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Archive-name: alt-sex/fetish-fashion/part1
Alt-sex-fetish-fashion-archive-name: FAQ-Part1
Version: 3.0
Last-modified: 23-Feb-96

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  1. Changes - FAQ Revision History.
        + Version 3.1
          February 22nd, 1996:
               Minor updates, mostly address-wise.
          January 21st, 1996:
               First update in a long time! - Sorry about that!
               A handfull of address updates - Too many to mention here.
               Added a new shop review, a new Q&A, updated the information
               on Marquis magazine. Changed the workings of the web-version
               of the big supplier list to avoid having to download
               everything for a single entry.
        + Version 3.0
          May 5-7th, 1995:
               Completely HTML'ized the entire FAQ. Rewrote the LstMaint
               program so it now can generate a special HTML-version of the
               full supplier list with a quick index that sends you directly
               down to the main entry.
          May 20-27th, 1995:
               Finished the HTML->Text coversion program that from now will
               treat the HTML'ized source for posting to the newsgroup. This
               will obviously change the appearance of the document in the
               text version, but it will be very closely identical to the
               appearance when the true HTML-version is browsed via Netscape
               or similar.
          May 28th, 1995:
               Finished making a HUGE amount of updates, in particular
               thanks to Mark I. Chester that has been feeding me with
               status and/or corrections on every supplier he's tried
               contacting. THANKS!!!
               My E-mail FAQ request demon has been terminated! - Use the
               other service mentioned for obtaining the FAQ via E-mail!
          May 30th, 1995:
               Added support in LstMaint for e-mail addresses and web
               adresses, and addition of hyperlinks to both in the
               HTML-version of the supplier list. Also added national index
               to the HTML-version of the supplier list so you quickly can
               find suppliers in your country.
          June 21st, 1995:
               Did about a dozen supplier updates and added a Q&A on how to
               measure the height of a heel.
          July 21st, 1995:
               Removed a few entries from the supplier list and updated all
               the phone numbers of businesses in London, England.
          August 22nd, 1995:
               Added info about the new <<O>> and did a few small updates
               here and there.
        + Version 2.2
          November 6th, 1994:
               Split the FAQ into more parts, making it a 9-part document,
               in order for the parts to be smaller to suit the crippled
               sites that has a far too low limit on the size of the files
               Added the Corsets 101 article by Ms. Margo.
          November 21st, 1994:
               A few updates to the supplier list.
          December 7th, 1994:
               Added AnTa NuKa to the supplier list.
          January 7th, 1995:
               Added Hendrix Custom Designs to the supplier list. Added
               catalog review by Ms. Margo.
          January 21st, 1995:
               Minor updates. Added E-mail address for The Little Show Box
               and information on the new MARQUIS magazine by Peter Czernich
               formerly of > magazine.
          February 7th, 1995:
               Added catalog review for Sexy Shoes by Ms. Margo. A few other
               minor updates.
          February 21st, 1995:
               A few minor address updates.
          March, 7th, 1995:
               Removed entries for Mud Honey and St. Michael's Emporium
               (both in New York) as these seem to have closed down. Added
               entry for Dark Side Creations.
          March 21st, 1995:
               Added entries for Body Aware/Apres Noir in UK, Tina, LA
               AMPURDANESA, S.A.D.E. and Things in Spain. Removed these
               entries that appear to be no more: CARLYLE BOOTERY, COWARD
               SHOES, EXECUTIVE IMPORTS and EXPECTATIONS. Updated entries
               for Paradis and Subwave Design in Denmark and added an entry
               for Cheepnis, also in Denmark.
        + Version 2.1
          September 7th, 1994:
               Updated the picture policy according to the poll result, to
               reflect that binaries no longer are welcome in
          September 21th, 1994:
               Added address for Submission on Hawaii and corrected the
               address for Bizarre Design, NL. Added Q&A on the difference
               between 'gluing' and 'cementing'.
        + Version 2.0
          May 21, 1994:
               Added lots of shoe types in the vocabulary section. Added a
               few new entries to the list of people seen wearing fetish
               fashion. Updated the shop list (removed a few entries for
               shops gone out of business).
