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[FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide 5/7

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Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California

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Archive-name: disney-faq/disneyland/part5
Last-modified: June 1, 1997
Posting-frequency: Monthly
Keywords: Disneyland, amusement-park, Disney, FAQ, California

This document is copyright (c) 1997 by Al Lutz,  Please 
refer to the copyright paragraph in Part One for details.


Also you can check out the DL Pacific Hotel's HUNCHBACK breakfast, the DL 
Hotel's GOOFY'S KITCHEN Pooh character lunch & Classic character dinner 
(Goofy, Minnie, Donald) weekends, at a higher price. Prices vary, so I 
won't quote them here. 

New is the PRACTICALLY PEFECT TEA at the DL Pacific a Mary Poppins themed 
Saturday and Sunday event. The brochure says the following: $17.50 Adults, 
$9.50 Children (4 to 12), $3 (3 and under). Sip your favorite tea from 
elegant English bone china and sample scrumptious tea-time delicacies in 
our beautifully decorated Victorian parlour and garden room. Your gracious 
hostess, Mary Poppins, will be there to visit each table and delight you 
with her charm. Tea is served every weekend in our new Tea Room. Mary 
offers a special menu for her younger guests. Groups are welcome, however, 
seating is limited -- so do make your reservations "spit spot." (Tax and 
gratuity are not included in admission price. Parking validation available 
with admission.) 

Reservations at either hotel may be made by calling (714) 956-6755 before 
or during your trip, or from the courtesy phone in City Hall on Main St.


THE BLUE BAYOU (expensive, but highly recommended and unbeatable for 
atmosphere) is located inside PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. A new Chef, and a 
terrific new Cajun menu have just been added. Prices are higher than 
anywhere else in the park, but it only runs about 15% more than eating at 
a nicer place in town. It's usually quiet, you can relax, and if you're 
lucky you'll hear some live jazz performed from the balcony above you as 
the boats cruise by on their way into Pirates. Make reservations first 
thing as you enter the park if you don't want to wait in line during a 
peak time. 

CARNATION CAFE (next to the Clock Shop on Main St.) has reopened with a 
more limited menu that offers breakfast along with lunch sandwiches and 
pot pies among other things. Missed greatly here are the ice cream 
desserts and the flavored sodas.


Available at both the PLAZA INN and the PLAZA PAVILION on the hub, FRENCH 
MARKET and CAFE ORLEANS (in New Orleans Square), and the RIVER BELLE 
TERRACE (Frontierland). Salads, roasted chicken or meatloaf type dinners 
are available at these locations, with Spaghetti for the little ones. One 
step up from the burger stands listed below, the quality is actually not 
bad for a major theme park. (The FRENCH MARKET now features a new more New 
Orleans-style type of menu with improved food.) NOTE: Check the 
information above in the event listings for Character Breakfasts at some 
of these locations. 

CASA MEXICANA in Frontierland offers, you guessed it, Mexican. But it's 
nothing special and rather bland - use the hot sauce offered on the tables 
for more of a kick. VILLAGE HAUS (Fantasyland) offers microwave-looking 
Pizza and Pasta along with Burgers too. BIG THUNDER BBQ (between 
Fantasyland and Frontierland out back) is one of the best of these types 
of restaurants, offering generous portions of beef, chicken or pork BBQ.

BURGER STANDS (or "Counter Service" restaurants, as DL likes to call 

BEAR RESTAURANT (Critter Country) and the CARNATION PLAZA GARDENS (between 
Frontierland and Fantasyland entrances) all feature the same lump of 
overcooked burger menu. Some offer Chicken sandwiches or strips, and 
sometimes a salad. Deep-fried is the rule here, if the kids must have this 
stuff then proceed at your own risk. Combo meals (where drinks and fries 
are included in one price) are your best values. (A healthier salad bar is 
offered at the Tomorrowland Terrace during limited hours on busy periods.) 


