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[FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide 3/7

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Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California

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Archive-name: disney-faq/disneyland/part3
Last-modified: June 1, 1997
Posting-frequency: Monthly
Keywords: Disneyland, amusement-park, Disney, FAQ, California

This document is copyright (c) 1997 by Al Lutz,  Please 
refer to the copyright paragraph in Part One for details.

Janna Nichols also answered on RAD.parks a posting about 
taking your children in the off-season to avoid the heat and crowds of 
summer. Basically the original question was "What do you do about taking 
your kids out of school for a week (or whatever)?" Here's the nuggets of 
wisdom she offered:

"Ah, I feel qualified to answer this one! I have four children, one in 
High School, one in Junior High, and two in Elementary School. Taking your 
kids out of school takes planning, but it can be done. 

We have taken our children out of school almost every year for either a 
WDW or a DL trip. There have never been any problems with the kids' 
teachers or school administrators (although I thought there would be!) 
until this High School. Some classes just get too intense to be 
able to miss them at this level. We also noticed our Junior High son had 
some trouble catching up after we came back this year. 

So, I think our days of taking the older ones out, are gone, sad to say. 
However, I do not hesitate to still take the ones in Elementary school 
out. We have NEVER had problems with that. Tips: 

- Notify teachers about 2 weeks ahead of time. Arrange for your child(ren) 
to start their makeup work BEFORE the trip. Coming home to piles of work 
isn't too fun. 

- Try not to tell your child(ren) about the trip until about a week ahead 
of time. If you do, the time they spend in school, before the trip is shot 
since they are so excited! :( 

- Insist that your child do work (if they have it) on the plane/in the car 
going *TO* WDW or DL. Once you are there, not much will get accomplished! 
(at least we found that to be true of our kids) They just cant seem to 
concentrate when on a Disney vacation! 

- If your trip is planned to WDW, go heavy on the emphasis (when teachers 
ask where you are going) that you are going to EPCOT! (oh, and I guess we 
will visit the rest of WDW while we are there, too.) *smirk!* 

- Our kids teachers have had them all keep journals, and got credit for 
that also. Sometimes the kids have had to give a brief presentation to the 
class of things they learned there, so 'educational chatter' between 
parent and child is a good idea... so they can be prepared to tell what 
they have seen and done, above and beyond what rides they went on. :) 
Hope some of this is useful! 

Thank you Janna, who by the way is proud owner of three FDC titles: FDC 
Rolly, FDCMuck Rolly, and infamous FDC Churro Cart Vendor.

ARRIVE EARLY: Try to get there an hour before the park's announced opening 
time. On busy days (weekends / holidays / Summer) DL may open anywhere 
from 60 to 30 minutes early. (Sometimes Main St. is opened to absorb 
crowds until the official opening time too - a great time to get a cup of 
coffee or a muffin if you need one.) If you are staying at the the DL 
Hotel or on a Walt Disney Travel Co. package at a another local hotel, 
inquire about the early entry "Magic Morning" that may be available to 
you. The park gets its greatest influx of crowds in the hour just before 
and just after 12 noon. Getting there early also benefits you since you 
will be parked closer to the entrance gates.

They've added a new "parking lot finder" to the kiosks that normally 
feature the movie posters at each side of the gate - each section of the 
parking lot that was utilized that day is shown on a plexiglass map, and 
the arrival times for the cars in that area are written in with grease 
pencil. By remembering what time you came into the lot - you should be 
able to locate the parking section you were placed in.

USE DISNEYLAND TODAY: This full color combined attractions map / show 
schedule will help keep you on track all day. It's available to you as you 
enter thru the turnstile. Don't lose it! If you do, copies are available 
at City Hall on Main St., and from some of the shops and Cast Members 
(CM's for short) roaming the park. Also keep your ears open for the P.A. 
around Main St. if they make any added show / event announcements as 
sometimes this happens when crowds exceed estimates.

TIP: Just like in Florida, on busy days DL now maintains a board in the 
hub area (across from the Plaza Pavilion restaurant between Main St. and 
Adventureland) detailing wait times for all the most popular attractions. 
Updated every 30 minutes by a host with a walkie-talkie this is a great 
way to keep track of shorter lines as they pop-up during the day in the 
park. The person manning this board also has extra show guides (even in 
other languages) available for the asking. Keep checking the postings here 
so you can plan for minimal wait times.

