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Archive-name: alt-sex/fetish-fashion/part4
Alt-sex-fetish-fashion-archive-name: FAQ-Part4
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Last-modified: 23-Feb-96

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  1. The designers.
     Jean-Paul Gaultier
          Allison Thurman <> writes:
               French designer, considered to be the "bad boy" of Paris
               fashion. He's best known for designing Madonna's
               "bullet-cone" corsets for her videos and Blonde Ambition
               tour, and for designing similar clothes for the movie
               "The Cook, the Theif, his Wife, and her Lover".
     Vivienne Westwood
          Allison Thurman <> writes:
               English designer who created the PVC and rubber "punk"
               look at her shop, Sex, in the 1970's, and one of the
               first women to use lingerie as outerwear.
     Pam Hogg
          Allison Thurman <> writes:
               I dont know much about her work but ive read in some
               English magazines that some of her clothing is PVC.
     Lip Service, Inc.
          Allison Thurman <> writes:
               A Los Angeles label that (if its still in business) does
               lots of lycra-spandex wear, usually with lacing and/or
               little daggers on it. I've not seen much of the mens
               wear, but the womens is moslty leggings and minidresses.
  2. The models.
     Anette Kellendonk:
          Born 1965 in Wuppertal near Dsseldorf, Germany.
          She's 1.70 m (5'6") high (without heels!) and weighs around 50 kg
          (112 lbs).
          She used to work closely with Peter W. Czernich, publisher of
          "Skin Two, Deutsche Ausgabe" then <<O>> , as photographer but now
          works with several others. Her pictures has been in Playboy, Bild
          and in particular in early issues of <<O>> .
          She released a techno-dance maxi-single entitled "The Fetish" in
          1991. The video for this song have been shown on MTV and in it she
          shows a wide selection of her PVC and latex wardrobe...
          About this maxi-single, Ido Amin writes:
               The label is BOO RECORDS. I have "The Fetish" on BOO
               00512 (12") and on its cover it mentions it's also
               available on BOO 00507 (7"), BOO 00515 (12"PD), BOO
               00505 (5"CD). On the cover it also says GEMA LC 6559.
               Distributor is Discovery, Pf 1255, 4044 Kaarst.,
               Germany, which is also A.K.'s fanclub.
               Quality? Not stuff, being two
               years old, and not up to current MTV or dance standards.
               I kinda like it anyway.
          Has now begun a career as a fetish fashion designer with a shop
          appropriately named ' Anette K. Fashion ' in Dusseldorf, Germany.
     Info on other models much appreciated!
  3. The photographers.
     Peter W. Czernich:
          Very active. Has worked primarily with Anette K. but now works
          mostly with varying models. He's the editor and publisher of
          "Maquis Magazine", the successor to <<O>> of which he also was the
          editor and publisher of for several years.
     Trevor Watson:
          British photographer who works primarily with black & white
          photography. Among his best works are the series he made for
  4. Advocacy groups.
     These are organizations or groups of equal minded people who work
     actively to communicate our interest and way of living to the rest of
     the society, fighting for it in court or on the battlefield of the
     media if nessesary.
     National Leather Association.
               They promote the "leather lifestyle", which includes DFP
               and some BDSM. It is the only sort of U.S. Nationwide
               advocacy group, so it is important for people in the US
               to know about it.
          Jeffrey Hurwit <> writes:
                             NATIONAL LEATHER ASSOCIATION
                                 STATEMENT OF PURPOSE
                  o To establish and maintain a national/worldwide
                    communication, information, education, and support
                    network for sisters and brothers of the
                    Leather/SM/Fetish community.
                  o To promote with power and pride the right of all
                    adults to engage in Safe, Sane, and Consensual
                    sexual expression.
                  o To increase communication and understanding among
                    women and men in Leather/SM/Fetish.