CLARABELLE'S FROZEN YOGURT (ToonTown) usually only offers Chocolate 
and Vanilla. 

HOT DOGS (or Turkey Dogs for the health conscious) are available from 
carts, and some of the Burger Stands all over the park or at COKE CORNER 
(Main St.) and PLUTO'S DOG HOUSE (ToonTown) 

The ROYAL ST. VERANDA (under the balcony of the DISNEY GALLERY - to the 
right of the Pirates entrance), and HARBOUR GALLEY (seasonal, across from 
the Haunted Mansion) offer a very good (and on cold nights - warming) CLAM 
CHOWDER BREAD BOWL. (HARBOUR GALLEY also offers lots of deep-fried 

Frozen Yogurt too wimpy for you? Real ice cream cones are available from 
special windows at the CARNATION PLAZA GARDENS (location above). 

POPCORN is incredibly over-priced at $2 a box, $5 for a infinitesimally 
larger souvenir bucket. If outlying stands are closed, you can always 
count on the one cart in the hub always being open right up until closing. 
Dole Pineapple's TIKI JUICE BAR (in front of the Tiki Room in 
Adventureland) besides offering fresh Pineapple Juice also offers sweet, 
airy and mucho sticky Pineapple Whip. (Yes, some people swear by this 

There is a food cart, that opens later in the day, near the Hunchback area 
WARM CARMEL (my personal sin) are offered here.

You don't have to eat junk, keep an eye out for HEALTHY FOODS -- carts 
full of way overpriced apples, bananas (at a minimum dollar each) and 
bottled water which are available throughout the park. 

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: Kosher meals are available at the PLAZA INN and the 
BLUE BAYOU. Most buffeteria locations will adjust offered meals slightly 
per request.


The CORN DOG Wagon (located at the end of Main St. across from the Baby 
Center) now opens more often, not just on busy days anymore. A large soda 
and a hand-dipped corn dog are expensive, but just absolutely wonderful. 

CHURROS at DL are legendary. (In case you don't know what this is: Think a 
18 in. long skinny warm sugar-dipped doughnut. They are popular in 
Mexico.) Wagons are placed all over the park, with extra ones opened up in 
the evening. (But why don't they offer little cups of Chocolate Frosting 
to dip them in like at WDW?) 

The CANDY PALACE / KITCHEN on Main St. always has something fresh made 
everyday. I just love the freshly dipped CANDY APPLES during the fall 
season, and the CHOCOLATE PECAN TURTLES just can't be beat. The specially 
made items vary by the season. 

Woe to the person who doesn't drool at the thought of an apple custard 
filled FRITTER (a way too-overcooked on the outside and totally raw on the 
inside sugar-covered deep-fried dough-ball) offered either at the ROYAL 
ST. VERANDA (location above), or at the hidden and usually un-crowded MINT 
JULEP BAR behind the FRENCH QUARTER restaurant (facing the Frontierland / 
New Orleans Square train station). 

BEEF JERKY STICKS are now available at many drink stands - try the Cajun / 
Spicy flavor. 


BENGAL BBQ (Adventureland, across from Indy) offers Spicy Beef, Sweet and 
Sour Chicken, Vegetarian, or Bacon-wrapped Asparagus skewers slathered in 
cooking sauces for about 3 bucks each. (TIP: Get a fork - they're hidden 
at the left end of the counter - so you don't make a mess out of yourself 
eating with your hands here. Also, if you are really hungry, order the 
chicken skewers, since they have more on them than the beef ones.) LEOPARD 
TAILS are flat pieces of bread, perfect for sopping up the leftover 
sauces. Walk thru the RIVER BELLE TERRACE next door, over to the 
Frontierland side to find additional seating if all the tables in front of 
Bengal are full up. 


Like the DL management likes to say, "It's only a monorail ride away..." 
As a general rule the Hotel food is a notch or two above the park in 
quality (and in price!). You can get beer & wine, and some locations offer 
liquor with your meals, which some of you may deem VERY important.

