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Archive-name: alt-sex/fetish-fashion/part5
Alt-sex-fetish-fashion-archive-name: FAQ-Part5
Version: 3.0
Last-modified: 23-Feb-96

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High heels are pretty common in many movies and TV-shows, and particular
german, english and italian TV-shows often feature the female presenters
wearing 3" or 4" heels.

Some TV-series and movies have characters wearing various fetish-related
items as well, both in the regular cast and on the special guest stars.
Music videos often have some form of fetish wear included in the visual
attraction, in particular the bands from the techno scene use fetish fashion
very often in their videos and stage shows.

  1. About fetish fashion
     Dianne Brill: "Boobs, Boys and High Heels"
          Cecilia M Tan writes:
               Published by the Penguin Group, Viking Penguin which is
               a division of Penguin Books USA Inc. New York: 375
               Hudson Street, New York 10014, U.S.A. London: Penguin
               Books Ltd, 27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5TZ, England.
 (Remco den Besten) writes:
               In Europe published by:
                    Vermillion (imprint of Ebury Press)
                    Random House UK Ltd.
                    20 Vauxhall Bridge Road
                    London SW1V2SA
                    ISBN: 0-09-177387-3
     Susan J. Kaplan: "The sexual perversions of women" (title translated
     from german).
          Evelyne Pichler writes:
               The german publisher is HEINE Verlag.
  2. Containing or using fetish fashion elements
     A list of TV-show/series or movies or shows with particular memorable
     scenes featuring some form of fetish wear, or persons having used some
     form of fetish wear.
     Some of these entries were taken from the FAQ,
     written by Mark Amann.
          Band. In the video for "Success" there's leather/latex outfits.
     A Fish Called Wanda:
          Movie. Hayo Schreijer <> writes:
               During the whole movie Jamie Lee Curtis is wearing
               knee-high patent-leather boots with 4" heels. Contains
               one scene with her 'brother' breathing in and blowing up
               her boots before making love to her.
     Angel (I-II-III):
          Movies. Both the main character (in Angel III played by Mitzi
          Kapture, also starring in "Silk Stalkings") and several of the
          others wear 4" heels several times during the movie. PVC clothing
          is also seen in many street scenes.
     Babs, Lil:
          Swedish singer. Usually wear 4" or 5" heels when on stage.
     BatMan II:
          Movie. We see Michelle Pfeiffer playing CatWoman wearing a full
          latex catsuit (!) and boots with 4-5" heels throughout most of the
     Capt. Hollywood Project:
          Band. In the video for "Flying High" there's Latex outfits and
          bondage impressions.
          TV-series. Both Pamela Ewing (Victoria Principal) and Lucy Ewing
          (Charlene Tilton) often wore 3" or 4" heels. Kristin Shephard
          (Mary Crosby) almost always wore 5" stiletto heels, even when just
          out of the bath or out of the bed... ;-)
          VJ on MTV Europe. She often wears a rubber top or a very short
          rubber dress with black pantyhose and pumps.
     Demone, Gitane:
          Singer. (twist id) writes:
               On the dance cd-single, "Heavenly Melancholy" she's
               lying on what looks like a latex sheet, dressed in a
               full-length latex catsuit, with gloves and heels.
               "Lullabies for a Troubled World" she sports what looks
               like a PVC jacket and thigh-high boots.
     Dickinson, Angela:
          Actress. Often wear high heels in most movies and TV-series she's
          been in.
     Eleniak, Erika:
          Actress. She wore a black spandex body suit and 4" heels in the
          movie "Under Siege".
     En Vogue:
          Band. writes:
               "Free Your Mind". Music video where the four girls of En
               Vogue appear in nice black shiny high heeled boots. Two
               of them have thigh high boots, one has about knee high
               boots and one has ankle "high" shoes. They wear also
               spandex suspenders, miniskirts, and stretch pants.
          Band. In the video for "Missionary Man" Annie Lennox is in a
          leather outfit.
