309. Perception

See also 9. ALERTNESS ; 198. HEARING ; 397. TOUCH ; 405. UNDERSTANDING .

Berkeleianism, Berkeleyanism
the system of philosophical idealism developed by George Berkeley (1685?-1753), especially his tenet that the physical world does not have an independent reality but exists as a perception of the divine mind and the flnite mind of man. Also Berkeleyism. Berkeleian, Berkeleyan, n., adj.
Medicine. the association of imaginary sensations of color with actual perceptions of hearing, taste, or smell. Also called photism, color hearing . Cf. synesthesia.
coenesthesia, coenesthesis, cenesthesia, cenesthesis
the combination of organic sensations that comprise an individual’s awareness of bodily existence. — coenesthetic, cenesthetic, adj.
an impaired condition of any of the senses.
Medicine. the sense by which movement, weight, position, etc. are perceived. — kinesthetic, adj.
extreme acuteness or sensitivity of the sense of taste.
oxyopia, oxyopy
an extremely heightened acuteness of the eyesight, resulting from increased sensibility of the retina.
heightened acuteness of the sense of smell.
panesthesia, panaesthesia
the total or collective experience of all sensations or all the senses. — panesthetic, panaesthetic, adj.
paresthesia, paraesthesia
any abnormal physical sensation, as itching, a tickling feeling, etc. — paresthetic, paraesthetic, adj.
a vision or other perception of something that has no physical or objective reality, as a ghost or other supernatural apparition. Also phantasma . See also 218. IMAGES ; 312. PHILOSOPHY .
a sound or a sensation of hearing produced by stimulus of another sense, as taste, smell, etc.
the sensory apparatus of the body as a whole; the seat of physical sensation, imagined to be in the gray matter of the brain.
synesthesia, synaesthesia
Medicine. a secondary sensation accompanying an actual perception, as the perceiving of sound as a color or the sensation of being touched in a place at some distance from the actual place of touching. Cf. chromesthesia. synesthetic, synaesthetic, adj.
telesthesia, telaesthesia
a form of extrasensory perception, working over a distance and enabling the so gifted observer to perceive events, objects, etc., far away. — telesthetic, telaesthetic, adj.

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