GRANVILLIE'S is a good quality steak house with nice decor, and you can 
wear resort clothing too. Very expensive. In the same league across the 
hotel marina are the CALIFORNIA WINE CELLAR (Wine tasting) and for 
seafood, (located right above it) the SHIPYARD INN. 

STROMBOLI'S (with a new menu this year) is a coffee shop type of place 
(featuring Italian food) located next to the steak house that is a notch 
above the MONORAIL CAFE in price and quality. Both have a wide menu to 
choose from, consider the food on a par with Coco's or Marie Callendars. 
Not cheap, but not priced as high as the steak, fish or wine places. 

There are meals at GOOFY'S KITCHEN with Disney costumed characters - fixed 
price buffet style. Food quality is poor - but that's not why you do this, 
you go for the personal attention of the characters and photo opps with 
them. Check the signs outside, or call in advance as to the character 
theme. Sometimes there is an artist outside available to draw caricatures 
of you and yours for a fee. Breakfast and Dinner daily - Lunch is weekends 
and holidays only. 

The NEON CACTUS next door is a bar, with munchies served and snappy Top 40 
style live bands most nights. Daddies appreciate seeing their favorite 
sporting events here on the multiple screens while the kiddies roam the 
park with Mommy. 

THE COFFEE HOUSE has opened near Stromboli's with a small selection of 
baked goods and gourmet coffees. The WHARF ICE CREAM GALLEY offers what it 
says, and there is always a coffee / croissant / sandwich wagon located on 
the lobby side of the Hotel Marina. 

Generally reservations are only required during very busy times at the 
park - but a good idea is to call the morning of your visit and make them 
before or as the park opens. Use the phone numbers listed in the first 
section of this guide to call. Expect a 45 to 60 minute wait during peak 
times such as Sat. night at dinner time.

Now that the DISNEYLAND PACIFIC hotel has joined the DL resort there are 
two restaurants located there that actually have very good food - and are 
very uncrowded for the most part - they are worth visiting even if the 
lines at the DL Hotel eateries are not out of hand. Nearby, they are down 
the walk from the DL Hotel in the main lobby of the DL Pacific.

SUMMERTREE has a regular coffee shop type of menu, and now also hosts a 
character breakfast during peak seasons. But the service is VERY slow. 
PCH (formerly SUMMERTREE) is a traditional Japanese restaurant, which is 
geared to the extensive Japanese tourist group bookings Disney places 
there. I've heard many compliments about this place. 

TIP: If you plan to stop by just to eat (or just shop) at any of the two 
hotel's restaurants (or buy anything at the shops there) and not spend 
time at the park a three hour parking validation is available at any 
restaurant, lounge, or merchandise shop.

section BRING DL HOME for the recipes for the Blue Bayou Monte Cristo 
Sandwich, the Bengal BBQ Spicy Beef Skewers, and where you can buy 
(frozen) the famous DL Churros.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES: For some strange reason, DL has been rather reluctant to 
continue any kind of regular Birthday party situation at either the hotels 
or at the park. After canceling the parties they used to have in the Space 
Place last year they now are offering a limited amount of decoration and 
cakes at locations throughout the resort, which are detailed below:

Goofy's Kitchen Birthday Packages at the Disneyland Hotel:

NOTE: A party here requires purchase of the buffet: 

Breakfast & Lunch: Adults - $13.50, Children (4 - 12) - $8.25, 
Children 3 & under - $3. 
Dinner: Adults - $17.50, Children (4 - 12) - $8.50, 
Children 3 & under - $3. 

and then you ADD $4.00 per person to the prices listed above for the 
following decorations: 

Themes available: Winnie the Pooh and Tigger / Ballerina Minnie / Lion 
King / Cinderella / Mickey & Friends 

This includes: Tablecloth, plates, cups, blowers, hats, candy confetti on 
the table, Mickey Mouse balloons, one souvenir photo with a character and 
a cupcake for the birthday person if no birthday cake is ordered. (See 
below for ordering optional cake.) 