SPACE) EARLY and then popular rides like PIRATES only if the lines are 
short. Lines only grow longer for the mountain range as the day goes on. 
If you are nimble, you can do most of them before 11 AM. The longest lines 
now are for the new INDY ride, and after that SPLASH MTN.. Working it this 
way allows you to see those smaller, quieter, and less crowded rides & 
attractions (like CIRCLEVISION) where you can rrelax, from noon on, when 
theheat, lines and crowds are at their peak. 

RIDE LATE: It's a well known fact that your eyes tend to close up with 
bright sunlight. Waiting until nightfall to ride INDY, PIRATES, HAUNTED 
MANSION, SPLASH MTN. and IT'S A SMALL WORLD reveals more detail in these 
dimly lit attractions. BIG THUNDER MTN. and the MATTERHORN at night make 
it hard to see where you are going on these coasters, increasing the 
thrill. THE SPIRIT OF POCAHONTAS show at the Fantasyland Theater, 
showcases terrific theatrical lighting effects best after dark.

TIP: Save STAR TOURS for the end of your day. For some reason, (Efficient 
loading? The thrill has worn off?) this line ALWAYS diminishes as the 
evening goes on. If the line ends right at, or inside the entrance door, 
you have about a 20 minute wait, perfect for taking in all the detail in 
the pre-show area. This evening line "wind-down" also applies to INDY, 
DARING JOURNEY and most of ToonTown's attractions, probably because the 
younger set goes home early.

AVOID the first performances of any shows or parades, as they are the most 
heavily attended. AVOID the Frontierland / New Orleans Square train 
station as it is always the most crowded, with the Tomorrowland station 
coming in second. (The ToonTown station is the least crowded.) 

TIP: Want to ride the Monorail and avoid a long line? Exit the park (after 
getting your hand stamped of course), and take the shuttle tram over to 
the DL Hotel. After visiting the hotel, you can board the monorail there 
to return to Tomorrowland. You'll miss the trip over the parking lot (big 
deal), but you'll still get to sight-see from the winding track inside the 
park. (If the line to board DOES gets long at the hotel, you'll still get 
to wait in the shade, which you can't do in the park.) 

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Anyone can ride the monorail round-trip at the hotel 
for $3 - without having to buy a Park admission. It's a nice way to peek 
into DL without having to pay for the whole day. Tickets are sold only at 
the hotel ticket booths.

TIP: If you need a cocktail, (and few don't after a day full of kamikaze 
strollers and screaming kids) the Hotels are the only place that offer 
them. (Not cheap.) 

A GOOD PLAN OF ATTACK: When the park opens- AVOID Indy first, because 
almost everyone makes a bee-line for it, and since it usually is open for 
the Magic Morning crowd it already has a line when the park opens to the 
general public. If you wait to ride during a parade or just before 
closing, that's when they usually post a 90 minute or less wait time, 
which usually means an actual 50 minute wait. The only day this may not 
work is on an off season Fri. when the park opens late into the evening - 
since most arrivals on that day hit the park after 2 PM, and the line only 
begins to grow until closing.

The plan: If you want to reserve the FANTASMIC! Dessert Buffet go to the 
Disney Gallery first then - 1) Head over and ride SPLASH MTN., (You should 
make your BLUE BAYOU reservation on the way over or back), 2) Ride 
"Pirates," 3) Ride "Big Thunder Mtn.," 4) Do the HAUNTED MANSION, 5) Head 
over to TOONTOWN and ride ROGER RABBIT'S CAR-TOON SPIN, and possibly do 
the MATTERHORN either on the way there or back. That should complete your 
morning. Save INDY and STAR TOURS for dinner time or during a show or 
parade. (Keep parade and show times in mind while making reservations so 
you won't miss anything.) 

Don't be afraid to keep checking lines all day either as most times 
parades or shows draw off enough guests to allow lines to shorten. The 
ONLY rides guaranteed to have a long line ANYTIME you try to go are: PETER 
PAN (It's my favorite too...), MR. TOAD, DUMBO, INDY, ROGER RABBIT, 

down at up to a 45 minute busy day wait for a 50 second load/ride cycle. 
Second longest line is the ANNUAL PASSHOLDER renewal line at the Bank of 
Main St. ;)

everybody gets so involved in the show the ride sits empty.