     Full House:
          In one rather early episode we see a backing singer in Jesse's
          band wearing 5" heels while rehearsing in the Tanner family living
     Fun Factory:
          Band. In the video for "Pain": Lots of latex fashion.
     Groove Kissing:
          Dance band. In the video to the song "Rhythm of Saliva" they use
          lots of fetish fashion - both PVC and latex outfits and other
          avantgarde fashions.
     Hatcher, Teri:
          Actress: In an episode of "Lois and Clark", she is all dolled up
          in a micro black PVC skirt and red PVC halter top. They even
          slowly pan up her body.
     Hagen, Nina:
          Singer. She almost always wear 5" or 6" heels in her videos, stage
          shows or appearances in talkshows. On the front cover of her
          latest album ("Revolution Ballroom") she's tied up in a chair
          wearing red pumps with 6" heels and a black PVC catsuit.
          Movie. One of the main characters is an artist, Arthur Blue, who
          does fetishistic paintings featuring 6" heels, nylon stockings
          with seams, PVC or rubber clothing etc.
     Henry, Pauline:
          Singer. On the cover of both her album "Pauline" and all the
          singles taken from it, she wears a black full-body suit in latex
          or leather with black 4" heeled boots to match. The booklet
          contains a bigger fold-out picture of her in the same outfit as on
          the cover. Has anyone seen any of the videos? - Does she wear this
          outfit in them as well?
          Band. In the video for "The Strangest Party", most (if not all)
          wear some form of rubber/PVC clothing, including catsuits,
          jackets, dresses and so on.
     Jesus Jones:
          Band. writes:
               In the music video "Devil You Know" there are quite many
               shots of various persons wearing some sort of
               leather/rubber clothes. And one girl for sure wears
               thigh high boots.
     La Bouche:
          Band. In the video for "Be my lover" the singer wears hot black
          outfit, bondage scenario.
     Last Action Hero:
          Movie. In the imaginary movie world, almost all women wear very
          sexy PVC or spandex outfits and high heels. [I want to live there!
          (Hi Gomez!)]
     Lords, Traci:
          Actress, singer. Wears PVC and latex outfits in the video for her
          debut single release "Control".
     Minogue, Kylie:
          Singer. In the "Confide in Me" video, she wears a PVC catsuit and
          other fetishistic outfits.
     Naughty Nympho Nina:
          Personality on MTV Europe. She wears a full, black PVC catsuit,
          high heeled shoes and a mask on the semi-daily show "MTV's Most
          Wanted" with Ray Cokes.
     O'Conner, Sinead:
          Singer. Wore shoes with 5" heels on the cover of one of her
     Once Bitten:
          Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:
               With Lauren Hutton as a sexy vampire. A long shot of her
               high heels and black stockings at a school dance.
     Page, Betty:
          Hayo Schreijer <> writes:
               The queen of fetish-wear in my opinion. She's an hot
               item in Holland at this moment. Several of her 50'ties
               movies of Irving Klaw are sold here and lot's of girls
               having that particular hair-look. Not to forget the
               high-heeled patent-leather shoes with the 'baby-doll'
               noses that are sold here with somewhat lower heels
     Parton, Dolly:
          Singer. Always wears 4"-5" heels and a tightlaced corset on stage,
          in her videos and her movie appearances.
     Pet Shop Boys:
          Band. The very pretty female lead character in the video for
          "Domino Dancing" wears pumps with 5" heels in some scenes and a
          lovely PVC dress in others.
     Pretty Woman:
          Movie. writes:
               Actress Julia Roberts wears knee/thigh high black shiny
               high heeled boots for 45 mins.
     Rally Round the Flag, Boys:
          Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:
               A very pre-Dynasty Joan Collins seduces a babyfaced Paul
               Newman with her feet in high-heel sandals.
     Right Said Fred:
          Band. Kris
               In the video for "I'm Too Sexy", at the very end are a
               few shots of a lady dressed in a PVC cat suit (even had
               a tail).