          June 7th, 1994:
               Added more high heel types, more magazines and lots of new
               shops to the list. Also added a few Q&A's on technical
               matters. Fixed another bug in the list database program that
               caused two shops ('Discreete Boutique' & 'UZI') to be
               missing. Thanks Bill, for noticing!
          June 21st, 1994:
               A few updates and corrections here and there - Removed entry
               for Gwendoline as this shop is reported not to exist anymore.
               Added entries for Jaybird, Hair Club and Moda Mode in
               Bruxelles, and Playmates and Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles.
          July 7th, 1994:
               A few updates here and there.
          July 21st, 1994:
               Added entry for 'Fit To Be Tied' and credit to Skin Two for
               the basis material from their "Guidelines" section used in
               Bill Lemieux' list which was included in the FAQ's supplier
               list. Updated my Fidonet-address as it had changed.
          August 21st, 1994:
               List entry updates. Added information about AXIS. Minor
        + Version 1.9
          April 17, 1994:
               Reorganized revision history order, putting last entries
               first. Rewrote copyright and editorial sections. Added blurb
               on the FAQ request reply demon.
          April 21, 1994:
               Minor updates. Added Q&A on how to repeair rubber/latex.
               Updated the list entry for Mr. S Leather Co.
          May 5, 1994:
               Fixed header to reflect that the FAQ now is in 5 parts, not
               three... Also added blurb on how to access this FAQ via WWW.
          May 7, 1994:
               Added addresses for Fem-Fashions, Marquis De Sade Emporium
               and Just For Kicks. Removed ad- dress for Little Shop of
               Horrors. Added Q&A on how to make high heels fit better and
               how to learn to walk in high heels. Expanded Q&A on the
               definition of fetish and fetishism.
        + Version 1.8
          March 11, 1994:
               Reorganized section 1, putting the revisions first and
               renumbered the subsection accordingly. Added Q&A on how what
               to do if your site doesn't carry
          March 20, 1994:
               Added a few new addresses to the list.
          March 22, 1994:
               Added subsection with shop reviews.
          April 7, 1994:
               Added a few new addresses surfacing in the group. Removed the
               entries for Pagan Metal, Jensen & Morrow and Loco which sadly
               has gone out of business. Updated the address for Boutique
               Fancy in Basel which has been relocated.
        + Version 1.7
          February 26, 1994:
               Wrote database program (LstMaint) and converted the big list
               to entries in this database. The big list generated from this
               has been split into three parts due to size considerations -
               The list got too big for some news servers. This increased
               the number of FAQ parts to 5.
          March 6, 1994:
               Updated most of the german entries and added a few more
               (thanks 'tapir'!)
        + Version 1.6
          February 13, 1994:
               Moved section 6 from part 3 to part 2 in an attempt to reduce
               the size of part 3, which now only contains the big list.
               Added two new Q&As, corrected the address for Syren (thanks
               Jeff!), and similar for The Pleasure Chest, Innovations in
               Leather and removed the entry for Fetters Inc., which has
               combined with Mr. S in San Francisco and closed their Tampa,
               FL location (thanks Ms. Margo!). Added about a dozen new
               entries to the fetish person & movie list, all taken from the
      FAQ. Now just one list here as well.
          February 20, 1994:
               Added 30 new list entries from a list posted on several
               newsgroups. Added entries for Zaks Designs and Noelle
               Nielsons Software, bringing the list up to 366 entries.
               Corrected the phone number for Northbound Leather in Canada
               (thanks Zen Faulkes!). Added another book about fetish
               fashion (thanks Evelyne!).
        + Version 1.5
          January 11, 1994:
               Added updates about r.a.b and updated Jeffs address. Added
               section 1.6 (other related newsgroups). Added two more Q&A's.
               Reworked the way the FAQ is posted, rewriting all scripts and
               batch files. Updated the magazine section (new issue of "O"
          January 16, 1994:
               Major list re-organization and expansion! - Now just one
               single list almost twice the size of the previous one.