CATCHING MICKEY: Want a photo with the head cheese himself and don't want 
to crawl over acres of strollers and fight camcorder-crazy parents to get 
to him? Head over to Mickey's ToonTown in the evening hours when the 
crowds thin out and visit Mickey's house. At the end (after watching a few 
cartoon trailers) you will be ushered into a room as a small group and get 
a chance to meet and take photos with Mickey. A CM there will gladly help 
with your camera so you can all get in the shot. So civilized. 

There are four Mickeys actually, in four different outfits and "movie set" 
THE MIRROR. Three of the rooms are hidden behind movable shelves full of 
film cans before you enter, so you don't get to choose since not all 
Mickeys may be available at the time of your visit. Collect them all! 

(Mickey also appears for up close photos on Main St. near the Opera House, 
and from a distance climbing the MATTERHORN on weekends and during the 
summer just before he appears in the parade, and in the FANTASMIC! show.) 

NEW MICKEY & ME, POOH & PRINCESS PHOTOS: Photos with Mickey may also be 
taken for you by a DL photographer when you visit Mickey in his house, 
Pooh over in CRITTER COUNTRY, or any of the other character locations set 
up throughout the park. (Check your Disneyland Today hand out for a 
complete listing.)

They are developed while you enjoy the rest of your day at DL and then 
may picked up as you exit the park at the souvenir stand next to the 
Bank of Main St.  Ask the CM attending to your visit with Mickey for
details, prices run $10 for a 5x7" or $15 for an 8x10" photo. 

NICK MORGAN contributed the following terrific advice about photos:
"When you get character photos done by the DL folks, it is a better deal 
to buy BOTH of the pre-packages photos. It is only $20 + tax for both the 
8x10 and 5x7. But if you only want one of those, the prices you list are 
correct. You might want to recommend these to people. They always turn 
out better than pics taken by the guests, and they are embossed with a DL 
seal (ours had a seal of the castle, with "Spring 97" under it)."

You are not obligated to purchase the photos if you don't like them - 
and if you wish you may try several visits and then choose between the 
different shots before you leave DL for good, as they are kept on file 
for a few days. (Un-sold photos are recycled.) 

CHARACTER PHOTOS: There several areas during the day where you can 
almost always count on finding Characters to take photos with: 


  2) The area around the hub from Main St. to the 
     TOMORROWLAND entrance.


  4) FANTASYLAND (Princesses in the Castle courtyard).

  5) FRONTIERLAND (Chip, Dale & Goofy in front of the Riverboat

  6) CRITTER COUNTRY (Pooh & Friends).

  7) BIG THUNDER RANCH (Hunchback).

All locations will usually be totally mobbed, with characters clearing 
out just before parades to avoid congestion. At night you will usually 
only find characters available at the first three listed locations.

ALSO: Deactivated AUTOPIA cars are placed outside of the Autopia queues
for photo opps. If those cars are too modern for you, a MR. TOAD ride 
unit is now parked outside of his attraction for photos - nice! A DUMBO
ride unit is placed behind the ride for photos also. There is a 
POCAHONTAS photo area near the Fantasyland Stage. 

CHARACTERS TODAY is a new section that has been added to the DISNEYLAND
TODAY brochure given to you when you enter the park. Be sure to take a
look at it for details as to where and when specific favorites may be 
located in the park at that day. A nice new addition! 

CHARACTER MEALS, (at the park and hotels) where you can meet, greet and
take photos are detailed in the MEALS section of this guide. 



INDY is DL's newest thrill ride. If you can imagine the STAR TOURS 
simulator technology built into a jeep and driving you along inside of a 
detailed Pirates-type of attraction at bumpy MATTERHORN speed, then you'll 
have a pretty good idea of what all the excitement is about. You'll even 
be amazed at the work they put in the line, since you will be walking 
through a queue with extremely detailed movie-type settings and a few 
interactive elements throughout. (There are even booby-traps that can set 
off by touching or grabbing things that signs tell you not to.) Ride 
sponsor AT&T no longer provides everyone with a souvenir wallet card at 
the entrance to keep you busy decoding all the wall writings and carvings. 
So see the section BRING DL HOME for details on getting the Mara font for 
your own computer so you can create your own decoder, or check the web 
edition of this guide for a version you can print out.

