305. Ornamentation

See also 23. ART .

1. the technique of transferring pictures and other designs onto glass, wood, china etc, using specially prepared paper pieces.
2. the picture so created. Also called decal .
decoupage, découpage
1. the art or technique of cutting out pictures or designs from paper or other material and applying them to a surface.
2. the work produced.
the ornamenting of the edge of a coin with grooves or other indentations or reliëfs as a deterrent to clipping.
1. decoration with festoons, strings of flowers, ribbons, etc, looped in curves between two points
2. festoons collectively.
1. the process of decorating with a fringe.
2. such decoration.
1. the process of decorating manuscripts with illustrations, as in the capitals, tracery, etc.
2. the decoration itself.
a form or method of decoration, dating from the Renaissance, consisting of inlaid, mosaiclike patterns, especially of wood.
a form of decoration, often used in furniture-making, composed of inlays of wood veneers of different colors.
omamentist, omamentalist
1. an artist who specializes in ornamentation.
2. a person whose work is considered to be ornament rather than art.
mosaic work in wood, a form of marquetry, used mostly for floors and wainscoting.
arrangement in the form of a network, as for decoration. — reticulate, adj.
decoration composed of multi-colored, small tiles, as found in a mosaic.
ornamental work, composed of fine, interlaced ribbing or the like, used in windows, sereens, etc.
ornamentation resembling worm-holes or worm-tracks, as is found in mosaic pavements and rusticated masonry. See also 282. MOTION ; 427. WORMS

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