               Increased total number of entries from 102 to 190 (86.3%!),
               removing 72 double-entries in the process (from 262 to 190).
               Rewrote initial blurb, added disclaimer and moved the
               copyright section.
          January 18, 1994:
               Expanded the Picture Policy section, rewriting parts of this,
               further clarifying the reasons behind it. Added a section
               with a little info about myself.
          January 21, 1994:
               Added editorial and changed the wording of the copyright and
               the disclaimer following a debate in the FAQ-maintainers
               mailing list. Added one more entry to the big list. Moved the
               vocabulary from part 1 to part 2.
          January 22, 1994:
               Last minute major update. List expanded with no less than 113
               new entries (59.2%) - now contains 304 addresses, 198% more
               than in the previous release. Credits section updated.
          February 8, 1994:
               Added list entries for Domination Mailorder Service and Il
               Bolero, and removed entry for High Heels, Munich, which sadly
               has gone out of business. Changed address for Jeffrey Hurwit
               and added some names to the credits list. Added 21 new
               entries (7% increase) to the big list from a list by Jennifer
               Wells, bringing the total up to 335 entries.
        + Version 1.4
          December 27, 1993:
               Added blurb on how to obtain this document by ftp or
          January 4, 1994:
               Added various updates to the list of fetish appearances in
               movies and videos. Added Q&A about rubber glue and advice on
               how to make ones girlfriend wear high heels.
          January 6, 1994:
               Added new entries to the list, for Pentonville Rubber,
               Paradis, SubWave Design, LL&SS and RVG- Import Oy. Added the
               Fetish Ball organizers subsection with the address for
               Dressing For Pleasure (Constance Ent.) and Ms. Yumi at Azzlo,
               Japan. Additions and enhancements to the magazine subsection.
          January 7, 1994:
               Fixed some spelling errors, updated the address for Ms. Margo
               and other minor corrections throughout the FAQ.
        + Version 1.3
          December 21, 1993:
               Copyright notice added. Minor corrections throughout the
          December 22, 1993:
               More corrections. The policy on posting pictures was
               clarified a great deal.
        + Version 1.2
          November 15, 1993:
               Reformatting of the three parts. Now treated with an
               automatic script for easier updating.
          December 3, 1993:
               Jessica's story added. The supplier list updated. This
               document was finally approved for posting to news.answers and
        + Version 1.1
          November 1, 1993:
               Vocabulary section added. Advocacy group subsection added.
               Split into three parts due to size considerations. Answers to
               the how-to-put-on-my-latex-suit question added. Posting
               frequency changed. David's supplier list updated.
        + Version 1.0
          October 28, 1993:
               First release.
  2. Legend.
     This newsgroup was created by me on October 27, 1993, following my
     proposal early in September of a fetish newsgroup, originally named, and later discussion in alt.config where I got
     nothing but support for the idea (and lots of it).
     Following a stray suggestion, I first created the group with the name (dressing for pleasure), but then I got a dozen
     messages telling me that acronym group names was a Really Bad Idea. I
     then issued a rmgroup message for and a new newgroup
     message for, realizing the idea for real.
     Due to propagation difficulties of the initial newgroup message, a
     second newgroup message was issued two days later from a kind soul
     ( in UK which finally set this newsgroup in motion.
     Subsequent newgroup messages has been issued both from me and other
     kind people to combat persistent propagation difficulties, and there's
     still new sites picking up the group to this day!
     This document was written and is maintained in HTML-format at my
     private PC using the text editor QEdit 3.00C, my own database program
     called LstMaint for the big supplier list, my own HTML->Text conversion
     utility called HTML2TXT and a couple of my own batch-scripts to
     automate the end preparation of both the HTML-versions for WWW access
     and the 9 parts of plain text that is posted to the newsgroup itself
     using yet another of my own programs named YPost, which is a part of
     the YES package for the Yarn offline newsreader.
