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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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Sidney Cadot                                                           8/06
The Netherlands
  Developer: ROMCRC-32 revision 1.0.2, Atari XL/XE Reverse Engineered
Annotated ROM Listing, SID-LOAD 1.0.5, BINTRIM 1.0.1

Mario Caillahuz  ("Allas")                                            11/08
  Developer: Plague Attack, Voyage to Home, Accion, MULE Wars, Animal Party
Gray Chang                                                             2/05
  Developer: Dog Daze, Claim Jumper, Dog Daze Deluxe, Bumpomov's Dogs

Classic Computer Magazine Archive  (Kevin Savetz)                      2/05
  Publisher: authorized digitized editions of: Antic (1982-1990), STart
(1986-1991), Creative Computing (1974-1985), Creative Computing Video &
Arcade Games (1983), Hi-Res (1983-1984), Compute! (1979-1994)

Computer Games Plus                                                    3/04
PO Box 6144
Orange CA 92863-6144
tel: (714) 639-8189
  Vendor: commercial software, plus a few power supplies

Computer Software Services (CSS)  (Bob Puff)                           4/07
1350 Buffalo Rd Ste 2
Rochester NY 14624-1829
tel: (585) 429-5639
Fax: (585) 247-7158
  Vendor: hard drive systems (include a hard disk, Black Box, power supply,
controller, cables, and software), SIO cables, hard disk controllers:
Adaptec 4000 SCSI, Adaptec 4070 (RLL) SCSI, Xebec S1410a SASI
  Developer: Black Box, Black Box with 64K Printer Buffer, Black Box Printer
Cable, Black Box Modem Cable, Floppy board, Super-E Burner, 
Gang Super-E Burner, Multiplexer, Multiplexer Slave Unit, Quintopus, 
Quintopus with Switchable Ports, Super Archiver, Super Archiver II, 
Super Archiver --> SA II Upgrade, XF Single Drive Upgrade, 
XF Single Drive Upgrade (without Drive Mech),
XF Dual Drive Upgrade, XL Dual Drive Upgrade (without Drive Mech), 
XF551 Enhancer, XF Update, Ultra Speed Plus OS, Hard Drive Pro Backup, 
Super Pill, Disk Cracker, Black Patch
  Shareware developer: SuperUnArc 2.4, SuperArc 2.4, Disk Communicator 3.2,
  Repair Shop.

Nick Coplin                                                            9/08
Perth, Western Australia
  Developer: 64JPX - JoyPad eXpander - Use your favourite Sega, SNES, NES or
PCanalog controller with your Commodore or Atari compatible system

Cosine Systems  (Exin [Sebastian], Intensity [Arman], Odie [Sean],     1/06
Sack [Adam], Magic Roundabout [Jason])
United Kingdom
  Developer: demos: C.G.M. UKScene Radio Intro, 1K Party. game: Reaxion

C.P.U.  (Radek Sterba (Raster) & Robert Petruzela (Bob!k))             4/09
  See also: Radek Sterba
Czech Republic
  Developer: S/XEGS RAMCart 128KB version "G1.04 FIX3+",
STEREO upgrade for XL/XE, SDrive - connects to Atari XL/XE's serial (SIO)
port and simulates an Atari floppy disk drive with full read/write access to
programs and data stored on a Secure Digital flash memory card (SD),
SDrive Control Program v01 20090403

Preston Crow                                                           2/06
  Developer: binload v2.5 (with Chad Wagner - Atari binary load format file
analyzer), atr2unix v1.2 (with Chad Wagner - Extract files from an Atari DOS
or MyDOS .ATR file), unix2atr v0.9 (Extract files from a Unix directory
tree and create a MyDOS ATR-format disk image file), dcmtoatr v1.4
(written by Chad Wagner), MyDos Binary Menu, SIO2Linux 2.0.1 (with Pavel
Machek - a rewrite of SIO2PC software for Linux), DISK 4.0 (sector editor
and more)

CSW-Verlag                                                             2/07
Weidenstrabe 13/1
71364 Winnenden
tel/FAX: +49 (0) 71 95/6 11 20
  Publisher: RETRO magazine. Themes: Retro-computing for all systems.
Atari part: approx. 10%. (Not only 8bit) 9.90 euro per magazine, 4
magazines per year for 35 euro. 

Jorge Cwik                                                             8/08
  Developer: VAPI Atari 8-bits Imaging & Preservation format (.ATX) and
tools: Patched Emulator (based on Atari800Win PLus 4.0 Beta 3) + 
VAPI DLL 0.3a, VAPI2SIO (SIO2PC for VAPI) 0.2a

CyberRoach Publishing  (Hans Reutter)                                  2/05
Seattle WA
  Publisher: authorized digitized edition of A.N.A.L.O.G. 400/800 Magazine
(1981-1982), ANALOG Computing (1982-1989)

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