Cake is optional and may be ordered at an additional cost. Figurines to 
decorate cake cost between $3 and $6, in addition to cake price.

6" cake; serves 6-8 people - $12 
10" cake; serves 10-14 - $18 
1/4 sheet cake; serves 20 - $30 
1/2 sheet cake; serves 40 - $45 
Full sheet cake; serves 80 - $85 
10" cheesecake; serves 10-14 - $25 

Birthday parties should be booked at least 24 hours in advance; birthday 
parties with cake orders at least 72 hours in advance.

Blue Bayou and Plaza Inn Restaurants: 

Celebration cakes may be pre-ordered for birthdays or other special 
occasions at the Blue Bayou or the Plaza Inn restaurants in the park. 
Cakes must be ordered in advance and are usually NOT made available on 
Easter, the 4th of July or Christmas Day. Characters are NOT available to 
join groups at the Plaza Inn or Blue Bayou when a celebration cake is 
served. Phone orders only will be accepted for a minimums 3 day (5 
recommended) advanced notice, this IS required. A credit card deposit is 
also required. 

Plaza Inn - Main Street, U.S.A.

Maximum party size: 20 

Reservations available on the hour or half hour between 2 and 4 pm. 
No more than 4 parties may be booked on any one day. Meal purchase NOT 
required. Waitress will serve and cut cake. 

To order: (714) 781-4521 

Blue Bayou - New Orleans Square

No maximum party size; maximum table size: 8. 

Same-day reservations are available at the door, on a limited basis. Meal 
purchase IS required; if no cake only. 

To order: (714) 781-4547 

Prices for Celebration Cakes at both locations: 
9" round Cake; serves 12 people - $30.12 
1/4 sheet Cake; serves 20 people - $40.41 
Prices for cakes include tax and gratuity. 

NOTE: All of the above subject to change and availability.

MONEY SAVING MEAL TIPS: Many D-I-G readers have suggested ways to save 
money eating at DL, Tory Klementsen writes "You might want 
to suggest to people at most eating locations that a dinner of 2 
appetizers can be very filling and inexpensive. My husband and I did this 
and went away quite satisfied. We each ordered 1 appetizer and I think the 
bill came to around $11. There are [also] other ways to enjoy Disney food 
without spending an arm and a leg, if people don't mind sharing meals. The 
meals at the CASA MEXICANA restaurant [in Frontierland] are huge, so we 
would order 1 meal and a side of chips and come away stuffed. Better yet, 
bring your own chips. Despite the warnings, no one ever once asked us 
about the food we brought into the park, although many CM's saw us eating 

About the BLUE BAYOU Loring Fiske-Phillips wrote: "One 
trick is to eat a late lunch. I think they stop serving lunch around 3:30 
or 4 (not sure about this)? This allows for an early dinner at the lower 
lunch prices. Also, if one does go for dinner, the portions are large 
enough to share an entree and just get an extra salad or soup. Once you 
eat several helpings of bread, you aren't really all that hungry anyway. 
And you don't want to carry a doggy bag around DL the rest of the day!" 

Mike Rafeld,, commented: "Although the meals 
inside DL are pricey for sit down, they are also quite generous. I don't 
recall a time when we walked away from a meal hungry...or without leaving 
something on our plates. I would suggest highlighting BIG THUNDER BBQ 
a bit more because this is one of the better food deals in the park. And, 
tucked back behind Fantasyland, the ambiance was quite nice."

Remember, MKC CARDS currently get a 15% discount at the BLUE BAYOU. Also 
10% off on all waiter / buffeteria-type eating places, including the DL 
hotel. Ask for an information card explaining these and other added 
discounts at time of ticket purchase at the entrance ticket booths. 