  3. What is this newsgroup all about?
     First of all: To spread the knowledge about fetish fashion and dressing
     for pleasure; what it is, why we wear it, where to get it and so on. To
     show that we're not perverts, weirdos, psychopaths or worse, but only
     regular people with a special taste in clothing and/or footwear -
     people, that are dressing for pleasure. And finally: To create a forum
     where we can meet and talk about our common interest more or less in
     As the UseNet fetish hierarchy developed, I observed something I found
     pretty peculiar: There was no newsgroup for perhaps the biggest fetish
     of them all: Fetish clothing and dressing for pleasure. The newsgroup did partially cover the topic of high
     heels but most people there was more into bare feet and painted
     toenails than anything you might put on a foot; some even expressed a
     dislike of high heels due to the possible 'damage' they could cause on
     a foot.
     But there was no newsgroup for the connoisseurs of sexy, skintight
     clothing in leather, PVC, latex-rubber and Spandex, and the art of
     enhancing the posture and sexiness of a womans legs and body by her
     wearing high heels, or ditto for men.
     This all made me propose and subsequently create this group, which has
     the following major topics:
        + The materials: Leather, PVC, Spandex and rubber.
        + The sexy footwear to match the clothing: High heels - shoes and
        + The fashion designs using the above mentioned materials and the
        + The art of depicting these fashions, the models, the photographers
          and the publications.
        + Bodypainting (by request, not welcome in rec.arts.bodyart (see
        + Stories relating to some or all of the above; your own (!)
          experiences or fiction. Do share your experiences and fantasies
          with us!
        + Literature, comics, music, movies and TV with a fetish fashion
     Please refer discussions about tatoos and piercing to the
     rec.arts.bodyart newsgroup, and pure B&D and S/M stuff to the newsgroup where it belongs.
     Some B&D and S/M are welcome here (in particular stuff like bondage
     clothing, straightjackets and so on), but as a general rule it must
     relate to the main topic as well, i.e. it must have fetish clothing or
     designs in some form as a central issue.
     About bodypainting: Discussions are welcome here until they get their
     own forum, but alas, this document has already grown to monstrous
     proportions and I've decided not to include anything relating to
     bodypainting in this FAQ, other than these words.
          Bodypainting isn't really considered to fall into the
          category of bodyart for the purposes of rec.arts.bodyart,
          unless you're talking about something like henna that will
          last for a long time (weeks?). Part of the enjoyment of
          bodyart is the permanency, and involvement of either the pain
          or ritual of getting a permanent piece done on your body.
          From: Lani Teshima-Miller <teshima@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
          (Maintainer of the FAQ for rec.arts.bodyart)
  4. Netiquette on
     Here's a few words on how to behave on Please
     pay attention and heed these instructions!
     This is a sexually oriented newsgroup about an area sometimes
     considered a taboo or deviant behavior. Sexually explicit language will
     occur now and then so please do not be offended. If you dislike this,
     please unsubscribe now for your own good, and stop reading this
     document - and do it now!
     When writing (posting) to the newsgroup, please respect other peoples
     feelings and desires, and do not try to harass anyone by persistent
     questioning and obnoxious comments. Persistent harassment will be
     reported to the culprits system administrator and may result in the
     loss of access to UseNet or perhaps your account entirely. The
     behavioral keywords must be: Be towards others as you'd like them to be
     towards yourself. Don't be a jerk or try to be funny by making fun of
     any of us or our interest. Nobody finds it funny and you'll only hurt
     yourself in the process.
     NO personals please! - Use alt.personals.bondage or alt.personals.misc
     or best of all: alt.personals.fetish !
     No commercial advertisements! - Answers to direct questions are very
     welcome, but only the answer and not kilobytes of other 'useful
     information'. If you're new in the business or just new on the net,
     please send me all the information needed for a good entry in the
     supplier list. This is the only allowed way of 'advertising' ones
     presense on the net!
     Anonymous posting to this group is very welcome, but note that any
     abuse (for instance by harassing someone) will be reported to the
     system administrator for the anonymous reposting site immediately and
     this will most likely cause a ban for the abusers use of this
     particular server and perhaps even disclosure of culprits true name and
     address to the victims or the group as a whole. We've had two cases so
     far, and both lost their access to the anon-server as a result of the
     complaint filed. You have been warned.