When you reach the massive high-ceiling boarding area, you'll load onto a 
Jeep-like military Hummer-type 12 passenger "troop transport" which takes 
you inside an ancient jungle temple, where you are warned NOT to look into 
the eyes of the goddess Mara. Since of course it is impossible for anyone 
to avoid this due to those clever Imagineers' design, all hell breaks 
loose as the goddess wreaks all sorts of havoc making for a very wild, 
almost brutal, chase inside the temple. (Although it only supposedly 
travels at 12 MPH, the stunning hydraulic effects help to simulate speeds 
of up to 60 MPH.) BEWARE - this is the most turbulent ride Disney has ever 
created, it can make STAR TOURS and the MATTERHORN seem very tame. If you 
have back or neck problems, stay away, it's merciless.

Notably this is also the first time an amusement park ride has been 
programmed like a video game, with many event variations. You'll drive 
each time through one of three different doors, and each vehicle has then 
also been programmed to move and react differently in where and how it 
delays, stalls, bucks or turns over the same track in the three-and-a-half 
minute ride. Even Indy himself will have one of several different things 
to say to you each of the times you see him. There really are some great 
illusions here, (if you're not just holding on for dear life) and for the 
first time this ride also lets you actually FEEL some of those special 
effects that up until now have only been seen on the big screen. This is 
simply an amazing new ride experience. Whatever you do at DL, don't miss 

Even with a top loading speed of about 2400 people an hour (more than 
"Pirates"), this ride gets quickly swamped with huge lines in the 
mornings. It is best to AVOID this attraction first thing in the day - and 
use the time to ride all the other empty attractions in that area of the 
park. Save riding Indy for the lull that comes during parade or show 
times, or even better yet, just before the park closes. Thankfully the 
line moves quickly, so you won't have time to get bored. (Currently during 
peak times the line starts thru the middle of Frontierland, snakes and 
then wraps back and forth on the hub between Adventureland and 
Frontierland, wraps a couple of times again in the entrance to 
Adventureland across from the Tiki Room, snakes through and wraps in 
Adventureland -- with moderated breaks to allow "Fantasmic!" and other 
crowds through -- and finally, but not always, into its own proper waiting 
area in front of the temple.)

TIP: Keep in mind that because this ride is still new, you can expect 
breakdowns (of about 20 to 30 minutes - this has been improving lately). 
Best advice here is to keep waiting, since they are up and running very 
quickly for the most part. Also they are posting much longer waiting times 
in order to keep crowds short, sometimes estimating waits 30 minutes 
longer than they actually take. If you see a 90 minute wait time 
scheduled, go for it, it will be about an hour.

     16) SHOWS

FANTASMIC!  This is simply one of the most dazzling shows DL has ever 
produced. It's huge, (with a cast of over 50, and a support staff of over 
150) and bone-rattling loud in its use of special effects. In a word, it's 
22 minutes of WOW! I won't spoil it for you by telling you any more. Keep 
in mind that the first show is ALWAYS over-crowded, with some silly souls 
staking out seats at 5 PM for a 9 PM show. (Most people will end their DL 
day after this performance, which is why you should do all of the 
attractions in the Adventureland / Frontierland / New Orleans Square / 
Critter Country part of the park early in the day to avoid this mess.) The 
first show is also the one most prone to glitches, i.e. effects not 
working, fireworks not lighting, boats missing cues, etc. (complex is the 
operative word here). Usually problems are fixed by the following show. It 
will be canceled if winds are high or if it rains, listen for 
announcements at river's edge during these kind of conditions. 