Also a CHILDREN'S VALUE MEAL has been standardized at almost all 
restaurant locations. Since no one verifies who you are purchasing the 
meal for, you can take advantage of this price to eat a smaller meal 
portion, or just get an inexpensive snack. Ask at your chosen dining 
location for info. 

Be sure to hold on to your coffee cups at DL, all refills are free. 


CARLO PANNO at contributed this wise advice, 
which he originally posted on RAD. It has been revised to reflect current 
street construction around DL.

To those of you who were thinking of making the hazardous jaywalk across 
Harbor Blvd. from the Cast Entrance to the McDonald's at 1500 Harbor - 
FORGET IT. The old warnings about that McDonald's still apply. (It's busy, 
it's filled with other DL refugees, and the jaywalk across Harbor is 
dangerous) Now the DL management has added a new barrier ("The Great Wall 
Of Bambi Section"), a 6-foot chain-link fence that is impassable -- unless 
you have a DL employee ID card to get through the gate, which is secured 
from both sides. [The city of Anaheim has also built a six foot high fence 
now in the median of Harbor Blvd.- eliminating the left-turn lane into the 
Cast Member entrance - to discourage people from running across to 
McDonald's because of the many accidents. - Al]

So now you have to add a one-mile pain-in-the-butt extra walk to get to 
that Big Mac you've been craving all day. Or do you? Of course there are 
alternatives. You gotta eat, and that expensive DL admission left a big 
hole in your wallet where the money was, so here goes: 


There are three exits from the DL parking lot. They all lead to West 
Street. I have given them Disney-type names. Going North to South, the one 
closest to the Park is "Happy," because it connects into the westbound 
Cerritos Avenue (use the center lane for safety), and gets you out of the 
DL area pronto. The one just South of that is "Sleepy," because it heads 
directly into the DL Hotel, and the one South of that is "Grumpy," because 
it leads right into the West Street Construction Zone, and there is a 
mandatory right turn leading you right into the other DL traffic.

So, as you leave the DL parking lot, try to get very close to the Park and 
leave by the "Happy" exit. Take the middle lane, and go west on Cerritos. 
All the directions here have been revised to reflect this. If you wind up 
having to use the other exits, turn right on West and left on Cerritos 
(the signal on the North side of the DL Hotel.) By all means, stay away 
from the corner of Katella Avenue and West Street, where there is serious 
construction going on and often left turns are prohibited. 

(1) From Cerritos, turn right on Walnut Street, right again on Ball Road, 
cross Harbor, go about 2 blocks up, and at Anaheim Blvd., take your pick 
of BURGER KING or EL POLLO LOCO on your right, or MCDONALD'S, KFC, or 
SUBWAY on your left. A 7-ELEVEN is on this corner too. To return to DL, go 
South on Anaheim Blvd., turn right on Freedman Way, and follow Freedman 
Way straight into the DL parking lot.

(2) From Cerritos, turn right on Walnut Street, right again on Ball Road, 
cross Harbor, go about 2 blocks up, and at Anaheim Blvd., turn right. 
There's a FLAKEY JAKE'S on the corner of Anaheim Blvd. And Katella. (Pick 
up a coupon in the Friday Orange County Register first, otherwise it's too 
pricey.) To return to DL, make a right out of the parking lot on Anaheim 
Blvd., turn left on Freedman Way, and follow Freedman Way straight into 
the DL parking lot. 

(3) From Cerritos, turn right on Walnut Street, right again on Ball Road, 
cross Harbor, go about 2 blocks up, and at Anaheim Blvd., turn right. 
After you pass over the freeway, make a left at the intersection (which is 
Freedman Way to the right and Manchester to the left). After you pass 
under Katella, make a quick right into the CARL'S JR., or continue west 
through the parking lot to DEL TACO. To return to DL, retrace your steps 
back to Manchester, turn left, and follow Manchester as it changes into 
Freedman Way and continue straight into the DL parking lot.

