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PDP-8 Frequently Asked Questions (posted every other month)

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Frequently Asked Questions about the DEC PDP-8 computer.

	By Douglas Jones,
	(with help from many folks)

Reasonably current versions of this file is available by anonymous FTP from:

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for the World Wide Web are available from:

An obsolete version of this file is available on the Walnut Creek USENET
FAQ CDROM; another version will be published as part of the FAQbook by
Pamela Greene et al.

This posting conforms to RFC1153 USENET digest format (with exceptions due
to the fact that it is not really a digest).


	What is a PDP?
	What is a PDP-8?
	What is the PDP-8 instruction set?
	What does PDP-8 assembly language look like?
	What character sets does the PDP-8 support?
	What different PDP-8 models were made?
	What about the LINC-8 and PDP-12?
	Where can I get a PDP-8 today?
	Where can I get PDP-8 documentation?
	What operating systems were written for the PDP-8?
	What programming languages were supported on the PDP-8?
	Where can I get PDP-8 software?
	Where can I get additional information?
	What use is a PDP-8 today?
	Who's Who?

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