffet may be made at 
starting at time of park opening. (The BLUE BAYOU may sometimes open for 
reservations in off-peak periods as late as 30 to 45 minutes after park 
opening.) The advance reservations for the Disney Gallery's FANTASMIC! 
seating, now taken in the Pirates exit walkway door adjacent to the BLUE 
BAYOU are critical since they sell out regularly. Please check the section 
detailing this event for new reservations location.



For many people a day at DL only means long lines and never enough time to 
see everything. If you are willing to invest a little time in planning 
your day, you can see and do a good deal of the park, with time to relax 
and enjoy this wonderful place. Listed below are some tips and tricks that 
can make your visit one to treasure. (Keep in mind these tips are written 
for a busy day, if you are visiting during the week or on off periods - it 
will be much easier.) Please note that only key attractions have been 
covered in detail in order to keep this document to a workable length.

PICK A GOOD DAY TO GO: Summer, ANY Saturday & holiday periods are usually 
the busiest. Sundays (my vote!) are usually half the crowd, with a very 
quiet morning but with all the entertainment and events that are available 
on Saturdays / holidays. During the week attendance is much less than the 
weekend, but usually (unless it's a holiday or Summer period) you don't 
get any of the added shows or parades. DL has had quite an extra boost in 
attendance lately due to many admission deals and constant promotions, so 
keep that in mind also.

TIP: It's raining? Or you can only go alone? Go anyway! If it rains, the 
crowds will be smaller, and even if they close the park early, there will 
be few lines - if any - at all. (Just make sure to bring rain gear, it's 
expensive there!) The only major loss during a rainy day is that any 
outdoor shows and parades that may be normally scheduled will be canceled, 
and a few outdoor rides, such as ALICE, DUMBO, the TEACUPS, and CASEY JR., 
will shut until the rain stops. Besides, if it really pours, you get to 
see Main St. flood. Going alone is something everyone should try at least 
once in their lives at DL. You will usually ride by yourself in most of 
the attractions since CMs won't make you share a ride unit. Plus you can 
see what you want to see when you want to see it. Fair warning, you may 
get spoiled by this and never bring anyone else along again.

one medical complaint at DL is foot blisters from people who don't take 
into account just how much walking and standing they will be doing all 
day. Some folks even keep a pair of fresh shoes and socks in a locker or 
their car to refresh their feet in the late afternoon before a long 

Yes the weatherman may have said it will be a nice day - but be prepared 
for how cold it gets in Anaheim at night, even during the Summer! If you 
wear shorts, bring along a pair of sweatpants you can keep in your car or 
locker until evening. Also bring a warm jacket, FANTASMIC! for example can 
get bitterly cold with the water mists that get blown over the crowds 
during the show, and if you get wet during an evening ride on SPLASH MTN. 
you may freeze the rest of the night. 

We don't need to remind you how expensive theme park apparel items can be, 
and face it, that Goofy sweatshirt is tough to justify as a fashion 
statement anywhere outside of Anaheim or Orlando. Sunblock is also a good 
idea since so much of DL is outdoors. Make sure you cover those spots that 
burn easily, like the top of a bald head, tops of ears and arms, along 
with your nose. Bring your own since it's expensive to buy there.

TIPS: Save money and buy your film / extra videotapes and batteries 
beforehand. Gum is not sold anywhere in the resort due to the fact it gets 
stuck everywhere, if you need some - bring it with you, and dispose of it 
properly won't you?

Overheating - and need a moist towlette? Head over to the BIG THUNDER BBQ 
eating location and go over to the end of the chow line - you'll find a 
huge basket of them - so pocket a few for the day as you need them. [Open 

CHILDREN UNDER 3: Awhile back on the RAD groups someone posted about what 
a problem a smaller child might be during a DL visit. Lisa posted this 
response, which she was kind enough to allow me to quote here: 

"Our daughter, coming up on 3, is already a Disney veteran. She 
experienced D-Land at 23 months and WDW at 30 months (thank frequent flyer 
miles...). She *loved* Mickey and all the costumed cast members, Dumbo the 
Flying Elephant & the Carousel (both parks), all of Mickey's Toontown and 
Mickey's Starland that she was big enough for (the crawl/bounce/slide 
houses say kids 3 and up but she was more than up to the challenge). She 
was just crazy for the parades, and Fantasmic... 

Of course, there was some planning involved. We made sure we wouldn't be 
touring the parks during the busier seasons, and so we avoided 
interminable waits in line. We made sure to go back too the room for a nap 
at lunch(Disneyland) and arranged for a sitter several times at WDW. (I 
know, nice if you can afford it. Next time we are going to try to travel 
with another family and switch off babysitting.) 

The point is, you as an adult can keep going long after the little one 
should stop, and you have to accommodate that or everyone will be 
miserable. (OTOH, at 12 months, our daughter would just fall asleep in 
place and be just fine in our arms or a well sun-screened stroller, This 
changes somewhat as they get older. :^0 ) 

Looks like my husband may have a business trip to Anaheim this year, and I 
hope we can make it another family event. Our daughter definitely 
remembers and talks about the previous visits. Disclaimers: I'll mention 
that we just happen to be the lucky parents of a happy, fearless toddler.

It could certainly be different with a more shy or temperamental child. 
This is definitely a YMMV situation, and I really don't have the 
experience to say how a 12 month old would do in this situation. I can 
only say that I don't agree with any generalizations and as for the 
business about waiting until they are old enough to remember every 
"first", well, by the time our daughter is 6, for all we know we could be 
living in Idaho with no frequent flyer miles. Seize the day, rent a 
camcorder..." Thank you for your wise posting Lisa!

  ----- END [FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide 2/7  -----

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