(4) From Cerritos, turn left on Walnut Street, then right on Katella: 
there's an excellent JACK-IN-THE-BOX about a mile down the road, on the 
left at 10642 Katella. (Don't miss it, because the street numbers change 
in the next block and you'll get confused.) The Jack's is a franchise and 
they always have specials and give free drink refills, which is rare. 
There is a PIZZA HUT a couple of doors down, too. To return to DL, go back 
on Katella, make a left on Harbor and another left into DL.

(5) From Cerritos, turn right on Walnut Street, right again on Ball Road, 
left on Harbor, about three miles up on the right there's an IN-N-OUT 
BURGER. A true So. Cal. landmark, In-n-Out has been making no-frills 
burgers, shakes, and made-on-the-premises French fries since 1948. A 
family-owned company, they have been slowly and carefully expanding since 
the beginning. All food is prepared to order, so there's a wait, but it's 
worth it. To return to DL, go south on Harbor and turn right into the DL 
parking lot.

(6) If you're tempted by GOOFY'S KITCHEN at the DL Hotel, there's a local 
place that can match it for about half the price. It's called COUNTRY 
HARVEST. From Cerritos, turn left on Walnut Street, right on Katella. It's 
about a mile up Katella on your left, on the southeast corner of Katella 
and Euclid, in the same shopping area as a Food 4 Less grocery store and a 
Sav-On Drug store. (Both of those are good places to stock up on sundries 
if you need 'em and don't want to pay DL prices, by the way.) Nothing 
fancy, just steam-table cuisine with a couple of nice high-tech touches 
(chef-types in the serving area alert the kitchen of dwindling supplies by 
using cordless telephone headsets). Filled with real locals and completely 
self-serve (no smiling CM to refill your drink, but they do a pretty good 
job of taking away the old plates). If you can forego the pleasures of 
dining with the characters you can save a few bucks here. To return to DL, 
go back on Katella, make a left on Harbor and another left into DL.

(7) If you're keen for DENNY'S, go to this one that caters to Anaheim 
locals rather than the tourist Denny's right around DL that sort of skimp 
on the specials and discounts. Take Cerritos straight to Euclid, and make 
a right. About a mile up, on the right is the local Denny's at 210 S. 
Euclid. To return to DL, turn right on Euclid, and then right on Lincoln. 
Take Lincoln to Manchester and turn right (a 45-degree turn) on 
Manchester. Get in the left lane to enter the 5 Freeway. Get on the 
freeway (Really!) and take the Harbor offramp to return to DL. (You now 
know one of the deepest, darkest secrets of the Southland: Freeways are 
not just for long trips. Keep it to yourself.)

(8) If you're feeling adventurous...From Cerritos, turn left on Walnut 
Street. As you approach Katella, get in the center lane and go straight, 
crossing Katella into the pod mall. You will find TACOS MI PUEBLO, which 
is a real-type Mexican restaurant. Small and dingy-looking (until you get 
inside, when you see that it is scrupulously clean) the windows are 
covered with hand-written English and Spanish day-glo signs telling of the 
meal specials available inside. They also hang from the ceiling inside. 
The food may be a little spicy for gringo tastes, but it's very good. (If 
your idea of Mexican food is Taco Bell, get an extra drink. You'll need 
it.) Regular clientele is Spanish-speaking locals and DL CM's (look for 
the telltale DL haircuts). You'll hear a cacophony of spoken Spanish and 
English, and the music comes from a local Spanish-language radio station. 
Chips and a tangy salsa get you started before your food comes up. Beer is 
available. To get back to DL, go back out at the signal the same way you 
came in, go North on Walnut to Ball Road, right on Ball, right on Harbor, 
right at DL main entrance. This route is longer than taking Katella to 
Harbor, but it is less congested and if not faster, it's easier on the 



The best kept DL secret? Where the ATMs are! There are five: 

PARK ENTRANCE: Left of the Main Gate as you face it, just before group 
sales / locker / bathrooms. 

MAIN ST.: "Main St. Bank / Annual Pass Center," between "Mr. Lincoln" and 
the train station.