TIP: In order to get the best seating location, plan to see the final show 
of the night. The first wave of humanity has left by then, which makes 
access much easier. Arrive at the edge of the "Rivers of America" in 
Frontierland / New Orleans Square just as the preceding performance is 
ending, and as the crowds move out, you move in. If you are visiting the 
park with a group, you may want to send one member ahead in the middle of 
the preceding performance to stake out spots as it ends, and that way the 
show won't be spoiled for you. (In the Summer & holiday seasons, this can 
be tough, since prime seats are claimed right away.) Crowds between shows 
are usually routed out like cattle through Adventureland, and herded in 
through Frontierland. (You can also take the train from Main St. to the 
Frontierland station / New Orleans Square station to avoid crowds by 
entering the back way, just plan enough time to do so.)

The "sweet spot" for both sound and visuals is located at the river's edge 
facing the shack on Tom Sawyer's Island. You'll sit on the cobblestones 
around where a metal manhole cover is, between the river and wall. (Avoid 
sitting right on the metal cover, it's COLD!) Find it by looking for three 
tall hydraulic light towers, (which are hidden underground during the day) 
and heading for the center one, which is across from the "Pirates" 
entrance / bridge, on the second walkway tier above the river. (This tower 
is different from the others in that it has a control panel with tech 
people right at the base.)

This area can also be located by looking for the "Kodak Photo Spot" sign 
on the river's edge, and then sitting to the RIGHT between the next two 
light posts, as you face the island. Despite what the announcer says, 
unless it's windy, you won't get wet. (TIP: Make a mental note of where 
this location is early in the day by finding it ahead of time so you know 
right where to go.) When the show ends, stay put, listen to the three 
minutes of much-too-hyper exit music and wait till the crowds die down. 
Afterwards you can move easily to your next destination. You can watch the 
performance from other locations, but you may have to stand for the entire 
thing, and / or the view may be partially obstructed. (Don't you hate it 
when people put kids on their shoulders blocking the view?) Also, all show 
action is timed to take place right at stage center. where the effects can 
literally envelope you, making this a much better experience. Is any show 
worth all this hassle? (And writing about??) Like Ursula from "The Little 
Mermaid" says during the performance, "Just do it!" You won't regret it.

TIP: If you feel like being pampered, and are willing to pay for the 
privilege, the Disney Gallery above "Pirates" hosts a FANTASMIC VIEWING 
DESSERT BUFFET in the balcony at each performance. You and 14 other guests 
get reserved seats, and all-you-can-eat desserts including wicked 
cheesecakes and wonderful coffees while being waited on hand and foot by 
terrific CMs. The view is spectacular, and it's relaxed and un-crowded. 
Just before show time you are handed a small little program / keepsake. 

The big advantage here is that you can arrive at about 20 to 30 minutes 
before show time and not tie-up your whole evening. It's as expensive as 
admission to the park, but if you want to really live it up, short of 
being a Club 33 member, there's really nothing quite like it at DL. 

Keep in mind the limited seating ensures this always sells out, and if 
Disney is hosting VIPs in the park, the first performance will be reserved 
for them. Attending the first performance will also get you the bonus of 
seeing the fireworks / light show (if performed) from this location. Look 
in section ENTERTAINMENT & EVENTS for details on cost and how to book your 


LIGHT MAGIC is, sadly, a poorly conceived follow-up to the MAIN STREET 
ELECTRICAL PARADE - without an ounce of story or heart. Add to this a 
typical, non-stop Disney saturation Summer marketing campaign [pulling in 
large attendance numbers] and you can begin to understand how this may 
turn into one of the most difficult, uncomfortable, and unsatisfying 
entertainment experiences you may ever encounter at a Disney park.

Although it utilizes the parade route to shuttle stage units to and from 
performance areas, Light Magic not a parade, it's actually a fourteen-
minute show. The basic set-up consists of a series of massive moveable 
stages with screens, at first there are three, and then later there are 
four units, which provide a backdrop for the step-dancing pixie 

There are two performance areas for this show: The first utilizes three of 
the units in the area along the walkway from SMALL WORLD down to where the 
STORYBOOK RIDE is. After the show is completed there, [and presumably 
while summer fireworks are in progress] the stages will then be joined by 
a fourth unit, and roll on down to the walkway behind the MATTERHORN where 
the performers will get back into position.

