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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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B & C ComputerVisions  (B&C, Bruce & Cathy Carso)                      1/05
5917 Stope Way 
El Dorado CA 95623-4716 
tel: (530) 295-9270  11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday (Pacific Time)
  Vendor: new/used hardware, commercial/PD/freeware/shareware

Eric Bacher, with James Wilkinson                                      6/06 or
  Developer: Dis6502 2.2 (Interactive 6502 Disassembler for Win32,
designed to specifically support Atari binary files)

Matthew Bacon                                                         11/09
  Publisher: MyAtari online magazine (published October 2000 - February 2005)

BAKTRA Software  (Michael Kalous)                                      5/08
Czech republic 
  Developer: TURGEN SYSTEM (converts data to various turbo formats, produces
sound or cassette images), Caverns of the lost miner (Game for atari written
in C, open source), mmSAP 2 (SAP player for GNU/Linux), DTX Manager (Editor
of Atari DOS 2 executables), libataricas (library for atari cassette image
manipulation with turbo support)

Richard Bannister                                                      1/04
  See also: Chris Lam
  Developer: Rainbow v1.5.0 - port of Rainbow 1.4 (Atari 800 series emulator
for MacOS 9) to Mac OS X, Emulator Enhancer v1.4.1

Lee Barnes                                                            10/04
  Developer: MyDOS RAMdisk patches, Black Box ATASPI V0.42 ("Atari (Advanced)
SCSI Programming Interface"), Black Box ATASPI V0.41

Ullrich von Bassewitz  (Uz)                                           10/09
  Developer: cc65 2.13.0 - a complete cross development package for 65(C)02
systems, including a macro assembler, a C compiler, linker, librarian and
several other tools.

BBK Enterprises  (Bryan P. Schappel and Barry Kolbe)                   7/05
  See: RTS Software

Michael Beck                                                           4/07
  Developer: Atari 8bit filesystem for Linux 0.1

Matthias Belitz  ("msc")                                              10/04
  Developer: msc-IDE Controller (IDE interface for PBI/ECI -- sold out),
IDE software utilities: INSTALL.COM V1.03, SETUP.COM V1.13, FDISK.COM V1.10,
Black Box ATASPI V0.40 ("Atari (Advanced) SCSI Programming Interface"),
ATASPI CDPLAY V0.20 (audio CD player), ATASPI MON V0.12 (SCSI monitor)

Bensley Consulting (Brett Bensley)                                     1/04
PO Box 301
Westfield IL 62474-0301
tel: (217) 967-5465
  Developer: Happy's Programs - Math, U.S. History, Astronauts, Triangles

Brian Berlin                                                           8/09
  Developer: kat5200 0.6.2 -- Atari 5200 and 8-bit computers emulator for PC

Best Electronics  (Brad Koda)                                          6/07
672 Commercial St
San Jose CA 95112-1406
Telephone: (408) 278-1070  (M-F 1:30pm to 5:00pm PST)
FAX: (408) 278-1092 
E-FAX: (815) 364-3703
  Vendor: new hardware, commercial software
  Developer: "XE" Touch keyboard upgrade for XE computers, Best Light Gun,
Best Gold CX40 Joystick PCB, Atari CX40 Joystick Rebuild Kit with Atari
Upgraded CX40 Handle and Best Gold CX40 PCB, Atari CX40 Joysticks upgraded
with the Best Gold CX40 PCB, Atari Jaguar Power Pad to Other Atari Systems
Adapter Cable, Sega Genesis Controllers To Atari Systems Adapter Cable

B.G. Micro                                                             8/05
555 N 5th St Ste 125
Garland TX 75040-5097
orders: 1-800-276-2206 or 972-205-9447   9am - 5pm CST, Monday - Friday
fax: 972-205-9417
  Vendor: Atari CX85 Numerical Keypad, hard-to-find chips for Atari disk
drives (per Russ Gilbert)

Big Five Software (Bill Hogue, Jeff Konyu, Curtis Mikolyski)           8/06
  Developer: Bounty Bob Emulator for Windows NT, 2000, 98, and ME

BITS  (SoLo2)                                                          3/08
  Developer: Intro #1501 (v20080312), Intro #1502 (v20080314)

Blackened Technologies                                                10/07
Ken Jones (MetalGuy66), Sergio Larrondo (WareRat), Stephen J. Carden
  Developer: The "NEW" MIO

Bravo Sierra Computers (BSC) (Ben Smith)                              11/04
tel: (503) 256-9974 "Ben's Benevolent Help HotLine" 24 hours  or  or
  Vendor: used/new Games/Software, Hardware/Accessories, Books/References

Zdenek Burian                                                          3/09
Marie Majerove 33
Prostejov 6
798 11
Czech Republic
Tel. 582 360 714
  Publisher: FLOP disk magazine, annual (FLOP 52 published March 2009)

Artur Burzynski (j131)                                                 1/05
Poland or
  Developer: SIO2PC cables

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