     To find out how to post anonymously, you could check out the anonymous
     contact server at that does carry this newsgroup and allow
     posting to it. It is in Finland and thus far out of US juristriction.
     Send a message (subject and contents doesn't matter) to: - and you will receive adequate instructions.
     There are other anonymous servers around but I have no information
     about these. You might try contacting someone using a pseudonym from
     one of these to get more information.
     The Picture Policy
     Following a poll made in August/September 1994, posting of pictures
     (binaries) to is no longer allowed!
     Please use for this purpose.
  5. Credits.
     These are the net.people who have contributed in some way to this
     document or the creation of this fetish fashion group (listed in order
     of first contribution, but you were all equally important!), making
     sure it expands and lives. Thanks, all of you!
        + David <>
        + Mathew <>
        + Joseph Spenner <>
        + Jessica Collins [address withheld by request]
        + Rich Greenberg <>
        + Hogtie <>
        + Cecilia M. Tan <>
        + Jeffrey Hurwit <>
        + Tony Kidson <>
        + Ms. Margo <>
        + Tomi Tero Haarala <>
        + Jonathan David Block <>
        + Leonard <>
        + Rachel Marriott <>
        + Lani Teshima-Miller <teshima@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
        + Bill 'Gomez' Lemieux <>
        + Shawn Conahan <>
        + Kris Davidson <>
        + Roger Neumann <>
        + Tina H. <>
        + Peter Knudsen <100031.2174@CompuServe.COM>
        + Clive Jones <>
        + Mike Sforza <>
        + Jennifer Wells <>
        + Mark Amann <>
        + Dave <david@c-cat.UUCP>
        + The Road Warrior <>
        + Zen Faulkes <ZENF@UVVM.UVic.CA>
        + Evelyne Pichler <>
        + 'Tapir'
        + (twist id)
        + R L Reid <>
        + Leo 'Bols Ewhac' Schwab <>
        + Allison Thurman <>
        + Nikola Uzunovic <>
        + Ido Amin (3rd World Fox) <>
        + Hunter L. Brown <>
        + 'Giulio'
        + Thomas Dale Elrod <>
        + Michael Young Ko <>
        + WWays <>
        + Strangeblades <>
        + Rubber Lover <>
        + Dale <>
        + Remco den Besten <>
        + Noire <>
        + Cheryl Ann Trooskin <>
        + Kim Fatica <at103@cleveland.Freenet.Edu>
        + Hayo Schreijer <>
        + Heikki A. Levanto <>
        + Ms. Lisbetta <>
        + Dale Kassel <>
        + 'Momo'
        + David Franco <>
        + Ron C Carman <>
        + 'The Horseman' <>
        + 'Ralf'
        + 'Sauron'
        + Marsha Jamie Lee <>
        + Arnold Kasemsarn <>
        + 'David'
        + 'Inflate123' <>
        + 'Pamela' <>
        + 'RP'
        + Charles R. MacDonald <>
        + IAM <>
        + <>
        + 'The Weatherman' <>
        + Bob Holt <>
        + Tempest Storm <>
        + Arnaud Leene <>
        + 'Princess Sheeba' <>
        + Jamie Sharp <>
        + Fred Goodrum II <>
        + Brain K Zuzga <>
        + Thorsten Kistler <>
        + Andrew 'Monty' Walker <>
        + Helen Rapozo <>
        + Julius Waller <>
        + Mike W Burger <mike@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
        + Keith <krmurray@VNET.IBM.COM>
        + "Naughty Nympho" Nina Ferguson <>
        + 'TopHat'
        + Cajus Kamer <>
        + Tom S. Kim <>
        + David J. (and Kelly) Fedorowich <>
        + Mariano Baselga <>
        + Mark I. Chester <>
        + Ron Wilhelm <>
        + Thomas B. Lierse <>
        + Thorsten Drewes <>
        + Nigel E. Richardson <>
        + Marina Black <>
        + Ed Barty <>
        + Ludger Troester <>
        + Stephe <>
        + JoAnn Roberts <>
        + Schmatloch Volker <>
        + Neil Castell <>
        + Fischkopp <>
        + Joe Roderick <>
        + Bill A. Glass <>
        + Richard Kwasniewski <>
        + Gabriel Field <>
        + 'Jay'
        + Peter W. Czernich <>
        + Porsupah <>
        + Penguins Amok <>
        + Michael Saint <>
        + Lethrluvr1 <>
        + 'J. Kinch' from Hong Kong
        + 'Spike'
        + Brian Farley <>
        + Master Shadowfax <>
        + Lou Nigro <>
        + Hans Korneder <>
        + Pauli R{m| <>
        + 'Toette'