     Robin S:
          Singer. In the video for "Give Me Love" numerous persons wear PVC
          and rubber outfits.
     Robo Jocks:
          Tina H. <> writes:
               Science Fiction movie from 1989 with Gary Graham and
               Anne-Marie Johnson (from the series "In the Heat of the
               Night". Some of the soldiers wear VERY tight suits that
               look like PVC in this movie, INCLUDING Anne-Marie...
          Singer. She wore red PVC pants and 3" heels in the video to her
          song "Are You Ready To Fly?"
     Scandal In a Small Town:
          Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:
               Raquel Welch plays a cocktail waitress. During the
               opening credits she is painting her nails, putting on
               stockings and slipping in and out of high heels. She
               wears tight clothes and heels throughout the movie.
     Silver Spoons
          Sitcom. Gabriel Field <> writes:
               I once accidentially taped the last segment of an
               episode of the sitcom "Silver Spoons". There were a lot
               of little girls, perhaps 12 or 13 years old, running
               around and climbing over furniture in the house while
               wearing 5 inch stiletto heels.
     Single White Female:
          Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:
               Very good shots of the high heels of Jennifer Jason
               Leigh and Bridgette Fonda.
     Sisters of Mercy:
          Band. In the video for "This corrosion" Patricia Morrision wears
          nice black outfit.
          Singer. Wore a tight laced corset, a name collar with a D-ring and
          high heeled boots in some scenes of the video to Felix' "It Will
          Make Me Crazy". In other scenes (the rest) she wore a full body
          catsuit of black PVC.
     Straight Talk:
          Movie. (Mark Amann) writes:
               Nice shots of Dolly Parton's feet in high heels.
     Tatooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills:
          USA cartoon series which appears daily at various times in US.
          This one is not a cartoon. The alien fighters (2 girls, 2 boys)
          have great bods and the latex costumes are beautiful - as are
          their movements in them.
     The Three-Inch Golden Lotus:
          Book by Teng Jicai. Lani Teshima-Miller
          <teshima@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu> writes:
               It is translated by David Wakefield, and is published by
               the University of Hawaii Press ($28 cloth, $12.95
               paper). The book is a fictional novel, the first in a
               new series called Fiction From Modern China (published
               by the UH Press). The heroine, Fragrant Lotus, has her
               feet bound from when she is six, and rises in social
               stature because of the beautiful three-inch foot that
               she gets.
     Turner, Tina:
          Singer. She wore 5" heels in the video to the song "What's Love
          Got To Do With It?", and often wears similar on stage.
          German techno-band. In the videos for "Love is my Religion" and
          "Club Bizarre" the female singer and other females wear lots of
          fetish fashion (latex etc...) includes light bondage too.
     2 Unlimited:
          Dutch techno/dance band. Features fetish wear in latex, lycra or
          PVC in most of their many hit videos.
     Under Siege:
          Movie. Erika Eleniak wears a black spandex body suit and 4" high
     Wilde, Kim:
          Singer. Wore a skintight outfit and 6" heels on the cover of her
          maxi-single "The Second Time".
  3. Fetish videos or films
     Hidden Obsessions:
               Andrew Blake
               Janine Lindemulder, P.J. Sparx, Deidre Holland and others.
               Latex/leather/PVC garments, thigh-high boots
               V. Nye
               Krista Lane, Erica Boyer, Patti Petite, Alex Greco, Nikki
               Mike Horner, Jake Scott, Jason Riley, Billy Dee
               Thigh-high boots, few leather garments
     Freaks of Leather:
               Wendy Whoppers, Lisa Lipps
               Leather/PVC outfits, thigh-high boots
     Fresh Meat
               John Leslie w/ Evil Angel
               Eva Flowers, Annabelle Dayne, Kirsty Waay (they're the only
               ones who wear latex)
     Black Orchid:
               Michael Ninn
               USA 1993
               One Zee, Ariana, Alana, Lacy Rose, Kimberly Kupps, Sunset
               Leather/PVC outfits, thigh-high boots

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