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Artificial Intelligence FAQ: Bibliography 4/6 [Monthly posting]
Section - [4-1] AI in general (Introductions, Overviews)

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Top Document: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: Bibliography 4/6 [Monthly posting]
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The lack of a review or the presence of a short review should not be
interpreted as indicating anything about the quality of the text.

Introductory texts:

   Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern
   Approach", Prentice Hall, 1994. 840 pages, $57.95. [Uses
   intelligent agents as a unifying theme.  Currently the most widely
   used textbook.  Excellent depth, incredible breadth.]

   Thomas L. Dean, James Allen, John Aloimonons, "Artificial
   Intelligence: Theory and Practice", Benjamin/Cummings, 1994. 680
   pages, ISBN 0-8053-25476. [Lisp/Scheme/C++ code is available from]

   Matthew L. Ginsberg, "Essentials of AI", Morgan Kaufmann
   Publishers, 1993, ISBN 1-55860-221-6, 430 pages, $49.95. 
      [Topics include search, knowledge representation, logic,
      assumption-based truth maintenance, nonmonotonic reasoning,
      probability, frames, semantic nets, planning, learning, vision,
      natural language processing, and expert systems.]

   George Luger and William Stubblefield, "Artificial Intelligence:
   Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving", 2nd
   Edition, The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc., 1993.
   720 pages, ISBN 0-8053-4780-1.
   [Includes algorithms implemented in Lisp and Prolog.]

   D. Poole, A. Mackworth and R. Goebel, "Computational Intelligence: A
   Logical Approach", Oxford University Press, 1998, 576 pages,
   ISBN 0-19-510270-3.  [Prolog code and other resources are available from]

   Ian Pratt, "Artificial Intelligence", Macmillan, London, 1994. 280
   pages, ISBN 0-333-59755-9 ($35). [In-depth introduction to several
   AI topics, using inference as a central theme. As a result, omits
   topics like NLP, expert systems, vision, and robotics. Hence this
   book is a good themed introduction to a subset of AI, but is not
   suitable for a general purpose overview of AI.]

   Elaine Rich & Kevin Knight, "Artificial Intelligence", 2nd edition,
   McGraw-Hill, New York, 1991. ISBN 0-07-052263-4. [One of the more
   popular introductory texts to AI, giving a very good general
   overview of most AI topics. In some places the book sacrifices
   depth for breadth, and a few more recent topics are neglected.
   Nevertheless this book provides an excellent foundation in areas
   central to AI. Source code is available from] 

   Patrick Henry Winston, "Artificial Intelligence", Third Edition, 
   Addison Wesley, Reading, MA, 1992, ISBN 0-201-53377-4.
   [A classic early AI text. This text is very much hands-on, with
   actual toy examples. Source code is in]

Overviews and References:

   Gerhard Lakemeyer and Bernhard Nebel, "Exploring Artifical
   Intelligence in the New Millennium", Morgan Kaufmann, 2003.
   [highlights of the current state of AI as of the IJCAI2001
   conference.  13 papers by distinguished researchers in their

   Avron Barr and Edward A. Feigenbaum, "The Handbook of Artificial
   Intelligence", volumes 1-4, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1986.

   Alan Bundy, editor, "Catalogue of Artificial Intelligence
   Techniques", 3rd Edition, Springer Verlag, 1990, ISBN 0-387-52959-4,
   179 pages, $29.50. 

   Stan Gibilisco, editor, "The McGraw-Hill Illustrated Encyclopedia of
   Robotics and Artificial Intelligence", Tab Books, Blue Ridge Summit,
   PA, 1994. 512 pages, ISBN 0-07-023613-5 hardcover ($40), ISBN
   0-07-023614-3 paper ($25). [This entry tentative -- I haven't seen a
   copy of the book yet.]

   Raymond Kurzweil's "The Age of Intelligent Machines", MIT Press,
   1990, 565 pages, ISBN 0-262-11121-7, $39.95. [General Introduction]

   Minsky, Marvin, "The Society of Mind", Simon and Schuster, New
   York, 1988. 339 pages, ISBN 0-67-160740-5 ($21.95).

   Shapiro, Stuart C. (ed), "Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence", 
   2nd Edition, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1992. (1st ed, 1987)

   Sundermeyer, K., "Knowledge-Based Systems: Terminology and References",
   Wissenschaftverlag, 1991. ISBN 3-411-14941-8

   Bonnie Lynn Webber and Nils J. Nilsson, "Readings in Artificial
   Intelligence", Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA, 1981.

Glossaries and Dictionaries:

   Colin Beardon "Artificial Intelligence Terminology: a reference guide"
   John Wiley & Sons, NY, 1989, 283 pages. ISBN 0-7458-0718-6

   Dennis Mercadal, "Dictionary of Artificial Intelligence", Van
   Nostrand Reinhold, 1994. ISBN 0-442-00451-6, $36.95.

   Online Dictionary of Computing
   Contains a glossary of computer science terminology with
   cross-references and links to related Internet resources.

   P610.8, "Draft Standard Glossary of Artificial Intelligence Terminology"
   referenced in "IEEE Std 610.12-1990, IEEE Standard Glossary of
   Software Technology, December 1990".

   Jerry M. Rosenberg, "Dictionary of Artificial Intelligence and
   Robotics", Wiley, New York, 1986, 203 pages.

   Raoul N. Smith, editor, "The Facts on File Dictionary of Artificial
   Intelligence", Facts on File, New York, 1989, 211 pages. 
   ISBN 0-8160-1593-3.

   Ellen Thro, "The Artificial Intelligence Dictionary", Microtrend Books,
   San Marcos, CA, 1991, 407 pages, ISBN 0-915391-36-8.


   Howard E. Shrobe, editor, "Exploring Artificial Intelligence",
   Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, San Mateo, CA, 1988.
   (Survey talks from the AAAI 1986 and 1987 conferences.)

Applied AI:

   Hugh Cartwright <>, "Applications of Artificial
   Intelligence in Chemistry" Oxford University Press, 1994. 92 pages,
   ISBN 0-19-855736-1.
      [An inexpensive text that is aimed at undergraduate and graduate
      students in engineering, physical and life sciences who have little or
      no prior knowledge of AI. It provides an overview of the use and
      potential of AI methods in the sciences.]

AI for C People:

   Herbert Schildt, "Artificial Intelligence Using C", McGraw-Hill,
   1987. 412 pages. ISBN 0-07-881255-0.
   Herbert Schildt, "Artificial Intelligence Using C++", McGraw-Hill.

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Top Document: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: Bibliography 4/6 [Monthly posting]
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