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Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
Section - Introduction

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All commercial vendors, developers, publishers, and repair shops should be
listed here.  "Active" PD/freeware/shareware developers should also be listed.
Persons or entities holding rights to products, but not selling or supporting
them in any way, should NOT be listed here.

"Vendor" = Reseller of products produced by others.  Types of products 
sold are given in categories: new hardware, used hardware, PD/freeware/ 
shareware, (new) commercial software, used (commercial) software.

"Developer" = Producer of products.  Titles of products produced by the
developer are listed.  No prices are given.

"Publisher" = Publishes a print or disk magazine, or a book.  Complete 
subscription or ordering information should be given, including prices.
Authorized online publishers of originally print or disk magazines are also
listed.  Online books are not listed.

"Repair Shop" = Can repair 8-bit Atari or related hardware devices.  Be
sure to make advance contact before sending anything to work on!

Entries are presented alphabetically by company name, or publication
title.  If no company name exists, a personal name is used.  "See"
references indicate complete information may be found under the given
heading.  "See also" references indicate closely-related information may
be found under the given heading. 

The month/year that vendor information was most recently fully verified is
given at the "upper-right" of each entry.

Every entry should contain a valid postal address or web page address.

Unless explicitly requested by the vendor, no entries will include an email
address due to the overwhelming amount of spam that would result.


The following is from (2004.03.27)

When one writes to a stranger and requests a reply, it is considered polite
to enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.  This works well when both
persons live in the same country.  However, if they are from different
countries, the enclosed postage stamp will not be valid.

This technical problem was solved in 1906 when the Universal Postal Union,
during its Congress in Rome, introduced the International Reply Coupon
service.  International Reply Coupons (IRC) are exchangeable in all member
countries for the minimum postage of a priority item or an unregistered
airmail letter sent to a foreign country.

The UPU's International Bureau processes approximately six million coupons
each year and takes care of all accounting aspects.  Developed countries are
the largest users.  The International Bureau does not sell ICRs directly to
customers; they must buy them from their local post office.  Although they
are not obliged to sell ICRs, it is mandatory for all Posts of the UPU member
countries to exchange the coupons.


Verfications -> YOU!
This list is in a constant state of development, and comes with no 
guarantees.  Information of this nature constantly ages; therefore, the 
information contained in this list is constantly updated.  Please use the 
latest release of this list whenever possible!

Remember, the success of this list is dependent on YOU, the reader, to 
send me updates that correct errors that you find.  If you use this 
list, please do your part in keeping it useful for everyone!

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Top Document: Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers
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