                  o To facilitate political activism, visibility, and
                    education in order to destroy stereotypes,
                    misconceptions, and media misrepresentation about
                    the Leather/SM/Fetish family in the community at
                  o To provide, through our publications, educational
                    material, and "LIVING IN LEATHER" conferences, a
                    forum for the sharing of knowledge, viewpoints, and
                    practices of a diverse network of women and men.
                  o To build, strengthen, and defend individuals,
                    organizations, publications, and businesses within
                    our community, especially against threats to their
                    freedom of expression, freedom of the press, right
                    to free association, and right to equal protection
                    under the law.
                  o To develop outreach to women, people of color,
                    transgenderals, the deaf, the physically
                    challenged, and other minorities who have
                    traditionally been discriminated against or poorly
                    represented in the Leather/SM/Fetish community.
                  o To facilitate fund raising for deserving projects,
                    clubs, organizations, defense funds, and/or
                    charities which have given direct service to the
                    Leather/SM/Fetish community. To fight for
                    decriminalization of all sexual acts between
                    consenting adults.
                  o To preserve a record of our history, traditions,
                    and culture.
               They publish a periodic newsletter (I don't know how
               frequently) called FIRST LINK. As of the date of this
               brochure, which is dated November 1990, their mailing
               address is:
                    P.O. Box 17463
                    Seattle, Washington, 98107
                    Tel: (206) 789-8990.
               Annual membership dues are $25.00 US, or $30.00 US
               outside of North America.
          Sorgenfrigade 8b, 2.
          DK-2200 Copenhagen N.
          Phone: (+45) 3181 0550
          They are an organization for BDSM and fetish oriented people in
          Denmark. They provide counselling, club facilities in four major
          danish cities (Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense) which are
          open 1-3 days a week, parties (both theme-oriented and more
          regular social gatherings) and both an internal newspaper and an
          external magazine (called SMil-bladet).
          (myself, with additional information by Heikko Levanto)
          Monty <> writes:
               P.O. Box 27,
               Cheshire SK15 2ED
               AXIS provides a newsletter 10 times a year of around 30
               - 40 pages which contains advice, reviews, stories and
               anonymous personals. Subscription is 45 pounds sterling
               for a year.
               The stated aims of the society are "To assist our
               members to fulfill their dreams and fantasies through
               contact with others or merey by reading about the
               subject dealt with by other enthusiastic members."
               Further information about AXIS can gained by sending a
               SAE to the above address.
          Mariano Baselga <> writes:
               This is a small spanish language magazine, made by
               interested contributors, which is sold and distributed
               only on an individual subscription basis and has no
               profit interests, its main aim being to serve as a
               discussion forum and information interchange between
               Spanish alternative sex amateurs. The magazine is:
                    ESENCIA S/M
                    Ediciones PLG
                    Apartado 7.053
                    28080 Madrid (Spain)
  5. Fetish Ball organizers.
     These are the people or organizations setting up fetish theme
     balls/parties locally or in specific areas.
        + USA:
          Dressing for Pleasure.
          (usually the last weekend in Oct.)
      (Jonathan David Block) writes:
                    Dressing For Pleasure
                    Constance Enterprises
                    Box 43079
                    Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
                    Phone: 201-746-0072
      (leonard) writes:
                    590 Valley Rd
                    Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
                    Phone: 201-746-5466
          Club Fuck!
               3909 W. Sunset Blvd.
               Los Angeles, CA
               (213) 463-7868
               Has regular fetish/bdsm/debauchery nights, Sundays, 9pm -
               7969 Santa Monica Blvd.
               Los Angeles, CA
               Bill Lemieux <> writes:
                    Has pervery and fetishism on a regular basis. Info
                    from James Stone at: (213) 463-7868.
                    The above information was cribbed from Skin Two,
                    issue 13.
        + JAPAN: (Ms. Margo) writes:
               Ms. Yumi or her husband Jean-Marie at Azzlo (fetish
               fashion store).
               Ms. Yumi organizes fetish fashion parties throughout the
               year. You can reach her at her shop:
                    21 Sakamanchi,
                    Tokyo 160.
                    Tel: 03-3356-9267
               They are open from noon till 10 every day.

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