Then all four units will head down the parade route to MAIN ST. 
[positioned from roughly the HUB down to TOWN SQUARE but not including 
either the hub or the plaza areas themselves] for a performance down the 
length of the street. There are four shows each evening, each location 
gets two performances, the order being reversed for the second set of 

The mostly dark purple units are completely wired with fiber optic 
technology, which flashes lights in tandem to the music, projections and 
other exterior computerized lighting effects. The main musical theme and 
connecting scoring is new, [think Riverdance meets Yanni] yet it still 
[like FANTASMIC!] runs though many old Disney favorites, even including a 
short segment near the end in tribute to the old ELECTRICAL PARADE.

Note: On May 13th at an extra admission fee party for Annual Passholders 
DL presented a "dress rehearsal" [despite selling the event as a 
"premiere"] and what was shown quite frankly disillusioned a whole heck of 
a lot of people. Many knew after all the hype this new show was going to 
have a hard time living up to it. But afterwards one of the longest lines 
ever at the park was at City Hall for refunds, which were given no 
questions asked. It was, needless to say, a disheartening event.

Now that the show has begun regular performances and I've had to chance to 
see this a few times, I still would NOT RECOMMEND it, especially if your 
time at the park is limited. Take advantage of shorter lines at the major 
attractions during the lull created by this show in other areas of the 
park, or see any of the more enjoyable other shows. You won't regret this 

In case you still wish to see this, (hey folks buy videos of car accidents 
don't they?) there are a few things you need to start taking into account 
if you are going to try and brave the poorly managed crowds seeing this 
show during this debut season.

First of all, keep in mind the stages have been poorly designed for clear 
sight lines and require you to face them almost dead center and head on to 
see the short projected show segment. (This is the first time that curb 
seating on Main St. will be the worst seat in the house due to the size of 
the units, the further back you are, the better the view of the show will 
be for you.)

Second of all, the audience capacity of LIGHT MAGIC at each of its 
locations is about half to two-thirds of what a typical FANATASMIC! 
Performance can accommodate. This is all on top this show being presented 
in the two most traditionally bottlenecked areas of the park, MAIN ST. and 
FANTASYLAND. So do try to plan to arrive at either area about 90 to 120 
minutes ahead of time for the first shows. [20 minutes ahead of time for 
the second shows.]

The SMALL WORLD location won't have the surrounding effects in the same 
quantity or quality that the MAIN ST. area will, but it does allow 
slightly clearer sight lines due to the tiered viewing areas surrounding 
the stages, similar to Fantasmic.

Best viewing areas on MAIN ST. that will keep you at the edge of the 
crowds and away from the hard to exit parts of the street:

1] Just in front of either the Candy Store or the China Closet stores. 

2] Grabbing a table at either the PLAZA PAVILION or PLAZA INN buffeterias. 

Either location that you choose should have a clear view of the entry of 
the other one so you can see the projection screen.

Best viewing area on SMALL WORLD WAY that will center you to the show is:
Either in front of or directly across from the newly built central 
projection tower. Located across the water from the FANTASIA GARDENS (the 

If you're planning your first visit to the park in a long time, I 
recommend that you AVOID this new show for now. It will change come next 
year and anything they do to it will make for a much better experience. If 
you haven't seen the superior FANTASMIC, this is your chance to enjoy a 
much less hectic presentation of it. 

"Gosh Al" you may be saying to yourself "you sound awfully bummed about 
this new show. What happened?" All I can say is that Disney has really 
dropped the ball big time on this. I cannot dissuade you enough from 
seeing it in this summer's incarnation of it.

JOHN FROST posted his own extensive guide to the show 
online in the Disney Usenet Newsgroups, and at his Harbor Club 1313 
website, he offers some terrific detailed advice, much more than I can 
possibly squeeze into this guide: 

A personal note here... Unlike FANTASMIC, whose myriad workings are 
carefully hidden away around the RIVERS OF AMERICA during the day, LIGHT 
MAGIC'S towers and light poles stick out like sore thumbs along the SMALL 
WORLD promenade and also above the MAIN ST. buildings and around the 
central hub area.

This is the first time at DL where a show like this has been wedged in 
without trying to blend or hide it into the surroundings in order to save 
a buck. It's a sad legacy bequeathed the park under the current 
management. Let's hope after a year or so that they rectify this and re-
theme the show areas as was done with FANTASMIC after its initial run.

  ----- END [FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide 3/7 -----

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