218. Images

See also 23. ART ; 170. FORM ; 315. PHOTOGRAPHY ; 352. REPRESENTATION .

1. a two-leafed waxed tablet for writing with a stylus.
2. a pair of paintings or other images on two hinged leaves.
a three-dimensional representation in photographic form, recorded on film by a reflected laser beam of a subject illuminated by part of the same laser beam. —holograph, holography , n.
Obsolete, imagery.
1. the practice of destroying images, especially those created for religious veneration.
2. the practice of opposing cherished beliefs or traditional institutions as being founded on error or superstition.
3. the doctrines underlying these practices. —iconoclast , n . —iconoclastic , adj.
iconodule, iconodulist
a person who worships images.
the worship or adoration of images. Also called idolatry . —iconolater , n.
1. the study of images.
2. iconography. —iconologist , n . —iconological , adj.
opposition to icons or other forms of sacred imagery.
a mania for icons.
the mental image or representation of a real person or thing. See also 182. GHOSTS ; 309. PERCEPTION .
a type of magic-lantern show in which rapidly moving images blend, change size, etc.; hence, any series of images that move and change rapidly, as a dream. —phantasmagorial, phantasmagoric , adj.
sciamachy, sciomachy
battle with shadows or imaginary enemies.
1. an image orlikeness.
2. a mere image or one that does not represent the reality of the original.
the state or quality of appearing to be greater or more than is to be found on a close examination, as an argument that has the appearance of merit but does not stand up to a close look. —specious , adj.
symbology, defs. 1 and 2.
1. the study and interpretation of symbols. Also called symbolism.
2. representation by means of symbols. Also called symbolism.
3 . any system of symbols. —symbologist , n . —symbological, adj.
an apparatus combining a telescope and the camera lucida, used for producing images of distant objects on a screen.
a set of three paintings or images, each on a separate leaf, but hinged together.
Bible. the worship of idols instead of God; idolatry.

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