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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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4JAYS   (Jay Colen)                                                    9/04
519 W 4th St
Antioch CA 94509-1246 
Shop Phone: 925-777-1160
Store Hours: Tuesday thru Friday 12-6pm - Saturday 11-5pm
  Vendor: new and used hardware and commercial software

8-Bit Classics  (Mr. Corey Koltz)                                      4/06
302 W Dewey St
Cassville WI 53806-9733
Phone: 608-725-2137
  Vendor: new and used hardware and commercial software

A-ONE Online Magazine                                                  2/07
  See: Dana P. Jacobson

ABBUC HAR -- Hannoverschen ABBUC Regionalgruppe                        2/07
  Vendor: XF351 Upgrade-Kit includes Floppy + Cable + EPROM + Bootdisc,
Used Atari 800 XL PAL, Speedy1050 TDS. Not all items online available--
Ask for more information. Additionally vendor of:
- all items from Frank Heuser Shop
- all items from Wolfram Fischer
Special lower prices for ABBUC members available.
ABBUC Regionalgruppe Frankfurt / Main (RAF)                            5/07
Dillenburgerstrabe 61
60439 Frankfurt / Main
  Vendor: MultiJoy8 cable and adapter
  Developer: SIO2PC, Network Interface, 2 computer interface (automatic
2 computer switch for use the same peripherie), Schaltnetzteil
(Power supply), 8 channel digital voltmeter, SIO2USB

Advantage Web Solutions & Computer Services  (Jim Mason)               7/04
PO Box 561
Mason City IA 50402-0561
  Developer: The Atari Weather Station -- build your own dedicated
temperature monitoring station using simple thermisters and the provided
software. Also available: source code listing, temperature data aggregation

Alhart Enterprises Presents (AEP)                                      8/06
c/o Paul V. Alhart
524 N Z St
Lompoc CA 93436-5019
tel: (805) 736-4624
"encoded" email: OOOp.alhartOOO@OOOverizonOOO.OOOnetOOO
  Vendor: used hardware--mainly reconditioned disk drives: 810 (no case),
810 w/case, 810 w/Archiver, 1050, Rana 1000, 1050 w/doubler, Indus GT
  Developer: AtariWriter+ Companion (disk), AtariWriter+ Companion II (disk),
StarStuffer (disk), Search System II (disk), Atari BASIC Enhancements (disk),
8-bit TTL Logic Analyzer (disk), MagicCalc (disk), Games disk:
Jacks Cargoship + Light Pen/(Light Gun) Tic-Tac-Toe (disk).
  Publisher: RANA Repair Guide (book) - US$12
  Repair shop: Atari disk drives

Altronic E.I.R.L.                                                      6/04
Bolognesi 952
Callao 2
tel: (51)(1) 429-4298
  Repair Shop.

Alltronics                                                             8/05
PO Box 730
Morgan Hill CA 95038-0730 
Phone: 408.778.3868     Hours: 10am to 4pm Monday - Friday
Fax: 408.779.2608
  Vendor: Atari CX85 Numerical Keypad, Blaster! Auto Fire Module,
TV/Computer Switch

Ambery                                                                 9/08
12335 Denholm Dr Ste E
El Monte CA 91732-3654
tel: 626-350-8956 or 626-698-6739 Mon ~ Fri (10:00AM to 4:00PM PST)
FAX: 626-771-0060
  Developer: various Video to VGA/RGBHV converter scalers, see Connect your Atari to your PC monitor!

Art Transfair Berlin    (Andre Motzkus)                                2/07
Brunsbuetteler Damm 223d
13581 Berlin
  Vendor: Computer, expansion, Floppy, memory-upgrades up to 16 mb,
Audio A/D changer, additional many other Atari items (16/32/64bit).
Special lower prices for ABBUC members.