     I would also like to thank the people at DKnet for making it possible
     for me to maintain and post this document using their systems. And to
     Gitte, my very best and dear friend, for support in this and life in
     general. Also a few thoughts to: Henna (in Florida), Nina (and her
     delightful taste in fashions), Hhne, Oskar, Mia, Klaus and to all true
  6. Other related newsgroups.
     These other newsgroups cater to subjects and areas related in some way
     to the world of fetish fashion:
          Erotic pictures.
          BDSM pictures
          Fetish pictures
          Fetish latex-oriented pictures
          Fetish leather-oriented pictures
          General fashion newsgroup?
          For those into the fabric lycra (spandex).
          For those into pantyhose.
          BDSM contact newsgroup.
          Fetish contact newsgroup
          Mixed area contact newsgroup.
          SM contact newsgroup (discontinued?).
          General BDSM group.
          For those into baby wear and infantilism.
          Foot lovers, tickling etc.
          General underwear discussions?
          Lingerie connoisseurs...
          For transvestites and crossdressers.
          Piercing and tattoos.
     Please use the proper newsgroup for your posting! - This in particular
     applies to the bandwidth-consuming binaries! - Failure to follow this
     will undoubtedly result in lots of complaints to both yourself and your
  7. About the FAQ maintainer.
     Besides being the original author and maintainer of this FAQ, I was
     also the proposer (and defender) of the idea of a fetish UseNet
     newsgroup - and subsequently the creator.
     I spend most of my daytime as a student at the University of Copenhagen
     with a major in computer science. In the sparetime I'm working as a
     free-lance programmer, author, photographer, graphic designer and
     musician (keyboards).
     I've been into fetish fashion for most of my life, but left the
     'closet' about 7-8 years ago and began to attend fetish and BDSM
     oriented gatherings.
     I'm male, 29 years of age, living in Ballerup which is about 10 miles
     west of Copenhagen in Denmark (Northern Europe).
     English is not my primary language but I understand, speak, read and
     write it fairly fluently. You are welcome to write to me in either:
     Danish, swedish, norwegian, german, french or english/american. Expect
     a reply in danish (for the scandinavian langauges) or english
     otherwise. Please keep submissions for the FAQ in english, please!
     How to reach me:
     You are always welcome to contact me for whatever reason related to
     this newsgroup. There are lots of ways to reach me - Feel free to use
     one of them!:
          Sorry, usually too busy.
          Absolutely preferred. Send mail to or just reply
          to this article (the FAQ) and I'll get your letter.
          You might look out for me on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) where I
          usually use the nickname 'Xenobyte'. I'm not there every day but
          arrangements can be made...
          Per Goetterup
          Kornvaenget 22,
          DK-2750 Ballerup
          (+45) 4497 1144
          (+45) 4059 2969 (GSM, 24h)
     Internet BBS'es:
          Xenobyte @ Shadow BBS (
          Xenobyte @ Auggie BBS (
          Xenobyte @ ISCA BBS (
     Other accounts:

 (Cybernet BBS)

          NB: To be used only if mail to the primary address fails!

     If you call me on the phone, please do not forget that Denmark is in
     timezone GMT+1 (or UTC+1). Calls to the GSM number will be routed to an
     answering service if I'm not reachable at the moment or has the phone
     turned off. The outgoing message is in danish but all it really says
     is: Leave a message after the beep. Please do!
     Warning: Anything sent by snailmail to me unsolicited or without proper
     return postage should not be expected returned!

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