210. Honors and Regalia

See also 326. PRAISE .

any kind of honoring or glorification of a person. See also 183. GOD and GODS .
1. the art of depicting or describing heraldic regalia.
2. coats of arms or other heraldic emblems. See also 305. ORNAMENTATION .
heraldic display or decoration; emblazoning. See also 305. ORNAMENTATION .
a person who makes or designs emblems, as for heraldic display or other purposes.
the study of the meaning of emblems. —emblematologist , n .
1. the art of pictorial representation of genealogy, as through coats of arms, crests, etc.
2. the science of genealogy with special reference to aristocratic lineage. —herald , n . —heraldic , adj.
a person who has been crowned with a laurel as a mark of distinc-tion, as a poet or scholar. —laureate , adj.
a person who wins a medal in a sport, game, performance, etc. See also 141. ENGRAVING .

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