Atari800 Development Team                                              4/09
  See also: Mark Grebe
  See also: Christian Groessler
  See also: Piotr Fusik
  See also: Kostas Nakos
  See also: Vasyl Tsvirkunov
  See also: Ludovic Jacomme
Petr Stehlik (maintainer), Troy Ayers (Playstation 2), Michael Borisov (POKEY
sound), Piotr Fusik (core developer), Mark Grebe (Mac OSX), Christian
Groessler (Sega Dreamcast), Perry McFarlane (cycle-exact ANTIC and GTIA),
Kostas Nakos (Windows CE), Krzysztof Nikiel (Win32), Jacek Poplawski (SDL),
Vasyl Tsvirkunov (Windows CE), James Wilkinson (DOS, BeOS, Win32),
Ludovic Jacomme (PSP) or
 Developer: Atari800 v2.1.0 - an Atari 400, 800, 600XL, 800XL, 130XE
and 5200 emulator for Unix, Linux, Win32, Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari TT/Falcon,
BeOS, WinCE, Mac OSX, Playstation 2 and other systems

Atari8Warez  (Ray)                                                    10/07
Toronto, Ontario
  Developer: SIO2PC serial interface cable,
10502PC / ProSystem Serial Interface cable

AtariAge  (Albert Yarusso, Alex Bilstein)                              4/06
PO Box 27217
Austin TX 78755-2217
  Vendor: new hardware (includes homebrew project supplies by Pixels Past)
  Developer: Beef Drop cartridge (by Ken Siders)  (Kevin Savetz)                                      6/05
  Vendor: exclusive software downloads: Simax Video Signmaker, Simax
Picture Disks; SCREENS by Joseph J. Wrobel; Slime, Fort Apocalypse, and
Dimension X by Steve Hales; Chicken, Nautilus, Protector II, and Shadow World
by Mike Potter; Dragon's TAIL (Toolkit And Integrated Library) by Ed
Churnside; Shark and OS/II by Matthew Stepka; Atari Program Exchange (APX)
titles: Lemonade, Preschool Games, Reversi, Newspaper Route Management
Program, Alien Egg, Sultan's Palace, Extended fig-FORTH, Supersort,
Lookahead, Dice Poker, Babel, Domination, Decision Maker, Terry, Eastern
Front (1941), Wizard's Revenge, Mapware, Diskette Librarian, Chameleon CRT
Terminal Emulator, Data Management System, Instedit, Pro Bowling, Downhill,
Blackjack Casino, DSEMBLER, T: A Text Display Device, Dog Daze, Memory Match,
Attank!, Insomnia (A Sound Editor), Astrology, Weekly Planner, Family Cash
Flow, Mathemetic-Tac-Toe, Ultimate Renumber Utility, Stereo 3-D Graphics
Package, Solitaire, Source Code For Eastern Front (1941), Letterman,
Number Blast, Advanced Musicsystem, Isopleth Map-Making Package, Keypad
Controller, Family Budget, Speed-O-Disk, Starware, Instedit - Microsoft
BASIC version, Midas Touch, Seven Card Stud, Rabbotz, Algicalc, Polycalc,
Family Vehicle Expense, Frogmaster, Galahad And The Holy Grail, Cribbage,
Mantis Boot Tape Development System, Math*UFO, Easygrader, Snark Hunt,
Calculus Demon, Mankala, Monkey Up A Tree, Deep Blue C Compiler, Game Show,
Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis, Diskmenu, Quarxon, Yahtman, Microsailing,
BASIC/XA, Melt-Down, Deep Blue Secrets, Magic Melody Box, I'm Different!,
Air Raid!, Catterpiggle, Getaway!, Punctuation Put-On, Drawit, Dandy,
Home Inventory, Circuit Lab, Bootleg, Smasher, Moon Marauder, Puzzler,
Ringmaster, Excalibur, Cartoonist, Bellum, Mastermatch, Weakon, Dog Daze
Deluxe, Dragon's Quest or a Twist in the Tail, Character Fun, Bumpomov's
Dogs, De Re Atari, Envision, Gossip, Erg
  Publisher: authorized online editions of books: Digital Deli, Best of
Creative Computing volumes 1-3, Machine Language For Beginners, Second Book
of Machine Language, Mapping the Atari, Master Memory Map for the Atari,
De Re Atari, Atari Roots, Assembly Language Programming for the Atari
Computers, Atari Graphics and Arcade Game Design, Atari Player-Missile
Graphics in BASIC, Compute!'s First Book of Atari Graphics, Compute!'s Second
Book of Atari Graphics, Compute!'s First Book of Atari, Compute!'s Second
Book of Atari, Computer Graphics Primer, Computer Animation Primer, Inside
Atari DOS, SpeedScript: The Word Processor for Atari Computers, Electronic
Computer Projects for Commodore and Atari Personal Computers, Computer
Controller Cookbook, Atari BASIC - A Self-Teaching Guide, Atari Basic XL
Edition, The Epson Connection: Atari XE/XL, Creating Adventure Games On Your
Computer, BASIC Computer Games, More BASIC Computer Games, Big Computer
Games, BASIC Computer Adventures, Artist and Computer, Colossal Computer
Cartoon Book. also: The Ol' Hackers Atari Users Group (OHAUG) Newsletter:

Atari Fan Store  (Irek)                                                7/08
New York NY
  Vendor: Polish hardware products, including: SIO2IDE, SIO2SD,
KMK/JZ/IDEa IDE Interface

Atarimax  (Steven J. Tucker)                                           9/09
3978 Brookside Blvd
Cleveland OH 44111-5106
tel: 216-577-8329
  Developer: APE, the Atari Peripheral Emulator: APE and ProSystem v3.0.2 for
Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, APE & ProSystem 1.18 for DOS/Win3/95/98, 
APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1 Switchless Upgrade (2 versions: XL/XE except
1200XL/XEGS; 1200XL), Imagic 1.06 95/NT - Atari Disk Image Conversion System
(ATR/XFD/DCM/SCP), Imagic 1.06 DOS, Atari Terminal Simulator ATS 2.0 (SR2) -
ATASCII Telnet/Serial Terminal & Break Movie Player 95/NT, Break Movie
Screensaver 95/NT, Maxflash Flash Cartridges (1mbit or 8mbit), Maxflash USB
Cartridge Programmer, Maxflash Studio Software for Windows 1.0, 
SIO2PC/ProSystem Universal Interface (6 versions:
USB Interface w/ SIO Jack or w/ Terminals; Serial Interface w/ SIO Jack or w/
Terminals; Dual Port USB Interface w/ SIO Connectors; Dual Port RS232
Interface w/ SIO Connectors), Atarimax/ABBUC USB Cartridge, MyIDE+FLASH IDE
Interface Cartridge for XL/XE Computers, MyIDE Internal Interface (3 versions:
XL/XE except 1200XL/XEGS; 1200XL; XEGS)

Atari Online News, Etc.                                                2/07
  See: Dana P. Jacobson

The Atari Shop  (Sandra)                                               1/07
The Netherlands
  Vendor: new/used hardware, new/used commercial software

The Atari Times  (Gregory George)                                      2/05
  Publisher: The Atari Times online newsletter,
The Atari Times Compendium (paper book, published annually)

Atlantis Games Group                                                  12/08
(Sal "Kjmann" Esquivel, TJ "Damage X" Edmister, Gary "Rybags" Ryan,
 Zdenek "Psuedografx" Eisenhammer, Peter "peteofborg" Meyer
  Developer: Tempest Xtreem (sold by Video 61).
In progress: OutRun Project, Battle Squadron Project

AV Toolbox                                                             1/04
Phone 800-235-3280 or 859-647-1077
Fax 859-282-8225
  Developer: a number of composite video<->VGA conversion devices, 
including the Cheese Video Box.  Connect your Atari to your PC monitor!

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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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