FRONTIERLAND: In the "fort" entrance look for a sign that says "Paymaster 
/ Telephones."

TOMORROWLAND: Premiere Shop, near CircleVision exit, where the phones are.
FANTASYLAND / TOONTOWN: Between "Meekos" and the bathrooms to the left of 
the "Fantasyland Theater" / ToonTown RR Station. 

WELLS FARGO now runs the machines, and they accept the following ATM 
systems: Cirrus, Interlink, American Express, The Exchange, Plus, Discover 
/ Novus Cash Network and Visa / MasterCards. There is also a sixth ATM and 
an American Express Cash Machine at the DL Hotel Travelport, and a seventh 
ATM at the DL Pacific Hotel near the Ballroom entrance.

The DISNEYLAND TODAY flyer indicates that there is an ATM in the 
Tomorrowland STARCADE, this location is just a card reader in the arcade
change booth that let you punch in your amount wanted, swipe your card and
enter your PIN number, upon which then the attendant cashier hands you 
your cash.

A check for $20 may also be cashed at the Arcade if necessary. Checks are 
accepted for amount of purchase in any of the shops. They ask for a 
Driver's License or Passport, and a credit card. If you have no credit 
card, they will call in your check for verification, which takes a few 

SHOPPING: Try to shop early in the day as it gets only gets crazier as the 
day goes on. Sometimes this can mean that items you want may run out, and 
due to crowds and time constraints, may not be restocked until the next 
day. As a rule, the shops on Main St. remain open anywhere from 30 to 60 
min. past official closing time.

NOTE: DL sometimes cuts back on shop staff and operating hours for some of 
the smaller outlying locations throughout the park, if you see a favorite 
item anywhere in a small shop that you may come back for later, take a 
moment to ask what time the shop closes so that you don't miss out.

TIP: Don't lug all those goodies you bought all day long all around the 
park, use the complimentary package pick-up instead. At time of purchase 
you'll be given a claim stub, which after allowing a few hours for 
delivery, lets you pick up everything on the way out at a special stand 
just outside the exit gate to your right as you walk through. Be sure to 
take into account that it may take a few hours to get your packages to 
this location. (And sometimes this pick-up location opens late, you may 
want to ask about this if you need to leave DL early.) DL Hotel and DL 
Pacific guests may have purchases delivered directly to their rooms.

All purchases may also be shipped anywhere you wish, with very reasonable 
shipping and handling fees. (Nothing makes a gift more special than 
arriving in a box from DL!) But try and do this in the early morning when 
the shops are less crowded. Most CMs are NOT very well trained in this 
procedure, (usually having to call a supervisor for assistance) and the 
glares you get from others waiting in line behind you when the shops are 
overwhelmed can ruin your day.

Many DL shops now have a special rack or area devoted to discounted 
slower-selling or slightly shopworn merchandise. Look in the back corners 
for signs pointing out these markdowns such as DONALD'S DEALS or GALACTIC

At the DL HOTEL DL often takes over the SEAPORTS OF THE PACIFIC shop and
turns it into a clearance center. BALOO'S BARGAINS, as it's currently 
known, is filled to the brim with Hunchback overstock at 50% off right 

TIP: Another location you might want to visit to save big bucks on Disney 
merchandise is the WAL-MART on Euclid Ave. in the ANAHEIM PLAZA SHOPPING 
CENTER, about a mile or so north of DL on I-5, just before the 91 Fwy. 
Right as you walk into the store is a giant Mickey & Co. section, with 
lots of merchandise and apparel at absolute rock-bottom prices. Check out 
the music and video section in the back of the store too, featuring a 
complete selection of Disney videos, many even available in Spanish 
versions. Lots of the Disney toys you see in the park are also available 
in the toy department.

There is also a good-sized TOYS 'R' US about a mile or two south of DL 
right on Harbor Blvd. 

  ---- END [FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide 5/7 ----

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